Businessman questions Dominica’s leaders ‘failure’ to promote mandatory vaccination

Nassief, Letang

Businessman Karl Nassief believes that mandatory vaccination as the most effective way out of the COVID-19 pandemic for Dominica and is questioning the “failure” of the country’s leaders to support and promote that measure.

Nassief strongly promoted his position during the 3rd virtual discussion on the Covid-19 pandemic on Wednesday, 8th September 2021, which was convened by the Dominica Business Forum (DBF) Inc. in collaboration with the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU).

“We need to mandate vaccines or make it extremely hard for the non-vaccinated to be around the vaccinated,” he said. “We see with the current problem of lack of vaccinations, a lot of economic and social damage coming.”

Nassief raises concerns about what he says is the “real spread” of the virus because of the large number of small businesses and shops on the island and the much quicker spread of the Delta variant and makes  the case for what he says is a data-supported safe and effective vaccine.

“It is not one’s right to infect others and potentially kill them, that’s a fact,” he asserts.

He suggests that the country’s political, business and civic leaders have failed to promote the case for mandatory vaccination which he posits that Dominica’s laws permit.

“Why has the opposition party not put forward a statement on mandating vaccination?” Nassief asked. “Why have the union, churches, DAIC (The Dominica Association of Industry & Commerce) not put forward a statement on mandatory vaccinations? Are we all being myopic?”

“I guess history will be the judge, I guess,” Nassief stated.

But the businessman’s proposition did not go down well with General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU), Thomas Letang who speaking at the same forum, voiced his disagreement with Nassief.

“Not only the unions in Dominica, but throughout the Caribbean even at the international level, trade unions are in support of vaccination, but definitely, not mandatory vaccination,” Letang said.

“Because at the end of it, what you are doing is you are introducing a foreign object into somebody’s body and without that person’s consent, you have to understand that in case you have to deal with serious complications of that vaccine which is still in its experimental stage, who takes responsibility for that problem that may arise in the future?,” The DPSU official asked?

Letang explained that as trade unions, what is being done, is to encourage persons to volunteer.

“We do it with persuasion to get people to volunteer, because we believe there is something called herd immunity and we try as much as possible to arrive at that point,” he stated.

Letang said the view which has been expressed publicly that mandatory vaccination is legal, “is still something that is debatable and we should not accept that the law provides for it to be done.”

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has said publicly that he does not favour mandatory vaccination.

The DBF Inc/DPSU event was held under the theme “All Hands on Deck; Let’s Fight Covid-19 Together.”

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  1. Adrian
    September 13, 2021

    Oh Frank!
    Can I be frank? You are indeed frank!
    Love it!

  2. Mark
    September 13, 2021

    Ibo, based on what you’re saying, whether the Nassiefs remain in Dominica for the next 200 years, they will never have Dominica’s best interest at heart. And that’s primarily because of their ethnicity and background? Does that even make sense to you? I believe you’re making that assumption because you’re a bigot and probably envious of their success.
    Your argument that you can’t relate to the plight of the people of North Korea, Syria is absolutely correct. You were not born in those countries, you don’t live there so how on earth can one expect you to seriously know of all the ills of those societies? And you’re using this example against someone who was born and raised in Dominica and whose family has resided in Dominica for probably the past 100 years? Ridiculous comparison.
    I notice you enjoy calling individuals, daft, illiterate, idiot, gullible and so forth that don’t support your viewpoint.I guess that makes you feel real good and intelligent about yourself, Mr…

  3. Eyes wide shut
    September 12, 2021

    Mandatorie vacination does not work. I my self being a vacinated person. And living and working on an island who is right now at 86.3 almost 87 percent vacinated. We have been in a constant state of otbreacks and lockedowns for the past 3 months. So sometimes i just wonder if mandatory vax is really di answer

  4. Jonathan Y St Jean
    September 12, 2021

    Oh the hypocrisy of Karl Nassief. He wants political cover to implement vaccine mandate especially in his businesses. The question is who can give him the laws or executive order necessary for that to happen? The government of Dominca. Therefore to call on the leadership of the opposition parties and other civic groups is asinine. Karl, stop wasting people’s time by belching out empty rhetoric. You are in a unique position to dialogue with the government on the political cover you require to implement your idea of “no vaccination, no entry”. You, Karl, lead by getting the government to act on your priority and stop looking for others to act for you. You and your family of businesses have enough sway to qualify you as a leader in the country. Action speaks louder than words.

