Organisers impressed with carnival 2010

A scene of Carnival 2010 in Roseau

Chairman of the Carnival Development Committee (CDC) Alwyn Bully have labeled Carnival 2010 a success.

In an interview with Dominica News Online Bully said that he was impressed with the outcome of The Real Mas 2010 island-wide.

“It’s practically unprecedented,” he stated.

Bully described it as a “tremendous  turn out” of costume and Jouvè bands. He also encouraged the addition of the glow light bands to the parade.

“People just came out and claimed the carnival….it was really about the people. If you don’t have people in the streets, in costumes you don’t have a carnival and this year we saw this outpouring of joy, excitement and coming together of people like never before,” he said.

There was an ‘Old Time Sake Band’ on Tuesday evening, where members were dressed in Tye-dye t-shirts and glow in the dark sticks.

Bully recommended that a balance of calypso and bouyon music be played during the street parade.

“Bouyon music is a strong infectious type of music which does well for the parade… calypso has to be sustained,” he said.

Bully, who is also the national cultural adviser, hopes costume building, drumming of lapeau kabwit and the use of indigenous instruments can be taught in local schools, in order to maintain the culture of carnival.

The chairman said that his recommendations among others will  be discussed with the producers of the Real Mas such costume builders and carnival bands so that decisions will be made in aim of improving the product of Carnival for Dominica.

He said that out of these stakeholders smaller focus groups will be formed. They will be responsible for concentrating on the various areas of improvement which will be decided by a majority vote.

The cultural adviser complimented LIME the headline sponsor for Carnival 2010. He particularly thanked the company for funding the Carnival prizes which are due to be announced this week.

Bully explained that in previous years the issue of Carnival prizes have been a “sore subject” because of the delays in issuing winners prizes. However, telecommunications company LIME has decided to withhold some of its carnival sponsorship funds in order to ensure that these prizes are given in a timelier manner.

He expressed gratitude to carnival sponsors including Kubuli and National Bank of Dominica.

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  1. February 24, 2010

    I am on the side of those of us who give thanks to God for a peaceful Carnival celebration this year. Yes, God wants us to enjoy Life, as long as we keep in mind that He is still in control. People of Dominica, keep in mind that God loves us all, for He has blessed us in a way that He hasn’t blessed most countries. Continue to live Life with Love for Him in return for His blessings.

    My Alwin Bully, you have said it yourself, that carnival celebrations was a success this year; which was held in February. So why consider changing the date to April? It is a fact that there are many aspects that Dominica is unable to compete with as far as the other Islands are concerned. We do not have the kind of beaches that they have, for example. So why worry about competing with Trinidad at carnival time?

    If we are a sucess this year, with you in control, all you need to do is to keep it going the way you did it this year. I perceive carnival celebration suffering for a few years, before, and if at all a change of date would vitalize production. It would be better for us to continue the way we are with the same hope of better sucess.

    As far as people complaining about working hard and not getting noticed and talked about, let us not advocate that negative attitude. We all love Dominica. We know that she stands extremely tall; so let us do our best to stand just as tall, with her. Carnival celebration this year was a success. That is notice, talk about, and praise for all of us. Do not forget that, and give thanks to God.

    I am also happy to know that Swinging is still our number one Band. Glad to know that they are a model for the other bands. Way to go boys! And keep going that way.

  2. CI
    February 20, 2010

    I certainly enjoyed reading all the reviews and is very happy to know that there were no major carnival incidents. After such great reviews by Mr. Bully and others, it is encouraging to know that we can begin making plans and looking ahead to a great carnival, in 2011. You have just encouraged many people to re-think their 2011 vacation plans.

    I believe that carnival should remain in February leading into Ash Wednesday. While I do not know your reason for wanting a carnival date change, following all the action, people are use to taking a break during lent, which is a good thing. Whether or not the date is changed, the timing will always be bad for some people and the right time for others. I say “leave the carnival date alone.” Just continue to make it exciting in an effort to attract the masses.

