DFP leader welcomes new political party but stresses need for common goal of ousting current government

DFP leader Kent Vital

Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP), Kent Vital, has welcomed the formation of Dominica’s newest political party, the Alternative Peoples’ Party (APP) but is of the view that all the opposition forces should have one goal in mind now and that is to remove the current administration.

“While I appreciate the entry of the new party in terms of the right for them to express themselves, what we need is for our people to recognize the state in which our country has got into,” Vital said. “We need our people to recognize that at this point, we have to save our country and all of us must be determined to reject the current regime…”

He continued, “By all of us what do I mean? I mean Freedomites; I mean Labourites who are seeing what is happening and know that it is wrong; Uwpites, I mean independent people who don’t necessarily affiliate with political parties; I mean by that, those who are involved in the newly formed Alternative Peoples’ Party, others who I know are also looking at forming other political movements…”

Vital added, “We need to come with that one mind and say we have to remove the regime that has brought us to that point we are. So I welcome any group that wants to be part of that noble thing to save our country.”

He said that at the end of the day, the people of “this precious country” must not let the current political regime divide, rule and conquer for their own benefit.

He said further, that Dominica’s economy is on the brink of disaster due to economic mismanagement; the country’s national resources have been misappropriated or mismanaged and there has been a serious lack of integrity in governance.

“Our country is in trouble,” the DFP leader declared.

Vital said he is willing and prepared to be part of a coalition in order to achieve the goal of removing the current DLP government from office.

“From my own point of view, that I would be prepared and our party will be prepared to participate in any coalition at the end of the day, because it’s the right thing to do, and I am saying it seems to be a good thing to do because of the present danger…,” he explained.

However, Vital added, “That’s not to say that we are not presenting our point of view to the public, we will….we will always put country interest above party interest.”

Formed in December 2019, APP describes itself as a centre-right, law-abiding political organization and movement founded on the principle of coexistence, democracy and justice, seeking greater involvement of youth and women in electoral politics on the island and among Dominicans in the diaspora.

The party’s interim president is Tahira Blanchard.

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  1. June 15, 2020

    Vital, just give it up. Whats left of the DFP elected you leader and all you have become is a echo chamber for the UWP propaganda. Adopting the failed strategy of the UWP lead by Lennox who in the last election was exposed by Ajezera as associates of his were caught attempting to sell Dominica diplomatic passports in exchange campaign finance, you bunch of hypocrites. You could not even get candidates to contest the last election, you did not even consider yourself viable candidate. Instead of contesting the election and putting forward your plans, like a political coward you went deep in UWP camp to hide.

  2. Ibo France
    June 15, 2020


    The DLP did not win the last national elections, CORRUPTION did. The Electoral System had more loopholes for fraudulent practices than a sieve. The Military Wing of the state was employed in full force to suppress the true will of the people. Millions were spent on concerts, free food, rent-a-vote from overseas and ‘Cool Out’ bribes to get a desired outcome.

    Last laugh is the best laugh. For when the kleptomaniac leaves office, he will spend the rest of his natural life behind iron curtains.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 8
  3. June 14, 2020

    @Bwa-Banday “No more pawol without decisive action. You, Buju, Lofty, Blessing, Lennox, Tahira take the lead and start with cohesive planning and execution of strategies.”

    I suppose you think your suggestion above is the plan of success and victory, but you are forgetting that the majority of the voters are with PM Skerrit and his governing body.

    The (majority) people of Dominica, know that that set of guys you have mentioned above–along with others– are not interested in their welfare, they are only concerned about a “destructive” rebel against PM Skerrit and we will not let that happen.

    Advise them to tell Dominicans, their plan for the better and quicker improvement for the economics and social welfare of the Nation, maybe they will stand a chance–maybe!

    But their continues barking, so foolishly, against the Prime Minister, to people who have chosen him as their leader, for 4 consecutive terms, is not a plan of victory–there is no way!

  4. Ibo France
    June 13, 2020

    Mr. Vital your words are well spoken. I could hardly find anything wrongly said to oppose. Having said that, at this juncture in our storied history, we need action not words. What the country needs more than ever from influential folks like you, are fewer words more action. Talk less, do more.

    More political parties cannot be the answer to dislodge a twenty year old stubbornly, well entrenched, corrupt, evil and overly dark quasi dictatorship. It will take a sustained and relentless battle along with an overwhelming ground swell of support from the ordinary people to remove this venomous monster from power.

    Mr. Vital, remember these words: All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action.

