Dominica on display at EXPO 2020 Dubai

The Dominica contingent holding the Nature Isle flag high in the parade at EXPO 2020 Dubai

The theme for the Dominica Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai is “Experience the Commonwealth of Dominica – the Nature Island of the World Through the Lens of its Culture, Heritage and Traditions” and the Dominican contingent at the Expo which arrived in Dubai on Friday, has been sharing that experience with great enthusiasm.

The island’s Kalinago heritage, natural resources, and rich culture will be brought to life at the pavilion and according to officials, visitors will experience the natural beauty of the island and understand the path being taken towards a sustainable future.

According to Media Liaison Officer, Ivona Jno Baptiste-Lugay, the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA), the Invest Dominica Authority (IDA), Dominica Export and Import Agency (DEXIA), various ministries with responsibility for EXPO, including the ministries with responsibility for foreign affairs, tourism and trade as well as other key stakeholders, have ensured that the Dominica pavilion will be representative of a nature island destination which provides an exclusive experience for all,

Among officials who represented Dominica at the event On Saturday are Trade Minister Ian Douglas, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, International Business and Diaspora Relations Dr. Kenneth Darroux, Tourism Minister Denise Charles and Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism Chekira Lockhart-Hypolite.

Investor Services Officer, Shayan Monelle, is representing Invest Dominica Authority at the expo and during the six-month event, he will be providing investment information to visitors and promoting the key sectors for green and brownfield investments.

Dominica will seek to form new relations and discover new business opportunities with priority being placed on sustainable investments as well as attract visitors through its participation in the Expo.

Watch a video below (courtesy of Dubai One) of a tour of Dominica’s EXPO 2020 Pavilion by Dubai television.

Dominica is among more than 190 countries taking part in this event which has been described as a showcase of culture, innovation and collaboration under the theme, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.’

Dominica’s first appearance was at the parade of participating countries on Saturday where the Nature Isle’s contingent impressively  attired in national wear, proudly displayed the national flag.

Dominica National Day at EXPO 2020 Dubai was also held held on Saturday.

Below are video clips (courtesy of EXPO 2020 Dubai) the opening ceremony of EXPO 2020 and the Dominica National Day ceremony.



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  1. Mark
    October 19, 2021

    @Jonathan, patience my friend, patience. Rome was not built in a day. Don’t expect gold and silver will begin pouring down from heaven with just a trip to Dubai. Let’s give it some time and then we can begin questioning the value of the trip.
    You mentioned the concept of “tourism product” which encompasses products and services. Can you enlighten me on the various products you’re referring to in that statement?
    It’s hard to believe that more Caricom countries did not showcase at the expo but I do not have the facts so I’m going to take your word on that. Do you know how many countries are listed on a global map? Check out the facts and you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Technology is great but I’m a firm believer in visibility. Nothing beats a face to face and a good handshake. We can do all the zoom and web meetings, advertising on websites etc. after the initial meetings but I believe it is money well spent to appear in person.
    Let’s wait and see what comes out…

  2. Lin clown
    October 19, 2021

    My Name,it is not Dominicans who do not read,it is some supporters of UWP as you can see from their comments.Hubert John Charles is Dominica’s ambassador to the UAE,Dubai is a part of the UAE.Dominica has a number of CBI citizens living in DUBAI.

    • Toto
      October 19, 2021

      You don’t say clown!

  3. Mark
    October 18, 2021

    Really Jonathan. Based on your argument, tourism should never be promoted since it is not a tangible product. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? Tell that to the countries who rely heavily on the hospitality business and see how they feel about that statement.
    Your outlook for the tourism sector in DA is depressing. Maybe you’re just not capable of seeing the good that might come from an event such as this one.190 countries at the expo. Perfect opportunity to showcase Dominica, the nature Isle of the world.
    You mention “pie in the sky”. Don’t we have a number of hotels/resorts currently built or being built, nearing completion? How can this be pie in the sky?
    Very pessimistic approach to everything.
    Just think for a moment how many jobs will be created if our tourism sector takes off. Bars, restaurants, car rentals, transportation just to name a few of the opportunities that will be created.
    Show a little more faith in our beautiful Dominica.

