UPDATE: MP takes in suspects of Newtown shooting

Last week police released the photos f Telemaque (l) and Ettienne

Two suspects who were wanted in connection with a shooting in Newtown, which left one man dead, have been taken to police headquarters by Member of Parliament for Roseau South, Joshua Francis.

DNO was informed that the men, 22-year-old Jason Telemaque and Leon Ettienne, 27, of Loubiere, were taken in on Tuesday morning by Francis in his capacity as MP.

In an interview with DNO, Francis explained what took transpired.

“The boys reached out to me,” he said. “As the Parliamentary Representative I have a good relationship with my constituents and I pay special attention to young men who are being marginalized, and in that regard, in the view of what transpired, it was very heartbreaking for me.”

Francis said when he took the suspects in on Tuesday, he shed some tears.

“When I met the guys and had to take them in, it wasn’t easy for me,” he stressed. “It was heartbreaking for me.”

Francis said it is very difficult for him to visit families of the suspects.

“It is not an easy thing, there is no winner…,” he stated.

Francis revealed that he worked closely with the police on the matter and he also commended them.

Francis, who is an attorney, made it clear that he will not be representing any of the accused in the matter.

“I will not be representing them because the deceased is from my constituency and the suspects are also from my constituency,” he explained. “I am not taking sides.”

In an earlier interview, he described the incident as “a very sad moment.”

“The loss of life is the most painful thing for any family,” he said. “I can only imagine the brokenness and the pain that the family of the deceased is going through, as well as that of the alleged shooters. It is never an easy thing for a family to lose a young person and it is never an easy thing for a family to be on the receiving end as well because the alleged shooters have a family and they must be hurting too.”

Francis said there are lessons to be learned from the incident.

“We have to find a way, whether it is a National Action Plan which must percolate or infiltrate at local levels to avoid those types of senseless shootings,” he remarked. “We have to find a way to make our society more peaceful, find a way to resolve our conflicts without resorting to violence.”

In the wake of the shooting, he called on the Roseau South Constituency, particularly the people of Newtown and Loubiere to rally together.

“I want to ask people to rally and to support each other,” he stated. “It is a very difficult time but when we come together as a team, when we come together as a community we are much stronger, we can support each other.”

Meantime, Francis pointed out that ways must be found to reach out to young men in society.

“We have to find a way to reach out to our young men,” he noted. “We have to find a way to speak to our young men, we have to find a way to help our young men. Our young men are in trouble, we need to help our young men, we need to go back to the ground and connect with young men.”

Francis mentioned also that young men are quickly becoming marginalized, “and we need to hear them out.”

“We need to listen to them, we need to find a way to help them,” he remarked. “Because the people who are being killed, the majority of them are young men and the people who alleged kill the majority of them are young men.”

Francis said preventative measures must be taken to stop that type of behaviour.

“We have to tackle crime, we cannot just sit by and let it be, we cannot always be reacting. We have to take preventive measures to stop that type of behaviour,” he said. “We cannot resolve issues by shooting each other.”

Francis called on families to take responsibility for their children, especially boys.

“Talk to them, look over them, do not curse them, follow them, give them love, show them care, inspire them to go back to work,” he explained. “I think that is the biggest problem for our young men right now, is that they are being ignored and they become rebellious, they are aggressive, they become more and more violent…”

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  1. One of a kind
    July 11, 2018

    What some of you people don’t realize is that laws in Doninica are too easy going… those should either be jailed for life or beaten and get jailed for life.


    For the criminals out there that have nothing to loose, we don’t need them in this world

  2. July 11, 2018

    Very sad and no one should be siding no one as he said our young men and women needs help most of them are disturbed .

  3. bravo
    July 10, 2018

    I hate to hear Dominicans talk about the government feeding and sheltering people. That’s why these young boys will continue these crimes cause they out there forming the *** and getting these things for free when they should be out there working hard to get what they want. People should learn to work hard and provide good and shelter for themselves. i can understand if somebody cannot afford it but most of them CAN. Now this country has no laws no justice. The same way they bring them in us the same way they d6will be stepping out. cause we have more murderers out than in

  4. Andre
    July 10, 2018

    Ammmmm, who was the victim? when did the crime occur? For persons like me reading the story for the first time, a little background would help alot.

