Come vote for UWP but buy your own tickets, Linton tells Dominicans in Antigua

UWP leader Lennox Linton speaking at town hall meeting in Antigua (video screenshot)

The United Workers Party (UWP) wants the support of Dominicans living in Antigua and Barbuda to help in its fight to win the next general election but the party will not be “buying” votes.

UWP political leader, Lennox Linton, made that very clear when he addressed Dominicans living in St Johns at a town hall meeting in Antigua last night.

“I advise you to put your time aside. Put your leave aside; reserve your leave. Put your little money aside and come down to vote for change in the upcoming elections,” Linton said.

Linton used his turn at the podium to also tell prospective voters that the UWP won’t be issuing any assistance for travelling to Dominica.

“We are not providing airline tickets nor are we providing ferry tickets either”, he said.

He explained that to do that, the UWP will be involving itself in an act of bribery under the laws of Dominica.

“And we will not do that because we are a law-abiding party. We don’t believe dollar bills should vote,” he further explained.

According to the opposition leader, people should vote their conscience and based on their honest assessment on where the country is and where it should be heading.

He did say however, that whether bribery in elections is a crime or not and whether payment of airline tickets is a crime or not, he is aware the Dominica Labour Party will do it, nonetheless.

“It is up to you to dissuade your brothers and sisters in Antigua from Dominica from going down that road. It is a dangerous road which places our democracy at risk,” Linton warned.

Linton said Dominicans around the world have been targets of election bribery for years.

“The party that has been in government has focused its attention on targeting those who want a free ticket to come down every five years,” he said.

But Linton explained that once elections are over, “they are done with you”.

He said when the Dominica Labour Party purchases tickets, it is not coming from their personal funds, but the “peoples” money from the sale of passports.

According to Linton, if this should become a practice, it must be done in an organized way.

He said it should be used by the government or independent electoral commission.

“There should be a fund in place for anybody who wants to come to Dominica to vote whether Green, Red or Blue. That would not be bribery because the privileged would be afforded to anyone living overseas…”, he explained.

But he said, this is not what the incumbent DLP is doing. “When they come recognize it as your money, take it and do what your conscience tells you to do.” he said.

Linton said it is high time that Dominica is rescued from what he referred to as “this criminal enterprise” that has sat at the helm of this government for the last twenty years.

A young Dominican makes his contribution at the Antigua town hall meeting



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  1. Young voter
    September 25, 2019

    They’re making dcans believe bringing people to vote started with DLP. Ask Addison James who is now silent bcuz he wouldn’t again endorse Linton for the leadership. Mr Addison you made a bad choice for leadership of the party you made and now I know you’re regretting. Change the leadership and let’s move on. I don’t see any upward mobility in the opposition who only calls for protest and boycott parliament. As a young voter after the destruction of Maria I can only vote one parry. New leader needed Mr Addison James

  2. Independent voter
    September 25, 2019

    I have never heard such an idiotic statement in the last 15yrs. Like seriously Mr Linton. We need a change of leader plz.

  3. Lin clown
    September 24, 2019

    We in DOMINICA know the guy father put a curse on him.Everybody supporting him is either a criminal or a failure and have not visited Dominica in the last 5 years.The majority of Dominicans have NEVER voted UWP.This time it is even worse.Skerrit brought Clear Harbour to Dominica,when ROSS closed the UWP said the next was Clear Harbour.The 834 workers at clear Harbour and their family WILL NOT VOTE UWP.The 3,400 workers in the NEP and their family WILL NOT VOTE UWP,up to this day,after 6 years UWP is still critizing the NEP.243 people involved in Yes We Care UWP critizing.300 dollars for 70 years and over UWP critizing.Housing Revolution UWP critizing.Everything put in place for the benefit of Dominicans UWP critizing.Nobody is paying attention to their call for BOYCOTT.Their supporters are leaving by the hundreds.This election is going to be worst for UWP.That is why they are going back to the DIASPORA for help.The same DIASPORA they did not want to come to VOTE.WE VOTING DLP AGAIN

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      September 26, 2019

      If you are suggesting that Lennox father put a curse on him; it must be a good curse; since Lennox has always been a successful person.

