Dominicans given until July 2023 to replace current passports with ePassport (with photos)

Dominica’s President, His Excellency Charles Savarin, followed by his wife, Clara Savarin, were the first to receive the new ePassport which was officially launched in Dominica on July 26, 2021.

The new passport which replaces the machine-readable one, contains both overt and covert security features that are woven into the design as well as a microchip that is used to authenticate the passport holder’s identity, adhering to the highest international standard.

According to the Canadian Bank Note Company Limited which designed and created the new passports,  they have incorporated a modern and aesthetic design that reflects the nature of Dominica and displays the country’s landmarks, flora and fauna.

“The introduction of a polycarbonate data page positions Dominica new ePassports among the most secure passports around the world,” the company stated in a message during the official launch at the police headquarters. “Furthermore, Dominica is the first country within the OECS to issue this type of book.”

Minister of National Security and Home Affairs,  Rayburn Blackmoore, who was instrumental in the project, revealed that in 2019, before the last election, government had taken the decision to inject US$6,049,000 to migrate from the machine-readable passport to the new biometric/ePassport as well as an issuing system.

He highlighted one of the benefits of  the new passport – an electronic chip embedded in it which is equipped with biometric capabilities and facial recognition.

“With these advanced security features, it will become more difficult for this passport to be duplicated by criminal elements,” Blackmoore explained.

Other perks, according to the minister, include biodata pages which are resilient to water, the laser engravement as well as 50 pages as opposed to 32 pages which the current machine-readable passport contains.

He said there will be a two year period for the phasing out of the current passport to ensure that every citizen has enough time to apply for the new passport.

“We are perfectly aware that some of us may have just renewed our passport, and it is this consideration as well as ensuring that there is a smooth transition. That is why we’ve given the people a phase-out period within which you can apply for your new passport,” Blackmoore explained. “So, therefore, everyone with a machine-readable passport will have  a period from July 26 to the 30th of July 2023 within which you can apply for a new  ePassport.”

He said for the time being, the cost will remain the same as the previous passport which is EC$150 for citizens above the age of 16 years and $75 for those under.

For diasporans who wish to make the switch to the new passport, arrangements can be made with the various embassies or directly to the immigration department in Dominica, Blackmoore indicated.

For first-time diasporan applicants, the Minister revealed that workstations will be installed within three months at the various embassies and the major population centres namely New York, London and the Dubai catchment area to ensure that persons who wish to apply for this new passport can do so.

Government’s plans, Blackmoore disclosed, also include decentralization of the application process in Dominica for locations such as Portsmouth and Marigot, among others.

He this contract with Canadian Bank Note Company Limited , includes a component to upgrade Dominica’s border security management to the tune of  US $7 million which the government is hoping to complete within the next year.

Minister of Tourism Denis Charles who was representing the Prime Minister, used the occasion to expressed the view that the economy is transforming into a modern one and “the dynamic Dominica which was promised is finally being lifted from the pages of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) manifesto and is being manifested daily by the government’s plans, policies, programs and projects.”

Charles also described the occasion an opportune time for students focusing on tertiary education to select fields that align with the growth sectors of the Dominican economy to position themselves to take advantage of the new jobs which will become available.

Labelling the occasion as a very important step towards the technological advancement of policing and security of our borders, Ag Chief of Police Lincon Corbette stated that “the passport is very secure and will protect the holder from identity fraud. It is a more robust passport when compared to the machine-readable passport. “

He said the application process remains the same as for the machine-readable passport. Applicants are required to download the forms from the government website at or pick up a physical copy at the immigration department. Applicants are also required to submit along with the applications, two passport size photos, original birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of naturalization where applicable and the current or the expired passport.

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  1. Khalil Hinnawi
    January 21, 2022

    How do we apply for the E-passport?
    Is there an application Form?
    What are the required documents for the Reissue?

  2. Concerned Citizen
    July 28, 2021

    Boi all I want to know is what going to become of my visa when I renew my passport. It better be transferred to the new one 🤨

    • If we knew better
      July 28, 2021

      attach the old passport to the new.

  3. Asking for a friend
    July 28, 2021

    why do we have to pay for the new passport when ours are not even expired yet. What nonesene!!

  4. July 28, 2021

    Every project done, every word spoken, every clothing worn, every dollar given, taken or obtained and the list can go on and on. I mean everything, everything that this so called government under the helm of KING LIAR, (Dominica) is composed of some kind of fraudulent conversion. Even if for once any of the aforementioned is authentic there will always be doubt because a notorious and savage liar cannot at anytime be believed. So with the issuance of this new designed passport…we never know what is behind it. And we all know that there is nothing a criminal cannot duplicate. A criminal will always be a criminal. A liar will always be a liar. And King Liar will always be King Liar even in hell.

  5. We need to do like Lucia
    July 27, 2021

    This is outrageous. We should not be paying for any new passport if our old ones have not yet expired. And if all that money went to passport that not important what about jobs for young people. You all played a fast one with minimum wage when is not everyone that getting the benefits. What about persons roofs that are not yet covered properly after h.maria. I think all that money should be spent in some better thìng in the country than forcing me to pay for a passport that not yet expired.

