DEAR BELLA: My neighbor’s evil beliefs are affecting me but I’m afraid to confront her


I know this column is usually preferred for matters of the heart and the lovey-dovey stuff but what I want advice on is something worth giving a spot and a listen.

I live in the countryside and I have this neighbor who believes so much in evil that she can’t see the good in any situation.

Every morning early, she would begin her ritual baths in front the yard, dashing funny smelling water, stinking up the whole place. At noon is the same and at nights it’s even worse.

I went to speak to her about it because I am asthmatic and can’t take in these smells. She said she has to protect the area because ‘Soucouyan’ is in the place.

Ok, but our homes are very close together. This means that it’s affecting me too. Her children used to come over to my yard and they stopped. She asked them to stay inside, don’t go and eat anywhere, don’t walk without shoes. Bella, these children don’t even have a life.

The woman is clearly deranged and I want to speak to social welfare so they can check the children out and I want solid waste to come and speak to her about the stench.

Only problem is that it may cause a rift between us neighbors and I don’t want any trouble. I don’t want her to cast one of them spells on me.

Should I politely speak with her again or just suck it up and remain quiet or bite the bullet and report her?





Hello Wondering,

Well, start by trying to converse with her again. Since you actually have to continue to live next door to your neighbor and see her every day, jumping into a legal dispute when you do not really need to can cause additional strife and issues.

If you start out aggressively or even with a legal stance, you may end up causing more strife and discomfort than the initial issue created in the first place.

If the kind conversation doesn’t work then perhaps you may have to resort to the authorities to help. The Department of Land and Housing may be able to talk to her about boundaries.

Usually, people with these mindsets are not easily placated. About the children, I don’t think keeping them inside the house is illegal, hence your case against her may be weak.

Start with a conversation again then take it a notch up after that.

I intentionally did not respond to your fears about casting a spell on you.



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  1. Eveline J
    May 23, 2021

    Some of you people pa parlay sot la… you think internet and computer suddenly make evil disappear? Papa zor sot wi! Smdh. All you trying to appear so sophisticated and knowledgeable and sound dumb in the process. What does internet have to do with evil beings?

  2. There I go again
    May 21, 2021

    Declaring anyone who has an aversion to Jay’s fluid a witch or the devil’s minnion is both absurd and preposterous. While cleanliness is indeed close to Godliness, villifying one whose olifactorty nerves are sensitive to industrial strenghth cleansers is quite devilish in and of itself.

    Some readers have unfortunately taken this interesting and plausible article to the Twilight Zone. The intent here, I am certain, was not for us readers to turn into ghost busters but to assess in our personal way what constitutes neighbourly or non-neighbourly behavior.

    It is sad that some of the commentators have turned this into a witch hunt or the Rocky Horror Movie Show.

  3. Not Mincing Words
    May 20, 2021

    WOW!!! 2021 and we are still stuck in the Dark Ages where witchcraft and sorcery still permeates the mind of those who continue to roll out a welcome mat for everything occult.

    Evil definitely exist in this world as the Word says; however, there NO good that can come from it. Folks must choose whom they will serve. The occult is never a good option. When one steps into the world of abomination, all bets are off as the Most High will surely leave you to own wicked volition.

    Those who think they can straddle the fence by participation in any form of the occult will surely be spit out. Choose you whom you will serve!!!

    • evline J
      May 23, 2021

      Yeah, I know right? It’s 2021 so no more evil. The devil ran away. You call it dark ages? Evil is still alive in an even bigger and more sophisticated form.

  4. Tobby
    May 20, 2021

    I believe that person is the alleged soukouyan, because I always know as a young person growing up that when ever you sprinkle Jays, alcalli, red lavender, holly water and these sorts of thing in you yard or in your house it will disturb the evil that person I believe there is some tension there, watch out.

  5. Waiting For Airport
    May 20, 2021

    2021, in a world of youtube millionaires and unlimited access to information – my people still believe in ‘evil’ – then wonder why our government can manipulate us and keep us in poverty so easily.

    Stop this dumb sh**, wake up to reality and take responsibility for your circumstances! No smelly water or bare footedness can compensate for the progress you will make after gaining knowledge, developing strategy, having a strong work ethic and being persistent!

  6. May 20, 2021

    Well we’ll. My girl if you are a god
    Fairing person. Keep on praying that god will protect you from all sort of evil. Because these of things has implications. I know you may want to keep the peace. But keeping quiet may not necessarily solve any thing. Because it’s affecting you. And obviously your health is a concern. I would strongly recommend that you have a talk with her again. If she still continue. You need to take further steps. The fact that she keep her children from you. Don’t worry about that. Just continue to be good to them. Am sure with your good heart. You may want to invite them for a meal now and then . I think you should put a stop to it with all good reason. The lady migh all think that you want spoil her children.
    All the best and may God protect you.

  7. Bwa-Banday
    May 19, 2021

    Looks like you are the damn soucouyant because that spell removing stuff sure bothering you. Booboo di sa kee jeanea sortiee!

    Honestly I believe that jaze mixed with holy water and male donkey peepee mashing up all evildoers one at a time. Doh worry bout the lady children they just fine so go cleanse yourself and you and the neighbor will be just fine.

  8. Skerro
    May 19, 2021

    Maybe you should mine your own business the lady need to protect herself and her kids

  9. Just saying
    May 19, 2021

    One day I was burning sage in the house to cleanse evil spirits and my gf fell down. I left her. No more evil in my life

    • lol
      May 20, 2021

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are seriously funny, i laughed so loud hahahahahahahahah. i mean the smell of sage is very strong and people can have allergic reaction, if someone has allergy the can sneeze and stuff.. but the fainting part i laughed so hard.

      • Bwa-Banday
        May 20, 2021

        She had an allergic reaction all right! :twisted: :twisted:

        Malfaytere! Once you reverse the evil sh.. on them is malcaddy that does day-karlay them. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • Silver fox
      May 20, 2021

      It was just your imagination playing games with you!!!

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