Government will not allow “questionable” police officers to jeopardize lives

PM SKerri. *Sean Douglas photo

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has said that while the vast majority of police officers in Dominica are law abiding there are some who are not keeping true to their oath of office.

PM Skerrit says government will not allow police officers who are questionable to affect those who are upholding the law.

“As Prime Minister as I am satisfied that you are trying your best in the circumstances. I believe that 99% of the police force are law abiding citizens, but I believe that there is 1% that is not keeping true to their oath of office. We will not allow that 1% to jeopardize the lives and security of the 99% of the police force,” he said.

According to Skerrit, every individual must remain true to their responsibility of upholding law and order in Dominica.

On another note, he urged citizens to support the police force instead of blasting them, despite their assiduous efforts.

“It is disheartening when the police [and] and the customs department and others have to place themselves in harm’s way so that all of us in Dominica can sleep peacefully… We should be applauding the police for the actions they have taken, because while we are asleep soundly in our beds, the police have to leave their families and go into the bushes and go into homes to ensure that the environment is safe for us,” PM Skerrit stated.

He was at the time addressing the official ground-breaking ceremony for a new police station in Grand Bay last week.

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  1. good choice: skerro's #1 fan
    September 21, 2010

    STUPES STUPES STUPES…at you all.

    honourable roosevelt skerrit did not vote himself in. the majority of dominicans did…key word is MAJORITY…

    skerrit darling you are doing a fantastic job as political leader. you are well love and respected and the criticisms you receive make you stronger.

    i will rally with this man for another twenty years cause he has in him the skills of a great leader and he knows how to get what he wants FOR HIS PEOPLE AND COUNTRY…the task of political leader is not an easy one but you make it seem like its a cup of water…way to go my darling prime minister…together we must, together we strive, together we achieve. together we prosper, together we cry, together we laugh, together we take dominica to the next level and beyond….

    good luck to you and continue doing what you do best which is serving the country you love so dearly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. khaki
    August 29, 2010

    So many people are complaining. It would appear that they forget they are the ones who put the prime minister in office. So my people deal with it. You all are too damn hypocrite. Stop whining and take what you get.

    When the big loot and the free tickets to come down and vote was in circulation everyone enjoyed the idea, now things backfired U are complaining. Next time around you’ll think twice.Suck it up and be happy as well.(My little two sense,god bless)

  3. Anonymous
    August 22, 2010

    the pm knos. damm well dat the percentage of those that are corrupt is much higher than dat who he think he can fool with his 1% but their satarday will reach

  4. Humdrum
    August 19, 2010

    Skerrit = Questionable.

    August 18, 2010

    Mr PM you must first clean your closet,then you will have the support of the public to clean other people’s closet….

  6. The Third Side
    August 18, 2010

    Government will not allow “questionable” police officers to jeopardize lives

    Look at the Government Side and the Police Side and please tell us of your side.

    You all are here talking a bunch of gabbage..having a computer is not a right to talk nonsense.

    What is your third side?

    My third side is, their should be an outside committee reviewing police complaints…made up of citizen, law enforcement, legal fraternity, religion and government.

  7. ZERO
    August 18, 2010

    This PM is such a trickster.But he is fooling only himself.I do find it absolutely horrendous that you are calling upon the citizens of Dominica to uphold the law,when you as PM said to the world that you won’t do so..When did you carry out the survey into the police force to come to the conclusion that just 1% is corrupt..
    when you are speaking to the publlic is is typical of you to blurt out nonsense.
    You must be careful in how you handle alledge cases of police brutality..Many times those who scream out loud about police brutality are themselves villains..

  8. Karkabeff
    August 18, 2010

    Strong words from the PM. My advice is be careful which officer’s toes you step on in the interest of retaining the Grand Bay seat. I have commented on this subject and have advised all to await the results of the ongoing investigations. However I have taken the liberty to investigate the incident from both the public and police side and boy am I surprised.

    The only thing I will say in this regard is the public will be shocked when they actually find out what transpired. The so called angel may not be an angel at all. The twisted story the hit the press with all its fury is not looking as good when one dives beneath the facade. The officer may not be the demon that this forum have painted him to be. If my sources are reliable, this is pathetic indeed. I hope those on here castigating the officer will also find the courage to return on this very forum and apologize when all is said and done. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open.

  9. August 18, 2010

    Mr Prime Minister, honesty is the best policy, but we know that it does not applies to you and your gang. The day of reckoning is not to far in the distance when each and everyone will be held accountable for the abuse of power and highway robbery. And to my people who accomodate and accept the behavior of these politicians just because they get the crumbs, will also pay a heavy price.