  5. The Truth Whole truth
    September 12, 2021

    “Because at the end of it, what you are doing is you are introducing a foreign object into somebody’s body and without that person’s consent, you have to understand that in case you have to deal with serious complications of that vaccine which is still in its experimental stage, who takes responsibility for that problem that may arise in the future?,” The DPSU official asked?
    Mr. Letang one of the times I support you.

  6. My Bad
    September 11, 2021

    Seems like Karl Nassief is a politician to man. I am now wondering if I should buy a car from him

  7. Gary
    September 11, 2021

    Karl Nassief needs to understand that A Government elected by the people do not operate on the same principle as running his business, making decisions. It is sad to hear Karl Nassief say, “We need to mandate vaccines or make it extremely hard for the non-vaccinated to be around the vaccinated,” he said. “We see, with the current problem of lack of vaccinations, a lot of economic and social damage coming.” wow,is this an intelligent observation to mandate Vaccination, is this the premise what Karl Nassief is suggesting as to why Vaccination should be mandated,wow, such IGNOR-ANCE.

    Does Karl Nssief think that he’s deciding such thing for a sheep or some animals on a farm, and he is the farmer. If Karl thinks that mandatory Vaccination, is about stopping the spread of a Virus, it is gross ignorance on his part, a crisis is something needed to test our intelligence. Liberty and Freedom are divine things.

    • Jay Tan
      September 13, 2021

      Intelligent response Gary. This is wisdom: “a crisis is something needed to test our intelligence. Liberty and Freedom are divine things.”

      These men are simply concerned about the survival of their enterprise() at any cost. His end game justifies the “means” (His bottom-line) that he is desperately seeking to persuade the Government to enforce on the people. Since when “a few” can dictate the course “the many” should take? Only God who has allowed this crisis to come upon His people, will ultimately vindicate them and His name.
      Let time be our guide and live each day at a time. Seeking not to save our temporal lives, but to pay the price what ever comes our way boldly and fearlessly…

  8. Viewsexpressed
    September 11, 2021

    Well said and Pen RandyX….well said. We must stand up to stupidity thoughts and ignoramous behaviour. We must ALL protect OURSELVES and importantly our Children and Families. This is what makes and Keeps a Family TOGETHER and FAITHFUL to EACH OTHER.
    Gods 👏 continued BLESSINGS🙏 and Prayers to OUR Immediate Families, Neighbours and ALL of OUR DOMINICAN PEOPLE. AMEN.
    Best Regards to PRAY Protect All of our Children, Families, and Neighbours and the Sick, Lonely and ELDERLY.AMEN🙏🏽.BLESSING ALL🙏
    GOD is GOOD.

  9. Mark
    September 11, 2021

    I believe Karl Nassief is a Dominican whether he looks like 1% or 98% of the population. To question someone’s patriotism because of the way they look is pathetic. All the guy did was express an opinion. You don’t have to agree with his viewpoint but that doesn’t give you the right to question his loyalty to his birthplace.
    The Nassief family has contributed more to Dominica than any one of you bigots who have done nothing but criticize any and everything.
    Let’s see you create some businesses and employ some people instead of using all your energy to create division.
    And for the antivaxxers, hope you’all don’t end up in the hospital. There are stories of antivaxxers on the news everyday, some fortunate enough to pull through and say they wished they had taken the jab, others not so fortunate and end up dying.
    Take the vaccine and live.

    • Viewsexpressed
      September 11, 2021

      Mark, well said..well presented. I’m Shocked of this disgusting opinioniated charge on Mr. Nassief who has openly expressed his opinions on behalf of our people and has promoted the thought of opinions as related to the obvious Health Care of all Our People.
      I am sadly disgusted that the principle people within the highest level of Government has reduced themselves to Idiotic illiterate dumbfounded Stupidity Thoughts on this important matter of VACCINATIONS of all of our people, irrespective of Their RIGHTS or of their RELIGIOUS FAITHS. I personally along with my FAMILY and extended FAMILIES themselves with their Children etc took the Vaccine. Well done well deserved 👍 to their own protection and security also protecting and NOT passing it on to others in particular the vulnerable, Children and the ELDERLY who are more vulnerable. I heard nothing from the Government and HEALTH MINISTER on this important matter. We have extremely dedicated People in HEALTH and we need to honour them.

