Gov’t to inject US$15-million in geothermal company

A geothermal production well in the Roseau Valley

The Government of Dominica, after taking a decision to run the geothermal project as a company solely owned by the government and people of Dominica, has committed to investing US$15M into the geothermal company with funds from the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

This information was revealed to community leaders of the Roseau Valley, last week, by Chairman of the Geothermal Negotiating Team, Ambassador His Excellency, Dr. Vince Henderson.

“We expect the government to transfer US$15M from that programme to the company through the usual procedures and guidelines of the Finance Act,” he said.

Dr. Henderson gave a breakdown of cash injections into the company moving forward saying that the United Kingdom has also committed $7M grant funding to the project. He said this amount has been promise, however it’s up to the UK Government to commit to contributing that amount.

The ambassador stated that now that the company is being finalized, the recruitment of staff has begun. This required the company to also secure the expertise needed. He informed that a team with the best business consultant, legal and technical geothermal expertise has been selected.

In all of this, what does that mean for Dominica and how will it benefit consumers?

“We will be selling to DOMLEC at the cheapest possible tariff,” Dr Henderson explained. “As I have been advised by my consultant we will have one of the best tariffs for any project of this type anywhere in the world because we have a combination of grant and government financing [which is] unprecedented. I have been working with several small island states developing geothermal energy and I can tell you none of their governments have been able to make that kind of commitment and our Government has committed US$15M to that project. That makes a world of difference,” he said.

The ambassador expressed that Government’s intention is to ensure that the geothermal project is done in harmony with the environment and the communities.

He appealed to the communities for their support and encouraged them to come forward with their queries and suggestions.

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  1. Advice to Dr. Skerrit for 2017
    December 23, 2016


    With passport sales bringing in more than $10 million per month, its time for you to look to see how this money can be safely put into the right government hands. Here are some suggestions:-

    1) Increasing aid donations to foreign countries (eg., for disaster relief, etc.). A brilliant way, of disappearing money;
    2) The establishment of the Dominica Secret Service. The DSS will be 100% secret, need I say more?
    3) The establishment of the Dominica Space Program. The DSP can be modeled on NASA -100% cinematographic. So all you need are some good filmmakers and guys who understand CGI.
    4) Awarding contracts to Dominica firms for various government projects – you already know how that works!

    One more thing, if you make all CBI holders members of the DSS, then problem solved with regard to transparency issues because of national security issues, geddit? ;)

    Good Luck Dr. Skerrit.

  2. rasta
    December 22, 2016

    Have you all read the budget of 2013-2014 where government said the plant will be operational.
    We are now at the eve of the opening of 2017. Wow!!
    Not too sure if those guys for real!

  3. Jon Jones
    December 22, 2016

    I am not a fan of this Governments way of doing things but I am enthusiastic about the potential of geothermal energy.

    Only this week I saw a BBC report stating the following:
    In Iceland, they drill down to approx 5000 metres to harness a type of super energy that only volcanoes can produce. This is used to power all the community lighting and the surplus is used to convert bauxite into aluminum.

    My immediate thoughts were could this be replicated in Dominica. I’m sure it can be done but there has to be a clear development plan to achieve this.
    I could imagine the possibility of all the roads being illuminated at night and the potential for industrial and commercial development giving the island the kick start it needs to move into the 21st century and become a force in the region.

    I dare to dream but it can happen

    • Me
      December 22, 2016

      I saw that also and observed that the location of a thermal energy plant is located well away from built-up areas. I think that is a serious issue in Dominica

      • Jon Jones
        December 22, 2016

        I’m sure there must be suitable locations, away from built up areas, on the island.

        Besides, it is likely that other islands have the capacity to produce similar projects so it is good that we can get in there early for once instead of waiting to follow as usual. I’m still amazed and dismayed by the airport fiasco, passport fiasco, hospital fiasco, etc…..

        However, if there is sensible and practical application to this project it could yield a spectacular result for the island by merely making the energy far cheaper than it is now for the average household. This industry would have to stay nationalised in order to best serve the people of Dominica rather than its shareholders.

