Dr. Sanford’s re-entry into politics not without challenges – Salybia Constituency Association

Dr. Sanford

Although Dr. Worrel Sanford’s decision to contest the next general is now public knowledge, his constituents will be officially informed at a town hall meeting scheduled for Friday April 12th, at the St. Cyr Resource Centre.

Dr. Sanford announced to the media on Monday that he will contest the Salybia seat on a United Workers Party (UWP) ticket at the next general election.

A release issued on Tuesday by the UWP Salybia Constituency Association states, “The people of the Kalinago Territory, Atkinson, Antrizzle and Touna, (which make up the Salybia Constituency) will be told at a town hall meeting scheduled for the St. Cyr Resource Centre at 7 p.m that son of the soil and proud Kalinago Medical Doctor Worrel Sanford will be their candidate for the United Workers Party in the upcoming general elections allaying speculations and rumors that the United Workers Party had difficulties in finding a candidate for the Salybia constituency.”

The Association explains that the “apparent” delay in announcing Dr. Sanford’s candidacy “which seemed to have generated much tension among the residents was primarily due to the democratic process which the constituency association was undertaking to ensure that the communities would be well represented at the central government level and beyond for the next five years.”

The release describes Dr. Sanford who represented the Salybia constituency as their Labour Party parliamentary representative after winning the 1990 general election, as being “passionate about people empowerment and the preservation of the unique cultural patrimony of the Kalinago people.”

In listing the Cuban-trained doctor’s contributions to “the further advancement of his birthplace,” the Salybia constituency Association says, Dr. Sanford was instrumental in the formation of the Karifuna Cultural Group, the Carib Liberation Movement and Carib Day which has since grown to Kalinago Week.

“Dr. Sanford was also instrumental in the establishment of the Salybia Health Centre which is today one of the best primary health care facilities in the country. He is also the owner of Sanford’s Minimart which has sought to address some of the plight of residents in finding basic household needs in the community,” the release states.

The Association promotes Dr. Sanford’s “experience, professionalism and calm demeanor” as qualities that make him the ideal candidate to tackle “the myriad of socioeconomic challenges which continue to wreck the advancement of the people of these communities.”

The Salybia Constituency Association recognizes that Dr. Sanford’s re-entry into the political arena is not without its challenges and identifies what it describes as the dependence syndrome which the ruling Labour Party administration has been carefully nurturing during the past nineteen years, as “an irking issue for the MP in waiting.”

The release goes on to state that the Kalinago Territory is plagued with a plethora of socio-economic challenges which previous administrations have only tried to address cosmetically while the real wounds continue to fester below the surface.

“Unemployment, poverty, drug use and abuse and housing are just some of the issues which Dr. Sanford knows will necessitate his immediate attention in other to instill hope among his fellow indigenous people and the communities of Atkinson and Antrizzle,” the release concludes.

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  1. Mouche miel.
    April 10, 2019

    Reading all the pros and the cons above for electing either side, fortifies my belief that we are doomed either way. Anyone supporting the Freedom DLP alias Neo-DLP have to be off their rockers. Look at the crap JI and Hunter doing their Majee she Dublin (dentist) and some strange faces dancing and singing dont forget drinking in the welcome party4 Karessa a new Jude/as.es per the patriots (who think they are on fire).
    DA is done as we knew it. Soon all our lands will be occupied by Slants, Haitians and other OACS hunters. Just think of the Lucian who received a down payment from a home owner and skipped town back to St.Lucia with $20K a D/can worked had for or did he/she take a loan? Think of all tose who are too ashame to come fwd. I guess the Lucian must be saying DA has lots of free money PM ,Ministers,Ceepums, ,Priest ,Pastors add urs reader,toutes Mondes taking/getting let me get some too. WE ARE SCREWED-all together we are……………

  2. Ibo France
    April 10, 2019

    People should enter politics with the sole purpose of serving the people and not to accumulate quick riches for themselves. Dr. Sanford, from his track record, is a man of integrity, modesty and good political acumen. Let’s hope that Dominica will see the dawn of a new day with the election of Dr. Sanford and his other colleagues to form a people oriented government. Change is inevitable at the next general elections. The poor just can take no more. Enough is Enough.

