COMMENTARY: Analysis of events at home from far away places

Dr. Emanuel Finn

Journalism, it is said, provides a first draft of history. It can also be a cliché’ and if it is not objective can be a big joke and mockery. What does one think of Dominican citizens who are residing abroad and are trying to make sense, analyze and chronicle current events that are occurring at home?

These ‘wanna- be’ journalists can easily fall into the proverbial trap of seeing and viewing things from their monitoring posts in foreign lands far away from Roseau in a completely different context.

Nonetheless, some of us are attempting to make a meaningful contribution to how events are distilled and interpreted in Dominica with less emotion and more rationale. But do we have the permission, expertise, to narrate and analyze these events? That will ultimately have to be answered by rational readers and history.

Whatever your opinions and positions on this matter are, one must, therefore, ask, what are we trying to prove and achieve? What is the goal and what are the motivating forces for the sometimes-fruitless exercises in literature writing, citizen journalism or (some say) just propaganda? But I hope my efforts and contributions will influence policy and debate and maybe result in change for the average Dominican. Along the way, I try to provide useful opposition to the powers that be. This is what legitimate democracy is all about.

The simple reasons are that some of us who are away from home with a panoramic view of things are only trying to generate meaningful debate and discussion in a pure, unpolluted and uncontaminated political, non-partisan manner. That is my goal.

Some say this is virtually impossible in Dominica. Despite this negative but maybe realistic point of view at this stage of our existence and development, one has to try and keep hammering away at that uncomforting truth. With lucidity of mind and economy of expressions and passion for truth and fairness, I dispatch my articles to this platform.

In so doing, I hope I am making a small and meaningful contribution to the tone, tenor and nature of some of the simple, yet complicated and contaminated issues which serve only to divide us further as a nation and people (and race) and retard our collective growth and prosperity. I also write because of my nostalgic memories and beauty of the countryside, the La Plaine Valley where it all began for me, Portsmouth and Roseau. Dominica’s everlasting vigor, vitality, and good-naturedness of our people, and the reverence for our painful history and most interesting colourful culture, guide me.

When writing, I make every concerted effort to stay in the center of political consciousness and rational objectivity. My one hope is that my contributions and that of the other objective writers are not futile. Nothing human is absolute or perfect. At the same time, nothing can be practically useless, or oblivious, at least not in the long run.

What I hope my articles convey is unconditional love, affection, and agony for our island home in its many forms, simplicities, complications, beauty, and ugliness. I also see in a remorseful way, that the political pettiness and myopic ways of thinking and acting on the part of some of our politicians and other leaders pose an unavoidable challenge to our supposedly victorious Dominican good values. Between the words and sentences, I am filled with emotion, nostalgia, joy, sadness, anger, restlessness and confusion.

We do not have to be physically present at home on the ‘ground’ to feel and understand these political, social or economic dynamics, currents, and headwinds. Why do I continue to write while (supposedly) enjoying a comfortable life more than 2000 nautical miles away from the banks of the Sari-Sari and Laronde rivers or Kingshill, Castle Bruce or the affluent community of Morne Daniel?

Section map of Dominica showing Morne Daniel

This past week watching the video of the two ‘Manicou’ mercenaries (dogs of foreign conflict and war) planting a black bag case (‘sac noir) with supposed money in front of UWP leader’s residence at Morne Daniel to try to frame him up bright chills to my spine. One’s home is a refuge point from the world whatever your station in life is. Watching this video, I was emotionally moved not because I can identify with Mr. Linton as a husband and father of two teenagers whose primary task is to provide a safe and protective dwelling for his family, but simply as a Dominican and human being.

What is even more disturbing is that the ‘Manicous’ did not come from nearby Ravine Coque or Fond Cani but are British citizens from the UK. There are many questions to be answers on the magnitude of the Watergate scandal which cost Richard Nixon the U.S presidency and sent a few of the most powerful men in Washington to jail and others to resign. How did they get here, who requested their services and how much did it cost, who protected and facilitated their stay and movement who aided and abetted them.

