CBI funds will be used to build international airport says PM Skerrit

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has announced that the funds for the construction of the international airport will come from the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Program.

“We are going to do this airport on our own and this is why we started to save some monies for the airport, then the Chinese Government indicated its willingness to assist us with a significant portion of the construction funds, but COVID-19 came about and like anywhere in the world, China has been impacted,” the prime mister said on his weekly talk show on Sunday night.

He said the Chinese had indicated to him recently that they were planning to send a team, “but I have to take control of the Dominica’s time table.”

“And so how do we go about in financing the airport?” he asked.

Prime Minister Skerrit said his government’s decision to use CBI funds will minimize, if not completely eliminate, the imposition of taxes on Dominicans to help finance the construction of the airport, contracting loans, “and you won’t get concessionary financing for this except if you are getting it from China, but you won’t get financing from any financial institutions for the construction of the airport.”

Skerrit explained that his government intends to use the same financing mechanism which is being used to fund the construction of houses, health centres and hospitals in Dominica, to build the airport.

“With this, the risk is really the developers because it’s the developer who now has to sign contracts with the contractors, so the risk is his,” the prime minister noted. “In this instance, the developer will loan somebody financing so the airport can start and we will go along building the airport and be re-reimbursed with that finance instrument.”

 He further stated that with land compensation, the government is using their own funds and is also leaving an opening for the Chinese government to assist.

The prime minister did not name the developer who will be undertaking the international airport project but Montreal Management Consultants Company (MMC) is the developer which is constructing the houses, health centres and the Marigot hospital under the financing mechanism which Skerrit plans to use to build the airport.

Leader of Dominica’s Parliamentary Opposition, Lennox Linton, contends that MMC will be engaged to build the airport and believes that under the financing model articulated by the prime minister, money from the sale of Dominica’s passports will be used to build the airport and then the developer (MMC) will be paid for the full cost of an international airport that was built with Dominica’s money.

“The people’s international airport must be built with the people’s passport money and there will be no refund of any international construction money to Montreal Management…or any of his [the developer’s] companies,” Linton insists.

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  1. Anonymous
    May 24, 2021

    What’s the length of this runway passing through Wesley?
    Melville Hall is 5761 ft
    Antigua 9967 ft,
    Guadeloupe 10266 ft,
    Martinique 9843 ft,
    St Lucia 9003 ft,
    St Vincent 8999 ft,
    Barbados 11000 ft,
    Grenada 9003 ft,
    Trinidad 10,500 ft, Tobago 9003 ft,
    Guyana 11240 ft + 5003 ft,
    Jamaica (MBJ) 8704 ft, (KIN) 8911,
    Nassau 11017 ft +8323 ft.

    At sea level, 10,000 ft (3,000 m) can be considered an adequate length to land virtually any aircraft. The site that was paid for by the porevious administration in 2000, with ALL the required feasibility tests done would have produced a 10,000 ft runway. I think if we get 7000 ft with this new site at Wesley we will be lucky. Not to mention the increased cost of relocating so much more infrastructure and housing.

  2. December 2, 2020

    Hello and good morning my people. We don’t need a new international airport rather the Government should divert and control the Marigot River which would allow most of the water to go towards Wesley. They then should extend the airport runway and then place barriers into the sea which would break the waves carming the water. We just don’t have enough activities within our tourism industry to support an international airport. Look at St Lucia what makes their airport an international airport. It’s the length of the runway which can accommodate large aircraft but their airport isn’t financially profitable.

  3. Franny
    December 1, 2020

    sancray mateh coshor where is the millions you was putting in the airport fund every month to build the airport??????? Man you a damn liar.. ylman time for us to put mr and his cabinet in a crackers bag and drag Mr them behind a truck around Roseau until The bag and Mr them skin finish on the road … Wicked evil set of people

  4. click here
    December 1, 2020

    The thing is, he promised his CBI people that investing in the big hotels that an airport will be built. How else will they fill all of their rooms? So now he has to do something because the time and the money running out. The laundromat closing soon.

