PM puts water project contractors on notice

The PM is warning contractors that he wants no cost overruns
The PM is warning contractors that he wants no cost overruns

Contractors on the Belles Water Supply project has been cautioned to work within the stipulated time frame estimated for the project and to stay within their budget, as funds are not in abundance in this financially difficult time.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit made the remarks at the official launch of the Belles Water Supply Project at the Belles Primary School on Monday afternoon.

Skerrit, who is also the minister for finance, said he is not interested in hearing about cost overruns from contractors.

“Let me say to the contractors that I am not interested in hearing anything about cost overruns, so manage the project properly,” he said. “And Dominica Water and Sewage Company (DOWASCO) must provide daily supervisions, because the minister for finance is saying that there shall be no cost overruns.”

He pointed out that the contact for the project is $4.6-million and no more should be spent on it.

“If you can spend $4.2-million, fine with me but do not spend more than 4.6 because I need the money to spend in other parts of the country because we have to try to stretch the dollar,” he said.

He warned that if the project is set to end in June 2015, “it should not be June of 2016.”

“So let us understand very clearly, when I come back here in Belles as the prime minister of the country again for another five years, I need to come to commission the water in 2015 not 2016. I will be around in 2016 but I want to commission the water in Belles in 2015,” the prime minister said.

Skerrit also told residents of the community that governments in the past thought the project was too expensive to undertake since the area has an abundance of rivers and rain and they could “have a little drum at the back of your house and collect water.”

However, he stated, that his government appreciates improving the lives and standard of living of people, thus the reason for its decision to undertake the project.

“This is why we have taken this bold decision, this necessary decision to effect the commencement of this major water project at a cost of EC$4.6-million,” he noted. “4.6 million in a time when the entire world is going through very challenging and difficult circumstances is a major contribution by the government to the improvement of the way of life of the entire Belles community.”

Parliamentary Representative for that area, Kelvar Darroux said because of the location of Belles (in the center of Dominica), governments in the past have “forsaken” that community.

However, he noted, that the Dominica Labour Party has “demonstrated in no uncertain terms that Belles, Penrice, Pond Case are a very important part of the country.”

Work on the project has already started and it will include the construction of two water intakes, laying of supply lines and building of access roads.

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  1. Lang Sal
    October 8, 2014

    Did the contractors who are working on the Melville Hall to Hatten Garden Road get that message? How about those on the Grand Fond Road? What about those who are working on the Moroccan Hotel in Portsmouth?
    I’m just wondering aloud. 8-O

    • The Facts
      October 8, 2014

      Their managers/supervisors should have heard about it. They are the ones in charge. May they not pretend that they did not hear or read about it. The PM should formally write them.

  2. Contractor
    October 8, 2014

    “Let me say to the contractors that I am not interested in hearing anything about cost overruns…”
    I hope this goes to contractors on other projects; namely the Roseau River Promenade. Hear that George! Rivers flood… dont let that be ur excuse for an overrun of that project.

  3. Plenty Bowdelle
    October 8, 2014

    Hollywood Dominica, Starring Pm Skerro. Just put on a show for unsuspecting Dominicans. hahaha

    • The Facts
      October 8, 2014

      Like yourself. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  4. Albert joseph
    October 8, 2014

    Where de money gone
    Cost overrun that’s the new one
    every project have the same problem
    cost overrun,that’s how dominica is run
    now money is on the run it’s Election
    even the cabinet is cost overrun
    what’s going on?is the country being COST OVERRUN?

  5. Massacre
    October 8, 2014

    Now that elections are around the corner, it is only now that Skerro and his M.Ps are running all over the place looking to see what projects needed to be fixed.
    Politicians have been doing this tricks for decades now, and yet we the “educated” people of Dominica are still allowing these lowly tactics to fool us.
    We are not even realizing that after we vote for them, the same projects are left in what ever conditions they were.
    DLP has become complacent and it is time to move for change.

    • The Facts
      October 9, 2014

      Be happy that they are looking to see what projects need to be fixed. You should thank them and be appreciative.

  6. St.Joe
    October 8, 2014

    There is no reason why Dominicans should vote the Labour patry back into power.
    These guys have brough Dominica into such disrepute, shame and porvety ,while enriching themselves.
    Dominican wake up and take your country back /

    • The Facts
      October 9, 2014

      Your indifferent imagination is running wild. Do not allow it to do this to you.

