DigiPlay customers in Dominica unhappy about rate increase

Customers of Digicel Play are expressing concern over a recent rate increase from the company, which many say came with no prior notice.

Speaking to Dominica News Online (DNO), the irate customers revealed that on arriving at the Digicel retail store to pay their bills, they were all individually informed of an EC$10.00 increase to their bundle service while customers with broadband service only, were told of a five-dollar increase.

“After staying in the line for over 30 minutes on Tuesday, to pay the bill, I was informed that I did not have the sufficient amount and that the service had been increased by ten dollars,” said Eileen Prosper. “ I asked the young lady why and she said it’s because of an upgrade to the service.”

According to the Digicel customer of three years, neither she nor her daughter, whose name the bill is listed under, received any prior notice of this increase. She is calling on the company to be more transparent when such action is taken in the future.

‘My radio is on 24/7, from Monday to Friday. Digicel has a programme on the radio; you mean to tell me they could not have made the announcement before? This is absolutely unfair that we, the customers, were only informed after the fact,” she lamented.

Several other customers who spoke to DNO have also raised similar concerns.

According to a Mr. Sablon, who revealed that he was also informed of the increase when he went to pay his bill, the likelihood of him disconnecting his services within the next 30 days is inevitable.

“It’s unfair what these companies are doing to us. You can’t just decide to increase the bill and say it’s due to an upgrade and not give me the option of choosing if I want to upgrade my service or not. They said they were done within the month, but to be honest, since I’ve gotten the service, within the past 30 days, it’s the worst that it has ever been,” he complained.

He further stated, “while ten or five dollars may not seem like much to them, things are hard in this country and everywhere we turn one company or another is raising our bill. So I will certainly be disconnecting the service and looking for something more economical.”

DNO tried to get an explanation for the rate hike from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Digicel Dominica, Nikima Royer Jno Baptiste, but her only comment so far is, “I am contemplating putting out a statement.”

However, we spoke to another senior employee who confirmed the rate increase.

The employee who spoke to our team on condition of anonymity, cited improvement to the service as the cause and noted this was done in other regional markets.

“So for our local customers, we’ve increased our internet speed tremendously. So those who had 10 they’ve been upgraded to 20 Mbps, those who had 20 now moved to 40 and those who enjoyed 50 can now enjoy 70 Mbps,” the Digicel employee stated.

Our team was also sent a notice from the company’s website https://www.digicelgroup.com which confirmed the news accompanied by an increase in broadband speeds and the migration of customers to the new plans.

“Over the past year, our Digicel Team has been working around the clock to support our customers’ rapidly changing needs as they moved to work-from-home and homeschooling. As you can imagine, customers now require even more reliable and powerful internet, with a wider range of entertainment products that complement their new digital lifestyles,” the notice stated.

It went on to highlight, “As we continue our improvements, it has become necessary to make some adjustments to our existing rates to meet the increased costs that come with providing these enhancements.”

On the company’s website, the lowest subscription bundle for local customers now starts at EC$ 125 and the highest priced at $210 inclusive.

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  1. Simplify
    June 20, 2021

    Hello! Listen up people. Most of the hardships we suffer is self afflicted. How has you cell phone better your life? How has your TV better your life? How has wifi better your life? All these afore mentioned gadgets comes with a price. I don’t have TV in my house and it has not hurt me. Wifi bills doesn’t come in my mail because I don’t have wifi. I’m very happy without all these electronic devices and I have peace of mind. It’s just as when I was growing up as a boy. Domlec could not take our light and Dowasco could not disconnect our water. We supplied ourselves with basic necessities. Now people have these fancy things and still complaining because they cannot afford it.

    • I'm just sayin'
      June 21, 2021

      Wait. So how you on Dominica news ONLINE if you don’t have wifi? Or are you benefiting from the service paid for by one of your neighbors, the same service you claim is unnecessary? Or perhaps you are using data? In which case, you admit that access to internet service is vital enough in this day and age that it is both a luxury and necessity and should be affordable. Because I wonder what your comment would be if the cost data plans went up and you were no longer free to log on to DNO to give your opinion.

