Dominica making progress in embracing black heritage says Reparations Committee Chairman

Dr. Damien Dublin
The Chairman of the Dominica Reparations Committee, Dr. Damian Dublin, says the theme for Black History Month this year “Know Thyself”, aims to encourage people to find out about their heritage and culture and to be better informed of their history.
“We think its important to focus on that theme. Basically we want to use this month to reflect and find our more about the whole African struggle, the Caribbean situation and Kalinago history because the whole black struggle stems from way back. We want people to know that we come from a mighty race and we should be proud,” Dr. Dublin said.
Black History Month is being celebrated during the month of February.

The Dominica Reparations Committee in collaboration with The University of the West Indies (UWI), Dominica Broadcasting Station (DBS), House of Nyabingi, the National Youth Council (NYC) and the Public Library Services is planning a series of events to celebrate the occasion.

The celebration started with an event on the February 1st, 2019 and  is hoping to accomplish various activities through he course of this month.
“We had a successful activity on the 1st of February where we had presentations. The activity  included poetry from well known poets and song performance. The attendance was very successful. The queen contestants were there, Minister of Ecclesiastic Affairs, the Rastafarian movement was well represented and quite a few people who, over the years, have been giving their support,” Dr. Dublin stated.
He said the programme will also include visits to different schools, among other activities.
 “We plan to visit schools starting on Monday in different areas – primary and secondary – to just give information on black history and the importance of the role that the Kalinagos play. We also want to have a session at the college [Dominica State College],” he added.
According to Dublin, other plans include a symposium on natural hair which will focus on its history, treatment and the various hair treatment products. He said there will also be sessions on skin care, natural living, herbs, fruits and food preparation as well as cultural performances involving  drums, poetry, short story and singing.
“But all these songs have to have some sort of content, black awareness and positivity,” he pointed out.
Meanwhile Dublin said Dominicans have made tremendous progress as a nation over the years in embracing cultural aspects of their black heritage.
“It started from way back when the Kalinagos helped the blacks come down with the cultural aspects like the bele, drumming, story telling, creole language. All these are legacies of African slavery we enjoy today,” he added. “I’ve noticed an increased awareness in terms of the African wear which is a good sign.”
He also mentioned the case of more women adopting natural hair styles, the important role that Rastafarians have played in increasing understanding, citing their African Liberation Day march and celebration and the increased participation in that event over the years as an indication that the information is getting out and people are responding.
He said more ideas are brought forth  all events may not be implement within black history month but going forward the reparations committee will take on some of them.

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  1. Casper
    February 9, 2019

    The recently republished book “the mis-education of the negro” by Carter Godwin Woodhouse is very appropriate here. Available online for all curious minds.

  2. Me
    February 8, 2019

    – there is only one race, the human race.
    – you do not have to be black to be an African.

    • God Helps Those who Helps Themselves
      February 9, 2019

      Do you have to be be white to be European?

  3. Pipo
    February 8, 2019

    I wonder if they celebrate black heritage month in Africa also? Just wonderen, thats all.

  4. ???/////
    February 8, 2019

    Dr. Dublin, please practice what you preach.
    Have you ever defended your black brothers from the hatred that spews from the mouth of the Arab lawyers against your black brothers such as cockroach and Kakador?
    Have you defended your black brother Dr. Pascal against the disrespect and victimization that is being done to him, after having served his people for 30 years.
    As chairman of the Public Service Commission fro 19 years, have you defended your black civil service brothers against victimization and lack of opportunities for progress?
    Practice what you preach brother.

    • viewsexpressed
      February 9, 2019

      Dr. Dublin: Please address this question and concern that is addressed to you on DNO. We need answers.
      “Dr. Dublin, please practice what you preach.
      Have you ever defended your black brothers from the hatred that spews from the mouth of the Arab lawyers against your black brothers such as cockroach and Kakador?”