  7. October 7, 2014

    Senior Skerrit usted hablar demasiado habla ,Habla habla habla

    • Ma Moses
      October 8, 2014

      I would go further than that and say demasiado tonteria y mentiras.

  8. karma
    October 7, 2014

    thank you Mr. PM for all the water projects especially warner people. Our water is always avialable and clean. 5 more years

  9. Belles Beff
    October 7, 2014

    Parliamentary Representative for that area, Kelvar Darroux said because of the location of Belles (in the center of Dominica), governments in the past have “forsaken” that community.
    You would think these goons are in the opposition vying for office…Kelvar it is your laziness and that of the DLP why this project was not kicked off years ago…We see through you ad your political gimmicks. Don’t for one second think that the people of Belles and Penrice and Poncasse are fooled. You lost the St.Joe seat a long time ago….Bring the cash now…We waiting#Monellmesay#

  10. DNO
    October 7, 2014

    Mr AL of ACE must be regretting the day he went public. My gov’t is working and work is taking place all over the country. No more contracts for AL and Ace… Go tender for jobs in the private sector.

    • Anonymous
      October 8, 2014

      So you are confirming that your government practices victimization!

      • DNO
        October 8, 2014

        Give me a break. Where did you live between 1995 – 2000? Dont tell me Mars. Hypocrite!!!!!

  11. Dominican
    October 7, 2014

    Yes, jah, some of those improvements by the Skeritt Labour Party ae being done very close to general elections – after almost FIFTEEN YEARS in office and most Dominican tradesmen did not get jobs. Imagine, Skeritt saying giving jobs to Public works dept is like ‘thowing money down a precipice’! Only in Dominica would a prime minister make such arsenine remarks and get away with it!!!!!

    Let me remind you of a few real improvements that UWP
    did in FOUR AND A HALF YEARS, and all with Dominican
    builders, tradesmen, etc.
    Loubiere/Pointe Michel sea defence wall
    North Eastern Comprehensive school (started and
    incomplete after 15 years of Skeritt Labour administration)
    Pierre Charles Secondary school (Grandbay)

    Potable water to Gallion (Soufriere)

    Castle Bruce Secondary School

    International Airport (funds sourced and were available
    for commencing the job)

    Real houses (wall) WITH TOILETS in Layou (not plywood for some and wall for others), and the list goes on..


    Now, compare these improvements and achievements with what we have from the Skeritt administration in almost FIFTEEN YEARS.

    Dominicans, judge for yourselves. Don’t think about the money and material things that YOU are getting now. You have to wait every five years to get $1000.00, $5000.00.
    Isn’t it better to have a job so you can be INDEPENDENT, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO BUY YOUR OWN TOILET WHEN YOU’RE READY TO BUILD?
    Don’t be selfish! Think of your children, grand- and great- grandchildren and DOMINICA.

    • The Facts
      October 9, 2014

      Think of the good that the PM has done in Dominica and those nationals are pleased about.

  12. October 7, 2014

    just more of playing politics pm that is basic human needs any goverment and all goverments have to do that

  13. cc
    October 7, 2014

    The PM wants the roads done before he calls the election

  14. South Beach FL
    October 7, 2014

    this is all spin, the Labour Party should be rejected by the masses in the next election at ease…

    they are all about trickery and deception thinking that everyone in Dominica has the brain of a FOWL..

    is he on point with other projects too, the recently over priced roseau river wall was the extras for cost over runs..

    why i dislike everything with labour when u take allot at their candidates it’s all about personal gain, what is in it for me!

    look at Marigot for exp, the medical dude, is a big joker!
    he went and purchased a house over half a million dollars, then wants the labour party to clear his loan debt for him.
    he is so out of this earthly planet his supermo may just give him a small change in the end, but that’s he and he.


    Just take a look the never discuss issues my people…

    please do your soul a favour, vote out that evil cult call Labour…

    i will be done soon for the campaign…

  15. Peter J
    October 7, 2014

    So if Skerrit had electrified the whole of Dominica like the Freedom Party and UWP did, there would be no water in Dominica to bathe him. And if he had built the road network like LeBlanc he would be walking on air.
    Skerrit repair two major roads and he put water in a few communities after 15 years in office and he think that is achievement for a country. At the same time he kill banana, he kill tourism, he kill all Dominican businesses in Roseau, he kill manufacturing, health care in agony and the man boasting of a water supply for Belles.
    Give me a break.

