Dominica records new case of COVID-19

National Epidemiologist, Dr Shallaudin Ahmed

Dominica has recorded an additional case of COVID-19.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases in Dominica to 19.

National Epidemiologist, Dr Shallaudin Ahmed said earlier this evening at a Ministry of Health press briefing that the confirmed case is a British national who arrived in Dominica on the 1oth of August.

According to Dr Ahmed, prior to arrival in Dominica, the individual had two PCR tests which were negative. He said a rapid test conducted on arrival was also negative. The individual is asymptomatic and has been on home quarantine for the most part.

The individual is now a patient at the COVID Centre where he will be monitored for the next fourteen days.

Dr Ahmed said contact tracing is being done.

“The dreaded COVID is back,” Dr Ahmed cautioned. “Let’s keep fighting against; let’s get back to wearing of masks when we are in public places. We can’t keep our country under lockdown; we must allow normal activity to continue.”

“Hence,’ the doctor advised, “We must be absolutely cautious when we are out in the public; we should maintain good respiratory etiquette, wear masks when we are out and keep…good physical distancing.”

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    August 23, 2020

    amalek again remember Jacob
    edom or roman soldiers fighting the children of Israel
    those that are scattered all over the world

    August 23, 2020

    At this time every little helps. We got a classic case in our hands. Whilst medical are checking the inside organs, this manufacture gas to kill human and leave the tress standing, this could be in your suitcase or boxes where you shop. Wash your hands because you touch something that contain the gas into your face down to lungs ,darken the lungs, wallop you gone no suffering. First case was from uk last case from uk. we get rid of them 45 years ago what are they doing back here. Leviticus to the recue.

  3. Wake up Dominica
    August 22, 2020

    I really feel sorry for people of Dominica. You’re all so ill-informed and believe everything you hear or read about from those demonic people who are trying to eliminate the black race. Unfortunately, it’s those uneducated and uninformed people that will drag the rest of us into these people’s plans for us. Please wake up. Do you really think that GOD intended you to live like this – in total fear for your lives for a so-called virus that’s no more serious than the yearly flu. Do you not know that all this masking up, distancing and lockdown measures are not normal and is only to scare you to death so you’ll quickly queue up for Bill Gates vaccine. Go do your research. He’s starting with African people, then other black people all over the world. If the vaccine was really for our health and protection, ask yourself why don’t they start with the most protected family in the world? The Royal family, then work their way down to black people. After all, we are usually left. Please…

    • LogicLessons
      August 23, 2020

      It would seem you are the one Dominicans should feel sorry for – spouting all that conspiracy silliness. Provide one shred of ACTUAL evidence for the nonsense in your post – not coincidence, inference, rumor or U.S.-fed paranoia.

      People, this pandemic is in YOUR hands. Wear a mask correctly (that’s another story in itself). Stay home with your household members ONLY unless you must go out. Listen to what the WHO advises. They are far from perfect, but they have the most experience dealing with disease outbreaks (they and the CDC in Alanta, but that’s also another story).

      Don’t let your guard down. Don’t be lulled into complacency. Do be your brother’s/sister’s keeper. Do keep politics out of public health. Do prioritize life above “business as usual” whatever that means for you.

      Above all, whatever you do, don’t end up like that guy who refused rescue and drowned in the flood waiting for Jesus Himself to save him. Social distancing is our rescue helicopter for now…

  4. Roger Burnett
    August 22, 2020

    In the Ministry of Health Press Briefing that announced the new case of COVID-19, each speaker spent precious time paying homage to protocol at the opening of their presentation rather than getting on with the job of informing the public.

    Protocol, as I understand it, is the correct conduct and procedures to be followed in formal situations. Is this rigmarole really necessary when dealing with a national and international emergency?

  5. My little take
    August 22, 2020

    I just can’t understand this drama. First, Skerrit has declared that Dominica is Covid-19 free to the point that he even chastised the US embassy when they cautioned their citizens about traveling to Dominica because of the inconveniences covid-19 has caused all over the world.
    Secondly, the person in question had his covid-19 test done in the UK and was negative according to them.
    Thirdly. He followed protocol and got cleared by the government of Dominica to come to Dominica.
    Forth. He was given a rapid test upon arrival and was negative
    Fifthly. After ten days on island he is positive and is in quarantine for 14 days
    Then after all this Dr Esprit comes out with all bogus charges . But the fundamental questions are: 1. Did he get covid in Dominica ? 2. Did he or his UK doctors lie about his covid test result? 3. If so, was he charged for falsifying info? 4. Is the rapid test here reliable? 5. Was he asked to home quarantine for 14 days? 6 Did he violate it? 7. Was he charged?