  10. August 18, 2010

    @gulyside belle vue: set back the clock late last year people love to sleep anyway.

  11. August 18, 2010

    Devout Christian, you asked Watcher what Bible does he read; well I am asking you, where did you get those things that you talked about, pertaining to God and Jesus Christ? For your information when Almighty was against kings, He was against the whole nation of those kings, and he destroyed kings and people as well, for they were all sinful and corrupt in His presence, Jesus had twelve disciples, one of them betrayed Him, for thirty pieces of silver.

    You spoke about a few things which has nothing to do with what the Prime Minister is trying to uphold, neither the words that Watcher spoke. I really believe that if we are going to include our ideas or suggestions in an issue, we should try to stick to the basic point.

    You asked Watcher what Bible does he read, well I know for sure that he reads the Bible that was inspired by God’s Holy Spirit. For I am sure I heard a speech of Lamentation in his comment, like the prophet Jeremiah, who lamented on behalf of his people of Jerusalem, who practice corruption instead of showing reverence to a God Almighty, who chose them as His own people. I hope that you can relate to that information, as you call yourself Devout Christian.

    Watcher is noticing the same kind of attitude among his people of Dominica, the reason he feels he must lament to God Almighty on our behalf. I would suggest that you go back and read his comment again. Without people like Watcher among us, we are a doomed people, because of our lack of reverence to God, our lack of Love, our sinful and selfish way of life, such as our attitude and conducts towards the government whom He has appointed to rule over us for whatever period of time.

    We have no consideration, that those men are under a lot of pressure, in keeping things under control, and that they are human beings, just like the rest of us, with sentiments, feelings, or emotions. All of the bad things that you guys are talking against them, stay in their minds, preventing them from concentrating on the positive things. And of course, they end up making a lot of mistakes. The largest percentage of the time, your lashing against them is the reason for the mistakes they make.

    For example how do you think the good-hearted policemen feel, when they know you believe that they are all the same bunch of bad boys. Would you not feel angry or hurt, and at times ignore the crimes in your neighborhood, or even take out your hurt on a few of those around you? Your own selfishness is provoking the negative and aggressive response in those around you.

    At Romans 13 verses 1-2 the apostle Paul teaches us; “Let every soul be subjected to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore who ever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.”

    In other words God is saying that if people cannot respect those in authority, whom He has appointed, and whom they can see and hear in person, how will they respect Him whom they cannot see and hear. But for sure those with no respect for the God of Spirit, Holiness, and Truth will suffer the consequences. You, not the Prime Minister of Dominica, and his men in authority, will bring the judgment of God upon yourselves,

    That is what Watcher is pleading with you all to do, to avoid the wrath of God against you, because no one can survive the wrath of God. Watcher is asking you all to show reverend Love towards God, who has blessed our country with so much of natural beauty, and as you learn to love God you will also learn to love everyone, including those whom He has put in authority over you.

    It is not your place to judge no one, much more for your own government, for as you judge them you are judging the decision of God Almighty. They may not be the best, but they are also human beings who is capable of making all sorts of mistakes. You, who are passing judgment on them are the minority. They could not have come into power, if the majority did not vote for them. Leave their mistakes in the hands of God; so that you, yourselves can escape the wrath of God..

    Those who think that God has nothing to do with it are in a great surprise.

  12. Solution
    August 17, 2010

    Here is my solution…Get rid of ur police force all of them and replace them with the people who write about how awful all the police men and women are..or better idea don’t replace them at all

  13. Gene, Toronto
    August 17, 2010

    @4saken 1:

    It is totally wrong and unfair if Police investigate themselves. In order to conduct an ethical investigation, an independent one is necessary, devoid of those who are law enforcement. This is the manner in which it should be conducted.

  14. Jayson
    August 17, 2010

    @Watcher: Skerrit wasn’t chosen by the most high to lead Dominica , he was chosen by his party, who in turn were chosen by the people of Dominica. God just allowed it to happen (His permissive will).

    Even Satan has been known to quote scripture to further his own agenda.

  15. August 17, 2010

    Can we belive p m skerrit talking about true to the oath of office and responsibility of uphoulding l
    law and order in dominica . isn’t not the same skerrit who said ” NO LAW ” NO CONSTITUTION ”
    ” NO POLICE ” CAN STOP HIM . this man is mad and need a doctor, dominican wakeup and smell
    the coffee.

  16. khastro
    August 17, 2010

    Mr Skerrit, please check yourself.

