New Public Order Act for Dominica this year

Peter said the new Act will be more comprehensive

Attorney General Levi Peter has announced that Dominica will have a new Public Order Act this year.

At a press conference held at the Financial Center last week, he said the new Act will comprehensively address all public order situations.

“The new Public Order Act is expected to more comprehensively address public order situations and to bring all public order legislation more closely aligned with that of other jurisdiction in the region and internationally,” he revealed.

Peter said the new Act will cover things like, “public meetings, the circumstances of which they can be held, what authority is required, what offenses will be created… as well as addressing other aspects.”

He also highlighted the introduction of specific offenses, in terms of public order offenses and the interactions of members of the public, which includes riot and violent disorder.

“Those offenses will be clearly spelt out and brought into statutory clarity,” he stated.

Meantime, Peter mentioned a number of Bills that are expected to go before Parliament this year.

“As a certainty, you can expect the family legislation which has been spoken about for some time. It is referred to colloquially as a family suit of legislation which involves the Amended Domestic Violence Act, Child Justice Act and other pieces of legislation in support of the family court will be passed,” he stated.

Peter revealed that the Procurement Legislation is also anticipated for 2017.

“I anticipate they will go to Parliament, if not in the first sitting, but certainly early in the legislative calendar…,” Peter explained.

In terms of the Bail Act and Legal Profession Act, he said responses came from the bar association and there are things to be done.

Peter anticipates that both Acts, on issues which are being further discussed, will be taken into Parliament early in 2017, “I would anticipate the first quarter.”

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  1. Clarisse Vanermere, LIC, M.Eng
    January 18, 2017

    Wait for it though.

    100% that the ‘public order’ Act will have provision for ‘economic terrorism’ –

    ” In this Act ‘economic terrorism’ is defined at any dissent to the government’s CBI program. Offences are considered to be in the category of treason and are punishable by death by burial at sea, firing squad, hanging, knobbling or by being locked in a room for 12 hours with a Skerrit sympathiser”.

    Remember, only just recently, these scumbags tell us that they want to bring back the death penalty? Say yes to that an dig your own grave for it surely will apply to ‘economic terrorism’.

  2. anonymous2
    January 18, 2017

    More laws to control the public, not the politicians. More like martial law. Don’t depend on the local police to enforce much. But then again, you have foreign militia that can come visit. Remember the NWO adage ” out of chaos comes order.” They create the chaos to take more control over the people.

  3. January 18, 2017

    whosoever diggeth a pit shall fall in it.

  4. Me
    January 17, 2017

    Government must sober up. Should only one person be killed by mr. Skerrit’s S.S. unit, God forbid, it will mean the end of his reign. No doubt about it.

  5. The Prophet
    January 17, 2017

    Beware the ides and remember the lot that befell Nicolae Ceausescu when he ordered his security forces to fires on anti-government demonstrators. Beware, beware how easily the mighty can fall and learn the lessons of history before it is too late.

    January 17, 2017

    to much pressure will burst the pipe

  7. committed
    January 17, 2017

    Levi,you and your bunch kleptocrats are really asking for a public uprising and civil disobedience in this country.
    What happened, you are trying to take away people’s right to assemble?
    Boy look roit!

  8. J.John-Charles
    January 17, 2017

    Mr. Peter want the public order legislation to be closely aligned with that of other jurisdiction in the region and internationally.Do we really need to adjust our laws,?or you just want to be a follower.?
    Do not make it difficult for followers of Christ to preach the gospel,We always enjoyed the opportunity to have public gospel meetings.Also do not interfere between a husband and wife,what they do on their bed is not government business, if there is no physical violence, I know there are talks about how I can rape my wife, she is my wife. I cannot rape her. Stay out.

  9. Anthony P. Ismael
    January 17, 2017

    We need the spirit of 1979 back again, where we the people exercise our freedoms underneath the constitution. In a nutshell, Levi is trying to muzzle Dominicans and curtail dissent of any kind whatsoever. Dominicans have become used to this type of brain-washing, that they can’t differentiate their arms from their legs. Free plywood, galvanize and cheap cane rum, not to mention the weekly Red Clinic have all served to destroy what little freedoms that we have left.

