Police weapons and ammunition meet international standards – Weekes

Police in riot gear get ready to face protesters in Salisbury
Police in riot gear get ready to face protesters in Salisbury

Police PRO, ASP Claude Weekes, has said the Commonwealth of Dominia Police Force has a mandate to maintain law and order on the island and has in its possession an arsernal of weapons and ammunition which meet United Nations and international standards.

He also said the police dealt with a protest in Salisbury recently in a manner that was lawful and reasonable.

On Monday May 11, Salisbury was engulfed in protest action with residents saying the community had been neglected by the government and roads, especially feeder roads, were in terrible conditions. The road was blocked but it was eventually cleared by the police using tear gas.

Days later, local attorney Tiyani Behanzin, alleged that the tear gas used had expired and was not fit for use at the protest. He said residents can take legal action against the government.

But in a press release on Wednesday Weekes did not specifically address the issue of expired tear gas canisters only saying all weapons the police possess meet international mandates.

“The Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force is mandated by law to maintain law and order,” he said. “The Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force has by law an arsenal of weapons and ammunition in compliance with United Nations conventions and international law.”

He stated that the police force is not looking for any confrontations with the public but it must deal with lawlessness.

“It is a civilian force, not a military,” Weekes said. “However, the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force must deal with acts of lawlessness whenever they arise. By law we are mandated to do so.”

He said the police had to deal with what he called “the riotous mob at Salisbury.”

“In dealing with the riotous mob, the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force used force that was necessary, reasonable, lawful and justifiable under the circumstances,” he stated.

Weekes noted that during the protest the police did not use “weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons or white burning phosphorus.”

“The ammunition used fall under the United Nations Convention and International Law,” he insisted.

It is alleged that the tear gas canisters used in Salisbury were expired
It is alleged that the tear gas canisters used in Salisbury were expired

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  1. June 13, 2015

    when these people on the hill will stop making lennox make a fool out of them then they will be treated differently before that take what they get in their stupidity

  2. grand bay
    May 24, 2015

    what u say can an will be used against u in the court of law…take weekes to court!!!

  3. appeal court-student
    May 22, 2015

    good morning Dominica.

    I ask for the goodwill of God in this presentation to bring these generation of Police Officers before God and all mankind to seek the relief that they seek before the courts as there was no Justice beholden on to this Police Officers.We seek the reinstatement of dimissed Police Officers R. Vidal,O Tyson and Police on Suspension Z Auguiste.

    AS IT WERE,Police Officers M. Williams,P Betrand and E Etinoffe were reinstated into the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force abd grated the relief they seek.

    We are guided and belive that in this jurisdition there is still Justice for Domincan citizens and Justice is not based on the colour of your skin,who you know and which political party you are affilated with.

    Let it be known that as i write today i demand Justice in my country of birth and i am prepared to fight to the very end or die trying.Cause if a man were to lose his soul then life would be useless.


  4. Concern D/can
    May 22, 2015

    What I would be interested in is seeing a report on;
    1) Tear gas in stock at present at the CDPF.
    2) Incoming tear gas to their stock for the past 30 years.
    3) Out-going tear gas for that time and how they were disbursed of.
    a. How many were used
    b. How many were destroyed
    4) A test and investigation on these canisters to determine who they belong to.

  5. Music Producer
    May 22, 2015

    Yeah, and expired foods become more nutritious 8-O

  6. dominica
    May 22, 2015

    ok so lemme try and understand what allu saying there…using expired tear gas is extremely toxic and can kill you? so what does getting a koolwash in your head do to you? I guess nothing because our heads are made of steel

  7. May 21, 2015

    Hello and good afternoon my people. First looking at the photograph attached to this article I don’t see one Police Officer in his/her Police Uniform rather I will have to assume that it’s the Military that’s there. Second Mr Weekes is misinformed when he said that no Chemical weapon was used when Tear Gas was used which is a form of Chemical Weapon. I don’t vote in Dominica and I don’t take sides but we are a Democratic Country so our people have right to protest and our Government also must monitor and respond to maintain the peace. It seems like we are dependent upon the European Union to give us funds to fix the feeder roads to get our produce to market otherwise our roads won’t be fixed.
    The heavy equipment I see isnt very heavy I don’t see any roller to compact the soil with gravel to make it stable and the side of the road seems to be prone to landslide and soil erosion. I just hope it will be better for the people who need the road.

  8. Johnny
    May 21, 2015

    UWP must have sponsored this post. LOL
    Just another thing to make Dominica look like it is getting out of control. To be honest, I couldn’t be more excited about where Dominica’s development and social status is going. If you don’t want to get tear gassed, don’t block a road. There are businesses, emergency services, personal drivers that need to get to their destinations.

