Government discussing more jobs with Clear Harbor – Skerrit


Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says government is currently in discussions with the management of Clear Harbor to provide more jobs for Dominicans.

Clear Harbor has been providing customer care and business process outsourcing (BPO) services since 2004 through its operations centers in Eastern Caribbean

PM Skerrit told the Next Level program on Kairi FM on Saturday, the officials are here on island and government is working to ensure the unemployment gap is narrowed.

He says the company is expected to increase employment by at least 200.

“This call center, in 2010 they created 250 new jobs so at present they have about 583 positions filled. They are here this week and we have been in discussions with them to take the number up to 853 positions. This means that they will be creating an additional 200 jobs. We have to work with them to ensure that we have the skilled and trained people to fill these positions,” he said.

Clear Harbor closed its offices in St. Kitts last week Wednesday without prior notice to some 131 employees.

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  1. Taliban
    April 12, 2011

    Clear Harbor may be financial stable but why were they not paying their bills in St. Kitt? when Clear Harbor left Nevis, they were taken to courts as well and they left a massive debt owing to Social Security. Imagine running an office in SK without printing paper, pens and other office supplies for the staff to use. Clear Harbor stands for CHEAP! No incentive whatsoever for employees or Management, just the bare pay at the end of the 2 week period. The manner in which they closed the office was despicable, but good riddance Clear Harbor. We now have a better call Center to pick up the slack, better pay, good hours(no night or weekend), incentive,insurance etc SK has choices!

    • Me!!
      April 14, 2011

      shut up u stupid fool!!! do you wotk for the company? No! so i suggest you keep your mouth shut! like matt always say “its better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Typical Dominicans..they take “hear say” and they blasting it like they were there, they see or hear for themselves. They really say bad news does travel fast. Get your facts straight an then you can give your opinion cause i’m sure if you knew the true reason why they close down you would have taken your investment and role out just like them!

    • Reality
      April 15, 2011

      Taliban is talking facts……. SK has choices…..thank god for the new call center in sk. Incentive base, insurance for you ‘ ur children. No nights or weekend blessings forever….. When 1 door close another opens. CH is a he’ll no jus bare minimal pay lmao that’s what yall proud of? Come on Caribbean should know better well thank god kit titian do!

  2. unknown
    April 11, 2011

    ST.KITTS: Justice Thomas grants injunction against Clear Harbour


    BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, APRIL 4TH 2011 (CUOPM) – High Court Judge His Lordship Mr. Justice Errol Thomas has granted an Injunction against a US-based internet cable company following its dismissal without warning of 131 workers last week. 

    Clear Harbour (Nevis) Ltd and several persons and financial institutions have been restrained from disposing, transferring, charging, dissipating, or diminishing or in any way howsoever dealing with any assets held in the names of the persons named in the Injunction.


    An affidavit

      filed by Labour Commissioner Mr. Spencer Amory claims that Clear Harbor Nevis Limited closed its operations terminating the employment of all its employees.


    “Since the sudden closure on 30

    th March 2011, I have had several meetings with the employees of Clear Harbour and representatives of Clear Harbor; I have had discussions with several employees of Clear Harbor and have been informed and verily believe the same to be true that they, along with other employees, are owed payments for several benefits, including wages, holiday pay, payment in lieu of notice among others,” said Mr. Amory.


    He said that he has been informed by the Social Security Board and verily believe the same to be true that on or around the 31

    st March 2011, Clear Harbor Nevis Limited paid some monies to satisfy its various obligations for Social Security and Employment benefits and that since the said payments there is still an outstanding balance of EC$2,192.15 for Severance Payments and EC$12,742.44 for Housing Levy.


    “I am also informed by the Electricity Department of St. Kitts and verily believe the same to be true that Clear Harbor owes the amount of EC $344,175.20 for electricity and EC$15,876.80 for water for the period November 2009 to March 2011,” said the Labour Commisioner.


    He also claims that Clear Harbor owes taxes to the Inland Revenue Department………………..they have been in st.kitts for maybe 2 years and look at what the owe the government….and they just want to come and go without giving the 131 unemployed workers anything,and we should just keep our mouths closed,I am glad that these big companies come to the caribbean and provide jobs for us,but why should be we taken disadvantage of….these government people need to wake up,and make them give security for these jobs they want to provide in Dominican,I wouldn’t like to see what happen in SKB happen to Dominica!