But we have seen this movie before in the case of Alie Reza Monfared (44), the international fugitive with multiple passports including Dominica who was given safe heaven on Dominica before he was nabbed in the Dominican Republic by Interpol after a lengthy international manhunt. He is now rotting in an Iranian prison waiting for a firing squad. The sad case of Mr. Gon Emanuel whose house was firebombed on Christmas morning and who went to his grave without getting the justice he deserved when all the evidence was present.  This may not be the first and last salvo before ‘the do or die’ election and Dominican should brace themselves.

Has Police Chief Daniel Carbon issued or is he willing and or able to issue a press release or hold a press conference on this compelling new evidence on this national security case? This writer’s opinion is that Carbon should turn in his badge and gun and go home. Can PM Skerrit, his deputy Reginald Austrie say more on this matter as they were eager to scream on the platform in front of their base? Can Ian Douglas whose father, Mike, Uncle, Rosie and grandfather, RBD (RIP) must be rolling in their graves for what he has become reveal more information on the sac noir operations he was so passionate riling about before the roaring base in La Plaine? Interpol should be summoned to investigate this matter. What a shame!!! What a shame!!! This is why I am compelled to write when I have the time and energy to in order to chronicle this for our current and future generations.

I am neither a politician, journalist nor a member of a political party. What I have is a deep moral conviction and deep love for the Isle of Beauty. In fact, the name of my political party is Wai’tukubuli “Tall is her body”.  I believe that maybe, out there I have a strong belief that my words in print will ultimately count and perhaps even right wrongs. Maybe these endeavours will probably help to gradually awaken our (so-called) leaders to the fact that petty politics and divisiveness (especially among families) can no longer be ignored and allowed to continue.

I am well aware that some of my writings earn me more hate than praise or accolades. Quite frankly I am not looking nor concern with either. My focus is about the ideal and idea called Dominica where I was born and raised with decent values deep in its belly and the potential of its people especially the children. I am not impressed with dishonest politicians even more so when they open their mouths publically ‘snakes and bats’ come flying out.

The combination of moral and ethical clarity, honesty, professionalism, and humanity are the directions I travel in order to untangle some of the murky waters our nation and leaders find themselves in. As a teenager of the mid-seventies, I write because I am happy and thankful to be alive to bear witness and try to understand the rapid transformations, transitions and regrettable transgressions that our island home and its leaders have experienced, and are experiencing.

Dominica today sits on a fault line at the edge of a precipice. The growing differences and huge disparities of income levels among many segments of the community are gradually reshaping the society for the worse. These dynamics have unraveled the socio-economic dynamics of our country. Sadly the decaying social, political situation today and the collapse of the economy are more than frightening. Who should be blamed for this run-a-way decay?; the church, courts, and or political leadership, or all of us?

What does mass economic citizenship really mean today and what will it mean two decades from now? Will it mean that foreign governments can meddle in the internal affairs of Dominica? Some say that with the arrival and influx of so much unaccounted big money into politics, total confusion has taken place and ‘Armageddon’ is around the corner. Will gangsters stay our land freely looking to cause harm and mischief?

This new model is very frightening and sooner rather than later it must catch up with us big time. The world and region have been watching those political dynamics and currents that are occurring in Roseau very closely and the manner with which the courts are dealing with them. But the larger question is; is it time to invest in our systems and communities instead of listening to charismatic personalities (so-called leaders) who are doing little but getting our people involved in the ‘snake pit’ of backward, antiquated, divisive and petty politics? This writer’s position is that it’s a new day and we desperately need a new sense of order and new leadership.


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  1. LaPlaine Observer
    October 22, 2019

    Attacking someone personally just because you don’t agree with their viewpoint is counter-productive towards open and honest discussion. The DLP handlers can’t seem to comprehend that notion, and engages in character assassination to defend the indefensible.

