Dominica moves closer to CCJ

Dominica is to write to the British government in January asking for permission to sever ties with the Privy Council.

This, as the island moves towards recognizing the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as its final court.

“This month January 2013, God willing, we shall write formally to the British Government indicating to them our intention of severing ties with the Privy Council and seeking agreement on that,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said on state-owned DBS Radio. “Certainly in 2013 Dominica will be moving very speedily to recognize the CCJ as our final court.”

The prime minister said he believes the CCJ is a ‘very serious’ and cheaper court. “It will make it much cheaper for the average citizen to get redress from the CCJ because going to the Privy Council can be expensive to many and the expense has been a detterent,” he noted.

He said Dominica has been paying for the operation of the CCJ through a loan taken by CARICOM from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

This is not the first time the island’s leaders have made known their opinions concerning the CCJ. During the throne speech to mark the beginning of the new parliamentary term in 2012, then president  Nicholas Liverpool made an passionate plea for Dominica and the rest of the OECS to recognize the CCJ.

“It is my hope that this Honourable House will see its way clearly to complete the legislative work required and take the proper steps to ensure that the court functions…with respect to matters from Dominica,” he said.

He noted that the sub-region would be presented with a “very untimely state of affairs if all the independent countries of the OECS do not accede to the appellate jurisdiction of the court as a group”.

“We may hardly remind ourselves that this country is a part of one court system, a Supreme Court consisting of a Court of Appeal headquartered in St. Lucia, and High Court situated in all of the territories,” Liverpool argued. “It would be most undesirable therefore to have some states in this unified court system taking their appeals to the Privy Council while others accede to the jurisdiction of the CCJ.”

DNO’s efforts to contact the Dominica Bar Association for a comment on the prime minister’s announcement, have so far been unsuccessful.

The CCJ was established in 2001 to replace the London-based Privy Council, and also serves as an international Tribunal interpreting the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas that governs the regional integration movement.

While most of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries have joined the CCJ in its original jurisdiction, only Barbados, Guyana and Belize are signatories to the appellate jurisdiction.

The Judicial Committee of The Privy Council (JCPC) is the court of final appeal for UK overseas territories and Crown dependencies, and for those Commonwealth countries that have retained the appeal to the Queen in Council or, in the case of Republics, to the Judicial Committee.

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  1. justice?
    January 3, 2013

    Would those Lawyers, (Magistrates, judges), SC’s, who have put a spoke in the wheels of Electoral Reform in Dominica, for example, one day be on that CCJ? Blocking the Electoral Commission in its bid to ensure Free and Fair elections, those lawyers and their ilk resist Voter ID cards and cleaning up of the “dirty” Voters’ List?

    Would those lawyers, like in Dominica, who is preventing the IPO from investigating (questioning)the PM about corrupt practices, find their way on that CCJ?

    What about those Lawyers, like in Dominica, who fought hard to prevent the PM from incriminating himself in the dual citizenship case?

    What about the foreign lawyer, who prevented the exhibits (French passports) from being shown in court and then used her Tong to spread untruths of no evidence? She fraid PM caught telling lies if questioned in court? Imagine that lawyer on CCJ?

    What about the lawyer, like in Dominica, charged with 42 counts of fraud, and other alledged corrupt practices? Which lawyers in the judicial system interested in that case even starting? Justice delayed is justice denied.

    What about lawyers in Dominica and their persistent role in stalling the heinous firebombing, attempted murder of two senior citizens, GON Emanuel and his wife?

    What about the defrauding of the Treasury of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for land transfer fees? Is those kind of lawyers PM would want on that CCJ?

    How the “Elite, Nouveau Riche Class” would laugh at the people. Justice? Forget it. It is all about defence, protection for the Big Boys, for those people, who know people, who know people.

    The other lawyer, who would recluse himself after two years in that abominable case. On CCJ too?

    So no views from the people which that move would affect? Well, you’re already bought stupidity Mr. PM.