  6. Jemmi
    August 21, 2020

    I walked in Roseau and saw a few persons who know arrived to Dominca not long ago. I saw a prominent person and I hope he quarantine too. Because these home quarantine are putting family and neighbors and friends at risk

  7. Eman
    August 21, 2020

    Considering that the testing kits have never been validated, everything is questionable in terms of covid. They are apparently above needing proof.

  8. William Mc Lawrence
    August 21, 2020

    I appreciate the effort being made to manage control the spread of COVID 19 by the Government and people of Dominica.

    Anyone arriving in Dominica must follow the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines as well as the Ministry of Health Guidelines to help mitigate against the spread of the virus.

    All Dominicans must likewise be guided by the guidelines intended to prevent the spread, prevent infection and save lives.

    People must not be fool hardy, stubborn and complacent believing they cannot get the disease. Those persons doing this are indeed foolish as the disease has no friend.

    I urge all Dominicans to remain calm and adhere to the guideline set by the Government. All the best.

    • Wake up Dominica
      August 23, 2020

      Are you aware who finances the World Health Organization (WHO)? Bill (vaccine loving) Gates’!! And their agenda is???

    • PASCO
      August 24, 2020

      Well said William

  9. UK and Dominican Citizen
    August 21, 2020

    I live in the UK and work in a care home where we are being tested every week and also having a blood test to confirm whether we had the virus or not and by God’s grace I have always tested negative with a doctors certificate confirming that I have never had the virus. This is down to me taking every necessary precautions to protect my family at home and the residents I look after. So, why should some careless individuals return to the country without regards to themselves and others and we in the UK are being branded because of these fools. It makes me feel utterly disappointed because if I return to visit my family I will also be branded and feel unwelcome.

      August 22, 2020

      Wow, you are showing your brilliance. …and you work in a health care institution? Have you been following the scientific studies, and not just what is said in TV?

    • Cane&Abel
      August 23, 2020

      Thanks for your comment. You just got the cure for Covid-19 and also made Dominica rich. I have to assumed that uk don’t grow Marjauriana.In dominica even school children smoke it. Coming from uk not smoking the weed,the virus get the chance to attack you. We can easily conclude that,the cure for covid-19 is Canibis and marjauriana.

  10. Royal
    August 21, 2020

    This is all planned, from long these suckers wanna eliminate black people from the Caribbean with many tricks and schemes, one of them: making a living hard thru their puppets in government (we ain’t never been independent as long as that queen’s face is on the money, we have been pacified to think we are free) that we decide to literally run from our homes to pursue life in their in while they run to our, squeezing the little economy making it believed that we can’t survive without tourism or their handout, slow poison in out foods/water supplies, weather manipulation, chemicals in the air, and now this so called pandemic. This is a full blown war on our race ppl ( not just physical), wake up and see it clear. Just my point of view. Stay safe, seek knowledge of self, educate the children to know the real truth, and quite getting caught in other nations lifestyle.

    • Yup
      August 22, 2020

      Facts, we just need to focus on health and safety right now especially for our young one, our livelihood depends on it. Stay safe, follow protocol, and please our governments stop thinking with your pockets and think of he people you represent. Keep these people out, our islands are too small to handle these sort of crisis. God protect us all.

    • Sekmet Ra
      August 22, 2020

      Royal, 100% true. I’ve been trying to tell our people in the US, and around the world for the past 10 years that this is a spiritual war against our indigenous (“brown & black”) people around the world. The hybrid, artificial, GMO mankind (Asians, Caucasians, Arabs) are not our friends. I’m not saying all are evil because some have our DNA, and playing a positive role in the matrix in order for their deception to work. They steal, kill, destroy and are habitual liars. They use any avenue possible (occult magic, mind manipulation via music, TV, cell phones, smart meters , school curriculum, religion, politics, etc to dumb down, separate our people so that we don’t know who we truly are…which is the original, organic man, “chosen,” the true “White” light people of the sun. They are the true “Black,” beast entity. Everything is in reverse for centuries now, just like BLM is not for, but against our people. BLM is Zionist Jew owned, fronted with mind controlled…

  11. john born
    August 21, 2020

    All the tests are negative but he is a new case….. no sense.