      • Gary
        September 13, 2021

        I wonder if you always wear your blue lens 24/7. Karl Nassief opposes The Government for not implementing mandatory Vaccination, he is a hero, wow., your heroes are selected based on the like and dislike of the Government policies, where is your reason., I guess if a sheep could talk and criticize the government that sheep would be a hero to you so long.

    • Ibo France
      September 12, 2021

      I insist that Karl Nassief doesn’t share the same history, ethnicity, ancestry and socio-economic circumstances as 98% of native Dominicans. Therefore, he cannot, in large measure, relate to the feelings, thoughts and aspirations of ordinary, born and bred Dominicans. What is so pathetic about that? It’s true.

      I cannot truly relate to the plight and sufferings of people in North Korea nor war-torn countries like Syria and Afghanistan. Those unimaginable conditions that these people experience everyday is nothing remotely close to my lived experiences.

      Unsurprisingly, there are always enough idiots lying around who are willing to deny the truth and sell their souls to the highest bidder. The present Speaker of parliament is one such perfect example like you Mark of the Beast.

  10. Ibo France
    September 11, 2021

    Look at Karl Nassief carefully then look at 98% of native Dominicans. Do you truly believe that he has our very best interest at heart or he said what he said because of narrow, selfish motives? The latter comes instantaneously to mind.

    Bad governance, corrupt electoral system, police brutality, mismanagement of the CBI finances, victimization, judicial impropriety, over!y bloated Cabinet, wrongful arrests, no stimulus packages, pollution & destruction of the environment, gross underdevelopment, sale of the national birds and I’ve just begun my list. Not even as much as a murmur from this mandatory vaccine hawk. Why don’t you do some social activism on behalf of the majority poverty-stricken residents.

    • RandyX
      September 11, 2021

      I couldn’t have said it any better!

    • Ti Garcon
      September 13, 2021

      Man your opening statement textbook racism. Why do you have to look at a man’s skin in order to contemplate giving value to his opinion? This is vile and disgusting.
      But I’m glad DNO posted it as it gives insight of the minds of you so called black intellectuals. You call for equality and cry racism to gain relevance, but deep down you are hateful, racist people yourselves. That y black countries can’t prosper, because the same way u are racist, it’s the same way u hate to see another black man make money. You only like to see black man struggle and not succeed so you in your self righteousness can pity him, because in your fragile hate-filled ego it makes you feel superior. The same way you cry skerrit wicked and corrupt, the thing you devils would do if given the chance.
      Yet for all your racism, allu like white woman and cut vary cuz allu living in white man country. Allu even will sell allu soul to get their passport, and swallow allu accent to fit in.
      You sir, are a joke

  11. Who's myopic now?
    September 11, 2021

    Why are you afraid of unvaccinated people if your vaccine works, Mr nassief?

    I’m sure you understand the latest data that vaccinated also transmit the virus?

    I’m happy to join the people who will boycott your establishments.

  12. dissident
    September 11, 2021

    Your tongue will definitely cost you some business loss…. starting from my pocket.


    I know where to go to get REAL food to boost my immune system.

    when election coming tell non dlp supporters and non vaccinated doh shop in your store too Nuh?
    And make sure Skerrit park de tourist boat right outside your place of business for you to see a comfortable sale…… and den come and cry for Skerrit
    Good riddance!!

  13. Tt
    September 11, 2021

    Whether people believe in the vaccine or not something has to be done. If nothing is done the world will go into severe depression sooner or later. Supply chain for food and other goods is already being affected.

    Now for the vaccine deniers it will come to a head as more people take the vaccine and their patience start to dwindle. I personally don’t care if some is for or against it as long as you’re willing to accept that sooner or later hospital’s businesses and services may only cater to the vaccinated. This is what is going to happen, you can’t deny science then run to the hospital when you’re sick.

    This won’t mean much to those who get their news from tik tok or Facebook. Your mind already made up.

    • The Truth Whole truth
      September 12, 2021

      “I personally don’t care if some is for or against it as long as you’re willing to accept that sooner or later hospital’s businesses and services may only cater to the vaccinated. This is what is going to happen, you can’t deny science then run to the hospital when you’re sick.” Tt did you hear yourself? I really cannot believe the type of comments some of you make. The hospital is for all – vaccinated or non vaccinated. It is intriguing how you guys think. You can speak until you are in the other shoes. Blessed day to you and all those who think it is only your opinion that matters and you seem to the supreme. Who divides and loves no one but themselves.