      Unlike you who’s curse is eating away at you: Lennox father was a very educated man; he taught school all over Dominica, Lennox mother was a school teacher also, Lennox father became a Principal when he was in his twenty’s.

      Lennox mother was one of the first to be sent to the Leeward island Teacher’s Training College in Antigua.

      People like them; voodoo was not on their agenda.

      I Knew Lennox father; for what it’s worth my grandmother by father was his biological aunt!

      Lennox knows who his father was, as he carries his father’s name to this day!

      The other corrupted fellow you revere and honor; the pseudo doctor does not know who the hell his father is; that is why he uses his mother surname oui!


       My name is Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque: Add Linton and Alfred to that!

  4. September 24, 2019

    Can we have for once a handsome PM in waiting? Not an ugly, school drop out PM. We could invoke the dead and bring back Maurice Bishop. How about that?

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      September 26, 2019

      You all voted for Roosevelt Skerrit because he was handsome; what you got in return is ugliness and poverty.

      Each time you open you mouth I can see the …. you are!

      You are disgusting!

      You are simply a … kind of person.

      The phenotype of a person don’t make a person, some people who are handsome have a handsome face are murderers, liars and thieves!

      Have you taken a good look at handsome boy Roosevelt twenty years ago, and how he look today with his baled-head.

      Well, I am older than that corrupted crook, however look way younger than him!

      You are ignorant!

      Admin: if you allow the insults of this so called ds on your site this should be tolerated also!

  5. Smh
    September 24, 2019

    Really that’s the way you want to run tings in dominica that’s the most idiotic statment I have ever herd from a politician SMH

    • Bwa-Banday
      September 24, 2019

      What is so idiotic about a truthful statement? You all are so used to lies, untruths, idiocy and pure criminally encouraging statements that when the honest truth is spoken you get bamboozled. SMH

      Linton is absolutely right so dah-pway allu that there buying votes which you will not get in the long run. Stay tuned my friend!

    September 24, 2019

    A message to Sam Christian.
    You, Sir went over to Antigua and at a meeting of your Political Party (UWP) YOU Sir, referred to the PM(Skerrit) as, to use your own words… “A DAMN A…”….. (DNO, PLEASE FIND THE CLIP AND YOU WILL FIND THOSE EXACT WORDS).
    Sir, may I remind you, today you are alive because of that same DAMN A….
    Sir, search your conscience and reflect.
    You are an ungrateful TRAITOR!

    • Bwa-Banday
      September 24, 2019

      Skerrit have you all believing that he giveth and taketh life now I see! Man STOP your nonsense and go get a life. Skerrit did nothing for Sam that he was not required to do. Sam is a Dcan citizen and as such remains the responsibility of the state in certain respects. If Skerrit had built on the healthcare system he inherited when he came into office Sam would not have had the need to be airlifted. So STOP your nonsense.

      Enemy of what state? Those who steal from and plunder the treasury are the real enemies of the state but you all staying moomoo and even worshiping them. But, my God is good. The time for change is at hand and some of you will run when the investigations to determine liability and abuse of power etc begins. Mines eyes have seen the glory! Keep worshiping you all master still.

    • Real Dominican
      September 24, 2019


      Is because of Skerrit Sam is alive? Skerrit is really God for you foolish DLP supporters.

      Please note that while Skerrit may have assist in some way, there are many others who assisted.

      By the way it was the tax payers of Dominica who facilitated the payment and not Skerrit.

    • Ibo France
      September 25, 2019

      By the mercy of God Sam Christian is alive. How dear you give Skerrit divine power? Only a hopeless, brainwashed moron will do that. Some people are resistant to learning.

  7. My little take
    September 23, 2019

    Everything in Dominica is contaminated by this Roosevelt Skerrit. Now a days it is hard to get people to do anything because of love. Skerrit has destroyed and corrupted every damn thing. He has the root of all evil…the love of money so he uses the money to buy everything. He taught us to buy votes, buy candidates to run and to exit, buy loyalty, buy wife and concubines, buy friends, pay people to come and vote, buy pastors, Evangelist, prophet, bishop, priests, president, police, churches, village council’s/ town council, carib council, police commissioer and the police force, ambassadors, lawyers, magistrates, judges, doctors, the Media and the list goes on and on. I have never seen this in my life. I mean things and people Satan could not buy Skerrit was able to buy them. Man I support Lintons call but when UWP wins it’s going to be very difficult because not one institution that’s not corrupted by Skerrit. But God is good and thank God we have a God fearing leader in Linton

  8. A View From The Side
    September 23, 2019

    Ms / Mrs Patty, please cut our DNO posters some slack on the error of their grammatical ways. Remember we get no points here for English composition correctness.