  3. avril k
    April 5, 2011

    CH Dom has no money and is about to go bust, dominicans should make the most of the little time left for them working here, im off back to the usa asap as I and the rest of the senior management can see this comin, not many senior managers left now to clear up, what will become, a very colorful mess, god help us all, def don’t believe what the short fat red head sayfor sure or the big fat blond, they can’t wait to leave our dirty streets they keep telling us :roll:

    • concerned
      June 11, 2011

      In reply to the comment about clear harbour Dominica about to close down, is there any more specifics that can be given. Why say that Senior management can see this coming and that there is no hope when it is clear that this company is continuing to expand in Dominica. Please reply. thank you

  4. james rahpael
    April 5, 2011

    Well here we go again rewarding bad behavior. PM you better put out $3mn to get them to DA. But what about the local, all those owing taxes when are you going to reward them

  5. My two cents
    April 5, 2011

    First and foremost lets get our numbers accurate;

    increasing from 583 => 853 means and additional 270 new employees, instead of 200.

    If we were to assume that Clear Harbor (CH) is moving its entire St. Kitts operation of 131 employees to DA it would mean that after transferring the entire work load to DA, CH would be hiring and additional 139 new employees since 131 + 139 = 270

    It means that CH would be a little over doubling their St Kitts operation in Dominica.

    I would really like to see this materialize and so I remain optimistic!

    It would be good for the Economy

  6. Patriotic Citizen
    April 5, 2011

    Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says government is currently in discussions with the management of Clear Harbor to provide more jobs for Dominicans.

    What about the discussion of security for the CURRENT EMPLOYEES first???? WHy not disclose that discussion? I do understand markets operate differently and that the situation which occured in St.Kitts cannot be fully applicable to the economy of Dominica but taking example from what happened what has to be discussed now is the security of the 583 employees… What are they forecasting for the Dominican branch? Is it a guarantee that these employees will not see a replica of what happened in St.Kitts? Then we can introduce discussion of the increase employment!!!

    Sometimes I believe our legislaton starts knee up!!! So incompetent at times!!

  7. South West
    April 5, 2011

    There is a biblical lesson which states that a poor person made an offering to Jesus and gave all that she had, a penny, as opposed to the rich who showed off with their abundance. Jesus said what the poor gave was more valuable than the rich.
    Skerritt goes all out to beg Clear Harbour and praises them for creating jobs in Dominica but will not even acknowledge the existence of local businesses who create SUSTAINABLE JOBS for Dominicans and keep their meagre profit within the economy.
    Clear Harbour is as fragile as an egg, as soon as their tax holiday is over they are gone. Dominica is littered with the history of these type of companies who set up shop, get all kind of concessions and within ten years they are gone. Some of them come back with a different outfit and get more concessions.
    Clear Harbour has nothing to do with skills development, it is nothing more than the sweat shop that was introduced in the 1990s. Only that this time our young people sit in front of a computer and telephone and go through the insults of american customers.
    Skerritt should look at the number of Dominican businesses that are being taken over by Chinese and create an environment for local business.

  8. Just Giving My Two Cents
    April 5, 2011

    Ok…i understand the fears that many people are voicing. At the same time, if Clear Water decides to leave Dominica there is nothing that can be done. What if they have a contract that in 5 yrs they’ll be able to pull out of Dominica – would you all rather 800 Dominicans be employed for 5 yrs and gain skills which they can use to advance themselves to another position, or be Unemployed for 5 yrs?

    In every single line of business, there is no guarantee that the business will succeed. Every single job right now in Dominica is not guaranteed or destined to last. Therefore, it is way better to have 800 employed today than 800 not employed today…. the future always takes care of itself.

    What we should be worried about is what are the benefits that the government is securing for its people? Take the jobs, but the government should ensure that in doing so, they should develop some form of package or a contract where if Clear Water decides to pull out suddenly, the workers will be compensated somehow. Take the St Kitts example and negotiate for the Dominican employees!!!!!!!! The government should not use the St Kitts example as a reason to ignore or refuse Clear Harbor, unless, there is / are valid reason(s) to do so.

    This is life and this is business, so people need to think outside the political aspect and stop focusing so much on the negative…I always see the glass as half full, and strive to fill it completely. It’s the people who see it as half empty who never succeed because they are hampered by the journey to the top…..

