PM Skerrit says ‘significant progress’ made one year after Maria

Photo shows that Dominica has been bouncing back since Hurricane Maria

One year after Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has said the island has made significant progress in recovering.

In an interview with state-owned DBS Radio, Skerrit said the island’s recovery is on course.

“I think, all things considered, we have made considerable progress,” he stated. “We have been able to get back all our schools functional, we have been able to get electricity and water back to every community in the country, we have been able to help thousands of citizens have their homes recovered and repaired. We have signed contracts for several hundreds of housing units, some of them have been constructed or are under construction.”

He stated that consideration has to be taken that drawings for the units had to be done, private lands had to be acquired and in some surveys had to be made.

“We were able to all of those things in a quick period of time to get work started and many parts of the country we have been able to build homes for citizens and there are many homes under construction,” he stated.

The Prime Minister said the country’s agricultural sector is back in full gear.

“We are exporting agricultural produce to our various markets,” he said. “Business activity in Dominica is largely back to normal, so one can say there has been tremendous progress and we have been able to mobilize the international and regional community to our assistance and there are commitments to significant sums of funds to assist in building the world’s first climate resilient nation.”

Skerrit said a number of projects in the tourism sector are underway.

“All of the hotels continue with their reconstruction efforts,” he stated. “Fort Young is not only doing improvements, but it is also expanding. Jungle Bay is moving full steam, I expect it to open early next year, the first 60 rooms. The Marriot is on stream, construction is moving apace. In Portsmouth, the Kempinski is moving apace and is set to be open next year.”

However, the Prime Minister said a number of challenges lie ahead.

“You will always have challenges, far more after a category 5 hurricane that impacted every facet of our society,” he stated.

He said even independent observers have recognized efforts made after the hurricane.

“And one has to appreciate too, all of what we have been able to do thus far, not all of it but a lot of it, I daresay most of what we have been able to do thus far has been done utilizing our own resources,” the Prime Minister said. “We made progress but I am a person, the more we’ve done, the more I would like to see done. That’s my approach to anything I do, including the running of the country.”

He noted all Dominicans have to be thankful to God for where the country is today.

“Do I see the glass full or half empty? I see the glass half full and it is a matter for us now to keep pouring into this glass to the point where we get to the brim and we would have addressed significantly all issues confronting our country,” Skerrit remarked.

Thirty-one people have been confirmed dead and 34 missing in the wake of the hurricane.

According to the World Bank, total damages and losses were estimated at US$1.37 billion or 226 percent of GDP. The greatest damages were in housing and transport, with more than 4,500 houses destroyed and 20,000 partially damaged, and many roads and bridges affected and covered by trees and flooded debris. The agriculture sector had the largest losses, with 80 to 100 percent of crops destroyed.

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  1. September 18, 2018

    This pic doesn’t show new development,It shows you guys moved hurricane Maria debri and clean the place no new insfrustrator, Mr. PM you said the Roseau enhancement project will commence this month,I hope is not a false promise.You guys talk more less action.We’re tired of this crap.

  2. DA Fails
    September 18, 2018

    I remember I meet two fellaz volleying de tires on that van while I was lootin nasief :lol: :lol: Allu not e z

  3. Hurricane Skerrit
    September 18, 2018

    @??????? aka question marks, where and how did I criticize the pm? Since when stating facts is criticising a person? No, I did not say Skerrit caused the hurricane though I believe he contributed to the damage. It’s madness to see a PM dismantle public works that would always ensure all drains on island and all culverts were clean so water could flow, only to replace them with his own boys. I saw with my eyes his boys cutting branches and dump them right in the river mouth. That’s how he contributed to the distruction. It’s a fact that Skerrit caused Ross to leave Dominica and did nothing to try to keep them. No serious government would allow Ross to walk out just like that after 40 yrs and be the one to jump on the radio defending them. After 40 yrs? If a fruitful marriage broke up after 20 yrs the court decides who owes who. Our pm defending them? Hmmmm. I don’t criticize him by saying he caused over 300 jobs to leave our country. Only in Dominica this thing happens

  4. Give thanks
    September 18, 2018

    Since Maria I have noticed a number of our trees that were brown, now looking green and no one ever had to prune them or give them fertilizer. In fact I have eaten fruits from trees that looked dead. I also noticed a number of our bushes and grass that were brown are now tall and green, with no help from ma. Nature healed itself and no one, except God should seek glory . I noticed a number of houses that were to and completely destroyed are now back with a roof and that would have happened regardless of who was the PM or where Maria had destroyed. Thank God for the world bank, friendly governments and orther organizations that came down to help us. Had it not been for their help we would be in a mess. We have lights, water and phone service back so we give thanks. So we have recovered but have recovered. However, our future looks very dark as PM put his personal interest ahead of country. There was no need to by Isaac and let Ross go. With a more serious government we would be better

  5. d-a born
    September 18, 2018

    debris cleaned off street = progress


  6. Man bites dogs
    September 18, 2018

    I Really feel sorry for those so-called workers supporters their brains if any is not functioning properly to be writing such pathetic comments on DNO every day of the week like that, even their leader is none the better, this people are so wicked and stupid they really think Dominica is the only place in the world.Well i be dam! I’m not educated but even i know there are places other than Dominica, apart from that I’m not a bible basher but please God help those blue Rattle snakes that’s misbehaving badly and all together wicked senseless people.

