Police take Claudius Sanford into custody

Sanford is a former Deputy Leader of the UWP

Police have taken former Deputy Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Claudius Sanford into custody, DNO has been reliably informed.

Information received indicates that he was taken into custody around 5:30 am on Wednesday from his home in Canefield.

DNO was informed that he was taken to Police Headquarters in Roseau.

The exact reason for the action by the police is unknown at this time.

On Sunday, the police took another member of the UWP, Dr. Thomson Fontaine into custody for questioning in relation to disturbances in Roseau on February 7.

He was eventually released without being charged.

DNO is following this latest development and will publish further information as it becomes available.

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    February 17, 2017

    Half information is worst than no information.

  2. February 16, 2017

    Where they arrested,Taken into custody,Taken in for Questioning??
    It sound like the Police took them in for questioning which is a legal process when investigating a
    allege crime which may result in charges or not …
    which they can do so willingly with their lawyers and free to answer or not answer questions..
    That is nothing to get Panties in a bunch about…

  3. tragedy gadaffi
    February 16, 2017

    well he was charged. “Obstruction on the law”

  4. The Truth Be Told - Original
    February 15, 2017

    UWP Leader, deputy and others did not condemn the violence in Roseau, whereby businesses and private enterprises were burned down. They did not offer their empathy for those who lost property and jobs. This should tell us much. Instead the PM and Police receive much flack from them and their supporters.
    The so-called meeting was organized by UWP. Later there was mayhem. It is understandable that the Police will call the leaders for questioning. After what occurred, it is foolhardy not to expect the Police to question these men.
    Are you Dominicans? You supporters, your words also lack compassion and concern for those whose property was destroyed and for the loss of jobs of some nationals.
    What a heartless, unjust bunch you are. You are bringing judgment and condemnation on yourselves. Your turn will come one day. Be it in a different manner, it will come!
    God is not blind, deaf nor sleeping. He knows when, how and how soon.

  5. February 15, 2017

    I wrote an article on this subject and posted it this morning, I have not seen it on line DNO what’s going on is some thing wrong with my article?

  6. Matt Sam
    February 15, 2017

    Lennox Linton calling his supporters to go down to Police Headquarters to join the demonstration, why is he not joining. If he is so brave as he claims why is he not there with them, why is he hiding.

    • The Truth Be Told - Original
      February 15, 2017

      They will get him soon.

  7. Shortbread
    February 15, 2017

    “irst they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    This is so relevant today

    • Gary
      February 15, 2017

      Why write such nonsense, what is happening in Dominica is not at all relevant to what you are suggesting.Why are you ignoring facts, to suit you what you want to believe.

  8. Looking in
    February 15, 2017

    Dominicans are just full of talk. Skerro is doing what the heck he wants and no dog bark.
    It’s time to put talk into action. Stop allvthe crying and blaming and put that man and his donkeys out if office.

    • The Truth Be Told - Original
      February 15, 2017

      That is a lie. People as you formed your opinion, even exaggerate. Based on what you hear/are told and you blow your opinions out of proportion. You make a mountain out of a molehill with it. This is what we are faced with today. First the so-called meeting, defiance of Police instructions, then violence and now protests at the Police Station.
      You allow Linton and his gang to influence you in a bad way. Do you people not want to live peacefully?
      You would also do well to learn respect.

  9. jonathan st jean
    February 15, 2017

    Once a bankrupt and inept government starts arresting the opposition without charges then it’s a dictatorship.Labour party is acting like the few countries in Africa where the leaders want to hold onto power indefinitely.This will never be allowed to succeed.Be strong UWP

  10. Antony P. Ismael
    February 15, 2017

    The level of crazy in Dominica is at an all time high. How many more will they arrest? When was the last time they arrested a murderer or rapist and that individual was convicted, because the arresting officers conducted a proper investigation while ultimately led to a conviction.

  11. Let the truth be told
    February 15, 2017

    It is not funny anymore. I look at Dominica as one big circus.

  12. Tj
    February 15, 2017

    Sanford there we go again. It is an attempt to give you a record to prevent you from seeking the job o Parlimentary rep.