    • Francisco Telemaque
      May 21, 2015

      Johnny, are you foolish or what?

      Are you pretending to be dumb that you see nothing wrong with Dominica? What Development you see taking place in Dominica. If your comments are in reference to Tony’s submission, everything he said is in order. If you take a Grader and remove bumps in a road leveling it, without any drainage, on both sides of the road.

      There is no compaction on the leveled, what do you think is going to happen when rain! It rains just about everyday in the mountains of Dominica, so the way as it is the farmers are not getting anything. What you see is nothing more than Skerrit masquerading to keep the farmers quiet, and what does UWP have to do with that!

      Your comment makes absolutely no sense whatsoever; so your LOL is on you: the joke is on you! Because when it rain, all you will have is a saturated pile of and stagnant water.

  9. nigel
    May 21, 2015

    The use of expired tear gas has been warned against by doctors, who say that tear gas when expired turns toxic, and far more dangerous to humans and other organisms.” Again, no specifics or sources for those claims.

    The effectiveness of tear gas does degrade over time when exposed to air.

  10. bigger
    May 21, 2015

    So are you guys saying tjhat the police should have used legal weapons as oppose to expired canisters I surmise that all you doom and gloom merchants would be happier. Let me say that this little village of ours has a lot of uneducated people just waiting for the uneducated to entice them to civil disorder

    • Peter Potter
      May 22, 2015

      They should not have used any weapons at all!

  11. african queen MS
    May 21, 2015

    mr weeks never mention any thing about the he out dated tear gas that what we all dealing with i guess he wants his pension so he has to talk cheap gutter talk.

  12. closing ranks
    May 21, 2015

    do not expect mr weekes to speak in favour of the protestors. years the government punish Salisbury people for not voting labour party

  13. I am Dominican
    May 21, 2015

    In a nutshell what the enemies of peace and progress are saying is that they will welcome unexpired tear gas any day over the expired one. In that case the police should not hesitate to use the good tear gas on them at any given opportunity. Based on their argument it would seem that when tear gas is expired it becomes stronger. However, the experts concluded that if enough time has elapsed that the chemicals have broken down inside the can, then it makes the canister less effective.

  14. ?????????
    May 21, 2015

    Weeks yas failed to address the issue at hand…the fact of the matter is that expired tear gas was used….and although the police has the right to use necessary force to disperse the protesters iy is against intl lawto useexpired stuff

  15. May 21, 2015

    Mr.Weekes you definetly have a serious problem,if a man of law said that the tear gas were expired give us the proof that they were not,,before you allow the public to turn against you as a police officer who i guess was well respected…normally using expired tear gas on people is stated as a crime against humanity…and this crime was done and encouraged by the dominican gov’t…this is a serious court case…because the public is exposed to serious health issues..now or in the future…

    • Ba You Bwa
      May 21, 2015

      You people must live in the jungle, not in a man-made civilzation. If you knew anything of what you’re talking about, you would know that the onus (responsibility) to prove that the date on the tear gas was expired is Mr. Behanzin’s, not the police. The one make the accusation or charge has the onus of supporting his case with incontestable proof. But ignoramuses such as yourself will not know that, or choose not to. Time to get smart Dominicans at home and abroad.

  16. May 21, 2015

    The Uneducated Wicked People, after their disappointing defeat at the pole, continue to carry their bitterness , anger and aggression into our society by attempts to overthrow our blessed Labour Government through acts of violent, illegal and political civil disobedience. Their ultimate goal is to gain power by sparking a civil war between Dominicans of different political leanings and affiliations. The Uneducated Wicked People will always find an issue to incite their ignorant zombie followers to violence, be it Roads, Sea Walls, Hotels, Economic Citizenship, House Speaker and now Tear Gas. For these sore losers, everything in Dominica including their lack of education, laziness and ignorance of the law calls for an overthrow of the duly elected Government. We, dedicated and faithful Labour Warriors will not, however, stand by and allow these degenerates to destroy our great Nation. So…go ahead and start your revolution and for sure Labour will end it…QUICKLY!!!

    • love
      May 21, 2015

      What are you talking about in time of Freedom Party a particular village was lawlesss just because they didn’t like the party. Think before you speak or write, don’t be bias.

      • dominica
        May 22, 2015

        so u want to go back to the unrest created by the freedom party? I thought we were looking for ways to move this country forward and not back

  17. anonymous2
    May 21, 2015

    Look out, this is only the beginning of the police state and they can call in others from off island.