  4. EnfantDiable
    December 22, 2016

    Is there a Minister of Government responsible for this subject? Will the Parliament be given full particulars on this project? When?

  5. Doc. Love
    December 21, 2016

    It would appear Vince has started his campaign to replace Skeritt. I hope the likes of Ian and McIntyre are not just going to sit on their behinds and allow the man to take over the DLP leadership, just like that. We all know that is Skeritt’s intensions when he retires in 2020. Skeritt is tired, he is rich, he is bankrupt of ideas and he has a young family. I believe he has had enough pressure. It is time for his exit from political life, like Mr. Leblanc did. I hope the ghost of Mr. Leblanc is speaking to him.

    • Anonymous
      December 22, 2016

      Vince P.M. , they will have to give him a fireproof constituency but Skerrit could allocate him Vielle Case and finance such a move to make it go smooth. Serrit can than become President, so nobody can take him to court again.

  6. What is the point of “injecting” fifteen million dollars into something that will never materialized! The question here is simply this:

    From whence came the geothermal engineering expertise to install something as scientific, and complicated to engineer. If according to Skerrit, we do not have any engineers in the country to engineer construction of a common Bridge over the Roseau River, which caused him to hand pick a company from Barbados to come in and do construction work which could be undertaken by our people!

    How come all of a sudden he finds Dominicans I assume capable of constructing an geothermal electricity generating plant which demands greater hnowledge, and engineering skills, to developed.

    If his idea is that the son of Ambrose can bullied that plant, it is already doomed: In the first place the amount of smoke we are seeing is an indication the people involved do not know what the are doing.

  7. Anon
    December 21, 2016

    Dear DNO, The photo used in your article is of a Test Well NOT a Production Well. There is no production Well located at this sight or anywhere in Dominica.

    • Odinn
      December 23, 2016

      That is not right Anon. There is a full-size production well in Laudat. It has capacity way above global-average of geothermal wells. It alone could be harnessed to produce electricity that could suffice the island, along with the green energy produced by the hydro stations in the Roseau valley. Then Dominica would be entirely run on renewable energy.

  8. dissident
    December 21, 2016

    A few people will have a really Merry Christmas!
    You all must hire a spokesperson to speak for all you.
    Putting your credibility on the line with empty promises!
    When you old and grey these memories can haunt you eh!
    How much kilowatt of power you hoping to generate far less sell to monster grid DOMLEC!
    I remember de first team of engineers had locals onboard as well.
    So I should assume that this is a new team
    Anyway I guess I’ll hear more about it just in time for the next general election!
    If Humpty Dumpty was a golden egg he wouldn’t have broken his neck!

  9. Kristine Simelda
    December 21, 2016

    I’m no geothermal expert, but perhaps concerned Dominican citizens should consider reading the novel “River of Fire” which addresses the environmental, social, and economic impact of ill-advised geothermal exploration on an island that has more slumbering volcanoes per square foot than any where else on earth!

  10. Lang Mama
    December 21, 2016

    Yet another blanket over the eyes of Dominicans. I recall prior to the election the DLP sent Ambassador A to debate Joshua Francis at the college and when Ambassador A was asked how is the government going to grow the economy his only response was Geothermal not passports but Geothermal. That does not include the the rediculous and not so surprising response “I like that I like it”.
    So if Geothermal energy was our way out of the economic morass why is the government registering zero on the Geothermal odometer, zero on the speedometer and on the thermometer.
    Did Ambassador A choose the blow smoke up our rectum no pun intended or that the DLP is just bent on deception.
    To me the news media can’t be gently massaging these liars-call them out as liars cause this is exactly what they are. Lang Mama is no brown and so I would call them con men. How many times does someone have to lie before that someone is isolated as a vermine

  11. Besseh Molten, BNur (psychiatry)
    December 21, 2016

    Total joke. If you guys buy into this horse manure, then as the Pope said, you are guilty of the sin of coprophagia.

