Calypso Clash of the Tent in limbo

Patrons at Stardom Tent
Patrons at Stardom Tent (file photo)

Just when Calypso lovers thought that the many brouhahas surrounding the 2014 season were over, here comes yet another controversy.

This one has to do with the much talked about “Calypso Clash of the Tents” between Showdown Mas Camp and Stardom Calypso Tent.

The event was being organized so that calypsonians from both tents would take to the stage to battle each other but fans will have to wait a bit longer to see if this will actually take place.

It appears that both sides cannot reach an agreement on how the event will actually be staged.

Speaking to Dominica News Online on Monday Showdown Mass Camp organizer, Daryl Bobb, revealed that the tent is prepared and ready to go ahead with the clash but is waiting on word from Stardom.

Patrons enjoying Mas Camp
Patrons enjoying Mas Camp

“We have made it clear that the clash of the tent is something that the Showdown Mass Camp is very keen on doing and also we have indicated to the other side that we are willing,” he said. “We have placed our conditions on the table and we believe that our conditions are pretty fair and square.”

Bobb pointed out that Mass Camp is simply asking to share half of both the expenses and the profit.

“That is basically what we have had in mind for a number of years now since the idea of the clash of the tent but apparently from since the fiasco of last Wednesday there seems to have been some kind of hung up on Stardom side,” he said, referring to an incident during which Leona refused to perform at the Stardom-organized Calypso Queen Competition. “They started advertising it and then eventually pulled out the advertisement and we are not too clear why but we are still willing and able.”

He noted that the tent is willing to sacrifice a Friday to host the clash but they are simply waiting to hear from Stardom.

But organizers of the Stardom Calypso Tent are singing a different tune.

One of the main organizers, Norman Letang, told Dominica News Online that the idea of sharing 50 percent of profits and expenses, as explained by Bobb, was “news” to his ears.

“There were some things that we were not satisfied with but Bobb made a statement about splitting everything 50/50 and share expenses. It is only now that they said something,” he pointed out. “There was a time that they asked for 70 percent and when we said 50 …there were some problems but what they are saying now makes sense, it is better than in the past.”

Letang pointed out that he is unable to take a decision on the matter on his own since he is not the only person involved in Stardom tent.

“Unlike what he (Bobb) says that it is one person deciding, it is not one person deciding at all,” he noted.

Letang reiterated that tonight at the weekly Stardom tent, when all calypsonians and the band are present, a decision will be made as to whether they are interested or not in the event.

“We have a tent tonight and if any decision has to be taken it will be taken tonight at the tent. As of now it is not coming off,” he said.

However, an executive member of Stardom Tent and one of those who negotiated directly with Showdown Mas Camp, told DNO that the calypsonians in Stardom are prepared to go ahead with the combined show and the objection so far has come from members of the Swinging Stars band.

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  1. October 4, 2014

    We stumbled over here from a different website and thought I should check things out.

    I like what I see so now i am following you.
    Look forward to going over your web page repeatedly.

  2. Mandela spirit
    February 20, 2014

    I say it already and i will say it again;
    There are going to be more CONTROVERSY to come.
    Calypso have BECOME the twin sibling to POLITICS.
    I have to advice BOB.he need to publicly apologize to FRANKLIN HARRIS better known as “refuse”.NORMAN LATANGE must be man enough to SPEAK like a big man and stop changing his story.
    That statement made on DBS during the STARDOM TENT broadcast is the most CHILDISH STATEMENT i have heard from a big man.
    HE SAID;THEY” asked the crowd if they want the CLASH and the FANS said NO;about 200 people were atthe tent and not even the broadcasters heard the QUESTION OR THE RESPONSE;what a sad situation for CALYPSO.GROW UP my PEOPLE.
    CALYPSO and POLITICS is splitting the people down the center,POOR DOMINICA.

    • Dummynicans again
      February 20, 2014

      I hate calypso.

  3. Universal Policy
    February 20, 2014

    As far I see it the great majority of the band is in favour of the event; hence, the eyes have it. Majority carries, so the onus is on you Norman to go with the flow. You see where the votes lies, so do not blame anybody but yourself. You are the leader of the band.

  4. vibrantlady
    February 20, 2014

    After what happen last week wednesday with bobb and leona i would say say no swingind stars put down ur foot and say no

  5. Proud Dominican
    February 19, 2014

    I don’t understand why tents have to clash. If people want to hear Starsom calypsonians they will go to Starsom tent. If they want to hear Pat’s songs they will go to mass camp. I’m not going to any clash of tent. Bob and the rest need to respect the band. I don’t blame them for not wanting to go into any agreement with Bobb and Pat. They are not to be trusted.