    Those are the fears, not the organisation CCJ, but the Lawyers who would be assigned to CCJ. Good morals, ethics, honesty, fairness, justice have been thrown out of the window. Money, assets, political influence talk. Nothing else.

  2. Morihei Ueshiba
    January 3, 2013

    Wow! No more impartial privy council who rules on law not political affiliation & bias, well we finished in Dominica. Our entire cabinet will be 1/2 french men, just wait :mrgreen:

  3. St.john Mingo
    January 3, 2013

    my people if we remove all ties with london the time will come when we will have to negotiate with them on certain matters and all we will get is a slap in the face.this is a big decision so I will stay away from this one

  4. Prophet2
    January 3, 2013

    The rest of the OECS has the Queen as Head of State, so I think it would be easier for Dominica, and I think it’s different.

  5. January 2, 2013

    I believe it would be a mistake to severe any legal ties, or connection to the Privy Council in London!

    Dealing with the CCJ in Trinidad will result the same as dealing with the judicial system in Dominica. As it is right now in Dominica we find plenty of baseless, false findings, and bad decisions. The judges in many cases are of West Indian origin, and maintains the same mentality as every Dominican born?

    Have you ever hear the term ” all awe are one!”

    Well that was coined in no other place but good old Trinidad!

    There is an old saying ” they are all six are one half a dozen are the other.” I have no confidence in the court in Trinidad, the same way I do not have any confidence in the Dominica judicial system.

    Most rulings and decisions rendered in the judicial system throughout the Caribbean ( the court system that is); are handed down based not on any point of law or precedence. Most of the time they base their findings on favoritism; they render judgments in the favor of the attorneys they like!

    Therefore the victim in most matters never gets any justice.

    In London, the name of the opposing attorney, and their client matters not to the Lord Justices; what matters is finding the root of the matter; (right and wrong) based on the evidence presented; alternatively justice is served, and peoples rights are preserved, and not trampled upon!

    The Privy Council in London is the final hope for the unfortunate poor Dominicans who are abused, and who’s rights are trampled upon by our judicial system; by judges and corrupted lawyers who fixed the outcome of cases; sometimes simply allowing cases to lay dormant forever and never come to trial.

    In most cases it starts within the police department, where people guilty as sin are arrested, released, and the matter lingers, and disappears into oblivion.

    In any event we will not get any argument from the British, they will be happy to cut us lose the same as how they forced independence on us and the rest of the entire Caribbean region, they will dump us like a bag of garbage without taking time to see if there is anything been thrown away by mistake in the garbage.

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

    • antedote for fools
      January 3, 2013

      Colonial minds still exist after colonialism died. bury the beast please.

  6. out of south city
    January 2, 2013

    @ Caribbean Queen,
    Do you realise that the African was the first man and woman in civilisation and that all other races came from Africans? People, this is 2013; we need to stop living in a box and having a boxed mentality. Because of African slaves, we are in Dominica and that means we are Africans and not Europeans.
    According to Brother Marcus Garvey, “a people without the knowledge of their history and culture is like a tree without roots, and is dead.”
    We, as African people have to direct our affairs, and not these Europeans that we have looked up to for years. We need to get together and support each other and also respect each other.
    Most of all, we need to accept the fact that we are of one race, and that’s the African or Alkebulanian. Our history goes way back to the pyramids in Egypt. We need to arm ourselves by reading, researching and having an open mind as to who we really are as a people. We are ashamed to identify with Africa because we have been told so many lies about Africa.
    It is time to awake out of sleep.

    • carib queen
      January 3, 2013

      us caribs where here long before de slaves came, we where here when columbus was here, its just the europeans that brought africans to this part of the world, you all got caught we caribs fought and keep our island.
      and if you love africa so much way you not get up and go make ya life der, i bet ya be shot in a matter of taking 5 steps from de airport.
      africa violent more violent than the CARIBbean will ever be.
      I would like to be just DOMINICAN, not beholden to any one else but our caribbean laws, so out of the south go to whitchurch book ya ticket to africa and send us a post card when you in ya mother land, cos i will be here with my fellow Caribbean/Dominicans

      • January 5, 2013

        When people are uneducated, and dumb they talk rubbish as you have done here: If you spent one day in a high school introductory class in biology, you would have written t the nonsense you wrote here.

