Catholic Church helps feed less fortunate in Dominica during Covid pandemic

Members of the Catholic “Feeding Jesus” group hand out breakfast at the Arch in Roseau. Photo courtesy of Fr. Brancker John

The closure of most restaurants in the city has prompted the Catholic Church to take on an initiative of their own to assist the less fortunate.

A group of Catholics on the island has come together to set up a feeding program called “Feeding Jesus” 

Catholic Priest, Father Brancker John, told Dominica News Online (DNO) that the project started on ‘Devine Mercy Sunday’ after discussions with Father Nigel Karam, the Dean of the Roseau Cathedral. 

He said the idea is to alleviate some burden on the most vulnerable in Roseau. 

“We are aware that another group is providing lunch but nothing was being done for them in the mornings so Father Karam and I decided to try to organize amongst ourselves to help and thus far, we’ve gotten some great response from about 30 Catholic brothers and sisters and from some others as well,” Fr. John said.

He said the meal comprises a sandwich and tea or juice which is distributed every morning at 8 am by the Arch in Roseau. 

Fr. John also stated that partners such as Krispy’s are coming on board to assist in the preparation of the food. However, he said most of the preparation is being done by individuals or families at their homes. Last week S-Mart …..and Country Style contributed the bread for the sandwiches.

“The food is picked up and some others volunteer to serve the brothers and sisters. Cash contributions are also being made to facilitate the purchase of food items, cups and napkins. Last week, S-Mart made a donation of food items,” he revealed.   

“Just this past Sunday we did the same thing in Grand Bay. We provided lunch for the less fortunate brothers and sisters and we intend to do that again the next Sunday and for as long as we can,” he said. 

Fr. John said that from the onset of the program, people have been very grateful and have thanked them for this kind gesture. 

“I had a conversation with one of the gentlemen and he said that sometimes people look down on them because they are less fortunate as if they are not human beings. I was moved by his statement,” he remarked. “It also served as motivation to assist them even more because we are all created in the image and likeness of God. Human life is sacred.”

The Catholic priest also called for the involvement of more churches to aid in taking care of those in need during this trying time and according to him, by doing so, the Christian message will continue to spread as this type of action keeps the gospel alive.

He advised all Dominicans to continue obeying and listening to the guidelines given by the health authorities and use this time of quarantining to exercise their faith.

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  1. ConcernedCitizen
    April 30, 2020

    Hi, How can I join these efforts?

  2. The EVil one
    April 29, 2020

    @ The Lies be told, I didn’t criticize my beloved príest and my religion for feeding people. In fact first thing I did was congratulate them for their good deed so I don’t know what you talking about. I also stated that if Roosevelt Skerrit had put things in place before the lockdown there would not be need for anyone to go out to feed people because as good as the act was, they had violate the curfew to do that and for this I even commend them more. after all didn’t the bible tell us in Proverbs 30:25 that Ants aren’t a strong species, yet they prepare their food in the summer? In essence a wise father prepares for the hurricane so he or his children will not risk going out when it’s dangerous. So because Skerrit did not prepare for COVID-19 our good father and others had to risk going to feed people many of whom were victimized by Skerrit.
    I also told my bishop if he had taken his place as a man of GodT instead of the bishop that helps Skerrit in his evil ways Da would be…

  3. Ron Charles
    April 29, 2020

    “The closure of most restaurants in the city has prompted the Catholic Church to take on an initiative of their own to assist the less fortunate”. Interesting opening sentence.

    I did not see the relationship between the “closure of most restaurants in the city” to the Christian work that the church is engaged with in this regard. Is the church filling a void i.e feeding of the less fortunate in the city, left by the closure of the city’s restaurants? Is that the case? Or is it because the “city’s restaurants” are closed to normal business that they (restaurants) are now in a better position to assist the church in this very Christian undertaking? Just asking?

    Congratulations to the initiators and benefactors.

    • Pipo
      May 1, 2020

      Very good point Ronald. I think there is little connection between closed restaurants and charity handing out food because it is doubtful those poor souls would have had the money to spend in restaurants in the first place. Still far too many poor in our country and and a growing gap between the haves and have nots despite a socialist government in power for the best part of twenty years. They calling that a paradox I believe.

  4. Ibo France
    April 29, 2020

    To help the suffering poor among us is praiseworthy. What I don’t appreciate is the taking of photos and the video taping of the recipients, without their consent, and plastering these people’s faces all over the world. Are you genuinely concerned about the plight of these people or just seeking favorable publicity for yourself and your organization? If this is done anonymously or without having the recipients’ faces all over the Worldwide Web, you will get the same blessings. Stop further victimizing the victims of poverty knowingly or not.

    • Bwa-Banday
      May 3, 2020

      Very well said Ibo!

