Discrimination still a major problem in the fight against HIV & AIDS in Dominica


Coordinator of National HIV/AIDS Response Programme, Julie Frampton
Coordinator of National HIV/AIDS Response Programme, Julie Frampton

As a new year begins, Coordinator of the National HIV & AIDS Response Programme Julie has cited discrimination as the major problem which the organization continues to face.

She pointed out that since anybody can be exposed to HIV/AIDS, there should be no discrimination towards those who are infected.

“We need to encourage the public that, discriminating against HIV/AIDS infected individuals is not going to solve the problem, rather than make the epidemic more hidden at a time when we are appealing for persons to come forward to get tested and get treatment.”

Frampton said at the end of 2012, 397 new cases had been confirmed in Dominica since the first case was reported in 1987. She said more than half of those persons had died.

For 2013, with the exclusion of the month of December, 13 new cases have been confirmed, compared with 19 in 2012.

“It is a good thing when you record new cases, which means, more people are coming forward to get tested so you may see new cases and the aim of testing is to bring people into care and treatment,” Frampton noted.

She said the organization has a Clinical Care Team, to ensure persons living with HIV get the appropriate tests and health care and support they need.

Currently, 81 infected persons are being cared for by the National HIV & AIDS Response Programme, but not all are on treatment, Frampton reveals, pointing out that not everyone who is HIV positive needs treatment and they need to ensure they follow the World Health Organization’s guidelines which are constantly changing.

Mrs. Frampton noted, with the availability of treatment which is currently free of charge in Dominica, more people are living longer with the disease, but this is only possible when they come forward to get tested, as early detection is vital.

According to her, “We have all the modern treatment including the one pill a day, rather than having to take a handful of pills during the earlier years of the Organization.”

Young persons, she said, need to protect themselves and for those who will not abstain, to effectively mitigate their chances of contracting the virus by using condoms every time they have sex.

The highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in Dominica occurs in the age range of 25 and above. However, there are younger persons infected with the virus which Frampton said, indicates that no one is immune.

The National HIV & AIDS Response Programme Coordinator added that we are all responsible for our sexual health and it is important that the public cooperates with the organization to achieve its goal of zero new HIV/AIDS infections in Dominica.

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  1. January 4, 2014

    @ Stcg get Portsmouth out of your ignorant comment. and it is not about what you are saying it is about the name and national bashing, ignorance doesn’t have country or nationality, and I don’t know of any Haitian or Spanish women being charged for raping any Dominican men so cut you bull, and protect your self.

  2. Cyrique
    January 4, 2014

    Julie may God bless you for your continued proactive and tenacious work with people with HIV & Aids. As you rightly intimated, anyone can potentially be affected/infected. I believe that our people need continuous education on the issue as it is not always easy for people to accept. I remember as a child visiting relatives at PM hospital and covering my nose and mouth as we passed the TB ward. I believed that I would catch TB otherwise. I believe that Dominicans are caring people and with continued education their fear will disappear and their compassion will emerge. May God continue to give you the strength and courage to carry out your heroic work. Well done!!!

  3. January 4, 2014

    Woyoy, I see DNO has more experts than CNN! And as for Dr. Telemaque, members of your family would want nothing more than for u to change your last name when you are commenting on DNO. When I first heard about that disease I thought that if you touch or shake someone hand you could get affected by the disease, now that am older and hopefully wiser, I know these facts, that we all ate in restaurants, sleep in hotels, take shower, use the same toilet,s that people that are infected with AIDS or HIV have used, and still we were not infected, so I think in 2014 we the people of Dominica and the rest of the world should work with our medical professionals and share info, and show love to the people that are infected by this deadly disease, and educate the ones around us, especially our love ones. Aids is not predjudice, and it don’t know race or sex, so if we are not careful it could happen to us, so hating, discriminating, bad talking someone is ridiculous, that someone could be us! I see no shame in sex, so why should there be shame in being sick? Just be wise and try to keep one sexual partner, use protection, and get tested often.

    • Francisco Telemaque
      January 5, 2014

      “When I first heard about that disease I thought that if you touch or shake someone hand you could get affected by the disease, ” Leroy Richards).

      The reason you thought that is because you are an uneducated backward idiot, a natural born fool!

      Aids has been recognized for more than forty years, and never once it was suggested in any medical journal, medical text, or ever been taught that aids can be contracted by the shaking of hands, or by causal contact. The theory has always been the only way one can contract aids is by the body fluids of an infected person entering an open wound of a none infected individual.

