Dr. Sanford presents development plan for Salybia constituency

Dr. Sanford (r) with Joshua Francis. Hector John is to the left

“A warrior sent by God to defend his people.”

That’s how Deputy Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Joshua Francis, himself of Kalinago heritage, has described Dermatologist, Dr. Worrel Sanford, the UWP’s candidate for the Salybia constituency in the next general election.

The UWP presented Dr. Sanford to residents of that constituency at a town hall meeting at the St. Cyr Resource Centre on Friday, 12th April 2019.

Francis told the gathering that Sanford was “a warrior for the people sent by God with the spirit of courage, strength, kindness, selflessness, a super power house, a Kalinago leader.”

He congratulated the Kalinago People in making what he described as the wise and right choice.

“Dr. Worrel Sanford vows leadership when elected,” Francis declared.

Dr. Sanford in his presentation to the gathering, told his audience that he was cognizant of the huge challenge that lies ahead and the high expectation placed on him and the United Workers Party.

“It’s for this reason ladies and gentlemen, of the Salybia constituency that I unreservedly declare my full intent not
to come on the political scene for party nor government favor, but to play a pivotal role in establishing this foundation which we need to serve as a catalyst for our sustained economic development and people empowerment.

He then outlined an eight point development plan for the Kalinago people.

The plan includes the establishment of the Kalinago Development Corporation (KDC) to serve as the catalyst
for micro-enterprise development and self-empowerment for the residents of the Kalinago Territory which according to Sanford will “effectively address many of the problems caused by the dependency syndrome introduced by Labour.”

He said the KDC will be structured so as to attract donor funding and not be entirely dependent on Central Government and could inevitably lead to the establishment of an indigenous financial facility in the Territory.

Other aspects of Sanford’s plan include development of the Kalinago Territory as a model for successful community tourism to include a review of existing sites and facilities all the way to Antrizzle and the development/enhancement of others with potential for success. Dr. Sanford also promised to change what he believes is the exploitation by the Government of the image of the Kalinago People for marketing purposes while “they get nothing from it.” He vowed to revolutionize “the visitor’s Kalinago Experience” to ensure that the people benefit.

“I’m pleased to say that an exciting concept for this undertaking already exists. This will inevitably bring hope to our many craft and souvenir vendors who depend on this trade to feed their families. No more will visitors only drive through and leave nothing in the form of visitor spend in the community,” Dr. Sanford noted.

He said the establishment of micro enterprises such as cocoa and coffee processing, exotic drink production and improving the quality of our unique craft products will be vigorously pursued as well.

Recognizing the importance of the agricultural sector to economic success, food security and good nutrition, Sanford promised to lead an aggressive approach aimed at stimulating investments in this sector with a view to ramp up food production. A chicken farm is one of the specific projects which will be considered to meet some of the food needs of the people and “at the same time, provide much-needed decent jobs for our many unemployed youths in the constituency.” Attention will also be given to the redevelopment of the coconut subsector and other tree crops and the facilitation of a huckster trade involving at least five people in the constituency so as to enhance sales of  agricultural produce.

Other proposed initiatives include the establishment of a technical institute in the constituency to provide skills for  people empowerment, renaming Kalinago Week to Kalinago Cultural Festival, changing the date of the event with a view to having it included on the national calendar in order to increase its revenue-earning potential. The Atkinson Sewinal Festival will also be upgraded to national festival status with the aim of generating revenue for the community of Atkinson. The UWP candidate’s  plans also include the introduction of a canoe regatta where traditional canoe racing will be held, and the revival of Kalinago culture with exchange programs locally, regionally and internationally.

“Currently, we have five medical doctors from the constituency on island which includes Dr. Dwayne Laville of Atkinson. Every effort will be made to ensure that one of our medical doctors is stationed at the Salybia Health Centre to provide you with greater access to health care,” Dr. Sanford stated in presenting his plan to bring “the best medical services to the Kalinago Territory.”

The parliamentary contender for Salybia is also planning to create a centre for learning where Kalinago women will be trained in areas of interest to them such as arts and craft, leadership skills, public speaking, among others and to develop Jolly John Park, to enable the facilitation of other community and national events.

“Strengthening the bond between the office of the MP and that of the Kalinago and Atkinson village Councils with a view to get maximum output on allocated resources and planning better will be high on my agenda. Increasing the subvention currently received by the Kalinago Council will also be pursued.

Dr. Sanford expressed gratitude and humility to the Kalinago people for granting him the opportunity to serve them pointing out that his decision to become a candidate was not an easy one but the persistence of Joshua Francis and a nod from his wife when she said, “Well, if we can get a babysitter….” , helped.