    • Man bites dogs
      August 22, 2020

      @John born, born, there is a lot of things in life you will never understand and doesn’t make any sense to you!!

  12. August 21, 2020

    ALL BORDERS should be closed because COVID-19 is ALL OVER THE UNIVERSE, not one particular Country. With all the precautionary measures in place people are still getting infected; therefore, NO ONE is IMMUNE and should continue with precautions. Please DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE IN or OUT until it is confirmed that we’re FREE and CLEAR of this virus. No amount of money is worth more than the lives of our citizens. Also, NO ONE should have to PAY to be quarantined. That virus is life-threatening enough.

    • Eman
      August 21, 2020

      You have been misinformed. There is no deadly virus being circulated. Just deadly media coverage.

    • Dominican Queen
      August 22, 2020

      No one should pay? Is this a joke?? No one?? So the people of Dominica should pay, right?? Because this is where the government gets the money to pay. If you got to PR right now you MUST pay your quarantine and you would. Stop in SLU or ANU or BGI you pay your quarantine. Any time it’s Dominica all you think that there is some magical bank account that the government can pull from.n Always Alas, poor pity …. PAY your $2000 or what ever it is if you want to come home. Dominican’s will pay US$10K to get lipo in DR. They buying all kinda of …. online. Customs FULL with Amazon. Dominicans refuse to take care of themselves. Always looking for the government. Don’t care who in power. The fact is the fact. Always looking for hand out. Allu want the government to pay for allu to be in quarantine. MADNESS!!

  13. Rosette Bedminister-Gayle
    August 21, 2020

    Did you get the message ? Yes or no ?👌 . People spend too much energy on petty nonsensical stuff . Well , if you feel you are Britannica Enclyopedia and the Oxford Dictionary , keep correcting because I certainly sure I understood everything that was written as clear as day .

  14. MAGWA CA
    August 21, 2020

    DNO wasnt it last week or the week before i told you that i emailed the US embassy and told them that covid was rampant on island and that the government was not testing the recently passed away to find out the real cause of death? now look at this on guy came to the island clean and no covid and after 10 days on island he managed to catch covid from somewhere. thats my point right there the virus takes 14 days to show symptoms not 14 days to test positive like the dca people have been lead to believe. look my evidence right there. dont listen to this lie that case of covid is a home brewed case and the Dominican gov is not telling you guys the truth

    • Eighteen - 3
      August 22, 2020

      @MAGWA CA, What was the answer you got from the U.S embassy? Was it something like go away silly boy America, has it own problem to look after! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Sekmet Ra
      August 22, 2020

      If you are so called “black,” organic to this planet, just spend time sun-gazing, get vitamin C daily, eat mostly plant based foods, and you won’t have to worry about this scam-demic “virus.” The wearing of the mask is an occult ritual, and weakens the immune system. That’s why our enemy made it mandatory to wear masks, a part of their depopulation agenda. Our enemy will keep this “virus” thing going for as long as they can to usher in their new world order of total enslavement. They know their time is up on this planet. They have stolen everything from our people, even our identity as the “Chosen Ones,” in the Bible. They will stop at nothing including this “virus” to control us. They are our enemies and are more dangerous than any disease or virus they create in labs. We are an extremely powerful people when united together, knowing who we truly are. That’s why they came up with social distancing to separate us, divide us. United we stand, divided we fall.

  15. Simple
    August 21, 2020

    So my brother is coming from the u.k and has to be home quarantined must i stay home from work for 2 wks in case he has the virus after the 2wks instead of being at work mingling with other customers and workers..becuz if at the end he is tested positve then my coworkers and customers will have it too then..let me know

  16. Maybe
    August 21, 2020

    But if you all realize all cases in da come from the Uk why let them come in let me stay where i im torn people from the uk have to over night anyone can pay someone for negative result from this country

  17. Truth Be Told
    August 21, 2020

    Unless it is emergency travel like a death in the family, keep all you backside at home and stay in your home country!