    • anonymous2
      January 18, 2017

      You said it. 80 plus percent of the people here are hopeless and brainwashed and that is why there is no hope for this place.

  10. Anthony P. Ismael
    January 16, 2017

    New year, new lies. Skerrit came out with proposed soap production in Mahaut and new hotel in Portsmouth. Rayburn talking about adding the death penalty to the books and now Levi talking about Public Order Act.
    All that’s missing now is “Drigo” to tell us that we’re on pace to export about 5 million pounds of fish this year to regional markets and the agricultural sector is back in business. What a bunch of …. Dominicans have for leaders.
    Levi while you at it, how bout convicting those rapist who walk free on technicalities all the time? Don’t forget the murders who get away all the time, because your office and your leadership in the DPP’s Office is non-existent. You have so much more work to do, before you enact this foolery.

  11. jupe
    January 16, 2017

    Postings in social social media such and Facebook and DNO do not bring about change. Change comes when people rise up and say no more. How long ?. Not Long !!

  12. January 16, 2017

    The Honourable Doctor Sir Roosevelt Skerrit is determined to hold on to power for as long as he lives and will make and pass laws to solidify his grasp to power by any means necessary.

  13. January 16, 2017

    Are we becoming a police state? Do we need government’s permission to hold a public meeting? Are these people for real? What is Dominica coming to?

    • jerry james
      January 17, 2017

      Talk TALK and more Talk

  14. Way to go!
    January 16, 2017

    When I read this I said to myself lawless people and d
    UWPmust comment. Then I scrolled down. I’m all smiles.

    • Concern citizen
      January 17, 2017

      Who is more Lawless than those who proposes to pass the act (in a nut shell The 2010 fire in upper Goodwill, up to now the culprits can’t be brought to justice that is what is called LAWLESS)

  15. knowledge
    January 16, 2017

    let me say tbefore they take my rght to voice my opinion …….thats what happens when government stays to long in power.

  16. Neg
    January 16, 2017

    I smell a dead rat it stinks.

  17. yes i
    January 16, 2017

    this government as i said some time ago is evil plain and simple.

    • anonymous2
      January 18, 2017

      Just about all governments are.

  18. Bushmaninda
    January 16, 2017

    I hope there is some body (not person) engaged by and for the citizens to examine the constitutionality of these new laws. I hope you people know that politicians and lawyers can’t just make up what they want. People you have the right to challenge/examine the constitutionality of any piece of propose legislation.

  19. anonymous
    January 16, 2017

    How is it that a public order act is to be enacted and it has never been discussed or presented to the public?

  20. Concerned
    January 16, 2017

    Wowwww….watch out Dominicans ……watch ur mouths…..there comes the lock….if u guys allow this act to pass law….u guys are f….u can’t protest….u can’t talk to national or international TV…….that’s big…..for ur own freedom and interest…..u guys must stop that from becoming law or I’m sorry for ur souls

  21. Please help
    January 16, 2017

    The thing about it is Peter some day you have to die . You are already an old man so i hope you are thinking of your children and your grandchildren. They may not support the party and the nonsense that you are supporting and what you think will happen to them ? Why don’t you concentrate on selling Dominica’s passport and let people have their freedom to express themselves. One good thing i know is if you and your party trying to muzzle Lennox Linton and other people who do not support all you party . He is by far smarter than all you guys put together and he won’t stand for all you …. Why are you all trying so hard to take away people’s freedom to express their dissatisfaction of that dishonest government . Peter think .

  22. %
    January 16, 2017

    Is that PUBLIC MEETING,foolishness meant to just have us take blows from evil and wicked men and go home and cry???WE GO SEE!!

