Dominica to benefit from increased Japanese foreign aid

Fisheries minister Kenneth Darroux
Fisheries minister Kenneth Darroux

In keeping with its mission to provide technical support and aid for economic and social growth in developing countries, the Japanese government, through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), is looking to increase its foreign aid to the Caribbean region.

Japanese government officials recently met with Caribbean Fisheries Ministers in St. Lucia to discuss the fisheries industry in the region and to evaluate the status of grant aid for the development of the industry and other marine resources.

Dominica’s Fisheries Minister, Dr. Kenneth Darroux represented the island at that conference.

According to Darroux, the Japanese government has contributed immensely to Dominica’s economy through infrastructure, technical support and training in the fisheries industry.

“We’ve seen the construction of three massive fisheries complexes throughout the island,” he said. “Japan’s contribution is seen not just in infrastructure but also the ongoing technical support through JICA, where we’ve seen education of our fishermen.”

The minister highlighted Japan’s dedication to the project despite its own financial responsibilities.

Darroux revealed that a plan for the establishment of a multi-purpose fisheries complex in the south of the island is currently underway.

“This would be more or less the final complex that we have as part of our long term plan for the fisheries sector,” he noted. “This project’s concept paper was handed over to the Japanese government embassy in Trinidad about a year ago, and it seems to be picking up some speed. I am very confident and optimistic that pretty soon we will get an official word that this project has been approved.”

He said the project will be of tremendous benefit to the Fond St. Jean community.

“This is good news for the fisher folk and the wider community,” he stated. “My vision of this project is not [simply] a fisheries project but a marine resources [complex]. We can have an area for the fishermen to store their boats and an administrative building, but also other marine related activities such as diving and the sale of value added products such as smoked fish.”

The minister said the proposal is at an advanced stage of review in Tokyo.

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  1. Francisco Telemaque
    June 2, 2013

    Wow May 31, 2013
    “It has finally hit me: Dominica willnever be self sufficient or stand on it’s own two feet because all forms of development/expansion is at the hands of foreigners.”

    At least one Dominican has come to the realization that in order for our nation to become self sufficient we have to do it for ourself. Handouts can only do so much. Here Daruax, is mumbling about Japanese aid!

    What aid?

    When people who have no knowledge of what he is talking about hears the word fisheries, they become excited, they need to know the man is talking about a cold room where fish are stored, and serve the same purpose as a refrigerator in a home.

    That serves no significant purpose in the development of the country! How many people can be employed at a cold room, by the way how many fishing boats we have in Dominica doing deep sea fishing as the Japanese brining more fish than can be consumed in a year, which requires so much deep freeze around Dominica.

    Our nation grabs on to every straw floating down the half dead current in a dying river, rather than doing something to save the river! How come the Japanese, and the Chines has not see it fit to combine their resources, and donate the money to build an International Airport on the island; or at least loan us the money.

    Then again if we do not ask for such kind of help, chances are we will never get it.

    How come the Japanese, and Chines has not invested in the building industries in the country, as they have done in America, and around the world.

    How come the Japanese has not installed an Toyota, and Lexus motor vehicles assemble plant in Dominica, which could manufacture motor vehicles to be exported to the world, and the rest of the Caribbean?

    That is the sort of economic help we need, and not the crap that boy is talking about, by the way:

    Dr. who?

    What kind if doctor is he, if he is involve into politics?

    Perhaps not an M.D.

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

  2. Anonymous
    June 1, 2013

    If the Japanese wish to do anything to aid the country, they should donate 2 US-2 seaplanes retrofitted for civilian capacity.

  3. me1
    June 1, 2013

    i think the man pictured shoud be our PM………just saying

    • ()
      June 1, 2013

      @Me1 You are obviously Dominica’s greatest fool to ask, dream or think of that. This man is the worst Parl Rep on island. Ask him what he has done for his constituency? He must be laughing at you, from here to……

  4. Toma
    May 31, 2013

    One thing I have learned is that politicians knows what to do to stay in power, and Dominicans don’t take notes

  5. Wow
    May 31, 2013

    It has finally hit me: Dominica willnever be self sufficient or stand on it’s own two feet because all forms of development/expansion is at the hands of foreigners.

