NAME CHANGE: It’s now unofficially ‘Kalinago’

The 1978 Carib Act designated the lands of the Territory as the “Carib Reserve,” and provided for the governance of these lands by an elected “Carib Chief” and “Carib Council.”

The term “Carib” has its roots in colonial times, first utilized to refer to the indigenous people of Dominica as cannibals, and is laden with derogatory connotations.  Accordingly its continued use does not foster a sense of ethnic pride among the Kalinago people, and hinders attempts to increase the  awareness and appreciation of Kalinago people and their contributions by the Dominican community-at-large.

Therefore, while the official designations of the Territory, the Council, and the Chief retain the reference to “Carib” ascribed in the 1978 Act, the Council announces that it has written to the Ministry of Tourism and Legal Affairs, with a copy to the Ministry of Carib Affairs, requesting that these archaic and outdated references to “Carib” in the Act legally be replaced and substituted with the term “Kalinago.”

While the Council awaits for such changes to be enacted officially, it announces that beginning today it will no longer use the term “Carib,” and instead, will refer to the lands of the Reserve as the “Kalinago Territory,” the governing body as the “Kalinago Council,” and its head as the “Kalinago Chief.”

We urge government officials, members of the media, and all residents of Dominica to recognize this name-change in referring to the Kalinago people, the lands of the Reserve, and the local governing body and the Council Chief.

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  1. Michael
    October 13, 2012

    I think change is good. When folks call me Mick, I caooect them to Michael. Allmost all “Caribs” call themselves Kalibi, Kalifuna or Kalinago, etc. I am of native descent too. Mohawk is much easier on the white folks then Kanienkehaka. I respect the natives of the islands reclaiming their name and language. These Island Indians were the first to be “contacted,” enslaved and continually oppressed for half a mellinia. Kudos for surviving and thriving.

  2. Prayer from 25 yr old
    April 17, 2011

    Some of these comments are very rude….I am glad to be part of a nationality that still can boast of it’s native indians. Was unaware that being called “carib” was offensive… so I am all for the name change, if it gives respect. I welcome your name change kalinago.

  3. Me
    November 19, 2010

    I like the sound of the word Kalinago and from now on that is what i will use to refer to these people. I am wondering though if that does not mean that the female specie (Karifuna) will feel left out.

    The Kalinago Chief must be careful when he is building his argument for name change that his arguments are sound. Instead of trying to equate it to change of name of countries, he could use the fact that Eskimos are now called Inuits – and there may be more such cases of indigenous people changing their names.

    I would also like to suggest that he lead from the front by changing his name to a Kalinago name. For sure Joseph must be a European name. A deed poll is not a difficult thing to get and it would show a real commitment to the struggles of the Kalinago people.

  4. Charri
    November 18, 2010

    Name change? is that the most heroic thing that can be achieved at the moment? So many other issues to be addressed and is name change they stuck on?


    What difference is a name change going to make now? its already embedded in everybody .. that Caribs are caribs – which by the way is an abbreviation for the Caribbean .. crediting the Carib people with the discovery of the Caribbean.

    Sorry, i am not impressed.

    • under the radar
      January 6, 2011

      the name was changed since in the 1400s when columbus met the kalinagos and called them caribs. the name is not changing to kalinago, its being corrected and reverted to what it should be. and if we have to be dead on accurate. the race is Ciboney. kalinago is the man and kalifuna the woman.

    • Anonymous
      December 12, 2011

      so we should go on calling blacks niggers too jackass

  5. ARRRG!!!
    November 17, 2010

    Why do Dominicans feel the need to bring down each other?
    Whats the point at the end of the day ‘noun tout say mwem’ were all DOMINICANs….move forward and stop being racist people

  6. ARRRG!!!
    November 17, 2010

    @Typical Dominican: and the White people will still say NIGGER

  7. ARRRG!!!
    November 17, 2010

    @anonymous: So does that mean a Nigger by any other name is a still a Nigger?