  2. DA Girl
    October 21, 2019

    ‘I am neither a politician, journalist nor a member of a political party.’ Your article says otherwise. I was actually looking forward to reading it because of how you started – I was like hmm something different, something unbiased, a refreshing perspective – I was sadly disappointed. You sound no different from any other uwp supporter. I couldn’t even finish reading the entire article. I’ll give you kudos for pretty words though. For those whose vocabulary is not very wide it must seem like such an inspirational article. I’m just so tired of all this foolishness all this fighting and disrespect.

    October 21, 2019

    Thanks Mr. Finn. After reading your comment, I concur with your viewpoint.

  4. Neutrallll
    October 20, 2019

    Dr you couldn’t have said it better. Dominica has lost its conscience n consciousness. Dominicans for the most part have given allegiance to a Skerritt n labour party. One this point Skerritt can do no wrong, even when it’s evedent that he is doing wrong..
    Dominica is now in the gutters, where there is no longer patriotism n a deep sense of nationhood. Dominicans have become partisan n dependant upon Skerritt to the extent they will kill or be killed just for him..
    The systems in Dominica are politically infested n blinded.
    The PM, min of Nat, security n AG are for labourite convenient blind men.
    Dominica has become lawless n uncivilized because in all democratic countries the police is to protect n serve citizens n non citizens alike but no the police service is labour police service.. Why isn’t there police protection for the leader of the opposition 24/7.
    No anything that looks like uwp is enemy.
    Independence is here but is politics 24/ even a red boat to gwada for…

  5. Gabriel Christian
    October 20, 2019

    I endorse this message by my fellow Dominica Grammar School comrade and friend Dr. Emmanuel John Finn. We entered the hallowed halls of the DGS in 1972.At 1500 hrs every Thursday during our days as high school cadets on Dominica , we drilled on the old DGS quadrangle and marched in National Day parades. We drilled in rain and sun to uphold a budding national pride. That youthful national pride has never dimmed over the years. May it ever be thus for us all. I am gratified to see that Finn, as we called him, is still on duty and has never abandoned the ship of national service, pride, dignity and commitment to the betterment of our country. At great personal commitment he has served Dominica over many years doing hurricane relief, as a member of the young Dominica Association in Washington DC. Recently Finn and his dear wife spent time and resources in support of the Dominica under 20 women football team on which his Dominica Diaspora born daughter has served as a squad member.

    • mine
      October 23, 2019

      You all are too d ungrateful.

  6. October 20, 2019

    Why doesn’t my comment show do I have to always question that?

    ADMIN: Please check again let us know if you still don’t see it.

  7. FF
    October 20, 2019

    Thanks. Thanks to you for a well done note of the good hypocrite dentist.

  8. iReaditAll
    October 19, 2019

    the Doc’s reveal is in his Final Sentence:
    “This writer’s position is that it’s a new day and we desperately need a new sense of order and new leadership”

  9. Ingersoll
    October 19, 2019

    Boy muster can speak! Too much talk wee

  10. Patriot
    October 19, 2019

    I’m not aware of violation your policy. As a ardent supporter and reader I’m disappointed not to see my posts on line. Please advice.
    Thank you.

    ADMIN: Please check again and let us know if you still don’t see your comment.

  11. Patriot
    October 19, 2019

    I am always afraid of expressing my views on the goings on in Dominica. I am fully aware of the negative attitudes towards those of us in the diaspora whom choose to comment on the political or social conditions in Dominica. We have a say so because there are those of us with land, homes, and money in the bank in Dominica, even though we live overseas. There are those of us who while sitting in a classroom in US, for example, could only think of applying what we where learning to better the lives of our fellow Dominicans back home. We can contribute, and want to contribute to our beloved homeland.