    • JustMe
      May 21, 2015

      Oh look, somebody with a tin foil hat…get off the conspiracy theory juice please

  18. Malgraysa
    May 21, 2015

    Mr. Weekes is a decent man but he is also the spokesman for the police, duty bound to represent their official view.
    However, the police also stand accused and a statement like that, by one of their own will always be seen as impartial, like an accused being judge and jury of his own alleged misdoings.
    It would be more credible if an independent body were to examine the facts an make an announcement.
    Don’t ask mr. Weekes to jeopardize his pension.

  19. Truth Knowledge
    May 20, 2015

    One sadness of the ‘Dominica story’ demonstrated here is the that no matter how serious the issue, we seem utterly incapable or, perhaps more likely, unwilling, to address any issue from the perspective of the facts, the evidence or simply what is right. Instead, as with the vast majority of the contributions on this article, we tend to resort to myopic, entrenched, partisan positions. None of these contributors address the obvious seriousness of the level of disorder and violence perpetrated at Salisbury in what Weekes’ statement quite correctly termed “riotous” behaviour. The deliberate, unabashed, wanton and terrifying violence of the Salisbury ‘Mob’ was in fact just the sort of event that warrants the use of tear gas (expired or not) to bring to heel those who are either too violent, disregarding of the wellbeing of others, idle or just plain stupid, to understand the difference between legitimate protest action and out and out unjustifiable violence and lawlessness.

    • May 21, 2015

      You and Facts should put the shoe on the other feet. For once try seeing you in the shoes of the Salisbury people. Would you like to be sprayed with tear gras expired or not? You two just babble with no brains. Dominica is a democratic country .We have a right to protest peacefully. You and fact must be kissing butts

      • dominica
        May 22, 2015

        would you like to be hit with a stone or bottle in your head? you’re just babbling with no brains…Dominica is a democratic country…we all have a right to pass peacefully and unharmed on the roads of Dominica

  20. thomas thomas
    May 20, 2015

    Nothing in Dominica meets international standards. :-|

  21. Jah Youth
    May 20, 2015

    Will Mr Weekes conscience allow him to sleep tonight.That is the question only Mr Weekes can answer.
    I know if you not part of the solution you are part of the problem.
    To be impartial is indeed to have already taken sides with the status quo Mr Weekes.

  22. Business Minded- Put Dominica First
    May 20, 2015

    What is troubling is Mr. Weeks claimed that DPF has a mandate to maintain law and order which I agree with. But to allow all these unsolved murders to continue in the country epically in the town of Portsmouth represents a total contradiction to his comments.

    Much better training is necessary to deal with situations like these; based on the picture of the force above, one came see they came prepared for battle. For a second, I thought this was one of the countries in Africa where a dictator would not allow the constitution to be practiced by the people.

  23. ex DA law man
    May 20, 2015

    sorry guys.You all messed up.Did anyone look at the dates before using them?why didn’t you guys pick up the empty cans?THEY were expuired.PERIOD.Take the evidence with you all next time.Better planning must be done next time.Accept your mistakes and learn from them.Over all,you guys handled the situation very well.

    • Derryck
      May 21, 2015

      You are truly an ex DA lawman. “Meme bete meme pwelle”. You ask why didn’t you pick up the empty cans? Are you saying if the cans were picked up there would have been no evidence of their wrong doing and it would be alright? I hope not. Could you also elaborate on the better planning. I am continued to be amazed.

  24. %
    May 20, 2015

    Mr Weekes little by little you seem to be losing the respect that people like me had for you. QUESTION SIR! Were the teargas cannisters expired Mr Weekes?
    Is it international standard to use expired chemical on protesters! avoiDontavoid question with ur harangue Sir. WE NEED ANSWERS!

  25. Ask Savarin
    May 20, 2015

    Weekes that talking that nonsense boy? How shameful! If were Mr. Weekes I would prefer to step down from PRO than to support the foolishness of the police. First of all, tear gas were expired,’2 It was a peaceful protest 3. All the people wanted was to meet with the PM 4. I would have blamed the people if they had set the place on fire or things of that sort. People have a right to protest and it’s heart breaking to see that instead of the police encouraging Skerrit to meet with the people, they decided to smoke them with tear gas. That’s what is illegal

  26. Attitude
    May 20, 2015

    If Behanzin was worth his salt he would have known that the best evidence is ‘first hand, original evidence’. With that in mind he would have been the first man on the scene with his video camera documenting what was taking place and producing the tear gas canisters in the police possession before they were used and the same canister after use. Without that kind of presentation we are left in doubt as to where his exhibits came from. Basically those he has presented could have come from anywhere, unless he can prove otherwise! Behanzin your case is dismissed!!