    • Papa Dom
      April 5, 2011

      One question/comment. Was there any clause in the SKB agreement as to the time frame and the length of notice to be given in the event of closure? It would appear from what I’ve read that there was but that didn’t stop CW from shutting it’s doors without so much as 24hrs notice to the employees, so go figure.

      • Just Giving My Two Cents
        April 5, 2011

        Well I do not know the contents of any contract regarding dismissal – but i do know that employment laws are enacted with protections like these. And besides…. there seems to be a court case around the issue – and like all else, there are ways of dealing with unfair, unjust dismissal or whatever the issues are in this instance. I’m not privy to that information and i’m concerned about the Government’s creation of jobs and its role in protecting its employees.

        We cannot let the basis of the St Kitts situation form our decisions – we should let them influence it to the extent that our government protect our nationals, by negotiating for benefits for the employees – because the risk of closure will always be there. We can only ask that our govt learn from it and take all necessary steps to protect the workers.

  9. Suprise
    April 5, 2011

    Skerrit doing like he so supportive of Clear Harbor and when the company needs assistance from him in other to “Renovate” the building, that is to accommodate more persons. his answer was “the government have no money to assist.”
    Thank God for Clear Harbor who ensure that as many persons as possible are given a job opportunity which is a great help to our economy. Young people just be serious, focus and determined and Clear Harbor will strive.

  10. hahaha
    April 5, 2011

    but that is the only place that actually hiring people in Dominica, everyone i went to school with who isn’t overseas is working at clear harbor. Thats what people going DSC for? to work for a call center? Why do you think these people source labor here in places like Dominica, it is strictly a business decision not because they like Dominicans or we have some special work ethic. It is simply cheaper to pay Dominicans because of our currency. All those Nike, and polo shirts are sold at exuberant prices in the US but they were actually made in countries like Dominica. The government needs to stop relying on foreign people to do their work, they need to actually implement programs that will lead to job creation. They have not built one hospital, not one school not nothing. we seem to be satisfied with going to corrupt countries to beg for money.

    • Anti-hate
      April 5, 2011

      You started off making some strong points and then resorted to blatant lies. I can tell that you are a Puke95 listener because that is the modus operandi on that station. Twist the facts and embellish them with lies to try to make the gov’t look bad.

      Yes companies are coming to D/a because it makes financial sense. It’s the same situation with Ross University. Do you not see the massive contribution RU has made to the north of Dominica, providing countless jobs? So what exactly is your beef with companies coming here to cut down on costs? It is to our benefit, and affordable labour will always be a huge factor in where companies choose to invest.

      How can you say the gov’t hasn’t built any schools? That is nothing short of a blatant lie.

      You Puke95 listeners need to stop the lies, it invalidates your entire argument and destroys your credibility.

    • Me!!
      April 14, 2011

      not like you can actually use your credits earned at DSC to go anywhere! You just burning time up there! I’m a student at DSC an trust me, when you think its all good up there it getting from bad to worse. Lecturers not attending class, that labas sent especcially when the sun hot….a whole bunch of comess. An if is CH i get to work i will do it cause it pays well (i betting if allu get that job allu will be glad so….anything is better than nothing) and it gives you opportunities to do something productive with yourself. Ignorrance is really a deadly thing, cause when you don’t know you can say anything you like, but if you know you will know when to hold and when to fold. Be thankful that most of our young people learning responsibility, punctuality and diligence in an out of the workplace instead of being meneses to our society.

  11. Anonymous
    April 5, 2011

    Allu too damn ungrateful, the same ones that critizing, are the some ones holding government jobs and will push for their people to get jobs.. But they here blabbing.

    • Papa Dom
      April 5, 2011

      A A, so government is skerritt private business then.

  12. Pomgranate
    April 5, 2011

    This should not be made a political matter or one of regional integration either. This is strictly a domestic matter which involves the employment of a large number of Dominicans, mostly young ones at that. What Mr Skerrit needs to be talking about is how are we going to keep them here. We should be offering concessions and other ways to reduce their cost of doing business in Dominica. they usually live because the cost of operations is cheaper elsewhere.
    The employees must also be willing to to make the sacrificies to keep them in operation. Someone using the name Paix Bouche who I assume is an employee is talking about better pay. This cannot be considered now. If you are demanding higher pay and they are pressured to pay you more they would rather go to India, Bangladesh or costa Rica where US$2.00 a day is an welcome salary. Understand what an issue is about before you comment. Let’s work together to ensure the best results are obtained in this matter.