  6. girl sing
    February 19, 2014

    Please all Bob is playing goody to shoes Bob is a big two face pat train him well mass camp has not been doing good this season and will try anything to make money including pat selling his soul make Sure u print that Tim.

  7. Ba Yo Bwa
    February 19, 2014

    You know, Mighty Chalkdust has a song entitled “Just So.” The sentiments in that song aptly applies to things Dominican too much, to my mind. I say so because after the “fiasco” that ensued at the Stardom Queen of the Tent with Leona, a member of Showdown Mass Camp, Bobb and his rivals in Stardom simply expected things to move on as usual. No follow-up meetings between the camps to make transparent the reasons for the mix-up, to and ascertain what really went down, in an attempt to mend fences and to assure calypso lovers that all is good between the camps.

    Awa. Just like that we expected things to just continue where they left off during their last chance for collaboration. I mean, how naïve are we in these parts? Why should we be surprised that the Clash of the Tents event is iffy (at best) or might not come on at all? What is it in the average Dominican DNA that leads him to believe that the kind of coming together to put on events of that magnitude require no face-to-face, direct, and sometimes painstaking negotiations?

    Oh, I know. We expect big things to happen for us just so. Little or no planning. Better yet, talk past each other on radio, and then blame the other guy for failing to negotiate in good faith.

  8. Morihei ueshiba
    February 19, 2014

    Mas Camp produce winners, stardom produce losers.
    Stardom afraid. Dice AGain… Change is a must for 2013 8-O

    • Anonymous
      February 20, 2014

      That’s because Stars treat ALL calypsonians alike, even those from mas camp. Stars do not downplay any calypsonians so that one will shine brightest. Stars play it FAIR……. Always!! That is why they have been acclaimed the BEST for OVER 50 YEARS.

  9. Diaspora
    February 19, 2014

    Well if is Swingin Stars that’s the problem, the show is at Harlem Plaza, and its not clashing with Stardom its Mass Camp Night, then what is preventing the calypsonians from singing.
    Mass Camp has a band, they will play.
    Norman give the people what they want. Since last year that show was suppose to take place and its being postponed again.
    Come on act like men. Get going with the show otherwise, its boycott time.

    • Me
      February 19, 2014

      Which people you think want clash of tent? The show will be empty. Then when they cannot meet expenses it’s more drama on Mat. Stardom- continue running your tent and don’t have any clash with mass camp. All mass camp calypsonians falling out with them over money why should Stardom want to put themselves in that drama with mass camp? No clash

  10. CIA on the watch
    February 19, 2014

    Since there seems to be a problem and doubts in hosting the show in DA it would be wise to have it on neutral grounds and i will suggest take this show the first of its kind to New York City. Looks like it will be a sure event in the Diaspora than locally because travel expense will be incured as well as other matters to host a show of this kind. Get on with the New York City Clash of the Tents for the summer of 2014

  11. Ashley
    February 19, 2014

    These tents all they care about is money, money, money, monay. Matt and Giselle tried real hard on Q95. These ppl don’t care about fans, Norman did not life a foot, even if Bobb show the bigger man on the radio; all they want is a money.

    • joe
      February 19, 2014

      Ashley you write as if they are wicked people to want MONEY…

      They need money to pay their bills boss!!!

      • Ashley
        February 19, 2014

        Joe, they are not wicked, looks more like greedy. I know there are bills to be paid, but what happen to doing it for the fans of calypso, the most important of the event. No fans to attend, no money to be made.

  12. Asterix
    February 19, 2014

    Any fair minded person who listened to both sides will come to the conclusion that some of the members of Swinging Stars members are the ones who are stalling this event. If you listened to Mr. Letang in various interviews, he had a different reason each time as to why the event could not take place. At one time he claimed that Peter Letang had to play at a Port event (which by the way is to start at 6pm and should go on till about 9pm) and so Peter will not be able to play. Then we heard that the event would be better if held around Easter instead. Then you heard him say that Mass Camp wanted a 70/30 arrangement, while other Stardom members were saying that the arrangement was 50/50. Now you are hearing that a few members of the band have decided that they will not play at the event because of comments from Bobb last week. While I agree with one contributor that Bobb could have spoken privately to Swing Stars bassist Refuse, he however spoke the truth. Besides Calypsonians and Writers get criticized publicly and we all think it’s ok, so why can’t the musicians get the same? I think it is a petty excuse that Swing Stars musicians should refuse to play at such an event because of criticism, bearing in mind that both tents will be utilizing their own back up band, each with a full compliment of its members. Refuse will not be playing for any Mass Camp artist on the night.

