DLP will not build any international airport but UWP will, says Linton

Skerrit (left) and Linton

Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton has responded to comments made by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit as it relates to the construction of an international airport for Dominica.

Skerrit said while speaking at the recent launch of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) Wesley candidate, that he has five “solid” proposals from a number of firms for the construction of the much-talked-about international airport.

He said also that negotiations are underway “for the best deal” with firms from China, India, Dubai, two multilateral agencies and independent developers in Europe and the Americas.

But Linton is of the view that the DLP will not build any international airport in Dominica.

“We the United Workers Party will build it,” he said during an interview on Q-95 Radio.

“The United Workers Party (UWP), within 4 and a half years in government between 1995 and 2000, completed detailed plans studies for the construction of an international airport and lined up over $100 million in funding to begin the project,” Linton stated.

He continued, “You are telling me that happened and all of that was done back in 1998/1999 twenty (20) years ago…after 20 years of this labour party government, the head of government is telling you that they have all the money that they need to build the airport, pay land owners and all that, but they are struggling to find designers to tell them what the airport should look like.”

Linton said that this sounds like “monkey business” to him.

“Because in the parliament, we heard that this very same gentleman [PM Skerrit] who is looking to find studies and designs and plans actually spent $3.2 million of the state’s money on preliminary investigations into an international airport in Dominica,” he said. “That was paid to an American company. What is the name of the company and where are the plans? What did we get for the $3.2 million?”

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  1. Man bites dogs
    June 23, 2019

    Mr Lennox Linton, I fully agree with you building the International Airport that is the first time in your life you have told the truth!! Because soon you will be serving time in jail for criminal activities in Dominica, and you will be breaking rocks and stones which you are very capable of doing to building the airport.. Uncle I will not be a hypocrite and feel sorry for you. Dominicans deserve a lot more better and intelligent people than you Linton!!!

  2. Don’t Shoot The Messenger
    June 22, 2019

    Why are some salty posters so hung up on Skerrit’s charisma and handsome appearance. He, like the rest of us, was created wonderfully and fretfully by The Most High.

    Stop your shameless, petty jealousy and get off off the man’s jock strap. Rate him on his level of competence and avoid references to his dimples and other physical traits.

    It is high time you all leave the silly season behind and start to engage in some mature and serious political discourse. The immediate future of Dominica depends on it.

  3. Ibo France
    June 21, 2019

    Mr. Linton Mr. Skerrit
    Sober minded Intoxicated with power
    Full of humility Narcissistic and supercilious
    Visionary Clueless
    Deep Thinker Shallow and Simplistic
    People Oriented Self-Interested
    Articulate Incoherent
    Clean Record Sullied Reputation
    Intelligent Intellectually Anorexic

  4. Lin clown
    June 21, 2019

    The UWP called themselves the WORKERS PARTY.Yet they bought 400 acres of the best banana land in Wesley,to give the impression,they were going to build,International Airport.Ask any UWP how much money the Airport would cost.They cannot say.Ask LINTON.These guys could not hold on to DOMLEC.They owed Social Security $ 33,000,000.They could not hold on to the Layou 5 Star Hotel.They left a debt of almost $ 500,000,000.Where is LINTON getting the money?Lying UWP.They did not even buy all the land for the FICTIOUS Airport.UWP JOKERS.

  5. Man bites dogs
    June 21, 2019

    Lennox Linton, Is a jackawee flat and four conners with holes in his head pretending to be clever but no brains 🧠 this guy cannot think 🤔 for himself he could only repeat everything boss man Dr Skerrit said like a bloody jacko maybe he should stop eating jacko backsides and talk more common sense all am getting from Linton is rubbish and to make matters worse he goes on Q95radio for the world to hear his stupid fake accent Linton it’s time ⌚ up go now having said that Mr Linton, I will surely miss all your comedy activities 🤣🤣🤣🤡

  6. Lennox will do it
    June 21, 2019

    Mr. Edison James, after only 4.5 years had collected money, bought land and received the design for our international airport. Now, with 20 years worth of technological advancement you don’t believe Lennox and his team of boss ladies and gentlemen can start the project within their first term in office? Surely you jest. Plus, our dear Mr. Skerrit has done us the favour of already raising the necessary capital. Everybody say thank you to our Chief Fundraiser.

