China-funded West Coast Road rehabilitation project major contribution to Dominica- PM Skerrit

The letters were exchanged on Thursday morning
The letters were exchanged on Thursday morning

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has said the rehabilitation of the West Coast road funded by the Chinese government is a major contribution to Dominica.

He was speaking at the signing ceremony of Letters of Exchange between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica for the of the West Coast Road Post Erika rehabilitation project, held at the Financial Center on Thursday.

“This is going to be in any currency a major investment in Dominica,” he said. “The reconstruction of the three bridges, construction of retaining walls and associated works is a major contribution to us.”

Skerrit mentioned the assistance given by China after the passage of Erika in late August last year.

“The Chinese government, from the moment the storm affected us, China was one of the first countries to be literally on site in respect to its offer of assistance to Dominica,” he noted.

He mentioned further that even before Dominica asked for assistance after the storm, China had already offered it.

Skerrit said this is the type of relationship that Dominica enjoys with the People’s Republic of China.

“They have continued to be very sincere friends of Dominica and every single commitment the Chinese government has made to us in Dominica, they have kept those promises…,” he noted. “In many instances, they have gone beyond the commitments made to us.”

Minister for Public Works and Ports, Miriam Blanchard explained the road project will include the following: replacement of bridges destroyed at Macoucherie, Batalie and Pointe Ronde, reconstruction of drainage infrastructure at Mero, Macoucherie, Salisbury, Coulibistrie, Batalie and Picard in Portsmouth, repair of damaged sections of the road surface in identified areas, including the Jimmit PetroCaribe junction, Tarreau, St Joseph, Mero, Macoucherie, Salisbury, Bioche and Dublanc, replacement of traffic signs, road markings and reflective road studs will also be included.

Blanchard stated that the government of China has been, and continues to be, a true friend to the government and people of Dominica.

“And I say this because history has shown that the government of China has never hesitated to offer assistance to us, not only when disaster strikes, but also in normal times,” she noted.

Meantime; Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Dominica, His Excellency Li Jiangning said parts of China are also prone to heavy rain and floods, “so we share the pain that you felt when Erika passed.”

He said also that the Chinese government gave high priorities in assisting Dominica following Tropical Storm Erika.

“We managed to provide grant aid of US$300,000 within 72 hours and additionally US$200,000 a few weeks later,” Ambassador Jiangning stated.

He indicated that the project is new one in line with the New Hospital Project and the Roseau Valley Bridge Project.

According to Jiangning, this shows the deep friendship and cooperation that exists between Dominica and the People’s Republic of China.

He said China will continue to support Dominica in its economic and social development.

“We will soon be entering a new phase of the project…much remain to be done, cooperation will be very important throughout the whole process,” he noted. “The two sides will continue to work closely together to bring the project to a successful start and eventually a successful completion.”
No time was given for the commencement of the project.

From left: PM Skerrit, ambassador Jiangning and Blanchard
From left: PM Skerrit, ambassador Jiangning and Blanchard

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  1. July 16, 2016

    What about the road leading up to the Hillsborough bridge in LAYOU that was washed away?

  2. Awana Noh
    July 15, 2016

    Thank you China
    xièxie zhōngguó

    I also applaud PM Skerrit’s move to call the E.O.LeBlanc Highway the “West Coast Road”.
    I think he should rename it to “The China Way” to show our gratitude.

  3. citizen
    July 15, 2016

    Any game one plays the objective is to win, Can Skerrit really claim that he won in that weak game he played? passports, citizenships, businesses set up, for what is there any project implemented in Dominica under the china /Dominica that will at least help build the countries economy. examine the situation who are the winners and who are the loosers>

  4. jim jones
    July 15, 2016

    the u.s owing chinaso much money is china going to get part of the u.s

  5. Cyril Volney
    July 15, 2016

    Thank you, the People’s Republic of China.

  6. Favoured
    July 15, 2016

    Where is parliament all of this nub? What really become of Dominica and Dominicans nuh? Minutes from meetings of the house are not available for the last four settings; there has been no auditors report submitted to the parliament for the past three years. And nobody says anything! What has really become of Dominica can anybody tell me.

  7. Strong uwp
    July 15, 2016

    All that good but when will Dominca ever fund its own projects? This begging begging begging takes us back to colonial days. Perhaps this is neo-colonialisation.
    That does not bolster national pride at all. 15,years of begging, well if begging has any merit beg for an international airport… Sorry to be politically correct lobby.. Lol….