    Be strong the writing is on the wall Thule red shirts are now behaving like cornere rats,

  13. Pissed off
    February 15, 2017

    The DLP has gone too far, . All of a sudden there are projects funded by CBI !!!! it may be a great program but you have not responded to the people thus the reason for a protest. I may not support Lennox as a leader but he did bring attention to what has been going on with our current Govenment . The caribbean has seen what is going on, do you think by imprisoning or by taking men of this country who choose to stand up for their rights into custody,that it will make us as civilians ignore what injustice is being done ?I have not said a word just waiting for this to roll over and move on but again and again you have proven what your intentions are. There are those who are silent but that does not mean we dont know what we stand for, this nonsense must stop.Arresting the former deputy leader for what !!!?????

  14. When the police and Skerrit get tired of arresting the members of the UWP, and there are no more opposition members to be arrest, Skerrit will start ordering the arrest of the members of his party, after e arrest them all on trumped frivolous charges, and can’t get them in jail.

    The only thing that will be left for Skerrit to do is call Carbon to arrest hem!


    His charge will be crimes against the and people of the state!

  15. Doc. Love
    February 15, 2017

    This is beyond desperation. Why take Sanford away from your children and you are going to release him later without any charges. I hope the police department does not have any police officer whose child is preparing for any exam soon, at the State College. You take a lecturer whose is responsible for your child’s education put him in custody for no reasons and don’t expect your actions to have a psychological effect on the student , at least for the day. This must interrupt the school day.

    • February 15, 2017

      But where are the student they should be down there standing up for him, do they care about what is happening in the Island, today their teacher was not in school because he is been arrested and for what . The Police and the PM is provoking the people of Dominica. because he was to be able to call in the riot guard and set up state of emergency.
      To the people whenever they pick up the members of the UWP go down and show support.

  16. Runble on T-Day
    February 15, 2017

    It’s not a joke… They intimidating and humiliating them man one by one that is some strategic planning going on behind the seen regardless if it will make a difference in the long run but they making it very clear who is in charge …and WHO IS BOSS!

  17. An Act of Contrition
    February 15, 2017

    Our law officers, why are you all doing that to our country? What crime did a quiet and very docile Standford commit? Was it Standford, Dr Fontaine, Dr Christian, Lennox Linton, or Joshua Francis that sold a diplomatic Passport or CBi to the known wanted fugitive of Iran, Mr. Alireza Monfared? Did they house him while he was on the run? Did any of them receive any gifts from him? Is the vehicle he drove while in Dominica parked in the yard of any of them? Did you see any of them in photo with him? On the other hand, I am quite you know who sold the Passport, who was driving him around, who he gave gifts to, who was hiding him in Dominica and many more. For goodness sake why are you not arresting them s9 they could answer some very important questions Dominicans and the rest of the world need answers for? Why make very good gentlemen look bad while you protect very evil men? My daily prayer for you who uphold evil in the land is that the evil you promote and protect, would return upon e

  18. TRUMP
    February 15, 2017

    Mr,Daniel Carbon and your cliques who are harassing the people in opposition please take my advice do not turn your guns on the peope skerrit is a selfish and arrogant person. When he will seek assylum you all will have to face the nation , also remember when he will be running how many of you will be able running with him? Think about it does it really worth it?

  19. Badbaje
    February 15, 2017

    Please do not place the blame for these arrests on the shoulders of the police who execute the arrests. These are police officers who have sworn to do their duty, and as such are bound to carry out the orders of their superiors, unless they know for a fact that they are being given and illegal order.

  20. Fear factor
    February 15, 2017

    When nothing else seems to work , people control others by putting in the fear factor. Physcology has proven the fact, that if you make others fear you, then you will eventually control them. That’s why slavery lasted so long.
    Take note .

  21. bigger
    February 15, 2017

    Nothing is done in the dark anymore the camera will pick them out one by one. There are a lot more to come if some of you haters haven’t been caught be very afraid- -Very Afraid

    • February 15, 2017

      Vince said on the hang that Linton should be personally be held responsible because he was seem insighting the crowd so I’m asking you why they haven picked him up, and that UWP brought people from out side the Island to carry out what happened last Tuesday, now how ludicrous it that statement from you I would say seek and find all the detail information out there and stop believing it’s a party matter, NO it’s a Dominica and Dominican matter.
      Do you know how long since Vince is in Dominica ?
      So why don’t you ask Vince Henderson why he picked up and come home what is he running from, but he can run but they will find him .