      June 22, 2019

      Lennox will do it, Really!? You think is so barley does grow? Skerrit is not as dum as Lennox. Lennox will have to put his butt out there like Skerrit did. But the big question is: Who are his friends!? One should not be surprised at Lennox’s notion because you and I know this guy is a parasite. He likes feeding on the sweat of POOR PEOPLE.

  7. Joe Linton
    June 21, 2019

    To all those saying Skerrit is a Liar read this and it’s taken from this article above….. “Skerrit said while speaking at the recent launch of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) Wesley candidate, that he has five “solid” proposals from a number of firms for the construction of the much-talked-about international airport. He said also that negotiations are underway “for the best deal” with firms from China, India, Dubai, two multilateral agencies and independent developers in Europe and the Americas.”

    “after 20 years of this labour party government, the head of government is telling you that they have all the money that they need to build the airport, pay land owners and all that, but they are struggling to find designers to tell them what the airport should look like.” Linton stated.

    I want anyone of you to tell me where did Skerrit say he looking for designers???? Lennox has no basic comprehension skills a flip flopper he be!!!!!!

    • Annomyous
      June 21, 2019

      Who do you think creates the proposal?

    • Amazin
      June 22, 2019

      What do you think he is negotiating? More than likely all those made up entities (in reality its probably only china) are providing competing design proposals. In the end if we even get this airport it will be a half baked project built by china that has to be repaired constantly in a few years

  8. Man bites dogs
    June 21, 2019

    Ha ha Linton, old man you making me laugh because you are a joker it’s time you shut off and take that mask off your face you freaking me out!!

  9. Skerrit is Chief Fundraiser
    June 21, 2019

    Tell Simeon Albert, any money Roosevelt Skerrit has collected on behalf of Dominica belongs to the PEOPLE of Dominca. It is NOT Skerrit’s money! Therefore our new PM, Hon. Lennox Linton will have every right and would be very wise to use it for the benefit of the PEOPLE of Dominica; that includes the construction and maintenance of our International Airport. Mr. Skerrit, go ahead and raise funds, you are the chief fundraiser, that is ALL you are good at.

  10. Tetecarlbass
    June 20, 2019

    Every time elections is due, we hear about the building of an International Airport, by the Skeritt led Administration. We have heard endless promises in fifteen years, but no airport. We heard money is being saved every month, in order to go towards the building of the Airport. This election we are hearing about multilateral agencies and independent Developers in Europe and America. We heard of money being spent for the designes. We heard about money being ready to pay land owners in the area of the Airport. We have never heard of a Marketing Agency being set up to market Dominica and the New International Airport, so that when the a Airport is built, everything in terms of Companies wanted to do business, and Companies wanted to fly their planes into Dominica, will be in place. That is why I agree with Hon Lennox Linton, Skeritt is just talking about an International Airport, in order to secure votes during the next elections.

  11. Anonymous
    June 20, 2019

    Skerrit say he want to move half of wesley to build int’l airport and not even one or two houses he could remove from the middle of the road in mahaut and massacre when the Chinese was doing the road.

  12. Kalinago Justice
    June 20, 2019

    :?: A message to the one-man rogue regime prime mistake! You’ve been holding the Island hostage for 20 years, just build the airport without being elected for another five years and stop crying out with your politricks campaign!!!

  13. ArAb
    June 20, 2019

    It is the habit of governments to redo research in order for their people to get a cut. UWP please don’t do the same. Look at what was done by those in power, and look at what was done by donor agencies. Upgrade if need but don’t reinvent the wheel. Advice from someone who sees this too often.

  14. Just Chiming In
    June 20, 2019

    Let us cut the crap already!!! No party, no matter how well intentioned, will ultimately kick the can and pass the buck on building of an international airport in DA due to the exorbitant and prohibitive costs as multiple feasibility studies have shown.

    Those studies have invariably served to line the coiffeurs of consulting firms while doing nothing to move the needle on the initiation of the airport project.

    Our PM candidates should focus on realistic, achievable and cost effective nation building initiatives.

    I believe the international airport ship has already sailed; therefore, we should move on from this pipe dream.