  27. Truth be Told
    May 20, 2015

    Do you hear laughter across the Caribbean, Dominicans? “Weekes noted that during the protest the police did not use “weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons or white burning phosphorus.”” :oops:

  28. Francisco Telemaque
    May 20, 2015

    Weeks it is plainly written on one of the canisters “H & W” followed by 11-88.

    If you do not know what that represents let me inform you: H & W are the manufactures of the gas, 11-88 tells you the gas was manufacture in November, of 1988, we are in the year 2015, that means the product is twenty-seven years old. If you look carefully there must be an expatriation date somewhere on the canisters.

    We live in a age of technology, and education for all, no longer do have to take the what someone said simply because they are called teacher, priest, or policeman. Some of us knows more Chemistry that you have not heard in your entire life, and will never learn. To late for you oui!


    • Jayson
      May 21, 2015

      If the said product is 27 years old and most probably surpassed it’s ‘use-by date,’ would that not can cause the canisters to decrease in potency?

      • Me
        May 21, 2015

        No Jayson, it would render them more dangerous to human health because of the instability of the chemicals used. Otherwise the canisters would not have an expiry date.

      • LiterateRas767
        May 21, 2015

        Apparently using Google to look up the possible effects and potency of expired Tear-Gas is beyond the average person posting on this page :-|

      • Francisco Telemaque
        May 21, 2015

        Very interesting question: It depends on the type of chemical or compounds you are dealing with: once its properties changes, it can become more deadly than what it was initially intended to do.

        That is the reason why medication; liquid, or solid has an expiration date. I have a tenant who suffers from hypertension (high blood pressure), he takes the medication when he feels like. One morning he took an expired blood pressure medication, about three months passed expriation which resulted in his face becoming swollen, his eyes could not open, his lips got very large, his tongue got swollen, rendering him speechless.

        Now, idiots like “DAHMAN” someday will experience Skerrit’s wrath, and will sing a different tune, you support his crap, but you too will suffer one day at the hands of Skerrit.

  29. Real
    May 20, 2015

    Mr Weekes. Peaceful protest should not be categorized as a “riotous mob”. You MUST be impartial as a law enforcement officer. Choose your words wisely or you will lose credibility and respect from us.

    • point
      May 20, 2015

      @Real since when peaceful protest include stoning of police and hindering the free flow of traffic? It was a RIOTOUS MOB!! As to wether or not their actions were justified is another matter.

    • ebay
      May 21, 2015

      How it was peaceful and police vehicles were damaged and a police was hospitalized? You don’t have respect for him anyways so come again

      • x y & z
        May 21, 2015

        The protest was peaceful until the police took violent action against the parliamentary representative who was trying to diffuse the tense situation. There’s enough video evidence that shows exactly that. The protest was not legal as they blocked off the main road impeding the free flow of traffic so both sides were wrong HOWEVER none of that has to do with the fact that the tear gas utilized was expired and therefore poisonous which is the issue at hand right now anyway.

      • May 21, 2015

        People retaliate to things that are done to them.Police strike first so they strike back

  30. The Authorities
    May 20, 2015

    Police PRO, ASP Claude Weekes, correctly said “all weapons the police possess meet international mandates.” (present tense)

    Nonetheless, due to the lexical and conceptual semantics of that quote we The Authorities are preparing a response to the plausible conjecture that the tear gas used (past tense) at the recent Salisbury demonstration had expired.

    “Don’t look where you fell, look where you slipped.” – African proverb

  31. May 20, 2015

    Expired tear gas nor updated tear gas it still were lawful to deployed tear gas towards those wanted to create revolution in this country just for manner issues could be solved peaceful ly, I bet next time it will be a peaceful protest, Good job officers.

  32. Francisco Telemaque
    May 20, 2015

    Claude , police do have to maintain law and order, peace officers are supposed to serve and protect, the people and the infrastructure such as private, and governmental property.

    There is no place anywhere on this earth where police protocol call for police to use expired chemicals on the citizens of a country. So this nonsense you talk about international stands are hogwash!

    If you have a common fire extinguisher, it has to be serviced once per year; if you keep it indefinitely, and there is an emergency, that sucker will not work! So what are you talking about man, don’t you know about chemical decomposition, what sort of police training have you got?

    Man Let Skerrit send you to school, take a chemistry class, educate yourself specifically about the chemicals you used on the people. Any can see the chemicals are out dated!

    • dominica
      May 20, 2015

      wow!! are you a chemist?you seem to know so much

      • The Facts
        May 20, 2015

        Do not let him deceive you or anyone else. As with others he Google it, got the information and made it appear that he knows so much. He is trying to pull a fast one on Dominicans, especially those who reside in Dominica. That man is a tricky man who loves to show off and brag and make others believe that he is smarter than they are. Anybody can Google to get the information. It is on the Internet!