      Did you ever stop to think – What if God treated us the same way we treat others, we would be doomed. His word clearly states how can we say we love God whom we cannot see and hate our brothers, sisters etc., whom we see and interact with daily.
      Go, think and come back again. Is the hospital yours??

    • Neverson St jean
      September 12, 2021

      I thought the job of the medical professionals was to care for the sick no matter how they got sick

  14. MI17
    September 11, 2021

    Nassief doesn’t speak up for the welfare of DA and what’s best for the country but he rather advocates what’s best for him and his business empire………………….. ……….they are single minded about themselves and their businesses.

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  15. Mark
    September 10, 2021

    Dominicans… keep playing with fire. The same nonsense (politics) is playing out in the US as we speak and see what’s happening over there. Don’t allow the conspiracy folks talk you out of protecting yourselves. The vaccine is safe and our best defense against this horrible disease.
    Mr. Nassief is right. Things will not get back to normal until a great majority of the population is vaccinated. Everyone, business, farmers, every day citizens suffer in the interim. Why isn’t the government mandating the vaccine? This decision baffles me.
    The president hinted some time ago that the government was looking at a vaccine mandate but obviously that did not materialize.Can you imagine what our current infection rate would have been if we had mandated the vaccine back then? This stupidity is killing us. We have now been placed on the list of places not to visit because some real smart people at home decided to play politics with the pandemic.
    Take the vaccine and live.

    • Channel 1
      September 11, 2021

      @Mark – The ‘conspiracy folks’ you say? 8-O 8-O 8-O

      Uummm, since when the word ‘Conspiracy’ is defined as ‘an idea/concept/belief (aka a theory about something) that is definitely false’? 8-O 8-O

      Do you know what the word Conspiracy means? The word ‘Conspiracy’ can be defined as ‘a plan by others to do something sinister/bad’. (Consult a dictionary if you wish to verify this).

      There are some careers, eg police & lawyers, in which investigating conspiracies ie a plan by somebody to do something illegal, is part of the job.

      Just as there are scientific theories which are false and those that are true, there are conspiracy theories that are false and those that are true.


    • T
      September 12, 2021

      I suppose you dont believe in the Almighty i thought he was our DEFENCE? maybe not yours

  16. Ibo France
    September 10, 2021

    Karl Nassief and his family have too much clout in Dominica, not only with the government and it’s quite conspicuous.

    A caller phoned in to a popular call-in radio show this morning and attempted to criticize Karl Naxssief for his ill-advised comments about mandatory vaccination.

    The usually graceful host of the talk show abruptly cut off the caller and sternly chastised him that he would not entertain any personal attacks against Mr. Karl Nassief.

    I was taken aback at first by the action of the host for it was nothing libelous. The reason for this swift and coarse action by the host of the show only came clear to me afterwards.

    Mr. Nassief’s family businesses advertise on the said popular radio station. How dear any member of the public engage in sullying (not libelous) our patrons name? Money gives you enormous influence, privilege and protection.

  17. Lin clown
    September 10, 2021

    Know better,why don’t you say 99.9% of people who have contracted COVID-19 are unvaccinated?Karl is right,most of the people infected with the virus in Dominica are unvaccinated.we all know,and truthfully so COVID-19 has declared war on the unvaccinated,that is a fact.We would be idiotic in our behavior to think otherwise.

  18. Ibo France
    September 10, 2021

    Mr. Lettang was the most practical and rational panelist among them. Karl Nassief displayed a wanton lack of respect for ordinary people’ s life with his thoughtless suggestions and haughty attitude.

    This spoilt brat creeps out of his aristocratic lifestyle only to talk down to native Dominicans when he thinks his family business profit margins are threatened.

    Dominica is saturated with atrocities committed by the corrupt, worthless and leaderless incumbent regime. Has anyone ever heard this reclusive church mouse utter one word of condemnation? The vacuous demands of this lackey of the plutocratic regime should be canceled. His family banged water come to Dominica and want to run rough shod over native Dominicans whose navel string buried here.

  19. Jonathan Y St Jean
    September 10, 2021

    Well Karl has spoken. And right away he’s shown he’s not serious because he’s calling on the opposition and other organizations to put forward their position and not a peep about the position of the government which runs things in the country. How cowardly and weak is his opinion. Karl can lead by example because he and his family are major players in the economic life of the country, therefore they can take the lead and make it mandatory for vaccination to be able to enter their premises. Come on Karl, when you point one finger three point back at you. Put up Karl or shut up.