  13. Independant not dependent
    April 5, 2011

    Sucess have many fathers but failure is a bastard.

  14. Anthony P. Ismael
    April 5, 2011

    While this is great news, it comes with serious concerns for potential employees. Based on their track recod and the manner in which they abruptly left St Kitts, there is cause for concern. However, 200 jobs in these tough economic time for an island like Dominica is just that, 200 jobs should it come to pass.

    My hope is that the government use this opportunity to develop a part of the island that is underdeveloped. We need to think beyond Roseau. Colihaut, Portsmouth and Marigot are three great candidates. With the completion of the road from Roseau to Portsmouth, traveling from one part of the island to the next should be a breeze. Nothing spurs internal growth like a safe and reliable road network. Hopefully there is some long term planning involved in the decision making process.

  15. Papa Dom
    April 5, 2011

    Did I read somewhere that most of those workers in SKB are Dominicans? well they can always come back home to work. more votes for labour.

    • Papa Dom
      April 5, 2011

      I also noted this in the news, which maybe the young PM is not aware of
      “Clear Harbour (Nevis) Ltd and several persons and financial institutions have been restrained from disposing, transferring, charging, dissipating, or diminishing or in any way howsoever dealing with any assets held in the names of the persons named in the Injunction”

  16. HAlf a Dominican
    April 5, 2011

    But wait, how are we so sure that they won’t close office on us like in St Kitts?

  17. Gee
    April 4, 2011

    **********************WHY INVESTORS COME AND GO****************************

    Are we not even concern as to why these people left St.kitts WITHOUT prior notice???

    Is it possible that they are just island shopping for the next best business deal?? I mean lets’s not forget that these people are investors. making a good return on their investment is their number one priority!! NOT PEOPLE…..or loyalty to any country!!

    What happen when they find a better deal elswhere…… will we be next? We must pursue real employment not “fly by night’ employment!! we really need more dominicans to be the “Employers” and not the employee!! That way we will not always be at the mercy of these foreign investors. Native employers stay in DA!! Foreign investors come and GO! let’s not forget that!!

    Still, I hope it turns out to be worthwile in the long run!!

    I welcome any reasonalble feedback if you think I was unreasonable!


  18. Matt
    April 4, 2011

    Are you kidding me? This company just closed down operations in neighboring St Kitts. How are they going to create all those jobs in Dominica. I hope the government do their homework on this company, because they will do the same thing in Dominica.

  19. Anonymous
    April 4, 2011

    thank god for you. keep working my brother

  20. hymm
    April 4, 2011

    no wonder csme/ carigo / oecs cant work. aint we backstabing the workers of st kitts. skerrit should be concerned about what happened there, but instead is supporting it and looking for the jobs. greed with no sympathy for our brothers and sisters. domlec / dowasco / social security guard my money from these people please.

    • Wait A Minute
      April 4, 2011

      It seems like the PM can’t do anything to please you fools. Anyway i guess he should just continue ignore ignorant idiots (baboons) like you and move on with the country’s business!!

    • cautious
      April 5, 2011

      why you being so negative and bias…my god ..there is lack of jobs on island and because the prime minister want to create some is a problem? i feel sorry for you

    • Assassin
      April 5, 2011

      What is worng with you people? The man is talking about increasing the number of jobs for dominicans and you a putting a spin on it. There is nothing in the article which suggest that Mr Skerrit is rejoicing over what happpen to our brothers and sisters in St Kitts. Mr Skerrit’s first responsibility is to the national of the country for which he is PM. What should he do because Clear habour closed down in St kitts in the way they did? Kick them out and send 530 people home? I am sure I know a lot of people who would be so distruaght they may even commit suicide because they have been on the bread line for years before this company came to the rescue.

    • C'est Moi
      April 5, 2011

      To Mr or Mrs Hymm

      What do you expect our PM to do? Scold CH for closing their operation is St. Kitts/Nevis and demand that they re-establish business there? If CH is offering Dominica more jobs should we reject that offer? Your comments are so dumb!

