Top cop dismisses suggestions authorities not properly investigating attack on former magistrate’s home

Emmanuel (left), Carrette

Police Chief Cyril Carrette is dismissing suggestions that authorities are not properly investigation the fire attack on the home of former Magistrate Glenworth Emmanuel on Christmas morning.

Emmanuel called on the police yesterday to take action to bring the perpetrators to justice.

In a written statement issued to the press, Emmanuel said that based on the totality of his knowledge of the state of the Dominica police force investigations into the firebombing and malicious destruction of his house and the attempted murder of his wife, he is satisfied that the police have a credible admission of guilt by the person (s) who carried out the afore stated crime.

Emanuel said further that he was informed that the person (s) who have confessed to the said crimes have implicated two other persons, one being directly involved and the other as being an accessory after the fact at a minimum.

However, according to Emmanuel, while the confessor is incarcerated, the said implicated persons remain at large and have not been arrested by police even on suspicion.

He said the situation is remarkable in light of the fact that since being a victim of the said crimes, his wife and him have suffered much economic and emotional loss and have serious concern for the well-being of other family members, legal associates and office staff.

Emmanuel is calling on the police to act in accordance with the internationally established standards and do their jobs without fear or favor sooner rather than later.

But the top cop said in an interview with the media yesterday, that police is investigating the matter “professionally”.

“Persons can say lots of things. We are perusing every lead that we have. People can come and accuse themselves and accuse other people but you must verify that what is said is the truth. Without verification you cannot just go about arresting and charging people. We want to ensure that we do things properly and that’s what we are doing,” he said.

Carrette said no matter who is involved police will bring the perpetrators to justice.

Meantime the police chief is describing as “utter rubbish”, statements that political pressure is preventing police from adequately dealing with the matter.

“There is no political pressure in the police investigations. We as professionals will investigate crimes the way we know how it is done,” he said.

Carrette said police have interviewed several persons about the Christmas morning bombing.

“There is someone of interest who is at the prison now convicted on another matter. He has been assisting police but we must verify the information that he gave because he gave conflicting statement. We must now try to ensure that we ascertain the veracity of what is being said,” Carrette said.

He said another individual of interest is out of state.

“We need to identify where that person is and get the authorities to try to get the persons back into the country. We will attempt to get that person to return. We will be in contact with our counterparts to have this matter solved,” he added.

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  1. June 23, 2011

    Mr. Carrette why was the former chief of police send on leave? Was it because he was doing his job?

  2. Domerican
    June 22, 2011

    Mr. Carrette, have you or someone from your office been sharing information of this investigation with Tony? He seems to know so much. If so, this is very unprofessional conduct and you should be fired.

  3. DPM
    June 21, 2011

    Carrette you should be charged for your incompetence.

    • comprehension 101
      June 22, 2011

      I’ll describe it in one word: Utter Garbage.
      Wasn’that two(2) words Mr.Commissoner? lol! Not as good as a 1st grader Rr.Commissioner.
      Is tyhat a reflection of of Medards quest to have the best people inkey positions? Time to call back Hobbes JnoBaptiste. His father taught me at school so Hobbes ain’t no fool.
      We were in class together in high school.I know him well.

  4. Jockers
    June 20, 2011

    Was it the guy who said he was going to send for an ASSONIST? guess what, the assonist fell right in his lap, now he fumbling and grumbling. Remember is a policeman who sings” The Longarm of the Law.99 days For the Team Tony” one day for Justic. You can do as much as you want , you can never do as long as you want.So that one day must come.

  5. Father MARTIN.
    June 18, 2011

    Typical Dominicans none of them knows Carette but all of them relaxing their idle mind while Carette is still geting paid as the comm.of police. The Doctor is all the way where people enjoy living and those empty fools talking about Red clinc and all that jazz look in the mirror and see your shadow all you F***s i agree with the Doctor you all are jelous of Carrette cause he must have ?????all your sisters or girlfriends or arrested your sorry A****. Now bring it on L*****s.

    • Truth, Love, Peace
      June 23, 2011

      Father Martin,

      I am assuming that you are a father of your biological children and not a Father, Priest otherwise you would not utilize such language.
      Be careful of the name/title you use on this Website. I suggest, for obvious reasons that you use another name or eliminate the word “Father”, if you are not a Priest for posting comments on this Website. Readers could misconstrue it to be otherwise.