He said his personal reason for answering the call was the opportunity to represent, fight and champion the Kalinago causes.

“To give dignity to a people whose population was once 100 million  strong when the evil invaders came, to a mere 3000 inhabitants today,” Sanford stated. He said Dominica have not treated the Kalinago people, Dr. Sanford said. “I would not run if UWP – Team Dominica would not take interest of the Kalinago People”. He admitted that he was approached  by the Dominica Labour Party, years ago but refused their offer. There are too many issues affecting the Kalinago People.

Dr. Sanford with Chief Charles Williams

Kalinago Chief, Charles Williams, an enthusiastic supporter of Dr. Sanford’s candidacy, described it as “the biggest thing to happen for the Kalinago people.”

The Chief believes that with Dr. Sanford’s representation in the next Government, issues and matters concerning the Kalinago People will finally be addressed. Such issues, according to the Chief, include the ILO Declaration #169 which deals with matters pertaining to Indigenous People – still to be ratified by Dominica, the US$10 million (EC$27 million) gift from the  Venezuelan which he said was received by the Government of Dominica but was never handed over to the Kalinago People.

Chief Williams maintains that the Kalinago people have always had representatives in government but not representation.

“Dr.Sanford will give proper representation to the Kalinago people,” Williams declared. “The time is right!”

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  1. Karl Orndem
    April 17, 2019

    Ive always said that the Kalinago Chief should be the Highest and in some cases only representative of his people and regardless of which party is in power, he should be sitting front and center with them representing the interests of his people and his country. This thing about the chief having less power or influence then the parl rep is nonsense. While i support Dr. Sanford and his rise to the call, i believe these arrangements may cause much segregation and discernment in the territory.

  2. It's My Damn Business
    April 16, 2019

    MA MOO

    April 15, 2019

    @ MA MOO posted this:
    Poor pity % look recycled goods. A man that called a press conference because his wife is divorcing him. Another one who aiding and abetting the young people of the Salisbury constituency! Another One, who has lost how many times? Wee papa look damaged and recycled merchandise. Well my boy, % I cannot wait to vote for DFP, they are the better ones out there.

    I am really happy DNO posted this crap you because the blogger is talking about a man that called a press conference because his wife divorcing him but does he know that a key female has been announced as a candidate for the next election and that woman is the wife of a key local politician and She was married and divorced in NY? Don’t you think both she and her husband should call a presser to tell us about her first marriage, how much she paid for the divorce and who paid for it? All you opening old cans of worms but because all you know DNO will block some of us all you…

    • Karl Orndem
      April 18, 2019

      Joseph Isaac is the most recycled, he and the president of the country.

  3. One man DLP
    April 16, 2019

    Look carefully at the pictures above and tell me if you see Mr. Lennox Linton, the UWP leader anywhere in photo. If I am not mistaken Mr. Linton was all the way in Canada while this so very important event was taking place. Can you ever see such event in camp DLP if Mr. Skerrit is not the focus? In fact without Skerrit nothing would take place! In fact let’s go back a week ago when Mr. Skerrit was at UN and as soon as he came back he cancelled the launching of his candidate for the Grand Fond constituency. But what baffled me was when he said that a high profile religious leader told him about the launching would clash with Easter Sunday nonsense. Though I don’t believe any religious leader spoke to him because NO one, not even the constitution can stop him from doing what he wants to do. But my point is, even in his lie he confirmed once again that none of his candidates can take decisions when he is out and No one can talk to anyone, not even his ecclesiastic minister

    • Karl Orndem
      April 18, 2019

      But yet you think that is the best practice. you yourself said “In fact, without Skerrit nothing would take place”. and that is truth. However this is a sign of authoritarian rule, where if one man isnt present, NOTHING can take place. I am happy that the UWP is able to function and make important decisions and have important events even if their leader is not present. It shows that each man is very capable of running their affairs without the leader being present. Imagine you have a business, and your employees cannot do anything unless the boss says to do it. What happens if the boss dies or falls sick? As opposed to a business where every worker is empowered to do his task without the boss even being present, business operates smoothly because everyone knows what they have to do and they get it done. That is what sounds like happened here. they didnt need lennox to be there because lennox already knew and was dealing with other matters and left that up to them to solidify.