  12. Galileo
    October 19, 2019

    I have commented you on your writing before, but this time I am unable so to do. My English professors at University always told me ‘length is not strength’. This is too long winded with only one simple point. Convey the same message to Alex Bruno.

  13. October 19, 2019

    This so call Dr. Finn is Johnfinn from Castle Bruce how does he know where the men came from seems like every one want to get in on this video and they all know where the men came from but you know strange enough they know it was money in the bag could it be documents or some thing else dos it have to be money
    and how those Finn know the men came from was it written on the suit they wear or was it on the note that they gave him.

    • Finn
      October 21, 2019

      @wallace hussy: I am not from Castle Bruce but my dad is. I am from La Plaine. If you are going to make a meaningful contribution to the debate and discussion at least try to read the article.

      But for all those who made comments for and against thanks– that is what we should be doing as a civilized people- agreeing to agree and agreeing to disagree.

      For those who want to insult and just ‘ take out maypie’—- be my quest all day and night long!!!! I am sure you will stop when you are tired.

      Long live Dominica……

  14. John Mason
    October 19, 2019

    Dr. Finn killed his opening salvos about patriotism, good governance and justice etc when in the middle of his commentary he jumoee right in and repeated with much hypocrisy at the very same arguments that the opposition has been advancing on the matter of the “two manicous”. He saw only what he wanted tonsee or hear. He did not see or hear any comments from government spokesperson on the matter. He does not have to believe them but by Job say you heard but then you have questions. Never a word. Did not see or hear anything comments on the other side.

  15. Garvey
    October 19, 2019

    The ignorance of a people always lead to their downfall to know today is to study the past that you can be prepaired for the future,Dr Finn has an opinion like you do Thank’s but to dismiss his message as a citizen of this country you are denying him his right to speak but you can. Take heed to the message and don’t kill the messenger there is space for civil discuss.

  16. Lin clown
    October 19, 2019

    KING is a BIG supporter of the UWP.He is the SON-IN-LAW of Annette St.Hillaire.Now Mr.King in the video the guy put down the Suitcase,infront of Linton door.The guy is standing infront of LINTON door with the Suitcase WAITING.Why is the guy waiting? The next shot of The video shows the guy leaving WITHOUT the suitcase.Between the time the is waiting and the time he left WHAT HAPPEN TO THETHE SUITCASE? The Suitcase was picked up by another guy LATER.Commonsense,the person in the house had ENOUGH time to empty the Suitcase.The Suitcase the guy is leaving appear to be heavy.The Suitcase the guy is leaving with if you look at the video,properly,appear to be light.The majority of Dominicans excluding 30% of UWP believe the SUITCASE WAS EMPTIED IN THE HOUSE,and somebody was there.Samething with the GUNZALEZ BUGGING and $ 6,000,000 SWITZERLAND BOBOL.DNO does not post comments that exposes the UWP.KING can post a million dollar word comment.UWP was EXPOSED by their OWN.Because of LEADER GREED

    • New York
      October 21, 2019

      @Lin clown- I thought Rayburn Balckmoore is also the SON-IN-LAW of Annette St. Hilaire and he is a big supporter of Labour and Skerrit- Bonjay he is even a Minister.
      Clown you have nothing to contribute- please seat down and keep quiet.;

    • LaPlaine Observer
      October 22, 2019

      It’s sad to see how people like you engages in conspiracy theory.