      This Black awareness business is not just a talk, but 1. action, 2) decency, 3) respect, 3.) Good 4) government 5) accountability 6) No corruption 7) No abuse and thievery of states funds and 6) good governance.
      To ask a nation, like struggling Dominica, and its people to engage and raise awareness on African Liberation Day, those pontificating it, those in high office, for eg. that Prime (Odd) Minister, those who sit in Parliament (and remain dumb and clueless of development.
      Dr. Dublin:- Have you spoken to and told your so called Skerrit to have respect for Dominicans, our state resources, our Parliament, account for our limited resources and stats finances? Check…

  5. ????????????????????
    February 8, 2019

    Dr. Dublin, please practice what you preach.
    Have you ever condemned the disgraceful names that the Arab lawyer has labelled your black brothers, such as cockroach and kakadore?
    Have you ever condemned the victimization of your black brother Dr. Irving Pascal, a son of the soil who served his people for 30 long years and has saved many lives?
    As the Chairman of the Public Service Commission for 19 years, have you stood up against the victimization of hard working civil servants who have been frustrated, stifled and denied opportunities for progress for 19 years under your watch?
    Wheel and come again black brother.

  6. Just my point of view
    February 8, 2019

    We already have a well built avenue to learn all facets of our Caribbean history. We have history books on Caribbean history studied in our schools. We have cultural programs that keep the legacy of our proud and diverse heritage alive. We cannot build collaborations in the international community by developing the next generation to be resentful and on the victimization end. Black history month is good for America because it builds awareness of a history unknown to many Black Americans. However, it is also very bad for America; people are stuck in finding repeated fault with a system where part of that fault is their very own. I think we are on the right track in the Caribbean to see ourselves as capable and strong people who can go anywhere and do anything and we should keep it that way. Our history in the Caribbean is multidimensional; it is not one dimensional or two dimensional. Our history is an opportunity to learn about each other — and it should be kept so.

  7. out of south city
    February 7, 2019

    We need to know about our Spirituality, which the Indigenous people (the Kalinagos) and our fore-parents once had. Most of them, like our fore-parents, have been christianised and have forgotten our Spiritual ways. We have been given a book that takes us back to over two thousand years whereas our fore-parents were already in the Motherland thousand of years before the arrival of the Europeans.
    My brother, you need to come better than that to educate our people.
    Even when Nassief owned land in Geneva, he was oppressing the people who so fearful of walking through the land to go to their garden. It took a liberator, in the person of Unicef, to cause his downfall. Even our brother, Chubby, who took one coconut from that land was imprisoned as a result of another brother who was an overseer for Nassief. The movement that was in place in the 70’s needs to be taught to our children. We need to study our Story instead of celebrating others. Charity begins at home.

    • viewsexpressed
      February 8, 2019

      I so Welcome this statement. How inspirational and wanting
      “The movement that was in place in the 70’s needs to be taught to our children. We need to study our Story instead of celebrating others. Charity begins at home.” UNAPOLOGETIC
      The issue is, under Skerrit and his existing hopeless, clueless Government and blind acolytes/followers (Chanting BS cry of: “We love our Skerrit” The man is a failure and hopeless), are not sufficiently academia to comprehend this concept let alone implement it. Dr. Dublin needs to wake and he may be in denial or scared to address Skerrit Privately, publicly or openly on is failures, incompetence, lacks wisdom in the developmental of people and country. So Dublin and Skerrit and those others are way out of line and blind as too the hurdle and suffering our people are at this stage due to the denial of people like Dr, Dublin and the failure, immaturity and incompetence of boyish Skerrit. Skerrit has killed us after 18 long wasted years as Odd…

  8. out of south city
    February 7, 2019

    Our African Story has to start with Waitikubuli and go back until we get to Africa. All our children should know about the Kalinagos, who are the Indigenous people Christopher found on the island. He truly did not discover anything but rather was a thief and a liar. We have despised the Kalinagos for a long time, believing that we are better than them. They were the true Natives who first settled on the island from South America. What about the stories of Bala and the others whom the Europeans described as Negre Maroon. I despise these words because I find them very despicable and degrading. It is left to us to redefine words instead of just accepting their negative definitions. I consider these brothers as heroes. They defied the actions of these ruthless Europeans, whose aim were to steal, kill, slaughter and plunder. That reminds me of a bible verse that says, “the enemy comes not but to steal, kill and destroy.” They have defined the devil as such enemy, once again, deceiving us.