  17. gulyside belle vue
    August 17, 2010

    the clock is ticking down .tick tock tick tock

  18. August 17, 2010

    all of all u dat saying is hipocrisy because the prime minister say he believe is 1% of the police force corrupt all want to vex wit the man and call him hipocrite so how comes if all u say 5 and 10% of the force corrupt is not hypocrites…that is just the mans opinion….if u say 50% dat is ur opinion as much as a man think the figure is ridiculous thats ur opinion so who doh like it down side it….non of all u doh even have an accurate figure as to how much percent of the force corrupt its just a mere sepculation or just ur humble opinion…jah boy….tete zore pa bor nuh

  19. Devout christian
    August 17, 2010

    @Watcher: Which Bible do you read? The father preached endlessly against corruption and crimes committed by the Kings who enslaved the people, amassing huge wealth through the blood and sweat of poor people while in high office. Every page in the bible and christian teachings condemn bigotry, liars, thieves, criminals. Jesus Christ could have chosen those Kings and elite class as his close companions. Instead his disciples were men of integrity, or those who had repented of all their wrongs. They preached forcefully the message against those who enriched themselves by illegal means. Many Haitians condoned Papa and Baby Doc. Sympathizers of those dictators believed that they were doing no wrong and not engaged in crimes. In Jamaica, many in the community of Trivoli Gardens supported ‘COKE’ in his criminal activities, because he was dishing out ‘goodies’. For many it was OK until recently 70 died protecting him. Prayer alone, without recognizing and speaking against who do wrong, especially in high places of authority, has never and will never solve any of the kind of problems we have faced or are now facing in Dominica, our Nature Isle. Prayer is not just words spewed from the mouth, but serious reflections coming from the heart with the hope that wrongdoings would be corrected, dealt with and halted before it destroys our beautiful country.

  20. Driver
    August 17, 2010

    I hope the Prime Minister’s definition of “questionable” is projected towards rooting out the bad cops and not another trick designed to remove police officers who are noticeably not supporters of the Labor Party Government and his commess. They too have the right to display their democratic rights and they have a family to feed.

    ^^^^^Word to mother

  21. giso
    August 17, 2010

    How about transferring competent police officers from their posts because they would not aide and abet wrong doing at the airport?
    Ho about transferring police officers who would not accept bribes from persons entering the country illegally with suspicious materials to practice witchcraft?
    How about having effective and efficient police officers forced to retire because they are so frustrated by the blatant disregard for the laws of the land?
    There are a host of officers in the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force who pledged to carry out their duties without fair or favor and to execute justice to the best of their abilities; nonetheless they were maligned and blacklisted and made into political footballs and had to leave a job they otherwise enjoyed and were highly qualified to perform. No wonder we are seen as accepting and promoting mediocrity.

    God help the Commonwealth of Dominica. Mr. Prime Minister charity begins at home.

  22. Laughable
    August 17, 2010

    It is the questionable officers who are getting promoted. The PM need 2 rethink this statement the genuine ones never get promoted those who can bring back stories 2 u Mr. PM these are the ones u promoting.

  23. Law-abidding
    August 17, 2010

    @POSITIVELY DOMINICAN: Exactly so. Who irresponsibly said, ‘NO CONSTITUTION, NO LAW, NO……. could prevent him from doing what he wants? 1 week before the December elections, on the Friday police programme. ‘On the beat’, Two police Inspectors quoting sections of the appropriate laws against BRIBERY, inducing people overseas with free plane tickets to come down to vote, eloquently warned Dominicans that it was against the laws of the land so to do. A top lawyer also warned those who were doing that to refrain from that illegal practice which was against the Law. To no Avail. There was proof enough irrefutable evidence that people came down through free plane tickets to vote and they returned the next day. Were those people protected and escorted by some policemen against the warning of the inspectors? Who gave them the order to do that? For sure it wasn’t a farmer or teacher or a seamstress. It is amazing that PM Skerritt could boldly say those words. Does he have any moral authority to try to correct those committing wrongs?

    Our dedicated police in the Coast Guard Unit, put their lives at risk, put themselves in harms way as the Pm said. They chased and apprehended two Venezuelan boats in the dead of night some time ago…
    currencies. What happened? A Slap on the wrist they received? The police due to lack of resources did not retrieve the real thing. You could fool some of the people sometimes, but you Mr. PM could never fool all of the people all of the time. Many examples could be cited here, where the elite class, ‘BIG MAN’, have committed all sorts of crimes, nothing happens. What about those who have gained huge riches in a short time while in public office?