  22. Mahaut
    February 15, 2017

    Reading through these comments, one thing that I see is common sense have no place in discussions in Dominica, instead we see and discuss through party lenses. First of all the heading of this story is misleading the public. I think that Sanford was brought in for questioning rather than taken into custody would have been a more unbiased headline. When we see that supporters of one party, it will invoke rage, while the other is rejoicing.

    Agree to disagree, but the police have every right to bring anyone “allegedly” involved in the riot. if you are a person of interest, based on what you say, or what was said about you, don’t you think that it needs to be clarified. All we thinking is that he is being harassed, the government goign after people that oppose them.

    Do we realize what happened in our country. Don’t we think that questions should be asked and answered about that.

    • Old Fool
      February 15, 2017

      OK, since you portray yourself as one of the few persons on here with some common sense let’s engage each other. Let me start by asking, are Dominicans wrong for asking/demansing accountability as it relates to Dominica CBI program? Isn’t the government accountable to the nation as it relates to this program? Do you understand the fall out that awaits our country in the near future and long after this is over? Are you aware of the magnitude of this problem?
      Now, I will let you know that am from Marigot and have always supported the UWP but have never and will never give my support blindly. Also, I have openly voiced my concerns to the dislike of some supporters whenever the party seemed to have lost its way like to do with the Earl Williams saga. However, can I count on your sensibility to do the same and answer these questions sensibly and honestly?

      • Old Fool
        February 15, 2017

        The rest of the questions that I have are these, if the police ardered by the government finds it fit to arrest decenting supporters or as we agree to call them instigators of violence, bandits, and vandals for inciting or causing violence should that group not include members and supporters of the government who perpetrate the same behavior? For example, should the PM not be held to account for his utterences that orders his supporters to provoke the opposition and its supporters? Isn’t the PM supposed to be accountable to the nation as to how he make his riches? Should the CBI program be opend to a full uninterupted audit by an outside independent auditing firm like Price Waterhouse or KPMG? So, now that you have had a sensible person engage you please keep the discussion civil and be honest, sensible, informed, moral, ethical, non judgmental, and responsible in your response so that we can decipher your self proclaimed sensibility.

  23. Yellow Girl
    February 15, 2017

    Skerro, you rock!!! Keep the witch hunt going on. Next election you will know who has the power!!!

  24. The RED DRAGON
    February 15, 2017

    Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. Rev.12:12…
    Read the the entire book of Revelation to get a picture of what’s happening. It speaks of the “red dragon”. Here is the picture:
    Red represents the evil labor party of Skerrit. Dragon represents the people and countries he affiliates himself. In recent times you must have seen the symbol of the dragon. In short it is on the west bridge near the Roseau market.
    Verse 12 tells us the reason why the dragon is persecuting us and trying to jail us is because, He (Skerrit) knows his time is near. He will soon be gone, soon out of power

  25. Paul
    February 15, 2017

    We have to push back at Skerrit as he is practicing his dictatorial reign on the country. He send his family away because he knows eventually he has to make a run for the hills.
    I strongly condemn the mass arrest of opposition members. This usually happens in Africa and central America. Now we see it happening before our very eyes.
    Let us all come out to support Sanford and everyone else, because if we allow Skerro to intimidate us , we will have ourselves to blame.

  26. Iamanidiot
    February 15, 2017

    So is only one set that getting arrested for inciting violence? Like when Labour people on their platform they doesnt be talking the SAME mess. Inciting violence is wrong, fine, but you cannot be arresting one set.

  27. CIA Agent
    February 15, 2017

    Call it coincidence or conspiracy theory, that some of the young men arrested during the recent Roseau riot may have attended the Dominica State College where Mr. Sanford teaches. During police interrogations, under duress, someone might have mentioned his name so now he is being questioned.

    Unless all witnesses to the Saint Jean involvement in the alleged kidnapping in La Plaine are brought in for questioning, the reputation of the police continues to be tarnished.

