Child abuse rising in Dominica – Welfare Division

Child abuse cases in Dominica do not appear to be shrinking, as the Welfare Division on Tuesday reported 27 cases for February 2011 alone.

Jemma Azille, charged with coordinating child abuse prevention at the Welfare Division, told a DBS Radio program that most of the cases of child abuse reported last month are sex-related.

This comes after the Division announced at the end of 2010 that cases of child sex abuse topped the forms of abuse against children in that year.

According to Azille there is a serious problem of child abuse in Dominica and the country must rally together to stop it.

“We have children right now in the month of February as young as five with sexual abuse, five years, both boy and girl. So hearing this, I would say we have a serious problem,” Azille stressed.

A child abuse week was set aside in January to draw more attention to the child abuse problem in Dominica.

Martin Anthony, chief welfare officer, said his division is doing its best to carry out intense public awareness on the issue at the school level among other areas.

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  1. June 14, 2014

    God bless your mum for pursuing this matter!

    She must not stop until justice is done. It is time to make a noise and more noise, until this is dealt with. Go to the police with a clip board and pen in your hands. Ask the right questions. You want to know…

    Whose desk did the case land on, and who is responsible for the investigation?

    Why has it not gone to trail?

    Go to your local newspaper. Don’t waste time at the front desk. Ask to see the editor. If they ask what its about tell them its a criminal matter and that is all you are at liberty to say. Tell all you know to the editor and let him know the police are refusing to move on it. Ask if he will assign a reporter to the case and get it out in the open.

    This situation is one more proof that homosexuals are not born that way. Like so many homosexuals this little boy was perverted by being molested by an older man (his father) who in his case was obviously bi or perhaps on the down

    Tell the editor you would like a time line because if he is not on the case immediately you will be forced to turn the info you have over the various organizations involved in sexual child abuse.

    This madness will continue until you the citizens, you the tax payers, you the voters, say enough is enough.

    Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill, D.D., International Evangelist

    Former licensed Private Investigator under the Government of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

  2. March 6, 2012

    i think that all chidren dat r being abuse should stand 4 der own rits an be it 2 higher authority which will help dem come out in da situation dat day r in . i no dat it is hard 2 go and speak on da ones dat r doin u bad trust me i no because i am a peer councellor an i have since happen before so i think besides da fact dat it is hard 2 do it but u should be brave an stand 4 ur own rits an respect . everyone deserves der own respect an pride thank u

  3. Nick Loblack
    June 21, 2011

    Hi I am a British born guy whose roots are back in Dominica. I have some free time at the beginning of teh year and wanted to offer it to a worth while childrens charity in Dominica.
    If anyone has any advice or support please contact me at
    I will study to be a social work late next year and before I begin my course I want to give something back to thh birth place of my grandparents and the children who could use my support.

    Thank you

  4. Klaron
    March 5, 2011

    It is very sad indeed that child sexual abuse continuing to be on the rise in DA. Surely the welfare of children should always continue to be supported by the government. So that some serious proactive measure can be in place for all parties involves in this matter. For example, experience practitioners in the field of child abuse, help and support for families, child/children, friends, husband, wife, partners, boyfriends, relatives and also the wider community like the church, schools etc because child abuse is everybody’s business, as the children of today are the future of tomorrow. An increase in abuse of children also can have a great negative impact on the economics in Dominica, if the problem continues to escalate.

    Please! we need urgently to take this really seriously by working together to safeguard our children future in Dominica. We as Dominicans need to ask ourselves questions, investigate and seek answers behind what is happening to our children (sweet little angels of God) and suggest or come up with some solutions to reduce child abuse and neglect to our children, all together put a stop to it.

    Everyone’s welfare need to be taken care off and this has to start with the government supporting people and the organisations, as the government is trying to do its best, but needs more support. maybe by also raising funds elsewhere to support the welfare division, to enable the service to offer more support to children and families in this vulnerable position.