        For your information only; life created by God began in Namibia!

        In case you do not know where that is, be informed it is in a place in Africa still in existence today. So you need to know that every ethnic group of people: White, Indians Carib Indians Chines and the rest owes their very life to the Black Man Adam, and the Black Woman Eve.

        Black people were created first, out of you came, not that it matters, it makes no difference.

        You talk about Columbus, left to him alone you would not be born, because he gave blankets contaminated with chicken pox to your tribe deliberately to exterminate your people from the face of the earth.

        I am offended by your comments, okay, because I have relatives who are Carib Indian born, Sentive, and Ivy Almond were black, born and lived on the Carib Reservation prior to moving to Wesley.

        What about the former Black Carib Chief of less than ten years ago, a former teacher, I do not remember his first name, however his surname is Williams, his late father Williams also a former school principal was of Carib decent.

        You need to be careful with the comments you make, and stop discriminating against black people because without us there would be no you!

        I have seen Caribs suffer insults and treated less than human you see all because of stupidity; and prejudice, rather than making a fool of yourself you better concentrate on educating your mind!

        Who the hell cares who came first to Dominica!

        You came first what about the Arawaks who were there long before the Carib’s, which the Carib’s over powered and murdered, slaughtered as animals.

        If you were in Dominica first how come you find yourself cast away on a reservation?

        You want some history; you need to shut up!

        Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

    • 1979
      January 3, 2013

      smfh…..jesus christ, help black people.

  7. jlowa
    January 2, 2013

    i learn that once you have life there a chance you will be able to over come the man just make his plan and put it on table and tell us we have to eat it can you believe that what about WE THE PEOPLE dont we have say to

    • 1979
      January 3, 2013

      apparently we do not!

  8. Corrupt_Bastards
    January 2, 2013

    NO CCJ NO CCJ NO CCJ, We need to take a stand. NO CCY MISTER TOO CORRUPT! :wink:

  9. Realist
    January 2, 2013

    DNO could you please conduct a poll to find out the readers take on CCJ vs PRIVY council?

    ADMIN: We did a poll already. Run a search.

    • Anonymous
      January 3, 2013

      Did you censor those results as well? Can’t trust you at all. You are creating your competition.

  10. law and Order
    January 2, 2013

    Do u all seriously believe that justice in English courts is better for black people in England than it would be in the caribbean. It is up to caribbean people to develope their own impartial system of justice, stop being colonial in mind when the olonial poweres are saying let go and go on all u bizness. We arecaribbean people, not European or Arican but Caribbean we need to develope our own laws to be ruled by.

    • 1979
      January 3, 2013

      yes we seriously believe that a black man can just as easily be a SLAVE DRIVER as a white man….

      it wasn’t the white man who went into the bushes of africa to capture black men….. IT WAS BLACK MEN WHO CAPTURED AND SOLD THEIR OWN BLACK PEOPLE>>>

      the worst thing is a black hypocrite slave master.

      • 1979
        January 3, 2013

        even on the plantation, is other black DONKEYS that would SELLOUT plans of revolution…..sackwey sot!!

        WHO you people think you FOOOOOOOOLing in 2013????????

  11. redder
    January 2, 2013

    congrats PM. we have won the case..

  12. January 2, 2013

    I am totaly convinced that the timing of Skerrit’s statements about the Privy Council CCJ matter were designed to put Dominicans off track. Over the weekend, a popular journalist exposed a story that millions of dollars which were alledged to have been paid to a crab catcher by a lawyer which is alledged to have some connections with the famous Villas at Savanne Paix, also had a Skerrit connection. Skerrit’s name was blasted by two different talk show host and one would expect first thing on Monday, a statement would have been made denying those damaging allegations,but instead he chose to make a statement about CCJ and Privy Council. We must not forget how quickly Matt was brought before the courts when the statement,”million dollar asset five thousand dollar salary,” appeared on his newspaper. In my opinion, what Dominicans heard on Q95 radio over the weekend, was by far more damaging.Therefore,if I was in Skerrit’s place I would be more concerned about clearing my name of those allegatons then the Privy Council CCJ matter.This is a huge one.