    The truth WILL be told.

  28. February 15, 2017

    They leave you high and dry for Lennox and you still go back in them fellas nonsense boy? Allu doesn’t learn? One by one they coming for allu, and charge or no charge, look at the embarrassment you facing for one man.

  29. The Eel
    February 15, 2017

    Dominica is peaceful and beautiful. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Here is a solution to get rid of Skerrit. UWP organized a march and use labour supporters to ensure that they remain within the boundaries, no police presence. There is no need to break the law, you are given a chance to vote at election time use it. Whether you like the man or not he is employed and was elected by the people wait your turn

  30. Lol
    February 15, 2017

    So you all really think that these guys are being picked up at random???? Lol. Stop being blinded by politics. These guys are being picked up because there is reason to. Those the police have in custody are talking!!! This ‘meeting’ wasn’t planned overnight nor was this whole shebang. This was a plot long time in the making which involved persons at all levels. Your mother never tell you if you don’t want your secret outside don’t tell it even to your best friend because that best friend also has a best friend and so on??

    Well my dears, this is what is going on. Friend tell friend, colleague tell colleague. Right now the people who ere arrested in the riot have no support from the UWP, who have instead distanced themselves from what took place. So those fellas not going down alone!! They talking!!

    • reginalddd
      February 15, 2017

      so then why isnt anyone from the UWP organisers of the protest/ meeting arrested? its a week after the fact. Yes they can ask all the questions they want. until they run out off. But why no arrests? Those n custody have nothing to do with the UWP. a bunch of disgruntle youth who took their frustrations to the streets. thats all.

  31. DomiChina
    February 15, 2017

    Two Political Parties exist in Dominica. There are actually three, but one is sort of dormant. The DLP is the ruling Government, and the UWP is the Opposition Government; and there is the Constitution.
    The subtle podium who is ‘supposed’ to be upholding, administering, scrutinizing and enforcing the terms of Constitution is the President. He is also responsible for taking action when, especially serving members of the two ruling Government Parties either infringe, or otherwise, neglect the terms.
    I read in an article that the President is by virtue of his democratic right, a DLP-ite. If this is true, then that knowledge should never be imparted to the general public. Since this is so, then the nature of the Presidency is compromised and actions will seem to lack transparency, confidentiality and impartiality.
    The actions of the President, bringing sanctions against an offending minister of Government is unheard of. Why? There has not been in a decade and more anything of that…

    • February 15, 2017

      The President was put in office by the PM so you see he cannot any thing to help the people he sold his soul for position and power and a diplomatic passport.

  32. Observing
    February 15, 2017

    I hope when the DLP is out of office, whenever that may be, and so-call ills are happening in the country; that you and other labourites, will not dare protest….because it seems too many labourites that people should not protest against their party wrongs.
    If the intelligence had told the PM, that it was the UWP that cause the disturbance, why aren’t they arrested?
    Why are they just called in for questioning and released? I mean not one of the thrity-something young men arrested said that it was Lennox, Thompson, Standford, et al that paid them to do the damage to the city? Come on folks,…these arrest goes beyond party colours, it is harassment of the political opposition

    • reginalddd
      February 15, 2017

      poor people are fed up. and they see that the uwp not taking the country back by force, so they more than ready to go head to head with the authorities. If that was guadeloupe? all now we would be ..

    • Mahaut
      February 15, 2017

      It is not an arrest if you are not charged with anything. They brought him in for questioning. I think DNO is misleading the public with the headline.

      ADMIN: Did we say he was arrested?

      • You know something is wrong in Dominica, where it pertains to the English language. I was told by a Dominican that English words in Dominica does not mean he same elsewhere!

        To say someone have to be charged with a crime to be under arrest is most stupid thing for one to speak:

        The term arrest simple means, the act of stopping, or the condition of being stopped or inactive. In the true sense of the word it means the taking, or detaining in custody by authority of the law!

        So if the police took him into custody, how can this idiot say to DNO he is not arrested!, because he is not charged. I went into a store bought a vacuum cleaner, paid for it, on my way out a security guard (watchman), ask to see my receipt, I told him to take a hike. The man stopped me outside of the store that means he arrested me. The police was called, I showed them my receipt, I sued the store for false arrest, they settled out of court, they paid me quite a few thousands of dollars!