      • Father MARTIN.
        June 24, 2011

        You cannot change the father and as such come to church to talk to the father.Blessed!

  6. senjoe senjoe
    June 17, 2011

    all road leads to Senjoe.. ask E-Z-Door

  7. Anonymous
    June 17, 2011

    Who is the pastor that import the items on church name?

    • FORKIT
      June 18, 2011


  8. Prosecuter
    June 16, 2011

    Having read all the posts ,I am satisfied things are bad on our island.In addition it is comical to have such a clown lwading the DPF in the person of Carrette.Where did they locate this “jack ass” to make it a commissioner.Time to bring back the Fox.The Fox had his bad habits we know his as crooked as they come but he could work up a polished British American accent( even his longest stint away from home was 6 months in barbados police Training school back in the late sixties. as someone once wrote in the news paper.My boy Fox would nevr call crime/fire detectives Arsonists,Nor would he leave us to think or conclude that the small fish in jail( who confessed)would be labeled the scotlandYard or FBI. LMAOI would like to have commented on every post but it would take too much space and time i do not have.
    AS a friend and one time neighbour told me in an e-mail” These guys of the cabal et AL each day are exposing their rears to the society.Initially they would expose their Butt cheeks now the showing their red spots( the orifices their boomboom holes.I wish I were a wood pecker I would prick them straight in it.El supremo et al are just plain crazy.”It is often stated before the gods destroy the evil men he first make them mad”On Matts farmers show thereis someone who attended a rally 3 weeks ago and called for revolution.Next day every one was on that individual’s case. But seeing things as they are subjectively it’s gonna occur.When intensity where is left to be seen but DA is fermenting.El Supremo et Al better begin their exsit strategies.The big lawyers the lackies hope they can swim cause they might have to leave all behind and escape back door on pipwee.It’s coming I hope it does not do so like the UWP when they were coming blow de horn.All we got from their coming was a political orgasm and premature at that reason why they’ll or should never get again if i were their ex-girlfriend DA. Some , a few good men and women will come forward at the point/time of need.That how leaders are made.Rising to the occasion.I hope my friend Parra( the only politician with balls/Cojones nor C.O Jones as one once said.But the time is now.Guys like Hobbs must be ready to lead again. Villas big mansions everywhere ,bank accounts cars SUVs etc will be confiscated and converted into state property.If the cabal et al are brave to stay then they will be match to you know where to serve indefinetely until the charges are penned which could take a long,long,long, long, long ,long,long, long, long ,long long, time mean while their butts will serve as wife to thirsty selected inmates with baguy booweek.I f you know what I mean. good night like Sir ALFRED HICHCOK would say.This the only solution,

    • Foreign accent syndr
      June 17, 2011

      In the news last week a woman who visited her dentist ended up with a british?irish accent.She had never left the USA nor is of irish nor English origin.The docs say head injury,dental visits ,tumors small strokes(like Saverin)can give FAS.So mr Percecutor maybe Fox had mini strokes ,head injury or had dental work.He has a funny mouth of teeth. Saverin already has his accent long before his strokes .Carrette can benifit from a stroke or two or head injury maybe he might get some sense in place of a foreign accent.He may learn the dif between an arsonist and Scotland yard.

    • DR
      June 17, 2011

      By your bad writing one can only conclude that your head is stuck between you A***** Hole leave it there till the World end in October.

      • To Dumbbas DR
        June 17, 2011

        Take a real one to read and not understand the humor .Sail on AH maybe you had a mini stoke too hahahahahahahahahajackass.You can’t even find humor in serious stuff.You must be skerrit’s cousin sort and saqwat too.

      • DR is Carrette?
        June 17, 2011

        U stupid or what ?The person is just having fun what writing you talking bout airhead?
        You seem to have issues are you the fox?No so sshut the F -up.No wonder DA is sowith responders like DR

      • Reader
        June 17, 2011

        DR are you on medical marijuana? There is/was no reason to be so silly are you Carrette or the Fox ? Mind ur business if you are not.I understood the comments to be humorous unlike you. You have Party relations or you getting funds from the red clinic or you have a portion of passports to sell? where is ur office based?In Bosnia, or you sharing Lebanon with you know who? For A while I began thinking DR must be cocum the DLP hachetman.Does DR stand for the D/can republic are you a little red man confused about his race?No where close tobeing white but does not want toaccept you are black either?You in limbo DR go say some holly marys and Our fathers before you get ur strokes too like U know who.