    So What if the Kalinago do not appreciate being called Caribs, its just like a lot of black people dont appreciate being called ‘Nigger’. Isnt it our choice to speak out, just like black people think the Word ‘Nigger’ is degrading dont you think we feel like that as well?
    We are not asking the gorvernment to change everything that has the word carib in it we are only asking to be called Kalinago instead of Carib because of what it means to us.

  8. mike's right
    November 16, 2010

    @Kubulian: If you want to ramain backward and using all these stereotype words to comment please don’t touch the computer. The computer was not intented for backwad and ancient people like you. You are better off holding a cutlass in your hand,wearing tall black boots and digging yam and dasheen.

  9. Bata Kwaib
    November 16, 2010

    @Kalinago: We are all Domincans or Wai tu kublians, our blood have been intertwinned by our Native Indian Negro and European ancestry, we are one of the most unique peoples in the caribbean where Racism dosen’t exist. We are proud of our Dominican achievments and always cheer or each other, whether race.

    I love my Dominican people, we are one peculiar nation in a million;

  10. mouth of the south
    November 16, 2010

    i never knew kalinagos n blacks have beef in d.a,,,,,,why some kalinago descents ending there statement in NEGRES!!!!

  11. Heritage
    November 16, 2010

    The Kalinago people are just reclaiming their cultural heritage. That’s the first step to reclaim their
    TRUE KALINAGO identity. It’s their right and its a POSITIVE move. We the decendants of AFRICANS
    should learn from the Kalinago people and reclaim our African identity which is under assult from the
    CHINESE and the Venezuelans who are the illegitimate children of the Spanish conquistadors.
    .History does repeat itself. The Kalinago people help sheild the African Slaves from the unslaught ofhe
    Europeans slave masters. This small act by the Kalinago people is sending a message to the children
    of Africa to reclaim our Heritage and resist the CHINESE and SPANISH invaders .Know yourself,
    your history and your culture!!

  12. Anonymous
    November 16, 2010

    @Kalinago: Well said

  13. liveup
    November 16, 2010

    Congrats to the Kalinago people for taking a bold move. The time will be here soon when the dues will be paid. For this duougmatic Dominican people who think that they will still be using carib to me it is ok. But i would advise them to do some research about some of the African countries where cannibalism is at its peak because of their stupid beleifs. Research about the Albinos in Tanzania, research on the Zulus in the sounth of the continent, research on what is going on in the remote area of congo, mali etc. then come back and say who are the Cannibals. I am a Kalinago and if they call me a cannibal it is ok , call me a carib it is ok. why? because i am proud of who i am and the history that my fore father has carried on. One day the table must turn and the negs ( haters) and negres out there will feel what it is like to be discriminated against in the 21st century. The thing is people need to know the fact. before colonization the original inhabitants were basically farmers and their diet was mainly vegetables and fish. think a little why they called the kalinago cannibal. when a group of people can’t do what they wish to with another group or organization they will bring up all possible gossip against that group or person. This is the same thing that is going in the national Politics in the country.

    Neg must respect the Kwaibs and in turn the Kwaib will repect Neg

  14. Kubulian
    November 16, 2010

    @Kalinago: not the majority.. Alot of kalinago teachers doctors and lawyers in Dominica get Full Respect. I can protest to that sir or mam. There are stupid ignorant ppl everywhere in this world. Including Dominica. The majority are proud of the ppl. They boast about us alot too. We are Unique in the Caribbean and the people are special. Like it or not alot of Dominican have Kalinago Indian in them.