    • Tell the Facts
      July 17, 2016

      It is pathetic how some of you are narrow-minded. Will you ever mature as an adult? Every country asks; not begs. They go to China, Japan and such places to also procure investment and jobs for their nationals. They also borrow money. Grow up!

  8. Zandoli
    July 14, 2016

    Die-hard UWP supporters should not say a word about Skerrit begging China. Lennox Linton has no trouble asking for money to pay his legal bills.

    • %
      July 15, 2016

      Shut up!!!Go excrete your rubbish somewhere else..Lennox never ask anyone money…Of our own volition,we thethe patriots do so on his behalf…SO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!!!

    • South City
      July 16, 2016

      Zandoli, look like you marsh somebody corn on the cob, Linton can beg too only for his mouth……lol

    July 14, 2016

    skerrit, how much money do we really owe china

    • Tell the Facts
      July 17, 2016

      Will you help to repay some of it? Why would you want to know?
      I do think some of you are bold-faced. Does the PM have to answer to your inquisitive questions? I hope not.

  10. Anti-corruption #1
    July 14, 2016

    Are we waiting on China to come fix Rose Street in Goodwill? It is a big shame to have Rose Street in this deplorable state for almost 10 years. Will pause here for now as it appears that taxpayers money can be used to pave select sections of streets now. What a place!

  11. Tell the Facts
    July 14, 2016

    As other countries, Dominica has various types of people. Among them are some grateful and ungrateful ones. Some who say thank you and also mean it; some who are incapable of saying thank you as if they never learned it.
    If the ungrateful ones and those incapable of saying thank you are Christians which I expect, woe to you. You should know better. You are the same ones who, when in need will go to God and ask his help. If and when you get it, you will not even consider saying thank you to God as the other lepers Our Lord Jesus Christ cured who never turned back except for one who thanked Him. He asked, “Where are the others?” You are the ones.
    God knows the ungrateful and unkind ones. Their words give them away. They are the ones who bring down pestilence on the country and the wrath of God.
    The grateful ones should hold you responsible for your unkindness. One day you will pay for your careless/idle words. A tree is known by its fruit.

  12. Concern citizen
    July 14, 2016

    Just remember that NOTHING in this world comes FREE.
    skerrit and his family are American citizens, so when push come to shove Skerrit will run to the USA and give D/ca to CHINA

    • Tell the Facts
      July 17, 2016

      Maybe he should. Some people as you do not appreciate him. No matter what he does/ says and also his ministers, you are never satisfied. You keep criticizing. People as you are of no help to Dominica. When are you leaving?
      Remember, your comments cause others to respond accordingly.

  13. %
    July 14, 2016

    I am so happy that the road is referred to as West coast road,and not a highway…Stop insulting so many Dominicans to call this road a highway…Go look at the images of a highway online…Even better for those clowns in the DLP that travel just visit St Lucia,you all will see highway..I won’t send you all to Trinidad etc…This guy Skerritt knows nothing more than begging.He is totally unable to stimulate the econony,highly inept and lazy.He is incapable of creating employment.He is dictatoral,and seem to have sold Dominica to China.

  14. Tony
    July 14, 2016

    Hello and good afternoon my people. Well China has provided so much help to our country we should give them a hundred year lease on some land where they can open a navy base . That way they would have to build a deep water port and all the infrastructure to support their personnel. We must reward our friends.

    • Tony
      July 14, 2016

      Hello and good evening my people. I see that I received two thumbs down but I would prefer that you attached your displeasure to my post. I am quite capable of debating you who ever you are. It’s the same thing America does all over the world they buy friends that’s why they have military bases in one hundred and seven countries.

      • Tell the Facts
        July 17, 2016

        They are smart. It is to protect their country’s interests and also the world in general. As bad as they are, were it not for the US, some non-democratic countries as also ISIS would have infiltrated other parts of the world and created havoc. In this case the US is a stronghold which they fear.

    • john3 16
      July 15, 2016

      you crazy or what do you read international news?

      • Tony
        July 15, 2016

        To : John3 16.

        Hello and good afternoon my people. Hello am not crazy and I read six newspapers every morning which I subscribe to. Do you think so many countries want American soldiers on their soil or they like the financial aid and military equipment that comes with it. How did America got a hundred year lease for their base in Cuba, Guantanamo Bay.

  15. Juan
    July 14, 2016

    China has been doing a lot for its future colony, have to make sure that all the Chinese people that move to Dominica are comfortable.

  16. Reasoning
    July 14, 2016

    All these works and money has done nothing economically for the people!