  13. Anonymous
    January 2, 2013

    some people are saying if the Privy council is no longer the final court of justice we will be more independent.The question I want to ask is any nation fully independent? All nations depend on each other to progress!
    I would prefer the privy council to make a ruling on me where I am not personally known than relying on the CCJ who will have members who know somebody than know somebody!if you understand!

  14. Reds
    January 2, 2013

    It is about time Dominica shows its true independence as a republic with a President as head of state and not a governor representing the Queen.

    By the time Dominica celebrates its 35th anniversary of Independence we would have a number of things to give thanks for: a state college, a stadium, a president palace, a financial centre, an IPO, discontinued support for Japanese whaling, a Dominican heading Caricom, a Dominican heading PAHO , a Dominican as a judge on the OECS Court of Appeal, a number of university qualified students from the Carib Reserve, construction of a medium size geothermal electric plant, completion of the Pond Case to Melville Hall Road that would join the already completed road works of the west coast road from Portsmouth to Roseau and all other completed roads by then.

    We would also be taking stock of our national lapses: no international airport, no reduction in electoral constituencies due to lower population size and economic challenges to service a big civil service as a result of the number of elected persons holding office, an integrated national radio, TV and internet media outlet, a national fingerprinting database, and all the other lapses we as a people have tolerated.

  15. love spell
    January 2, 2013

    whether people for or against the CCJ< Skerrit will never listen to people. He runs that country on his own. so stop the hating on one another on DNO. what Skerrit say, he does. who care about all you. Let the ma run the country and leave the rest to God. No one is mightier than God.

  16. stehen
    January 2, 2013

    Dominica if you were to say yes to the CC J you will be volunteering
    giving those corrupt lawyers in DOMINICA a tambrine whip to lash us ia D/A

  17. White Plains Rd
    January 2, 2013

    Hmm, CCJ Maybe in the next 50 Years or so but right Now Dominica and Dominican have not shown that Level Of being Straight….

    The Privy Council will always be impartial as they Base cases on Merit…and Look for the Truth-Discovery!..

    Look at the Dual Citizenship Case, if it was in a White Man’s Country or island they would have Discovery to gain the Truth as no one is above the Law, but Black have shown and will continue to be Weak it’s not their norm to show straight on Issues, small society is most times underdeveloped Due to i am afraid of calling a spade a spade Based on whom i am who it will affect etc..

    The Court in the Caribbean have not yet Demonstrated a Highly level of Competence to the Local man on the street…

    The Court in the Caribbean is a Boy’s Club Drinking Whiskey ripping off the resources of the Poor, holding back cases etc…

    So that’s the issue..

    Right now Dominica is geared for EU, UN and Other Agencies to show the Dominican state agencies how Not to be weak towards folks who run for office Or Who are in office…


  18. CHARLES rv
    January 2, 2013

    DONT YOU KNOW THAT there was a distinguished Dominica born jurist who sat on the Privy Council ? Do you know that the majority of appeal from the OECS to the Privy Council have proven that our OECS Supreme Court is doing a magnificent job AND IS EVEN CONSIDERED TO BE AMONGST THE BEST IN THE COMMONWEALTH CARIBBEAN?
    Do you know that many Dominicans have served and are serving with great distinction on courts withing the region and beyond ? Have you heard about former privy Councl justice Hon Philip Telford Georges born in Dominica ? Have you take time off and look at the CV of Dr NJO Liverpool a former Appeal Court Jurist in several Caribbean Jurisdictions ? Have you heard about reitred and deceased Dominican jurist of Appeal Albert Matthews of Dominica ? Have you taken time to read or are you aware of the great depth of intellectual/scholarly work of current Supreme Court Justice Of Appeal Dominican Hon Davidson K Baptiste ( go on the page and read his brilliant judgments so many of which have been accepted by the Oecs supreme court and slo the Privy Council )? Are you aware of the late Cecil Rawle ? Are you ware of the late F O C Harris ? Have you heard of the deceased Jenner Armour ? I need not speak of the known exploits of senior counsel Anthony Astaphans who genius is sort by so many governments/institutions/opposition and indiviuals in the region ?
    Do you know that the current Chief Justice of the CCJ Hon Justice Byron was the President of the International Court Of Justice ? Do you know of his link with the British Privy Council ? Do you know that the structure of the CCJ is most unique and most Independent from any other in the world? Do you know that the British Privy Council has echoed calls for we in the caribbean to have our own Final Court of Appeal ? Do you know that Caribbean Jurispridence is very highly respected throughout legal corridors the world over ? Do you know that politucal carobatism is hindersing regional integration which our people are bawling for for generations. How can we assert our true independence as Black people by still adhearing to the Privy Council as our final appellate court ?