      • February 15, 2017

        Mahaut go back and read the headline. It said “brought in for questioning” so please stop your nonsense right now.

  33. John D
    February 15, 2017

    It seems that some of us do not take attempted overthrow of a democratically elected government serious as the police does. If it happened in another country all involved would be in prison right now.

    • Stupes
      February 15, 2017

      in that case why haven’t they arrested the Truck and the two speakers which were used?

      What overthrow of government? The nonsense that labourites accept as truth an propagate as facts are alarming. One cannot be so stupid to the point that one allows another man to dictate what their brain thinks!

      • February 15, 2017

        Ask the DLP supporters about the big Tablet scandal which they drank hook line and center. Ask them how many of their children have a functioning tablet also what is it being used for. I remember seeing said supporters jumping up and down with glee when Skerrit made the announcement during the 2014 campaign. Look how long it took before the kids got them most of them stop working soon after they received them. What happened was it just meant to be for the students as a one time thing. These same ignorant people who were jumping up with joy never considered the basic requirements for using a tablet namely availability of WiFi which most of the students did not have access to. DLP PARENTS go ask your para rep about functional tablets for your kids. Go ask the teachers about lesson plans being delivered via tablets. You guys are just Jokers

    • Observing
      February 15, 2017

      John D we understand the concept of an attempted overthrown; what we do not understand is why the gov’t, despite it telling us that it was reliable informed of a coup attempt through its intelligence, is now going on a wild goose chase to prove it.

      If it couldn’t have gotten the evidence it needed from Dr. Thompson, you think it will get it from anyone of the other members of the opposition?

    • Marcus Hill
      February 15, 2017

      My Brother don’t be misled by Skerrit and his foolishness about attempted coup. If you follow international events you will see how people stage coup d’etats.

      It is a big joke to accuse the opposition of staging an attempted coup with an empty truck!!

    • Badbaje
      February 15, 2017

      That would depend on the country where the protest was held. In most democratic countries, when there is such a protest and damage is done by individuals, those individuals are held responsible. The police do not go around arresting or bringing in the leaders or organizers of the protest movement. That is the mark of a true democracy.

    • concern citizen
      February 15, 2017

      John D,
      Will U please tell the world when was the attempted overthrow?
      It would appear that some of us don’t take the attempted murder on the lives of 2 elderly citizens on Christmas morning 2010 at St. Aromant seriously neither does the Police,
      If it happened in another Country the entire cabinet would have to answer questions, Instead the man who was paid to do that job by the names which he mention was paid to remain silence, and the culprit whose name was mention was given complete protection by a barrage of so call Law men. St. Vincent has open their International Airport, D/ca remain like calabash and or Borry

    • The Truth Be Told - Original
      February 15, 2017

      You are correct. The Police appear to be treading very carefully and slowly.
      Lennox would also be charged for not ending his so-called meeting at the arranged time and even when he was told to end it.

  34. papa
    February 15, 2017

    Alas cid I feel sorry for u all pm have u all like margie

  35. Rowrowbaby
    February 15, 2017

    Is Dominica under dictatorship control. Freedom of speech should reign in a democratic country. I listened to Astaphan recently, he sounds like a burro

  36. Saca boy
    February 15, 2017

    Ha !!! ….I wonder for what…..patiently awaiting…

  37. The Eel
    February 15, 2017

    Loot it! Look it! Yes, pretty soon we will have the reasons for the march. Those arrested talked. Mr. LIN SAYING, you all get the certifications, you all get yourselves out of this mess, I am going home to a bowl of soup.Mr.Carbon the magnificent one, more to follow let them loose some sleep, save the best for last. Laws are made by the superiors which the inferiors are bound to obey.

    February 15, 2017

    All the chaos and disturbances going in Dominica now are caused by the UNITED WORKERS PARTY! This PARTY is TROUBLE!

    • February 15, 2017

      You need to stop your buffoonery..Is it UWP who sold and or give our passport to NGLapseng,MONFARED,and the other crooks and criminals?Is it UWP that had Monfared dodging the Iranian authorities atMorne Daniel?

