Dr Irving McIntyre urges the preservation of cultural heritage

Dr. Irving McIntyre

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Valley Constituency, Dr. Irving McIntyre has urged residents of that community to value their heritage and the ” human treasures” amongst them.

He was delivering remarks at Heritage Day celebrations held in Trafalgar on the weekend.

“As we celebrate our 44 years of Independence under the theme: ‘One Dominica, One People, One Vision’, I urge all residents to value the human treasures among us who possess a high degree of knowledge, skills, and history about our heritage,” Dr. McIntyre said.

According to him, Trafalgar’s diversity is one of its greatest resources. Its human resource, agricultural produce, entrepreneurs, sports, and entertainment are key aspects of the community’s heritage and each plays a vital role in promoting cultural diversity, social cohesion, peace, and economic development.

“I hope that collectively we can restore and preserve our heritage and use these opportunities to address the challenges faced by our community,” he stated.

Furthermore, he stated that the heritage of a people plays a significant role in collective actions which leads to pivotal steps in nation-building.

Dr. McIntyre said as a community, “we can use the cultural heritage that connects our past with future generations, to give us a better sense of our personal identity, to promote cooperation in our communities, and to build a stronger sense of awareness that propels for national reconstruction and the transformation of the Roseau Valley.”

He pointed out that the arts, cuisine, traditions, entertainment, and hospitality sectors should seek to entice visitors and advance the nation’s health and tourism product.

Dr. McIntyre encouraged those visiting from abroad to appreciate Dominica’s stellar contribution towards cultural preservation within the region.

“I urge you to use the opportunity, if you have not already done so, to embrace this community’s natural beauty and extend that visit to our neighbouring community,” he said.

He also urged residents of the Roseau Valley Constituency, especially those from Trafalgar to cherish, protect and preserve their culture.

“Get more involved, be aware, and learn all you can to be able to keep the culture alive.” Dr. McIntyre said.

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  1. Love I
    October 28, 2022

    See about the care at the Hospital…very terrible up there..Dominica use to be top in medicine and care. Cultural Heritage is taking care of the people too.
    Cancer patients needs immediate help and stop dissing our local Doctors.
    God is our judge

  2. Just Saying
    October 27, 2022

    How do you propose this is done, when you overlook our very own local talent. One Dominica, One People, One Vision’, I urge all residents to value the human treasures among us who possess a high degree of knowledge, skills, and history about our heritage,” Dr. McIntyre said. Stop talking out both sides of your mouth! Case in point – Nasio Fontaine, one of Dominica’s few, true internationally recognized talents, not invited to perform at Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival. Yes, Invite artist from all over the globe, but not at the peril of your local talent. The festival should be used to Showcase our talent which could lead to possible collaborations with the international artists brought to perform, which could lead to Dominica’s artist development. I can name so many great Dominican talents, but I believe you catch my drift. N.B. traveling to perform for Dominicans, and regional audiences does not make one an international star.

  3. One Love
    October 26, 2022

    Dr McIntyre had a golden opportunity to fight for and to preserve our cultural heritage. Unfortunately he chose to join Greedy Skerrit to help destroy the strong cultural heritage we once enjoyed and chose the culture of greed and corruption that can now be seen all over Dominica today. You see that culture of greed and corruption in every town or village and even in every town and village council. So Dr McIntyre is just spewing empty wind because he knows we have lost our cultural heritage in every aspect. Dr McIntyre could choose to contest the 2019 election with the view of protesting our cultural heritage. But instead he chose to accept the bribe to help destroy the cultural heritage. Right now one has to be very blind to not see that we have lost the cultural heritage we inherited. The present culture of Dominica is Greed and division as described in James 3:16
    For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.” No wonder so much blood shed James 4:1-2

  4. Dominican Bwoi
    October 26, 2022

    Make learning Creole & French in schools compulsory. Make music classes compulsory (instruments, singing etc in general) & teach Creole music (from all the islands). Embrace Creole food & clothes 24/7 365 instead of just October/November

    Also Kalinago food, language, history etc.

    Slightly off topic but I’ve always thought Dominica & New Orleans have a very similar history & culture. Even the architecture is similar. Roseau should be the Caribbean equivalent of New Orleans’ French Quarter but unfortunately Dominica doesn’t look after its buildings the same so it doesn’t look as nice & doesn’t attract as many tourists.

    What happened to the honorable doctor doctor Ayatollah Skerrit making Roseau the best city in the Caribbean? Or whatever his exact words were. And since when was Roseau even city & when did people start calling it that? It’s the capital but it’s still a town & that’s what I’ve always known it as. When did this “city” thing start?

  5. Labor voice
    October 26, 2022

    Dr DuckIntyre is nothing more than a big chicken. He knows very well that under his administration not just his constituency but Dominica on a whole has lost the wonderful culture we once had and instead adopted the new culture of bribery, theft, laziness, poverty and drunkeness put on us on Skerrit, Dr DucKIntyre and the corrupt DLP administration. If that’s the culture Dr DuckIntyre wants us to preserve then ok but if he referring to the rich culture we once had tell him he knows he and his corrupt gang daykalay that

  6. Ibo France
    October 26, 2022

    This minister advocating for the preservation of our heritage? This is just lip service. Convince me with your deeds not with flowery talk.

    By the time this DLP party is ejected from government there would be nothing left of our heritage.
    *river customs – no more
    *Creole language and local dialect – change to Mandarin
    *our traditional dishes – to Chinese fried rice and greasy, oily chicken
    * Calypso, Cadence, Bouyon – to Chinese music

    Our culture (heritage) is in a parlour state under the guardianship of this regime like every other tradition and all other things uniquely Dominican.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0
    • Bla Bla Bla
      October 29, 2022

      We the spineless people who are continuing to allow our heritage to disappear in smoke. Why don’t WTP stand up in ways never seen before and demand change??? No. We are simply satisfied with pointing out the ills of our country. If after you leave visited the dentist and all the service rendered to you was a prescription detailing the amount of bad teeth in your bucal cavity but does nothing more to your teeth; what good is this information to you? We already know what our country problems are, why keep repeating them instead of doing something about it. We will post comments on DNO until the oceans dry up; our country problems will remain the same for the next century in RED.

      • Tina
        November 2, 2022

        I have to agree with you!

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