  6. Barbara
    July 27, 2021

    So what becomes of my ten years visa?

    • If we knew better
      July 28, 2021

      would still apply.

    • Tobby
      July 28, 2021

      Just change passport every single minute, it’s a way of making money, some ppl just renew their passports. With all that changes you still need a visa to go in the USA, Canada etc. Come on man.

  7. %
    July 27, 2021

    This government led by the liar in chief Skerrit is so untrustworthy, you cant take anything that they say without questioning their motives…With the Byron report not out yet, but Blackmore who was completely MOO MOO for so long opening his mouth now, one has to wonder if that push is not a scheme targeted towards cheating once more at the next general election.
    NEVER LET A LIAR FOOL YOU MORE THAN ONCE!!! I just dont trust Skerrit!!

  8. %
    July 27, 2021

    You just can’t trust this wicked government, lead by liar Skerrit, so i wait with bated breath to see if there is something sinister coming….
    I know for a fact that the OECS governments, especially Dominica and Antigua consist of MISLEADERS who cannot be trusted, so if anyone tell me to look up, i should look down..

  9. Displeased
    July 27, 2021

    I am displeased with the deadline given. Why not let the “old” passport holders use the passport until its expired and then upon renewal they will be given the new passprt. Things already not getting easier in this damn country. All allu worth is to take money from people’s pocket.

    • July 28, 2021

      @Displeased, until it expires? So does everyone in Dominica holds a passport that is going to expire on the same date? So what is that foolish idea about? You have 2 whole years to hold the passport that you now have, why is that not enough for you?

      And I am sure that it is people like you, who are complaining about Dominica not moving up with the World. Of course, that is a bluff as far as I am concerned, so be displeased as much as you want, that is your own problem to solve.

      • hmm
        July 28, 2021

        You’re not making any sense. Why would letting the current passport run to expiry require that everyone’s current passport expire on the same date? As it is right now not everyone will switch over the to the new passport at the same time anyway so why force some artificial deadline on people. I see no reason for this.

        • July 28, 2021

          @Hmm, of course, I do not expect to make sense to you, because you people have no form of human intelligence.

          The Government wants the new passport feature in full function by July 2023, and onwards, but you people want to make that happen when your present passport expires.

          That is the foolish thing! For as I pointed out above, everyone with a passport today has a different expiry date, so when does the new passport feature go into its full function?

          Once again I am saying that the Government said that the full function must starts after July 2023–not by the expiry date of you all’s present passport–for crying out loud!

    • Garcon
      July 28, 2021

      My sentiments exactly. this would have been a more prudent way to go about it and will show concern for an already struggling people. However, I guess the government needs some quick money so they see this as a good way to come by this.

  10. %
    July 27, 2021

    Liar Skerrit has Anthony Haiden seen it???
    What did he say??
    Does it mean more sale for him or less?

  11. Snail007
    July 27, 2021

    Major population centers London, New York, and Dubai. Are you saying Dubai has more Dominicans than Miami & Toronto? If so, we have sold mucho passports in the area. On another note, I wonder if Montreal Management Company has a stake in this.

  12. Sacha
    July 27, 2021

    Please help meto understand why I should pay
    $150 in 2023 to renew my passport whereas my passport is expiring in 2027.

    • Commonsense
      July 27, 2021

      Old passport = old expiry date

      New passport = new expiry date

      • If we knew better
        July 28, 2021

        well let the old one expire. if the rest of the world will accept the old one i holding it still. And i believe they will.

  13. VereTere
    July 27, 2021

    These was are probably easier to sell and more expensive. Strange that the main sellers wasn’t present at the official launch. Is he gone into hiding again?

    • July 27, 2021

      VereTere, get a life. Nothing the PM does to advance Dominica into the modern world impresses you. You are one disgruntled, haunted, possessed Dominican creature in fairy tale stories. Do you sleep with Skerrit on your mind? Do you wake up every morning with Skerrit on your mind? Are you infatuated with Skerrit?

      • %
        July 27, 2021

        What exactly does liar Skerrit do to advance Dominica? Did he give you a stimulus? But the greedy took $EC 64000.00 a month for himself.. Did he bring back Ross? He told you with his divilish smile on his face, 4 or 5 schools are ready to come…Didn’t you hear the wicked wanted to put a cap on civil servants salary for 12 or 13 years?
        Didnt you hear him on the Anou Parley Sot show asking for more money, because he is stressed?
        Does he eat money?
        You seem to know him well, ANSWER ME!!

        • July 28, 2021

          I wonder whether you and your boys get vicarious pleasure out of watching Skerrit. That is not real love. That is infatuation.

          • %
            July 28, 2021

            It’s only in ones mind lies vicarious pleasure. Don’t hold back just expose yourself for who you are. Remember you brought it up, very likely that you are the guilty party.
            When will you change that mess that you are in???

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0
  14. BEN10
    July 27, 2021

    i just made a new passport and i suppose to renew at my cost?
    why not give me one with the remaining duration for free?

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