      • Maitre DR
        June 17, 2011

        The world did not end last month.Were you one of those waiting for it to occur DR, Put ur head to ur rear can you see the red hole? You are exposing urself in public/unline lol!

  9. Plenty Cutstyle
    June 16, 2011

    Is that the same Carrette that decided to prosecute the pastor for importing household items in the name of the church whereas those house hold items were really for his mansion on the outskirt of Portsmouth. Carrette went after the pastor because the pastor send mepwi for him on the pulpit during “A Funeral” (no implications DNO). Carrette was so upset he decided to go after the pastor however Carrette did not realize that the pastor was part of supremo’s inner circle. Supremo made one phone call and the pastor was forgiven baptised and is now seating at the right hand of the supremo and is again able to judge the leaving and the dead . Let the church say Amen.
    Gospel of Next Level chapter 11: 3-33
    Let us sing the hymn – How corrupt and great thou art

  10. Barb A Rosa
    June 16, 2011

    But then they would bring in Wiltshire for questioning, based on what evidence? Information given???

    Why not bring in said persons of interest for questioning and lock them in the cell too?

    They have more info on these people This is so much BS…. Double standards…

  11. Barb A Rosa
    June 16, 2011

    Without verification you cannot just go about arresting and charging people. We want to ensure that we do things properly and that’s what we are doing,” he said.
    Double standards at work again, but when the police feel like, they can drag the common man in, beat him, and hold him without an iota of evidence.

    Da Pwey sa

  12. Gambino Family
    June 16, 2011

    Come to think about it- Tony Astaphan was right when he said that the” easy door” would be a fool to engineer such heinous act. Tony’s message is man you should know that we got your back ; the police is on your side , King Skerro is on your side and I the ultimate decision maker is on your side why go through this extreme measures of trying to B-B-Que the old man and his wife and worse thing is that you using a paro to do your work. Paros are like slot machines in order to keep them functioning you got to keep them “Crackling”

  13. June 16, 2011

    Why people have to put politics in everything in Dominica

    • yaw yaw
      June 16, 2011

      Because the behaviour of the police is influenced by politics, the fire at Mr Emmanuels house has political connections and secretes of politicians that needs to be protected from public knowledge. The fact that the minister for national security is interfering in a private matter that supposedly has no bearing on national security is political meddling.
      I hope that answers your question

    • DR
      June 17, 2011

      Politics is everything and everything is politics.That’s why.If you did not know before you know now.

  14. littleboy
    June 15, 2011

    Mr. Carrete sounds so dotish and stupid that I even question is ability to be a police officer, far less the commissioner. In one sentence the man is saying that they cannot just go ahead and arrest people and charge them unless he varifies the information is correct. Yet in another sentence he is saying that there is another person of interest who is out of state, and will try to work with the authorities to have this person come back to Dominica. So in essence, I guess Mr Carrette is certain that this individual who is out of state is the one person he really wants and therefore he does not mind doing whatever it takes to bring him down for I guess questioning and possibly arrest but is not interested in questioning people who are right in their doorstep and have made a confession. Carrette sounds like the commissioner, the witness, the jury and judge and to me, he really sounds like a person that seems to know a lot

  15. Lawrence Ettienne
    June 15, 2011

    My only concern to this whole arson operation is clear. If a man confesses to carrying out a crime, how many days does it take the police to investigate the names that were called during that operation.
    Not only so, but Mr. Eammanuel is a prominent man in society by virtue of his magistracy role he played in this Country, more the reason why the further investigation should be thorough. The investigative officer should be working day and night, after the confession. If the police has information of a certain person who has already left the Country, isn’t that enough to suggest that the guilty has flee? Can a police investigator travel overseas on state money, just to ensure that justice is serve? Isn’t that faster and more effective if you only depend on the authorities of that Country to provide information for you? Who knows best where a Dominican might he hiding, save another Dominican like yourself?
    These are the questions that need to be answered. I am already opening the police’s eyes, as an ordinary civilian with no background. Peace.

    • Unemployed Laborite
      June 16, 2011

      Lawrence garcon Porssie people will crucify you for talking about the next level system in Dominica.

  16. Rolle
    June 15, 2011

    Liar, Liar

  17. simple mind
    June 15, 2011

    Poor Mr.Carrette,you sound like an old fool.