    • Anonymous
      October 8, 2014

      …and he built a Palace that does not produce anything but only costs money. Vanity thrives together with poverty.

  16. woody
    October 7, 2014

    haha only now he know that funds are low….lol

    isn’t Dominica doing better than everyone else in the eastern caribbean…lol

    why didn’t tell that same information to Jack on the same interior road project which isn’t “COMPLETED” over 5 YEARS NOW!!…LOL

    i am highly disappointed in Dominicans they are graduating with FOOLISH DEGREES by the month!!

    what a joke a juvenile that’s their

    FOOLS PARADISE the crown of Dominica!!

  17. Shameless
    October 7, 2014

    “A deaf and dumb in the mist of morons is a renowed talkative among brains.”
    ― Michael Bassey Johnson

    Mr. PM, we may be on different sides of the isle but you are taking life and what its worth for granted. As a fellow Dominican (if you are still one that is not ashamed) please be careful with you words lest the people suffer for your ignorance. You are not the giver or holder of life so again be careful for no one knoweth the hour. God does not like competition because he is the one and only.

    Assertive, NOT Agressive! :twisted:

  18. October 7, 2014

    The P.m. is on top of things. thats what you call a great manager all jobs must be done on time , and the work must be of the best quality. Awesome .p.m.

  19. Chow Mien
    October 7, 2014

    That’s just pure hypocrisy. Since when is pm Skerrit concerned about meeting deadlines. When you use nepotism to determine who gets projects how do you expect projects to finish on time.
    Why did he not put Ghardakhan and the other contractors on the long over due Marigot road? That road is like 2 years behind schedule.

  20. October 7, 2014

    i woder does the PM talk to foreign contractors the same way i doubt.

  21. Morihei Ueshiba
    October 7, 2014

    Those who already walk submissively will say there is no cause for alarm. But submissiveness is not our heritage. Our constitution was designed to allow rebellion to remain as our heritage. The Constitution was designed to keep government OFF THE BACKS OF THE PEOPLE. The Constitution was added to keep the precincts of belief and expression, of the press, of political and social activities free from surveillance. The constitution was designed to keep AGENTS OF GOVERNMENT and official eavesdroppers away from assemblies of people. the aim was to allow men to be FREE AND INDEPENDENT AND TO ASSERT THEIR RIGHTS AGAINST (CORRUPT) GOVERNMENT.” :mrgreen:

  22. Lang Sal
    October 7, 2014

    I think he said that for the Grand Fond Road and it’s still not finished yet. The new hotel in Portsmouth is still not finished yet.
    Must I continue. You can’t shake a man’s confidence, no matter how “Mad” he sounds at the podium. :lol:

    • JoJo
      October 8, 2014

      Oh, and be sure not to forget that road from Rosalie to Petite Soufriere. Why is he talking about new things when the things he started and are long overdue have not yet finished or abandoned. He must think Dominicans are dummies.

  23. October 7, 2014

    the PM shows little faith in Dominicas work force,how can Dominican s show faith in this PM.every project he had foreign can you lead a people that you have little faith in.time for change?

  24. Ravine
    October 7, 2014

    Dno .. can you please let the public know who the contractor is?

  25. jah
    October 7, 2014

    Excellent work from the Labour party. some of all you in that forum may not like the Labour party administration. However all you cannot discredit the improvement they have done in the country. From roads, housing , fresh and clean water and the Yes we care program. Change is happening in Dominica. It may be at a slow pace but It is happening. Therefore Dominican should be thankful for their many blessings. I also believe if Dominican was helping in the development of their country. Dominica would be in a much better place.

    • Views Expressed
      October 7, 2014

      Jah….., open you eyes and before your attempt to comment and analyse the inefficiency of this corrupt Skerrit lead DLP administration.
      This has nothing to do if we like or do not like the DLP administration………its about Dominica. Skerrit and the so called DLP administration has failed Dominicans and failed the country and has done a dismal job and need to get out….the sooner the better to save Dominica from these inept and corrupt DLP ministers and so called supporters.