  15. Kubulian
    November 16, 2010

    @mike’s right: and ull always be known as nigger.. see how it goes? get out of the looooop!!! im kalinago and black mix. ill be damn if any one calls me a nigger and or carib.. get ur head right. u would not like it if any person calle du a nigger.. damn vielle neg

  16. Kubulian
    November 16, 2010

    @Aaah Change: Ignorant. You speak just like the ignorant white people who still chose to call black pp Niggers.Thats rewriting history too. Nigger. How much of an ass are you to say that? Carib is a degrading word and they dont like it. It’s just like calling you a nigger and you act like one! Ignorant!!!!!

  17. Kubulian
    November 16, 2010

    @Emil Ti Kwen: Y? Dominica is already making it self as the nature isle.Kubulian?

  18. Emil Ti Kwen
    November 16, 2010

    Now that we have changed Carib to Kalinago; we should now take the next step and change Dominica to Waitukubuli.

  19. ee
    November 16, 2010

    @FED UP DOMINICAN: good point

  20. Aaah Change
    November 16, 2010

    That change will not make one piece of difference to us. In my view – a total waste of time. Use your noodles to find better ways to improve the Carib Territory instead. Name Change – what! That would be messing with history. The word ‘Carib’ will still very much be on our tongues. We will still call them ‘Carib’ like it or not. That’s Dominicans for you. Plus, you gonna change all the words with ‘Carib’ and substitute it for ‘Kalinago’ like maybe ‘Kalinagobean’ instead of ‘Caribbean’. Total waste of time! Find something better to do.

  21. YES
    November 16, 2010

    Long overdue. As people of African decent I deeply resent the name Nigg*r given to us by whites because of the negative connotations. Same for the word Carib which meant savage/cannibal by Spanish whites.
    When you think of it, who were most likely to be cannibals, was it the Kalinago who had everything they needed to eat,? Or the whites who came HUNGRY, lost and with no food remaining in their boats? And they still wrote the history of the times. What else did we expect them to write? They wrote it all in their favor after eating the tender, juicy young kids that flocked to the sea side curiously to greet them.

    The whites never wrote about how they were allergic to cassava and other native foods that the Kalinago offered them. They were heavy meat eaters, it was easier for them to Quickly barbicue a young Kalinago than go out hungry to harvest food in a land they don’t even know. So when they themselves wrote the history they say the Caribs ate some of them. Shat stupidity, as a kid I still didn’t believe them. The name change was long overdue.
    Chill people!

  22. Nac Vibes
    November 16, 2010


    Wake up and get some brain cells.

  23. Panonimous
    November 16, 2010

    As the first people the Kalinago have made the first and bold move. Instead of criticizing and spewing ugly remarks let us honour their bravery by taking it to “the next level” : changing the name Dominica to Waitukubuli. I am really fed-up with this Dominica/Dominican Republic mix up. Its now or never. Time for change.

    We are only now begining to sink Columbus’ ship and slay his lies. Praises to the brave Kalinago.

    November 16, 2010

    Good for the Kalinago people to start using their rightful name. It is important to them and we should respect them for it.

    To all those who feel that a name change is pointless, ask yourselves how we as a black race would feel about ourselves if we were still called Negro, sambo, nigger ect.

    It’s such a shame that some of us still have the slave mentalality.

  25. Lizavier4Jesus
    November 16, 2010

    @mouth of the south:

    I was thinking of the same thing as I read those comments. You are so right!, In the year 2010, we do not have a pure carib person in Dominica, not after witnessing a carib girl posing in a gorgeous swimsuit at a Carnival Queen Pagent Show. A pure carib would be a reserved person, that is why they chose to live in a reserved area in the first place.

    People have integrated from generations down by now. My grandfather and his people were descendants of Caribs, who knows how many generations down. Him and some of his children and grandchildren have skin complexion and hair like the original Caribs, but we never thoughts about ourselves as Caribs. So where do we belong? We are talking about a blood of over 500 years ago–a minority people. It is not possible for any of this pure blood to be in existence today,

    As people intergrate, they change in character, renewing their attitude and conducts. History tells us that the Caribs were fierce or hostile people. Someone ask about the Arawaks. History tells us that those people were dark skinned and peaceful people, but the Caribs forcefully rebeled against them, killing most of them; but those who survived ran away into other places of security. Cannibals! Did the Caribs of yesterday killed and ate the bodies of the Arawaks? And if so, do we have people like that in Dominica in the year 2010? I do not think so! So today we are all the same people with English, French, Spainish, and Carib blood in us. It is just too late to depict an identity of Carib or Kalingo-whatever-people in this day..