  3. Bravo
    April 10, 2019

    Remember the ungrateful Baron got his tail licked for his betrayal!!

  4. viewsexpressed
    April 10, 2019

    “Dr. Sanford’s re-entry into politics not without challenges – Salybia Constituency Association…” Doctor Sanford, we are very proud of you and welcome you on board the safe UWP Train on a journey of rebuilding the Kalinago (Carib Territory). I urge everyone in that constituency to support, promote and vote for this patriotic Honourable son of th soil, Kalinago, specifically and our nature Isle wholesomely. God Luck Dr. Sanford, Good Luck the Kalinago People.
    God`s Blessings and Guidance. You are now in company of an exceptionally professional, dedicated, honest politician and UWP Leader, Hon Lennox Linton. Your presence will strengthen that Team and rebuild our Kalinago Territory and our nature Dominica. Good Luck, Gods Guidance.

  5. Tj
    April 9, 2019

    Good luck Dr. Sanford!

    • April 11, 2019

      Good luck to Sir we need people like you to get that well needed change

  6. Massacre
    April 9, 2019

    Welcome to Team Dominica Dr. Sanford. More and more quality people are becoming part of the national wave to create change in Dominica.

  7. Man bites dogs
    April 9, 2019

    Who else they are all lining up to take a share of Dominica money, Linton So-called party is under pressure to pay back the Europeans for millions of dollars that was promised to them if they win the election each man /women would of get Dominican deplomatic passport ha ha ha clowns they were coned well and proper because we will be giving Mr Skerrit and his government another 5 more years and if possible maybe 10 to 15 years.

    • Looking
      April 10, 2019

      Are you implying that those presently there are taking their share too? Silly excuses for keeping a party that has failed hopelessly in every aspect of the development of the nature isle.

      • viewsexpressed
        April 13, 2019

        That is the nonsensical reading and thoughts of a bind loyalist. He has nothing new to write but to regutetate his ridiculous political filth upon our people. This man who bites dogs, keep woof woofing and barking the same old \doggie \doggie dog bark from his backyard and Everytime he barked we know where he omes from.. he must get away from the leach that he has tight around his neck as his failed wicked masters through political dirty bones at him and he ends barking up loud woof all day long. This dog is engrossed in political fleas that he bites all over. His master and corrupt leader puts him on his back, he waves his political tail and again barks at every who dismisses hm. Woof woof man you are a failure and you do not hurt us, we are too way above your character and your failed Labour corrupt company. Woof woof Goodbye, your food is ready.

    • RandyX
      April 10, 2019

      …… wow wow, there is no more money left to be shared when Skerrit is gone. Most of it went in Skerrits pocket, the cabal and ministers got quite a bite, a little went on building some houses to give away as election bribes and a little went to the red clinic to buy more votes. So, no more money left, a few very rich people in DA and 50,000 poorer than ever. By the way what Europeans are you on about??? Go away man, you contracted rabies already. You are hallucinating big time!

    • viewsexpressed
      April 12, 2019

      Man go Bite your roaring Dogs and go take a rest. When you wake up make sure you are fresh, had a good shower and stop getting personal on honourable people whom you despise, because in your circle that corrupt click has not hatred you well, because the leader of this dammed failed Labour party is not mature enough to discipline himself and you, let alone to lead t this Domininca of yours. Skerrit has been this failure ad he must go. He has run out of un-Protocal behaviour and there is not one about to offer him that decent support he badly is in need of. And You will be giving your failed Skerrit that failed certificate of th past 18 years of his corrupt government. You are scared of Hon Linton and his decent UWP Team that Skerrit is unable to match Linton. You just cannot, will not compare Professional Hon Linton to that of your failed Dishonourable Skerrit. The exposure and intellectual of Hon Linton has been rewarding both in Dominica and the Caribbean island where he work.

  8. Lin clown
    April 9, 2019

    The PRODIGAL SON has returned to live off the fat of the Kalinago people after 30yrs.TRAITOR.