  18. Ace
    June 15, 2011

    I’m really having doubts about returning home where i rightfully belong.Crooked cops crooked police chief,what the —- is going on in Dominica?

    • Anonymous
      June 17, 2011

      who missing u?????

    • Truth, Love, Peace
      June 23, 2011

      @ Ace

      You are deceiving yourself and trying to deceive readers but not me.
      Do you think where you reside there are no crooked cops, etc.? You probably do not listen to the news and read the newspapers. If you did you would be shocked at what some of them have done.
      Why call our Dominican Cops crooked? What is your personal experience with them?
      You should not call people names without knowing who they are and personally so and what they have done also to you. Your ignorance is showing. personally. :twisted: :mrgreen:
      Do not fear the Police. Fear the criminals/murderers and some wicked people, their dirty hands of witchcraft/obeah. These are those to fear.

  19. linky
    June 15, 2011

    this man really sickens me he think that everyone in dominica when to school under the table.

  20. Anonymous
    June 15, 2011

    So Mr. Carrette you really believe that some of us are a dumb as you are? You really believe that you can fool us? Some of the police officers are professional BUT PLEASE SIR DO NOT COUNT YOURSELF AMONG THOSE…

    Come out and speak the truth before it chokes you. How come Tony Astapahn could be on radio talking about the people he spoke to who were immediately on the scene of the fire? How come he was mention names on the radio?

    You are a public officer paid by the taxpayers of this country. DO YOUR DAM JOB AS YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD OR GET THE HELL OUT!!!

    If you continue in this obviously UNPROFESSIONAL MANNER, it will blow up in your face and the CRONIES WILL DESERT YOU!!!!

  21. Criminal investigato
    June 15, 2011

    What makes me curious is why the arsonist ( take note Mr Top COP ) went to the police or how did he end up making that confession. Was he looking for a lighter jail sentence for the crime that he is now serving time for. Did he confess because he did not get the 40 grand that he ask for after he received $400 in cash? Was it because of threats from those who hired him?
    In crime investigation you can’t just discard or ignore someone’s testimony just because the person has a criminal background. Not when that person maybe your only lead.

  22. Lougaoo Mem
    June 15, 2011

    What a burning shame eh!

  23. Alas
    June 15, 2011

    Carrette Man you just have to shut your mouth and let Weeks talk . You are too hasty to be a Head of Police, you just adding insult to injury

    • Truth, Love, Peace
      June 23, 2011

      @ Alas

      Have respect! Do you have any?

  24. Honestly
    June 15, 2011

    Carrette we all know that u are not qualified to hold the post of commissioner and the reason y u were appointed, that’s y u wiill never work in the interest of Dominica and we the populace.What part of Dominica are u from?U are speaking lies and utter rubbish,if a woman should make a report of rape against a man to the police,the police approaches the man takes hinm in and he’ll get to defend himself in the courts.So y can’t the same be done to persons named,u and Tony knows.

  25. %
    June 15, 2011

    This man Carrette id the biggest shame that has befallen the police force…Mr Carrette Tony has all the details… Is he an investigating police officer..WHAT A TANGLED WEB THAT WE HAVE WOVEN !!!

  26. Porssie Radical
    June 15, 2011

    Lennox if you guys have the tape of the confession please post it on You tube in spite of the restriction because we know that the Victims will never receive justice. Let the world know how messed up things are in Dominica; economically, legally and politically.

    • Seriouly
      June 17, 2011

      For real? Maybe Lennox can tell us how his brother arm end up burned that same day and he never go PMH for treatment too!

  27. Anonymous
    June 15, 2011

    I believe mr Carrette.
    He is the top cop and we were all brought up to TRUST the POLICE.
    They would not risk their careers and endanger the public. Especially their former chief magistrate.

    We were however not told to trust lawyers.
    “The road to hell is paved with lawyers”
    I believe the only way a lawyer could have such intimate knowledge is if they were implicated.
    Who lives at the Top end of the road?
    Who burnt down the astaphan buildings(roseau and cainfeild)?
    Were they obsolete and needed a “cultural” change?
    Is this not an ethnic habit that all Dominicans my age know about???

    Bay front restaurant upstais competitor, opposite the old market, cork street fires…statistics DO NOT LIE…all one ethnicity!!! isn’t it just not statistically possible?has this not been a cultural tradition?