      • Simplify
        June 23, 2021

        All the energy is in the air. If you sit down and do some experiments you will find a way to access what man has attempted to make inaccessible, such as WiFi. Have you heard of magic jack? I still have it free. I mean, FREE. If 10,000 to 15,000 people in Dominica give up WiFi connection for at least 6 months, the service providers will have no choice but to drop their price by as much as 50%. But no one wants to sacrifice a little comfort.

    • Roger Burnett
      June 22, 2021

      This is so true and could be extended to include many others facets of our over complicated and unhealthy lifestyle: transport, housing, food, dress, appliances, etc.

  2. Romeo Joseph
    June 19, 2021

    Flow is not different, I am paying $79.00 for a postpaid plan for which I get 2GB of data for 30 day. Instead of updating my plan they have introduced a new prepaid plan for 30 day with 16GB. I have been a postpaid customer for over 2 years and that is very unfair to me.

  3. Killerind
    June 19, 2021

    An email was sent out more than a month in advance. It stated that there would be a price increase along side a speed increase.

    • Toto
      June 21, 2021

      Not everyone in Dominica have email access brother. Don’t just think of yourself.

      • badbaje
        June 22, 2021

        Let me see. Customers have cell phone or WiFi service. Those with cell phone can connect to friend, family or work WiFi.
        This gives them ample opportunity to set up an email account. There is Yahoo, GMail, etc, all going for free. Saying they do not have email is not a valid reason my brother.

  4. Wowww
    June 19, 2021

    I got prior notice but I don’t think it is fair AT ALL! We may have seem to forget that before Maria we actually had internet services that costed less than $100. Ok fine they upgraded the system now we move from 110 to 120. And digicel is claiming that they boosted the services but the speed seems to be the same. And why should they just decide to update the speed and charge people more? Why not have the speeds available and allow customers to upgrade IF THEY CHOOSE TO? I am getting the same slow and spotty service I’ve been getting all of last year. I am disgruntled! We already cannot even owe $10 on our monthly bill because if we still owe $12 after the 15th of the month we get disconnected. STOP ABUSING YOUR DAMM CUSTOMERS!!!

  5. John
    June 19, 2021

    Digicel did provide written notice to me via email weeks ago. Get the facts straight! If you register for a service with an email address that you never check how do you expect to be notified?

  6. Wino
    June 19, 2021

    I pay my digicel bill on the month end every month without arrears however my service got cut on the 16th of May though I was not owing. I am yet to get an apology fit the inconvenience of cutting my services. They are the only provider I’m my area so I’m just bearing until such time that I may have other options. The increased speeds that they’re talking about is pure hog-wash if you ask me. My service currently is worst than before.

  7. Johnny
    June 19, 2021

    Were is the technology minster to address this? All you putting all the pressure on NTRC but is the technology minster that has to address this.

  8. Back to basic
    June 18, 2021

    While I appreciate the monopoly breaker Digicel must know money now is not to pay for utilities its to buy groceries….i prefer to get back to basic…listen to radio and play cards…ppl now hardly have time for tv….i am surely not prepared for any more increases…ppl salaries remain the same…know that

  9. D4D
    June 18, 2021

    Digicel to lie about improve speed…why dno don’t allowed people to upload pictures I just tested my speed and it a frigging scam!! No damn improvement!! NTRC! I BEGGING ALLU TO INVESTIGATE!! WE CANT TAKE MORE!!

  10. Say it as it is
    June 18, 2021

    We should not be so quick to say things. Digicel did put of notice from since earlier this year. I received both via Email and text. A lot of the time customers changed numbers and stop using emails & do not update their accounts, also people disregard texts & majority of them do not read emails their accounts are merely for social media purposes. so for customers to say they were not informed they should as them selves is my number up to date? did I delete the text message seeing that it was just from Digicel? have I even checked my emails or junk folder?

  11. spadille
    June 18, 2021

    Since we doubling, why wasn’t 50 increased to 100 instead of 70?