    • MIA
      July 15, 2016

      Reasoning, despise to your support for the government or not, you must face reality when come to the generosity of the Chinese’s. economically is a large word and we must first target its objectives so that we can see and understand what it has done for the people of Dominica, to me as a nation and a people we are stronger than that and we have to continue to work as a people. America owns china trillions of dollars but yet they just open the doors to Cuba after fifty years embargo, let us give thanks to Obama and we are still bring down the PM for the assistant the country is getting from china………… LET US COME TOGETHER AS A PEOPLE AND A COUNTRY AND UNDERSTAND THE ENTIRE PICTURE/OBJECTIVE OF WHERE DO WE WANT TO GO OR WHERE TO WE WANT TO TAKE THE COUNTRY FOR THE FUTURE GERNARATION!

      • Reasoning
        July 15, 2016

        Mia,you’re really missing in action! What generosity and what has they’ve done to alleviate the lives of the people? All your prime mistake and the Chinese are doing,is playing their dirty corrupt politics! There’s nothing in it for the people except for maybe a few like you!

    • NUWP
      July 15, 2016

      he who have eyes let him see. and he who have ears let him hear. but he who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a FOOL.

  17. July 14, 2016

    This Govt. is behaving like a son who wanted independence from his parents, left home but is still depending on them for meals and pocket money.

  18. July 14, 2016

    It was a loan they gave us and they determined that their people should do the work, while we go to pay it back, so their should be some garantee :-D

    • Tell the Facts
      July 14, 2016

      “. . . While we go to pay it back.” Inform us how much you could afford to pay back monthly. Bet it would not be enough to purchase a loaf of bread.

      • Ba Yo Bwa
        July 15, 2016

        I like that!

    • NUWP
      July 15, 2016

      wrong. its wasn’t a loan. it was part of the $300m pm got as a grant in 2004 its the stadium hospital and the WEST COAST ROAD

  19. missy white
    July 14, 2016

    yes is a good project….but all u kno wht is d real relationship between d/ca and china? doh forget d MOU tht was sign some years ago…we maybe all sell and doh kno… :-D

  20. dee
    July 14, 2016

    I can smell something fishy in the air en .

  21. If their construction work was satisfactory in the place, when it rained the substandard work they performed would not be so easily eroded by falling rain. Dominicans could have done a better job!

    In the colonial days a man from your miserable village his name is Andre, he oversee the construction of practically all the asphalt roads built on the North of Dominica, some are approximately ninety years old and are still in use, what the Chines built for you in less than eight years are eroded away, yet you stand there with a ginning your teeth like a donkey as if China is doing Dominica a favor.

    Meanwhile an idiot praise China by expressing their love for China, while China is simply using Skerrit as a clown and puppet

  22. ♡DIAMOND♡
    July 14, 2016


  23. viewsexpressed
    July 14, 2016

    When is Skerrit gonna learn that he and inept government are continuously fooling Dominicans as he begs for aid all over. Venezuela has been robbed and not in dire poverty as Papa Chavez is gone. Now he is cuddling the Chinese as they the Chinese are hassling the Philippines and other countries in the area.

    Skerrit go to university to learn of the principles of development that it is not a short cut and fast food appetite, you will get bloated and its not sustainable. Yes go on enjoy your photo shots, we know its Nonesense and the poor people you have in Dominica dint understand a damn.

  24. July 14, 2016

    I am a china man don’t call me no black man I am china man to nite , please people check the pte Michel guy with the video.

  25. July 14, 2016

    Thank you China we love you long time.

    • faceup
      July 14, 2016


      • Joe
        July 14, 2016

        Faceup you prefer the government increase taxes to meet these costs? is that what you recommend? Well the bible say knock and the door will be open unto you! so whilst you call it begging we call it knocking!!!!

      • Reality
        July 14, 2016

        Well fund it yourself nuh!!!!! So that will prevent us from having to ask for assistance.

      • My 2 Cents
        July 14, 2016

        It really amazes me how the biggest beggars calling people beggar. Useless go and find work to do. It’s because you have to much free time on your hand doing nothing you embarrass yourself like that with those stupid comments.

      • Sixth nine
        July 14, 2016

        Faceup, you are stupid and also a disgrace to the human race and their are many like you in Dominica from Q fm to the Grave dicker party. ??

    • Moi
      July 14, 2016

      Sa Qway Sot

    • July 14, 2016

      You don’t know anything about China or their people and that’s a real shame that you would believe that the people of that country is having a good life, so I would suggest that you take the time to read up and stop living by hand out, what you as well as others don’t understand is when you take from them to feed your own they suffer and is that what you call living, Dominicans wake up and stop being so vindictive with the facts.

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