  5. Bring back the kidnapped parrots
    December 1, 2020

    Destroy prime beautiful land to build a “White Elephant” airport runway when there is nothing wrong with the current airport at Melville Hall. The runway at Melville Hall just needs to be extended into the Atlantic Ocean and the terminal modernized. The new plan of attack will result in crosswinds to jet aircraft making landing dangerous. Aviation experts need to be advising on the new location before millions is wasted.

  6. Truth Be Told
    December 1, 2020

    Liar liar pants on fire! But in the end is Dominica that is burning in the Skerrit fire cesspit!

  7. Magway ca
    December 1, 2020

    So build and airport at 45 degrees to the prevailing winds so constant cross winds making the airport dangerous to land on. Wow that’s brilliant. And then get a company with no knowledge or history of airport construction to build it . Then build it straight threw the center of a village and block of numerous natural drainage channels below a mountain where trees always come down. That’s a brilliant idea isn’t it

    • Me
      December 2, 2020

      That is called a biassed airport.

  8. Lin Clown
    December 1, 2020

    KATE,explain on page 69 section 76 of the constitution of Dominica.It says all revenues or other money raised or received by Dominica(not being revenues or other moneys that are payable,byand or under any law for the time being in force in Dominica,into some other FUND ESTABLISHED FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE)shall be paid into and from a consolidated fund.

    • click here
      December 2, 2020

      ….. Clown, what does section 77 say? Dont do like some so called christian that only want to quote the part of the bible that is relevant to their point of argument to fit their agenda. Read the whole bible lets get the true story in actual context. Lets go further, what does section 79 say?

      Now the problem we will have going forward is COMPREHENSION. If i know this ….. CLOWN, his interpretation will be something to else, simply to impugn improper motive.

  9. Galileo
    December 1, 2020

    This has gone way too far now. This level of disrespect is unsurpassed in Dominica’s history. The story keeps changing as it relates to the funding of this airport. Just last week a party hack of the DLP was on air constantly pushing the message that the Chinese are paying for the airport’s construction; all of a sudden it’s CBI funds. Come on man. Respect the people of Dominica.

    • Watching
      December 1, 2020

      Take what allu get smh doh complain

  10. RoRo
    December 1, 2020

    First Chinese will built, then he had savings of over 200 million for the airport, then 200 million was used for other project (I suspect for last election), then it was Chinese again, now its Hayden’s MMC and one wonders what’s next. When does the majority of Dominicans realise that this man Skerrit is nothing but a liar ……. When?

  11. Observer
    December 1, 2020

    Well, well, well, that will be the end of Dominica for Dominicans. With our passports being sold at just US$50,000.00, Skerrit will have to sell about 40,000 passport to pay for that airport and to complete all the other hotels that are standing up as white elephants rights now.
    That means 40,000 new Dominicans whom Skerrit can place strategically in all constituencies. My people wake up. This is a sinister plan to change the population structure of Dominica and allow Skerrit to reign forever. You may think this is a joke but 20 years from now we will have no more rights in our country.

  12. kubulol
    December 1, 2020

    No Chinese funds ! no money laundering ( CBi) funds !
    In fact, To me : no need for a bigger airport for the time being

    • Joyrose
      December 2, 2020

      From what I’ve read so far not many of you are pleased with that plan. But at least, you all, unlike us, will see something tangible out of you all CBI.
      I often wonder if when politicians meet they collude to confuse and sellout the people they pledge to protect?!

  13. RastarMarn
    November 30, 2020

    The Question RastarMarn want to ask Skerrit is why there is this international Company on Dominica Soil making a profit when there are Willing and able Bodies on the island to be employed in every aspect of that undertaking,,,

    Instead of finding funding to pay another foreigner why didn’t Parliament mandate a special session to create a Public Housing Construction Section, call it The Dominica Construction and Rehabilitation Company, make it so that Dominicans making up the working force, will feel a sense of pride to be involve in an entity to rebuild infrastructure projects around the country,,,

    Enough is enough man!!! allyou give those Chinaman dem money to build road and look at it now, is time allyou start involving Dominicans in their rebuilding and rehabilitation projects, not just on the skilled and unskilled labor force but also in the professional level as well,,,

    • Watching
      December 1, 2020

      U make no sense.. Salisbury highway in chaos. The job was given to dominicans and look the crap they gave us incomplete work..if chinese had gotten the job allu would complain but the work would be done far better…all now they on de road like sarpoofey..de construction people took a while year to do an in complete job don’t know how long this crew will take..give it to chinaman they will do it right..no lie bout that. Give jack his jacket

      • RastarMarn
        December 2, 2020

        You Must be a little-Boy cause you must not know Dominica’s story,,,

        You see that West Coast Road???