      It is contracted during sexual intercourse: Bussing during sexual intercourse allows the virus in blood to enter the blood stream, if someone drank something hot causing burn, and stripping gums, and then kiss someone who is infected (tongue kissing that is) it is likely the virus can enter into the blood stream via the bruised gums.

      If you consider me a doctor, that is an honor, which I refuse to accept from an idiot like you; you are a nobody, if I want to become a medical doctor, I still have time to accomplish that, meanwhile I will continue to disseminate my intelligence through my comments.

      If you know more about a subject than I do, DNO is free for all to express themselves, I challenge you to counter me, by refuting the comments I write regarding medicine or any other scientific subject here on DNO; produce something similar, prove to me that you are at the same level with me educationally. I am not interested in the crap you spew about family want me to change my name, if there are family who would like to disassociate themselves with me because I highly academically educated, perhaps it would be much easier for them to change their name.

      I have no reason to change my name, in the meanwhile the only thing a bit of scum of the earth like you can do is continue to be jealous of the things I have in my head, if I die tonight, it all goes to my grave, and you will still be beneath my intelligence.

      I earned my knowledge by paying my way through College and University you see; most of you come to America, and elsewhere, and remain worst of than if you stayed at home, and even some of you at home the only ambition you have is to sit and talk crap as you displayed here, and hoping some politician will allow you to pick up the crumb the devil leave and fall from their table.

      Mind your business man; you are nothing, the comments I wrote you do even understand, so just be quiet, read and learn if you have the ability to learn!

      And learn this fool, the Aids virus has been around dating back to 1914, so it is not a new thing as some believe. Knowledge is power wisdom is strength, I have them both!

      Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

      • Francisco Telemaque
        January 5, 2014

        “Bussing during sexual intercourse allows the virus in blood to enter the blood stream, ”

        Let that read bruising; verb bruised!


      • dee
        January 6, 2014

        you are living proof that ”ignorance is an incurable disease” whether you attain higher education or be fortunate enough, to now live in a more developed country .
        An ignorant person cannot but help their ignorance to sometimes surface .

    • Simply the Truth
      January 6, 2014

      All these paraphernalia you mentioned, as restaurants, hotel beds, toilet, etc., dishes were washed with hot water; bed linens were changed and laundered in hot water, toilets were cleaned and disinfected. Therefore, do these apply?
      How many of those people you knew who ate at restaurants, slept at hotels and utilized their toilets? Furthermore, for health purposes, those who use public toilets, should not sit on them.
      Try another area where the public could be contaminated and contract AIDS/HIV.

  4. sdcg
    January 3, 2014

    aids virus is a major problem in dominica .many people are unaware of the number of their peers that are infected . many people are running wild sleeping with multiple partners unprotected.many nurses are warning but no one is taking heed of preventing the virus from spreading .many men from Portsmouth are sleeping with Haitian and santo domingo unprotected .doninica immigration policy is in shambles and any foreigner changing their immigration status should be tested for all types of deceases.our country is in trouble when so many people in a smallcountry like ours have so many infections.the same problem the world faced in the eighties we are facing today .when will we ever learn?

    • Francisco Telemaque
      January 5, 2014

      You know it is one thing to be protective of one self, and country, nevertheless, we need not fear the Haitians, and the people from the Dominican Republic residing in Dominica, and not the people arriving from the rest of the world.

      Aids is like a free bullet shoot out of a gun, with no name written on it. Chances are aids could have existed in Dominica before it got to Haiti or the Dominican Republic, we do not know. Dating back to 1914, or the end of World War I, it is recorded that a British Solider returning from the war displayed the symptoms of aids, the diseases cost him his life.

      The medical establishment at the time had no clue what caused his death, however, specimens were taken from his body and stored, accidentally the existence of the specimens were drawn to the attention of someone who decided to investigate, and analyze the specimen which proved to be infected with aids.

      So; what that prove is that Aids have been around for more than a hundred years, at least we are certain it has been around for more than eighty-six years. This is not a new diseases to the Caribbean, ask any Antiguan in their late seventies, if they ever heard of diseases in Antigua known as “Shankers” which they associate with men they term “Aunty-man” meaning homosexual.

      I came to the United States in 1980, and by 1982, I first heard the name Aids, and the way, and how quickly it destroys the human body, resulting in death, nevertheless, in 1962 I remember more than one so called aunty-man who died from what the Antiguan term Shankers, and mind you they actually called it Sh…shankers!

      To crown it all there was a woman from Dominica living in the Green Bay area who displayed the same symptoms as the aunty-men who died.