    Blue Red Green Yellow Black White Brown all colors lets move on with our courts we dar more dounce den ? Our legal brains can be used to serve humanity and yet it cannot be used for us to develop ourselves ?????





    I CONCUR !!!

    • 1979
      January 3, 2013

      lets end the hypocrisy indeed, WITH YOU FIRST!

      January 6, 2013

      Generally I Concur.

      Roseau valley

  19. Rocky Hills
    January 2, 2013

    Not a bad idea, but sadly in Dominica the Majority Of citizens are not keen on discuss aspects..

    So basically the lack of maturity and above board Concept will hurt the CCJ..

    Society still has that like and dislike aspect Based On how they view a individual..

    They not a issue or message type Society…
    My view they need more education from a school Point of view so,folks come out of a learning Institution more abreast with making a independant Call rather than being clouded by a Personality Outlook…

    The Dominican Society could do much better by Being Tougher on issues,but i think slavery did Them a blow that is totally and can’t be reverse From calling their brother man up when it’s Wrong!

    So a small minded nation like Dominica and some The region where National Agencies of the state CANNOT BE INDEPENDANT…

    HAHA,looks… a example of Not Being above board and can be charmed by so call Legal minds affiliated to the Most Corrupted Regime in Dominica’s History Labour!!

  20. Cant't Find a Job
    January 2, 2013

    Breaking New: it is alleged that The UWP and its Q95/ MAtt in the Morning callers are going to sue the CCJ.

    • Malgraysa
      January 3, 2013

      Pathetic! No wonder you can’t find a job.

  21. %
    January 2, 2013

    A call from Skerrit himself, is cause for genuine Dominicans to cringe, and ask God for mercy.

    • .............
      January 2, 2013

      I like that one. Boy dishonesty is one hell of a thing.

    • Anonymous
      January 2, 2013

      What happen nuh? Only Labourites on DNO today?

      Million thumbs up, %!!!!!!!

  22. Lamowiiii
    January 2, 2013

    DNO what is th e meaning of CCJ is it
    Caribbean Corrupt judiciary
    Corrupt Caribbean judges
    Caribbean Cacayot Justice
    Caribbean Caybwoshhh Justice
    Caribbean Coolpipe Justice
    Cacarat Caribbean Justice
    Caribbean Cochoni judges
    Caribbean Colorblind Judges
    Caribbean calot justice
    Careless Caribbean Justice
    Caribbean Citibank judges – I reserve the right to spell as I please.

    • antedote for fools
      January 2, 2013

      Dat is real dotishness as expected from a lamowi. There should be an IQ test for people wanting to post on this forum.

      January 2, 2013

      I like your originality. It gave me a great laugh but the CCJ is what it is. The Caribbean Court of Justice and I support it in the same way I would support any initiative that would advance/deepen our sense of Caribbean togetherness, unity and the real independence of mind, thought, intelligence and attitude of our people.

      We have come far as a people. We have had many a failure. Our judicial system is far from the best. I have heard, read, studied the many reasons why not but I am convince that we should recognize both the original and appellate jurisdictions of the CCJ.