    August 17, 2010


  25. Dominicafirst
    August 17, 2010

    Man Skerrit let the Policemen do their jobs and Don’t get Soooo Emotional about something that really is Nothing. Even in the Government Of Skerrit there is More than 3% that is not keeping with the oath. If you know of questionable activities within the Police force, Rather then just spilling the Beans let the Police Chief do his job with his department, thats his job.

    Your job, is to approve financing of the Projects. Finance the recruitment of more police officers, more Police vehicles. One of my dreams is to see every Police officer with a Police car in Dominica, so that responses will be quicker, more lives will be saved.
    Lets improve Trainning for our policemen, lets boost their self-esteem with better pay and Benefits for them and families, making their lives and jobs much easier.
    I just believe that the whole Police force needs a overhaul.

  26. Big-Bannan
    August 17, 2010

    I hope the Prime Minister’s definition of “questionable” is projected towards rooting out the bad cops and not another trick designed to remove police officers who are noticeably not supporters of the Labor Party Government and his commess. They too have the right to display their democratic rights and they have a family to feed.

  27. Watcher
    August 17, 2010

    @treasonous pm: See my comments

  28. Watcher
    August 17, 2010

    @Nathaniel Peltier: Hey my brother why hit at the PM? Support the man when he speak the truth even you do not support him politically. What crime has the man committed except that he is young. Bro pray for the leaders and I mean all the leaders so we can have a peaceful country. Our Father our creator has commanded us to pray for the nation, for kings and those in authority. Do you want to do the fathers work for him by just judging and judging. Time for us to agree and pray for all our leaders and the Nation. Stop the cursing of the nation by criticising and gossiping and badmouthing. Let us put our act together as the peoples of a nation in oneness as the multitudeswere in Acts. Stop using every opportunity to discredit and criticise this young man who has a monstrous job to do. Stop the hurt and pain to his family. He has a mother too. Please for the Heavenly Fathers sake stop it. What happens tommorrow if you son or daughter would be chosen by the Most High to be in a leadership position and persons would castigate, vilify and do the things that some persons do to the now PM? Let us sow the seeds of love in our country and not hate, Look at what is happenning in the other part of the world – suicide bombers. Those things we do not have here, The poor man is trying under very difficult and trying situation. Please Please let us count the blessings on this land lest we may bring destruction to our beautiful island – Dominica by being ungrateful to the one and only Most High. Before you sleep tonight do some soul searching and let us look up to the Father for his grace and mercies. Ask for his forgiveness and let us stop bad mouthing our leaders – pray – and let the Heavenly Father do his work of setting up and setting down. We are incapable of doing anything to fix anything. Talk Talk Talk . Let us Love Love Love and if we love then respect for the Heavenly Father first and foremost, ourselves and others then love will flow here in the land. Love covereth a multitude of sins. When we love then the hurting of one another will stop. Love is the greatest of them all . Love as demonstrated by our Heavenly father when he gave his Son to die on the cross so we (all of us ) would not perish. Our Father does not want not even o fus to perish. let us turn from our wicked ways so the land can be healed. What are we doing to get the youth to respect others and authority. We need respect for peace to reign in our country.

    Let us not be ungrateful to our Father who has blessed in so many ways in this Lovely Nature Isle of the Caribbean. Father we praise you because you are you and only you are worthy of praise. We are nought without you and can do nothing without you. We repent of all our sins in this land. You know them all. We confess them and say we are sorry for committing those sins. Father bless our land abundantly. We pray for all the Leaders in the Land in all walks of life. The Prime Minister and the other Ministers of Governments; the Opposition Leader and other oppposition parliamentarians; All head of Departments, managers, supervisors. Give them wisdom and understanding so they will do the job according to your will and your commandments and in so doing bring glory and honor to you. We break the curse and powers of darkness over our land in the Name of your Son who died on the cross on Calvary for all the sins of Mankind. Bring those who do not do your will into subjection to your word. Lord bless all the inhabitants of the land. Send your holy spirit to arrest and set a fire in them to love you first and foremost. Father we pray of rthe youths especially the male who are vulnerable in this time. Send your waring angels to protect them and lead them to you Father. We ask that the Blood of Jesus surrounded them and we thwart the plans of the enemies in their lives in the Name of Jesus. We praise and we thank you that you will continue to protect us and we pray for this great revival in our nation. Lord bless the Commonwealth of Dominica.