      The diseases is pandemic: And has been like that for almost a hundred years or more; the only difference now and then in the eighties the virus was identify as aids.

      Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

  5. Tina Alexander
    January 3, 2014

    Ironically the very people who will not take risks hugging, kissing or having protcted sex with a known hiv patient who has got their viral load down to undetectable, have had unprotected sex with several partners who dont know their status. Unfaithfulness and unprotected sex are the risky behaviours not embracing someone who knows their status and takes their meds

  6. Rastafari
    January 3, 2014

    FET, wow dude! “Julie you are talking nonsense you know What you may (term) discrimination, could be a right to protect.” You know darn well in Dominica, folks discriminate without apology or sympathy against anyone who is infected with HIV or any other malady or infection for that matter. Get your head out of the sand pit and learn to appreciate what other Dominicans like Julie Frampton, in this case, is doing for her country. You have no right, based on her work, support for her communities to say she’s talking nonsense. How about making a suggestion, or providing some kind of support in order to assist her on her journey. Why can’t you be empathetic and try being sensitive for once and maybe, just maybe, you will experience some compassion. One love, bro!

    • Francisco Telemaque
      January 3, 2014

      Sir, I feel empathy for the infected, however, I do not see the for one not to protect themselves from contracting the aids virus from an infected person.

      One have to be extremely careful when dealing with such sick people, and themselves should inform people if they know they are infected so that their friends and associate cold be careful how they mingle!

      There is no discrimination when one decides to be curious; now if you say to me I maybe I should not have said Julie is talking nonsense, that I will agree with you a 100%; that was simply the thought of the moment, however, her contention that the uninfected should take it lightly and put themselves risk by association, associating with one infected with the aids virus, sooner or later we might have a nation of all aids infected people.

      Someone said I should educate myself about the disease, believe it or not, I know plenty about it, that is why I am so adamant that people should be very care if and when they are dealing with an infect person, and I am not about to down play it as some may want me to do. So all this talk about Julie, and the good work she is doing or have done will not change my opinion.

      There are thousands of people all over the world involve in doing research to find more effective medication, others help in supportive rolls which we do not hear about, because they are not looking for a feather in their cap; okay. Here is another brief; after this I am not responding to anymore:

      The HIV virus became a human disease vector a few years ago, almost forty-years ago, possibly transmitted to humans from African green monkeys in central Africa. Personally, I do not believe that theory, nevertheless it is obvious that Aids is one of the most serious disease in human history. The fatality rate of aids until recently was 100%. In the past any patient exhibiting the symptoms of aids has been known to survive more than a few years. One of the reasons the disease is not considered highly is because it can only be transmitted from one individual to another during the transfer of internal body fluids, typically in semen, and in blood during transfusions.

      Not all individuals however, exposed to aids (as judged by antibodies in their blood directed against HIV virus) have yet acquired the disease. Nevertheless, most will die within a few years of the onset of the symptoms unless additional strategies for the treatment of aids are discovered first. Efforts to develop vaccine against Aids continues, both by splicing protions of the HIV surface protein gene into vaccinia virus, and by attempting to develop a harmless strain of HIV. In one attempt, a gene called tat necessary for transcription of virus genes is deleted from the HIV virus.

      These approaches, while promising, have yet to be proved successful, and are limited by the fact different strains of HIV virus seem to possess different surface antigens. One realize there is no actual cure for a cold or flu, the aids virus is similar, and that is why it is so difficult to find a cure. Aids indulges in some form of antigen shifting. Drugs that inhibit tat or block the operation of enzymes critical to synthesis of viral RNA are also being investigated.

      Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

      • Francisco Telemaque
        January 3, 2014

        “One of the reasons the disease is not considered highly is because it can only be.”

        That should read ” one of the reasons the disease is not considered highly contagious is because it can only be.” So, before I hear; him crazy, (he doh can read and write.) Let it be known that I am very much aware of all the errors in the former. From the first paragraph to the selective correction I made.

        As for the person who responded to my comments, and stated that she/he have nothing against me; let me assure you, I never thought fore one moment you were responding simply because you wanted to be malicious, difficult, or simply wish to critique.

        Yours is the kind of response I enjoy, very precise, and at lease something can be learnt from your contribution, I appreciate that much more than the thumbs down without any explanation from people who has nothing intelligent to contribute.

        Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

  7. Too Hard Too Long
    January 3, 2014

    Thank you for your consistent hard work and dedication, Nurse Frampton. It’s very important that you realize that this is very much appreciated and noted.

