Dominica gifts 5000 doses of vaccine to Antigua

Doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine sent by India shortly after arriving in Dominica, a portion of which (5000 doses) will be gifted to Antigua.

Antigua and Barbuda is set to receive 5000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines today, a gift from Dominica. The vaccines will be transported by an RSS aircraft to Antigua.

Information Minister of Antigua Melford Nicholas told a Cabinet press briefing yesterday, that all necessary preparations to receive and to store the vaccines are already in place.

It was agreed that frontline workers will be among the first to receive the vaccine when they arrive in Antigua.

The injections will serve 2,500 frontline workers; including the nurses and doctors at the hospitals in Antigua and Barbuda.

The vaccines will be administered in two doses; the second will follow 21 days after the first dosage.

A registry will be established that will list all those who will receive from the first batch beginning next week.

All this comes as COVID-19 cases in the twin island state have been increasing significantly.

Last night, that country recorded 31 new cases, bringing the total number of active cases to 175.

The total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is three hundred and eighty-one 381.

Meanwhile, one hundred and seventy-three 173 samples are pending.

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  1. One love
    February 13, 2021

    I have had many issues with Skerrit over the years, but I have to say this gesture of good will really touched me. Antigua is in trouble right now with COVID spreading fast. 5000 doses should be enough to give out to medical/frontline workers who are needed to care for the sick. We should not be selfish, don’t forget other countries come to our aid all the time.

  2. Imputing Improper Motives (IIM)
    February 12, 2021

    How ironic. Is this the same planes that brought troops to Dominica to fire live bullets at Dominicans to keep Skeritt in office? hmmmmmm.

    Payback is not always a beach.

  3. click here
    February 12, 2021

    We even have enough to share now. We swimming in vaccine. I will try my hardest to not take that thing. I will do my best to avoid having to take that, especially knowing that there is NO proof that it cures or prevents the disease. What are the statistics?

  4. Tictoc
    February 12, 2021

    What r you trying to say tell us ..cauz all u saying is …….

  5. February 12, 2021

    My people why would Papa Skerrit just receive his gift and immediately passes it on to someone else? What is behind this? Of course only these two know Papa Skerrit and uncle Brown better known as Abbott and Costello. Another question is what country manufactured the AstraZeneca vaccine? Is it India? Of course we are aware now that Dominica is a distributor. My people I urge you to read, understand and digest carefully. The decision is all your unto the Almighty.

    • Man bite dogs
      February 12, 2021

      @Uncle Sam Oh, because you are ignorance to the fact the Vaccine was develop in the UK by Oxford University scientist but manufactured in India, just as it was on the European continent.

  6. February 11, 2021

    I am sure that PM Skerrit and his government body has in mind that Antigua has a huge number of Dominicans living on its ground, the reason he decided to help them, in that they are a high-risk territory with Corvid–19. But you guys don’t have to agree with me, nuh!

    • Imputing Improper Motives (IIM)
      February 12, 2021

      You really believe those Dominicans living in Antigua will be the first in line to receive those vaccines? You are ever worst than I believed you were.

      Well the potential future dissemination of the vaccines would mean that not ever the leader of the opposition is in line to receive on the early round, much less for the ordinary individual UWP supporters: That means that 4000 of them will die and the opposition votes will now be 12000.

      Yup, I went from De Observer to the speaker of the house IIM. It is still me responding to you.

      • February 12, 2021

        @ Imputing Improper Motives (IIM), you have claimed to know me so well that you decide that you think I am worst than you believed. But who, in hell are you? I have no idea and I wish for it to stay that way. You are not an individual that should be known by people of any society.

  7. Ibo France
    February 11, 2021

    This is typical Roosevelt. He creates headlines to bask in the spotlight. This man never fails to seize an opportunity to engage in self-adoration..

    The doses he begged are insufficient to cover the whole population but he shares with another country. Quite altruistic indeed!

  8. BobD
    February 11, 2021

    Dis is De time when you know who you can depend on. A friend in need , in truth, is really a friend indeed. The Bond of One Caribbean, my Brothers keeper seems to have a home in Dominica, and Prime Minister Skerrit must be given his Humane Dues when taking these decisions, it is expected of Him. Antigua’ tourist/serving economy will be the engine room for all their covid cases. While our people Die from a Disease we had no hand in Creating, the cry of the survivors should be Reparations, and like the Jews of Germany, We must Demand Reparations in all its forms.

    • Word to wise
      February 12, 2021

      Very sensible comment. I too like many things the PM does and this vaccine gesture is one of them. When he joins the reparations drive that will definitely be another. After all, even Germany got reparations,.. Germany.

  9. Pete Edwards
    February 11, 2021

    Why so much reproach from those who are capable of posting something positive?? Whether Antigua would do likewise is not the question. What does people who “say” they care about others do?? A lot of Dominicans had their bread buttered in Antigua. Why not share when we can?? Remember all who helped after the storms and hurricanes. They were our Caribbean neighbors who didn’t have much themselves. I remember reading of the PM being criticized for asking India in the first place. “Therefore to him that knows to do good and doesn’t, to him it is sinful” James 4:17.

    • Word to wise
      February 12, 2021

      Your comment shows maturity, thanks for sharing positive views. I couldn’t help notice the last part of the comment references James… After the Romans imbedded themselves into the bible, you mean so did king James of England, while enslaving ship loads of African People and take their land?

      • February 12, 2021

        @Word to wise, I hope that you simply being sarcastic, but that too is unnecessary–especially with the name you call yourself “Word to wise” whatever that mean.