      • Shameless
        May 20, 2015

        Quit being an idiot! You miss the point FET is making entirely or just maybe its a deliberate effort by you to discredit what he is saying. FET you are right on the money. However, be mindful that Weeks has to be careful in his words because you or I don’t have a job for him when the Supreme leader axe him :mrgreen: . Skerritnica has become a very dangerous place to leave under the DLP. Not even the police who delivered the expired deadly dose were offered protection (gas masks). It is my understanding that at least one officer in the “Salisbury Death Squad” has reported sick since the attack and it may be related to the tear gas.

        Assertive Not Aggressive!

      • Francisco Telemaque
        May 20, 2015

        No madam/sir, I am not a chemist, however when I majored in Health Science, perusing a medical career, Chemistry was one of my perquisites. One cannot become a medical doctor without taking chemistry.

        Hence, I took General, and Organic Chemistry. My final grade in General Chemistry is an “A”, I did not do so well in organic Chemistry, that’s a very difficult subject; and the rest is history. For your information, when I took physics I also got an “A” in the discipline. The little bit of information I am throwing out there is not a big deal, that is elementry!

      • Francisco Telemaque
        May 22, 2015

        “Do not let him deceive you or anyone else. As with others he Google it, got the information and made it appear that he knows so much.”(Facts).

        Once again Facts, I am giving you the opportunity to Google precisely the comments verbatim as I state my comments, and post it right here on DNO only to embarrass me. I am begging you please do it once and for all, unless you are can do that; you need to simply shut up!

        I have been telling you that for more than a year now, yet you fail to comply with my request, If you are unable to find my source, get the little girl teacher to help you, perhaps two will be more successful than one. No matter what you do you can neither defeat, nor embarrass me!

        My academics, and intelligence are way over yours, you’ll cease to exist before you catch up with me educationally!

  33. Peter Potter
    May 20, 2015

    I suspect an independent body from the U.S. or Europe would soon shed light on that statement. But it would probably never get that far. Rather, in proper DLP regime fashion, they will at least try to sweep the problem under the carpet. Are we gonna allow them to do that???

  34. Concerned
    May 20, 2015

    I agree the force used was reasonable but it still does not answer the question why was expired tear gas used.

    • anonymous2
      May 21, 2015

      Why? Because that is all that they have that was given to them for free. Someone else’s discards.

  35. too late
    May 20, 2015

    The Facts why did your party use expired tear gas on people? Do you support that too?an whats up with your boys in malaysia? the head of the imigration bereau and dem other fellas?

    and by way the Facts I detest the level of corruption in our country and those who support it. i have no regard for corrupt leaders and their sympathiser. thas all sir

  36. Doc. Love
    May 20, 2015

    Mr. Weeks, please don’t make the people of Dominica loose all the respect they have for you, because of your stupid remarks. The police blundered, case closed. You almost sounded like Skeritt or Blackmore, you are more intelligent then that. Because the food administration authorizes the super markets to sell corn beef to their customers, regardless to how many months the corn beef has expired, it is still good for human consumption. If this is the case, why should an expired date be placed on the product, in the first place. It is better to be considered a big fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubts.

    • The Facts
      May 20, 2015

      Consider how many years D/cans have been eating canned stuff. There was no expiry date on them. It did not kill anyone of them at least, I will state, not instantly, if ever. God knows how old those cans were.
      Since the Food and Drug Administration with the influence of some interest groups in those progressive countries mandated that all packaged and canned foods must have expiry dates, today, some people make a huge fuss over them. Yet, all sorts of diseases have surfaced, some doctors have yet to name and cancer has increased. Even D/ca has had its share (not attributed to canned and packaged foods), and more to come, no doubt as the years progress.
      As we go about our business, inhaling bad air and fumes in progressive countries have they killed anyone? I know of no D/cans who died from them.

  37. Black man
    May 20, 2015

    Were the contents of the tear gas cannisters fired at unarmed villagers from Salisbury expired, Mr. Weekes?

    What was the expiry date on the cannisters? So those dates from the weapons’ manufactures are false, bogus?

    What is the policy, the stance, of the UN as regards use of expired toxic, chemical agents against innocent people?

    Mr. Weekes has been placed in a position, unfortunately will jeopardise his credibility, integrity, independence, as a professional custodian of the Law in that police Force. That is not the Police Force of before that maintained a certain level of independence from political manipulations. Weekes under pressure.

    Again, are those tear gas cannisters, fired at innocent villagers of Salisbury, out-dated, expired and dangerous to people’s health?