  23. January 16, 2017

    Mr AG please tell me what is the motive for a ”New Public Order Act” are you unhappy with the behavior of Dominicans as it pertains to their rights and freedoms or is there a more sinister motive to stifle that which is provided by the constitution. Lessons not learnt Mr AG; DLP government 1979; DLP government 2017 do you not see the similarities. I plead with you and your administration do not evoke the spirits of 1979.

  24. Roger Burnett
    January 16, 2017

    The title of Alan Paton’s 1948 novel that foresaw South Africa’s apartheid is apt: “CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY”.

  25. January 16, 2017

    1979 FOR EVER you spoke so eloquently , please keep educating the masses.

  26. Dante Jones
    January 16, 2017

    Basically legislation to make it as illegal as possible to protest. Only in a country where people forget quickly can a government take such a blatantly reactionary stance on such an issue.

  27. January 16, 2017

    Public meetings are not and should not be government control most democratic states ask that you seek permits for coordination of the event, not to vilify the organizers.
    The many problems we have in DA look at the priory of the AG. What about jobs for the youth, crime reduction initiatives, improve the agriculture and most of all purging of the voters list etc.

  28. Frank Talker
    January 16, 2017

    But why is a Public Order Act a priority for us at this time? Where is the Maintenance Bill promised by the PM during his 2016 budget address? He promised the nation that the Bill would be set before Parliament BEFORE the close of 2016. When will this government stop trying to create a Nazi State? When will political science take a back-step in their repertoire, and be replaced with people-centred development? Everyday in this country, we wake up to machinations by the DLP to raise your blood pressure, elevate your anxiety, mess with your moods, and cause you to want to curse this country. Give us a break man Skerrit; chill out!!!

    • Dr. Petrie Almond
      January 16, 2017

      The Public Oder Act is a priority as his master Dr. Skerrit is very scared about the level of hostility towards him on the island.

      What the honourable doctor doesn’t understand is that ‘hard’ power does not work. For example, England still controls the world, but do you feel that? No, they give us the illusion of choice, of freedom. That is what Dr. Skerrit needs to learn and to do in order to be able to walk the streets without looking over his shoulder all the time.

      For example, each week the opposition should have dedicated time in parliament to question the PM and his government about their activities. Why is that not so? Why is it that a desperate Linton has to take to the media to be able to voice the concerns of RESIDENT Dominicans (the true citizens of Dominica).

      This must be rectified now, before anarchy decends upon the island.

  29. Truth Be Told
    January 16, 2017

    Where is our Historian, Lennox Honychurch, to read the History of Dominican to this oppressive repressive Labour Party regime! It is our history of people power in Dominica that has been the vanguard of our liberties in Dominica – from the ‘Negre Mawon’ during slavery all the way through colonization, ‘Adieu William oy c’est descendre nous ka descendre pour la mort’, all the way to independence, May 1979, just ask Patrick John and President Charles Saverin! :twisted:

    • Dr. Petrie Almond
      January 16, 2017

      Sadly, Lennox Honeychurch ……. He will do only what his white masters and their flunkeys tell him to do.

      Honestly, do you believe that anyone has to get a doctorate from Oxford university to really know what went on in Dominica and who pulled whose strings in the process?

      I have read Lennox’s history tales. They are very selective and leave out a lot of the real details that made Dominica what it is now. He only tells us what he is told to tell us of which 99% is a mixture of truth, omission and outright deception.

    • Dr. Petrie Almond
      January 16, 2017

      Dominican’s be strong, God will prevail in the end. Some comfort from the words of Bob Marley:

      The politicians, yes, they rob I,
      And jews sold us to the merchant ships,
      Minutes after they took I
      From my home in Africa.

      But my hand was made strong
      By the hand of the Almighty.
      We forward in this generation
      and we will triumphantly.

      Won’t you help to sing
      These songs of freedom?
      ‘Cause all I ever have,
      Redemption songs,
      Redemption songs.

      Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,
      None but ourselves can free our minds.
      Have no fear for geo-thermal energy,
      ‘Cause it is the biggest lie.
      How long shall they kill our prophets,
      While we stand aside and look?
      Some say it’s just a part of it,
      We’ve got to fulfill the book.

      Won’t you help to sing
      These songs of freedom?
      ‘Cause all I ever have,
      Redemption songs,
      Redemption songs,
      Redemption songs.

    • Tony
      January 16, 2017

      To: Truth Be Told.

      Hello and good evening my people. I know you are a well inform person but you should know that Mr Honychurch moved to Barbados after he was hired by their Government. Our number one export is educated people so let us find another Historian.

  30. Shaka Zulu
    January 16, 2017


  31. FORKIT
    January 16, 2017

    i said it before and I will say it again, mister is an idiot of the first order.

    • %
      January 16, 2017

      Not just an idiot,but an accomplished idiot!!

    • Dr. Petrie Almond
      January 16, 2017

      Be kind to him. He is just a paid messenger. Do you believe that this person can act 100% on his own? No, he takes his orders from our lord and master, Hon. Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, BA (psych.), KGCOst.St. Cons, NWO.

  32. 1979 is forever....
    January 16, 2017

    my name says it all….the attitude of those who lead Dominica has not changed much from those days of Patrick John, imo I think these are far worse..what will it take to get a human reaction from these people who cling so desperately to their false self image. why is it that we are told time and time again that we are not worthy?? not worth of raising the minimum wage, while you take most of the spoils…are you so held in the grips of your luciferian belief?? I hurt for my people who remain here…to toil and scrape in the rubble that you call progress .. our crushed dreams hopes and aspirations are the motar holding together the bricks of the feeble house you build in the minds of the ignorant and with the lost integrity of my brothers and sisters here and in the diaspora…let history be our teacher..It is in blood that the cost has always been paid… from our emancipation as slaves, to now it is the price paid by those who are burdened to carry the flame..

  33. Shameless
    January 16, 2017

    Peter Piper :mrgreen: we don’t need anyone to tell when, how, where and why to keep public meetings. This is our right in our beloved democracy and NO one will bring “MUGABE” style governance on us. Oh hell to the NO!

    “public meetings, the circumstances of which they can be held, what authority is required, what offenses will be created… as well as addressing other aspects.” Yeah go pass this nonsense in parliament and you all will see what will happen. Just ask PJ what triggered his overthrow in 1979 :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: .

    Always Assertive! :twisted:

    • Lenovo
      January 16, 2017

      @Shameless: The moral fibre of our citizens today is not that of our citizens in 1979.
      These days everyone is afraid of their shadow, content to grumble behind closed doors and spew their nonsensical rantings on FB and DNO.

      • knowledge
        January 16, 2017

        seems they want to take away that right as well

  34. January 16, 2017

    A Bunche of psyco babble, hot air, he don’t have a clue, he need to be in a mental asylum.

      January 17, 2017

      waaay papa bondieu
      all i seeing is NORTH KOREA here
      bondieuuuuuuu help dominica.
      skeritt is ruling the country like communism. but communism is better because everyone gets. here is who u know.
      now laws for public order. plus propaganda on GIS.
      i not watching GIS i not buying the sun

      we need to boycott all public jobs and stay home for a month

        January 17, 2017


      • Anonymous
        January 17, 2017

        DBS.. they forgot he punctuation mark.Today it should read D(ominica) B.S. One direction programming and reporting only. The journalists should be ashamed of themselves, cowering in front of one man. Shame, shame,shame!!!