    The only effect of a new name at this time, is to provoke further reasons for segregation, which is not going to solve the confusion and social conflicts that already exist. But sometimes we just have to give some people what they ask for, for peace sake.

    As for me, I will continue to see no difference in a person who tell me he/she is from Dominiica, regardless if that person is white, black, brown, or red. It would better if we focus on improving our attitude and conducts to become better people, for the betterment and pride of our country, as we live with the peace, joy, and unity of Love, instead of wasting time on the desire to be called by a certain name. I am proud to say that I am Dominican, nothing more matters.

  26. looking in from the outside
    November 15, 2010

    Some folks asked…what’s in a name? Don’t you all have names? do these names mean anything to you all?
    It gives a sense of belonging.It is a form of identification.
    A number of places in Dominica has gone through name changes, did it bother anyone, did anyone make an issue about them? I guess not.
    Take the Windsor park: Up to now an official name cannot be established for it.
    Now the Carib people have decided to make a move towards a brighter and better future by starting with a name change, and a number of people has issues with that. Come on folks.
    Just as the ‘whites’ feels superior to the ‘blacks’, so does the blacks feel superior to the Indians.
    Well guess what, we the kalinago people are going to make strides to bigger and better things by starting with a name change.
    Kalinago Brave

  27. marv
    November 15, 2010

    @Pat: Its’ ok if the Caribs change their tribe name to Kalinago, but in the history books they are referred to as Carib Indians. I remember when I moved to the USA in the early 70’s, to my surprise I was learning more about the Carib Indians, and it is told in the history books that the place where you will find the Carib Indians still living was my country Dominica.

    If it will make the people feel better about themselves, it’s ok: but the Caribs will always remain in the history books. They are human beings just like everyone else. Their ancestors were the canibals, not the one who are living now. They should be treated with respect. Do unto others as you would want someone do to you. This is a new generation.

  28. mike's right
    November 15, 2010

    They will always be known as the CARIBS regardless of any alteration made to their name.

  29. Martin de Porres
    November 15, 2010

    It is so rude and disrespectful to read some of the comments here mocking the name change. I applaud the move by the Kalinago people. I think it is good to be able to chart ones destiny and remove the stigma of an unloved name.

    May many more good things come your way.

  30. bata kalinago
    November 15, 2010

    it time that we the people of the Kalinago territory stand for what we truely believe, and this is what true leadership is, where the interest of the people comes 1st, and @Anonymous a name change for dominica have been on the tables for a while now since we get mix up with Dominican Rep. and for ur infor this was wat i found when i google the word caribbean

    The word Caribbean, does come from the Carib Indian tribe, but the word Carib comes from the way the sailors who were mostly Italian and Portuguese, pronounced the word ‘cannibal”.
    They were Caribs by the Europeans for eating their enemies (including the Europeans) in order to consume their souls.

  31. Kalinago
    November 15, 2010

    Honestly, some of you Dominicans, my fellowmen and women, have no love for the FIRST PEOPLES of this nature Isle. In fact, we now could refer to this piece of land as ‘ NATURE ISLE due to the consistent struggles of KALINAGO against the invaders and colonial masters. KALINAGO had deep respect and love for their environment. They preserved and conserved that environment with their blood. Unlike the KALINAGO PEOPLE, today Dominicans condone wanton destruction of the natural and physical environment, without realizing that they themselves are part of that setting.