    • viewsexpressed
      February 8, 2019

      We have despised them, but the leadership at the Territory has not been forthcoming. It is sad to learn of heavy drinking, incest, running after children, mothers protecting early teen daughters from family boys. There is so much to talk about, that is happening in the Territory. The country lacks leadership, foresight to address these social issues with the services only focussed by Skerrit. There is alot to be done and straighten up before we say we are on that developmental journey.
      Case in point, a true scenario explained to me by a top ranking civil servant at a function at the Territory where Skerrit was in attendance. Skerrit rose up and offered the chief, if I recall $250,00.00 (that time money was given out indiscrimatley all over the island buying loyalty) for housing. The Carib Chief, to the amazement and chanting of his people, responded to Skerrit and said, “Let me tell sir, we have our own family list. Meaning, Skerrit mind your funky business, leave us alone, Go away!

  9. out of south city
    February 7, 2019

    Please, let’s talk about our own Story on island which should be taught in all the learning institutions instead of all the European history that we memorised and adopted down through the ages. How can we adopt history that is not ours and why should we celebrate a month of history which is the shortest month in the year? Whereas we all are ascendants of our fore-parents who were brought to the West as a result of slavery, the truth remains that we all have a Story that needs to be written and studied. Many years have elapsed since we have been celebrating holidays and occasions that were given to us, rather than us adopting our own. We need to break those European yokes that have been strangling us for too long. Such holidays have nothing to do with our Story. Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s day, Mothers’ day etc,. If we do our research, we will change the way we think and do things. We need to stop wasting our minds by accepting the norm and start our true African Story.

  10. Treadstone
    February 7, 2019

    Dublin, please let me know when is “Corruption History Month”. I propose that the theme for that month be “Skerrit, Know Thyself”.

    • viewsexpressed
      February 8, 2019

      Treadstone: Whooooaaaa, I like this, I really, really Like this……I really x 5 like this: Get Dublin thinking and tuned to the real issues an suffering in our failed island Dominica by this incompetent Skerrit.
      “Corruption History Month” I really like this.. Dominicans come out and tell Skerrit and last=y corrupt team to go away, Mind their dirty Funky business….where they from, where they going,…who`s their bopee, who`s their fake acolytes. Leave us alone….get rid of Skerrit and this Pappyshow Labour, wedding. Go away, you all have failed the children of Dominica, ou cannot be fathers or parents of our Domininca.

  11. Roots
    February 7, 2019

    It is sad that this fella is asking for reparations and healing fron transatlantic slavery but is actively participating in modern day psycologival slavery (Dependancy syndrome) being perpetuated by the Skerrit regime.Wolf in sheep clothing.More fire.

  12. February 7, 2019

    I am not black, but white. Nevertheless, from my teenage years I have had a love and respect for those of African descent.

    Knowing ones history is all well and good, but equally important is how Afro-Caribbeans project pride in their own identity in this day and age. Bleached skin, straightened/shaved hair, disguised facial features and a foreign concept of dress, reflects shame rather than pride.

    • out of south city
      February 8, 2019

      Say on, Mr. Bernett. You realise that we Africans must keep our identity because we are the first who had civilisations and every other race learned from us. However, what was done to our minds by the European oppressors has followed us to this day. We were taught to hate ourselves, to steal and kill each other, just as was done to us. We have accepted the way that the opressors taught us and therefore we have lost our way by wanting to look like our enemies. Some of our women do not love their faces, hair and lips so they mask their faces with make-up, they cover their natural hair with synthetic hair which could be animals’ or dead peoples’ hair and they use lipstick for their lips to make them look white.
      These are some of the things that need to be addressed so that we can love ourselves again and not wanting to be like someone else. When we accept ourselves for who we are then we can say we are on the way of being true Africans again.

  13. Mike
    February 7, 2019

    Very silly article. West Indians have nothing to do with the so called “Black History Month” and Reparations??? What reparations!!! Dr. Dublin must have stayed too long in the US and appears to be confused. Has he not seen the state of Black America? Don’t bring this rubbish to the progressive people of the Caribbean but instead, focus on the opportunities that exist today and not on something we cannot change.