    I wish you all the best in the New Year. Continue to throw your love and energy into your work. Continue to spread the message that discrimination is not the answer and that we all need to be aware and to protect ourselves sensibly and knowledgeably.

  8. Simply the Truth
    January 2, 2014

    In bygone years, there was no such thing as AIDS/HIV and which we never heard of. So what happened through the years to cause this?
    There are those who have contracted AIDS who may know very well that they have it but will not inform their partner and/or women will be raped by those who have it.
    AIDS is a scourge. Let us not play it down and water it down. We know how it commenced in the first place and spread throughout the world.
    Those who propagate sex and using condoms will not win the fight against it for there is nothing godly about that.
    Do not be disheartened, there is no cure for AIDS/HIV. The end of the world will come sooner rather than a cure for AIDS. This is the wrath of God and Sodom and Gomorrah. Better believe it!
    Live God’s Ten Commandments, worship Him and live a moral life.
    This is the only way. Sadly, we cannot turn back the hands of time. What is done cannot be undone and not by medication.
    As for discrimination against those who contract it, it depends on what sort of discrimination. The sick must be taken care of. Do not blame others if they have certain feelings against those who contract it for health reasons. This will never change in any country.
    Those who care for them must be a second Mother – Blessed Teresa of Calcutta to genuinely care for them with no qualms of contracting it and no thought of discriminating against them. I am informing you, it is no easy matter for them.
    As for those who have not contracted it and may never and others who have not yet contracted it due to their immoral lifestyle, let us hope they do not contract it. The saying: “There but for the grace of God go I.”
    However it is scary to know about AIDS/HIV and the fear of probably contracting it. Only godliness, abstinence and morality will assist to avoid this dreadful and terminal disease. Teach this also to the young children.

  9. January 2, 2014

    Not enough can be said in praise of those who work on the front lines in the battle again AIDS from general practitioners, to specialists, nurses, and staff in the clinics and labs.

    Julie Frampton via DNO has made information available to people in other nations including Canada who face the same challenges. These are
    some things we need to hear.

    I believe the greatest obstacle to people getting tested is fear of being found positive, and also of been discriminated against.

    Ms. Frampton has done a great serve by pointing out that the latest drugs are making it possible for people to live with AIDS.

    The battle against discrimination will continue until people can be assured that the results of their tests will NOT be leaked to anyone outside the clinic, testing center, lab, or hospital, etc.
    Also more needs to be done to educate the public about how HIV is spread. People out there need to know they aren’t going to catch it by shaking hands.

    Some patients fear being asked HOW they became infected. Apart from what the medical staff may be required to record nobody should ask such questions.

    Some of us have the responsibility to teach God’s moral laws and instruct people to avoid sinful practices and lifestyles that would put them at risk. If this was done in the homes, churches, and schools, instead of implying that it is O.K. to sin, and then teaching them how to avoid the consequences, we would not have some of the life and death issues we are facing.

    However, when somebody is tested positive for HIV it is too late to moralize. After all, there are several ways to become infected that we know about. How they contacted the virus is none of our business. All that matters now is that here is a sick person who needs comfort, care, and the best treatment possible! At this point in time nothing else should be even discussed.

    Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

    face the same challenges in my own country.

    • January 2, 2014

      Rev. Donald Hill (continued…)

      I mentioned just a few of the dedicated people involved in the battle against AIDS.

      Sorry, I failed to make mention of all those who work in research behind the scenes to whom the whole world owes a tremendous debt of gratitude.

      Last, but certainly not least, people like Julie Frampton, and her wonderful organization, The HIV and AIDS Response Program.

      We appreciate each and every one of you!

    • Too Hard Too Long
      January 3, 2014

      I appreciate this comment.

