Dominica Prime Minister to Address the Nation on Monday

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

Speaking at the daily Press Briefing on Thursday October 12th, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced that he would be addressing the nation, about the details of his recent  US trip, on the following day.

However due to “a very hectic” schedule, the Media has been advised that this address has been postponed to Monday October 16th at 7: 00 PM. It will be broadcast live from DBS, KairiFM and VibesFM.


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  1. Pete Edwards
    October 18, 2017

    some people are never satisfied. The leader of a nation must say his team because he is the one who will be held responsible for success or failure. People please remember the children of Israel, they complained about everything that God allowed Moses to do and what did that get them? They perished in the wilderness and never saw the promised land. I’m not comparing the P.M to Moses but remember he is the one in office and it is his responsibility to do whatever is best for the nation. Can those who are criticizing do any better? If you can then step up to the challenge and do something, give some constructive suggestion and help in any way you can. If not, hold your criticism and thank God that someone went and actually got some help for the nation. In the meantime cry out to Almighty God to guide those in authority to do what is not only right but what is also righteous.

    October 17, 2017

    The speech on Monday was one of the best speeches I have ever heard from Prime Minister!!
    I’m confident Dominica has the right leadership.

    Something I observed about Dominicans that complain and lie and always want to attack… those are the
    Dominicans that are doing nothing for the country…

    when they complain about the Prime minister personally without offering ideas… ask them what have they done lately for their country?!!!

    • viewsexpressed
      October 18, 2017

      You have nothing to say but be personal. We are focus and objective and that burns you to call out that we are personal and lie and complain. We have to be focussed because Skerrit is a failed and immature leader and PM. He is not a role model and we those who are focussed do not expect anything favours or hand-outs from him. We do not trust his leadership and trust him to be effective other than run our country to the ground, where he has brought Dominica. That is why he must Go…Get lost. Go Home.
      We are not interesting in Skerrit personal life, we don’t care, we are not attracted to that kind of life whatever it is. We care about the poverty and greed and corruption he has reduced our beloved Dominica to. There is no development and you so called loyal and blind supporters sit on your assets and worship this failed leader. Skerrit must Go, he is a waste of time. We tax payers pay him, a hefty salary that he will not get even with his so called “Doctorate” a job elsewhere. Go…

  3. Crying
    October 17, 2017

    Dno is biased as well.. this site won’the allow me to place my comment about skerrit

  4. papa
    October 16, 2017

    Pm put your self to build the country and stop with your little boy talk

    • viewsexpressed
      October 17, 2017

      It is possible that man be elevated from “little boy talk” childhood political behaviour to one of maturity and decency in high public office. He is a liability to Dominica especially now. Cant think on own, must have a circle of political clowns and misfits to guide him to bed and give him a wake up call in the morning. Imagine a big man still sucking his thumb. Mammmmmie…… uhh uhhh

    • October 18, 2017

      Since when a boy can speak like a man under the sun? Priorities were not taken into account and we all can see the consequences after the storm.

  5. Roseau
    October 16, 2017

    To DNO , do you want an updated picture of Skerritt?

    • viewsexpressed
      October 17, 2017

      No Thanks…..will not make a difference is professionalism, care and developmentally focussed. H is what he is, sad but true. Poor leader, Skerrit must Go

      • Expat
        October 18, 2017

        If he does not what are you and the other cry babies going to do ? Cry as usual.

  6. Ibo France
    October 16, 2017

    The country would be much more enlightened about national affairs if a Press Conference were to be held instead of a Press Briefing. The PM has this inclination and obsession to manipulate the public affairs of the country. This is the most felicitous time to heal the nation and try to bring an end to partisan political wrangling. Mr. Skerrit has seized this most unfortunate time to project himself as omnipotent, omniscient and most benevolent. This god-like status that he craves for is not going to redound to the benefit of the country.

  7. Big Bannan
    October 15, 2017

    Boy boy boy, yet another reason to enrich the politicians .

  8. jesus wept
    October 15, 2017

    This is not the time for the pm to address the nation but rather, an opportunity to call a press conference so he could make his statements and allow the press to question him, whether the press is from Antigua, Barbados, USA, our Dominica. It is an opportunity to let the world know what’s really happening! In an address to the nation he will simply say what he wants and end by saying “God is good all the time” without answering one single question.
    I for sure would like him to clear the air about a statement the Prime Minister of Antigua made on Thursday during a parliament debate. FYI PM Brown wants to cut the price of Antigua’s CBI in half, from $2,000 to $1,000. He said his reason for this cut is because he needs money to build back Barbuda, and to show how he could raise that money by reducing it, he used Dominica as example that makes FIVE MILLION A MONTH selling @ $1000 according to Mr. Brown, while Antigua which sells theirs for $2000, only makes SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND a…

    • jesus wept
      October 15, 2017

      So I hope the PM clears the air on this because the world knows that PM Gaston Brown is a very close friend of Skerrit and he spoke as a person with knowledge. Now if it were the opposition in Antigua that made that statement I would brush it aside as Rumor; but it was PM Brown, the FIRST person to call Skerrit after Maria. In fact the opposition argued that the reason Brown cut CBI in half, is because Antiguans now require a visa for Canada, which makes their program less appealing. But Mr. Brown argued that Dominica is making $600 million annually, and would be on course to make $400 MILLION, to date. If my arithmetic is correct, based on PM Brown’s revelation, we make $6 billion a year on CBI. Say Skerrit has been making selling passports for five years then that would be roughly $30 billion. According to PM Brown, with that much money he can rebuild Barbuda. So Mr. Skerrit, why can you not rebuild Dominica and where is our money? Please address that sir