    • April 10, 2019

      This must be someone really disgruntled and sad at the direction of their own life. Go Dr Go. :-P :lol:

    • Honorable Man
      April 10, 2019

      So Lin down, when you use the word “TRATOR” are you calling out Joseph Isaac, who went with the people’s votes? I sure don’t think you are letting stones former candidates like Loreen Bannis Robert and Julius Timothy. Dr Sandford left the DLP in an honorable way which is very similar with the vision of UWP. Yes Dr. Sandford contested on a DLP ticket in 1990 but he never crossed the floor. He set the example of true respect by resigning so that there could be a by-election and the people could choose their leader. That’s the kind of thing I would like to see from politicians. Taking the votes of the people and go and seat with their enemy is really what traitors do and such people should be made to pay in one way or another.

    • viewsexpressed
      April 13, 2019

      People, please ignore this clown. Have a good laugh (lol..lol) as he is in weird company and unable to elevate himself, let alone his failed incompetent PM Skerrit to that higher level of Political decency and accounatabity. Too many outstanding questionable deeds are not yet accounted for. The thing is these blind loyalists of Skerrit are scared and worry that the corrupt party is over soon so they are in a panic and scared of Hon Lennox Linton d his ably professional decent UWP Team.
      Domininca needs change now after 19 long wasted failed years of this corrupt, failed Labour Government. They are a big disappointment., and they must Go. Skerrit must lead that departure. We have enough, your stay is overdue and no longer welcomed at this level of government. This failed Pm and this corrupt DLP has ruined and corrupted our nature island. They must go so tat we will clean up our nature island and return to this Isle of Beauty and decency in government.

  9. Jack Sparrow
    April 9, 2019

    Reading this piece and seeing the process that was followed by the UWP Salybia Constituency Association , I see Organization, Procedure and Protocol. This is a stark difference from the Dominica Labor Party where I see anarchy, dictatorship and disregard for “rule of law”.

  10. April 9, 2019

    Dr Sanford was the brainchild of the Salybia Mission Project where he brought his Students from the Ross University together with other medical staff to provide free health care to residence once a month for over 10 years. Skerrit’s handouts cannot work this time around.

  11. LaPlaine Observer
    April 9, 2019

    Very impressive track record. You have addressed the seriousness of the problems affecting the territory and I believe your people have responded and look to you for deliverance from these issues. By removing yourself from this corrupt DLP cabal, you demonstrated that you are a man of character and good moral virtues.

  12. My EYES RED
    April 9, 2019

    As I read this article I must say that I am very impressed not only with the candidate but the team work I see in UWP that honestly does not exist in my party, the DLP. here is a small example of what I am referring to:

    “A release issued on Tuesday by the UWP Salybia Constituency Association states….“I even want to go back to a week ago when Claudius Sandford, the out going candidate of the UWP, graciously informed the media that he would not be the UWP candidate for next election and kind of prepared the way for the next candidate.
    Let’s compare that to my party, the DLP. On Sunday, February 17th, 2019 at Londondery, It was PM Roosevelt Skerrit, that told us that he had Fired 13 candidates, including 7 ministers and he named 13 new ones. Our fired candidates were shocked, upset and embarrassed in public by PM.
    I am so RED that even my eyes are red but honestly speaking there is a big difference between a well organized team UWP and our one man DLP

    • April 10, 2019

      The Country needs Change.

  13. %
    April 9, 2019

    It’s really shameful that after 20years in office DLP has failed the Kalinagos in this manner !
    I have always stated that Skerrit only loves Skerrit, noone else!!!..He makes you poor then comes to you with handouts in the name of love..
    What a wicked man!!!
    Vote them out, my Kalinago people!!!
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    LAZY Skerrit Must Go Now

    • April 9, 2019

      Well, there is another guy in a country to the North who is also on a firing rampage. I guess the Dictatorial syndrome is filtering down to the Caribbean. One former PM who lead a Labor Government for 20 years in one of the Caribbean Islands said that he is 10 Man in 1.

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