    • Simply the Truth
      January 4, 2014

      Rev. Hill, you appear to be one of those who will ordain and/or agree to ordain homosexuals as bishops, etc., which is occurring in some churches.
      It may not be our business how they contracted the disease. However, “aside from being raped”, if only they were responsible, this would not have occurred to them. From thereon, it is our business for obvious reasons as cited.
      As a reverend which you call yourself, you do know that God is displeased with those who do not control their bodies and throw their bodies to whosoever will. Godlessness is reigning in the land/world and this is a result of it – a scourge.
      Therefore, do not play hypocritical as you preach The Word of God. God does not appreciate hypocrites. How far will such people get with him as they preach His Word? You know very well what St. Paul stated about all this.
      We bear the responsibility of taking care of them and through taxpayers’ dollars. This has placed a burden on the government to medically and financially aid them. The funds are also obtained from overseas – taxpayers, those who also donate to this cause.
      All of us should have a voice, a say in this matter, not to provide condoms for them, even teenageers but to condemn such behaviour which cost all of us money wherever we may reside as our taxes escalate and vital services, even hospital services are cut because the government cannot keep up with this demand of health care. Note Canada and in the province where you and I reside. Therefore, do not say it is not our business. It is very well our business! We suffer financially because of their recklessness.
      The only responsibility which we have towards those who are sick is to take care of them, even though, some as adults willfully contracted this disease. Some people will say, they brought this upon themselves, let them take care of themselves and heal themselves.
      Nevertheless we must stand up for the truth and speak/write the truth.
      People cannot be wrong and strong on it. They think that society owes them something when they never cared two hoots about society but their selfish and self-centered desires as they lack love and humility for God in the first place.
      Especially in this era, there is a price to be paid for adultery, infidelity, promiscuity, insincerity and for lying and cheating on spouses/partners.
      Nurses, other health practitioners and assistants are paid to do a job. Therefore, they have to perform it to the best of their ability.
      Some people are paid to make the public aware of this disease, educate them about the plight of those who contracted this disease that they will not discriminate against them. It is a job for them. If they were not paid, they would not perform this job. Therefore, I do not see anything significant about their work that they are complimented and exalted. If they could heal those who have this disease, then I will compliment and exalt them. I am not living in a fool’s paradise.
      As I have stated, let us not water-down the truth and also not oppress it and have and show false compassion. God will have it no other way.
      Everyone has a view and more on this matter. To those who oppose what others state, please allow them their rightful privilege to provide their views as they are accorded same. People want what they want to hear and not the truth.
      God enlightens but not on matters that conflict with his Commandments and teachings as contained in Holy Scripture. The Word of the Lord will always remain until the end of time.

      • January 6, 2014

        Simply the Truth:

        Thank you for reading my comments and expressing your thoughts.

        Allow me to set the record straight.

        Those who follow my DNO comments know I am definately NOT one of those who approves the ordination of homosexuals. There are so-called “churches” that do ordain homosexuals. We do not recognize these apostate organizations as churches. The Bible says such people will arise in the last days in Matthew 24:11,12, and 2 Timothy 4:1-5. Christians are told to have no association with them in 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, and Ephesians 5:1-7.

        For a better knowledge of what I stand for when it comes to the moral issue of the day I invite you to GOOGLE Dominica News Don Hill and research some of my past comments. Also visit my website http://www.livinghopeministries.ca

        It is a known fact that homosexuals play a major roll in the spread of AIDS. It is an unclean lifestyle and a dangerous way to live. A minister of the gospel has the responsibility to tell people what God says about sin. Fornication, adultery, and homosexuality are sins and bring the judgment of God according to Romans 1:26-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9,10, 1 Timothy 1:9,10, and Jude vs. 7. But the servant of God must ALSO show sinners God’s love and offer them salvation.

        When people have become infected we should respect their confidentiality in a medical matter by not asking them how it happened. Again I say it is time to show compassion.

        Christians should watch for opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with AIDS victims. Point them to the Savior who died for their sins and tell them “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.” (John 3:16)

        “…the blood of Jesus Christ (God’s) Son cleaneth us from ALL sin.” (1 John 1:7)

        “…believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved,…” (Acts 16:31)

        Jesus blood can make the vilest sinner clean!

        The vilest offender who truly believes,
        That moment from Jesus a pardon receives!

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist. Director of LIVING HOPE MINISTRIES. A world wide outreach of Bible teaching evangelism.

      • December 9, 2014

        Simply the Truth:

        I was just checking back and reviewing past comments.

        You are a poor reader. Besides you are not knowledgeable. There is nothing in any of my comments that would lead a person to think I approve the ordination of homosexuals. Across Canada I am known to be a teacher of New Testament morality. I have preached on both radio and T.V., and am now reaching around the world by internet. I have had four small books published. My articles have appeared in over 40 magazines and newspapers in Canada and the USA.

        Also, you say “…a Reverend as you call yourself…” Where is this lack of respect coming from? Are you a Christian? The title “Reverend” in my part of the world means a minister who has been approved by his or her church to perform marriages and licenced by the government to provide this service. It is recognized by the government for such purposes as visiting in hospitals outside of regular visiting hours, and visiting inmates in prisons, working with the accused in courts, etc.

