Police to provide update on Grand Bay brutality probe soon

Inspector Weekes

An update in the investigation of an alleged police brutality charge brought against a Grand Bay police officer may be provided today, police spokesman Claude Weekes has said.

The probe, which began in early August, was supposed to have been completed within several days but no information was released.

The Grand Bay officer is reported to have unlawfully assaulted a young woman in the community.

Deputy Police Commissioner Cyril Carrette made the initial announcement of the investigation.

Weekes meanwhile had assured that the investigations would be thorough and transparent.

“I’m sure that at the conclusion of the matter something will come out of it,” Weekes had said.

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    May 9, 2012


  2. February 2, 2011

    man this blog is awesome i love reading your articles keep up the good work!

  3. December 5, 2010

    Its not a whole lot of sites that i visit regularly except for yahoo and cnn, but i think im going to be adding your blog into my daily mix. Such great writing…powerful content. Hope to see a whole lot more from you in the future.

  4. November 10, 2010

    Came to your blog site through Facebook. I will be subscribing to your feed.

  5. November 10, 2010

    good post, added you to my RSS reader. Greetings from DC :)

  6. Jane
    September 9, 2010

    @WOW: You’re such a smart person. G/bay is the only community bringing down the country…you are so correct…IDIOT!!!!!!

  7. WOW
    September 8, 2010

    @MABOUCHE You are one of the accomplished G.randbay fools,an accomplish accomplice and one who has no respect for the course of justice…A man is innocent until proven guilty..Your bitter resentment for the police is something that reigns supreme in your village..Tell us why! I refuse to condemn anyone before a fair trial,and irrespective of you raving and ranting i won’t do it..The abundance of time you have to spend infront of the computer screen,should be spent on the streets in GrandBay as a role model…Stop the decay that you and your ilks are bringing upon this country.

  8. mabouché
    September 8, 2010

    @Karkabeff: I’m no psychologist nor do I intend to become one. Unlike you who seems to ‘know it all’ from your ”investigation,” I have my opinion on the character of this ‘officer’ from personal experience. He is very rude, obnoxious,unprofessional, a bully and gives people a terrible impression of how a policemen should behave.

    This is a man i have spoken to in order to obtain info on an unrelated incident. It is unfortunate I cannot type on here the words he used to reply to me (mind you- he doesn’t know me & i was simply looking for info which I had every reason & right to.) Maybe if i was standing beside him while he was replying to me he’d justify his actions by claiming i ”squeezed his balls” as well.

    I am not anti police. I am not biased & i am not going by what I’ve heard.I go by what I know.

    Just for the record, there are many people who this very officer has threatened & beaten while ”questioning” them.The fact that these incidents never made it to Dno doesn’t mean they didn’t occur. It just proves that this incident with the young lady is not a isolated one.

  9. mabouché
    September 8, 2010

    @WOW: Stop your idiotic ranting. I am not anti-police. I am anti police brutality so if you were the one who got the sh!t slapped out of you, i’d be on here voicing a similar opinion.

  10. Jane
    September 8, 2010

    @Karkabeff: Little Miss Angel?…the young lady never claim to be an angel and since you were there and you know exactly what happen tell me something?…why did the police arrest her only to ensure that the swelling on her face goes away by Monday?…the young lady was smart enough to asked to see a Doctor to esure that that marks and swelling on her face were documented and guess what? Come Monday morning when she collected her belongings from the station the medical report was missing. What’s your answer to that fool? Was the document told to leave by the officer? I suggest you and many others in here do your homework before pointing blame. I’m glad there is an investigation and I can’t wait to hear the results. There is a God and one way or another the truth is going to come out. Oh and unlike you fool, I did my own investigation…about time I put that darn degree to good use.

  11. from grand bay
    September 8, 2010

    i’m happy when the police officers do their work…bouquets to them. however some of them involvement in the community is not always becoming of police officers.
    on that matter with this young lady, please let justice prevail. not because he is an officer for his wrong to pass as right. its time some police officers understand that they are there to enforce the laws but they are not above the laws. we are all dominicans. if justice prevail the right way then u will definitely find less of justice the ‘other way’ whatever that may be.

  12. Karkabeff
    September 8, 2010

    @Mabouche: Apparently you are not a good psychologist. You are able to tell that the woman is not irrational etc but you are unable to tell that the officer is neither. STOP being so biased. Your sole intention here is to demonize an officer not even having witnessed the altercation or being privvy to the investigation. I just hate it when we all jump on the band wagon and demonize the very officers for doing their jobs but when our nenen hand gets chopped off the next day we run to the very same officers and accuse them of being too soft or incompetent.