    • J.John-Charles
      September 12, 2021

      He is vex because this virus is a disadvantage to his business.He want the PM to compel all Dominicans to be vaccinated.
      If the vaccine is so effective (I am not saying it is or it’s not) It should be able to sell it self.Just educate the people,and let them choose to take the vaccine.
      I will always go back to the U.S. because that’s where I am, plus this Democrats are too bold face and dangerous. Biden is saying to those who have second thoughts about the vaccine.
      “My patience is wearing thin”
      Like he is talking to his children. At the same time Kamala Harris is talking about abortion, and said.
      “The woman’s body is non-negotiable.No one should interfere”
      During the campaign Biden said.
      If Trump tells me to take the vaccine,I will not”
      Harris said the same thing.Governor Cuomo was asked “Do you trust the vaccines? He said No, I don’t. And the Americans don’t.
      CNN,ABC,NBC, and most Democrats made fun about the vaccines, they called it Alice in wonder land, under…

  20. Frank N Stein
    September 10, 2021

    Nassief is a coward. All of a sudden Karl know there is an opposition party and leader? Have you ever supported the opposition on any issue? How about asking Skerrit to account for our monies? So much I could tell you but its a waste of my time. Just put a sign on all your businesses NO UNVACCINATED CUSTOMERS!!

    • The Truth Whole truth
      September 10, 2021

      True Mr. Nassief remember you have unvaccinated customers too! So I agree to put the sign “No UNVACCINATED CUSTOMERS’. I support this!
      Did u think before you made this statement?

    • VereTere
      September 11, 2021

      I agree, him and his fellow fat cats have not once challenged or even critized the status quo in DA. As long as Skerrit gives them what they want, they remain silent.

  21. The Calabash
    September 10, 2021

    As strongly as I support vaccinations, I am somewhat ambivalent about the mandate. There is much more that can be done (to skin that cat) before a mandate. Examples are: No access to public transportation, government buildings and services, cannot travel outside of Dominica, granting the rights to business to require vaccinations at many work places and to deny access to their businesses. Perhaps even denial of medical services or high rates if one is not. All of that is ‘the stick’….but there can be ‘carrots’….concerts for the vaccinated, promotional events with certain gratuities etc. And campaign style village to village promotion involving all political parties, on the same stage.

    • Goldy JB
      September 10, 2021

      Are you getting paid to utter such garbage or are you just demonic?

    • The Truth Whole truth
      September 10, 2021

      Calabash est ce que you serious? Is Jehovah walking on this earth? Imagine most persons are not giving Jehovah the glory and honor deserved but now you earthlings want to put demands on persons. Are you a dictator? Are persons not free anymore or even have a mind of theirs which from what I know was given as a free will by our Creator? What is going to be achieved – hatred, selfishness because you figure you will catch covid 19 and die? Are you ready to meet your maker? All deaths now are covid 19? Reread what you wrote. Ask God for wisdom for his wisdom is freely given to those who asked. Remember this worldly wisdom is nothing compared to that of tour Creator who has allowed this to happen. This is a test. Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses, some trust now in an mRNA vaccine believing that they will not die. Whom do you trust? Reminisce on this my dear. Choose this day whom you will trust and whom you will serve!

    • Fact Check
      September 10, 2021

      Nonesense. Majority of the people suffering and dieing from COVID have underlying conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Why aren’t we promoting healthy living, exercise, healthy diet etc? They close down the gyms but all the fast food places still operating full swing. In America they giving people free donuts when they show their vaccine passport. None of this makes any sense at all.

  22. Observer
    September 10, 2021

    unvax time to botcut fine foods

  23. Bwa-Banday
    September 10, 2021

    Way to go Karl!
    Unlike others I applaud you for having the cahunas to say so publicly. I can assure you there are many others like you and ME that believe everyone, I mean everyone (barring the bed ridden) should go get the jab. Attacking your business by discouraging the unvaccinated from supporting you is malicious. Look Biden just changed the game in the US and believe me there is more to come.

    I hear people on radio touting a healthy diet like it will stop covid. Dcans tend to believe eating well and exercising will save them but I dare say as bad as the Americans are with diet, the country still have the most diet conscious and exercising people. If someone had told me before covid-19 that we Dcans were so quick to fall for conspiracy theories I would fight back like hell but today it saddens me to see how gullible we are as a people. I cant wait for the DICTATOR to mandate covid-19 vaccine immediately for all starting with government employees..