    • Fairness for all
      February 15, 2017

      Looking forward to and waiting for when you grow up from a kid and become a man. You’ll be able to see a bit clearer and beyond the end of your own nose.

    • The Truth Be Told - Original
      February 15, 2017

      We have noted it. We are aware of it. It dd not commence with DLP. We now know for certain which Party is a troublemaker and should never be elected. Dominicans have made note of it.

  39. Doc. Love
    February 15, 2017

    Many Dominicans are asking why is it Mr. Linton has not been arrested. I wish to predict, Mr. Linton will be arrested either carnival Monday or Tuesday. Dominicans love their carnival, therefore, their interest will be on those two days, the reactions we saw when Dr. Sam and Dr. Fontaine might be of a lesser mature.

    • Concerned citizen
      February 15, 2017

      His time will come soon; one at a time. All dogs have there Saturday.

      • Nac Vibes
        February 15, 2017

        And when they are finished with the opposition, your children will be next

      • Merlin
        February 15, 2017

        You’re a moronic sycophant and erudite donkey

    • Saca boy
      February 15, 2017

      I agree…..he needs to be arrested. All the others taking the fall so far …

    • reginalddd
      February 15, 2017

      That would be a big cinema in the town. But i would love to see if dominicans would leave their rum and their fete to go and protest for Lennox during carnival. and if dominincans do take it seriously and decide to revolt on that, is chaos in the town you now. boy that would be excitement. man beating police, police beating man, tourists running for their life, and i just on my big hill watching the city go down in flames. once i have my smokes i dont mind the show.

  40. zandoli
    February 15, 2017

    Is the police fore going to apply the same standards to the DLP when they make incendiary statements? Are they reviewing past speeches of DLP ministers to determine whether they should be brought in for questioning?

    • Fairness for all
      February 15, 2017

      Mammy should be arrested for inciting trouble and whoever it was who called for red to be worn to antagonise.

  41. jihan
    February 15, 2017

    What is going on with Skerrit tageting these guys,Dominica is doomed.

    • De ayes have it
      February 15, 2017

      Skerritt targeting them??? Are you serious?? You UWP people conveniently remember what you all want to and forget the rest eh? Who sent them in Roseau? Who Made them talk about DDAY and another 1979? Who destroyed the 8 or 9 businesses in Roseau eh???? You people make me sick. You will never lead Dominica with that behavior

      • reginalddd
        February 15, 2017

        them man they arrested are from Roseau. why didnt they arrest all those people claudious and thompson et all that night too? or next morning. or send a call for all protest organisers and uwp reps to report to meet with the police next day? this is dumb. no charges will be made. they want to disqualify the top runners for the next elections. good strategy skerro but we see right through that

  42. ...
    February 15, 2017


  43. mary waner
    February 15, 2017

    hmm one by one man..hmm that little country have lai lai eh,dominicans behave allu little self…

  44. dissident
    February 15, 2017

    Dat police force has lost my respect.
    De good police they say Dat in De force have no effect.
    They still following illegal orders.

    Every one has family in de police force.
    De worse thing is to treat honest law abiding citizens like ebemies for politics.
    Skerrit shouldn’t expect more love out of this.
    De police shouldn’t expect more love either.

    Let me see who Daniel carbon will send to pick up people outside the consulate in new York city.

  45. Badbaje
    February 15, 2017

    The question I have is this. Do the police plan to arrest every potential leader with opposing views to those views held by the ruling party? If this man is questioned and released withouth charges then what is this, if not a very strong intimidation effort. As usual, I will wait and see the outcome before further comment.

    • reginalddd
      February 15, 2017

      Why would someone not like this comment? it is a basic question that any citizen labour or freedom or workers should ask. if you cannot question your government then you are just another sheep with no intelligence. another slave waiting for a whip to lash his back. As a free citizen, you have a right to oppose and question your government within the confines of the law of the land.