    • CIA on the watch
      February 19, 2014

      Thats what happens when one band has a monopoly in backing up calypsoes as good as swingstars, another band needs to do the same things Stars does better than them, just like we have sound systems competing we need to have at least one band doing a job as good as Swinging Stars.

      • Asterix
        February 19, 2014

        CIA on the watch: there are other competent bands but the higher echelons of Calypso Association are closely knit to, or are themselves involved in Stardom Tent, therefore Swinging Stars by design will continue to be the band of choice. Keeping things in the loop. There is absolutely no excuse that can be given for not trying out an All Star Band or swapping the bands of both tents on a yearly basis to keep things fair. You always hear this one and lame excuse of the sound system difficulties experienced with one band “Stylee” which was used decades ago as back up. It’s like we have never moved on from that and suggesting that all other bands thereafter will be the same as “Stylee” with the exception of Swinging Stars. The world has evolved technologically from then and so has the bands, sound engineers and sound systems.

  13. Really
    February 19, 2014

    Why is Mas Camp so hungry for a clash of the tent? They see the benefit in it for them. I would say no if I was swinging stars. Mas Camp people to rude. And if swinging stars agree ensure it is 50/50. And why Harlem Plaza? Place is not conducive to large crowds.

    But I am not for clash of the tent.

  14. MUDD
    February 19, 2014

    Big mistake Norman. Don’t make deals with Bob. In the end you are going to pay for all the expenses. Be careful.

  15. grell
    February 19, 2014

    You all are a bunch of girls on the back road selling,thats why this year i boycotted all the shows,all you all love is money.

  16. watchdog
    February 19, 2014

    After what happened at the Calypso Queen competition with Leona, Bobb and the rest of Mass camp still want to play hypocrite and do like they sooooo want to make ammends with Swinging Stars. Bobb, you must apologize to Refuse for coming out and say the man making mistakes with Leona bass lines. Leona just start singing and you clain she is the one who identify Refuse making mistakes. What a joke!! And you beating your chest and saying you speaking the truth (wanting to vomit!!). Stars, stand your ground. Not mincing words, I would have nothung to to with Mass Camp. The standard of calypsoes at the tent is sub-par, with only a few calypsonians standing out of course. Stardom, leave that clash alone, its not wort the stress….

    • Mexican
      February 19, 2014

      Wow! u sound like an angry little girl. You must not forget that is all about the artform and not petty egos.

    February 19, 2014

    As a patron and fan of calypso I wish that maturity prevail even as the competitive spirit continues between mass camp and stardom tent.

    So to the band members of swinging stars who are refusing (interesting refuse -ing) to play I do understand why you are upset but leave and let leave. Move on. I would have been mad at Daryl Bob just the same but it is better t take the high road all the time. The high road is a much better ride

    I would also suggest that Daryl Bob makes a public apology to refuse in particular. I thought it was very distasteful of Daryl to come out on the radio and call out Refuse. As a fellow musician Bob you should not have done that and to come on the radio pumping your chess and claiming that you spoke the truth is a bit hubris and arrogance. What if refuse was phrasing wrongly as a fellow musician you approach refuse and say hey buddy we need to make adjustment to the bass line.
    To often Bob seem to let his emotions cloud his judgment- Bro put a check on your emotions. Also don’t allow Kowin to push his agenda and ego in the back ground. I know that Bob is a good person and I trust that he will do the right thing and apologize to Refuse – publically and personally.

  18. Yes I
    February 19, 2014

    I don’t think Stadom should enter into any arrangements with Bobb.

  19. February 19, 2014

    8) j aime beaucoup la fête de cher nous merci de me le partager

  20. warrington
    February 19, 2014

    yes people–swinging stars again? like i said u got to know how de music vybs opperating. those of you who keep running your mouths stars are a pro band you better get to know how real pros opperate.calypsonians wants to be in,stars wants to be see our calypsonians willing to give their fans what they wantbut them fellas behind de scenes are another story. @#$%ing GREEDY.

  21. Rass
    February 19, 2014

    BOB got a piece of 2X4 on his shoulder

    • Ms Kubuli
      February 19, 2014

      hahahahha :lol:

  22. Brave Hart
    February 19, 2014

    Norman you need to treat Dominicans with respect. A simple executive decision that can take place via social media or telephone does not need all Stardom members to point the way forward.

    Swinging Stars is the hindrance to the clash of tents. I spoke to many Stardom Calypsonians and they are willing to go but Swinging Stars playing petty. Come on Stars be the bigger person in this impasse. let the clash of tents take place

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