        It doesn’t look like I have anything to worry about. I see you received 0 thumbs up and 4 thumbs down. I received 0 thumbs down and 1 thumbs up.

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. International Evangelist. http://www.livinghopeministries.ca

  10. Erasmus B. Black
    January 2, 2014

    I am from that generation who remembers quite vividly the first case of HIV/AIDS in Dominica. The fear, misinformation, and hysteria stopped a lot of people (myself included) from going to a particular business place in Roseau just because the victim worked there. I still recall the “Basil tee Matoe” commercial on our National Radio Station. This and others served to reinforce the stigma that the disease was like the wrath of God being visited on Sodom and Gomorrah. That was then. Fast forward about 25 years later. We have come a long way in our understanding of the disease but we still have miles and miles to go. Just recently, the Minister for Community Development, on this very forum, touted her Government’s achievement of some of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Is Dominica on track to achieve the Millennium Development Goals on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment by 2015?

    HIV/AIDS always been a disease that attracts discrimination and judgment rather than compassion and empathy. And this issue is by no means esoteric to Dominica. However, I must commend you Nurse Frampton for playing a great educational role as National Coordinator. Maybe if we can build a little more tolerance more people will become empowered to get tested.

  11. January 2, 2014


    • Jaime Lewis
      January 2, 2014

      What Ms. Frampton said is: not everyone with HIV needs treatment; however, they need to follow the WHO’s guidelines. Remember that there is a difference between HIV and AIDS.

      • July 23, 2014

        Ms. Frampton said people with HIV/AIDS should “follow WHO guidelines which are constantly changing.” 8-O

        Constantly changing? Good grief! :oops: How reliable is that?

        The UN :twisted: to which WHO belongs is working to have homosexuality decriminalized, and is crusading for “gay rights”. Isn’t this the same UN that put China on its security council in spite of their human rights violations :?:

        Nevertheless, Julie Frampton is doing good work. It is just that I don’t think :idea: her references to WHO are the best part of her contribution.

        WHO isn’t going to tell you anything a well informed M.D. in General Practice :-D couldn’t tell you.

        If you have tested positive get the most up-to-date and best treatment available. Take your meds faithfully. Get dietary and nutritional advice from the professionals and follow it. And abstain from homosexual practices in light of the fact that this is the main reason for the spread of HIV. Avoid putting anybody else – male or female – at risk. :cry:

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. International Evangelist.

    • Simply the Truth
      January 2, 2014

      Excellent question. I had a similar thought. Or when they infect others which could very well occur?

      • angel
        January 3, 2014

        Im a nurse not everyone who is HIV positive needs treatment there is something called the Tcells in your body it should be of a certain level some people body natural suppress the virus and if they do use the treatment it could speed up the virus. so she is right not everyone need treatment. Please educate yourself

  12. 4CARS
    January 2, 2014

    Yes, anyone can be affected. Either directly or indirectly. Sex is like a spinning wheel. You just don’t know where it’s gonna stop. Many a person can count his/herself lucky; because many people have taken chances being unprotected during sexual activity. A large percentage of people who get tested for the virus are those who are not sure of their partner’s sexual behavior or their own. We pray for all the victims of this deadly virus, and hope that there will soon be a cure. I don’t like to cover my iron rod.

    • Simply the Truth
      January 4, 2014

      I have heard that it takes 10 years to surface. Therefore, even though a test is conducted and it proves negative, this does not mean that some people may not have contracted it.
      It is a serious matter. Some members of society, if not all, have gone astray and far from God. There is a price to pay for that. Some people do not look at it that way as they continue to promote sex and condoms, even the religious, Christian, church practicing ones. God is taking note. As I always state, one day it will be revealed to them. May God enlighten them before the inevitable day.

    • January 6, 2014

      Sin is still sin whether you get caught or not. :oops:

      Just stop fornicating and buggering and you won’t have to worry about getting AIDS or any other sexually transmitted infections! :wink:

      It is so foolish for commentators to tell people to “use a condom” or “protect yourself”. 8-O Why is it foolish? because their sins are going to land them in hell :twisted: even if they don’t contact a disease. :cry:

      They are raising a new generation of young people who are looking to their parents and teachers for an example. :roll: No wonder society is in such a mess!

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

  13. Rastafari
    January 2, 2014

    Dominicans, be pro-active in dealing with this deadly virus rather than being re-active. Discrimination does not make your job any easier Frampton, so it’s my hope that the public would take heed and stop chastising and reprimanding because of differences. HIV could happen to anyone! Keep fighting the good fight Julie.

