Dominica got the greenlight from ECCAA for CARICOM Airways – Blackmoore


Minister for Public Works Rayburn Blackmoore says Dominica sought advice before granting permission to St. Lucia–based CARICOM Airways to fly to Dominica.

“On July 21, 2010 we got a letter from the ECCAA saying that ‘please be advised that Caribbean commuter airways is competent to secure a safe operation for the purpose of conducting scheduled and charter flights in and out of Dominica,’” Blackmoore revealed at a press conference called Monday.

The Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA), in December ordered CARICOM Airways to stop operations until it became legal, and Opposition leader Hector John said that decision is embarrassing for the Dominica government.

The Public Works minister said Monday he was responding to John’s statements and “I really hope that Mr. John can educate himself as to the true facts and the level of due diligence that was done.”

But the legality issue of CARICOM Airways may shortly become a matter of the past.

In a news release Monday Laurenzo Rudolph Francis, St. Lucia’s attorney general, said the issue has been resolved and the ECCAA is expected to release a statement accordingly.

CARICOM Airways was to begin flights to Canefield Airport this month.

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  1. Truth
    January 6, 2011

    Follower raised some very insightful points which have not been addressed yet and I am beginning to wonder why?

  2. Vincy
    January 5, 2011

    St. Vincent never wanted Caricom airline to operate and it is suspected that this has political reasons. You see any successful airline competing with LIAT will challenge two things. The 1 billion EC dollars investment in an international airport and secondly the investment of public funds in an airline that now charges more for a 30 minute trip that one would pay from the Eastern Caribbean to Toronto and back. As one writer said…

    We must be masochists to be supporting the tardy service LIAT delivers to us in SVG and Dominica in particular. Beyond scoring political points we need to love ourselves for a change.

  3. Anthony Ismael
    January 4, 2011

    When will we put people in place who can get the job done? Surely, Blackmoore is a mouth piece for failure. When a project is successfully completed on time and it improves the life of the ordinary citizen, maybe then we can listen to Blackmoore. Until then, it’s more nonsense from him once more.

  4. What's Up
    January 4, 2011

    I listened but did not hear the opposition mentioned a word about the airlibne when it was introduced into Dominica. As usual they remain silent on progressive developments wishing and prayinmg that nothing good will happen here. As soon as a challenge arises, then they break their negative, evil wish silence with their poisoned mouths agitating and lamneting for doom and gloom on Dominica. Oh what a pity for Dominica’s sake we cannot see beyond our nose.

    Talk about due diligence, again the UWP has no moral background to point an accusing finger of in sufficient due diligence at anybody. We can think of the myriad of issues. But let us begin with the Christopher Skase matter. Christopher Skase was an Australian fugitive who received Dominican citizenship whilst runing away from the law in Australia.He had a Dominican passport delivered to his doorstep in France by an eminent emissary of the UWP government. One might Say that is long past. But unless the UWP can acknowledge that they did or said wrong things, then they better stay silent because many more fingers come pointing back at them.

    What about the Saudi (Al Masari) who was holed up in London and looking for a home to escape the Saudi government?. Wasn’t there a secret deal between the government of Dominica and the Brittish to stowe him away to Dominica?

    • John Brown
      January 4, 2011

      they have amnesia

    • hmm2
      January 4, 2011

      thank goodness julius timothy was not , a member of the uwp govt then , whew , boy that would have meant that he would have had no moral back ground, but wait, maybe i have amnesia!!

  5. Cassandra
    January 4, 2011

    Must we politicize everything?Oppose for “opposing sakes”?? There are many things I question about our present regime but I would have taken the same decision as Mr. Blackmoore on the information he had at hand. Mr. John, obviously was not privy to the same information before making his statement. We should stop “shooting from the hip” and get our facts right before making pronouncements. In this regard it would be very helpful if the govt. were more transparent in their dealings with the electorate, thus minimizing public tension and judgements made in anger! A freedom of information act is long overdue.