        Initially it was Dominicans dat built it back in the day before Government was issuing out Contracts like is Hot Bread dey selling,,,

        Yes you may have a point about contractors taking longer times to make the assignment complete but you missing the point!!!

        Garçan all RastarMarn saying is stop giving out the money to foreigners and start letting Dominicans have and feel that they are reinvesting in their future by collaborating on public projects and Community development,,,

  14. A voice
    November 30, 2020

    Oh oh I should feel better knowing that it’s not the Chinese financing it. Nothing against them as they have helped us tremendously, even if we have absolutely no idea what’s in any MOU with them. Although communists they are shrewd businessmen so the MOU(s) would inform us whether they would own the thing if we’d miss a single payment. Having said that, how about the geothermal plant which should be TOP priority. Also the great irradication of pit toilets that was going well until pal reps took over and sabotaged the endeavor, what happened there?
    If political parties would get out of the way and let engineers do this, we would not have such an air strip alignment fiasco just down the street from the other political party’s alignment. …A JOKE DAT MAN
    I am not against an international airport, I wish it was already there, but more affordable electricity rates (geothermal) would give us more bang for the buck, heavy impact on business – even tourism business.

  15. Jam
    November 30, 2020

    A international airport is the last thing in the world that Dominica needs. I dont understand why Dominicans think an international airport will benifit Dominica it will just further destroy the nature island. Do you really think there would be any airline that would profit by having direct flights to Dominica from the UK or US. Also Dominica would be a Covid nightmare if you did have an international airport.

  16. ??
    November 30, 2020

    Listen to the haters……..yes I!!!

    • Me
      December 1, 2020

      Depends what side of the fence you’re on.

  17. Lol
    November 30, 2020

    We just want the Airport so go right ahead, what ever means we have to use to pay for it, we need the airport.

      December 1, 2020

      You remind me of a person who will buy a two door two seater sports car but have a wife with four children…. Smfh

  18. Peace
    November 30, 2020

    I am still confused about the airport financing scheme. Maybe if I read the article 5 times it will make sense. In any event, how many passports would we have to sell to pay for the airport ourselves (not including the opening we are leave in case the Chinese want to step in)?

  19. Ibo France
    November 30, 2020

    This proposed airport is sucking up all the oxygen in the country at present. I will believe when it is handed over to the government by the developer.

    Meanwhile, geothermal energy, replacement university for RUSM, the new cruise ship facility, salary increase for public servants, electoral reform, enhancement of Roseau, the rehabilitation of the public library have been relegated to nothingness.

    Words can’t adequately convey the dishonesty and stupidity of this Skerrrit DLP led kakistocracy.

  20. Nicholas Stephen
    November 30, 2020

    I have never come across any other government who have made such a mockery with such an important national development project.
    What a shame

  21. Nkrumah Kwame
    November 30, 2020

    That’s not news for people who have brains and THINK! We have been saying that for the longest while and were called “jealous and anti-government”!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol: :lol: :-x
    Nonetheless, thanks DNO for providing the TRUTH to those who prefer to bury their heads in the sand, as the proverbial ostrich.

  22. dissident
    November 30, 2020

    So MMC is an airport developer now? If I were to do an investigation will my findings prove that MMC has experience in airport development??
    Wesley people have been sold out by their parliamentary representative!

    Someone will access some prime real estate……but that airport development is a pie in de sky…..JUST LIKE DE MORROCAN HOTEL AND LAYOU HOTEL!

  23. Shaka zulu
    November 30, 2020

    The deception and lies coming out from this one man government is mind boggling. Skerrit i think all you doing is enriching yourself from state resources to maintain an aristocratic lifestyle post government. I just want to warn you that ill gotten gains are never enjoyed. You are a disgrace. While the country’s infrastructure is crumbling with any lil rain i suspect you are pocketing millions with the assistance of this MMC company and the other lil companies and schemes ran by your buddies. Do you really thi k you will get away with that????????