  14. Pi Tet Mwen Sot
    February 7, 2019

    I thought Black History Month was an american thing? What next? Halloween and Thanksgiving?

  15. Me
    February 7, 2019

    Has Dr Dublin attempted to secure reparations from Mr Skerrit for the alleged missing monies?

  16. may
    February 7, 2019

    Dr Dublin, do you know the history of the people of your village of Mahaut in regards to black history month? Find out about the the slave beheaded at Pebbles park? Her generation is alive and well right in Mahaut.

  17. out of south city
    February 7, 2019

    I am in total agreement of being an Africa because I cannot change who I am but certain things have to be in place to emancipate or liberate our minds. I personally believe that it is Un-African to be eating ourselves away to a premature death by consuming all of these JUNK foods. We really need to revert to the ways of our fore-parents and never forget the important lessons they taught us.
    We also need to address the ills that have and are plaguing us in this society. From the Political and Religious arenas. We have the tendency to shove the dirt and debris under the carpet and hope that things will be alright. With all the corruption that is in place in this society, how can we move forward as AFRICAN? Let’s not just talk when certain occasions come up but to defy the ills in society. If this present administration had a love for the common people, they would be encouraged to be INDEPENDENT. Brother Bob said it best. “Liberate ourselves from MENTAL SLAVERY.”

    • viewsexpressed
      February 7, 2019

      Dr. Dublin are you taking note for next years observance. ?
      Have a good read and learn and go educate your failed incompetent Prime (Odd) Minister.
      “We also need to address the ills that have and are plaguing us in this society. From the Political and Religious arenas. We have the tendency to shove the dirt and debris under the carpet and hope that things will be alright. With all the corruption that is in place in this society, how can we move forward as AFRICAN?
      Too much corruption in government in Dominica and in Africa.
      We don t trust Skerrit from the day when Hon. Lennox Linto exposed Skerrit and his gang re the Bin Bobol and the Fertilizer Bobol. They lied with so called Tony leading the lies until Hon Linton exposed their lies and they say it was a mistake. Dr Dublin have you asked Skerrit to return the money they stole from the African people in Dominica.? Where were you and were are you now to stand for your suffering African people in Dominica. Its nice talk & dress…

      • out of south city
        February 8, 2019

        viewsexpressed, it’s been quite some time that I have been saying that the two institutions that have been used to separate us as a people are RELIGION and POLITICS. The nation is divided so much that it is very hard to pull away and be free in our thinking in order to be INDEPENDENT. We have settled for the brain-washing, the gimmick, the BOBOL and the RED CLINIC that has created the DEPENDENCY SYNDROME.
        We have truly strayed away from the path of our fore-parents and adopted a European path that have resulted in Religion and Politics leading to a sickness called BLINDNESS. It appears that most Dominicans are under an evil spell and unless that spell is broken, we will never rise as a people. The shackles have been removed from the hands and now are squeezing at the brain with which we are supposed to think.
        There exists great DECEPTION, which continues to eat away at the very marrow that sustains life.

      • out of south city
        February 8, 2019

        Continuation: As a result of this great DECEPTION, when the marrow has been worn, then the bones become so feeble that hey start to break, leaving a body that has been depleted and therefore leading to DEATH. Unless the powers that be are voted out of office, we will continue to suffer as a nation. We must muster the courage to continue to stand against all ills and stand in solidarity against this corrupt regime.