    • Truth, Love, Peace
      June 23, 2011

      @ Anonymous

      I may have quoted this previously on DNO.
      The story goes: The Gates of Heaven were broken; they fell down. St. Paul accused Satan of it.
      St. Paul spoke to Satan. He, the wicked one, the deceiver, the detractor and destroyer of souls denied that he did it.
      St. Paul said that he is going to find a lawyer to settle it. Satan replied: “Tell me, St. Paul, where in Heaven will you find a lawyer?
      This is the moral of this story, about lawyers. It figures. :lol:

  28. vip
    June 15, 2011

    Infact this top cop position wasnt for you.No wonder you are making a fool of yourself everytime you face the media.Dont you have a public relations officer? Well let him do his job with all due diligence otherwise the force is facing mutiny and a possible collapse.If confessing to crimes doesnt land people in jail, well Dominicans can stop not confessing to crimes cause it makes the police job too easy.Saying i do the crime is much harder to solve in this country. THat is the next level of crime fighting strategy.Quite a large number of cops are laughing their boss .GIve Hobbs back his job you bunch of crooks.

  29. Akhenaton
    June 15, 2011

    Power to do is energy, power over others is distruction. Our leaders do not understand the power that the wield and believe it is Power over, therefore leading our beloved nation to distruction.
    The pack of cards are begining to crumble, and none of the kings horses nor the King’s men will be able to ………..back together again.
    Had it not been for Slavery you would not be christian. Thank Salvery and Massa for Christianity you negroes.
    What a Shame, shame Shame on the leaders of this land.
    You have sown destruction now reap a harvest a thousand fold. You Reward has come (Dominica)

  30. Concerned Dominican
    June 15, 2011

    Carrette is just an _ _ _ on a string. This is so sad. Everyone is just going to take the law into their own hands….

    I am sad to see the way Dominica is going and continue to go.
    1st Emmanuel
    1st is passport
    2nd is Scotia bank laundering (soon to burst out)

    • Barb A Rosa
      June 16, 2011

      There is no Scotia laundering issue, that is all made up by local bank management to save face for doing such a bad job of managing; they are trying to ruin the reputation of these longstanding dedicated employees.

      Imagine the managers are blaming these resigned employees for the managers own lack of discretion and judgement now that these employees are not there to defend themselves. Shame on you…

      Head office should take note, and should be asking what is going on. Never in the history of our bank, under Payne, Frederick and Mr. grey eyes himself, have so many employees resigned, BNS was a great place to work. Fr many upstanding employees to choose to be unemployed because of work conditions? What a shame, many customers are looking to leaving the bank.
      THERE IS NO BOBOL AT SCOTIA at all, just people not willing to put up with Bullshit anymore. And I know trust me….

      • Anonymous
        June 17, 2011

        What about all the bobol that happened under those so called great managers? Oh how quickly we forget. Does 2008 ring a bell?

  31. Mark
    June 15, 2011

    Carrrette is a big joke—blalalalal

  32. gg
    June 15, 2011

    Oh my…that fool again…

  33. following their masters like poodles
    June 15, 2011

    Mr Astaphans and Mr Savarin has come out in the public and say that the confession is a fraudulent one and the guy is lying. My question is how do they know that, were they there, do they know what happen and the persons who did it? I believe these 2 men should be called in for questioning they seem to know alot. Mr Savarin is minister of Security supervising mr Carrette yet Carrette says he can answer in ONE word “utter rubbish” ha ha i can only laugh.

    • Just wondering
      June 15, 2011

      Dominicans are people who forget fast. This story there reminds me of the bugging saga where oreo and ice tea came to play. While I really want the perpetrators to be brought to justice, I just dont feel imressed with the confessor. I know he can do anything, like in the past. Mr. Carrette and the investigators must do a thorough job. Lennox and Angelo etc are doing an emotional and political job. I just hope that when the mention peoples name they have money to pay for the suits filed. Eddison James collected his 75,000 to pay mamo, now it hard for that money to come by. Remember there are outstanding amounts Lennox. If you are SURE go ahead and lead the investigation. Bring the facts to the police in writing.