  17. October 19, 2019

    I want to be Prime Minister and work with what is already in place and add all the knowledge of those who have a heart to serve God 100 percent.
    Okay Thanks Appreciate

  18. viewsexpressed
    October 18, 2019

    “Typical con man who starts with poetic verses trying to gain our attention, then he goes for the kill. Please unpatriotic Finn leave politicking on the back burner. ”
    This statement is damning, ridiculous, disrespectful, insulting, dangerous, the pen of a very illiterate clown, blind to what is in his surrounding.
    This character assignation comes from this failed guy name known as “Thanks”., is shameful and barbaric. This person failed to understand & comprehend the purpose of social media where one comments and analyse any work of anyone, but this clown. One of those blind suckers and blind loyalist of Skerrit. There is no wisdom nor there any substance in this so called “Thanks” hypocrisy has said. A loyal Dominica has just penned matters as a valuable composition for debate and feedback, but this weird guy referred to as “Thanks”, ought to be ashamed. I believe that you have been hanging about too long with the ridiculous thoughts of failed Skerrit who`s has killed our…

  19. Herbert Volney
    October 18, 2019

    Your missive reminds me of the burger I ate that had no beef patty in it. I kept reading out of deference to the high class language with which I am more than familiar and kept asking
    myself where is this writer going with this. Has he made or is he making a case to arrive at a supported point? As a former judge I would’ve urged the arrival of the point – the meat in the burger. Sadly it was all over before I saw the point. Was it that the writer was trying to say that Dominica had been overcome by a band of brigands without saying why for it?
    Dominicans have long gone well beyond the supposed money in the bag. We are into Creole celebrations and then into the crescendo of an early December election.
    How relevant is your viewpoint to the discussion? Totally! But it was well written.

    • Real Dominican
      October 21, 2019

      Mr. Volney,

      How relevant are you to Dominica? How relevant are you to Trinidad and Tobago?

      How relavant are you to your profession?

      People like you want Dominica to remain backwards and undeveloped. Worst in the Caribbean.

  20. Tete Morne
    October 18, 2019

    I thought the writer said that he was not biased or affiliated. Common guy. You need to earn your position. Sad.

  21. %
    October 18, 2019

    Dr Finn you do not have to bother a mustard seed, whether your writing cost you more hate than pain..What you have to be comforted by, is the fact that you have written the truth. I am hoping that a thorough investigation into that matter is carried out, because looking at the video on the Bayfront in Roseau, chills pervaded my body..I just could not believe what I was seeing. I am prepared to match, demonstrate, protest, etc to bring this despicable crime to the regional and international community, since it appears that we do not have a police force on island!
    False God Skerrit:
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?

  22. Danziger
    October 18, 2019

    Man, si ou pa ni nothing pou di PAY. Mwen last tan se long preaching la sa et en rien pas la, toute tan mwen Dominique et mwen amay la. You preach from 6pm till j’ouvert morning mass yet still nothing.

  23. The truth Be told
    October 18, 2019

    Who started the divisive petty politics? Who just only opposes for opposing sake? Who only have demonstrations and walk outs? Who are teaching the youth to be rebellious and disrespectful to leaders? Who is forever calling for strife, wars etc? Who is not providing an alternate solution at no time? Who is calling others derrogatory names (thief, etc)/ Who is encouraging hatred to one man? Who loves to spread rumours? And the list can go on and on. Who is not thankful even for the life that was spared? Who calls death on their Dominican brother? Whose face are hard showing that they hate anyone who supposedly supports the ruling party? Who without any reason whatsoever calls persons “Hungry labourites”? Who bullys others and want to shub things down others throats? I am sure you do not know this because you are far away? who does not respect others opinion because it is the UWP opinions that are correct & true. Who never have facts to support their claim? Documents…

    October 18, 2019

    A dentist by default spewing some BS. One wonders who is listening to you at this HAPPY INDEPENDENCE TIME.
    Boss Dominican are not interested in your fancy long script. People like you think you know it all. The Alpha and Omega. For your information as of the date you wrote your BS, there are 94 remaining days of the 100 days for victory.

    • Danziger
      October 19, 2019

      @KID ON THE BLOCK, di E sa pour mwen encore et encore pasque se douvent nous ka allez avec PM, et LABOUR. Nous pa ni erien a perde cuz nous determineé plèe que JAMAIS. folks come one come all we’re gonna have a gran time TOGETHER.

