Disagreement continues to fester over international airport as proposed meeting with Wesley MP falls through

Controversy rises over the government’s plans to build an international airport in Wesley as an attempt by a group of concerned villagers to meet with the parliamentary representative, fails.

The Wesley Development Organization, comprising a number of professionals who come from that village, was formed to  advocate on behalf of residents who have concerns about the project.

The group has indicated that it is not against the construction of the airport per se, but has expressed concern about the anticipated socioeconomic impact of the project on the village and what it says is the lack of consultation by the government with residents of the community.

In the wake of Government’s recent announcement that it plans to hand over the acquired lands by December 01, 2020, the organization requested a meeting with Wesley MP Fidel Grant no later than 24th November, 2020 to discuss their concerns.

“Due to my schedule, I am unable to hold the meeting within the period provided in your letter,” the parliamentary representative responded. “During the course of next week however, I will inform of a date and time which is convenient.”

At the time of publication, that meeting had not materialized.

The Wesley Development Organization is of the view that Grant may not be interested in meeting with its members, pointing out that shortly after receiving the letter, Grant went on radio and accused the group of being the propaganda arm of The United Workers Party (UWP).

The full letter to the Wesley MP from the Wesley Development Organization is posted below.


18th November, 2020

Hon. Fidel Grant

Minister of  Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture and Food security

Government Headquarters

Kennedy Ave


Dear Minister Grant,


We write to you in your capacity as parliamentary representative  for the Wesley / Palm Tree/ Woodford Hill constituency and hereby request an audience to discuss issues  related  to the proposed construction of an international airport in the said constituency and in particular; the specific alignment that entails  development of the runway through  residential areas of the Wesley Village. Further, because of Government’s announcement that it plans to hand over the acquired lands by December 01, 2020; we respectfully request that the meeting be convened as early as possible and in any case no later than 24th November; 2020. Therefore a very timely response will be appreciated.

Our proposal is that the meeting be held at the  hall of  the Pentecostal Church at Wesley. The specific areas of interest we wish to discuss are:

1.The design and alignment of the proposed airport and the technical studies that informed site selection.

2.Reasons for rejection of the alternative sites.

3.The impact of the proposed airport on the Wesley Community.

4.The design and implementation timetable  of  a new road network  to avoid disruption of Wesley  during construction and  which will  adequately link the community  (inclusive of new housing areas) to  the airport  and  the rest of Dominica.

5.Failure of Government to consult the people of Wesley  on the  project proposal.

6.The reasons for the   aggressive  timetable for land acquisition   and handing over of the site and the resultant social and psychological impact on residents.

7.The urgent need to terminate the haphazard allocation of lands currently under the control of Government.

8’Government’s plans for lands that were formerly part of the Londonderry Estate

9.The  very urgent need for  proper zoning of the Wesley area irrespective of the orientation  of the runway in order  to provide for diverse uses  such as  housing for different income levels, agriculture, food security, commercial uses, hotels & guest houses, churches, schools, recreational facilities, ICTs and utility infrastructure, light industries, business incubation  and the anticipated increased population  in the wake  of airport construction.

10.The status of the Assessment Board as provided for under the Land Acquisition Act and  Government’s current approach to negotiations and  compensation.

11.. Plans for participation of the people of Wesley in the Blue Economy.

12.The identity of the parties that are involved in technical studies, design & plan development, construction,  financing  and operations of the proposed airport.

13.Government’s intentions with regards to procurement practices during the construction of the proposed airport and the implications for local providers of goods, works and services

14.The implementation timetable for the proposed airport.

15.Government plans for job opportunities for the people of Wesley and neighbouring communities during the construction and operational phases and the need for related training and education and

16.The disadvantages of apartments in a farming community.

The individuals who will be physically  present are Messrs Tiyani Behanzin , David Edwards, Cameron Robin, Jean Francois, Julien Jeremy and  Dr McDonald Thomas. Messrs Wilworth Robin and Melbour Phillip are expected to engage virtually.

We do look forward to hearing from you.




David Edwards

For Steering Committee

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  1. Ras B
    December 2, 2020

    Disappointed, a parliamentary representative is too busy to meet his constituents!!!!!Have we outgrown the people whom we are supposed to serve? Sad, I hope the constituents remember this snub.

    Surely, the people voted you into office, a major undertaking as the proposed international airport with no consultation!! Is Mr Grant of the view that he has outgrown his constituents?

  2. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    December 1, 2020

    I am one who signed a petition against the destruction of our historic village; nevertheless, a petition is simply a number of names on a piece of paper.

    People like Roosevelt Skerrit, and now one from Wesley “Grant” who has become a puppet of Roosevelt Skerrit only to be called minister, do not care two hoops about his family, and the rest of our village people who’s way of life will be physically, and mentally disrupted, and devastated!

    There is a term “pussy-footing” in common English, it means dragging of ones feet; there is no point of talking to Skerrit, never mind that little boy Grant, whom indeed is a little boy with no actual power to detour the devil whom has made up his mind to destroy the village of Wesley.

