Dominica receives vaccines from US and UK; US vaccine suitable for children

Dominica is to benefit from a donation of Pfizer vaccines from the United States Government to further help in the fight against Covid-19.

The country is also receiving a similar donation from the United Kingdom.

These donations coincide with an increasing number of Covid-19 active cases in Dominica. The latest statistics from the Ministry of Health put that number at 738.

“We have gotten a donation from the United States Government and I want to thank President Joe Biden and the US Government for their donation of Pfizer vaccine which will arrive here in the next few days and we will roll it out immediately after receiving it,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said during an interview on Kairi FM on Wednesday.

According to a US Embassy release, the US Government has gifted the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) 5.5 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine. This donation to the region is part the United States’ world-wide distribution of 80 million doses.

The vaccine gift follows months of discussions between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Pfizer, the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and the CARICOM Secretariat.

Fifteen (15) CARICOM Member States, according to the release, will receive the much-anticipated Pfizer vaccines, with 1.5 million doses being allocated to Haiti and the other 4 million doses for distribution among 14 CARICOM countries.

The donation also includes 3 million ancillary kits containing needles, syringes, diluent and other supplies which have already been received.

Prime Minister Skerrit described the gift as timely and says his government appreciates it very much “because they are advising that it can be administered for children between 12 and 17.”

“And so the Minister of Health, we are looking at it and very soon, the Ministry of Health will articulate a vaccine roll-out for this age group as well, extending the number of people who could be vaccinated and protected from this deadly virus,” the Prime Minister stated.

He reiterated that the key to fighting Covid-19 is vaccination and following the protocols.

Meanwhile, on Friday August 6, Dominica received 12,000 doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, made by Oxford Biomedica in Oxford and packaged in Wrexham, North Wales.

The donation to Dominica is part of nine million Covid-19 vaccines that the United Kingdom (UK) has begun delivering to countries around the world which include – in addition to Dominica – Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The latest statistics on COVID-19 from the Ministry of health reveal that as of the 17th of august 2021,  19,920 people had received two doses of the vaccine and  21,672 had received one dose.

Dominica News Online (DNO) tried several times to reach the Health Minister and Chief Medical Officer to ascertain the overall status of Dominica’s stock of vaccines but our efforts were unsuccessful.

12,000 vaccines arrived in Dominica on Friday, 6 August from the United Kingdom

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  1. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    August 20, 2021

    You see I will say it again; I read comments on DNO from people who I believe has never even finish elementary school; they read a pile of garbage on social media, believe it and then disseminate the garbage on DNO as if they are privy to information not known to others.

    I read on DNO where someone said COVID_19 is similar to the flue!

    That person is either missed informed, but surely does not know what the hell she/he is talking about.

    Let me first of all point out there are potentially 144 different subtype for the flue (influenza) virus, so to which of these strains COVID-19 belong?

    Note: The “H” in “H1N1” for example refers to hemagglutinin (HA) and “N” in “H1N1” refers to neuraminidase (NA).

    There are 16 different types of HA and 9 different types of NA, therefore, there are potentially 144 different subtypes of influenza A viruses.
    Among them, two subtypes of influenza A, H1N1 and H3N2, most commonly infect humans.

    • Griffon
      August 21, 2021

      …and again Dr. Donut of Wesley gives us the benefit of his infinite wisdom which was all copied and pasted from Google. What an attention seeker. He even has the front to say most Dominicans have not finished elementary school. Let me tell you Donut, most Dominicans have but you for sure have not. ALL your ‘knowledge’ originates from Google…

  2. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    August 19, 2021

    COVID-19 is a far different virus from any of common cold viruses.
    That is the misconception many of you who don’t know any better believe.
    That is why some of you are reluctant to become vaccinated, rather than allowing yourself to be educated by scientists and medical doctors you prefer to be educated by a bunch of idiots on social media some of which did not finish elementary school.

    • Waiting For Airport
      August 20, 2021

      How can someone with your intelligence simply generalise and assume people who advocate against vaccines are idiots? Since when is it idiotic to use your brain instead of blindly trusting officials whose only consistency is their inconsistency? How can we trust authorities who are not transparent? Weeks now we asking for them to come clean about the recent death spike in Dominica and clarify weather the deceased were vaccinated. All now they refuse to be transparent. So how you expecting people who have sense in their head to take something when the authorities cannot even give honest feedback?

      All over the world medical professionals speaking out, but all over the world they are being ignored. Media houses don’t publish anything that is not pro-vaxx. No transparency, no honesty, no acknowledgment of genuine concerns… just a constant insistence on coercing people to take it. You not seeing something wrong there?