    • Ibo France
      October 20, 2019

      You truly have a severe problem with educated truth tellers who speak truth to power. Usually, uneducated, unlettered numbskulls do. You perfectly fit that category. Go educate yourself if that is even possible.

      • Danziger
        October 21, 2019

        @Ibo France, you RUDE and out of order kw your place, I am what I am and I’m my boss. RESPECT ME.

  25. The truth Be told
    October 18, 2019

    Does your party (causing strife, war, hatred, against one Man) have a new sense of order or leadership? No suggestions, no ideas, just pick up a calculater, the Official Gazette – counts how many names then multiply without understanding the mechanism (Family application, single application etc) and causing frenzy & sensation to create war and strife? 1 billion missing to justify calling the PM thief. You sir have never done an objective article – looking at the pros and cons of Mr. Skerrit. All of you painting the man as someone very despicable etc. Have you met Mr. Skerrit in person? Have u spoken to him? Have u looked at the work done in the country, analysed it then comment without taking sides. The blood of the young people will be on you all (All you know it all – intellects). U must understand that many young ones are educated. It is no longer Massa day. No longer a certain calibre alone. We all go to school, think, listen for ourselves. We also have eyes also.

  26. viewsexpressed
    October 18, 2019

    Dr. Jno. Finn., Whoooaa, thanks much for this brilliant well written, focussed, would refer to as an essay, well put, well presented.
    I guess this has to do with the intellectuals coming out of Castle Bruce and Marigot people.… Just blowing my trumpet here. Hon. Linton has been this new political visionary who has put himself forward to represent and recover our ailing Dominica, with his highly professional UWP Team. Whooooa, what a Team. Skerrit has failed and we need change in Dominica ASAP. Those who circle failed Skerrit, does it daily for a good reason. They are all expecting, waiting on “Hand Outs”, well thi sis where we have come to and thanks to immature, failed Skerrit. This man has no knowledge of the meaning of Socio-economic development, but rather engaged himself and his blind acolyte in creating a false fake clinic and give out money. That is buying loyalty rather than create jobs, he goes out selling our prize, our passports to nefarious gangs ut there.

  27. Ibo France
    October 18, 2019

    I think you could have made your points without being so verbose. However, your message was salient and instructive. Dominicans are too divided and apathetic. They will continue to suffer at the corrupt and wicked hands of this overly immoral, unethical and unsavory Skerrit’s regime of they remain so docile. One of the most upsetting and outrageous political wrongs perpetrated by Skerrit and his enablers has not gotten the scrutiny and outcry that it fully deserves. That is, the ridiculously bogus charges against Mr. Linton and his fellow colleagues. This is an outrageous abuse of power. This is using the courts to persecute, harass and oppress the opposition. Skerrit and his feeble minded disciples are paranoid about losing the next election. They are acutely aware and mortally afraid of the consequences.

  28. The truth be told
    October 18, 2019

    Mr Finn I quote “I am neither a politician, journalist nor a member of a political party. What I have is a deep moral conviction and deep love for the Isle of Beauty. In fact, the name of my political party is Wai’tukubuli “Tall is her body”.
    Yet it is so obvious that you have a side. The United Workers Party & your leader – Hon Lennox Linton. All your articles points this out. In one of them you pointed that the PM – poor boy from insignificant background. I noticed that the Elderly people (grown up) who know better – have seen Dominica evolve from what it was in the 1960’s to now; can attest that development has come to us, tend to mislead the young ones who rely on us to tell them the way it was back then. Your article leans on one side. Why not write about the steps that we have gone through. I speak to young persons too & they would like to hear.They become intrigued. Only then they will be appreciative. Do not encourage strife. Jehovah does not like strife.