    ADMIN: Fair point. There is now a DNO article link in the first sentence to an earlier story that provides further details.

  5. Paul
    July 10, 2018

    Sikiriiiiiiii we want …workersssssssss we want in office. .u see the demonstration of loyalty to the people of Dominica. .. this man sikiri and in extension the uwp are the people that should be running this country …

    • Nana-Lain
      July 10, 2018

      @Paul …..That person who is the leader (or used to be the leader) of the UWP is/was preaching violence . That you want to lead people?

  6. Diafish jab
    July 10, 2018

    Amen, let the process begin and allow the families to move forward in peace. Now people, enough prejudging the outcome!

  7. Anthony P. Ismael I support Capital Punishment
    July 10, 2018

    It’s time to return the “Hang Man” and his noose. I don’t care what the Mercy Committee says. If they want to kill in broad day light, then they should be hung in broad day light!

    • Uncle
      July 10, 2018

      So Anthony you supporting that doctrine of “no law, no constitution”? Maybe these fellows are guilty, maybe they are not, maybe they are even real bad characters but if w do not follow the rule of law and just go and dish out mob rule justice we are worse than animals.

      • Man bites dogs
        July 11, 2018

        Hello what about some states in the U.S that put killers to sleep, What do you say about that? And if it was your relative or family you would be singing a different tune, i say hang em high.

      • Anthony P. Ismael Minister of Free Pampers
        July 11, 2018

        They should be provided with appropriate legal representation and a trial by jury. If they are found guilty and have exhausted all their appeals, we should hang them in the “Old Market Square” on a Saturday morning, bright and early. What about the family of the deceased? Do they not deserve justice too? We established a culture where you can kill today, walk out Scott free and kill again.

    • DA fails
      July 10, 2018

      Spoken like a true savage, go back to de motherland and you can stone men in public with no court of law only vigilante justice.

      • Anthony P. Ismael Minister of Free Pampers
        July 11, 2018

        Ask the family members of the deceased about savagery. Did these thugs give him a chance to exonerate himself or work through whatever the issue were? No. They acted like: Judge, jury and executioner. This is the norm in Dominica. You kill today and walk free tomorrow. It’s time to return to hanging in the “Old Market Square.”

  8. Anthony P. Ismael Parrot Return Minister
    July 10, 2018

    Their arrest is a waste of time. They shall be set free on some legal technicality, with the ability to once again terrorize and commit as many murders as their little hearts desire. Levi is another waste of time along with waste of time Rayburn. Welcome to the next level where bodies are floating at sea and drive by murders has been normalized. This is a prime example of failed leadership and a failed state.

    • %
      July 10, 2018

      I fully agree.These ,ills are not priorities for this ruling cabal.Their 18years of destruction is undoubtedly unparalleled in the Caribbean…. What a fetid mess of misleaders!
      Where The Wicked Rule,The People Mourn.This DLP regime is a Wicked and Evil party!

  9. mine
    July 10, 2018

    Is he going to represent them in court or bill them out.?

    • Legends of Tomorrow
      July 10, 2018

      don’t know…. what I do know is the type of guy Joshua is…. he must have found out where they were hiding out, went to them, convinced to do the just thing; turn themselves in and to support this just move came along with them.

      If you know how awesome this guy is…. he is loved dearly by his constituents

      • mine
        July 10, 2018

        You all Dominicans forgets very fast awesome, wow. No matter what good you do can never cover the bad.

    • Bold
      July 11, 2018

      Can’t you read ?

  10. Waypapa
    July 10, 2018

    But Politics is something else in this country full of illiterates we. Two criminals were afraid of getting killed as their pics were posted all over the internet. They come home and went to their lawyer who took them in which is what people do all the time when they run away from the police for fear of getting shot on site. All you talking about hero Joshua? What did Joshua do as a parlrep here? He acted as a lawyer, this is what lawyers do. Wow talk about ignorance as a badge of honor.

    • Everything Is NOT Politics
      July 12, 2018

      Can’t you read?? He took them in as the MP and he won’t be representing them since all parties are from his constituency. I’m not in no politics talk here but literacy and understanding is very important. Just stating the facts!!!

  11. %
    July 10, 2018

    Let the other fake politician share building materials and food.He will face the music at the polls.Sikiri all the way.
    Where the wicked rule,the people mourn.This DLP is a Wicked and Evil Party!!