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        August 20, 2021

        “How can someone with your intelligence simply generalise and assume people who advocate against vaccines are idiots?”

        Well, to be honest; anybody who would procrastinate, or refuse to get vaccinated; knowing that is their only hope for their personal survival against a disease they know that if they become infected with it will die; must be a fool an idiot; or something!


        Let us face the truth, and accept that almost seven (700,000) hundred thousand people have died in the United States in less than one year; it is more than seven hundred thousand now; not counting deaths in Canada, Europe, and the rest of the world.
        Why would someone residing in Dominica in a place with a handful of people advocate against the only protection they have from such a deadly virus?

        If you wish to survive this; please take the vaccine, and be advised don’t touch that which is out of India and China.
        And by the way what happen to de Airport in Wesley nuh?

    • Nurse
      August 20, 2021

      So why are so medical professionals not taking the vaccine? Why are so many people with PHDs refusing to get vaccinated? Medical Professionals are protesting the vaccine mandate. You know some nurses are breastfeeding, pregnant or trying to get pregnant and refuse to take the jab because they don’t know the side effects. I’m having a hard time wondering why people don’t understand that.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        August 20, 2021

        I  do not wish to monopolize the site; but here is a for instance: Roosevelt Skerrit has bought two Ph. D’s, from a non-accredited university in Punjab India, and another in America; hence he wish to be called “doctor.When he acquired his bought pieces of paper, he ran his mouth off making statement to the effect that most people who say they are, the notion comes from their mind!I call him the the doctor of fart!Here in Los Angeles, anybody can attend weekend classes and in less than no time gets a Ph.D in whatever subject they favor; these people are not medical doctors; except if they are a practicing physicians, who’s part of their medical curriculum required a Ph.D in some discipline as a prerequisite to attend medical school.You can have a bit of paper with the letters Ph. D with no actual educational value; so be careful when you hear people are called doctor; and there are plenty of them in Dominica okay!

    • Gary
      August 20, 2021

      Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque the Virologist who is educated and tutored by scientists and medical doctors, wow. Don’t get excited and let lose your ego. Do you really believe that it’s a bunch of idiots on social media, some of which did not finish elementary school are the outcast of society are the only ones who are unwilling to get vaccinated. The spectrum for and against Vaccination is not divided between the educated and non-educated. Do you know there are many world renowned Scientists,
      Virologist, Medical Doctors, Nurses and Big Pharma whistleblowers who voice their concerns regarding the use of the vaccine, are these people uneducated or quacks. Why are they not given the opportunity on mainstream media to express their concerns and there a many who because of reprisals just keep silent, is this how people suppose to make a decision by hearing one narrative 24/7 It’s your choice what you believe, choice should not be made
      with Force and Laws.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        August 20, 2021

        Gary, a very educated person can also present themselves as an idiot too; just because a title was bestowed on someone does not mean they can’t be an idiot!

        There are doctors, and nurses who have advocated against the vaccine; however, when asked to explain why not; they do not have an answer; those are the idiots who misguide people; a nurse trained in nursing is not a doctor, if that nurse does anything contrary to the instructions of a doctor to a patient, which cause harm to the patient; in America he or she goes to jail!

        If a doctor in America commits malpractice, he/she looses their license, and go to jail!

        Because one is a doctor does mean they are an authority on ever disease; and there fore they must follow the findings of doctors and scientists; who did and prove the research.

        Gary, we are seeing patients right at this time dying from COVID-19 who are telling doctors they do not have the disease!

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          August 20, 2021

          Gary, we are seeing patients right at this time dying from COVID-19 in hospitals who are telling doctors they do not have the disease!
          We are seeing patients recovering in hospitals with a series of tubes attached to their body; in their nostrils, however when asks if what they experience would cause them to take the vaccine, now; they all answer “no.”

          It is a mentality; just as you focused on forced law, to cause people to do something; if that is in reference to COVID-19 yours is a very foolish notion; because whereas you have rights to allow a disease to kill you!

          I don’t think  you have the right to expose me to it where I contract it and die along with with.

          Let me show your how the notion of forced law is stupid!

          We live under forced law everyday in Dominica; and the rest of the world, and had it not be for those forced laws the world would be in chaos!

  3. Zandoli
    August 19, 2021

    DNO…..there is a slight error in your reporting. In the article more people received the 2 doses than those who received one dose.

    ADMIN: We appreciate you pointing that out to us. The article has been updated. We regret any confusion that may have been caused.