  29. hm
    August 17, 2010

    if mr skerrit is saying only 1% then he means 4 bad cops since we just over 400 cops in the land. MR.PM wat a dumb statement, we need to kill this snake of crime by attacking the head so lets start …

  30. joeblow
    August 17, 2010

    @*BeFF La*:

    beffla you are a jack**, you think god putting himself in our ting, he fedup with humans that is why he sent jesus as our mediator. so doh put god in your assinine commentary…..
    skerrit must not be exempted from the law cause i voted them and when i see and hear all them tings, boy the president … and the others who know better are moomoo….
    and no body cannot tell me it is not true because i can see it where i working

  31. *BeFF La*
    August 17, 2010

    My People of Dominica lets come together and fight crime..The prime minister needs our help. If he is corrupted make God deal with him. Look at St.Lucia its getting Out of control. Its Our family and Friends that gets Kill at the End… Lets come together and stop fighting crime. There are the good cop we can trust. Lets go to them and help them.. We need to get these criminals out on the streets. If not the younger generation are going to do the same thing.. Then it will be out of hand.. Lets forget party colours please.. and DO something to battle against crime.. We need to form a group where we can work with the Comunities and the police.

  32. Anonymous
    August 17, 2010

    police training is rigorous and for some of us in civil ife who has never been to a camp, don’t be ignorant, it is the role of the head of goverment to execute the law.

  33. joe
    August 17, 2010

    wow such hypocrisy what hell 1% its more like 75% rotten ones there are good police office but most of them are rotten breaking the law and showing favortiism to certain individuals for financial gain. So PM get yr statistics right

  34. Change the world
    August 17, 2010

    Sometimes I sit and think about if I could change the world
    Get in the mind of the po po, boys and girls
    Show ’em that it is a better way
    Satan got you trippin’ don’t listen to what the devil say
    ‘Cause he can deceive ya
    Play with your brain and mislead ya
    But it won’t be long
    ‘Til the angels come
    There’s no where to hide but he’ll run
    “Babylon” the great has fallen
    God is callin’
    We all in y’all in
    POLICE who think they are Souljahs go marchin’ but we need to…… of ’em
    But this time we ain’t talkin’
    We are tryin’ to hit the target we launchin’
    Police brutality got to cease
    But I see the DPD don’t want peace
    And the LAPD don’t weant peace
    So we’ll never be free
    So come on

  35. Dos
    August 17, 2010

    Talk Talk mister skerrit,let’s see some action against the dirty cops.We want to see at least somebody tried and convicted.All these cases of brutality and misconduct by officers and not one can come before a judge?Behanzin waiting patiently for just one to make an example.Maybe then the public will be at ease and co operate better with investigations.

  36. Nathaniel Peltier
    August 17, 2010

    So then Mr. Pm are we allowing questionable Ministers to run our country????

  37. August 17, 2010

    positive dominica watch dat no disrespect to you i understand what u saying u check…. the leaders of dominica must lead by good example but my boy is not every wrong a police do u have to say because the leader doin wrong the police force goin wrong i know they just play part in it….but if skerrit doin wrong dat though give nobody right to do wrong so let us not really use skerrit as our scape goat inspite of his ways u check me out cause all man just have a choice to make

  38. August 17, 2010

    mr j….the people who join the force is a choice they make dont make it seem like the force is a bad place everywhere we go has its negative and positive influences…so dont make seem like is not much of a choice so they have join the force… its a good job like any other…but when we join instiutions like the force we should try to maintain a certain standard and our integrity and dat goes for all wether in the force or watever job u have….

  39. NWA
    August 17, 2010

    Standin’ on the corner straight slangin’ rocks
    Aw s…! Here comes the …………. cops!
    So I dash, I ducks, and I hides behind a tree
    Makin’ sure those PO PO’s don’t see me
    Now my fat sack of rocks hell yeah I stuffed ’em
    Police on my draws, I had to pause
    And yeah, it’s still dont trust ’em
    Now my game is tight, tight as ………. is my game.

  40. treasonous pm
    August 17, 2010

    Since you … the crime situation has escalated.
    Drug abuse, theft, prostitution, dog fighting, murders, domestic violence, human trafficking, assault, fraud …all forms of lawlessness have gone out of control.
    The police are scared of the next level imported crime.

  41. J
    August 17, 2010

    Thanks to the policemen for their hard work and dedication. I believe that there is more than 1% who arent faithful, Many people thes days join the police force cause there is no choice really after high school or college, like teaching it is becoming quite watered-down.

    August 17, 2010

    If the PM is not upholding the law, how does he expect the police to upload the law? Please wake up from your slumber Mr Prime Minister!


  43. 4saken 1
    August 17, 2010

    now who should we use to investigate the 1%, surely not other police officers….u kn how men in uniform will look after their own.always.

  44. August 17, 2010

    Good to see skerrit trying to clean up his image, by making statements on crime.

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