  35. 1979 is forever....
    January 16, 2017

    Section 3 Respect for Political Rights: The Right of Citizens
    to Change Their Government

    Dominica, independent since 1978, had a prior long historical
    tradition of democracy and home rule. Power is exercised by a
    Cabinet appointed by the Prime Minister. Elections are by
    secret ballot and held every 5 years or earlier, at the
    discretion of the Prime Minister. Elections in 1980, 1985, and
    1990 were free and fair, and voter participation was high. The
    1990 elections were contested by the incumbent Dominica Freedom
    Party (DFP), the Dominica Labour Party (DLP), and the United
    Workers Party (UWP). The DFP won 11 of the 21 parliamentary
    seats, the UWP 6, and the DLP 4. As a result of a December 20
    by-election, the UWP holds seven seats and the DLP three.
    Prime Minister Charles plans to remain in office until the next
    general election (due before 1995), but the DFP has already
    chosen Foreign Minister Brian Alleyne to be Charles’ eventual…

  36. 1979 is forever....
    January 16, 2017

    e. Denial of Fair Public Trial

    Dominican law provides for public trial before an independent,
    impartial court. Criminal defendants are presumed innocent
    until proven guilty, are allowed legal counsel, and have the
    right to appeal. Indigents are provided free legal counsel
    only in capital cases.

    There are no political prisoners.

    f. Arbitrary Interference with Privacy, Family, Home, or

    The Constitution prohibits arbitrary entry, search, and
    seizure. Search warrants are required by law. While there
    were no official reports of arbitrary government intrusions
    into the private lives of individuals, most human rights groups
    allege that young men are often searched with little or no
    probable cause in drug-related inspections.

    Section 2 Respect for Civil Liberties, Including:

    a. Freedom of Speech and Press

    The right of free expression is provided in the Constitution
    and adhered to in practice. The political…

  37. 1979 is forever....
    January 16, 2017

    Independent since 1978, Dominica is a parliamentary democracy
    and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Prime Minister
    Eugenia Charles’ Dominica Freedom Party, in office since 1980,
    was reelected in 1985 and 1990 in free and fair elections.

    The Defense Force was disbanded in 1981 following two violent
    coup attempts. Since then the Commonwealth of Dominica police
    have been the only security force. The police force, supervised
    by the Commissioner of Police, includes a Coast Guard unit and
    a Special Services Unit (SSU)–a small, paramilitary unit
    established in 1983 by the Regional Security System of the
    Eastern Caribbean states. There are no instances on record of
    human rights violations by the SSU. The police are controlled
    by and responsive to the democratically elected Government.

    Dominica’s mountainous terrain and periodic devastation by
    hurricanes make it one of the least developed nations in the
    Eastern Caribbean. The primarily agrarian…

  38. LifeandDeath
    January 16, 2017

    Wow..Here goes again, the continuation of the building of a police state..Soon will be a curfew to be in bed by 9..all lights out!!

    Why don’t these people concentrate on things that will move the country forward..empower the young people..lower bank interest rates and tax duties on the port..transparency in Gov’t income and expenditure..
    History will frown upon these senseless Bills and Acts…Get Serious gentlemen!

    • Righteous
      January 16, 2017

      Stop with the nonsense already. Every democratic country has rules and procedures governing public gatherings, matches, rallies, demonstrations etc. Without these rules and laws, we will have a chaotic society where any person at any point can block a public road restricting the free movement of citizens around the country, which in itself is an offense. Laws are constantly under review and we now live in a society where there seem to be less and less regard for others, I see nothing wrong in bring some of the laws to guard against civil disturbance.

  39. 1979 is forever....
    January 16, 2017

    Section 2 Respect for Civil Liberties, Including:

    a. Freedom of Speech and Press

    The right of free expression is provided in the Constitution
    and adhered to in practice. The political opposition openly
    criticizes the Government. Dominica’s main radio station is
    state owned but offers ample access for citizens to express
    their views. There is also an independent radio station owned
    by the Catholic Church which broadcasts, although it has not
    yet been granted an official operating license.

    Dominicans also enjoy good access to independent news sources
    through cable television and radio reception from neighboring
    islands. The principal newspaper was founded by the Catholic
    Church, but the Church divested its interest in it in 1990.
    The editorial stance of the newspaper remains progovernment,
    but opposition viewpoints are prominently reported. During the
    intraparty leadership campaign of 1993, a second weekly
    newspaper, the Tropical Star,…

  40. 1979 is forever....
    January 16, 2017

    b. Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association

    The Government respects the constitutionally mandated freedoms
    of association and assembly and does not hinder opposition
    groups from holding political meetings or public
    demonstrations. Such meetings and gatherings were held
    frequently throughout the year.