    *More Action, Less Talk❗

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 8
      June 14, 2020

      Ibo MALAPROP France, interesting to that you said it will take the ordinary people to act. Yes the ordinary people acted and spoke at the last general election and when THEY SPOKE and ACTED THEY got a victorious 18 to 3 in favor of the DLP
      What other action are you asking for?
      Be careful what you ask for so that in the end you don’t claim to be the victim.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 7
  5. Peace
    June 13, 2020

    Mr. Vital, while I respect your opinion, I need to remind you that it was the joint goal of removing the ruling party (then UWP) that lead to the rise of the Labour and the ultimate demise of the Dominica Freedom Party. Your goals are not intertwined with the APP. Your goals now should be to:
    1) Position the Dominica Freedom party as the party of choice to bring growth and prosperity to the Commonwealth;
    2) Attract and retain a competent slate of qualified candidates to contest at least 15 constituencies at the next general elections.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2
  6. Ibo France
    June 13, 2020

    Mr. Vital, your utterances are usually spot on. What the country needs most though is sustained action to reverse its present downward trajectory. There must be political cohesion and the collective efforts and will of all fair-minded, peace-loving Dominicans to reverse the present misfortunes of the vast majority of our countrymen.

    Dominicans wake up and take a stand❗ Look at the exquisite luxury and opulence Skerrit and his disciples presently enjoy while most citizens live from hand to mouth. Corruption and the unfair distribution of the country’s resources have them living Champaign lifestyles. Before these people got into government they were of average wealth or poor like church rats. Nobody can get so wealthy only from a salary of a civil servant.

    Whenever a country suffers from persistent poverty and underdevelopment, like present day Dominica, it’s three (3) things: CORRUPTION❗ CORRUPTION ❗ CORRUPTION ❗

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 7
  7. Nudibranch
    June 13, 2020

    The goal should be to have a clear concise road map of how to take the country forward and pay off the many and very large loans we have accumulated, not merely “to remove the current administration”.
    Try to look further than the tip of your nose. “Now what??” Is not a viable party slogan

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0
  8. June 12, 2020

    He is getting paid top dollars for doing nothing so now and then he have to run his mouth. He have more guts than Astaphan and Garraway so he have to keep talking and making these long baseless speech.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1
    June 12, 2020

    So Vital you want to gang up? Three against ONE!?
    Boss who JAH BLESS no man curse. So the harder YOU ALL come the Harder and Heavier YOU ALL SHALL FALL.
    Change YOU ALL POLICY and mind set. Skerrit is not the problem, YOU ALL are.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 7
  10. Possi ya
    June 12, 2020

    Kent please itemize all the wrongs that’s happening and show me evidence..you keep repeating the same rubbish and nothing new, same old story.Is one thing you have right, the reason is to only get rid of the present government but neither UWP,FREEDOM PARTY NOR APP has a chance have a letter plan for Dominica..You all are just a bunch of self serving,Power Hugry,greedy ungrateful Bitter set of people..it is better for Labour when the three other party comes together .Come with new ideas and maybe you all might stand a chance but not with my vote.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 4
  11. Bwa-Banday
    June 12, 2020

    Blessings to you Bro. Vital. I love your vision of “Team Unity” but be reminded this needs to happen sooner rather than later. No more pawol without decisive action. You, Buju, Lofty, Blessing, Lennox, Tahira take the lead and start with cohesive planing and execution of strategies. Delegate, delegate, delegate and don not try to micro manage. Let things roll ….There may be some things you differ on and will have to let fly for the good of the country.

    Just avoid criticizing each other publicly and let the actions take its course as long as it lead to the desired results – replacement of the CABAL. It may not be always pretty but in the final analysis a battle is NOT always clean. 8). We cannot “always” depend on prayers as “our” only weapon…tough action must take place on the ground. Be prepared to make sacrifices in the interest of the country and we will get through this. I am watching bro and awaiting the call. May the spirit of the ancestors be very very pleased.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 6
  12. June 12, 2020

    You are right on the money Kent. Three quarters of the country share that same view.
    This bunch mercenaries has brought our country to a …. hole and it’s high time to clean it up.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 8
    • god way
      June 14, 2020

      are you ok in your head three quarters of who! Remember the time 18 pass 3 three quarters of Dominicans said so 7 months ago

  13. ds
    June 12, 2020

    Come on Kent, give it up. Too much of your ra, ra, ra. If Dominica is that bad, how comes you are still surviving in Dominica?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 16 Thumb down 17
    • Spicegirl
      June 13, 2020

      So he has only one objective: to remove Labour from office. After that, then what? Things so bad then why are you here. Get lost. Dominica can do without the likes of you.

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3
      • June 14, 2020

        @Spicegirl, I said the same thing. It is just that I don’t think it is the party they are after, but it is PM Skerrit that they want to remove. For unless he goes out they stand no chance of going in. And the ugliness they are plotting against him will not come forth.

    • Labar man
      June 13, 2020

      You are right, we are barely surviving. We need to progress beyond survival. Don’t you think we have suffered enough? I mean, I am a hard labar man, but enough is enough.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 8
      • god way
        June 14, 2020

        what Labor man are you so fake you can’t even spell Labor so fake again

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