      Roseau Valley

      • Lamowii
        January 3, 2013

        Good to see that you Roseau Valley has a good sees of humor

    • we love u PM
      January 2, 2013

      one thing u didnt include in ur CCJ is clean careful judges. bcus if u had one of the C in CCJ u wud have a little COMMONSENSE to know that CCJ is our own now under labour an if cock grow teeth an UWP gets into office it will b our CCJ. so think b4 u open ur mouth an blajay rubbish.

  23. ???????????
    January 2, 2013

    As an ordinary Dominican living on island for a number of years now,i must say that the justice system in this country is the worst in the Caribbean region. Secondly to hear this announcement coming from a PM who himself has implied by his famous or infamous proclamation “No Law No Constitution Can Stop Me”, i smell a rat…Do we have an attorney general? Why couldn’t he make the statement?
    My issues are based on the understanding that the ordinary joe blow man on the street has about what the CCJ means. Is the PM satisfied that the majority knows what the CCJ is? or even what it represents? Why this announcement now when an appeals court decision re membership validity against the very PM is pending?
    Dominica and Dominicans more than the people of any other Caribbean jurisdiction, have been yearning for justice from their courts.Corrupt lawyers have tainted the judicial system,by finding loopholes and manufacturing shenanigans to turn rights of the citizens into wrongs,and have got away with it for years. Victims of murder, firebomnbing,rape, incest,theft, and a myriad of other crimes are distressed and saddened at our Dominica failed legal system scenario. Who knows if these same dishonest and unscrupulous lawyers won’t be judges on the CCJ?
    I am afraid unless the judicial system is revisited and made to bite irrespective of who the guilty person or party is, I CANNOT SUPPORT THIS INSTITUTION CALLED THE CCJ, Particularly particularly particularly particularly WHEN THE CALL IS COMING FROM OUR PM………………

  24. Peeping Tom
    January 2, 2013

    There are genuine concerns with the decision but I think that it is a wise one.

    1. The British have already told us in no uncertain terms that it is about time that we have our own supreme court. Yes, they have essentially told us that we should stop depending on them as the court of final appeal, viz
    2. The Privy Council has always been a court that is presided over by persons who are remote from our local contexts and therefore, their perspectives on matters pertaining to our context are sometimes in conflict with ours. For example, many Caribbean citizens support the death penalty; the Privy Council has been largely anti-death penalty. Additionally, homophobia is rampant in many Caribbean territories, but the trend in Europe is towards greater inclusion; e.g. recently the British government threatened to withhold funds aid assistance form D/ca if our laws against homosexuality are not “modernised.” The CCJ allows jurists who have a greater understanding of our socio-cultural contexts to decide on OUR matters.
    3. The cost is indeed a significant matter.
    4. The CCJ is a further step towards asserting our independence. It says to the world that we are capable of deciding on our own issues; that we do not need an alien power to do so for us.

    Indeed there are some strong arguments against the CCJ. The loudest so far has been the presumption that the CCJ will be subject to political interference. Well, a few observations…
    1. No man-made structure is infallible.
    2. The CCJ is designed so that it is insulated from corruption, as far as is humanly possible.
    3. The argument that our jurists will be naturally subject to political interference is a rather insulting and distasteful conclusion that is not substantiated by facts but is based on speculation and an inferiority complex. The argument automatically assumes that all jurists and all politicians have the corrupt gene in them. It does not leave room for the possibility that we have honourable men/women in the Caribbean but immediately assumes that a jurist will naturally bend to the whims and fancies of his social network. In addition, we seem to suffer from a mental complex in which many, especially in Dominica, assume that what is locally grown is naturally less good than what is imported. In addition. On both counts, the central argument is odious and must be rejected!

    I can accept the argument that an individual who is not even remotely connected to the Caribbean can probably be more impartial in deciding on Caribbean court cases. However, for the reasons I mentioned above (and others) I am convinced that we are on the right path. Besides, how can we speak of democracy and good governance for our region when we are not even prepared to allow our own people to oversee major judicial decisions that are to help shape this democracy?