    It is those in Gov’t, the politicians, those who neglect the people, those who amass wealth quickly, while in public office, and their ilk, who are always well protected by State actors…

    • Question
      May 21, 2015

      After a statement like this Mr. Weeks do you think villagers can help the police, when you are calling peaceful protesters riotous mob, Mr. Weeks these are strong words, coming from you. You were on the scene speaking with the people and that is what you turn around and say. God as you know is not asleep.

  38. john paul
    May 20, 2015

    This is so typical avoidance of answering the question,Mr.Weekes were those tear gas canisters expired
    By the way tear gas is a chemical weapon

  39. Anthony Ismael
    May 20, 2015

    Tiyani presented specific dates on the canisters that the were used and their shelf life according to the manufacture’s recommendations.

    ASP Weekes responded with a long-winded essay, without addressing the issues that Tiyani raised. Here again we have yet another empty press release by the authorities. ASP Weekes failed to clarify any lingering concerns that the general public might have, regarding future use of tear gas.

    We all understood that action had to be taken by law enforcement. Even the protestors knew that. The burning question is this: Did police officers use expired tear gas against protestors and what are the potential side effects if any?

    There was never any question about the use of force. The question concerns the “Tear Gas” used. That’s all that we seek to clarify here.

    • Truth Knowledge
      May 21, 2015

      The following article may, just may, be of interest to the more enlightened out there.
      “Who, What, Why: How dangerous is tear gas?
      By Rema Rahman BBC News
      25 November 2011
      Authorities use tear gas, namely the CS version, because “it means avoiding the use of something more physical or live rounds [of ammunition],” says Alastair Hay, professor of environmental toxicology at the University of Leeds.
      “Generally, deaths from exposure to riot control agents are minimal – that’s why most countries have them as something to resort to.”
      Repeated or prolonged exposure is dangerous, says Steve Wright of Leeds Metropolitan University, who has researched technologies related to policing.
      Reports of expired tear gas canisters picked up by protesters in Egypt led to theories that it could be more toxic. But Mr Wright says if enough time has elapsed that the chemicals have broken down inside the can, then it makes the canister less effective.”
      Just saying…

    May 20, 2015

    Mr.Weekes,don’t try losing your integrity.You did’nt address the issue of whether the canisters of tear gas were expired?

  41. help the lady
    May 20, 2015

    has anybody realised that what the salisbury people did was not a demonstration but actually civil disobedience which is actually illegal under dominican law and according to law the police were well within there rights to use all means necessary to end the situation especially after the people of salisbury made the first strike in throwing rocks and other debris at the police officers .
    on the other hand i will condemn the police in the use of expired CS gas ( which still hasent been proved to be expired as the only evidence is a picture of an id# on the side of the can ) the expiry date on all munitions is always located on the base of the round near the primer.
    if it does prove to be expired the police will have to be brought up to speed on the use disposal and recycling of expired munitions.
    the next point is that the people of salisbury if they sue and win the case i would give that money to DSC students whom by there illegal actions made miss exams which they paid for

    • The Facts
      May 20, 2015

      Let us say the police used what was within their means/scope. They did not have a choice.
      I would think that some people who are employed hourly (if there were any), if they did not report to work on time, they also lost income. Some of that money should also be given to them.
      What about business owners? They also lost some business. They all should sue for the protest was illegal.

    • Truth Knowledge
      May 20, 2015

      My friend, the people of Salisbury, or elsewhere for that matter, can sue all they want. Anybody can sue. What is certain though, is that they cannot succeed in any such suit. What is more, if they are to rely upon the legal advice of ‘senior counsel’ Behanzin, then as the saying goes, if the blind lead the blind they shall both fall in the ditch. Ask Mr. Behanzin whatever happened to that infamous “legitimate expectation” case of his some time aback when he trumpeted so loudly that he had filed a suit and was going to force the Government to fulfil his “legitimate expectation” and give him a waiver to be called to the Bar. He lost that case and he and his apologists have kept it very very quiet!

    • Malgraysa
      May 21, 2015

      Arson against defenseless, elderly civilians is against the law, especially when they are asleep in their beds at home.

    • mydominicatradehouse.com
      May 21, 2015

      idiot, when will realize the discuss is not about civil disobedience or unlawful conduct, it is about the use of EXPIRED TOXIC(poison to the body) CHEMICALS on its citizens..

      weeks the respect i held for you has just went out the door and your credibility is questionable.

  42. Bee
    May 20, 2015

    So was the tear gas expired or not?