    I disagree with some written comments made about, there should not be a welfare office and its a waste of tax payers money in salaries. I do think the welfare office/ division service is good to have but it needs to campaign and request, loudly in respect to the government, stating what more is needed to undertake very sensitive work procedures. In other to promote an effective outcome towards attitudes and perceptions of our person’s. In regard to the above matter and welfare support. Also parents should have the biggest role to play in the child safety and welfare, unless they themselves are unable to do so and need support by welfare?

  5. responsible
    March 4, 2011

    please do random visits to the homes of unemployed single mothers.You may be alarmed at what you may see.

    • tetemorne i from...
      March 5, 2011

      You know somethingg man? Wht then don’t you go to the police instead of coming on here speaking in parables?????? Soem of allu eh, I would just stone…

    • April 8, 2015

      Same as in Canada!

      You would see a “live-in boyfriend”, or men coming and going at the back door..

      These are women who are hurting because they have been betrayed or jilted. Their loneliness and resentment drives them into unhealthy relationships. The men they open their homes to in order to meet their own needs place their children at risk.

      They should realize these are not good men. If they were men with principles and morals they would not be in their homes. Sadly, these women draw to them men like themselves – fornicators like the men who fathered their children – and then moved on.

      A single mother’s child is never in greater danger than when she brings one of these “boyfriends” into her home.

      But there is an answer.

      If she will believe in the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:16) and receive HIM as her Savior (Revelation 3:20) He will forgive her sins and give her a whole new lifestyle according to Ephesians 5:1-8.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist.

  6. jahlove
    March 2, 2011

    They should jail those lazy Dominica mother who allow men to abuse their children to pay their bill. Parents should be protected by those who choose to put them on this earth. Dominica children have no voice the government doesn’t invest in the future and the well being of it young people. Child making child no question is ask on who is the father when they show up in our health center . As Dominican what are our values? What future we want for our country? The children of Dominica are the future of our country they have nothing to stand on. For those who cannot make it to college or high school. What is their for them? Nothing
    The government should invest in educating under privilege kids in learning skills such as sewing; construction; electrical installation; physical therapist; home health aide to care of our elderly extra………………………. with all the money that the Dominica labor party is receiving from foreign country it should invest in Dominica young people.


  7. Jaime Lewis
    March 2, 2011

    The statistics presented by the Welfare Officer are very alarming, particulary the cases of child sexual abuse. I think it is fair to ask what is the response not only of the Welfare Department, but what is the response of the church, of the community, of schools, of non governmental organizations? There is a need for community awareness of child abuse prevention in addition to a strengthening of the laws on the books.
    Of course, we are aware that there are limited resources, but what about reaching out to people in the Diaspora? is funding needed? training? the development of systems to address the problem? We need to hear from the Welfare Department what is needed to arrest this problem.

    Finally, it is important to ask, what role does poverty play in these cases? In many cases, if mothers cannot afford to feed and clothe their children, they will turn a blind eye to the abuse. Is there sufficient help for those who are in need?

  8. wow
    March 2, 2011

    i will remind yu guys. lets not forget the beatings we get. it is abuse. please put an end this. charge the parents. flog them with electiric wires guava whips and leather belts. punch them in their back and head and lets see how much they would likel it.

  9. :twisted:
    March 2, 2011

    It always rising.. well DO SOMETHING to bring it down nuh!!!!!

  10. Child advocate in Houston
    March 2, 2011

    Back in my days in Dominica welfare was doing alright because there were people who were qualified and able to handle these cases eg( Alice Theophile) although she was not a welfare officer but a psychologist, she did a great JOB. She did a great job with ME and I turned out good after a series of abuse.
    There was Anne Burton and many others, but now I understand that people who knows absolutely nothing about children, their wellbeing what they are going through at their homes. These folks need to crack down on families especially the mothers who condone that behaviors from their husbands, their boyfriends, neighbours, they need to be jailed as well. Parents MUST talk to their kids and have open conversation with them. Leaving their kids home and say the neighbours are around, that is not working anymore. People cannot be trusted. I am so disgusted with even babies getting abused. URGGGG

  11. Boyz2men
    March 2, 2011

    Ok now, no more jokes. Behanzin for “Chief Welfare Officer”

  12. Boyz2men
    March 2, 2011

    You mention the children as young as five years old. Although you didnot mention it but it have to be the Parents abusing these children. Their own flesh and blood. Lord have mercy.