    Dominica seems to depend SOLELY on handouts. Ok…what about using what we have and building on it?

    I;m not saying no to foreign aid – but magwaysa…nothing original seems to come from us. Its always someone donating money to develop Dominica..with giant strings attached.

    I am scared for my family down here – you guys have no future if it depends on others.

    Help yourselves people.

  6. not me
    May 31, 2013

    Hope you get some for your constituency

  7. Justice and Truth
    May 30, 2013

    Chinese and now Japanese aid. What are they up to? Who is next? DA Government beware.

  8. May 30, 2013

    Soon , there will be no ‘WHALE’ watching. Those Japanese gonna kill all of them

  9. Juan
    May 30, 2013

    Do not be fooled by that Japanese Trojan Horse Dominica the Japanesee want to get their foot in the door so they can hunt all the whales off Dominica’s coasts.

  10. Anonymous
    May 30, 2013

    Don’t be fooled they are already fishing in our waaters and who knows if they’re not legal.

  11. DeScripter
    May 30, 2013

    Allu Selling your souls to the East and you eh even realizing it… And allu worried about gays?

  12. May 30, 2013

    that’s good

  13. Reality Check
    May 30, 2013

    If it was just wildlife alone – both land and sea. But we have to vote with them for all things right up to Security Council. Heaven help us!

  14. Reality Check
    May 30, 2013

    Oh Lord!

  15. Anonymous
    May 30, 2013

    “This would be more or less the final complex that we have as part of our long term plan for the fisheries sector,” And what about the most productive fishing villages of Dominica. Pte. Soufriere, San Sauveur, Good Hope, Morpo, Castle Bruce …. are these areas not in need of at leasst a MINI-fisheries complex and upgraded facilities.

    • Anonymous
      May 30, 2013

      one at a time bro. u already doh want to pay d vat

    • Anonymous
      May 30, 2013

      why don’t u seek out the facts before u speak.

    • T
      May 31, 2013

      @Anonymous Who told all you to vote these people?

  16. Anonymous
    May 30, 2013

    That’s great

  17. Voice of the South
    May 30, 2013

    …and as a repayment, as usual, they get the right to fish is our waters with drag nets which leaves nothing behind for our fisherman. And most importantly, we have to give them our vote in the UN to keep whale fishing legal…

    I wonder who really getting something here? Definitely they are getting more than Dominicans, that’s for sure. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Dear Dr. Darroux,

    Please do not forget that our children need fish also!!!!

    • Anonymous
      May 30, 2013

      So why don’t we use drag nets?

      • Voice of the South
        May 30, 2013

        Because ( I will pretend) that we know how damaging it is for the environment. :!: This is why they give us a few $$$ in the name of aid to allow them to keep doing.

    • Anonymous
      May 30, 2013

      They clean their sea eating all that is in it including sea grass for adults to lay. They have fish roes selling openly on their market so now they are in the Caribbean because tis is their last frontier.

  18. Bashwa
    May 30, 2013

    Only now :roll: :mrgreen: :?: :lol: :lol: ….the few remaining gullible “Reds” don’t even want to believe what you losers come up with….best you find a way to fix the Bascadere to P Savanne roadway… :oops: :oops:

    • Voice of the South
      May 30, 2013

      yes. best idea ever.

  19. I DIE NU
    May 30, 2013

    Good thing!

  20. Not a herd follower
    May 30, 2013

    Mr. Minister, what about creating value-added in the fisheries sector such as canning of fish and the use of the parts of the fish that is thrown away when cleaned?

  21. May 30, 2013

    so alone D/ca want to live on everybody’s aid?

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