    • The Facts
      May 20, 2015

      :lol: :lol: :lol: Keep asking! :lol: :lol: :lol: Do not make me laugh anymore. :lol: :lol: :lol: :?: :?: :?:

  43. AA
    May 20, 2015

    What is weeks saying, that it is international standards to use expired and defective items in the execution of their duties? Isn’t there a risk of using these items on people? Weeks should google the effects of expired teargas.

    The people of Salisbury should come together and file a class action suit against the police force and government for this malicious act against the community

    • dominica
      May 20, 2015

      it is an international right to protect yourself…so if u attacking me and I have a way to defend myself against you I shouldn’t because my actions could harm you? so I must stay there and let u beat me up? accused murderers do get off on self defense irrespective of the fact that they have broken the law by taking another person’s life

      • Duncekyat
        May 20, 2015


        Dude, you’re so confused… I read your statement and you sound like someone woke you up mid sleep and you just started typing. Try wetting your face first before you attack those keys. 8) 8)

    • The Facts
      May 20, 2015

      Come on! D/ca has clean air. What with all that fresh water, all of which evaporates and permeates the air and keep it clean. :lol:
      If the gas was expired, it has not got anyone sick. No one died from it.
      The protesters are still enjoying life and as healthy as they were while protesting. :lol:
      Years ago who cared what was expired and what was not?
      These days some people are too fresh, thanks to TV and Internet.

    • Truth Knowledge
      May 21, 2015

      See the comment response to “Help the Lady” above. If you have money to waste throw it in the collection bowl.

  44. Kid On The Block
    May 20, 2015

    Behanzin if those tear gas you alleged the Police used was expired. one would image that they were not effective enough because their strength had weaken which the protesters should be thankful for. Tell them to try that again; this time the Police will use the unexpired ones and we will hear what advice you have to give them! Wicked!

    • Francisco Telemaque
      May 20, 2015

      Facts you can run but you cannot hide, we know Kid On The Block is you.


      You better name yourself Phantom In The Night, perhaps you will escape me. Nevertheless, you are at it again shooting crap, when you know nothing about chemical decomposition. I tell what; if you want to discover the effect of decomposition, keep some of your medication when they expire, and within two months to a year, take the medication, and see what effect it will have on you.

      Pills are develop from compounds, they have a life span, after that duration, they begin to decompose, it the same thing with gasses. I am not trying to educate you eh, because you know everything a human can possible learn!

      • The Facts
        May 20, 2015

        :lol: :lol: :lol: Are you asleep and blind when you are awake? How many times have I told you I am not Kid On The Block? This person must be laughing at you.
        My cross is long with you. I will accept your error in good spirits and humor.
        Keep thinking it is me. I told you to ask DNO. DNO knows if it is the same person or not. To satisfy you, DNO should correct you.
        You certainly made me laugh. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: My heart and mind are peaceful. Keep beating up yourself into a frenzy. I will not correct you in future.
        In addition, for your information, I do not take medication; no one in our household takes medication. We do not as much as have Aspirin or Tylenol. We take Vitamin Supplement Pills and herb tea. So far, so good. Thank God!

        May 21, 2015

        Idiot! Make sure your brain is in gear before engaging your mouth. Stop speculating and blame others. Your comparison makes no sense. Would you compare an expired INHAILER(for cold) and some other expired fluid or liquid medicine for cold? Bear in mind the expired Inhailer STRENGTH IS GONE AND IS OF NO USE and has no effect but the other liquid or fluid because of the chemicals turn to something else and when consumed and enters the blood can affect.
        And please leave The Facts alone! I’m the original…KID ON THE BLOCK :lol: :-D :lol:

    • REAL!!!!
      May 20, 2015

      You are really a ” kid on the Block” Can Food that meant to feed you after the expire date becomes a harmful product and can caused death or hospitalization.

      So why don’t you eat the expired Can Food of 4years old and you find out if you will be still alive.

      Many products in canister that expires becomes more potent that the original product if ingested or comes into physical contact with humans will cause serious harm.

      • The Facts
        May 20, 2015

        Are you aware even those that are not yet expired could cause illness and kill? Even your very fish, meat and vegetables, if not prepared/cooked properly and preserved could make you sick.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        May 20, 2015

        And you are very right!

    • dominica
      May 20, 2015

      dat is d same thing I checkin there u know…and as a matter of fact d tear gas so didn’t have strength dem people wasnt even feeling dat…dat was not no protest by no farmers for no road…it was a handful of outlaws who saw an opportunity to create trouble

    • The Facts
      May 20, 2015

      Kid On The Block, this time I fully commend you. Your insight is an excellent one. None of us thought of the possibility, if the tear gas expired it would not have had the strength to do any or much harm.
      See! None of us are all that as smart as some others, as you. You deserve a citation and award. :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Francisco Telemaque
        May 22, 2015

        Yes, I believe you are responding to your very own submission oui!