  46. February 15, 2017

    Dominica is a police state with the PM as the chief, my people look carefully at what is going on in the Island, PM and Police want to wipe out the Opposition , but it can only happen if you as a people allow that to happen. There are so much hate and division among our people we have lost the love we shared for each other, and why, why are we destroying ourselves and Island for one individual .
    Now is Claudas Sanford what has he done he is an educator and that’s why all the students should boycott classes and go down and stand in solitary with him and the UWP supporters .The Police are picking up these persons when no one is around or at their home when they lease expect it.
    PM and the Police free DOMINICA

  47. St. Joe
    February 15, 2017

    First it was Sam, the it was Thompson now it is Sanford. Who is next? My people of Dominica , we have to put a stop to this madness now!! Let us all come together to make sure that this is the last arrest by Skerrit and his hence men in the police force.
    Even if they free up Sanford , we should not go back to our homes until Skerrit leaves office. I demand full response by all Dominicans both here and overseas to help us in Dominica to get these out of office now .

    • Just Passing Through
      February 15, 2017

      I guess whenever Dominicans decide to vote the UWP in as the government, they will dismantle the Police. Because it seems to me the UWP does not want the Police to do their job. So there will be no need for the police under a UWP government because, there will no longer be people causing disturbances in Dominica. What is that really saying anyway?

      Am I suppose to understand that is what the supporters of the UWP are telling us?

    • Punjab
      February 15, 2017

      Hm…who are u again???

  48. LifeandDeath
    February 15, 2017

    Here goes..another sign of the dictatorship in action..Waste of time and money..still the police don’t find it fit to question not one person in the DLP camp over the allegations of corruption coming to the fore..
    All Dominicans should be ashamed of this behavior from the police on orders of the ruling party..NOT GOOD!!

  49. Please help
    February 15, 2017

    Mr Blackmore what’s going through that brain of yours? why do you want to punish people who do not stand your s***? You bread and your family is well buttered so i guess you don’t give a s*** about others. . But God is Good all the time .

  50. YESAH
    February 15, 2017

    And the saga continues. PM why can’t you just accept that you are a failure? You were shamed when you called on your supporters to counter a meeting and only a few people show up and the meeting was very successful. PM you are no more than a sad sad person, wanting to be loved and cannot accept when you are not.
    Now Labourites, be careful, you all will soon be next to be arrested after they can’t pin anything on the opposition. You will be blamed for not standing up for your PM when he demanded. Mark my Words.

    Sad day in Dominica

    • Punjab
      February 15, 2017

      My PM is a GOOOOOOOODDDDDD failure. Yes I.

      February 15, 2017

      No T h a d J. Dominica has always had sad days. It’s just more apparent now, as we have two power hungry sides fighting for office. 6 of one, 1/2 a dozen of the other.

  51. Massacre
    February 15, 2017

    We stand with you Stanford. Skerroit and Carbon will not prevail in their attempts to silence us. These are desperate leadership we have in Dominica.
    Skerritt must go!

  52. no name
    February 15, 2017

    Boy, boy , boy police in D/ca stupid. They just arresting everybody because their king skerritt and his gang ask them to. If they ask them to arrest their mother because she talking against skerritt it looks like they will do it too. All the unsolved murders and disappearance of people that needs to be solved, that is what they should be doing. Instead they there doing all skerritt and his gang dirty work for them. Good luck to all of you.

  53. Nac Vibes
    February 15, 2017

    People of Dominica, if you tolerate this, then your children will be next

  54. Upset
    February 15, 2017

    Dats jus pure . 5:30 allu on somebody door step doin what? Skeritt 99 days for u n 1 day to take yuh dwn

  55. Africa Queen
    February 15, 2017

    What is really happening in Dominica?

  56. Delighted
    February 15, 2017

    Skerrit stop trying to kill carnival. Answer the questions of selling Dominica diplomatic passports to criminals. Answer the questions about where did you get the millions of dollars you used for the past three elections if SKERRIT YOU MUST GO

    • reginalddd
      February 15, 2017

      Kill the damn carnival man. It have more important issues going on in the country than fete and rum. the PM wife have her own carnival band that nobody was joining. i suspect CBI will pay for the sudden influx of registrations soon.

  57. Suzette
    February 15, 2017


    I mean fed-up with that kind of politics in this country.