  24. Jonathan Y St Jean
    November 30, 2020

    Messier quick……. Messier quack. You hear lie, well that is lie. How many lies have we been told regarding this airport project by Skerritt. He must have gotten the blueprint for telling lies from Trump. Weh papa.🙄

  25. Iamanidiot
    November 30, 2020

    What about the air port fund that money was being saved in since 2013?

    • Josephine Baptiste
      December 2, 2020

      When Skerritt spoke in Parliament, he was asked by the opposition. He replied that there was only 269.14xcd left in the fund. By the way, that is not a typo. TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY NINE EC$.
      Yet, we just sit by and be quiet.
      Mark my words, this man has been creating his own money, has put it into an off shore banking facility and will be leaving Dominica very soon. Mark my words. In fact, I’m going to screenshot this post.

  26. guna
    November 30, 2020

    WHERE cbi have money there?

  27. itmatters
    November 30, 2020


    • MsaR
      November 30, 2020

      It appears that after all this time Mr. Linton still does not understand how the CBI works. Central to the success of the CBI are the agents who have the Global networks and experience and can generate sales. Not every company or person or entity has these networks and experience and can deliver. When CBI funds are used to finance projects you cannot have a regular request for Proposal . This will not work. To be effective you need to partner with the agents who have the depth and experience and expertise in the field and who can generate the sale.

      • Chingchong
        November 30, 2020

        The Chinese must be taking Dominicans for fulls, thanks to skerritt.

        • Silver fox
          December 1, 2020

          @Chingchong, before you start criticizing the prime minister it would be a good idea if you learn to spell in the first place! FOOLS not FULLS 🙊🤡

          • Me
            December 2, 2020

            I’m afraid the cabinet is full of fools.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0
          • Silver fox
            December 2, 2020

            The English language is screwing you idiots up knowing when to use fools and full these are the people who called themselves educated so-called Workers supporters!!!

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0
      • click here
        December 1, 2020

        Ok, So you say all that to say what? That agents are needed to make the program work? That is a no brainer. That is not the issue, and anyone who is familiar with CBI will know that. The issue is the whether there is a mismanagement of funds. Especially where MMC is concerned. Making a sale is not the issue. Having agents who have various levels of expertise in respective fields is not the issue. The issue is what happens to the money after the sale. How much is accounted for, how are the funds being used, what processes are implemented in the name of NATIONAL development etc.

  28. LifeandDeath
    November 30, 2020

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ..Way Papa, ebeh look spin bowling..So, we waited 20 years for funding only to go back and use our own money. There’s a big lesson in there somewhere.
    If Ralph Gonzalves was able to build an int’l Airport inn SVG without selling 1 passport, what does that say about Skerrit after 15,000 passports and 20 years? Again, it’s the people of Dominica taking everything they’re served. Skerrit certainly appears desperate and out of his depths on this Airport Project. It’s embarrassing to say the least, having been the PM with most money ever in that country and still coming in last as the only Island without an Int’l Airport, you had 20 years to do it!!.
    If Common sense was reigning in that country, Dominica could have saved several millions by using the site that was paid for with Dominican money under the UWP..does it really matter that much lord?..smdh!!

  29. Sybil nowell
    November 30, 2020

    Bring it what ever way we can. All Dominicanscwill benefit fro that airport in a Jesus name.

    • L C Matthew
      November 30, 2020

      How about we get the mexican drug cartel to finance? I guess you will be ok with that also as long as people benifit.

  30. Kate
    November 30, 2020

    The more that is reveled about this airport in Wesley the more entangled the story gets. Skerrit may be digging not only for himself a big hole but unfortunately Dominica. One can say that the Wesley people hole is almost complete. The devil is in the details of and in this proposed airport. When all is said and done a few things are most likely to occur:
    No airport or/and a small airport where wide body passenger jets cannot land. If one is built it does not belong to Dominicans
    If it is built Dominica owes some guy millions of $$$$$ of our own $$$$- kick back.
    This is nothing but a land grab.
    I smell a rat- we will have to wait a see. Just know that I would never buy a used car from Roosevelt Skerrit. I don’t trust him.

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