DSC 2019 graduates given solid advice for next stage of their life’s journey

More than 300 students graduated from the DSC on July 9, 2019

On July 9th 2019, the Dominica State College (DSC)  held its 17th annual graduation ceremony at Windsor Park Sports Stadium in Roseau. The Board of Governors, President, Members of Cabinet and Staff and Management of DSC joined over 300 students in celebration as they received their degrees in Education, Social Studies, Arts and Technology, Environmental Studies.

For the first time in DSC history, there were graduates in General Studies and two students graduated with Bachelors degrees in Nursing. 

Lecturer at the College, Frederica James, presided over the ceremony. The welcome address was given by Chairman of the DSC Board of Governors. Dr.Ian Lambert who not only recognized the hard work and effort of the graduates, but also that of the families who made it possible, evoking a more than positive response from the audience. 

Although there was no official theme to the ceremony, both Dr. Lambert and Minister for Education Petter St.Jean  assured the graduates that there is no better investment than an investment in their future.

“There is no better investment in your wellness and future than your college education,” Lambert expressed.

St.Jean encouraged the graduates to continue on their paths of career pursuits as business opportunities are forever changing and developing. He reassured them by reminding them that education is the greatest investment a country can make.

President of the DSC, Dr. Donald Peters, delivered the charge to the graduates. He urged them to remember that this is not the end, nor is it goodbye. He equipped them with helpful ‘tidbits’ to take with them through life and commended them on their hard work and perseverance throughout the year despite the challenges faced. 

Keynote speaker Father Herman Sharplis, reminded the graduates about exercising tolerance and embracing the differences that they will encounter as they go into the diversity that is the outside world. He told them that they should always try to work toward the common good.

Jair Pendengue, Class Valedictorian told the audience that she was here to give a real speech, not a good one. She said that while at first, getting the honor of being valedictorian was a shock to her, she thought of all the hardships she faced and obstacles she overcame and realized that those are exactly what made her who she is and why she was able to get where she is today. She reminded her fellow graduates that their hard work is what got them where they are and urged them to keep standing and persevering. 

Over 50 students were a part of the honors program for receiving the highest honors in their respective area of study. This was based on their GPA and specific program requirements.

Three DSC graduates who made the honors list

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  1. July 13, 2019

    Hello and good afternoon my people. First I want to congratulate all the students who graduated and received their degrees. Many of us know that we produce many highly educated people who have to go abroad to find meaningful employment because Dominica don’t have the economic base to employ all the graduates. In this class of three hundred graduates I have three family members and even before graduation two inquired about seeking employment elsewhere. I told them we will have to find them a mate who could get them out of Dominica otherwise even with their degree they don’t have a bright future in Dominica.

  2. Dr. ?
    July 11, 2019

    This Dr. Donald is a disgrace. The most disgusting parts of his speech were not highlighted in this article, but I’m sure many have heard a recorded version by now. College graduation cermonies are where you get encouraged to ‘reach for the stars’ and ‘don’t let anything stand in your way’, etc. This Dr. Peters was telling the graduates they must stop asking and stop others from questioning their government’s commitment to new business opportunities, upgrading agriculture, an international airport, voter ID cards? All of the things which will only serve to benefit them. How dare this man attempt to muffle the questions from our young people and dismiss their desire for economic advancement?! What is his agenda here? Does silencing the graduates benefit him somehow? Dr. Donald Peters shame on you. You owe those graduates and their parents apology.

    • Casio
      July 12, 2019

      He is one of those people in the DLP pocket. Yes he does owe them an apology. In his youth, he was involved in the black power movement, and he did exactly what he is telling the youth what not to do today. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The youth are our future, if we silence them and prevent them from knowing, where will we be tomorrow? in ignorance.

  3. Iamanidiot
    July 11, 2019

    Alot of you are above 18 so i’ll counter what Mr Donald Peters said.
    Alot of you are going out of state to study, It was stated that an international airpoirt is not needed. Ok, you’re going to US to study, on the loan your mother takes, she has to take a loan for your plane ticket to America, and has to buy a ticket for the same price to go to Barbados cause we “don’t need an international airport.” Say you want to run down Dominica for a funeral, wedding, or just summer, your parents have to buy 4 tickets, not two and probably take you two days to get home.
    Now it’s true with a degree you can make your own job and not depend. But you just finished school, probably never worked in life. How soon are you going to open your own business?
    There are people that left school before you and still unemployed. if NBD or Govt not hiring where else is there to work?
    I can say more but, I’m a poor barefoot man with no degree…I dunno nothing.