    But good news! Ten Hail Marys and a couple of Our Fathers and you’re good to go to the next sin.

  12. derp
    December 21, 2016

    I hope Icelandic engineers are helping, Iceland utilizes 100% renewable energy for it’s energy needs, with a large percentage of that being geothermal.

  13. Real!!!!!
    December 21, 2016

    Vince this is taxpayers monies therefore this want I would like to hear.

    1. What is the expect cost per kilowatts to Domlec
    2. Timeline to be profitable .
    3. What is output of the plant yearly.
    4. What percent of the output is expected to be consumed yearly.
    5. Will a lower Tarifff be establish by a Energy Regulatory body for Manufacturing.

    I would expect all of this to be in the business case to determine the profitability of this venture.

    • viewsexpressed
      December 21, 2016

      Yes, what about maintenance, overhead costs etc. These doctored doctor unrated guys believe with this so called status they appear to hold their belief with their sweet talk and fancy moves they are helping Dominica. Dominica needs disciplined politicians to engage us in a process of strategic direction to social, political, economical and spiritual development towards some level of stability and decency that all families and communities benefit from. Our villages are isolated, poor, abstract poverty and it is there we have to begin building our leaders to identify their felt needs and coming out to understand the bigger picture of development. What we see happening now is a fast food government obsessed in mindless ideas, pouring fast ideas that in the end is not sustainable and focussed to meaningful and long term development. Get our communities and villages working. To date I have not seen or heard any government minister from craptain to crook speak that language. Labour corrupt.

    • Joe
      December 21, 2016


      • Tjebe fort
        December 22, 2016

        Joe, and who will be the shareholders of that company? Don;t tell me is government because they said the same of that Dominica Petroleum company that is supposed to belong to all of us but I have never seen a financial report of that company, controlled by our Minister of Finance, have you?

  14. December 21, 2016

    More money down the drain

    • Man bites Dog
      December 21, 2016

      Manicou, you are a stupid person so i will not be spending to much time with you, But if you would like to know about money down the drain just asked Workers Party when they were in government.

  15. Roger Burnett
    December 21, 2016

    The news release is ambiguous both in terms of the UK “commitment” and the Dr Henderson/Consultant quote.

    Regardless of the ambiguity, I have learnt to be wary of overseas consultants. They do not have to live with the result of their recommendations.

    The situation at Antrim is a case in point. It was an overseas consultant that recommended dumping millions of tons of spoil from Red Gully alongside the road, his theory being that it would stabilize the road. As you might guess the consultant is no longer around to live with the catastrophic result of his flawed thinking.

    • Titiwi
      December 21, 2016

      I agree with you Roger. External consultants main priority is to get paid the fees they charge. In Dominica we have a particularly flawed process for preparing EIA’s (environmental impact assessments) whereby the proposer- and beneficiary of a development/project also commissions the report and pays the consultant. It can hardly be expected that such a consultant would advise against the wishes of his/her paymaster.

    • Shaka Zulu
      December 21, 2016

      You cannot blame or overseas consultant. They are not responsible for the people. The government is, and it is the government’s responsibility to make sure there are sound engineering standards, based on scientific research and case studies. We can accomplish this by developing a regional standard with experts from the UWI and known engineering institutions in the US. Proper due diligence when using consultants. Make sure they understand the geodynamics of the country. We are bamboozled all the time because we think we are not capable. It is the dependency mentality. I know many Dominicans working in all sorts of engineering fields at top companies in the US. As always a prophet is never welcome at home and most people will choose the snake oil salesman. I could not get a loan from aid bank to go study Geology a field much needed. I had to lie on my application, yet they were giving loans for psychology black is white. It Tells the foresight of our people.

      • Tjebe fort
        December 22, 2016

        Shaka, we have a government bureau of standards garcon, headed by a real Dr. no less Have you ever seen any improvement in the quality of goods or services because of that bureau?