    • Simply the Truth
      January 4, 2014

      They better face the truth of this serious and terminal disease and not be deceived by what some people state and promote.

      • January 11, 2014

        Many of the DNO cmmentators would rather bash each other than actually address the subject of the letter or article. This is sad because some of them are capable of offering worthwhile input but instead they resort to name calling and insulting other commentators.

        HIV/AIDS is not only spread though sexual intercourse. People have been infected by tainted blood transfusions, and drug addicts have caught the virus by the use of infected needles. Sadly, babies have been born infected from mothers who were positive.

        As research progresses and the new knowledge is applied these kind of transmissions have thankfully become less and less.

        We know of a case where a young single woman who had never slept with a man in her life was infected by a dentist who knew he was positive but continued to practice. Those of you who are knowledgeable will know this did not have to happen. It happened because he did not practice “safe” dentistry. An investigation found some evidence to suggest that it may have been intentional.

        Some people who are HIV/AIDS positive because of a homosexual lifestyle harbor enough guilt to make them angry at the world. Angry enough to be unpredictable! I hope we can be mature enough to understand this. It does not give us a right to discriminate agains them. We should still be compassionate and reach out with comfort and all the medical help available. But this must be done in a way that does not place ourselves or others at risk.

        Much is being said about “discrimination” towards homosexuals (not only those who are HVI/AIDS positive). We should show kindness towards all and discrimination against none. The way we speak to or act towards one person shoulds be no different than the way we speak to or act towards another person in the regular matters of life. But unfortunately there are people who have made it impossible for us to always relate to them in a normal way.

        There are people who have made it necessary for us to interact with them differently. For example if you owned a store there are people you would not leave in charge of the cash or check out counter. If you are a parent there are people you would not let babysit your children. It doesn’t mean you hate the people. It is not discrimination. It doesn’t mean you have a phobia. It is common sense

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

  14. Francisco Telemaque
    January 2, 2014

    “She pointed out that since anybody can be exposed to HIV/AIDS, there should be no discrimination towards those who are infected.” (Julie Framptom).

    Julie you are talking nonsense you know; What you may discrimination, could be a right to protect. The publics have a right to be protected of themselves. If your theory is that someone free from aids should caress, and kiss every aids patients no matter if they do not look as someone infected with aids, you are indeed putting the whole country at risk to contract the aids virus!

    You may not know it however, hundreds of people still die everyday as a result of aids. Aids is a communicable diseases, as long as one come into contact with the body fluids of an infected patient, chances are they can contract the aids virus.

    The body fluids include tears, saliva amylase, blood, urine, and perspiration. Anything secreted from the infected patient is a danger to the unsuspecting. Rather than focusing on discrimination you should emphases protecting one self from getting aids.

    Here is a brief: The aids retrovirus, called human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, mounts a direct attack on macrophages and T 4 lymphocytes (inducer T cells, and helper T cells). Although most retroviruses are not specific, the HIV virus targets macrophages and T 4 cells, because the virus recognizes characteristic CD4 surface antigens associated with these cells.

    A. HIV-infected cells die however, only after releasing progeny viruses that infect other T 4 cells, until the entire population of T 4 cells are destroyed. In a normal individual, T 4 cells make up 60% to 80% of circulating T 4 cells; in Aids patients T 4 cells often become too rare to detect.

    B. The HIV virus causes infected T 4 cells to secrete a soluble suppressing factor that blocks other T cells from responding to antigen.

    C. The HIV virus may block transcription of MHC genes, hindering the recognition and destruction of infected cells, and thus protecting infected T cells from any remaining vestiges of the immune system.

    Note: Aids destroys the ability of the immune system to mount a defense against any infection. The HIV virus attacks and destroys T 4 cells, without which no immune response can be initiated..

    Anyone in Health Science will know that when referring T 4, it should be written as a subscript in subscript form.

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

    • Francisco Telemaque
      January 2, 2014

      “Julie you are talking nonsense you know; What you may discrimination”(FET).

      That actually read ‘what you may term discrimination.’


      • Farmer's son
        January 3, 2014

        Telemaque, you never fail to amaze readers.

        Instead of rushing to your key board and denigrating the efforts of Ms. Frampton, you would do well to commend her on her valiant efforts. She is fighting an uphill battle with very limited resources at her disposal.

        In an attempt to show your self-proclaimed know how on almost every subject, you have managed to show once again that you are very silly and inconsiderate fellow.

        Please read and re-read the article and try to show some empathy. Have a wonderful 2014.