    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      October 19, 2021

      @Mark, do you understand the concept of “tourism product”? If you do it encompasses products and services. I suppose the low wage jobs which will be created will entice the other participating countries to send their citizens to fill those slots(I’m being facetious). If the effort was more carefully though out then utilizing modern technology could have the same effect as sending such a large contingent on a joy ride. Why didn’t more Caricom countries participate in EXPO 2020? I’m sure that they are not uninformed but that when they considered the cost benefit analysis that there are better ways and fora to advertise what they have to offer to target audiences. I’m awaiting the report of the number of offers and value of those as a result of this bloated contingent sent to Dubai at taxpayers expense. Stay depressed but I want want a Dominca that has a diversified economy not only fragile tourism. Did you see what a virus did to it?

  4. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    October 18, 2021

    Is not the flag they are holding high; they built a fabric tent to shade them from the blistering Dubai heat and blowing sand!

    It appears as if Dominica is the only Caribbean nation to attend the clown show!

    Anything stupid, anything that involve clowns; Roosevelt Skerrit must be involved eh!

    • October 19, 2021

      Y do you have to be so negative. Is it because it runs in your DNA.

  5. Mark
    October 18, 2021

    I believe that some of us are missing the mark here. You have to spend to make. This expo, with some 190 countries in attendance is the perfect forum for promoting Dominica. We have to learn to look past the end of our noses to get a proper perspective of what we’re trying to achieve. Dominica has several hotels coming on line soon so we need all the exposure we can get. Folks who don’t have a stake in these establishments don’t really care whether they flourish or fail. Selfish Spirit or a lack of foresight…
    Corporations in the US spend millions of dollars on a 30 second ad during Superbowl. The ordinary individual might view this as madness but the executives only see $$$ signs in the company’s future.
    Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using someone other than a native Dominican to make a sales pitch for the island. It’s a marketing technique that minority companies use all the time to get in on the action.
    Much success to Dominica at the 2020 Expo.

    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      October 18, 2021

      @Mark, whilst I support the effort of Dominca to give more visibility to ourselves I don’t expect anything much from this bloated and no doubt high cost effort. You mentioned the Superbowl ads but these are established companies using the occasion to cement and remind consumers of their products and services which they already have experienced. In the case of Dominca you dare to mention pie in the sky. Hotels which might or mightn’t come on stream and these are futuristic. People are willing to spend their money on quality goods and services and so this cultural extravaganza is not something tangible that consumers can order and take possession of like the exchange of goods and title. Most countries there will be showcasing products and services which can be traded but one can’t trade culture. The size of the contingent and the associated cost at a time of economic shock due to Covid-19 is not justified. Wheel and come again.

  6. My name
    October 18, 2021

    Congrats Dominica!!!!
    As I always say many Dominicans do not read. 190 Countries taking part, they perform on different days or times. It’s EXPO 2020. If we did not represent that would be another story. ” oh why they did not send performers from DA?” Smh.
    Great performance. Proud if you all.
    It was well received.

    • %
      October 18, 2021

      @My name
      You still did give the cost of the trip.
      You still did not say what was achieved.
      Get back on here and tell us, you petulant little child!!!
      Liar Skerrit went on to Islamabad, to bring a de-recognised, low grade university here as well, what was the extra cost you peevish little child?