    • Grass Roots
      May 21, 2015

      Stop talking rubbish, you just never know, the next time it might not be the people of Salisbury, but you. Watch what you wish for others.

  45. TRUTH
    May 20, 2015

    While the people had a right to protest they had no right of prevented people from going to work and children going to school, that was wrong. What was worse is, when the police told them to unblock the road they flatly refused and when the police tried to clear the road they pelted stones and bottles at them. The police had all the right to protect the citizens and themselves. I am happy that no one died in the process as some would wanted to have happened. The people of Salisbury and Dominica was surprised that the police force is well equipped to face these kind of challenges. Now when another community want to “COPY CAT” the police will be waiting. Protest all you want but DO NOT hinder anybody from going on their daily business. I am happy that our force is equipped. 8) 8-O :lol: :-P

    • dominica
      May 20, 2015

      they want to protest for their right by infringing on other people right…I have right to pass on d road is not allu alone dat have right

      • Jayson
        May 21, 2015

        I agree totally with this comment!!

    • The Facts
      May 20, 2015

      Sheer disobedience. They should have been arrested. Too bad the police did not have a huge van to put them in or did they at that time?
      I do think the police were lenient with them. They exercised patience and were cautious. The protesters should be thankful.

    • Me too
      May 21, 2015

      Ignorance is bliss!!!. you remind me of the stories i hear about the “field slaves and the house slave”. The mentality of these two slaves are quite different even if the end result is the same. While the field slaves wants his freedom and independence to be,, the house slave is content with the status quo, because Massa give him/her better clothes. His/her main concern now become for the welfare of Massa and Ms. Millie and Ms. Millie chil’ren – not his/her own. But the field slaves now understands much more and so when he decides to revolt or run away – he never includes or inform the house slave. You my dear is a HOUSE SLAVE – you are limited in your vision. and so we the field slaves forgive you but we must do what we h ave to do to become.!

  46. alas
    May 20, 2015

    You could have called a press conference to show your confidence and defend de force.
    I am questioning why u didn’t respond quicker with confidence. De force been taking quite a lash. I wonder about de morale of de individual officers. Remember de PM called a press conference, although not related to de salisbury incident he made mention to it promising salisbury farmers some redress for feeder roads.
    De police commmissioner is tight-lipped. Minister of secirity never uttered a single word.
    Don’t come now..too late with ur crocodile tears.
    You only addressed weaponry that de force had
    Can you please make a comment on de dates that I see on de tear gas canisters?
    Be specific about de tear gas…is that we concerned about
    You could have cleared de air on de dates on de tear gas canisters by Monday afternoon.
    It’s that important to us
    Your image is being tarnished!
    If it was a DLP constituency de force would never ect that way.
    Why you so weak!!!

    • The Facts
      May 20, 2015

      Some of you never think. Did you consider that he is not the PM and could have been awaiting the PM’s comment? Then he commented. Give him credit for that.
      Ask questions instead of assuming and lambasting him. This is what a smart person would do. You know as, “I wonder why you did not comment sooner . . .? Words to that effect.

  47. May 20, 2015

    Mr. Weekes with all due respect sir, you are beating around the bush. The issue is about expired teargas. There is no denial that by law the police must maintain law and order but within the ambit of the law and when confronting a protest or demonstration the rules of engagement must also be lawful .Mr. Weekes if a commission of inquiry is held into the Salisbury situation which took place on the May 11th 2015 Ibelieve that you will be in error.By all accounts the crowd was peaceful until when provoked by the tactless approach of the police.

  48. May 20, 2015

    if you live in glass house, you have to learn not to throw stones.

  49. May 20, 2015

    the uwp boys will try all in their power to the prime minister and his party look bad. but the harder they come, the harder they fall

  50. Knowitall
    May 20, 2015

    I am very must surprise that Weekes would put is reputation on the line, when the Canister earlier indicate that there were expired. This is shameful; I have also all respect for him.

    • The Facts
      May 20, 2015

      Well, you do not know it all. Out of two lines, did you mean “much” and “his” and “they”?

  51. Ryan
    May 20, 2015

    Mr.Weekes the question remains the same..y did the police force used expired teargas on the people.. No where in the UN or any international rules that states that EXPIRED TEAR GAS is legal or legit

  52. Anonymous1
    May 20, 2015

    Bro The Weekes this statement is not from you but a script given to you to share with the Public. You are quite aware that the cannisters are outdated. Please ask for forgiveness.

  53. too late
    May 20, 2015

    ummm Mr weekes haven’t addressed whether the tear gas was expired or not. :?: :roll:

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