  4. My little take
    April 16, 2019

    When one looks at team UWP and team Skerrit, one doesn’t even have to look deep to realize that UWP put a bunch of professionals together, that are really able to turn things around for us while Skerrit single handedly hand picked people to cover him up, led by his wife Melissa Skerrit. What I see in team Skerrit is very alarming and one would either have to be blind to not see Skerrit’s plan. Does he feel he is in deep legal trouble and as therefore just needs to stay in office so to cover his evil work? He definitely didn’t sorrounded himself with candidates that are independent thinkers. I mean why would Skerrit bring his beautiful young wife into our dirty politics? In fact Melissa does not have a good track record of doing any in Da. In fact she had already done something very unpleasant just to stay out of Da. So he can’t say is because of her track record he brought her in. She is ONLY in to help cover her husband as most wives do. We should reject DLp in every constituency!

  5. Lin clown
    April 15, 2019

    The DLP has made Doctors teachers police lawyers nurses pilots and more of the Kalinago people.There are university ,college and high school graduates from the Kalinago territory thanks to the Labour Party The NEP puts $ 1 800 000 in circulation in Dominica every two weeks Lazy Blue Bugs the Kalinago are more independent now.I am looking at williams looks like he has a …. problem

    • Looking
      April 16, 2019

      NEP was meant to be a temporary measure, which came just before the last elections. This is not independence, this is a vote buying scheme especially when the state is the largest employer. There are people who do not support the government who have been removed or will never get an NEP job. With respect to education, its all well and good. But even during the tenure of the UWP many Dominicans got the opportunity to study abroad. This is nothing to boast of, this is a given. What we have now is a very selfish and greedy society. A society that follows the leader in taking the pleasure of selfies showing they are helping society and such good Samaritans. Nobody should know when someone is helped, this is between you and your creator. Many will be called, few will be chosen.

    • RandyX
      April 16, 2019

      How dare you? The DLP did nothing for the Kalinago people the same way they did nothing for the average Dominican. The only people the DLP did something for is Skerrit and his cabal. And they did plenty for them at the expense of Ma Dominique

  6. DLP Not Serious
    April 15, 2019

    In the 2014 Elections UWP had a much better team of candidates the DLP. Yet I voted the DLP although I knew he didn’t have a team of talented candidates. So when PM fired 13 candidates, including 7 ministers all he did was to confirm what most of us already knew. This new election in 2019 /2020, UWP got even much stronger with the caliber of candidates like Dr. Sandford, Dr. Cuffy, the young man from Penville, whom I believe is definitely a future PM and the others, whereas the DLP downgraded and got much weaker except for Grandbay where anyone would be better than Justina Charles. I mean its clear that the DLP did not select a team but rather, selected 13 defenders, all to defend Skerrit and no one to defend Dominica. Roselyn, Austrie, Ian, Daniel, Blackmore were all very poor and week candidates that should be fired already. All they did the last 5 years was defend Skerrit in all of his EVILS. 13 more defenders, including his Wife Melissa, that had already ran out of DA? Stupesssss

    April 15, 2019

    Gason I am so damn RED that even my eyes red too. But honestly speaking what I like about the UWP is, not only do they have a good team but each of them is able to articulate their vision for their constituency. I don’t see or hear anyone promoting Linton and no one asking their constituents to vote for Linton. They asking people to vote for them based on their vision for their constituency and you can’t ask for more. Another thing about the UWP I like is, the constituents are selecting known leaders in the constituency that will not kiss anybody’s donkey and as such, anyone could be party leader. In our DLP camp, everyone is a donkey kisser and they all scared of PM. But what’s even more frightening and will cause me to vote UWP next election is, the 13 new candidates were carefully selected by PM and they are even more donkey kissers than those he fired. Will Melissa ever stand up to PM? NO! Not even if she finds PM and a female resting on her bed after a long day at work, So…

  8. Neville
    April 15, 2019

    Doc, you together with your UWP colleagues are going to achieve great things for Dominica. I’m certain of that.

    April 15, 2019

    Joshua and Worrel are two of a kind. Birds of a feather, flock together.
    Meditate on that.

    • Greig
      April 15, 2019

      Say what u want skerite your master is done.. he finish… I have no doubt that when uwp comes in office they goin to arrest that man.. Charles saverin and the rest stooges wil face the upcoming wrath of Lennox linton.. I sorry for all you..

    • viewsexpressed
      April 15, 2019

      Much better than “Crooks of a feathered corrupt Behaviour all Flock and thief together”. Kid on the Block, put that in your dirty pipe and smoke it. You are very ridiculous, clueless, pointless, careless and far less to tell you more.
      So the meditation has taken place, now go take your Red Corrupt medicine and go get some sleep. You are a failure, because you have followed a failure like Skerrit and all of these failed words of a feature practice corruption together.

