DEAR BELLA: I think I’m gay

I am an 18-year-old woman who has developed feelings for my best friend who is also an 18- year-old woman.
I don’t know how to feel about it. I have never been with a woman before and the feelings are new to me. I can’t stop thinking about her. I stare at her lips when she talks, in hopes of kissing her one day. I stare at her Facebook page all day. I even watch lesbian movies to learn how to act around her.
She has a boyfriend whom she is crazy about so I don’t think she is into girls. However, I would like to tell her how I feel in hopes of changing her.
Bella, I’m going crazy. I need to tell her. I want to kiss her. I want to be with her.

Hello Dear,

If you reveal your feelings to your best friend, you run the risk of affecting your relationship permanently.
As you indicated, your best friend is in a relationship with someone she is crazy about. Let her enjoy her “natural” life.
You also may have to examine yourself to determine whether you are a lesbian or you aren’t suffering from a case of “experimentation syndrome”.
Sometimes young people experiment all kinds of things before they find themselves. I hope this is the case with you.

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  1. There is Hope.
    December 30, 2019

    Dear fearfully and wonderfully made,
    you are made in the image and likesness of a God who loves you so much that He died to save and deliver you..Even now He is waiting to set you free from the bondage of these emotions that you are experiencing. You are not gay. That’s a lie from the devil. You are being harassed by demonic spirits. Renounce them and seek deliverance. Homosexuality is a demon and you are entertaining it by watching movies about homosexuality and thinking these evil thoughts. You have opened these demonic doorways in your life and have given legal rights to this spirit. These are not your thoughts nor your feelings. You are dealing with manipulating spirits. Vehemently, reject and renounce these demons and command them to leave. Get spiritual help. Remember, Jesus loves you dearly. He doesn’t condemn you. He just wants to save you and give you a lifetime of freedom in Him. Call upon Him. I love you too and I pray you come to know the ultimate lover. His name us…

    • viewsexpressed
      December 31, 2019

      There is Hope. I am honored and happy with your response. Great stuff, great response. It is with decency. Ruth, humane nature has to go on and your thoughts are extreme. Mature in thoughts words and deeds. These young people are out there where there are also challenges, that they respond to blindly. T engage in an act that does not produce anything is abominable, wrong and inhuman.
      Young girl, do not be distracted by these spontaneous people just for fun and frolic. That lifestyle has no future, does not create children and family. This is just a fancy come go, come lets have fun. Go get a life and be yourself with a good companion where you are able to have your own children’s and not just playing about with same sex that does not produce anything of substances. Nature has offered us corresponding human sexual organs and it take the two male and female to reproduce children. Think closely of this and go take care of yourself. You will regret in 20yrs time. Seen it all. Stay away.

  2. Dominican
    December 27, 2019

    Who are we to say what is natural or not… You all believe something written in a book that was supposedly written by the disciples of Jesus but have absolutely no proof about it.. If it is unnatural, why is increasing so rapidly? Don’t you think God would have wiped it all out if it was? Mind your own business and stop tell others how they should live, you all what to get angry at other people for living their life like it directly affects you. It’s ridiculous

    • December 30, 2019

      @Dominican, your comment is foolish, you should have remained quiet.

      Mankind has two states which are “natural” and “spiritual”. The natural man relies solely on his human senses, which makes his mind carnal in stature, hence producing nothing but carnal behavior–that is what homosexually is about; it is a carnal behavior which is not of the Spirit

      “For all that is in the World, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the boastful mind of man is not of the Father it is of the World”. @1st. John 2:16

      But in Christ Jesus, man can forgo the sinful desires motivated by his “natural” human senses, and to learn to walk in the Spirit.

      The man who is walking in the Spirit will be tempted but the power of his Spirit will overcome those sinful temptations on his behalf such as the desires of homosexuality.

      Whatever is taking place in a man’s life is what he chooses, and only he can decide to continue with them or to release them.

  3. Bah yo bwa
    December 27, 2019

    That’s how you feel baby, its natural. Society may look down on you but feel free to experiment life, you may come to a true realization when the time is right. Live your life!!!

    • Roy pasco
      December 27, 2019

      your nasty that’s what you encouraging the woman to do to go and suck poopoose?? that’s why I keep on saying that all you those dominicans sick in that country. that’s all those young women want to do now in d.a jus suck porpoise. they pick up a style now just smoking cigarette and drinking rum booling and lesbianism. nasty aahss set of wonder they put back that evil dirty gov back in office..evil set of peoppe

      • Man bites dogs
        December 30, 2019

        @Roy pasco,
        Please cam down you have a Workers supporter bad attitude sounding like a spoil pussy cat my advice try visiting a psychiatric.