  4. Mc Carthy MARIE
    August 19, 2021

    Vaccine diplomacy at its finest.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      August 20, 2021

      Mark, I wish you would elaborate on that quote, just a little bit so that I understand where diplomacy fits into it.
      I know for a fact that Biden from the time he became president; he committed himself to providing the vaccine to the small and poorer nations of the world; which I supposed Dominica included.

      I am disappointed; however not hearing about any commitment to the continent Africa.
      Diplomacy means politics; but I don’t think anyone besides Donald Trump could have played politics with this disease.
      So, I reside in Southern California, if there was any political strings attached, at least I would have heard something; what I do know all know is that the vaccines are bought and paid for by the Federal Government.
      Meaning the tax I pay to the Federal Government help pay for Roosevelt t get it free!

      I have a great mind to take me vaccine back!


  5. Lin clown
    August 19, 2021

    Waiting to see if these blue hypocrites will come out openly and say TAKE THE VACCINE.

  6. Dominican Diaspora
    August 19, 2021


    Vaccines from reputable countries and agencies. ENOUGH with the vaccines from China that are certainly less effective. Hurry up and get vaccinated before the over 780 cases becomes 10,000

  7. My name
    August 19, 2021

    Very good!!!
    Get your children vaccinated. Ask your doctor. I think its from 11 years old.
    Protect yourselves and family

  8. Timing
    August 19, 2021

    While we are extremely thankful to the donating countries for the vaccines, is it a coincidence that these donations are coming just when we are experiencing spikes in the infection rate? I am not decrying the generosity of the donating governments, in fact I am grateful. But it still raises a question of timing. The timing just seems to be very convenient. Just saying.

    • We finish
      August 19, 2021

      Sir or mam
      We are considered a very high risk and it’s all over the news.
      Google Covid 19 high risk countries n u will definitely find DA on that list.
      So they are donating because the spike is documented n they know so they donating to curb the situation.
      It’s not timing we’re just not paying attention to what’s going on around us.
      We only watch n listen to Facebook and WhatsApp videos and audio and go n spread crap we hv no idea about.

    • August 19, 2021

      @Timming what is your point?

      There would be no need for donations of the vaccine when Dominica had no more than 10 or 12 cases of the virus. But now it is important that the Government provide vaccines for the people because of the high rate of infected cases–hence the reason for the donations from countries who care–what is the question that you want to be answered?

  9. Channel 1
    August 19, 2021

    Keep y’all eyes open for possible Pfizer vaccine marketing strategies in Dominica – especially those marketing strategies that seek to appeal to the emotions.

    Can anyone tell me why in less than 10 months since the Covid vaccines were rolled out are we already hearing about the approval of vaccine booster shots for all vaccinated persons in the US beginning in September? :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

    • Rick
      August 19, 2021

      I can tell you:
      Because science found out it’s useful and can save lives.

      • Gary
        August 20, 2021

        It is so simplistic and cliché to say, quote, “Because science found out it’s useful and can save lives.” When I look around me, I do not see an absolute, truth in such statement, but I do see what science has done to bring about tremendous convenience and comfort in our daily life, but with all that convenience and comfort are we happier and more healthy, isn’t there another aspect missing don’t you sense it, it’s the splendor of what is inside you and all of us waiting to come forward it is the master designer of life itself, and that is what our so-called science has failed to understand,that which is unseen that empowers the human body.

        That thing called SCIENCE, especially relating to our health and wellness is deceptive, has been packaged and sold to us using tools of complex marketing techniques crafted over years, making it the most corrupt institution on the planet. The path to enlightenment, discovering this deception, is not through the logical mind.

        • Zandoli
          August 20, 2021

          Put down that Marijuana pipe.

        • August 21, 2021

          Gary, it is true that man will always think that he has sole authority over his works–so are most of the scientists of the World.

          But No! “Science is not deceptive” for God is the Scientist of Life through all His creation especially the difference between man’s soul and his physical body.

          Dust you are and to dust, you shall return, said God to Adam, and who can say that is not true?

          But my son passed away in 2017, and in the spring of 2019, he started to visit me every day, right to the spring of this year–2 whole years–I saw him doing all the things he loved to do when he was in the body–especially with music.

          His station was the top shelf of my bedroom closet where he once slept. He was blind when he passed away, but not anymore.

          We conversed as mother and son; he used to come with his spirit friends–all in their physical form.

          And it is all about the Science of a God of Spirit and Truth, there is nothing “deceptive” about it.

          • VereTere
            August 24, 2021

            I rest my case……!

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