    Initially I was concerned about the actions of the officer but having been privvy to the investigations and village gossip (radio cord cappi) after the fact, it left a sour tatse in my mouth for the woman. The sole purpose of runing to the press and comissioner was to avoid her being remanded in prison until her case. How the hell as a law abiding citizen I can tolerate a citizen abusing an officer and then some of you have the odasity to come here asking how a little lady can beat an officer? I hope the powers to be continue with the case and let her tell the court her story in full view of the public. She is guilty as hell for grabbing and squeezing the mans balls. Because she come from overs she believe she know the law more the police and want to obstruct the?

    I am watching closely at the actions of the commissioner and deputy to see if they will hang the officer out to dry for political reasons. Wrong is wrong and when officers are wrong they should be punished but when civilians break the laws and they are dealt with within the confines of acceptable police practices and existing laws then it is what it is! I hope she is extradited to face the charges because the public relations stunt she pulled to facilitate her unimpeded departure from Dca (run from the law) is distasteful to say the least. Once again a criminal has evaded justice in Dca by simply blaming it on the police and having a good public relations plan.

    Having said that, I want to make it absolutely clear that am not related to the officer or officers involved. Matter of fact, I don’t even know them personally except for the fact that the one being accused had his balls seriously squeezed for attempting to do his job. As a law abiding citizen I have a moral obligation to tell it like it is. Now let the antipolice rhetoric begin.

    • Conpeh zandoly
      February 16, 2012

      These type of police officers is needed but is for the bad bad people and some grand bay people are not easy people just to let u know i am from grand bay too but there are corupt police officers too on the island. its time for the police to fix grand bay i also know there are other bad villages but i would like to see a 200 bad bad police and the same police man the lady took to court to be stationed in grand bay and keep in check the mothers fathers , brothers, sisters , children. friend. their sivil servant friends and also their bank acounts their wealths for example their big big houses a poeple cant be blest when what they have in life came from peoples sorrow. i like reggae music but i say no to mariwana and all drugs and this is to the law if drug brings sorrow to good people familys . the good people should take to the drug dealas big big sorrow to them . please let them stop .

  13. WOW
    September 7, 2010

    @mabouche You all have a history of hating every police officer on island and many people know why,so stop you nonsense….Go and be a role model in your community…

  14. Anonymous
    September 7, 2010

    what is the police name sombody tell us

  15. Anonymous
    September 7, 2010

    people need to understand that there is law and order every where. you cannot come to a police station and speak to a prisoner, or behave disorderly, wheather or not that person is you brother mother or father. this is a police station and there must be adherence to the rules and regulations of that police station. i urge the police to be very vigilante and investigate the matter properly before coming to any conclusions that would send the wrong message to the public. not because the public is excited you cause the public excitement to vilify that police man. appearantely ms weeks seems to be giving the impression that the police was at fault.

  16. mabouché
    September 7, 2010

    @Karkabeff: The woman in question is not crazy or irrational therefore would not attack a policeman twice her size and obviously stronger than her. The policeman in question is a bully. There are other people that he has beaten & threatened in the community without cause. This is an ”officer,”and i use the term loosely, who would swear & use derogatory terms to people who call the police station for information.

    Whether he is your friend or family & especially since you claim he has a wife is good enough reason to relay to him proper communication techniques, anger management and refrain from engaging in police brutality which is the abuse of his position as an officer of the law.

  17. Jane
    September 7, 2010

    Ensure that the young lady get the medical report that so conveniently disappear while in police custidy.

  18. Karkabeff
    September 7, 2010

    Suprised!!!! Little miss Angel grab the man balls and expect him to stand there? Give me a break. When police ask you all to leave the facility respect the law and leave. I dont care what right you think you have to refuse to leave. If not they will move you or arrest you for obstruction. Plain and simple. And when they arrest you for obstructing them in their duties and beating them by grabbing their balls and squeezing it like it belongs to you they have every right to blaysay you with some serious licks until you release. The man just get married for heaven sake. You want his wifey to horn him man?

    Take it or leave it, I congratulate the police officer for restraining himself when responding to such a attack vicious on his manhood. Now let the press and anti-police talk.

  19. shatta
    September 7, 2010

    i am waiting for d outcome,no homo

  20. de caribbean change
    September 7, 2010

    Ensure that the police officer is put on administrative leave whilst the investigation is being conducted, Inspector Weeks.

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