  12. Economist
    June 18, 2021

    People do like I did. Log a official complaint with the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency https://ntrcdominica.dm/

    Fill out the form and submit it. From my experience they do not answer the phone.

  13. LifeandDeath
    June 18, 2021

    Digicel committed an unethical offense and the fees must be reversed and proper statement and notice must be given to the Customers.
    I mean if the Company would go to such great lengths to improve on the services and then neglected to inform their customers whereby justifying a price increase, the mere failure to do so indicates that everything was not above board or well intentioned. They are accused of trying to pull a quick one on the Customers..like naah $5 not a big deal, it’s Ok!!..oh but $5 multiply by 20,000 customers is a whopping $1.2m more extracted from poor ppl every year.
    For perspective, Is Digicel even paying $1.2m in salaries a year in Dominica?

    • The Truth Be Told
      June 19, 2021

      See all of you like this comment. You see the calibre of you. So you can’t even multiply and all the 23 who thumbs up cannot multiply. So you see this speaks a lot. lifeandDeath and the 23 others who thumbs up, a little education to you all. $5.00 multiply by 20,000 customers is 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand). I am not siding Digicel but I am so alarmed at the level of deception that goes on in this country. So you see how much gullible you people are. A lie is told and a lot of you believe and help to spread those lies.
      Hmmmm look thing and I know the bible states that in the last days lie will be truth and persons will prefer lies to truth. You just hear some things and u just move on with it without checking the truth. Time to seek the truth and there is only one truth. The bible also states that the Father caused man to see Romans 1: 26 – 28. Choose if you want to be in truth for if you want to be there then that scripture won’t pertain to you. Choose wisely

  14. derp
    June 18, 2021

    Well I did get prior notice, but this statement “… for our local customers, we’ve increased our internet speed tremendously. So those who had 10 they’ve been upgraded to 20 Mbps, those who had 20 now moved to 40 and those who enjoyed 50 can now enjoy 70 Mbps,” the Digicel employee stated.” I would barely call that an increase the base level for true broadband should be 100 mbps look at what speeds they offering Barbados, cheaper and faster… Tremendous increase my foot I see no difference in the speeds in my daily use imo…

    • Upset
      June 19, 2021

      No difference. First of all the half of the television channels make.no sense whatsoever. Paying for less than a quarter of channels that make use. My internet speed is same as before. Have not seen the increase yet. I am changing service provider. Everything is increasing and wages remain low.

    • Nudibranch
      June 19, 2021

      Will we ever get anything close to the speeds they profess we are paying for? Please don’t tell me I’m getting 40mb when the best time to achieve anything like that is at 330am.
      It’s very easy to check internet speed, just don’t lie to us and expect us to find the money to fund it

  15. CChamp
    June 18, 2021

    All you need to read the terms and conditions of the contract you signed with them at the time. I’m sure they can not increase the price before giving customers appropriate notice in writing but then again this is Dominica we are talking about here.

  16. samantha
    June 18, 2021

    I totally agree with the customers who is voicing their complaints.
    Digicel cannot just upgrade their service and add a charge without informing customers and giving them the option on whether they want to accept the upgrade or stay with what they have. When Digicel have to disconnect their internet they don’t hesitate, the don’t give their customers a chance but they coming with their $10 extra fee. $10 can be owed to Digicel and the 15th reach they still cutting you off for the $10, so why add to their crappy internet price.

  17. HI FIVE
    June 18, 2021

    There we go: A consumer protection agency is needed. But of course we have a government that doesn’t care for its citizens. No. by

  18. Bee
    June 18, 2021

    That’s what happens where is not enough competition. Imagine if customers had options to switch to… Digiplay would be begging them to stay!

    • PossieGirl
      June 21, 2021

      Competition is one thing and good. However, if the competitors are allowed to secretly agree not to undercut each other’s prices, competition is useless. When you have a government that tolerates this kind of behaviour and doesn’t even see fit to investigate these things, all you are the loosers but stop complaining at least some of you get free houses and other little presents.

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