    • Reality hits
      August 21, 2020

      and death not even an emergency cause when them people alive some of them doesn’t check them

      • Dominican Queen
        August 22, 2020

        They have to come an make sure the land, they will NEVER use is theirs. RIDICULOUS! They NEVER come home since dhey dem left. If dhey did come it was 20 / 30 yrs ago.

  18. Nudibranch
    August 21, 2020

    Hopefully they make a full recovery.

    The hyperbaric chamber can be used for Covid cases, no intubation necessary. Ours sits 6, I they have been used elsewhere with very positive results.
    Has the MoH thought about using it.

    • MAGWA CA
      August 21, 2020

      do you even know what a hyperbaric chamber is used for ? :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

  19. August 21, 2020

    Anyone coming from a covid hotspot should not be allowed to self quaranteen. They should be placed in government quaranteen, if they can’t afford stay where they are regardless of the number of negative test they might have. The government must make this abundantly clear to people intending to travel to Dominica.

  20. Cha
    August 21, 2020

    Who is the editor buddy? This article is filled with errors!!

    ADMIN: Thank you for pointing that out.

  21. Sandi
    August 21, 2020

    Why open the borders for then? How are families returning or visiting suppose to come up with this kind of money? Per persons. Especially if their test papers are negative? So Dominica government finding ways to get money from people who may not have been working due to the pandemic.

    • Dominican Queen
      August 22, 2020

      The DA gvt should be making money. Everywhere else is profiting from this pandemic. Here in the US I paid $750 USD for 5 COVID tests. Do you really think it cost $150 USD to run these tests?? NO!!! Because someone MUST profit. Why not the government of Dominica. If you owned the labs you would want to profit, no?? You would be there doing all this work for nothing?? Ridiculous!!!! The government should now be charging a COVID fee on arrival. They are spending extra resources to keep the island safe and should charge to cover that cost. I say $50 USD should be paid when filling out the forms to enter. Yup I would gladly pay it because with EVERY ticket you buy here in the US they charge a September 11 fee. Why you doh complain to US aviation about this fee?? Then they should also make you pay your quarantine up front when registering. I had to pay it up front for SLU last week. I had to pay the hotel to land in SLU.

      Everything must be for free with allu. NONSENSE!!

      • Ddddd
        August 23, 2020

        Where in the US you paid all this money? And again did you have insurance? In NY the test is free all over insurance or not.

        • Dominican Queen
          August 25, 2020

          Yes I am well insured. Had to pay entire bill b/c I had not used any part o my deductible/out of pocket yet this year. I’m in the South, not NY.
          Exactly! Why do they need to charge this much?? Some one must profit.
          Do not think that it is free for you in NY. You will pay for this. Weather with higher taxes or increased bridge toll. Nothing is FREE!

  22. August 21, 2020

    ” This brings the number of cases to 19 ” according to the doctor.
    But last week you had a priest
    ” administering losty ” to dozens of children unprotected, again with his bear hands.
    Are these children immune?

  23. Hope
    August 21, 2020

    why do we see the need to allow people from UK in since they are high risk one and they are responsibly for this dreadful virus reaching our shores how much more are we going to allow to infect our people before we take the hard decision

  24. AA
    August 21, 2020

    Keep them out. Why are they allowed to come…. running away from the epicenteres just to tarnish our soil

  25. Joseph
    August 20, 2020

    Did you not expect this? What was the rush to open our boarders?
    What is the economic benefit to our island opening the boarders as opposed to the economic cost to fight covid19?
    By opening our boarders we wasted our resources and energy pretending that we had the best interest of our people at heart when we first closed our boarders.

    • Dominican Queen
      August 22, 2020

      Keep the boards closed, problem. Open the boarders, problem. Nothing will make you’ll happy.

  26. Hope
    August 20, 2020

    i say it is time to to put in place a total ban on people coming from uk
    they spad that dreaded virus all round the Caribbean and they have returned again i say no to people from uk

    • Cane&Abel
      August 21, 2020

      Hope goes with faith.I cannot say I disagree with you but,the cure is in the hands of UK. The PM is playing soft. If they should trace the file of Magnus Magnusson 35 years ago,they would see it coming. we read about these things and forget it until it come to pass.

    • Just saying
      August 22, 2020

      Not only the UK, but every major continent that is highly infected, also other islands, once you’re a red zone area you can’t come here, but the war they are running these tiny islands, we are just collateral damage. They don’t care about us.

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