  15. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    June 20, 2019

    When people are stupid, and confounded, they lie and talk out of their mind; nevertheless some idiot will believe them; here is a good laugh at the clown Roosevelt Skerrit!
    “multilateral agencies and independent developers in Europe and the Americas.”(Roosevelt Skerrit.”
      Let us focus on the terminology “The Americas.”
    The Americas comprise the totality of the continents of North and South America. Together, they make up most of the land in Earth’s western hemisphere and comprise the New World. Along with their associated islands, they cover 8% of Earth’s total surface area and 28.4% of its land area. The topography is dominated by the American Cordillera, a long chain of mountains that runs the length of the west coast.
    The flatter eastern side of the Americas is dominated by large river basins.
    Oh, boy Roosevelt is either crazy, or  lives a complete delusional life or he is simply ignorant, he cannot say he is negotiating with anybody in America, cause he knows we…

  16. Kim
    June 20, 2019

    Since skerrit became prime minister I hearing about international airport. Where is the airport after 20 years? If you did not build it well is not another 5years you need to build it bondeu. So we giving uwp a chance to build it. Skerrit handout is not develop ok.

    • June 21, 2019

      @Kim, where were you when the UWP was talking about it? If you were old enough to be hearing and understanding those things about Politics since 20 years ago; you should have been old enough to hear when UWP was talking about the same subject, what happened to your ears in those days?

  17. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    June 20, 2019

    You know if God Jehovah, was a wicked God, or even think as humans do; he might have made Roosevelt choke on his lies, he would ultimately render Roosevelt mute to the day of his demise!

    ” for the best deal” with firms from China,” (Roosevelt Skerrit).
    One thing Roosevelt has forgotten is that China is a communists country, and there are no such “firms” in China negotiating contracts to build International Airport, or any form of construction work out of China.

    Anything out of China is through the communists government of China!

    In Los Angeles, there are lots of High Rise Building owned by Chines, however; the reality is the money involved belongs to the government of China.

    If Roosevelt is not a liar, I demand he produced a contract signed by a private company for any work done in Dominica by Chines.

    The sucker can’t!

    • JP
      June 21, 2019

      Francisco, you sound so silly. You make skerrit look like a rock star with your ……………. Every time you blog DLP ratings goes up. Keep it up.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        June 22, 2019

        The things I write are above your comprehension, so to you it makes Roosevelt a disappearing bit of dust; only you cant see that!

        You have no concept that all you read is the lie I have exposed: Roosevelt the clown told fools like you he is negotiating with people in the Americas to build airport in Dominica.
        I challenge you to define the America’s extracting Canada, and the United States; and perhaps you will eventually see how stupid a liar is Roosevelt Skerrit!
        Guy go and get yourself an scholastic education somewhere before you open your mouth on me, because I can mesmerized your mind educationally on subjects you will never be able to comprehend. 

        He cannot say he is negotiating with anybody in America, or Canada, because he knows damn well there are ways we can find out if it is true.
        Remember when he came to Dominica  lied said he graduated university; when we investigate, they said, there is no graduating record of Roosevelt Skerrit!

        Shut up!

    • Man bites dogs
      June 21, 2019

      @Francisco, If God was wicked both you and Linton would be hang by your private parts for telling lies 🤥 I have always question myself why is it Linton and you look alike, I found out in my research Linton and you are distance relatives nowonder that Dna is one hell of a thing!!!

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        June 22, 2019

        I can tell you right now that you are a liar; big, big liar, you don’t know what my phenotype look like.
        And even if I look identical to Lennox, that is because Lennox and I are not distance relatives, we are closely biologically related.

        My later grandmother Cecil Linton is Lennox Linton late father biological aunt; hence, she would be Lennox aunt also you see. Hence I the kid am also a Linton okay!

        And since we are at it be informed I am also an Alfred, and a Dods: Check the educational background of Linton, Dods, Alfred, and Telemaque, you will discover an exceptionally smart academically educated people.

        So, my friend, man with no name Mr. Dog, I the Wesley kid does not have any reason to lie; when I write something on DNO;  anything except if I write a joke, anything I comment on can be verified and authenticated!

        That little no name!

        How can a man be name dog?

      • June 22, 2019

        @Man bites dogs, you didn’t have to research that, Telemaque has said many times that Linton is his cousin, especially when he is attacking my comments.