  58. Suzette
    February 15, 2017


    I mean fed-up that kind of politics in this country. We need to get this country developed, and not bickering
    with each other.

  59. just saying
    February 15, 2017

    When will it stop Skerrit? Trust me u have lost my entire household support.

    • dayandnight vision
      February 15, 2017

      He never had it anyway. Who you think you fooling?

  60. Suzette
    February 15, 2017


    What is wrong with those people, just putting people in police custody. Dominica, was not “willed” to anyone, it is God’s country, I do not understand what is wrong with those * people, when God comes for this little island, I want to see what they would do.
    Fed-up with that king politics in this country.

  61. yardie
    February 15, 2017

    That’s the way to go take them in for questioning knowing dem power hungry UWP gang capable of doing anything

    • reginalddd
      February 15, 2017

      ok. and then what? if you ask me stupid questions , what kind of answers do you think you will get? if i have nothing to do with violence after my protest what charges will be placed on me? none. you already have your culprits who you rounded up that night. charge them and lets move on.

      • The Truth Be Told - Original
        February 15, 2017

        Roseau could have gone up in flames. The main culprits are the UWP leaders. They must be questioned for now anyway. Allow the Police to perform their work.

    • JAH KAL
      February 15, 2017


  62. no name
    February 15, 2017

    Boy what is wrong with those police in D/ca? If they ask all you to arrest all you mother because she not supporting the king skerritt all you will do it? Sort. All the murders and missing people cases that are unsolved in the country why all you don’t go and do some work on that instead.

  63. February 15, 2017

    This level of political persecution must be made know throughout the Caribbean,the CommonweIth and the world.In the meantime the patriots must continue to condemn vehemently,those who have transformed Dominica into a PASSPORT PRODUCTION FACTORY,selling our passport to all sorts of crooks and criminsls.,…THE PATRIOTS WILL NOT BE MUZZLED!

  64. RAS B
    February 15, 2017

    Dr Skerritt, please advise your minister Raymond Blackburn that attempts at intimidation of the opposition with police arrest is clearly not acceptable practice in our democratic society. This behaviour can not be condoned and must be seen for what it is. I encourage you to desist from this behaviour or your demise as the government of Dominica may be swifter than you can imagine.

  65. AA
    February 15, 2017

    The police and the skeritt administration are dumb , plain and simple. That is why the police will not get the support of the public and the government is failing. They think that they have power but with power comes responsibility and these idiots are not being responsible with their actions.

  66. Please help
    February 15, 2017

    Hmm . I think Skerrit you looking for something i hope when you get it you will not run and hide. I think you are over doing it now. You trying your best to give these guys criminal records so they won’t be a threat to you come election day . But think again Dominicans are fed up so they will show you. I am am starting to feel like i need to build an underground bunker. Can you imagine that after living my entire life in my country without any fear of a government ? now it seems that we are heading there . A government is supposed to make their citizens feel safe and happy but you are doing the totally opposite. Sick Man you are .. Look for it hope you can take it. You are made of flesh and blood remember that . God is not sleeping never.

  67. Blackstar
    February 15, 2017

    What did he do

  68. jerry sinclair
    February 15, 2017

    These spurious arrests show such a measure of desperation on the part of the DLP it is becoming just a little farcical in fact I liken to to a Tom Mix farce, They are in a hole one which by such actions clearly demonstrate what can only be seen as blind panic,

    From what I have read and heard about Mr Sanford in no way can he be described as a threat to anyone

  69. ?
    February 15, 2017

    This country is a joke

  70. bee
    February 15, 2017

    And the witch hunt continues…..

  71. Long lost Dominica
    February 15, 2017

    Here we go again, the Devil () is busy, still making a mockery of Dominica police and trying to take out the spot light on himself, my message to Mr.PM 99 days for your police one day for the lord…

  72. beautiful lady
    February 15, 2017

    They will have to take everyone who was at the demonstration into custody

    • Woi
      February 15, 2017

      Just wait and you will see. If you were part of it, then your turn will soon come

  73. Unemployed Youth
    February 15, 2017

    One more nail for Skerrit’s COFFIN!

  74. Jackass
    February 15, 2017

    Wtf a joke now man

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