      Please consult some people who really know about the processes involved in “meaningful” and “sustainable” development. I have highlighted these two key words for you. ….”meaningful” and “Sustainable”. And please do not attempt to insult us professionals in and out of government of Skerrits RED Clinic handout mentality to address issues of the country and call it development. “Nothing is happening in Dominica”……its a farce.
      Roads in Dominica has not improved, the health is in a state of disrepair, the Chikungunya has been poor managed and made that part of the health ministry with paranoid and in a state of mental health after being attacked by the DLP mosquito. Its dangerous.
      Development calls for leadership and what is keeping Dominica back is Skerrit and his poor operating ministers and blind supporters like yourself.
      The only change happening in Dominica is the big money being made by the big boys in government….it a big villa business going on with sale of our passports .

    • Nac Vibes
      October 7, 2014

      Leave Jah out of your corruption, he doesn’t like it, because he knows who worships in the synagogue of satan.

    • The Facts
      October 7, 2014

      “Dominicans were”
      You are correct.. They should be thankful and count their blessings. Some depend on the government for everything then later say that the government did nothing for the country and nationals. How much can the government always do and without their cooperation?

  26. goo goo gaga
    October 7, 2014

    Isn’t the global economic crisis line getting a bit old PM? Did you miss that the US unemployment rate is now 5.9% lowest since 2008, before the height of the crisis!

    Keep telling the uninformed how lucky they are for potable water…toilet…top-ups, while you and your boys get mansions and swimming pools!

    Your time is up and you confirm it every time you open your mouth!

      October 7, 2014

      ignorance. What does the unemployment rate in the US have to do with the price of a pound of sugar in DA? allu think is in the US allu living?! You need flushing toilets and running water, better schools and roads in DA and that is what the PM is providing.

      • mechanical engineer
        October 7, 2014

        So now one can ask you, what does the world economic crisis has to do with dominica ?

    • The Facts
      October 7, 2014

      We must never cease remembering and talking about the global economic crisis. It is never old and it affects everyone worldwide. Those organizations abroad which assist D/ca in funding, their countries and nationals also experience this economic crisis.
      Is it not something that the PM has the money to provide roads and water at such a cost and under the circumstances? Know that the funding or most of it is not generated from D/can taxpayers’ revenue. Be appreciative, thankful and cease your criticisms.
      Do you not think that those enterprises which provide grants and loans to D/ca have their people, their watchdogs reading the comments? But for the PM and the positive comments of some D/cans, D/ca continues to be a recipient of their compassionate and generous funding. If it were for people as you critics, it would cease for you are not encouraging and grateful to mention a few words. Contemplate on this.

    • Me
      October 8, 2014

      That excuse of global economic crisis ha long been overtaken.
      Let me add to the U.S. unemployment figure the examples of the U.K. – 6.2% (June 2014) and Germany 4.9% (July 2014).
      And to rub salt into the wound Mr. Skerrit, the lowest mortgage rate currently available in the U.K. is 1.49% !!!, fixed till 30 Nov. 2016 after which it rises to only 3.49 % (through renowned bank HSBC). That is lower than Dominica has to pay on its much lauded T-bills (equvalent to 5% per annum). Stop praising yopurself mmr. Skerrit and get working to take this country out of the doldrums.

      • The Facts
        October 9, 2014

        To my knowledge HSBC is no longer operating in the US and Canada. This had something to do with the housing crisis a few years ago in the US. Home buyers paid very little money down and very little interest. When the bubble burst and some lost their jobs, many lost their homes. Some abandoned them and their creditors, the financial institutions took over.
        My household would get brochures from them. They were offering mortgages and personal loans. They closed shop in Canada. I would not brag about the low interest rate. HSBC is exceptional. I hope the same does not occur in the UK. These things take time.

  27. Tri State-Beauty
    October 7, 2014

    “..hen I come back here in Belles as the prime minister of the country again for another five years, I need to come to commission the water in 2015 not 2016. I will be around in 2016 but I want to commission the water in Belles in 2015,” the prime minister said…”

    I doh just talk to you the other day to calm down with this larger than life ego talk. You really think you are in control? Man nothing is promised not even the next second. Why are you so inflated with foolish pride? Who/what has invaded your logic? I guess if you make it to 2016 you will say “I told you all so”. Is there really a GOD-maker and master of the universe? Are there really elements in the universe that control the cycles of life and the law from which all things come they must return or are YOU ROOSEVELT SKERRIT the one in CONTROL? MY GOD!!