    Resist the temptation to criticize and try not to sweat the small stuff. No condemnation!!!

    The measuring stick you use for others will be used against you. As an example, a lower case flag could be raised for your penning of “most high”. How dare you reduce The Almighty YAH to such a low state??? Just saying!!!

  9. TJ
    September 23, 2019

    Let your conscience be your guide. You cannot come down to DA and vote but leave immediately after election. Whether you are in SXM or the US you must allow people who reside in DA vote their choice.

  10. teacher
    September 23, 2019

    Dominicans all over the world should pay their own money to come down to vote for change in the upcoming elections because we don’t want another dictator like Robert Mugabe in Dominica. After we change this government the electoral laws will be changed to facilitate any Dominican wishing to vote in Dominica without having to airlift anyone.

  11. Lennox for PM
    September 23, 2019

    Lennox! Lennox! Lennox! I’m with you Lennox! I have my ticket money saved already, just waiting for the clown to put his white face paint, red nose and pink shoe. I will be coming down, my children and my grandchildren too. We are giving the DLP a resounding rejection!

  12. Man bites dogs
    September 23, 2019

    Here we go again comical Ali Linton is on the loose once more barking lying and making a fool of himself as usual Linton has no shame no remorse towards anyone that guy is a disgusting robot no feelings and a mad liar to say the least how does he sleep only Satan knows the devil and man Linton working hand in hand!!!
    DNO print my post you people having a laugh now is that another case of who you are and what you are?

    • Gretta
      September 25, 2019

      True Dominican
      I know you make a mistake. You know you wanted to put SKERRIT name instead of Linton. Don’t be ashame. God will Forgive you. Sleep well tonight

  13. My mind made up
    September 23, 2019

    I have been a laborite for 30 years but it’s a year now I decided I would not vote next election because there is no way a sensible person like me could vote for Skerrit even if they were to build me a mansion. But after listening to the UWP last night in Antigua, somebody hit a note that I liked and from that time I and my three family members decided to vote UWP in the next election. I think it was the president of UWP that said something like if UWP wins the next election they will try to engage Ross University with the view of bringing them back. That got me excited because I know how Ross contributed so significantly to our economy and to Portsmouth and the entire north. It’s a shame that our government made no damn effort to prevent Ross from leaving after 40 yrs here, which begs me to now believe that Skerrit must have been instrumental in their departure. I now call on all laborites here and in the DIASPORA to turn out in record number to vote that wicked Skerrit out!

    • Independent voter
      September 25, 2019

      Boss this is politics so wait for Ross to come back. Better start making your coffin

    • Gretta
      September 25, 2019

      True Dominican
      Yes we will

  14. Red Sox
    September 23, 2019

    The size of audience is not important at this time, though I would say there was a decent crowd. But significantly was the appeal from the Honorable Linton to those in the DIASPORA. I fore sure ready, and steady to come vote UWP this time and if I get a free ticket from Skerrit like the last two elections, I will take it and the little handout he giving, but will sure use to vote against Skerrit and the DLP this time around. I am just tired of the coshony of Skerrit and the fact that he has one of his wives, Melissa running for him? Boy that’s a BIG turnoff because I have always been a laborite but will not stand that family party Skerrit using our party to build. I will not stand to see Skerrit as President, Melissa as PM and other family members that will be loyal to him at the expense of the state. I say NO to Skerrit and YES to UWP this time

    September 23, 2019

    Mr. just taking in front before to pretend he isn’t going to pay tickets for his supporters to come to Dominica to vote.That’s a trick!
    His trick is when he says to his supporters to buy your ticket and come down and vote DLP will refrain from assisting it’s voters with a ticket to come down to vote and he will be buying tickets for his supporters under cover and pretend is his supporters that bought their own tickets. DLP is smarter than that. WE WILL NOT FALL FOR THAT TRAP! PM, CHARTER a plane and start the ball rolling with the tickets. Let’s teach the UWP and Lennox a lesson THEY SHALL NEVER FORGET!
    21 and DONE WITH THAT!