  7. Never see comedy
    October 18, 2021

    I don’t get it. On the streets of Roseau today all you hearing is people stupsing and cursing because things are so bad here. Yet Skerrit has a few suitiwe in Dubai dressed up to help give potential passport buyers a false impression of Dominica . But l want to say to those passports buyers out there that what they show Skerrit giving them is not a true reality of life in Dominica

  8. Time to GO
    October 18, 2021

    Dem Dubai people should chase them out with firecrackers, and wet them with water hose. Dominicans are being used by a one who’s void of ways to improve the lives of the people of Dominica. Only looking for a grip/suitcase of dry cash money. He doesn’t have to go through immigration and declare anything. He is filthy rich on the backs of the poor and homeless. PLEASE AMERICA, PLEASE COME AND HELP US GET RID OF A DEVIL. HELP US PUT BACK STOLEN MONIES BACK IN OUR TREASURY. COME HELP THE PEOPLE OF DOMINICA. WE NEED HELP URGENTLY. COME WITH HELICOPTERS, SHIPS, JEEP, HANDCUFFS AND JUMPSUITS.

    • Pipo
      October 19, 2021

      You have a point here. The U.S.A. Extradited Alex Moran over the weekend from the Cape Verde Islands to Miami. This alleged Colombian money launderer, who at one time operated a bank from our Finance centre, was apparently deeply involved with Maduro of Venezuela, a friend of Roosevelt Skerrit. So yes, the U.S.A. would have a great interest in happenings in our country.

  9. Nonsense
    October 18, 2021

    Dominicans are being used as bargaining chips. How does the country profit in all these nonsense? Looks like carnival in the sand of Dubai. Who paid for airfares and accommodations in Dubai.

  10. Ibo France
    October 18, 2021

    This is exactly what you get from the news media in Dominica, ‘Surface Journalism’. The local media houses only parrot exactly what they are fed from government sources. Ninety percent (90%) of which is intended to deceive.

    The country is not well served by these intellectually lazy reporters. They should go out, make the calls, do the research, do the investigations, develop reliable contacts and sources. The news and information the country gets can be done by even an average grade 6 student. Straw-weight journalism we get.

    Wake up DNO and all the other news entities. For this trip to UAE, the public is entitled to every minute detail about it. It’s their money that financed it. Giving us the financial and other details is no special favour.

    Real, investigative journalism in Dominica is like dinosaurs, EXTINCT.

  11. Not my Damn business
    October 18, 2021

    The usual coshoni and mascarade of Skerrit What we want to know is what the hell he did with our $4.5 billion dollars

  12. Roger Burnett
    October 18, 2021

    As I said in response to an earlier news item, Dominican’s of African and Kalinargo descent must surely resent being represented by Caucasian/Asian mannequins.

    I can’t see this ever being tolerated the other other way about.

  13. RastarMarn
    October 18, 2021

    So wait a minute, None of the other islands in the OECS was represented there???

    So Dominica alone that have fings to offer???

    Oh I hear the song Dominica is a Paradise,,,

    But what is a Paradise without a Gross Domestic Product!!!

  14. RandyX
    October 18, 2021

    This begs the question what’s the perceived future benefit for this outrageous pomp. Is the PM going to furnish the citizen of DA with with a report and of course the cost to the country for the extravaganza? I mean there isn’t much appetite for travelling to the Nature island from this part of the world nor is there a great market for soap and bay oil in a region that only buys Gucci, Boss, Rolex, Versace etc. So yet again that leaves us with Dominicas major export commodity, namely passports. Lots have been sold already but the ordinary citizens still have to see the benefit of those billions. I mean the red supporters will now cry, what about all those apartments the PM had built. I say, these apartments have only been built for DLP supporters as an election reward! Furthermore, the cost of building those apartments doesn’t amount anywhere close to the income of the sold passport. Where are the CBI accounts? Has uncle Skerrit fooled Dominicans yet again?

  15. Teddy
    October 17, 2021

    Oh lord forgive them for they do not know what they do,wasting all them tax payers money in Dominica. People have no jobs, no roof over them heads, no money and this is what we are wasting money on.

    • Ashbel
      October 18, 2021

      Backward thinking, have you not heard of Speculate to accumelate?

      • Toto
        October 19, 2021

        Boy is dance and passports we selling there. Sure, some will accumulate and not necessarily Dominicans while the rest of us are left to speculate what the hell is going on.

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