    • The Facts
      October 7, 2014

      He is the Prime Minister of Dominica. He is responsible for providing the funding for the roads and water. It is his responsibility to also ensure that the millions of dollars are well-spent for the roads and the work is completed by the proposed time.
      He rightfully spoke. You know how some people could lag and then those responsible will state they do not have sufficient funds to complete the project.
      Maybe as far as you are concerned, he should ignore it all, not provide those services and funding, if this is what you ungratefully prefer.

  28. Watchman
    October 7, 2014

    Mr. PM please tell us how you doing it! D banana boat come bring containers and go back empty; we export nothing ! so where are you getting D millions you use to play politics?

    We are giving you the chance to tell us now, if not after election Sir I am sorry for you!!!

  29. Channel 1
    October 7, 2014

    Could somebody please Roosevelt Skerrit on notice and let him know that the day when he will be voted out of office by the electorate is one day closer than it was yesterday.


    • Anonymous
      October 7, 2014

      You are so right! I had reckoned it to be 20 years and 4 days away yesterday, and today, as you so rightly point out, it is 1 day nearer, that is, 20 years and 3 days away! Channel 1 can calculate! Bravo!

      • Channel 1
        October 7, 2014

        @Anonymous – Apparently, you is mad people relative….

  30. October 7, 2014

    every were this pm goes he say the same thing when ever he give the money, he say people will com and tell you, and they say, but he cannot say who say it,

  31. Amba Massive
    October 7, 2014

    I hope this water project don’t turn out like the one in Penville and Amba. Someone needs to start an investigation into this water project. i have never seen such nonsense. I don’t care about UWP or DLP something have to be done about this project the people of Penville and Amba have suffered enough. The system we had was bad but this one is 100 times worst. What i don’t understand is they are paving the roads with the bad work underneath it. PM we are begging you please look into the water system in Amba and Penville. We have people coming to Dominica for the creole festival and they should go and bathe in the river by choice.

  32. Vieille-case voice
    October 7, 2014

    Mr. Skerrit, you forgot to mention the name of the contractor. Was that deliberate or just one of those clever ommisions? I hope cris is not the contractor because you would know better.

    • ...........
      October 7, 2014

      Who else you expect to be contractor in this period of buying votes.

    • aa
      October 8, 2014

      Thank you DNO for allowing me the space. That chris guy is a BIG embarrassment to the PM. We must take a close look at the illegal activities he is part off.

  33. Itassi Too
    October 7, 2014

    Mr. Skerrit, before you go right Belles why don’t you tell us about the Amba /Penville water project? After all, that’s your constituency and the contractor was and is your # 1 friend and he is from Vieille- Case as well. Here are some questions we need you to truthfully answer Mr. Skerrit:

    1. How qualified was your friend who got that multi million dollar project?
    2. As a person with knowledge of contracts myself, why was there not warranty on the said water project? If there was indeed warranty, then why was your friend not asked to honor the terms of the contract since DOWASCO had to do it over on a new contract.
    3. Sir, you have cautioned the Belles contractor to work within the stipulated time frame estimated for the project and to stay within their budget. Mr. Skerrit, It is no secret that the Penville / Amba water project was delayed by your contractor friend, for over 1 year, and another contract was signed with Dowasco because the first contract with you friend failed and never delivered. Do you remember that disaster sir?
    4. Here is part of a Script by Tarnia Green, GIS – posted by DNO on Monday, July 15th, 2013 at 3:18 PM. ” Meantime the Prime Minister said work on the Penville water supply continues with new pipes to be installed soon on sections of the Penville road. The new pipes were cleared at the port last week.” Mr Skerrit, what you did not tell us was the reason for the new pipes since at the time of this speech, the original pipes were still very new and your friend had not delivered the project and never did, although he got paid for it.
    5.. Why was your friend who was the original contractor, allow to go to London England knowing well that : a) he was already paid by the government for the water project B) The project was not completed and was a disaster C) He was not allowed to repair and deliver the project D) A new contract had to be signed with DOWASCO.
    6. Was any corrupt practice involved?
    7. Did MR. Skerrit himself had any part or shares on the said project? Just asking sir!

    Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit made the

    • JoJo
      October 7, 2014

      Yes Sir, Dominica is pregnant with questions! More questions than answers, pictures in my mind that will not show…(credit to Johnny Nash, just in case Tony accuse me of plagiarism)

  34. solution2dispolute
    October 7, 2014

    yes mr pm it looks like you in charge of your live..i”ll be there in 2015 and 2016 as pm..pls note sir the late PIERRE CHARLES used some words to that effect..i”ll be there for the LONG HAUL..and we all knew the skerrit pls be humble..u not INCONTROL of the AIR you BREATHE..NEITHER IS ANYONE OF US..i can understand power going up in ure head but when u speak bare in mind their is a MUCH GREATER POWER….

    • The Facts
      October 7, 2014

      Think of yourself. Neither you do.

  35. Anonymous
    October 7, 2014

    papa Noel bag getting empty man. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha

  36. Ma Moses
    October 7, 2014

    They said that about the contractor for the pont Case to Hatton Garden road two years ago and it is till not finished and well over budget. The same for the Morocco hotel. I hope you are right this time P.M. but forgive me if I’m cynical.

  37. Change is a must
    October 7, 2014

    Was this project tendered?
    Who won the contract. The PM is silent on the contractor. SAY WHO THE CONTRACTOR IS…
    Is it really necessary to spend $4.7 mill on a water system for Bells?
    It rains everyday in Bells. Is it not more economical to build of buy water tanks for the 200-300 households in the Bells?
    This would not cost more than $200,000
    Why waste the limited financial resources for a few votes?
    The money would be better spent creating sustainable jobs for the people of Bells…That community need help in capacity building for development..
    The water will be piped form Pond Casse. This means that the newly surfaced road has to be dug up. At what cost to repair.

  38. young fella
    October 7, 2014

    lol skerite say he have or we have to try to stretch the dollar lol hah. election coming he trying to see what he can do for the whole of the country hahah. who tell skerite he going to be there in 2016????? ahahah man pack your bag and start running lol. now u want to come and do thing for people mr skerite? all these years? do hustle those contractors to finish no project because it wouldnt finnish befor election we were aking u too help us 14 years ago and is now u hustling to do all projects . nothing u do now mr skerite will make u win this election . u must go and after u go we will make sure that there is no more labour party cause u all will be dealt with in a vigorous robust way.calll it norrrrrrr!!!! u must calll it!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous555
      October 7, 2014

      doh worry my fren wen we calll iitt ….and we back in the game hope u’ll say call it norrrrr!!!! u must Calll itllll

    • JoJo
      October 7, 2014

      Watch him! he is stretching the dollar so much it soon will be bitcoin. And I’m not joking either.

  39. Anonymous
    October 7, 2014

    A very confident orator. Very interesting Sir

  40. Anonymous555
    October 7, 2014

    great honorable pm at least we are working on the infrastructure now ,then our next five years in government will be the economy so that dominica can be the best place to live ,the best place to work and the best to enjoy life….cause i know that you ar doin your best …stay focus sir….God Bless You PM

    • Malgraysa
      October 7, 2014

      Even you can not stay away from plagiarism like your master? The best place to live, the best place to work the best place to enjoy life. I’m glad you agree with mr. Linton at least on that. malgraysa

  41. nash
    October 7, 2014

    Papa met see how the PM talking like is little children he talking to. So wat is a land slide come and damage some pipes? He not going to spend the extra and fix them back?
    Am children listen to your father before me make all u work and don’t pay. Lol

    • stop the politics
      October 7, 2014

      do not be silly a landslide is unforeseen curcumstances the pm is refering to deleberate acts by the employees and contractors to waste time and resources and increase the cost of the project without reasonable justification. stop you all hypocricy and hate for the pm trying to think negative on all statements he makes.

  42. Layba
    October 7, 2014

    Yes, yes, yes! 8)

    • JoJo
      October 7, 2014

      You, sounding like someone on heat Is that the effect the P.M. have on you? No wonder you’re out of control.

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