    • viewsexpressed
      September 24, 2019

      Kid on the Block, the trap is already trapped, self inflected by Skerrit himself and his bunch of blind followers like yourself. Can`t you see that Skerrit and people like you are so scared because you all are on the verge of losing this coming elections, because we are fedup of the poor immature governing of our Dominica people. Skerrit has sufficiently damaged, crooked, lied, corrupted our Dominican people and our nature Isle. Please go tell Skerrit to return our passport money to us right now. There is work to be done as our economy is not bringing sufficient revenue, meaning our farmers are not producing and hence not exporting and selling.
      We are proud and thank Hon. Lennox Linton that he a is reputable UWP Team and others have done to expose the thievery and abusive manner of our states funds, that we the people of Dominica has paid taxes to the states account for the government to be trusted and account. This will happen when the UWP gets into office. Thievery will stop by UWP.

    • Ibo France
      September 24, 2019

      I don’t expect anything better from you. You are a cheerleader of the most corrupt, backwards and anti-progressive government in the Caribbean. They use trickery, bribes, immorality, skulduggery and blatant lies to retain power. Too many unscrupulous individuals have taken up residence in the DLP. It’s presently a party based on intractable corruption and general wrongdoings.

      • Gretta
        September 25, 2019

        True Dominican
        I know you make a mistake. You know you wanted to put SKERRIT name instead of Linton. Don’t be ashame. God will Forgive you. Sleep well tonight

  16. Karen
    September 23, 2019

    Thank you Lennox Linton and Team. Crowd was awesome! No free boat/airplane ride to niold audience.

  17. Lin clown
    September 23, 2019

    LINTON,know he CANNOT WIN election in Dominica.He is now going back to the same DIASPORA he critized BEGGING for VOTES.After those MASSIVE crowd that has been following DLP,UWP MUST LOSE

    • Young voter
      September 25, 2019

      Totally agree. Lennox knows he lost the election long time ago but using the monies from the fund raising for his personal use. U pee pee supporters open your eyes..

  18. Herbert Volney
    September 23, 2019

    Lennox Linton the Government does not sell passports or sells passports to finance supporters to come home to vote for it.
    That statement you know to be false but yet you continue to peddle it. What you are doing is jeopardizing the value to Dominicans of a passport that enables visa-free travel to many many
    countries the world over. You are a danger to Dominica and it’s worth.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      September 24, 2019

      Herbert be quiet, and stop pretending you do not know the truth; had it not be for people like you who supports corruption, and thievery in the country Dominica would be a different place.

      Roosevelt that corrupted crook would not be a dictator running the country into the ground!

      Have you ever heard of Dominicans, and I mean poor Dominicans donating money to support any political activity in the country?

      So, be a man and answer me, tell me where do the Labor Party get money from to buy tickets and charter plane to fly people from Canada, and America to Dominica to vote, what is the source of that money?

      And you cannot tell me that never happen, because I know someone related to me personally who distributes and dabble in buying tickets for people, and neither you nor Roosevelt can’sue me for disclosing that.

      Even if I was in Dominica, I would   burry  you all in court!

      Lennox is correct, and you damn well know that!

    • Oh Please
      September 24, 2019

      I fully agree with you Mr. Volney. Mr. Linton, can you PROVE that the the labour party is using CBI funds to purchase tickets for overseas supporters? Can you say truthfully that the UWP has NEVER bought tickets for its overseas supporters in past elections? Maybe if you were a more proactive and charismatic leader your party would have the financial support of many international organisations and agencies to help with its campaign financing which includes purchase of tickets for voters.

    • viewsexpressed
      September 24, 2019

      Herbert you have surprised me with your ridiculous , immature, outdated comment. It appears that an intellectual like yourself have reduced yourself so low in protecting this failed corrupted Labour government, led by this incompetent immature Skerrit. I, we, where we sit in government we know Skerrit and we know, hear and see alot, so stop being this blind so called supporter of failed Skerrit. This clown has killed our economy, abused our state resources, travelled the world and comes back talking BS nonsense to us as if we are in kindergarten like himself who has not grown up to maturity, but survives with his lazy bunch of idiotic bed fellows advising him, corruptly and making a big joke. This Skerrit cannot comprehend because he is highly dependent on blind clowns like you and idiot Tony who baby sit, baby milk in a bottle. Skerrit has not grown up. He came to government as a default, fancy guy as if he is in a queen competition. Skerrit just go. You failed us.
      We await Team UWP.