    January 16, 2017

    Calculated : Peter said the new Act will cover things like, “public meetings, the circumstances of which they can be held, what authority is required, what offenses will be created… as well as addressing other aspects.”

  42. January 16, 2017

    Seriously!! The eyes have it? Be careful and stay tuned. Law and order must be maintained! no question. But to try succently to muzzle the voice of decent, and opinions are not what we need in our Democratic society in ways that will only bring our country in disrepute. In my opinion the erosion of ones Democratic Right to oppose, and assembly Lawfully in a none violient manner is the strongest demonstration of a truely Domocratic Country. Be careful how we shape our society, cause most of the countries in the more developed Countries, started that way, and history was never kind to them. What goes around comes around,a thing our present President is quite familier with. A word to the wise, think before we act.

  43. Looking
    January 16, 2017

    As Bob Marley says: Whosoever diggeth the pit, shall fall in it, shall fall in it.

  44. viewsexpressed
    January 16, 2017

    “Peter said `the new Act will cover things like, “public meetings, the circumstances of which they can be held, what authority is required, what offenses will be created… as well as addressing other aspects.”
    Peter, go clean your dirty government rubbish, and leave us to protest of your governments dirty politics,. Your Labour Party government is so corrupt and the glass seeing through you is now so transparent that it is clear to see how ridiculous and absurd you all are. I believe that y9u and regime are beginning to smell the rotten rat and that the patience of Dominicans is weaning away and you all are scared. Well, AG, you and bunch of corrupt people will have no where to run and hide even with diplomatic passports.
    Yu guy no nothing of development, how to care for poor people and how to deal with poverty. It appears that some people are good in making big money and ripping off the country. Mr, Levi, are y0u aware who those people are?

  45. Indeed Peter, in every country where there is a dictatorship, or communism there is always a public order act is always designed and implemented to muzzle the Media; oppress the people, by talking away their human rights suppressing public meeting, and muzzling freedom of speech!

    You are as pathetic as you look, you are simply another puppet in the scheme of things, you are helping to create a one party state; but boy, people like you cannot live forever, the day of freedom is not to far for the people of Dominica, the wicked and evil ways of this regime will take you all to your graves one by one!

    Hence, Dominica will be free from your oppression.

    This is my premonition!

    • Man bites Dogs
      January 16, 2017

      @ Francisco: You don’t need to worry about us baby boy, When we will be going to our graves one by one at least you and Linton will be having a good time in Tx.USA good luck . :twisted:

      • Mr. Man Bite And Eat Gog I do not live in Texas, my home in the City of Los Angeles, in the State of California. I doubt Lennox will be like the rest who have already bought properties in United States, from From Florida, to New York.

        I hear one of the big fish bought a place either in Manhattan, or overlooking Manhattan, to own property in Manhattan, that man have to be a multimillionaire, but we will find out when the …… in no longer in government, how rich he really is; because if that property tax is not paid up to date in five years, the government will simply take it away from the rich man.

        I know (him name what dem tell me but I doh calling no name eh!) No name no warrant I doh can get sued eh!


  46. Let the truth be told
    January 16, 2017

    so long they are working on a Legal Profession Act. Years upon years, and it is always at the same stage. All other Acts are being passed but this one stagnant but then again, it is lawyers that are helping work on the Act. It will always be delayed. What a country!

  47. derp
    January 16, 2017

    what about the cannabis legalization bill

    • Mosquito 1
      January 16, 2017

      Oh man go to hell we have got enough of your type already!

    • Anonymous
      January 17, 2017

      Dominica’s democracy fighting for its survival and all you can think of is the weed??

  48. January 16, 2017

    “public meetings, the circumstances of which they can be held, what authority is required, what offenses will be created… as well as addressing other aspects.”