        That is why they have the same kind of mentality and the same facial image. But I still think that Linton is better-looking than Telemaque

        Also, he has denied that he looks like Linton because he claims that “good-looking” is one of his attained Degrees as well :lol: :lol: :lol:

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          June 24, 2019

          You that Elizabeth need to know I don’t care about anything you say about me; all I know; I am much more handsome than any of the men you ever known as friends, and even the one you think is your friend Mr. Dominica Ali Baba the double doctor Punjab/Duquesne Roosevelt Skerrit.

          Don’t forget he has now bestowed a new doctorate on himself; so he is now Dr. HIFU eh!

          You always talking down Lennox and me.

          That is why you that very same Elizabeth have so many photographs of me and my cousin Lennox all over your house; preventing you from even knowing who’s photograph you looking at, me or Lennox eh!


          When I walked into your house; the first thing which greeted me was a giant picture of me the Wesley kid about three feet square on a Easel; I doh know if you painted it, or went somewhere and blew it up that large after you copy it from somewhere.

          Happy admiring the duo!

  18. Lol
    June 20, 2019

    Mr Linton please tell us how are you going to build the international airport, at list The PM saying how he going to build it and where his money coming from and please do not tell me is the money PM raising Remember it is jumbie money, I am waiting for the answer.

    • time has told
      June 21, 2019

      Lol the word is least, not list. They mean different things. That is why people like you will continue voting DLP because you do not know better. If you knew better for simple things like that, you would do better. Now to address your concerns about money, as the head of a country, you are able to approach many international donor and funding agencies to apply for assistance for your country’s development. You and i can’t on the level of the Office of the PM. But Lennox will have the same opportunities and various bilateral agreements between the various countries and organisations will still be available. You all are acting like it is his pocket Skerrit bringing the money from. And he alone can access money. the man is the PM and Minister of Finance. He hold Dominica’s purse and wallet. so off course it will seem like he that getting all the money, when in fact, much of it can be sought by anyone else sitting in the position of PM. Natural disasters attract the most funding.

      • June 21, 2019

        “But Lennox will have the same opportunities and various bilateral agreements between the various countries and (organisations) will still be available”. @time has told

        While you are breaking down the person “LOL” for writing “list” for “least”–a mistake which we all make from time to time, and that include myself–look at your spelling for the word which I bracketed. Are you sure that is the right spelling?

        And as for your idea above, do you really think that any leader of a Country can simply go to the “International World” asking for rebuilding funds, and other things; and that is that?

        Well not so fast! You cannot compare the “person” of Lennox with that of PM Skerrit and come out saying: “Lennox can do it too” aah aah!

        There is a lot of traits in PM Skerrit that makes him a good leader and is able to interact with the outside World, for the sake of our people and our Country, Lennox does not have those traits. That is a fact!

  19. dissident
    June 20, 2019

    if de airport was going in vielle case it would have been built before the villas.
    an important investment like an international airport deserves careful and determined planning…..i am not convinced.
    on this issue skerrit is talk talk talk with no action to show
    i can’t wit to see de allocations for de international airport in the upcoming budget……….promises???? for the next election bid

    • Joe Linton
      June 21, 2019

      dissident you people act as if you all so bright knows it all even challenging people as if you all can do much better, but the saying is true..”EMPTY BARRELS MAKES THE MOST NOISE!!!!”

      See what you type…”if de airport was going in vielle case it would have been built before the villas.” DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO YOU ……????? It tells me you cannot even differentiate between Government Spending and Personal/ private spending you talk as if all taxes and all grants received on behalf of Dominica goes to Skerrit or any PM personal account and he can direct it where he wants to include his private business… bloody …..!!!!! and yes ” an important investment like an international airport deserves careful and determined planning” that is why PM said he has engaged World Bank for technical advise and he also said this “that negotiations are underway for the best deal”… read the article it’s right there!!! …..!!!!!

  20. Lin clown
    June 20, 2019

    Mr LINTON.Dominican Police Officers helped the AMERICANS to invade GRENADA in 1983 Among the officers was NICHOLAS GRORGE.Miss Eugenia Charles was promised an International Airport by President Reagan.MR.LINTON whT happened to that Airport?,We do not want an International Airport from the UWP.We will vote DR.ROOSVELT SKERRIT and he will build our INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.We will never forget what UWP did to Dominica.LINTON has been a member of UWP since 1988.Wicked People.