    I do believe that a good mixture of music should be played on both carnival days. The t-shirt band was very good but might need a few more acts to keep it lively and enticing to party goers who said it was cold. Also, having the kiddies’ carnival on the Sunday afternoon would be a lot of fun for the kids. Being in groups by themselves, would allow their costumes to be better showcased and fairly judged. I look forward to hosting a kiddies’ carnival, on a Sunday afternoon, next year. I think it would be a lot of fun ……. the kids sure know how to rock a party.

    Let the 2k11 Carnival planning begin……. we must all be willing to lend a helping hand.

  3. Islegyal
    February 19, 2010

    It is just a shame that the bands who make an effort evry year are often neglected or never mentioned whenever the people who are in charge of carnival speak. I wonder what would happen if these bands opt not to take part in carnival in the coming years. Give due respect where it is due and stop the biasness

  4. jah_edwards
    February 18, 2010

    CB CUZ, grow up.
    Bouyou, the only people that can really enjoy bouyou for carnival are those who live in DA. If you want to have those who left in the eighties and would like to come for carnival, it has to be steelband, lapau cabrit(sp), calypso and easy and direct air access, not just night landing. no date change, planning, creativity and giving the people a good product that will make them want to come

  5. February 18, 2010

    congratulation to all the folks who went out on canival monday and tuesday and enjoy themselves no arrest, no stabbing, no killing, no accident, no trouble with the police what could we ask for it was just clean fun and I am very proud of my people.
    We had all sorts of music and that is what canival is all about , as I listen I heard calypsos so those who believe their wasnt enough of that they were wrong it was part and parcle of the music, We had our DBS commentators giving us ball by ball details especaily for those of us who couldnt go home this year and I am sure next year more folks will be going home, I will have to agree real canival in DOMINICA is back and all we have to do is sell it to the neighbouring islands and beyond. I hope the committee start working on plans for 2011 canival.
    I also agree we should have kiddies canival parade the sunday instead of having them during the adult parade it would be a good way of show casing their floats and bands also the winners of the Princess and junior calypsonian shows.
    Swinging Stars will always be the peoples band but we can forget WCK they were fantastic they have found their base again and the fans were their to welcome them back I was happy for them.
    So Mr. Bully from all count we had a wonderful 2010 canival and the people turned out I predict next year will be larger and it has nothing to do with Trinidad.
    I am also sure you got the message loud and clear no date change for our Canival ever. just continue doing what you do best and get ready for next year.

  6. d/ca to the bone
    February 18, 2010

    from the small scope i saw , everything seems to be moving quite well, hope it did. on my intake of a date change i really believe it should, because of the preparation involed and just from a breeze off from the christmas spirit, did is just my idea. only when u are directly involed in the preparation u will know how hectic timing can be, and how easily time my opinion i thinks it should be after the easter celebrations.

  7. BKBarbie
    February 18, 2010

    Ummm….I’ve got a question. If the BOUYON bands are pressed to play CALYPSO….then when will the bouyon bands have their day in the sun (so to speak). While it’s true that calypso season is more or less carnival time, the bouyon bands have a right to promote their music and they should not be told what to play. Calypso singers have their arenas and its not like they magically go away during carnival monday and tuesday – they are still played. So, thats just a point that i disagree with. Furthermore, to be frank, alot of people come out for bouyon (just like how calypso has its followers) and patrons have their choice…follow a bouyon band….or follow a hi-fi!

  8. CB CUZ
    February 18, 2010

    @Sadist..get a life and may be some sex.u have no sense of humor o get some of that too. I did not write to you so maybe if you take if personally , “if the cap fit you wear it ” and lay off maybe you a the hipocrit..stupes and again GET A LIFE

  9. Sout Man
    February 18, 2010

    So, was there some wisdom in appointing a Police Commisssioner as mandated by the constitution? (Just a discussion-provoking question. No party politics please !!)