    Some Dominicans still think that the Kalinago people are savages. How shameful and wicked. Some Dominicans have no love even for the island Dominica which protected the brave fighters due to its topography. Due to the rich BIO-DIVERSITY of this beautiful land, KALINAGO was also able to survive on the wildlife, abundance of water, food and fruits that the land provided for their survival. Many Dominicans exhibit RACIST sentiments towards KALINGO up to today. That is reflected in the foolish statements on DNO concerning the POSITIVE MOVE of the KALINAGO COUNCIL.

    How many of you Dominicans support the Slave Trade and slavery today. Are you all suggesting that the slaves were wrong to resist the inhumane treatment received by their slave masters? Dominicans are so divorced from history that is why today many feel contented to be ruled by MASSA all over again. They want to experience dictatorial rule and control by a few with the MASSA trends of thought. KALINAGO resisted and shed their blood to fight that abomination.

    All Dominicans should give total support to the Council’s proposal for that name change to KALINAGO TERRITORY. Dominicans must treat our FIRST PEOPLE’s with more respect and humility. KALINAGO has earned and deserve such respect. Stop that COWBOY, COLONIAL, MASSA style massacre and denunciation of your own KALINAGO PEOPLE. Some of you are even bold and foolish enough to post such irresponsible, ignorant statements to the world. SHAME on some of you Dominicans. SHAME ON YOU. Have you deliberately forgotten the history and sufferings of KALINAGO?

    • under the radar
      January 9, 2011

      are u a kalifuna? i want to kiss u for that post. if ur a dude… tag ur padna….best post in the topic. nuff said!!!!

  32. One Love
    November 15, 2010


    and to all the naysayers I say ; if your drunken mom or dad had GIVEN you ASSOUL and ANDREW as christian names which would you DISCARD?

  33. half carib
    November 15, 2010

    what should be done is ask the goverment to recognise you all as a state within a state….so you all could have u all own rules …u all own bank…own police force …and have u all own casinos and strip joint…also u all could Legalize marijuana…with all that do u know the amount of revenue u all could bring to the kalinago people.. a name change is not enough

  34. Typical Dominican
    November 15, 2010

    I still going to say CARIB!!

    • under the radar
      January 9, 2011

      thats because you are a: Typical Dominican

  35. Pat
    November 15, 2010

    Sometimes when I consider the attitude of the African man toward the kalinago people, it reminds me very much of the American and European and other settlers attitude toward the American Indians and the Mexican indian, then the racist attitude by the Chinese and Indians ( from India) towards African people. reading some of these first instinct responses by some Dominicans i want to ask us; are we different from the other races who discriminate against us? would we have enslaved the kalinago people if given the opportunity? I remember as a kid how we called them ‘ kwa-yib’. Is man mcuh better than the beast of the fields? and finally as people who constantly complain about being discriminated against by all ther races, are we any better, would we do the same if the table is turned?

  36. upward
    November 15, 2010

    you are asking for a change of name. You have not yet received it officially, yet you are using it. This shows no regard for authority and trying to create confusion

  37. Kalinago Empress
    November 15, 2010

    Great move by the Chief and his council.

    To the ones out there who say there are no “real” Kalinagos left; it actually lies in the heart! It’s the values inside! I’m mixed, mom is black and father is Kalinago but deep in my heart I respect the Kalinagos because they contributed to Dominica’s development, etc!

    Strong Kalinago sister here!! Long live the Kalinago nation!!

  38. anonymous
    November 15, 2010

    What about a change in mindset?

  39. anonymous
    November 15, 2010

    A rose by any other name is still a rose.

  40. mouth of the south
    November 15, 2010

    good move but it a lil too late,,,,the pure kalinago race almost gone,,,,alot of bata kwayib it have,,,,,them black fellas eating all the nice apples boy,,,,yes i,,,,when them chicks come town man looking well sweet they not going back up nah bwoy,,,,we dem town man love a pretty carib,,,,,,don’t hate the messenger but is true it doh have much real kalinago remaining,,,,,thats why even though i like a kalinago woman,,,,i had to agree with the previous chief when he advised them woman not to have children with us the black fellas cuz dere race will go out,,,,,,.well he didn’t hear the quote once u go black u cah go back!!!!!!!