    • Peeping Tom
      July 10, 2018

      A “wicked and Evil Party” that continues to feed and shelter citizens of this island? Surely, these two descriptions do not fit in the same sentence.

      • DA fails
        July 10, 2018

        You never hear about a wolf in sheeps clothing? Or Ulterior motives? Keep playing dotish or maybe is wicked you wicked.

      • Anthony P. Ismael Minister of Free Pampers
        July 11, 2018

        People have sold their souls for much less. I get it. Times are hard, therefore morality and what’s just is sold for a few sheets of galvanize, plywood, cheap rum and a few bags of cement. What a well oiled machine. Meanwhile, we rank last in Foreign Direct Investment with the most expensive port in the Eastern Caribbean, coupled with draconian electricity rates. Well done Labor.

  12. Ibo France
    July 10, 2018

    It is said that looks are deceiving but when I watch that photo of Telemaque, all I see is a person who has lost his way. The photos reveal that these guys are familiar to law enforcement (mug shots). Joshua Francis deserves much commendation. This is what leadership is about. Even the worst in your constituency trust you with their lives. I’m also elated to know that these two guys are off the street, locked away, where they can’t hurt any member of the public. Again, this is what representation is all about. In good times and in bad times, you are there for your constituents. They can count on you no matter the weather. Great work, Mr. Francis. May the good Lord bless you with good health and longevity, so you can continue to offer servant leadership to your people.

  13. %
    July 10, 2018

    Good job Josh.Imagine what you would do in government to keep our communities safer. Job Well Done.

    • July 10, 2018

      What about the safety of our Children?

    • Peeping Tom
      July 10, 2018

      He would not be able to achieve Jack! This guy is a talker and an opportunist. Making periodic appearances here and there to give the impression that he represents his constituency. Ask him what role he has been playing in the lives of those young men form his constituency whom he dutifully runs to defend or rescue whenever they are in trouble. Ask him why he did not act previously to save those two and the one who is dead although he ought to have known of the history of all three. Apart from his vacuous rhetoric, what is his record of actual work on the ground to bring along the change that of which he speaks so passionately.

      Sikiri must be allowed to enjoy this spotlight. One goal for him! He has scored. However, don’t pretend like he has suddenly transformed into leadership material. He was not and he stil is not. Nothing but, in one of his favourite words, a fraud!

      • unknown
        July 11, 2018

        The man said they came to him they reach out to him book. all you Dominicans to like that. if it was a minister from government that had brought him in all you would bow down to them like all you bowing down to the government and not God. Now when disaster strkes everybody fraid. It’s God speaking not Skerrit he is saying I am God.

      • Anthony P. Ismael Minister of Free Pampers
        July 11, 2018

        I see more misguided anger here. This is the end result of a failed state. While members of the “Cabal” tour the globe and build multiple homes, the rest of the island is left to suffer. Please read the ECCB Annual Economic Report and see where we rank.

  14. boug la
    July 10, 2018

    Joshua Francis is a true man of the people. He talks to young men at their level and is willing to offer help, even though it is under unfortunate circumstances this time.

  15. Me
    July 10, 2018

    Joshua is a true man of the people, for the people. Even rude boys respect him.

  16. July 10, 2018

    Watch their faces, sorry to say , but all they missing are horns.

    • Mother
      July 10, 2018

      I think what your really mean to say is that they are missing homes, and leadership like so many of our young people.

  17. Plato
    July 10, 2018

    I have always been of the opinion that whether you subscribe to Mr Francis’ politics or not, one can’t help but to recognize that this man is a masterpiece. He is the epitome of what a parliamentary representative should be. Mr Francis by your actions you have make your community a bit safer, and importantly you may have saved the lives of these young men. You must be a fabulous and respected negotiator because the majority of young guys who are drawn to the ganster lifestyle are incredibly rebellous and stubborn. All the best.

    • Cat
      July 10, 2018

      He has done so much and is continuing to do as much as he can to help bored his heart. He even helps people out off his own pocket. Make sure everyone including the elderly people are safe. I wish there was a way to help him help more people in his constituency. ? Keep up the good job Joshua and keep the faith. May God continue to bless and guide you.

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