    • The Truth Whole truth
      September 10, 2021

      You do not support him but now you want him to mandate vaccines. What is the vaccine to you? NO vaccine or anything in this world will prevent you from dying.
      What are the conspiracy theories? The truth? Jehovah is gonna step in when it is necessary. He is allowing this so he can see the heart of men which he knows already. This is also for persons to see how we are. We are in a test. Choose this day whom you will serve and trust? Is it a vaccine or man or your Creator? Blessed evening to you. Stop the hatred fight – vaccinated against unvaccinated. Do not be afraid of anything in this world. Be not be apart but ask God for godly wisdom and do what Jehovah wants you to do and mind you God is not one who creates division. It is the Evil One who wants to steal, kill and destroy us.

  24. jaded
    September 10, 2021

    Someone needs to tell Letang that every Dominican and almost every world citizen has a “foreign object” in his body. Letang has it. Nassief has it. I have it. Everyone has it. That is how the world has controlled and eradicated diseases – by vaccinations. Letang needs to stop talking nonsense.

    • The Truth Whole truth
      September 10, 2021

      jaded I have never been vaccinated and many who were born before me. Vaccinations started in the late 70’s to early 80’s and yes they were good not this one which is very questionable. You need to read knowledgeable writings etc to become more knowledgeable decisions whether or not to take this.

  25. Goldy JB
    September 10, 2021

    I wanted to go into a long ramble but I will not give this petty, wannabe tyrant the time of day. But i will definitely boycott his business.

    • Toto
      September 11, 2021

      That is your right bro but Karl Nassief also have the right of free speech and expression. It would be smart though for his business to pay for tests for his employees. He could offset that as a business expense and so lower his tax bill to government and I’m sure the people working for him would love him for that.

      • Simba
        September 11, 2021

        He can say whatever he wants but I would challenge him to put his money where his mouth is! NOT A CHANCE OF THAT!

  26. %
    September 10, 2021

    Karl Nassief , i don’t know you, but i guess you have been living in Dominica for some time. Why is it i am only now hearing your voice on mandatory vaccine? So you never heard of the country’s missing
    EC$4 000 000 000.00? You have never heard of what is happening in our broken parliament? You have never heard of food being distrubuted to selected people in this pandemic? You have never heard of our broken election system? The broken judicial system, the broken police force? Selective justice? Guess the above are non of your darn business? Guess they don’t impact your business or pocket? Do you only have a tongue when your business might suffer??? The solution is you can make it mandatory that unvaccinated people DONT come to your business..Its simple!!!
    I DONT listen to people like you Nassief!!!!
    When you want to talk to Skerrit just do so directly without using the opposition as a scapegoat. Are you scared of Skerrit? If so, why Nassief???

    • Toto
      September 11, 2021

      Man, you are not 100%, inform yourself. Karl Nassief is a Dominican, the grandson of Elias Nassief a prominent businessman, who loved Dominica.
      If you don’t agree with his view that’s ok but don’t denigrate the man so. He provided a lot of job opportunities for people in our country.

  27. Wood
    September 10, 2021

    Hey sir…a sign saying non vacinated should not enter is best…y dont go up 4 politics…

  28. If we knew better
    September 10, 2021

    Businessman Karl Nassief believes that mandatory vaccination as the most effective way out of the COVID-19 pandemic for Dominica and is questioning the “failure” of the country’s leaders to support and promote that measure.

    I say let us put a ban/boycott Fresh Market and S-Mart. Next he will want to only allow vaccinated people to shop. This is a slap in the face. Who the hell you think you are Nassief? All of a sudden you want to play partnering with association and other business to “work together”? Thee privat sector will fail and ask for more problems if they do this. People do not succumb to these pressures. Your life and good health is worth more than the stress Karl Nassief giving all you with his vaccine nonsense!! His workers get COVID, he never close. This is an infringement of human rights. His only concern should be whether staff or customers have or dont have COVID. Being vaccinated DOES NOT PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING COVID-19 OR FROM SPREADING IT.. THAT IS A FACT…

    • Channel 1
      September 10, 2021

      @If we knew better – The beauty of the situation at this time is that the unvaccinated account for about 68-70% of the current population in Dominica. As such, the unvaccinated masses need to start strategically and forcefully wielding that POWERFUL ECONOMIC ROD in their possession against vaccine supremacism.

      • Myrtle
        September 11, 2021

        He would soon change his tune, trust me. That man is only interested in money. Talking about money: Skerrit is exactly the same. No wonder them two get on well.

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