  29. Thanks
    October 18, 2019

    Giro hell with all you fine attractive words and let us enjoy our national day without your wonderful serenading words. Please go away with your comfortable lifestyle and put it where the sun don’t shine. Typical con man who starts with poetic verses trying to gain our attention, then he goes for the kill. Please unpatriotic Finn leave politicking on the back burner. Do you know who won Madam Wobb Dwidte! Do you know who represented Castle Bruce or LaPlaine? If it sounds like new to you Grandbay is called the cultural city, Mahaut never sleeps and St. Joe is called happy people city 🌃. Give us a break, we have already made up our minds, stay where you are hoping to be the next President, run against TRUMP.

    • Real Dominican
      October 21, 2019

      Do you even understand development?
      If development has come to us then why are we so backwards in the OECS?

      Under DFP we theived, under UWP we thrived but under DLP we have depreciated significant.

      Development is much more comprehensive than you think.

      • The truth Be told
        October 21, 2019

        Really Real Dominican “Under DFP we theived, under UWP we thrived but under DLP we have depreciated significant.” Are u serious? So everything was done UWP time – 4 1/2 years? Misleading must stop! Is this what u are telling the youth & those who do not know how it used to be? Real deception! Hope you are not a disgruntled person dissatisfied with u & did not do anything (wasted)& now you join the haters of successful people who are getting things done. Do not let hatred, jealousy & envy take a gripe of you. Hatred hurts the one who carries it. The PM is a son of the soil & close your eyes, breathe, open, go around the country, be truthful to God first, to yourself. Do not mislead, listen to rumours which are detrimental to the health of your mind. Who gave you that story? DFP – theived, UWP thrived, DLP depreciated? U need to get a hold of u. Get to know the truth. Speak to Elders 2 tell about the era (years u speak about). If grown up do not let anyone’s blood be on…

  30. Thanks
    October 18, 2019

    Giro hell with all you fine attractive words and let us enjoy our national day with your wonderful serenading words. Please go away with your comfortable lifestyle and put it where the sun don’t shine. Typical con man who starts with poetic verses trying to gain our attention, then he goes for the kill. Please unpatriotic Finn leave politicking on the back burner. Do you know who won Madam Wobb Dwidte! Did you know who represented Castle Bruce or LaPlaine? If it sounds like new to you Grandbay is called the cultural city, Mahaut never sleeps and St. Joe is called happy people city 🌃. Give us a break, we have already made up our minds, stay where you are hoping to be the next President, run against TRUMP.

    • %
      October 18, 2019

      Those fine words touched the core of your wickedness, so you had to get into a tantrum..
      When in a country a political party is virtually giving support to two mercenaries to plant evidence at a citizens home, i am telling you that’s it for us, as a country..It also marks the end of leadership for this party….
      False God Skerrit:
      Whey is di money?
      Whey is di money?
      Whey is di money?

    • Ras B
      October 19, 2019

      Thanks, your response is disgraceful and reveals the worst of Dominica. This is truly sad!
      I read Dr Finn’s article with mixed views, mixed views because of his writing style and difficulty in reaching the focus of his article. Many a word had been used before his point was reached, a kind of verbal diarrhea. Once reached, I believe his point was clearly expressed.

      I commend him for his article and hopes that he receives my comment for the purpose which was intended. This comment is not political is just a former colleague and cricketer making an assessment of your article.

    • Ibo France
      October 19, 2019

      We live in a post truth world. Tell the truth then run as haters of the truth will pursue you with a passion to denigrate and smear you. Truth is a stubborn thing. No matter how hard you work to bury it under multiple layers of lies it will rise to the surface. Don’t get weary, truth tellers, of telling the truth. Don’t flinch Dr. Finn, history will prove you right. Journey on my dear brother.

    • Kalinago Justice
      October 19, 2019

      @thanks; while you use your freedom of expression to comment negatively at the writer, seems like your one-man rogue regime prime mistake, you wish to stifle his freedom :?: People like you continue to demonstrate the high level of blinded closed head ignorance that exists on that slave plantation Island mentality you live in! When are you going to be objective in your reasoning :?:

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