  13. Long Arms of the law
    March 2, 2011

    We hear of so many cases but how many arrest and convictions do we hear of???….. I mean if there was 27 cases in February only, I should also be reading of 30 or so arrests for child abuse during the month of February. But am pretty sure the abuser are left to roam the street and prey on somebody else child.

    I heard of an incident which took place last week, where the rapist is still roaming the streets because the police said he is under age of they had to release him, yet he took the innocence of some little child….smh….only in Dominica

    • Tryphena
      March 11, 2011

      Too many ‘TECHNICALITIES’! Its so crazy that some of the Welfare officers would pick sides in a situation! The police officers have a certain area to deal with when these issues have reached welfare. I find that to be disturbing. This is hurting the country and the children walk in the island like ghosts and have side effects of these abuses then people complain of their behaviours

  14. Ageorge
    March 2, 2011

    Efforts should be made to teach parents or caregivers how to recognize sexual child abuse. Most times it’s starts very subtly – like friendly touching which manifest itlself into abuse–

  15. mouth of the south
    March 2, 2011

    as long as parents especially mothers will have the final say whether to take justice against the perpetrators then we’ll always have this problem,,, when a man can simply pay off a malaway mother then he’ll have no fear,,, the authorities then come n say ‘oh the parents drop the case or don’t want to continue’,,,, our laws need to be adjusted where the state would have the final say on such cases,,, so even if the parents want to drop the case,,, then that won’t prevent the perpetrators from getting due punishment

    • April 8, 2015

      Mouth of the South:

      I totally agree with you.

      One of the biggest problems is the fact that the charges are sometimes dropped.

      The laws need to be reviewed. It should be legally impossible to drop a charge of sexual child abuse once it is laid unless the alleged victim changes his or her story. But even then the police should talk to the “victim” and be the ones to make the decision.

      There should be a law that requires anybody knowing of a case of sexual child abuse to report it to the police immediately OR suffer severe consequences. Do not confront the offender. This is a police matter. Let them do the investigating. Don’t let anybody talk you out of reporting the allegation. The police should be he first ones you talk to. If they will not listen to you then you go back with a newspaper reporter who has a clipboard and pen in his (or her) hands and let the police know the media is all over the case.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. International Evangelist.

  16. mama
    March 2, 2011

    What do u guys do, huh, tell me??? I remember once i was on the streets with a 2 months old baby and when i went to welfare they told me to go to grotto. Do u think that Grotto was a suitable place to raise an infant? Even if i went there i would be on my own, no income not even from welfare themselves and they’re talking about abuse. What do you all know about abuse. You only act when its in the police hands. I think that welfare should be visiting peoples homes to check up on the well being of children. Give them some kind of monthly package. They should start somewhere. So i guess mothers won’t have to go out shopping for men to help them with their kids and then these men start sexually abusing those kids. Welfare you need to step up or step down. I live next side a neighbor who leaves her kids hungry, unclothed for days. I’ve called the welfare division and nothing was done about it. They told me that they need someone else to complain about the matter so that they could act! Shame! Shame! shame! What if i’m the only one who cares and the only one who sees. I guess they are waiting for a death in the family to retaliate. come on Welfare, you are no match to be welfare here in Dominica, probably somewhere else but not HERE! perioD!