    There are some who are supposed to be a development whatever they call themselves; but one must come to the realization that talk alone does not solve any lingering issue; there is something called action.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      December 1, 2020

      At this point the people of Wesley should take this lingering matter into an institution of litigation where; those who organize the petition should  seek an injunction against the little corrupted boy Roosevelt Skerrit, and his puppet little boy Grant!

      An injunction is simply a judicial order that restrains a person; or government from beginning or continuing an action; threatening or invading the legal right of another, or that compels a person to carry out a certain act, such as make restitution to an injured party.
      The only restitution the people of Wesley need at this point, is that Roosevelt Skerrit stop politically victimizing our people, and if he truly wish to build an International Airport, in the country he must build it on land that is already paid for by a former government.
      The land is already there paid for with Taxpayers money; hence the land belong to the people of Dominica!

      The only Roosevelt refuses to utilized that bit of land:

      Will continue:

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        December 2, 2020

        So, the only reason Roosevelt refuses to utilized the existing site between Wesley and Woodford Hill is because the site was a selected choice of the UWP!
        When Roosevelt was asks why not build the International Airport on that which was long bought: Roosevelt Skerrit response was “is:” if he build the Airport on land purchase by the UWP, it will become Edison James Airport.

         Someone remind Roosevelt that the late Eugenia Charles selected a site; why not utilize it if he does not want to use the site of the UWP?

        This corrupted little boy rat exclaimed; if he use the Freedom Party suggested site, the Airport will become Eugenia Charles airport.

         What difference does it make whether Eugenia, or Edison selection of land is used?

        I believe that would be much better; allowing peace to exist in Wesley, and avoid the psychological stress the people of our Village are experiencing.

        The only resolve is to take the matted to court; the people of Wesley have legitimate case!

  3. itmatters
    December 1, 2020

    Their own visual aid clearly shows that the red marking is the most suitable site for building an international airport. Pointing out areas of residential dwellings that have to be relocated, does not support their argument. Buildings and dwellings can always be relocated to another location as long as it is on land. Some residents could be very well elated that they can now build on suitable land space and not on ad-hoc land space they’ve had for decades. The Undecided Wesley Patriots, as a last form of desperation, realize that their political gimmickry will be no more, and their chances of mounting an election campaign with promises that they will be “building an international airport” have just vanished. Now it’s time for dem to “reel-n-com-again.”

  4. Lin clown
    November 30, 2020

    As usual a bunch of UWP JACKA led by Ibo France.The hospital was a pie in the sky.The stadium was a white elephant.The $300 a month for 70yrs and over was a lie.The DC airport was a Venezuelan fighter jet airport.Now those COONUMOO talking about airport realignment.I agree with Grant DO NOT ENTERTAIN these crooked traitorous fools.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      December 1, 2020

      You that guy there should remind Fidel Grant; that when Roosevelt Skerrit finish using him as he used up my two other cousin Gloria, and Athena; he will kick him out for someone else!
      So, he will be the the third  of my cousins to be used up and kicked aside like an old unwanted used pare of shoe by Roosevelt.

      And Fidel if you don’t believe I am your cousin; ask you grandmother Benny, or Mascol, I hope they are both alive and well; if they have departed; you might have to evoke your roots the late: Mama Pretty Telemaque, the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in my entire life.
       If your grandmother cannot recognize my name; simply tell her I say I am that little boy,  Son Fu  Ma john oui!

      Ask Emlord, when he come visit, talk to him in New Jersey yesterday.

      Mr. Clown, remember the International Airport Roosevelt Skerrit,  his father all of them said Edison wanted it bring drugs into Dominica.

  5. jaded
    November 30, 2020

    People were paid above market value for their land so case is closed. And, in any case, government had the right of eminent domain. So be happy and grateful. End of discussion and negotiation. Build the airport already!!

  6. November 30, 2020

    Was any reason given why the UWP rejected the site chosen by the DFP? Aggressive timetable for acquisition of land? Successive governments have been trying to locate land to build an airport for close to 60 years.

  7. Observer
    November 30, 2020

    How can a government treat its constituents with such disdain. It’s only in China such autocracies occur. I have read about projects where entire communities are uprooted and dislocated for the construction of major project and the people have no say in the matter. But China is a communist country and Dominica is a democratic country.
    This government had better take heed and listen to the people this time. Look at the disastrous flooding that occurred at the flagship Kimpinski Hotel. This is a blight on the hotel. But that was so predictable because it was built in a swamp. Definition: an area of low-lying, uncultivated ground where water collects; a bog or marsh. Prime Minister Skerrit, listen to professional, not only your supporters. There are important pertinent issues that must be discussed and thrashed before such a major undertaking such as an airport can accur.