        Yes, Pete Edwards used a verse of the Bible and his reference is from the writings of the “apostle James”; he was Jesus’ half brother, so what is your point about King James and the African people?

    • Ibo France
      February 12, 2021

      Pete Edwards, ascribing noble motives to Roosevelt Skerrit’s ‘benevolence’ is like giving praise to an honest thief.

      The ‘goodly gentleman’ has an ulterior motive for EVERYTHING he does. That is the unvarnished truth. Everything he does is for political expediency as in this case.

      Antigua & Barbuda would get their bountiful of supplies soon. Five thousand (5 000) douses cannot even cover one-tenth of the population of A&B so what’s the great significance of this gesture?

      Mr. Skerrit, I will give you all the credit and glory you so ardently crave if you fix healthcare; restore agriculture; Incentivize the small business sector; provide cheaper and cleaner geothermal energy; build a new network of roads; build many more feeder roads for farmers; drastically reduce the astronomically high unemployment……….

      I know that I’ll wait for an eternity for these are not your priorities, holding on to power is.

  10. OpenMind
    February 11, 2021

    Why Are Dominicans so selfish and stupid.
    It is right that we share. Even if it was 10 we got. Unless all the islands get vaccines and start vaccinating their most vulnerable, then no islands is safe.

    The young can make a choice not to take it. But they should not deny it to the elderly and most vulnerable.

    We always have to find something to complain about. 🙄

  11. What a Show
    February 11, 2021

    Dominica hardly has cases; Antigua has many cases. I would think that Antigua would run to get doses. Skerrit too like show

    • Man bite dogs
      February 11, 2021

      @What a show comment, it’s people like you with your arrogant mind you choose to follow so-called UWP losers and clowns!!!!

      • Me
        February 12, 2021

        You are silly. Covid does not chose between DLP or UWP.

        • Man bite dogs
          February 13, 2021

          @Me, I am not stupid enough to think Virus Covid-19 to know who or what you are as an ex personal officer I think to know more about vaccination than you are.

      • Imputing Improper Motives (IIM)
        February 12, 2021

        You of all people, you have the nerve to call someone arrogant?

        If DNO would have allowed it, there are some pretty psychologically imbalanced names I would like to throw in your direction. But I will be civil with you this time.

  12. Wosh la
    February 11, 2021

    Is anyone thinking that by the time we use up 20,000 doses of vacine it would be two to three months down the road and in such a time a lot more vaccines would be available? Also remember it was said we were supposed to get our share some time in march. Now if we can share some of what we have now don’t you all think that we are also help the other islands which we have very close travel connection with. Which means once their cases goes down that some sort of traveling will happen and will also help the economy. I see this as helping the other islands deal with their situation quicker as their cases rise and not cause a spill over to here because what affects one affects the other so no point of having vacines in storage just sitting there.

  13. Roseau River
    February 11, 2021

    Interesting gesture. Antigua complaining others aren’t chipping in on the expense to run LIAT. Dominica gifts Antigua 5,000 doses of donated vaccines…. that sounds about even :lol:

  14. Wicked allu wicked
    February 11, 2021

    DA has about 65,000 ppl
    20,000 of of that won’t take the vaccine.
    I alone know at least 100 ppl that won’t take it.
    Stop looking for things to make a problem and look for a solution.
    Everybody that’s against this gesture knows at least 50 ppl that won’t take the vaccine.

  15. VereTere
    February 11, 2021

    Sainta Claus Roosevelt of the Caribbean uses a gift from India to impress the Caribbean, or is this the payment for Antigua to sent RSS troops to intimidate Dominicans at last years election?

  16. Roland Mitchell
    February 11, 2021

    This gift, means that 2,500 Dominicans will not get Covid-19 Protection.

    I am not so sure that I would have done that, Why can not the PM of Antigua and Barbuda ask Mr Modi for 30,000 doses?

    There are countries which have more doses than they can use – Like Norway.

    The Norwegian Embassy
    25 Belgrave Square
    Tel: 00 44 207 591 550

    If someone can contact the Norwegian Embassy in London- (see address above)- they can get some doses for Antigua. FREE!

    I have already asked since 27/01/2021- for some of this extra doses for Dominica.

    This I think, is something that can be done. But the limited supply which we have now down to 65,000 doses can only treat 32,500 people.



  17. Ok
    February 11, 2021

    1.) Dominica received 70,000 doses of COVID vaccine on Tuesday
    2.) Then Dominica ‘ready to launch largest vaccination campaign in modern history’
    3.) Now Dominica gifts 5000 doses of vaccine to Antigua
    Something not right
    That sounding fishy
    What’s in it for the PM

    • Man bite dogs
      February 11, 2021

      @OK, guys like you is a joke the English language is screwing you all up, try reading the statement that PM. Dr Skerrit said slowly and carefully and maybe your brains if any can take in what he said OK!!!

  18. Nacinimod
    February 11, 2021

    Nice gesture. I am wondering whether Antigua would do the same for Dominica considering their attitude with respect to LIAT and the four island campus of the University of the West Indies.

    • Man bites dogs
      February 12, 2021

      Yes Nacinimod, Antigua would have done the same for us you so-called Workers followers are ignorant in other words lack of knowledge or information, when hurricane Maria, hit Dominica for six all the other islands came in to help us back on our feet now you selfish animals making noises because our good Prime minister Dr Skerrit gave some of the Vaccine to help our neighbours, you lots so-called UWP followers are screwed up scumbags disgusting people!!!

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