    In a free society, the people don’t need government permission to hold a public meeting.

    • Silver fox
      January 16, 2017

      @ Steve, yes we do in the UK the police and Scotland Yard must be told far in advance before any public meeting is held time date and where any mistakes Scotland Yard will come down on the organisers heavy and very heavy, in Dominica you guys have that free society all too sweet and taking the piss out of it.

      • zandoli
        January 16, 2017

        @ Silver Fox….It looks like you have a problem with a free society.

        Freedom of speech should trump all of these restrictions they would like to legislate. They had better be careful what they bring to parliament because it might come back and bite them. They think they can bequeath the government to their children, but we are still a democracy.

      • Shaka Zulu
        January 16, 2017

        It is done so that they can facilitate the people to exercise thier right without harrasment and to be able to keep the peace BTW them and others who have opposite views.

      • viewsexpressed
        January 16, 2017

        Silver Fox, UK is different, but there are people who have assembled in public outside 10 Downing Street, Local Authorities. and other areas, for example, Trafalgar Square in peace full protest. Yes, if they go beyond and out od bounds they police will police advise t and guide them. So, it is not absolutely true what you say.

      • Titiwi
        January 17, 2017

        Silver Fox, you are too foxy and quite wrong in your assertion.
        In the U.K., if you want to hold a public procession, the law requires you to give min. 6 days notice to the police (in writing, as per the Metropolitan Police – check their website).
        However, there is no legal requirement to do so for a static protest and as far as I am aware a public meeting falls under that category. Levi Peter knows this very well but now sings his master’s tune after his return from a less than illustrious legal career in London with little option but kiss the hand that feeds him.

    • Steve all of what that pathetic specimen is talking about are found in all socialists, and communist practicing state, such laws are intended to erode democracy.

      When a Prime Minister demands that he wants eighteen or all the seats in the country he is asking for one party system of government in the country, hence he can rule by decree, which renders any democracy useless, take away the peoples freedom.

      Muzzle the Media, and kill freedom of speech in the country.

      What a mess, I do not know when Dominicans are going to wake up and recognized the oppression, and dictatorship under which they live! At this time the only way out from under Peters, and his kind including Skerrit is revaluation. There will never, ever be fair election in Dominica as long as this regime is at the helm of the country;……….

    • Titiwi
      January 16, 2017

      mr. Foerster, I agree with you and fear that under these new proposals our freedoms, guaranteed by the constitution may be severely curtailed. This has nothing to do with political partisanship but our civil liberties.

    • jonathan st jean
      January 16, 2017

      Thanks Steve,this is clear indication that Dominica is in a dictatorship.Since the country is not in a bubble the rest of the region and the international community will take note.The end of this regime is at hand.It’s clear that they are burning their candle at both ends.Why don’t they focus on developing the country instead of subjugation of the people.

    • yes i
      January 16, 2017

      thats why skerrit is a dictator..

  49. concern
    January 16, 2017

    Sure trying to hold down the citizens freedoms they have, to openly share their praises or disapprovals of what they seeing or dealing with on their homeland. Do not sensor the people. Why dont you lay it out TRUTHFULLY and have them vote on it .

    • Man bites Dogs
      January 16, 2017

      @ concern, Vote on what? We the decent people of Dominica want more law and order and not letting so called kangaroo political party like workers hijacked our country, we will not stand for it any longer.

      • Lenovo
        January 16, 2017

        wow! Just wow!

        8-O 8-O 8-O

        Dear God! I’m scared for my country! Mental slavery is alive and well. You are willing to surrender your civil liberties to keep your party in power?? This isn’t partisanship politics right now….this is infringing on our rights to demand better from our government. If you can’t see that, then God have mercy on you.


      • viewsexpressed
        January 16, 2017

        Stop barking like a lame dog on a leash and jumping like a wild Kangaroo……idiotic statement.
        This Labour Party government is very corrupt.

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