    • under the radar
      January 9, 2011

      well…. i go kalinago… and i not coming back lol.

  41. K. Marie Josephs
    November 15, 2010

    Kalinago just means “Kalina” or “Karina” people. It used to be pronounced Karinaku.

  42. just facts
    November 15, 2010

    so what iis in a name? I do not want to sound that i dont support the move. It is a step in the right direction. I thought that the misinformation on the Caribs was slowly being corrected and that people were more sensitive of their history and how they were made out to be.

    I now hope that they will now respect other races on the island and stop referring to them as ‘negwes’.I hope the name change also means that they will be more conscious and take the many opportuniies that come their way. Also that they will finally deal with all the other social issues that bedevil them as a race. to me these changes would be more profound than changing their name

  43. Concerned Citizen
    November 15, 2010

    Negative connotations with respect to the name “Carib” generally comes from the people of Dominica. The reason mainly because we do not understand that the Europeans have left us in a Barrel. Not many people do understand or think out of that barrel and prefer to fight each other. One of the main reasons people prefer to fight is because it makes them look good. But it is a cowardly way for one to praise himself, we can look even in our own families to see this war.
    Based on my conversations with people in the Caribbean they do not generally see the word “Carib as derogatory. Internationally when we mention the word Caribbean people think of white sand beaches, soca music and plenty “Fete”. If people from the Caribbean think that its bad to be referred to as party animals then they will decide to change the name. Some Caribbean folks do not consider themselves to be Caribbean especially the ones who live on that Island that has just been given the status as a developed country. So the war continues, as soon as i have more i point fingers at those who are deprived…..and the cycle continues

  44. William McLawrence
    November 15, 2010

    What’s in a name? … from Carne to Carnibal to Carib to Caribbean…while the name has significance to the regions’s tourism…Caribbean Tourism Organization, Caribbean Hotel Association and to business and commerce…Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce, Caribbean Development Bank…the name Carib was used by the European Colonisers to describe the people they met here in Dominica and many other islands of the region as fierce, man eating warriors who ate their prisoners/victims of war. These European intruders failing to enslave these indegenous people they met here because they defended their lands, and, fearing for their lives resorted to wipe out these indegenous people by referring to them as carnibals hense the name Carib.

    There is the thought that over the years the negative meaning of the word has come to mean something positive for the region and the region is now a vacation hot spot for North Americans and former European colonisers who come to enjoy the region’s year round warm weather, sun, sea, sand, sex, shopping and so much more…

    In support of the name change from Carib (derived from Carnibal) to Kalinago (meaning what?)however my concern is the lenght of time it will take to amend to the Carib Council Act to reflect the name change. Secondly people may be wondering what Kalinago means? is it first nation people? Can someone explain the meaning of the name KALINAGO to the public… That being said, Kalinago is better the Carib…and what implications are there for the name Caribbean if there are no more Caribs but rather Kalinagos. Just some food for thought…

    I support the name change if this will bring closure to the negative image the name painted of our Indegenous people in the past.

    @anonymous… clearly there is need to review the name Dominica. If in did the name was based on it being sited on a Sunday (Domingo) then that’s all good but the fact that it’s being so oftern confused with the Dominican Republic especially in terms of our Tourism that something to consider as well. There must be a referrendum on this…let’s see what ahppens…

  45. Pat
    November 15, 2010


    I do hope this trend will continue in Dominica regarding other aspects of our culture…
    It aches me to know that we still use that madras material that the slave masters bought for the slaves because they got it cheap from India. As if we are still so appreciative of it.