  19. Danziger
    September 23, 2019

    We will come home, we will come home to vote our DLP. Your talk is ticket money we would like you all to know THAT our ticket in our bags. We are strong Dominicans, most of us are self employed our parents were poor no high school so we took CANOE (BACK DOOR) to travel to EARN a living. Sir, I have children and I raised them up alone but praise God for his mercy. When you hear castor oil, coconut oil, caco sticks, coconut cheeze, tablet haché,tablet gragée, gooseberry jam and more made Dominican style. Now I see my value cuz my customers told me so. I travel often at times once a month or every 15 days home and you want to take AWAY MY freedom fr me no Sir, I am a Dominican, toute mal ka faire mal.

  20. Patty
    September 23, 2019

    I am reading some comments and you all do not know when to use proper grammar… capital G is for the most high, NOT humans of any sort off… when stating Skeritt is a god use small “g” NOT capital “G”

    • Danziger
      September 24, 2019

      @Patty, I told you mwen pa allez L’ecole how you expect me to use proper grammar. If Skerro was PM in the time I would attend school and use proper grammar. The only GCE,CXC I have is castor oil making etc, praise God for you and yr English language,

  21. Me One
    September 23, 2019

    There’s a time and place for everything. % your stories are constantly fabricated. Where was the crowd in Antigua? Even the people of Marigot are staying away. Yes you lived in Antigua and that’s your audience? You are so out of touch with reality that you are calling Skerrit a GOD. A picture says a thousand words that’s like the Trump vs Obama crowd.

    • Jack Sparrow
      September 23, 2019

      @Me One:
      You do realize that everyone there was from Antigua and did not come on a ferry like what the DLP had. Actually what the DLP had in Antigua was a rally for Dominicans they brought over. 200 people, all came from Dominica on a boat. Out of the 200, 175 came back. The other 25 stayed in Antigua cause things in Dominica hard, hard, hard.
      So, please…..
      Always remember you are dealing with a civilized, popular Party in the name of UWP, where decency and professionalism stand out.
      Not the nonsense the DLP does have.

  22. St. Joe
    September 23, 2019

    Lennox Linton don’t you get tired of embarrassment all the time? Even Papie has a bigger audience than you! These people are functional human beings, therefore they don’t NEED your advice. For years you were ringing the COW bells it is illegal to come 🇩🇲 to vote, now you are singing pay your passage. By any chance did you get off your medication? Reason why is because the UWP were the first who started that process and it has still continued, remember we up-the-morne people! Now be quiet and stop embarrassing yourself. If you going overseas give us something constructive and positive, the sameness of missing billions, handouts and free tickets isn’t resonating. After your speech a collection was taken you are still begging! Did your lecture convinced 1 new voter? Your old grandpa lecture in St. Joe where you said, take the money that they are giving you and vote US in? My boy, they didn’t hear you, because there was only ten people, mostly Salisbury people.

  23. %
    September 23, 2019

    From what i saw, the brief sojourn to St Martin and Antigua seem to have been very successful, and i am happy that the people out there are seeing the evil, deceipt and deception of the DLP lead by false God Skerrit..
    The false God, Skerrit, utterances alone is evidence that they (the DLP) are badly bruised and injured and just one last “upper cut” will see the vile, vicious and wicked DLP to the canvass. It’s refreshing to see young people like the guy in Antigua, expose evil rule! Do your mobilisation young man, and come home to vote against what we have passing as a government!
    Refreshing indeed!
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?

  24. Maybe
    September 23, 2019

    I agree with you Mr Linton if you are true blue that’s the right thing to do

    • Straight tongue
      September 24, 2019

      You all forgot the it was the UWP who started bringing in people to vote. I know because I was on one of the first planes!!

      • September 25, 2019

        Thank you (straight tongue)well said first to pay people to come to vote & first to sell passport now their own whip beating them and they crying stay there and take your
        beating and don’t cry.

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