    • Greg
      January 2, 2013

      All institutions of justice is suppose to be free of political manipulation- like the IPO, the OECS supreme Court, the local court, the DPP. I don’t expect honesty from Peeping Tom but e erybody know includingPeeping Tom that the system is fully tainted and corrupt.
      Senior counsel going to pickup a judge’s decision on a matter whic he acted as counsel for the defendants? Are you kidding me? There are legitimate arguments in favor of the CCJ but so too was he IPO. The mistrust and doubt is also very valid.
      How can people be comfortablthawing Mendez,Tony, joe, smith Thom fraternizing with a CCJ judge in Trinidad.
      Finally what people see from the outside is frightening but knowledge from the inside is sickening.
      No one can deny that Tony and Thom know each other Very Welll. There is no denial that Thom worked for the Bird administration. Need I say more about the association – DNO won’t permit meh too.

      • Peeping Tom
        January 2, 2013

        Greg, i will indulge you for a moment, notwithstanding the usual idiocy in your post.

        Greg: “I don’t expect honesty from Peeping Tom but e erybody know includingPeeping Tom that the system is fully tainted and corrupt.” No, Greg. Only YOU and some others want to make us believe that the “system is fully tainted and corrupt”, especially when it does not serve your interest.

        Greg, aren’t you a bit concerned that to date claims of a tainted and corrupted system have not been substantiated, and that these claims remain just loud noises existing in a vacuum? How do you explain that this same “tainted and corrupt system” has accepted all manner of cases launched by the Opposition, has allowed appeals on these cases, has granted victories (no matter how insignificant) to the Opposition? Further, how then do you expect this tainted and corrupt system to fairly judge the sitting PM of the land? If the system is so bad then, you should not be asking it to investigate and judge anyone. Instead, you should be calling for its complete overhaul, but i do not hear you doing so. It would seem that those who make the claims believe that by repeating them like a mantra, the claims will miraculously become truth and will persuade the masses. Dat cyan work!

        Greg: “Senior counsel going to pickup a judge’s decision on a matter which he acted as counsel for the defendants?” Well, Greg, if you are correct that lawyer goes to collect the judgement pertaining to his client, i ask you…wha wrong wid dat? I also ask you…if you are correct that this happened, do you KNOW the circumstances of this contact? Now, i am not asking you to regurgitate what you heard so-and-so tell you. I am asking you if YOU, Greg, are aware of the precise conditions surrounding that contact with the senior counsel and the judge, if indeed it did take place in the manner that you claim?

        If you are serious about building Dominica, let us leave all the foolish rumours and fantasies aside and deal with reality, whatever this reality might look like.

      • Greg
        January 2, 2013

        :cry: 8) 8) :mrgreen:

    • legal consul
      January 2, 2013

      If you want genuine independence, stop asking these colonial countries for money/aid period. Once you are always going to them with a begging bowl you are not independent. The privy council is just another form of outsourcing, and just not represent DEPENDENCE of any sort. It is better to stick to it and get fair treatment than to adopt a corrupt CCJ which will make the entire Caribbean a collective of FAILED states.

      January 2, 2013

      If this is the way 2013 will be, Peeping Tom and Roseau Valley will be agreeing on many issues. When that happens, I am encouraged that it is the best for the Country.

      Whereas I may well be on the other side of the coin from the hosts and listeners of the popular talk shows on Q95 on this issue, because Roseau Valley is truly concerned about the development of our people and country rather than partisan politics, I have no hesitation in lending support to the former president, the Prime Minister and Peeping Tom on this issues.

      They are right. We should embrace the CCJ.

      Roseau Valley

      January 6, 2013

      I have found this article to be very instructive.

      Whatever we may say or wish. Whether we like it or not, the British wants us to go. Should we hang on like spoilt kids who never grow up?

      I support the PM on this move. It time to grow our independence as a caribbean nations.