      • Mega
        January 3, 2014

        Do you have a job or any real responsibilities in this life? Just curious.
        You seem to spend a whole lot of precious time commenting on anything and everything on this website and god knows what other websites!
        You must be a Genius/ MR know it all/ “JACK” of all trades.

    • AWA
      January 2, 2014

      Francisco I hope you don’t just launch into a tirade over this but you need to be corrected on this issue. Yes, AIDS is still a huge problem but it is not as easy as your comments suggest to contract aids through bodily fluids.

      For example you would need to drink about a gallon of saliva of someone with AIDS or the HIV virus in order to become infected. Yes blood can spread the disease but that infected blood would typically need to come into contact with your blood such as via an open wound. Believe it or not you could literally be doused in the blood with someone with AIDS or HIV and stand a good chance of not being infected. Good sense means no one should ever try that or allow that to happen to themselves but the scientific evidence we have shows that even in such an extreme situation the odds are on the side of such an individual.

      The deal breaker of course is if you have an open sore. The virus also cannot survive for long in the open so its not as simple to contract AIDS/HIV as it is with a cold. An infected person could sneeze right into your mouth and you would likely still not contract HIV/AIDS. However if that person has a cold you would likely catch that instead.

      Even though I mentioned it before caution is still advised because it is possible to spread the disease via direct exchange of bodily fluids under specific situations such as kissing someone who is infected and has an open cut in their mouth and you also have an open cut or means for the exchanged fluid to pass in your blood. The disease can also be spread via oral sex./ It is not likely that you will contract HIV from a toilet seat even if an infected persons bodily fluid is somehow sprayed over the toilet seat. The virus would not survive for long on the seat and your skin coming into contact with the fluid or secretion would not be sufficient to contract the virus.

      additional did you know that the transmission rate from infected pregnant mothers to their child ranges from 15% to 45% at birth and can be reduced to as low as 5% with appropriate intervention.
      source : WHO website
      It is still a tragedy whenever it happens but even in a situation where an infected pregnant woman exchanges fluids with their child the child still has over a 50% chance to NOT get the disease and as stated the odds of contraction can be decreased further with treatment.

      Obviously AIDS/HIV is still a serious threat which should never be taken lightly. We all need to be responsible, vigilant and informed whether we are sexually active or not. However spreading subtle misinformation not matter how well intentioned is not the key. Mr. Telemaque I have nothing against you but you and everyone else need to educate themselves on the facts of this issue.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        January 3, 2014

        Okay, your opinion is noted, the only thing I will say to you is this although one may need a gallon of Aids infected Saliva Amylase to become infected, research show that people have become infected by kissing someone known to carry the virus, I doubt the newly infected swallowed a gallon of infected “spit.” Though it is believed that amylase kills the virus: The bottom line is this as long as the virus gets into one blood stream the result is infection!

        In the event you believe my comments were outrageous let me give you another brief with a softer tone: What makes aids an unusually serious threat is that the virus which causes the disease does not have its effect immediately upon infection. Recently infected people usually show no symptoms of the disease at all. Only much later; typically 5 years does the virus begin to multiply, and attack the immune system.

        During these years however, the infected person is an unknowing carrier, able to transmit the virus to others. It is the large reservoir of undiagnosed, infected individuals that cast such a shadow over some people future. Here is the soft part; just incase you believe I do not know. The HIV virus is transmitted from one individual to another when body fluid is transferred from an infected individual, however, not by casual contact; i.e. Irvin Magic Johnson is known to be infected; I shook hands with him many times at Centinela Hospital, we both visits for different medical issues -, and treatment; if one could contract aids by simply shaking hands I would probably be infected. Johnson has been infected for more than twenty years. And if you are not familiar with Johnson, he is the former Lakers Basket Ball superstar, now owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

        I was taught even in Premed School one cannot catch aids from a bathroom seat, from a hot tub shared with an aids victim, or kissing an HIV carrier. The latter proved to be wrong, though in studies of a number of households of almost a thousand not one single family member contracted the HIV virus by casual contact. It is believed the only way one can become infected with HIV is to come into contact with the body fluids of an infected person.

        I am very much aware of all that nevertheless; I take no chances.

        Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

      • dee
        January 6, 2014

        nice of you to suggest Mr.T further educates himself
        an opinion I humbly share. From his comments I am not convinced that he is aware, the aids virus does not manifest itself over night, over days, weeks or months,but could take up to years .he should be careful with the way he talks and writes .I’m not insinuating anything but …………………………who knows ?

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