  21. Droe-Boy
    April 4, 2011

    BIG MOVE!! DOMINICA WE RUN THIS CALL CENTER TRADE. Bring your Call Business to our island we have the skills and are quick leaners!!!

    • Cerberus
      April 5, 2011

      Jobs is what we need but a word of caution is in order. Clear Harbor is now the second largest employer in Dominica, after the Govt. and so important to our employment situation that they can almost dictate their own terms. They are our “multinational”, except that they are not our own!

  22. timbok 2
    April 4, 2011

    lets pray this pull through…located in possie or somewhere that can be fully developed like town or possie.

  23. Anthony P. Ismael
    April 4, 2011

    Did the PM offer them a better deal than the one they had in St. Kitts. They just left St. Kitts abruptly last week. To be forewarned is to be forewarned.

  24. Hurting Dominican
    April 4, 2011

    true Caribbean unity take a worthless traitor from one Island and make him a king in the next.

  25. dominican
    April 4, 2011

    Depending on the US again. Weh Weh Weh Weh Weh

    • wawwwwwww
      April 5, 2011

      but not dere u shopping nuh?wishing for ‘papers’…doh care how u living once u go ‘states”..gimme a break

  26. mouth of the south
    April 4, 2011

    wow that’s good,,,, yes skerro that’s good but don’t take credit for it,,,,, i can see u on stage saying “deeeeyyyyy ssssaaaaayyyyy we do bring jobs,,,, deyyyyy saaaaaaayyyyyy we didn’t provide employment,,,,, dddddeeeeeyyyyy ssssssaaaaaayyyyyy we r not working,,,, my people don’t falter u all know is lies,,,,, we facilitated clear habour to open up over 1000 jobs my people,,,, multiply that by 10 per family that’s over 10000 mouths fed by one company,,,, my people if that is not development then tell me what is,,,,(acolytes applauding)” :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • oh oh
      April 5, 2011

      allu really dont know about these types of businesses….in a few years they will close down……not wishing bad but this is just what they normally do in many countries…worked with them in management and that’s their strategy they use….
      lolzzzz u call dat development??? ok papa no comment dere

    • Hehehehehehee
      April 5, 2011

      Mouth of the South is the BEST!!!!!!!!

  27. hard cure da
    April 4, 2011

    the company under financial pressure, and u talking about more job. what about lower taxes so those company can keep their head up in this time.

  28. youth
    April 4, 2011

    After what just happened in St.Kitts, I think the PM and Clear Harbor need to assure Dominicans that our jobs are secure and that they won’t treat us like second class citizens.

    So what the PM is saying is that they will soon have over 800 young Dominicans employed and at the drop of a hat all these persons could be unemployed based on this company’s track record.

    What is the government doing to ensure they same thing won’t happened to us.

    • think
      April 5, 2011

      Do you know anything about Clear Harbor? Do you even work there? I dont know about Skerrit but what I know is Clear Harbor has been here since 2004. So what track record are you talking about. You all talk too much negative vibes. Clear Harbor has employed over 500 people without the help of Skerrit. And guess what stop blaming people for your bad work ethics. Ask your children and encourage the workers to go to work. If they dont go to work then Clear Harbor cannot operate and that will cause them go. Thats all it is.

      • ... Ms
        April 5, 2011

        Ummmm… Think?? What did youth say that you deem so negative?? I think he/she is completely correct. How were you able to determine that this person has poor work ethic?

  29. Stealth Critique
    April 4, 2011

    As useful as it is for the government to act to increase the availability of jobs, it really is not their mandate and the government should not solely be relied upon for job growth.

    April 4, 2011

    583+200=783. Mabe i cant count to well.. Or is this a typo?

    And Waaw i am amazed at the number of persons employed down there. i call it the upgrade of the DSC. it is a college…

    Nuff Said.

    • darlin"
      April 5, 2011

      He says the company is expected to increase employment by at least 200.


  31. um???
    April 4, 2011

    583 + 200 = 853?

  32. Anonymous
    April 4, 2011

    What about creating employment for us mr PM?

  33. the doc
    April 4, 2011

    That’s the positive news i like t o hear in my country,good job Mr. Skeritt get young persons of the streets. please we need many more jobs try to provide the enabling environment for many more jobs.

  34. Paix Bouche
    April 4, 2011

    Thank you PM, A better pay would also be great :wink:

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