  6. What????????
    January 4, 2011

    Cannott believe anything Blackmore or any member of this gov’t says…they have proven to DOMINICANS that they are a bunch of LIARS….look at Blackmore body language, look at his face …..Dominicans….Can WE REALLY BELIEVE THIS MAN?………………………..//////////////////////////

  7. follower
    January 4, 2011

    Mr Blackmoore, It is better for a fool to keep his mouth shut than to open it and expose himself to all.
    You said that on July 21, 2010 you recieved a letter from the ECCAA “Caribbean Commuter Airlines” is safe and competent for the purpose of conducting flights to and from Dominica. You letter left me baffled with many questions.
    1. As a former Police officer sir, you should know that a lot of things could change between July to December. In other words, as a former corp, because you inspected a car in July and found it to be road worthy is no proof that in December the same car is still road worthy. This first point tells me that you failed to ensure that the airline was still up to date.
    2. Again, as a former police officer you should understand the difference between safety, competent and legality. A car could be safe and competent but if it doesn’t have license and insurrance, it’s not legal to be on the road. According to you, ECCAA said that it was safe and competent to fly in and out of Dominica. But I did not see anything on your letter stating that it was LEGAL. Furthermore, Mr. John questioned the legality of the Airline and not the safety or competence of it.
    3. In the letter you read from ECCAA, I saw “Caribbean Commuter Airways” which is different from “Caricom Airlines” which is the airline in question. Why the name change? Maybe Caribbean Commuter Airlines was safe according to ECCAA but what about CARICOM AIRLINES.
    4. The fact that ECCAA asked CARICOM AIRLINES to stop its opperation immediately while lawyers are taking care of the legality of it is further proof that Mr. John was not wrong to inform you that you indeed embarrassed DOMINICA and DOMINICANS.

    • Avorka
      January 4, 2011

      you stupid man, hence your name.

      • follower
        January 4, 2011

        I agree I am stupid and my name implies that. However, it is better to be stupid and know that than to be stupid and don’t know that. Since you are smart as you claimed, why didn’t you respond to any of the concerns I raised? I raised four of them and you guys chose to get personal with me rather than challenging any of them. Let’s deal with issues because I know you guys are smart already and like to get personal

    • forkit
      January 4, 2011


      January 4, 2011

      It is better for a fool to keep his mouth shut than to open it and expose himself to all.

      And I can’t believe you opened your mouth

      • follower
        January 4, 2011

        why don’t you comment on the issues I raised? You have no response man? That’s how empty you are? Let’s deal with facts and issues that’s all I am interested in.

  8. enough
    January 4, 2011

    Something have to give……elction was in 2009 and we still cannot come together for the better good of the country. Why is Blackmore responding to Hector and his nonsense. Hector went to some commmmmunity college in the Bronx and he thinks he is smarter than the entire population of Dominica combined. Someone that would follow Hector is worst than Hector. It”s all about DOLLar signs with this guy. Dominica is not about Skerrit or Hector my people.

    • Father Lilliman's Last Little Joy
      January 4, 2011

      No need to attack the mans education. Come on guys, we can disagree and support our people but do not get into personal things man.

      Plus he did not go to a community College in the Bronx.

      I am a DLP supporter, 100%, but facts is facts man.

      • What a Joker
        January 4, 2011

        Who gets more personal than Hector? I guess you just started listening to his crap

    • Are U Clouded
      January 4, 2011

      Ask both men to present their ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS……….Enough..Let us see who went to that community college. I can tell you Blackmoore’s qualification will put you to OPEN SHAME.

      Don’t allow your mind to be so clouded…U will do youself VERY. VERY GOOD

    January 4, 2011


  10. wesleyman
    January 4, 2011

    Can we see the letter please Mr. Blackmoore? Hard to believe the same agency that is saying to the government the airline is legal is saying to the airline you are not legal, and if such a letter existed, why was st. vincent not given that same information? would Mr. Chastanet not present such a document to the govt. of st vincent when the oposition arose to them flying into st. vincent? Please clarify sir.

    • Mahaut
      January 4, 2011

      I can answer that for the Minister,

      Liat is owned by regional shareholders, with the major shareholders being the Governments of Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

      With that statement right there, do you think that the best interest of the Govt of St. Vincent is to side with an airline that will compete with its investment. I think not.

      You cannot, read one side of a story and expect to get the full detail of it.

      • wesleyman
        January 4, 2011

        How does that explain why the govt of st. vincent , without challenge could say that the airline was not legal… this does not explain what I asked at all… maybe you should go ask the minister, since your attempt was very poor. Happy New Year

  11. T. Winston
    January 4, 2011

    Anything better than LIAT right now
    LIAT holds a monopoly and without competition they continue to strangle travel between caribbean islands. flights from Dominica cannot be found anywhere under $500.00 regardless of how near you travel. I believe LIAT would charge that for a flight from Canefield to Melvillehall

  12. .......
    January 4, 2011

    First time in the history of Dominica……..

  13. simple mind
    January 4, 2011

    ,….but I said from day one thatChastanet would give those guys another story to jump around with,so its the Ag this time.

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