  21. Maybe
    June 20, 2019

    Stop talking both uwp and dlp and show action on this airport PM you should be ashamed of yourself with your lies

  22. T
    June 20, 2019

    The P. M. Skerrit has talk about building an airport, capable of handling long range flights. Incidentally that is one of his tricks. This time it wiill not keep him In the PM residence.

    Incidentally I was talking to a poto Labor and he cannot tell me why he wants Skerrit to remain P.M.

    Instead of lite IG to Gonslaves he should have make us proud and build it for the many years he spend in office. A change is coming.

  23. LaPlaine Observer
    June 20, 2019

    We know that all along. This PM has promised an International Airport for the past 15 years but to no avail. The land UWP paid for to build an International Airport, will be utilized to build this Airport.

  24. Lenpro
    June 20, 2019

    Well you two politicians. Just remember it took St. Vincent almost 10yrs from start to finish to build an int. airport with a must better terrain to deal with. Even if ground breaking on an airport starts in two yrs by any of you two, with Dominica’s much more difficult terrain, Dominica will not have an international airport in operation until 2035. Look, believe or not, an international airport will not transform Dominica. It is your mindset which needs changing. You could have the best airport in the world and your customer service suck as it is now its best you had no airport at all. So, for you two politicians, for the time been focus on better air access. An international airport will not happen overnight.

    • malick
      June 21, 2019


      This is the most sensible response I have seen for this article.
      Building and maintaining an international airport is very expensive… Just ask our neighbours who run one.

      Secondly, for such a venture, we will never adequately function at an acceptable capacity to see the returns. Our grand children will be burden with this debt.
      I fully agree better air and sea access is priority. Improve our customer services in the interim whilst we prepare for the international airport in the long term.

      I must say both political parties have lost their vision when it concerns the travel and accommodations needs of Dominica. They both have no vision for this country.
      What a pity

  25. June 20, 2019

    That’s what is wrong with the UWP. They discredit everything that the DLP has achieved. What about supporting the initiative to build an airport, if you get in office you continue the project. Don’t tell us what the DLP cannot do tell us what you can do.

  26. Seen
    June 20, 2019

    Pappy would have build de airport we.he had all his plans but no one took heed. Take allu blose in allu skin.

  27. The chains are broken
    June 20, 2019

    You may not like Lennox Linton as a person, you might prefer him if he had dimples or a Doctorate. One thing you cannot deny, he is honest. He has always been honest with us. He says he will do something and he does it. He is the same person at his home, in Roseau, in the US…that’s integrity. He cares about us, all of us. Most of the programs RS has set up it’s because Lennox made him do it by asking the hard questions. We owe a lot to this man. Do the right thing.

  28. x poto labourite
    June 20, 2019

    I am on board with you Mr Linton and many of us former labourites. Our eyes are now open. Skerrit will not build no airport.

  29. Lennox for PM
    June 20, 2019

    Yes my brother, I agree with you. This gentleman, the Skerrit Family Party leader, he lies A LOT. He’s been lying to us for years and years and we’ve been cheering him on. So he has concluded that we are stupid, but we are not. He not going to build any airport. I know that. You will do it for us brother Lennox. That’s why we will give you and Team Dominica the mandate instead.

  30. Jack Sparrow
    June 20, 2019

    Blackmore, Gregor Nasief, Benoit Baroudille, Roosevelt Skerrit, Ralph Gonsalves all said we do not need an international airport, what we need is night landing.
    * Since then Antigua has expanded their airport to make it more modern.
    * St. Vincent built a new and modern international airport
    * Trinidad has expanded their Airport and built new Terminals and a new 9 story control tower
    * Barbados is lengthening their runway and making it wider to accommodate the double decker A380 Airbus as well as expanding their terminals. As we speak Barbados have installed kiosks to eventually abolish customs and immigration forms.
    Every single Caribbean country sees the importance of an international airport except this lazy incompetent Government. You lost Ross because of not having one and you will never get a replacement until you build one.
    Silly bunch of Tebeays.
    And you have the guts to ask for 5 more years… Garson sortie la!!

    • malick
      June 21, 2019

      Jackie …mi boy !!!