    February 18, 2010

    The beautiful part of the SHOW is to watch/see the Carnival live for many hours on with the support of SAT TV and others.Seeing the bands and revellers on Independence Street was enjoyable.
    I will say to the Organisers Well Done
    It was good observation to note of an incident when a reveller lost a wallet following a band and the wallet was handed to the band organisers who announced the FIND
    Another a reveller was taken ill, the band stopped playing and a member of the band was asking whether there is a doctor in the house. This showed concern

    One disappointment though, I cannot understand the reason for this white chap to be attacked (see video BIG TRUCK JOUVERT 2010 on CAIVIDEO) maybe he was a visitor or a person working in an hospital or other similar Institution, the attacker should be found and charged with assault. It was a pleasure for this live streaming, it was as though I was there. WELL DONE

  11. sadist
    February 18, 2010

    2 CBCUZ dat does not apply to me. i enjoyed my self. no alchol, no sex , no drugs i checked the music had some food and drinks and nothing bad. so STOP BEING A LITTLE HYPOCRITE.

  12. sadist
    February 18, 2010

    yeah i agree with u mr bully but there was too much bouyon music played by the bands and too little or no calypso. hatts off to the swining starts band and the little hi fis for the calypso music.well how about the music?in my view swining stars had the best sounding system all the instruments were clear and good midi too but the other bands was alot of bass and highs.too much noise. maybe they can learn from the swining stars sound man. all in all everything was great. OH OH and not forgetin the POLICE FOR A JOB WELL DONE. I LIKED TO SEE THEM IN FULL FORCE.

  13. Hmm
    February 18, 2010

    Hats off to the local bands and HiFi Systems….there was no shortage of music this year….very well done.

    Mr Bully we need Kiddies Carnival on Carnival Sunday……….get the schools involved……….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee. The kids should have their own carnival and not be included in those “sexy” adult bands with all the drinking and loose behavior.

    I am sure you would be surprised at the level of participation.

  14. You don no
    February 18, 2010

    People wake up…our culture is rich and has tremendous earnings potential. But we must get ourselves ready to showcase this one of a kind event. By sharing with the rest of the world what we have to offer… all Dominicans will benefit one way or another. Consider it a money making holiday. We’re a sleeping giant and can use this festival to maximize our potenial of much needed foreign exchange.

    There are draw backs… we are too small to compet were there are bigger players in the arena with large sum of resources than we have.

    Are there any suggestions on how we use our carnival to be a foreign exchange earner?

  15. rastif
    February 18, 2010

    I still say that they should not put costumes on tuesday because it was too dread on monday morning. Whole monday I was walking around looking for a band. It was not until around 3.30 in the afternoon a band pass and it did not have many people in it.

    It also ahd many arrests on monday said a policewoman but thankfully there was no killings or anything. The police relly come out for this carnival so I say give them man many thanks for keeping DA safe..

  16. CB CUZ
    February 18, 2010

    Ofcourse we know how to behave…Thats wat carnival is rum, party and looking for our babys daddys nine months after…oops!!

  17. de caribbean change
    February 18, 2010

    So, Alwyn Bully, do you still want a carnival date change? Trinidad carnival aint got nothing to do with us. We playing mas in Feb every year till the cock crow Ash Wednesday. No date change, Sir.

  18. ron
    February 18, 2010

    I’m happy that the organizers are happy because it’s all in the planning. Changing the date does not guarantee success. In other words, changing the date is not the silver bullet for a successful carnival. So word to the organisers, get off your butts and start working towards the next year to improve on the successs that you had this year.

  19. Sout Man
    February 18, 2010

    It is refreshing that the headlines are about success and not about violence. LET JAH BE PRAISED !!!

  20. Sout Man
    February 18, 2010

    I am proud that we came together to make carnival a success. Let’s keep that togetherness to develop our country. Our gratitude goes out to Lime, Kubuli, National Bank, Dr. Lafond and all the other sponsors. Keep up the good work Mr. Bully. Changing the date for carnival may have negative consequences. It is refreshihg that the headlines are about success and not about violence. LET JAH BE PRAISED !!!

  21. LCM
    February 18, 2010

    No reports of arrests or death during the carnival so far. That is great keep it up. we should all be proud.

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