    • June 15, 2011

      I agree with the writer both of these men know more than what they are saying and for the good of the people and the security of D’ICA they both should be questioned how did Tony know the first person that was on the scene of the fire to publicly say he spoke with that person and there wasnt a blue car and who gave him the names of the individual poeple of D’ICA the time is now to take back your ISLAND from those who a hell bent on distrying it the lack of ladership is on the top of the agenda.

    June 15, 2011

    where is the assonist that you MR carrett is
    hireing to solve the the chrismas morning fire..

  35. freedom always
    June 15, 2011

    come with something better Mr carrette, if it was a an ordinary man long time he in jail,as u say yourself “We as professionals will investigate crimes the way we know how it is done” you are right with the help of astaphan he will tell u what leads to follow

  36. real possie
    June 15, 2011

    mr emmanel for some who should know better u should relax let the police do thier job cause if they go wrong u will the 1st to cry foul.even if they are charged u will not get a dime from them.

  37. Envar
    June 15, 2011

    och, i do not want to be the first to comment…

  38. compre tig
    June 15, 2011

    All i know we have a RUBBER STAMP Police Chief
    Square Pegs in Round Holes 8)

  39. joe
    June 15, 2011

    Carette you must be carefull on what and how u say what u are saying you contradicting yourself read what DNO write what say . U surprise a lot of us as policemen.

  40. Trevor Johnson
    June 15, 2011

    No political pressure? Ask Carette why he called me all the way in Trinidad to talk his dotishness…

    • Calypso Lover
      June 15, 2011

      Tell us TJ what he told you. Why didn’t you record the conversation?

      • Truth, Love, Peace
        June 23, 2011

        @ Calypso Lover

        He should divulge what he told him. Otherwise, his words are invalid; not credible.

    • Wonderer
      June 15, 2011

      Trevor dude no wonder we haven’t heard from you in a long time. Seem like they put a gag order on you. Good to know you alive because I was afraid they out your lamp. Desparate men do desperate things so becareful Trevor.

  41. Clifton Village
    June 15, 2011

    Question (1) – Why it is that Tony Astaphan had all the details of the confession so much so that Tony was on the radio discrediting the person who confessed of the crime. In the real world of investigation the prime suspect would be standing at the “E –Z – Door”. The confessor named names thus including the driver of the vehicle , the color of the vehicle and the person who gave him the 400 dollars in cash; the confessor gave details about the gas container, the burns he received on his arms and details of how the job was done. All of that information was given then relayed to Tony Astaphan by the police who is the defense lawyer for someone implicated in the Xmas day fire. In the real world of investigation the job of the police is to gather the evidence follow the leads and make an arrest. Once the police and prosecutor present the case then the evidence is presented to the defense lawyers. Elementary Forensic science.

    The police investigation allowed Tony to discredit the witness based on the witness’ past criminal records however in the real world of investigation it is the court’s responsibility to decide on the credibility of a witness. Note the confessor is not just a witness but the guy claim that he committed the act of arson and or attempted murder.

    According to the confessor he was paid $400 dollars in cash however he only knew who the victims were the following day. Upon knowing who the victims were he immediately demanded $40,000; obviously high profile case , multi million dollars involved the confessor, rightfully so decided to raise the stake- who wouldn’t? I would.
    Criminals commit crimes but criminals are the main facilitators in solving crime. The only lead the police had , the police decided to let Tony destroy the investigation. Why Mr Carrette ? Tell us why? If it is not political , is it religion or is it cronyism?

    • June 15, 2011

      Tony as we see it is not only a lawyer but by his actions he is the PM of D’ICA so it is up to the people of DOMINICA to do something about it they have to stop the talking and be ready to show there power because they have it to use .

      • Truth, Love, Peace
        June 23, 2011

        @ beautiful

        Show their power and by what means?

  42. bunny
    June 15, 2011

    yada yada yada

  43. Anonymous
    June 15, 2011


  44. littleboy
    June 15, 2011

    Ah Mr. Carrette. This statement contradicts the arrest of Bernard wiltshire last week. Listen to the commissioner folks: “But you must verify that what is said is the truth. Without verification you cannot just go about arresting and charging people. We want to ensure that we do things properly and that’s what we are doing.” Mr Carrette, I have seen you and the police department just go ahead and arrest many persons of interest for questioning. Some of those persons you arrested had nothing to do witha confession or anything of this sort. But because you all were interested in getting the criminals, you went ahead and arrested persons of interst for questioning. So stop mis-leading people sir and be honest with your job as a public servant.

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