      Roseau Valley

  25. out of south city
    January 2, 2013

    It is time that we break ties with the so-called mother country. We as Africans’ mother country is Africa. We were just fooled in believing that England was our mother country. That was just for the sake of colonisation and imperialism so that they could control the world exploitingblack people by taking their land and using them for labour. If we are truly independent, why do we still retain appeal to the queen in council? I was looking at the currency the other day and I asked myself why do we still have the queen’s face on the currency if we say that we are independent? The Caribbean countries need to really come together as African Caribbean countries and control their own affairs and destiny. These European countries have had too much control over us in the Caribbean and it is high time that we rally together and get them off our backs.

    • carib queen
      January 2, 2013

      you forget we caribs have no tie to africa and remeber this is the CARIBbean not africa, it would be nice just to be Caribbean, and not beholden to some country 1000s of miles away,england,usa or even africa.

      • Jay
        January 2, 2013

        Carib Queen you are right. First the Kalinago were here, then the Europeans and the Africans last. How many of us are of pure African descent anyway? Should we forsake the other, non african genes in our blood? We are what we are, a Caribbean rainbow nation with a lot of African infusion to be true but that does not make us an A|frican nation. Besides, many of our true African cousins have happily adopted European legal systems, be they English, French or Portuguese..

      • Crap
        January 2, 2013

        Lol…..boy allu not easy. U hv no connection to Africa. U sure. Where first man come out. More allu advance is more allu stay stupid. Besides I bet u a Bata. Sorry for the word. But u get my point.

      • budman
        January 3, 2013

        you are pure Carib? steups.

      • antedote for fools
        January 3, 2013

        Carib Queen all people all over this earth descendants of Africa. Its scientifically proven. Its not about ties but there is a need to recognize that. Investigate, get the facts & please Don’t Forget.

    • )(
      January 2, 2013

      Your fool who ‘we’ are you talking about? I am not African with you Sir/Madam. I am a Domicican.

    • antedote for fools
      January 2, 2013

      True, “Down with Colonial institutions”. Indeed there is an African majority in many Caribbean countries but the Caribbean is not all African so we can’t refer to the region as African without isolating the other ethnic groups.Dominica’s original people Kalinago are still here & the islands population has diversified as well.Kalinago & other indigenous power!

  26. Lougaoo Mem
    January 2, 2013

    I know this is a losing battle for me, and those who’d rather have The Privy Council as the final court of appeal. However, I firmly believe that the people should have a right to decide by means of a referendum. Too often, we experience the continued manipulation of our judicial sytem by lawyers who are part and parcel of a corrupt government. They’ve successfully denied due justice through all types of technicalities in some high powered cases, and one day, these very corrupt lawyers maybe the final justices to dispence judgment. How can we trust a judicial system that ought to be independent and impartial,
    but unfortunately, it’s not?

    • antedote for fools
      January 2, 2013

      pli dotishness again

  27. Oust Them!
    January 2, 2013

    :oops: :twisted: :mrgreen: :?: People,say no to the CCJ!If we can’t get justice in our little island nation as proven in the dual citizen case against skerrit and G.O.N Emmanuel can’t get his court case and charges read to PM’s lawyer,this is enough to prove that there will be no equal rights and justice served to the ordinary citizen!Take a close look at what’s happening in Africa by some of these leaders,the same is happening in Dominica and will continue to happen! :oops: :mrgreen: :?: :?:

    • Joe
      January 2, 2013

      Ok the question to you is……. ‘Can you or rather can ordinary people take their matters to the Privy Council??’ How many cases in the last 10 years went to the Privy Council dfrom Dominica? And am referring to cases of ordinary working class people, not the Marpins and NBDs and DSS and Lennox Lintons, am talking ordinary $2,000 monthly paid persons….

      Do you know how much it cost just to go England, never mind the Lawyer fee?

      I mean you ppl really and truly talk out of real IGNORANCE and Pierro (May his soul RIP) was right when he said people like you wear your IGNORANCE as a BADGE OF HONOUR!!!!!!!

      • Peeping Tom
        January 2, 2013

        Joe, seriously Joe, do you think that Oust Them cares about such serious matters that you raise? Come now! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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