  18. Local
    February 7, 2019

    Donny known you to be in the struggle from a very young age and I can’t believe that you have lost all the values you have been advocating. You have fell into the trap of the poor when they get an opportunity to enrich themselves they forget their values. Sorry to say I have lost respect for persons like you when I listen to those things you support. You stood up for people’s rights in the 70’s, when paquette arrested you guys for dreads, you were part of the struggle, today you have issues with people protesting for what they believe in. You encouraging teargassing of people. Come again black awareness is not a popularity contest when it suits you. Practice what you preach and believe

  19. out of south city
    February 7, 2019

    My brother, it should be a MANDATORY thing to elevate some of our people’s minds from DEPENDENCY on a government that has continued to perpetrate POVERTY in the lives of our very own people. We cannot rise as a people if our minds are not liberated from oppression. I agree with viewsexpressed in terms of the farmers. Instead of the government encouraging the farmers in the area of agriculture, our people continue to consume JUNK foods( processed foods which are filled with additives, a high sugar and salt content) that cause sickness and disease. So many of our people are dying from cancer and other sicknesses. In the past, we consumed foods that were grown but now we consume foods that are imported (packaged, bottled, canned). As a result, there is an increase of Hypertension(High Blood Pressure) and Diabetes. Our children have been introduced to soft drinks instead of drinking water which is so natural and enhances brain functioning.

  20. max
    February 7, 2019

    Good theme…..know thyself…I think it is appropriate for us in Dominica, cause its amazing that all what is going on in this land, if we had only “Know thyself” the brakes would be tapped on long time. Its also amazing how on one side of the Chairman brain is emancipation and black history and the struggles and breaking the chains and “knowing thyself” but on the other side “he” is in full support of so much wrong doing of abuse, exploitation and victimization.

    This same four-in-one….Chairman of Rep. Committee, Member of the DLP, Chairman of PSC and Dr. Dublin..(Thyself) carries different hats in all 4 positions, acts differently in all four, and preaches differently in all four. KNOW THYSELF. Apparently it is ok for Thyself to have split personality….Any how

    • viewsexpressed
      February 7, 2019

      Max, I concur with this statement of yours: “if we had only “Know thyself” the brakes would be tapped on long time.” And be advised that this “Know Thyself “is here and now in Dominica and has been on going now for the past 18 horrible years under your failed corrupt Pm Skerrit. You see, this “embracing black heritage ..” We must stop this Black Heritage talk for now and the campaign to clean up our own backyard, because the slave master then have all gone and we are reaping a new breed of back leaders who abuse us daily in Dominica. Your leader Skerrit and your lazy incompetent Labour government and failed childish Skerrit have hurt us in the year 2019, when we should have moved on in life. This Black conscious thing I gave up years ago when I realise and see for myself that your Skerrit is not a leader. He has no conscious and ambition as to where to take the people of Dominica. Skerrit has reduced himself to this boyish behaviour where he seeks people to like him. He is a…

  21. viewsexpressed
    February 7, 2019

    Dublin says: “the whole black struggle stems from way back..? Dublin, 400years has passed and if we are still in bondage, this struggle has increased with your failed corrupt Labour government that you embrace and very blind to point your finger at Skerrit and his useless 18 ministers who, if you ask them about Africa, let alone the poverty created and continue designed by your friend in high office Skerrit, opening a Red insulting clinic for poor families having mothers quing for handouts and you talk about we way back in bondage. The bondage is here in Dominica within your circle and you are helpful in promoting it and you dress yourself as this kingpin from Africa talking to us BS as we suffer from this Blackman Skerrit. Skerrit is not a champion nor intellectual and he knows not of suffering of our own black people, as he killed their income in agriculture etc. I hope I don’t hear you on radio.
    We want people to know that we come from a mighty race and we should be proud,”…

  22. viewsexpressed
    February 7, 2019

    What`s the point of celebrating “Black History Month” when our own Black Skerro in failed government and those black brothers who hail out Africa and dress in Africa madras and continue to associate themselves with corrupted governments especially that evil one in Dominica while our black people cry in shame, our back farmers cant work the soil. What is the real purpose of this celebration addressed and planned by the Chairman of the Dominica Reparations Committee? Dr. Dublin also says” the theme for Black History Month this year “Know Thyself”,(lol) aims to encourage people to find out about their heritage and culture and to be better informed of their history.” Dr. Dublin, is it right we have our black poor mothers quing up at Financial Centre for cash from a black PM and you stand there as head of this campaign and say nothing, but we have alot to talk about nations far in Africa and you are not leading the campaign to clean up Dominica. A black PM fleecing our economy. U ok…

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