  8. kubulol
    November 30, 2020

    The existing airport is already international with flights to/from several foreign countries.
    Building a bigger airport for heavier carriers makes no sens today :
    the island is small and not sufficently developped to cope with mass tourism ; not enough infrastructures to fullfill the needs of hundreds visitors per week.
    I advised not to let foreigners ( i.e Chineses ) push for the achievement of this “white elephant” just for them to put a hand on DA

  9. Ibo France
    November 29, 2020

    I’ve heard many people positing the view that Fidel Grant , the parliamentary representative for Wesley, grew up in the Catholic Church, come from a decent family and his crude pronouncements on the airways are unlike his true self. NONSENSE!

    Anyone who takes up residence in Skerrit’s CABAL cannot be good. If Mr. Skerrit were to be given a dollar for every lie he has told since squatting in the Office of Prime Minister, he would be a centi-billionaire. You sleep with a proverbial dog, you catch its fleas.

    Mr. Fidel Grant is no saint. He chose to join Skerrit’s concoction of shady characters on his own volition.

  10. Nudibranch
    November 29, 2020

    They said they’d bought the land necessary, now you hold talks? Surely this is backwards. People should start looking towards making airport accommodation.

  11. our Sisserou laying Eggs
    November 29, 2020

    one of the biggest hindrances to development in a democratic nation is “people”. how i feel, what i feel. we want development, but we’re not willing to sacrifice a few “comforts” for it. in this scenario, the socialist government would stand advantageous. give you ample time to relocate, and put your money in the bank for you. then bam….construction and development happens. doesn’t look like we really want any development

  12. Ibo France
    November 29, 2020

    The international airport construction in the proposed location will profoundly affect the lives of thousands of people, some yet unborn.

    Minister Fidel Grant, the parliamentary representative of the area, dares not meet with his concerned constituents without the approval of his leader, Comrade Skerrit. Mr. Skerrit rules with absolute authority. The underlings in his cabinet are merely cheer leaders, puppets to be more precise.

    The residents of Wesley and the nearby communities have a deep and solemn emotional relationship with their communities. To uproot them from their sacred affinity to the place of their birth without prior and rigorous discussions is criminal.

    The Skerrit DLP led autocracy should see the people as human beings and not merely as votes.

    November 29, 2020

    my thought about this is Fidel could not answer or attend this meeting without permission from his boss as i remember listening to his predecessor taking an oath of office that she would not divulge any thing without the permission of the prime minister. I ques this includes talking to their constituents as she promised to see me one day and never showed up

  14. lmckoy
    November 29, 2020

    Looks like a p—ing contest between the two sides, at the expense of the project and the country. Come on fellows, stop scr–ing around and resolve the issue in the best interest of the country.

  15. dissident
    November 29, 2020

    Grant boy I hope is not Skerrit that causing you to hate on your own constituents!
    You failing as a true patriotic representative of the people in your constituency.
    Grant you actually telling de world that you do not represent de people in your constituency who you label as supporters of uwp.
    Is that your true nature and character? Now you, I guess through your Leader, treating people who you know personally, with contempt. You have now succeeded to profess yourself as a divider of your own people, village and constituency.
    Are you allowing your leader to use you as a divisive tool against your own people?
    You will forever have to keep your tinted windows up… divider, for your ruler.

  16. Sasa
    November 29, 2020

    Point round full of empty land why can’t you all go there and make the international Airport plus most of the hotels is around portsmouth why do you all want to destroy the people homes and agriculture I think thats one of the labour party gimmicks again margie

    • DA TO The Bone
      November 29, 2020

      You sound like an idiot. ZI dure you must have heesrd nowhere in Dominica is suited for an airport. THE REST IS HISTORY
      .Go do your research…

  17. Nkrumah Kwame
    November 29, 2020

    Seems like once you join THIS DLP, you loose your sense of right and wrong. I would never have thought that Fidel would treat HIS constituents in such a manner. His schedule is too busy to meet them, but finds time to go on radio where he lambastes them
    From the time Skerrit established diplomatic relations with China without the approval of Pierro, I have been cautioning Dominicans of the dictatorial nature of this man. We chose not to listen.
    Then came the bin and fertilizer scandal, land transfer deal, Dominica doesn’t need an opposition, is not your damn business, I run things, go to hell, call them traitors, I want all the seats, who you working for, harassment of the constitutional opposition with fake charges while Issac is let off the hook, it’s better to be red than dead, I run things, the blood will be on your hands…
    The monster 👹👹 we created is surely now eating us up!!
    How you make your bed that’s how you will sleep in it
    Those who can’t hear will feel

  18. Just asking
    November 29, 2020

    Forget about int’l airport [aka political influencing], build and “finish” a geothermal paint to one day drive down the cost of living while giving agriculture top priority and feed our sister states. And let big wig entrepreneurs like Nassif (nothing against free enterprise) work out ways of getting their clients in till we are ready to build this behemoth.
    They paid one set of people, now you are paying a different set…. ..all while agriculture suffers. Can’t you all see we cannot survive on tourism, it’s a white-sand thing after all?

  19. Nkrumah Kwame
    November 29, 2020

    When you pray for rain, prepare for the mud!!

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