      • Be Good
        October 16, 2017

        ask Jesus get a life help some put back a roof good for nothing

  9. viewsexpressed
    October 15, 2017

    Skerrit, announce your resignation and that of your corrupt Labour Party Government now. If you do, you will be doing a great service to Dominica and Dominicans. Your Tenure of 18 years governing has been a disaster put all Hurricanes together. You have created a “questionable” corrupt Red Clinic where you have degraded our deserving poor Dominicans into begging, a scenario of “We love our PM”., and a mendicancy of corruption. There is nowhere in Dominica that anyone can see and say that Skerrit and his rotten Labour crew has meaningfully and substantially made a difference to social and economic development that has uplifted our people. The only uplifted they get is into this elevator to the 5th floor to be disrespected with handouts of large sums of money. There is no investment in people, family and country and we have lost Chavez and Alba due to your dirty dependency and corrupt behaviour.
    How can any people, any country tolerate such incompetence and corruption.

  10. Ah-nahn-see aka Anansi
    October 15, 2017

    ” Anansi is a ‘trickster’ figure – clever,cunning, sometimes mischievous – who uses his wits to makeup for what he lacks in size and strength.”
    I read some very fascinating Anansi stories from grade Three, and never quite understood the message. The one that really stood out is the one where Anansi made everyone feel sorry for him, for not being able to feed his family and everyone gave him something from what they had just to feed his family. When he went home with the food, he then tricked his wife and children to the point where each of them had to give him a portion from their dinner. At the end, they all had very little that night but Anansi ended up with his big plate to the point where he could secretly feed himself for the weeks, while his poor family struggled.
    That Anansi story reminds me of a “ONE MAN GOVERNMENT” that came in office poor but became rich overnight, while those who were rich became poor. Definitely Not Skerrit because Maria left him homeless like all…

    • anonymous2
      October 16, 2017

      Skerritt isn’t homeless by a long shot.

      • October 16, 2017

        No he is not homeless.There are police guarding his house in Vielle Case and he lie on Tv saying he homeless.

  11. Danziger
    October 14, 2017

    Ok PM, its hard but lets move on Santa Maria put us naked. Together we will work to build up dominica come one come all. Ensemb nous kay travaile pour nous RECONTRIE Dominique à nous.

  12. One + one =2
    October 14, 2017

    As I listened to the press briefing on Friday and listened to Mr. Curtis Tonge, of the insurance company address the press from the office of the Prime Minister, a few things came to my mind, especially as Mr. Tonge sounded so delighted to pay victims of Maria insured with his company. I mean this is unheard of! Usually insurance companies look for ways to NOT pay you. So the following came to my mind:

    1. Who is Mr. Tonge? Is he related to the Minister of Tourism? Somebody please advise
    2. Why did Mr. Tonge sound so happy to pay his clients?
    3.Why did he brief the press from the office of the PM? Could their be a coco makak? could it be possible that some big boy has shares in the business?
    4. Could briefing from PM office seen as a signal of friendship?
    5. Why did the government not encourage the locals to hire an attorney

    I don’t know but a couple days after Maria PM made statements to suggest that he was very concerned about victims being under insured.

    • One + one =2
      October 14, 2017

      Knowing what Dominicans went through with an insurance company RECENTLY, If I were the PM I would NOT allow any Insurance company address victims of Maria from my office. To make things worse, just thinking the insurance representative or owner shares the same last name with one of my key ministers. To me that’s opening the door for people to speculate. In fact if I were PM I would use my authority to put pressure on the insurance company and would even assign some of my best legal minds like Tony, the Lawrence brothers and others to work with victims. NOW IS NOT the time to make insurance companies feel at home in your office. Since it is government press briefing, it is WRONG to give the impression that insurance company belongs to the government

  13. UK Dominican
    October 14, 2017

    What happened to Q95? Is it a convenient victim of Maria?

    • Be Good
      October 16, 2017

      pay the bills for them

    • Roseau
      October 16, 2017

      They are still playing politics with Q-95 electrical reconnection

  14. Dominica's Disaster Relief ICO has now Launched
    October 14, 2017

    A fundraiser has been initiated for Dominica’s reconstruction. It has the possibility of putting money directly into the pockets of Dominicans.

    Check this out:

    Share and give as much publicity to this as you can.

  15. Emile Dominique
    October 14, 2017

    DNO, what about Q95. Are they still mad at the PM. Or are they disappearing like/with Angelo Alleyne?

    • October 16, 2017

      Q95 does not have electricity .DOMLEC GAVE DBS, KIARI AND VIBES but not Q so go figure

  16. REAL!!!!!!!
    October 14, 2017

    So what is problem if we are promoting non partisan behavior during the aftermath of a horrific blow dealt to us by Maria this is not aired on Q95/TDN Radio.

    SMFH….Same old behavior from this GOVT.

    We are not going anywhere good anytime soon.

    • Dominica
      October 16, 2017

      There is No Q95. Mr. G has failed us. He never had a generator….before the hurricane, whenever electricity went in Roseau he was off for the whole time. The man does not care as much as you people think. Its all about money for him. Now after Maria passed, I heard he came to Dominica to source a generator. What a shame…..

  17. It's My Damn Business
    October 14, 2017

    Wow from Friday to Monday because his schedule was hectic. What was he doing so? Selling passports as usual? that’s not new because after Maria destroyed everything we had, the man was there working on his passport business according to this Has he ever told us anything about this during any of his press briefings?

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