    • Ibo France
      April 15, 2019

      KID, as you are a man of influence with the present regime, can you get an answer from your deity for Chief Williams concerning the US $10 000 000 given to the Venezuelan government for the Kalinago people? When you do that reminding also of the missing $100 000 000 from PetroCaribe. The people’s money has disappeared in thin air. The current regime is one of the most corrupt and corruptible governments on the face if the earth.

    • Hard working man
      April 16, 2019

      Yah little kid on the block, they are indeed the same because they both have kalinago blood in them. Do you have a problem with that you lazy little kid on the block?

  10. Looking
    April 15, 2019

    All the DLP has done for the Kalinago territory is a legacy of bribery. They have been bribed with NEP, bribed with a few jobs to keep their mouths shut (on the Venezuela Fund issue), bribed with houses, bribed with paying of tuition fees, bribed with paying health bills, bribed with paying funeral expenses, bribed with paying bills (utilities), bribed with rations, bribed with other personal assistance, bribed in supporting of sports and the list goes on and on. Treat the people with dignity and respect; they are not prostitutes.

    • Karl Orndem
      April 16, 2019

      Kalinago should be treated like first class citizens. not 3rd class or second rate. This is their land that we occupy. We met them here.

  11. Shaka Zulu
    April 15, 2019

    I think i micro brewery making a kalinago developed and branded beer would also be perfect. Tourist loves beer so do locals. You cannot go wrong. Additionally you never know who on cruise might be visiting and would like to import.

    • Karl Orndem
      April 16, 2019

      They need to develop the cassava production and begin to properly brand their art craft as well. their cuisine is exemplary and top notch restaurants can be featured.

      • Shaka Zulu
        April 16, 2019

        How about experiment with a cassava flavoured or concepted beer. There was already a drink the Amerindians made with cassava. Development of a byproduct will lead to demand for raw material. They can slap an indeginous people label on there and reach markets afar. We in 2019 we need new mindset and ideas mobe forward. I am tired of DLP rum shop arguments and same ole thinking.

  12. %
    April 15, 2019

    Well this will DLP has ignored and marginalised the Kalinagos for too long, I think the Kalinagos are now prepared to dump them!!!
    Is there anything of significance that DLP has done for these indigenous people other than bribing them during the election season?
    What can Skerrit tell the Kalinagos about agriculture, processing, empowerment,etc..Skerrit is just a waste of time,an embarrassment who needs to be kicked out!!!
    Welcome Dr Sanford.
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    Lazy Skerrit Must Go Now

    • Me
      April 15, 2019

      Gasso% , be quiet. That’s a poor reflection on your leadership! How many times has the gentleman ran for this constituency? How do you expect to have the same person with a different outcome. After approaching a taxi driver from the Scotts Head district to run for UWP, which he refused, you choose a horse 🐎 that’s DOA, dead on arrival. Look at the people who you think are electable. You Ms. St. Joe is a Mother Hen doesn’t have a job, the Roseau PR,? ………………………………………………………………………… Mr Marigot gave the scholarship to his children. Too numerous to mention.

      • Lin clown
        April 16, 2019

        Viewsexpress,you say UWP will win the next election yet you cannot name 11 winners.When UWP was in power the first thing they did.Sold Domlec,then they borrowed money from Social Security and could not pay back.They paid a Trinidad company to build the valley road($ 6 000 000) $ 4 000 000 They took a loan of $ 140 000 000 from Trinidad for Airport they paid Laville $ 16 000 000 $ 124 000 000 disappeared The gave Grace Tung $ 21 000 000 from an escrow account of $ 53 000 000 for the Layou hotel $ 32 000 000 disappeared.The made over $ 100 000 000 in the Reengineered Citizenship Programme which cannot be accounted for.The received $ 6 000 000 from Switzerland for Diplomatic Passport where is that money.And many more acts of corruption.Like bobol on the Warner Road and North East Quarries,bobol on the Kalinago water supply.Bobol every where at Public Works,Remember the sun rise.Ask Earl Williams Bobol,Bobol Bobol .During the reign of the UWP .Lennox Linton said he has been a member since

    • MA MOO
      April 15, 2019

      Poor pity % look recycled goods. A man that called a press conference because his wife is divorcing him. Another one who aiding and abetting the young people of the Salisbury constituency! Another One, who has lost how many times? Wee papa look damaged and recycled merchandise. Well my boy, % I cannot wait to vote for DFP, they are the better ones out there.

      • Karl Orndem
        April 16, 2019

        nothing more recycled that Joseph Isaac or Charles Savarin.

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