    • Fed Up
      March 2, 2011

      I agree with u 100%. Its about time our welfare division gets there act together. Don”t have the man power???????????? recruit and train individuals and send them out to the homes.. We need these things in Dominica. My mum is a Qualified teacher with a Bachelors in Education and psychology and there is a 7 yr old in her class and he tries to touch other little boys and he pees on himself all the time. How would a 7 yr old know to touch a 4yr penis. After some investigation by my mother and the school it was found out that the child’s father has been abusing him. The welfare division was contacted and to this day nothing has been done nor has the home been visited… I am sick to my stomach with this nonsense!!!!!!!!!!

      • Muslim_Always
        March 2, 2011

        Welfare is simply wasting tax payers’ money, pure and simple.

      • Madamtousad.UK
        March 3, 2011

        We need better officers at the welfare division. These ppl do nothing. I have been there where i needed help with my baby and they did NOTHING!!! I will never forget that day. Right now i’ve survived it all on my own, my daughter is 3 yrs now, healthy, strong and well taken care of by me. Let a welfare office come in front my door in there a** and they will see. These ppl are wasting ppls time and money for real.

      • April 8, 2015

        What we have here are people in authority who KNOW a grave injustice is being done to a child (or children) and are doing nothing.

        This is an open invitation for somebody to literally take things in their own hands and render a dose of home spun justice.

        Sorry! It leaves me shaking my head and asking myself “What is wrong with those people that somebody can get away with that? This insanity will continue until the citizens, the tax payers, the voters, say “Enough is enough”, draw a line in the sand, and bring an end to it.

        Gentle DNO reader while you are cringing remember your child or grandchild may be next.

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill, D.D. International Evangelist.

        Executive Director of Living Hope Ministries.

    • December 1, 2015

      When I was reviewing this page today I found this very sad comment.

      Several things stand out.

      This woman was on the street with a two month old baby. Where was the father :?: This is the result of another problem that is out of control namely fornication or pre-marital sex. The God given moral code has been disregarded. Is nobody teaching the present generation that this is a sin and a social evil :?:

      When all else fails it may be necessary for government to pass a law that enables justice to punish the men who leave women in this mess. The cause must be attacked! Sex belongs in marriage where there are legal safeguards to protect women from facing motherhood alone.

      How can a mother leave a child uncared for – hungry and unclothed – for days and Welfare does not move in :?: Forgive me for saying this but in my country Children’s Aid (CA) would have swooped in and taken the child. The mother would be facing the court.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist.

  17. jewel
    March 2, 2011

    so long we hearing of child abuse..our children’s future is being messed up from these molesting beast. do what needs to be done…castrate them..hmp…it is time to do something..those men they let their selfish feeling take over them they should control their feelings. seek God. i am so upset of thhis poor our children..cannot trust even their fathers:( the law must change now and our children.

  18. real
    March 2, 2011

    it takes alot of guts to interfare with a child i don’t like men that go after little girls

  19. sewo jay
    March 2, 2011

    welfare in dominica dont care a jack sh^&t about kids in Dominica. Its best we didnt even have a welfare office here!

  20. worried dominican
    March 2, 2011

    shame in our country,these bastards should be shot or hanged,but guess what the get bail and continue to destrouy our children,lets start with blaming the government.

  21. Muslim_Always
    March 2, 2011

    This is what I call barbaric. Shame on any Dominican who abuses his or her child. Pure ignorance!

    Parents have a responsibility to raise their child well from the cradle to adulthood. There is no need to shout, cause physical harm to the child. This old notion ‘spear the rod and spoil the child’ has to be reviewed.

    In islam we believe that beating children causes their hearts to get hard. When our children do something good we have to reward them with smiles, kisses and expressions of satisfaction and love. When they do something wrong we as parents must express in a firm tone the disapproval, admonish the child with wisdom and justice. There is no need for parents to ‘pass their stress’ on the child!

    • Tryphena
      March 11, 2011


      • Anonymous
        January 27, 2012

        dats write some parents to foolish……your child that suffering :-x :-x

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