  16. AA
    December 21, 2016

    But what the rass is that, after you all put 50 million in all you so called exploration, you all are going to inject another 37 million? are you all dumb or what? This project can never be successful unless we are selling power to Guadeloupe and Martinique, you all have been told this already and allyou still trying to wipe shame from allyou face dumping more tax payers money into a failed venture? You all have to be stupid or is this just a continuation of the boball scheme. Is that the best way of spending 37 million of the states money? and allyou cannot find money to fix the roads and provide impute to farmers nor fix the marrigot hospital. You fellas are just blatantly wicked

  17. Tjebe fort
    December 21, 2016

    What happened to the outside investors? did they get cold feet and have no confidence they will see a return on that investment or even see their money swallowed up by that hole in the ground that belches poisonous fumes?

  18. DA4real
    December 21, 2016

    Who are the leaders of the Roseau Valley? Where was the meeting?

  19. zandoli
    December 21, 2016

    This man talked and talked and talked, but one thing he did not say was when was the plant going to produce electricity.

    My guess is, all this money will go to paying salaries and little will be done to get the project to fruition.

  20. DA4real
    December 21, 2016

    Why is the ambassador the one talking about this?

    • Tjebe fort
      December 21, 2016

      Very good question. Ambassador Henderson is supposed to look after our interests in the U.S.A. Does he have an interest in that company perhaps, or perhaps he is a geothermal scientist, who knows. I do not call him Dr. because he does not have a Ph.D.

    • viewsexpressed
      December 21, 2016

      Why…? Check the middle word in “Ambassador”. You got it.? That is the mentality we are working with now, sudden doctors appearing taking us Dominicans as jokers and stupid and they know it all how to attempt to fool us.

  21. Shaka Zulu
    December 21, 2016

    This thing smells so rotten it’s not funny. I have worked in environmental consulting for over a decade and understand how these businesses work. The government of Dominica has already spent over 50 million on this venture and have no choice but to do anything to see it through. Who is doing the environmental oversight? For the record Vince can spin this how he want but I know the economic citizenship investment is and should never be a long-term development strategy. The government is putting up 15 million because it cannot get reputable companies to get onboard. They do not see a profit. The government has no choice because it annot fail. It has already unwisely spent 50 plus million and thinks 15 more will help. When pride and ego takes place of commonsense failure will be catastrophic. No one in Dominica has experience with this so who do you think is going to run it. Domlec recently recorded profits was not based on consumption but cost cutting. There will be cost of Operation

    • Shaka Zulu
      December 21, 2016

      an maintenance and the public is already on financial pinch so guess what the outcome will be. Why are people not demanding more questions. What is the expected output of the plant? what is the cost per kilowatt? What amount of power will be needed to be sold to break even and make a profit. You cannot belch out it is going to be cheaper if you have not answered those questions. Is this going to be subsidized by Government? If so where are the sounds commish from? This government has a history of mismanagement of minor projects why would I even remotely trust them in this. 8 million to failing liat, incomplete hotel, abbatoir issues, sea wall problems, stadium that needs 100 k in annual maintenance, hospital renovation, etc. All gov infrastructure already crumbling from lack of money for repairs. I need not say more but just sounding off the alarm before you tax payers get f’ed yet again. Who have ears to hear will hear.

      • Jon Jones
        December 23, 2016

        The lack of information suits the Govt by keeping the people dumb as to what they intend to do. I just hold my head in amazement of how these greedy simpletons in office have lied and bamboozled the people while lining their pockets. Yet the people meekly accept it… doesnt paint a picture of confidence for the future really. The island is becoming a bit of a laughing stock

  22. JBaptiste
    December 21, 2016

    Is an election imminent? How can any reasonable person believe anything coming from these folks.

    • Tjebe fort
      December 21, 2016

      I smell a rat. Skerrit wants to prepare the ground to change the constitution for him to become executive President, so he can not be sued for anything. As President he would enjoy immunity from prosecution and Charles Savarin ready for retirement anyway.

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