  4. Calibishie Warrior
    December 27, 2019

    Her ‘natural’ life?.. what century are you living in? A better answer would be not to think her sexuality defines her. Everyone makes passes that get knocked back both in the hetero and homosexual world , and for every reason under the sun, from body shape to hairstyle as well as sexuality… and its never the end of the world when it happens. If her friend is truly her friend she will be gentle with the rejection if she doesn’t feel that way… if not… get better friends .. they are out there

  5. yes i
    December 27, 2019

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  6. Di Englander
    December 26, 2019

    And stop watching Tell Lie Vision (TV). These unnatural acts are only from the Marsians. A black natural soil man from Africa(garden of Eden) should not indulge in such. You need to find yourself someone of the opposite sex and go forth and multiply. PLEASE!

  7. Zandoli
    December 26, 2019

    Bella, you seem to have a problem with gay people. Somehow you think being gay is unnatural. You need to examine yourself. We are all born in the image of God, including gay people.

    • Franqenstien
      December 27, 2019

      Umm…. homosexuality is unnatural, so i don’t get your argument. Abnormalities happen in nature all the time. People who seek to make nature’s abnormalities Normal are the real problem. If someone doesn’t subscribe to a certain belief system it does not make them an enemy.The World has reached a dangerous turning point. if someone doesn’t share your point of view they are the enemy. Homosexuals are not tolerant of others’ thoughts and opinions yet they want everyone to accept their …… lifestyle as the norm. Nonesense!
      What you do in the privacy of your home is your business, as long you keep it in the home!!!!

      • Compere Tigre
        December 29, 2019

        If abnormalities happen in nature “all the time” according to you, does that make abnormalities natural? Just wondering. Also, isn’t your argument contradictory? why should they not be hostile to you, if you are hostile toward them? Just playing the devils’ advocate.

      • viewsexpressed
        December 31, 2019

        Are we also condoning Beastility, (A beastly act) that is having sex with a cow and other animals. Where do we stop. That same way I do not condone a man having more that one wife, the same I do not condone Homosexuality’s etc. A man anus is NOT made for penetration. it is made for passing waste, anything else in there in nastiness and silly because it cannot produce any damn thing.
        Nature has given us male and Female to concubine and be natural and be with nature. Anything else is nastiness, silly and not in the keeping with nature and the niceties of life. You are here on earth with life, that your parents, Mother (female) Father (Male) met and produce where the sperm meets the Egg and nature and Gods demands takes effect. And sex with a man through the anal is nastiness and not for penetration but for passing waste. Two males cannot produce, this act is disgusting. The same for two females, equally disgusting. I also condone men wanting to have more than one wife. Nonsense. Oh…

        • January 2, 2020

          We stop with consenting adults. But everyone knew that already, anything else is just a ridiculous scare tactic.

    • Jimmy
      December 27, 2019

      Of course gay is “unnatural”. Anything that is not in the creator’s plans is unnatural. What world are you living in! Can a gay couple procreate? No. Sex was created for a man and a woman…married man and woman. Let Jesus enter your heart and teach you true love.

    • Di Englander
      December 27, 2019

      First, the word “gay” means to be HAPPY.
      Secondly, it is indeed an unnatural act. Simple question : Why won’t homosexuals conceive/bring forth babies? Instead, they adopt from people who indulge in NATURAL /heterosexual acts.

    • As I say
      December 28, 2019

      It is unnatural no matter what u say or do and I leave the rest to god

  8. Bwa-Banday
    December 26, 2019

    Hmmmm ask for me Bella I like women who think they are gay because not bragging I have the ability to make them straight 8) .

    That girl just need some serious pipe or coconut water from a real source like me to get straight. Please Bella have her contact me so we can negotiate terms and condition and sign a Hold Harmless Agreement because Bella believe when I am done straightening her out she will never get that feeling for her girl friend again.

    • Da Girl
      December 30, 2019

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Bwa-Banday
        December 31, 2019

        What’s up Da Girl? 8)
        Wanna … enjoy some of the water? Believe me I can bench any gay or straight woman and make them swear that they are in the promise land. 8) 8)

  9. Silver Fox
    December 26, 2019

    My name is King bee, I can make honey baby let me come inside and forget all that crap about lesbianism or byesexual come into Web darling.

  10. look it
    December 26, 2019

    you are out of control,join the rest of the club.

  11. December 26, 2019

    “I hope this is the case with you.”

    Whereas I hope that if you keep finding yourself attracted to women that you have the courage to live a life true to yourself, even while comments like this show that the society around you has a ways to go in accepting people as God made them.

    • As I say
      December 28, 2019

      Ya all you like to put God in all u thing eh less we forget what he did to the city’s which endlouge in such things. I leave the rest to the lord

    • candid
      December 28, 2019

      At 18 years of age, you are a juvenile, you just recently left school, nothing about further education, a job prospect and a home to live in.What is your ambition? A lustre feeling, you discussed it with you mom in private. A lost cause.

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