    • under the radar
      January 6, 2011

      8-O i really didnt know the madras cloth story. thanks…. i mean really? i like this comment lol. i’ve had so many questions

  46. honest lady
    November 15, 2010

    So even before cabinet takes it to the House, it is official by the C or K. I think things must be done systematic. Until the Parliament so announces, it remains Carib Territory. While I am sympathetic to what is said and connotes, too often we do things too haphazardly. The Reserve or Territory is very much part of the entire island of Dominica period. It would have even been best if they had naked it what it is already KARIFUNA, like Belize’s Caribs are GARIFUNA. And the ladies are Karina and the men whatever. Someone can correct me on this.

  47. Chief
    November 15, 2010

    @Bee: Kalinago: The Carib word for the Carib people. As Father Breton, who lived among the Kalinago in Dominica off and on between 1642 and 1653 says in his dictionary: “This is the real name of the Caribs of the islands.” He wrote it as “Callinago”, but the usual phonetic writing today is “Kalinago”. “Kalinemeti” means “A good, peaceful man”.

    • under the radar
      January 6, 2011

      where is this dictionary? what has happened to the original language? i need to know. this culture is so beautiful. please help me. email

  48. Observer
    November 15, 2010

    Much ado about nothing! There are more pressing issues that need to be addressed than this rediculous name change! The course of History cannot be reversed. I agree though; what happens to Caricom, Carifesta, Carib Vision (shortsightedness), Caribbean Airlines, Caribbean Carifta, Caribbean Central Bank, etc. etc.??!! What a farce!!!
    These poeple should stop letting people play political football with them and pulling the wool down over their eyes.
    And, by the way, I wonder what the word ARAWAK connotes? Were they cannibalized, or just became extinct? Or was it just a case of survival of the fittest?
    Maybe, just maybe, we have quite a few more name changes in the making!
    And am still waiting to find out what the word KALINAGO means! Somebody please rearrange my ignorance here!

    • under the radar
      January 6, 2011

      nah the cannibal thing was propaganda to keep other people off the indigenous is all. the same was done with the japanese in world war 2, by telling pilots do not crash on their land or they will cook them and eat them. same was with the amazon people too. its just using fear to keep people apart is all.

  49. This is dumb
    November 15, 2010

    Why give up the fact that a whole region “Caribbean ” is named after you.

  50. minx
    November 15, 2010

    @True Journalist:

    Its not elimintated yet because even you used the term in you post. BUt its a step in the right direction

  51. Chief
    November 15, 2010

    I support that move!!

  52. Bee
    November 15, 2010

    Ok, so we knew what “Carib” meant, but what does Kalinago mean?

  53. Chou Poule
    November 15, 2010

    Way to go Kalinago.

  54. Anonymous
    November 15, 2010

    If the word Carib has all these negative connotations associated with it as was pointed out in this article, can one assume that the word Caribbean ( which has the word Carib as its root word) – a geographical region that comprises so many races and ethnic backgrounds have a measured amount of these negative connotations as well?

    There are also the words Caribbean Sea and Carib Beer. What are the negative connotations therein?

    What next, Change the name Dominica?

    • under the radar
      January 6, 2011

      the name caribbean was acquired before the arrival of the africans. the name stayed and was adopted for all the other ethnicities that settled after. originally it meant the region inhabited by the caribs. and carib is a Portuguese word. thanks columbus.

  55. Anonymous
    November 15, 2010

    Love that move.

  56. smiles
    November 15, 2010

    I’m glad, small steps at a time but gradually there will be significant changes.

  57. True Journalist
    November 15, 2010

    Finally, that stigmatized name given to these native people by the white man is eliminated. Kudos to Office of the Carib Council Garnet has always have the best interest of his people at heart.

  58. timbok 2
    November 15, 2010




  59. chiensal
    November 15, 2010

    A bold step in the right direction.

  60. Watcher
    November 15, 2010

    Very interesting! Not bad at all!

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