      You see, for a while now the catholic church that I grew up in and still consider myself a part of (I no longer to go there due it political hypocrisy) has been behaving like the religious arm of the DLP. They operate just like the newly formatted GIS under Skerrit albeit from a religious point of view. Skerrit likes parading on TV anyone he stretches his hands out to and so the church succinctly does the same. This could have been done at the presbytery and advertised so those in need could partake. I am surprised that Mrs. Gravitate was not there all dressed in RED and personally handing out the pieces of bread :twisted: :twisted: . In ending I will say, great initiative BAD process!

  5. gench
    April 29, 2020

    do not forget to reach out to the villages as well..Do not forget our elderly potto laglise in our villages. Cudos great job

    • Bee
      April 29, 2020

      They are doing the towns. why don’t you organize the villages?

  6. PRO
    April 29, 2020

    ….. Did Dominica lose its government ? Why isnt the DLP undertaking these initiatives ? … All these big salaried ministers can afford to host one of these per week !

    • The Truth Be Told
      April 29, 2020

      You too PRO. Now use your pro do do something yourself. We each all have to plau\y our part. Government cannot do it alone. Hope you are not one looking down on them. Adopt at least one. Stop being political and negative. You can do something PRO!

  7. Badbaje
    April 29, 2020

    Good morning all, hope you are al doing well and continue to have the strength and ability to help out in this great time of need. This is indeed a very good effort to help those who may need it more. May the good deeds of all giving their time and other efforts be returned to them one hundred times over!

  8. Pipo
    April 29, 2020

    I have my criticism of the Catholic but this initiative is very commendable and I would be very happy if the other Christian churches would join in, even the muslims are welcome or non-believers. After all, we all pray to one and the same God and He makes no difference if the poor and needy belong to one church or the other or no church at all. Please let us forget our religious differences on this and put no conditions on our charity.

    • Workingbehindthecurtains
      April 29, 2020

      The (selfless sisters) (not actual name) from the Roseau Christian Union begin feeding the less fortunate immediately after Covid 19 started and did not broadcast it cause like THE GOOD BOOK say your left hand should not know what your right hand do . WHAT HE SEES IN SECRET HE REWARDS OPENLY. Amen

      • Interesting
        April 29, 2020

        Lol. You sure the people BROADCAST their work? I for one was wondering who was breaking the curfew (first noticed on a sunday from my porch)

        Maybe, just maybe DNO contacted them and hence the story?

        And look now you go and broadcast what the sisters did? :)

      • The Truth Be Told
        April 29, 2020

        Yes there are others helping the less fortunate too but because u do not see it on news does not mean that others do not help.

        • Randolph
          April 30, 2020

          However those ‘others’ might be, they for sure won’t be DLP supporters, as that lot in general only takes but never gives!

      • Da Girl
        April 30, 2020

        I disagree with your statement to some extent. I think sometimes this must be done to solicit assistance from sponsors, as we read..various companies have come on board to donate in small ways. I understand if it were a one time donation to an individual or family – and sometimes non-profit organizations to care for the less fortunate need media coverage because that is how they raise funds to help more people. For example, Rotary host various activities to raise funds and we may ask well what charitable works are they doing…which is why any monies or items donated to persons is publicized- so persons know where their monies are going to.

        So in this case, yes it should be publicized because the group cannot continue to feed the less fortunate indefinitely on its own. With the hep of sponsors, this may go on for a long time.

  9. The EVil one
    April 29, 2020

    Congrats to the Catholic Church for acknowledging that Roosevelt Skerrit is a waste of time and could not even put things in place to ensure people were able to eat during Covid-19. However the bishop should take some blame for where Dominica is today because if he was not the bishop of Skerrit he would stand for truth and Skerrit would not hide behind his skirt to conduct the Evils he is involved in

    • The Truth Be Told
      April 29, 2020

      You are really evil! Is the best thing to say. What have you contributed to the less fortunate? Negativity and telling them is your addicted hero who causede them to be unfortunate?Go get a life of not being evil anymore. Go do something good.

      • Dominicans too ungrateful
        April 30, 2020

        For Christ’s sake have we learnt nothing from Erica, Maria and now COVID-19? Hurricane season coming and we still finding a reason to turn everything into a political, jealous, distasteful conversation. SHAME ON US !

        The Catholic Church is doing charity during this crisis…all that needs to be said here is positive vibes. Its not the time for “what did Skerrit do”. Or .”what i dont like about Catholics” or any of that.

        How many more calamities have to strike our island ? for us to realize that this jealous-negative-crabs-in-barrel mentality that we proudly display as “typical Dominica” is NOT helping us.

        • Toto
          May 1, 2020

          We have free speech thank you.

    • April 29, 2020

      @The EVil one, your comment sounds eviler than the name. The news article is about people sharing Love–whoever they are; you had to come up with that dark, negative, and foolish thought of your mind. When will people like you ever stop?

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