  4. Casio
    July 11, 2019

    why do you call them gangsters Joseph? and why do you think they have a 5th grade education? the majority of them from their credentials when presented are very highly educated. Some are Doctors, lawyers, architects and engineers. Others are recognized journalists and administrators. So back to my initial question, why do you call them gangsters? What is your reasoning for using this term? the gentleman is not saying that he is mad at the DLP for not getting a job with the government. He is saying that the economy is so bad, that jobs are very scarce, even though he is qualified and educated. what should he show appreciation for? what should he be grateful for when the system is failing. He should not have to beg the NEP for a private sector position that is paid for by the government. that alone is madness.


    • Iamanidiot
      July 11, 2019

      Exactly, look at St kitts for example, there is ECCB, ESCB etc, Barbadoes have 2 million embassies and UWI, ROSS and whatever else school.
      But Dr Donald is saying Dominica doesn’t need an international air port.
      Follow my train of thought,
      How many people graduated with Account degrees from DSC? Where you going to apply? Astaphans? Witchurch? NBD? Government? For arguments sake lets say there are 10 vacancies. What of the people already searching for jobs plus those that just left college?
      You think ECCB can dream of coming to Dominica to open a branch that will hire hundreds of accountants ? and lawyers and whatever else they need?
      So what happens when they have to convene for an emergency meeting and have to fly in people from US, Canada and Trinidad? How’s that going to happen when you have a better change of pinning a tail on a donkey blind folded while the donkey stadium and you bayfront, and you have to shoot the tail to it than to get on timely flight to Dominica?

  5. BEB.
    July 10, 2019

    Can the Govt. employ every body, what’s happening to the private sector?

    • good question
      July 11, 2019

      Yes indeed. What is happening to the private sector?

  6. It's up to u
    July 10, 2019

    The most solid advice I can give you guys is to not allow the DLP to come back into government. If you want to have the opportunities you dream of, register to vote, vote for UWP. I have a bachelor’s degree, no work. There are many more like me. Our economy is going down. I was like you once, full of zeal to help develop my country. I was determined to stay while my friends left for the US. Dominica Labour Party under Roosevelt Skerrit has stolen my dream. :cry: Don’t let that happen to you. Vote them out.

    • Joseph John
      July 10, 2019

      There are people with no education who are finding something to do. So what is the problem with you. An education is a tool, the rest is up to you. In any event an education does not guarantee a job with the government. not even in the great USA the government guarantees jobs for students. Which government you know provides jobs for 300 graduates.
      And you think the uwp gangbangers with their 5 th grade education can do better ?
      How many countries have free college education. Your uwp friends were against that policy, the called it red clinic. In some countries after graduation you cant even get a job to pay for your student loan.
      So you are mad at the DLP because you did not get a job with the government.
      That is how you show appreciation ? Typical ungrateful wicked people (uwp). You certainly do not write like a graduate, maybe ypu are just faking it.
      To the Students I say CONGRATULATIONS. This is a great step in the right direction. You have done the right thing.

      • JBaptiste
        July 11, 2019

        That’s the kind of mentality that got us where we are today. I really think DLP should win the next election if only to teach us a lesson, seeing that it may be the only way some of us will learn. This travesty must continue its course to fruition so that its never ever repeated. The remnants and ruins will be there for generations to see. In time the collective contemp of the DLP will match that of the Nazi party.

      • evidence
        July 11, 2019

        How many businesses in Dominica have closed down or have left our shores between 2000 (when DLP won) and 2017 ( before Maria)?

      • Iamanidiot
        July 11, 2019

        These children just finished school, never work a day in their life, if they dont get a job with government, or a bank, or flow ( Cause that’s the only place there is to work). What exactly is the “something you want them to do”?
        Open their own business? with what money?
        Then again…you right….2 new hotels opening, im sure they need maids.

      • Frank N Stein
        July 11, 2019

        Here comes JosephJohn with his begging medicament theory. Always trying to defend the disaster we have for a government. Skerrit knows he is not going to build any airport because all the talk he gives is just wind. He send his pal Donald Duck to tell the students in a technical way lol. Soon he will say the students do not want airport so he is not going to build it :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Aye Skerrit have jokes we. What can we expect when we have Joseph John to run all over DNO trying to defend the coshonie of a government we have.

        JosephJohn its a pity our voters list has so many of your kind, the kind with no brains, lazy and worship Skerrit as an easy way to get pittance. People with ambition are scared but dont worry the population is waking up so stay on DNO still chasing comments.

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