      You forget to add St.Maarteen…..they are in the process of investing $100 Million on the complete renovation of Princess Julianna international Airport. New hurricane proof roof, new partitioning, kiosk et al…

  31. Douglas Charles
    June 20, 2019

    Maybe they should test land a jet on top of 6Skerit head to see if it suitable for de international airport smh…

  32. %
    June 20, 2019

    With every passing day, Skerrit’s madness is getting more intense . Labourites who love him must guard his mental state .
    The man takes all of us for fools, keeps lying and disrespecting us every election cycle ..This .madness can only occur in Dominica …

  33. June 20, 2019

    When I listen to Roosevelt Skerrit it reminds me of the song Georgi Girl. One line in the song says Always Shopping, But Never Stopping To Buy. If after all these year in office Skerrit is still promising, it is obvious that we are dealing with lots of Articulation and No Implementation.

    • June 20, 2019

      And what do you hear from Linton? @JDorn

      At least you can return to buy after the window shopping. But with Linton I am hearing “I will do it” but there has never been the sign that the “doing” will start–for how can it when he does not have the resource he needs to fulfill his words.

      And don’t anybody tell me that Linton is not the Prime Minister, there has to be something that the opposition leader, of a governing body, can and should do to provoke the minds of the people to believe that he will do better in the role of a Prime Minister.

      That is what you people should be looking for

  34. Ripe patat
    June 20, 2019

    It’s clear as day Skerrit is a liar. There are enough resources to allocate into building the airport but he believes that’s his private purse. Psychologists will one day investigate his narcissism and the role it played with destabilizing a once steadily growing nation.

    • Dcan to d bone
      June 20, 2019

      Rubbish comments…check yourself

  35. WeNiceMan
    June 20, 2019

    Under the Gaston Browne- Roosevelt Skerrit administration Dominica will never build an Intll Airport.

    But why!? We already have one.

  36. Seen
    June 20, 2019

    Shut olup and tell me about those millions of dollars u pocket on our head. I almost turn blue but I need a breakdown of that money first..until then I still with labour..so I not pm “yet” and u start with your commess. Your head will come big on state money papa. I waiting

  37. DC
    June 20, 2019

    Mr. Linton, you were unable to put a team together after Hurricane Maria, to engage in community service, what would lead me to believe this pronouncement? You failed to prove your worth during our darkest hours and so we shall reject you come next election! Actions speaks louder than words. Your utterance is a fabrication. We stand firm with PM Skerrit! He has been here through thick and thin. DLP, for the continued transformation of Dominica!

    • June 20, 2019

      @DC, your comment is quite emotional, it moved my heart, especially where you said: “Mr. Linton, you were unable to put a team together after Hurricane Maria, to engage in community service, what would lead me to believe this pronouncement?” That is a very clean truth!

      And I sincerely agree with you, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit “has been here through thick and thin. DLP, for the continued transformation of Dominica!” He is a leader that Dominica cannot afford to lose.

    June 20, 2019

    Mr. Linton are you depending on the jumbie monies that Skerrit has and is putting aside you are going to use to build the airport?
    Are you not scared of the JUMBIE MONEY, Linton?

    • %
      June 20, 2019

      So you are finally admitting that he has jumbie money..
      Your ignorance is destroying you!!!
      Skerrit Must Go
      Skerrit Must Go
      Lazy Skerrit Must Go Now

    • June 20, 2019

      @Kid On The Block, this is my exact thought as I was reading the news article (I don’t care too much about the JUMBIE MONEY thing though)

      But I was saying to myself why is Linton claiming that that PM Skerrit could have been the International Airport, which did not happen, for whatever the reason, but he is claiming that he will build it in less than 5 years, in his first try as a Prime Minister–would that not be a miracle?

      This man must be living in the Land of Fairy Tales, and coming here, making those fairy tale promises to us, Dominicans; and we can live forever after.

      International Airport in 5 years, which did not come through in 15 or 20 years?

      Linton needs to stop living that fantasy of his mind and to start looking at the reality of things as a Politician, the person in him that we can see he is worthy of stepping into the role of Prime Minister. Until then there is no way!

    • Danziger
      June 20, 2019

      Bwa nous devan, bwa nous derrier say Skerro nous vlé pour PM, Dominique.

    • It is not Skerrit's money
      June 21, 2019

      No wait… You actually think Skerrit will leave office with a suitcase full of “his” cash? 15 years of a**mess has rotted your brain

        June 22, 2019

        It is not Skerrit’s money , but he can leave the Treasury dry and let Lennox go find his money.

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