    • Me
      September 18, 2018

      Have you got rabies?

      • Neville
        September 19, 2018

        Yes, he or she got it bad. He/she also suffers from a bad and persistent strain of that Red Feaver.

    • viewsexpressed
      September 19, 2018

      I Really feel sorry for those so-called Labour ridiculous Blind workers supporters as their brains if any at all has not been functioning properly for over 18 years now to be writing such pathetic comments on DNO every day of the week like that. Even their failed inept leader is none the better,…that we all know for sure.
      That leader is a big failure, has been hopeless and has not got the integrity and foresight to lead Domininca. Skerrit has failed us and for 18 years a big failure and any man who bites dogs, well you know who their company is, it is only woof woof language we hear off. Skerrit must Go and his long ailing followers must wake up and smell the coffee and the corruption.
      Skerrit Must Go. He and his corrupt Red Clinic and Bib Bobol government has failed us big time. Good Bye

    • Paul Rossnof
      September 21, 2018

      Don’t feel sorry for them, feel sorry for yourself!

  7. viewsexpressed
    September 18, 2018

    A street with Debris in it after a hurricane which automatically must be cleaned up. Skerrit considerate this significant improvements…what rubbish talk?….What happen Skerrit is losing it or what, or has he already lost it? Eighteen years for any immature person, man or woman or child to be in office at that level is a big set back for any undeveloped island or country. Our island has been ravaged by Hurricanes, David, Hurricane labour, hurricane Skerrit & Hurricane Boom flies. Our island is in a state of disrepair under this clownish, corrupt Labour government led by a very incompetent Prime Minister ably support by eighteen immature political clowns happy to embrace and defend corrupt and incompetence. Labour you have failed under Skerrit and its 18 immature ministers. Kick them out.
    We are voting in Hon Lennox Linton and is ably supportive professional UWP Team..
    Skerrit and his failed band must Go.
    The biggest Debris to clean up Domininca is that of the corrupt Labour Party

  8. Ibo France
    September 18, 2018

    The telltale signs of a well governed country in my honest opinion are:
    A) A buoyant economy that produces jobs of livable wages for most citizens who are willing to work.
    B) Adequate nutritional and medical needs of the people
    C) Low levels of corruption and a government that is highly transparent and responsive
    D) Proper security and a first rate education system
    E) Political cohesion in society
    These are just a few signs of a well managed country from an exhaustive list.
    Until Dominica can rise above political tyranny, opaqueness in government, petty political squabbles, victimization and marginalization of political opponents, corrupt practices, the people’s fate will be permanently sealed. Skerrit and his loyalists are incapable of producing the deliverables mentioned previously (A,B,C,D,E) as the status quo fits right into their selfish and greedy narrative.

  9. Carrotop
    September 18, 2018

    Is internet back yet? :(

    • September 18, 2018

      I asked Cable & Wireless this morning, when can I realistically expect to be reconnected to land-line telephone and broadband. I am located at Antrim, which falls within Canefield. I was told maybe by Christmas, but more likely into next year.

      Although the same source had previously led to believe July, August, September, October this year, they now tell me that they want to make sure they get it right! Hence the delay.

      By the way, the lines will still be carried on “climate resilient” poles.

  10. zandoli
    September 18, 2018

    Missing from the progress report is any mention of where are the west and east coast bridges going to be rebuilt?

  11. ???????????
    September 18, 2018

    There are more pictures on other websites – look and compare, then you can comment

    • viewsexpressed
      September 19, 2018

      ????????????????????????????don’t be ridiculous and comical………………………this island under Skerrit is a failure under your failed Skerrit and corrupt labour government. the Red Clinic is a forgery that took place. where have you been, in denial or a highly hypocrite? Where do you stand, for Skerrit the failed Pm, or for Domininca, this ailing and impoverish island of us. This Labour government is corrupt, inept, worthless, illiterate. You know nothing of development nd I can tell you from I stand or sit with other Civil Service employees that we al know with top brass from the top that Skerrit has failed. And the mote you talk ad write rubbish the more you place Skerrit at the bottomless corrupt pit. You all got hi there , you all deal with him, but we want in out, Go, good bye. adios, allez. Skerrit must go, the worse Leader in the Caribbean.

  12. Price of progress is LOW
    September 18, 2018

    Well if losing Ross University, over 300 jobs, and over $25 million dollars into our economy Skerrit calls it progress then yes, we have made significant progress.

    If bribing Judas Iscariot is progress, then yes we have made significant progress.

    If causing the US to punish us by forcing us to go to Barbados to get a US visa renewed, while neighboring islands like St. Lucia, can simply do it online and then mail their US passport to the embassy; if that’s Skerrit’s definition of progress, then yes, we have made significant progress. Skerrit’s definition of progress reminds me of this song by King Austin

    • Paul Rossnof
      September 19, 2018

      Skerrit makes these stupid statement and the DLP supporters nod like donkeys. Next week they get a little envelope in the financial centre for all their efforts. It’s unbelievable, really!!

  13. %
    September 18, 2018

    Skerrit you are blowing your own lazy spoilt trumpet.Disgraceful performance one year after Maria. I Your greatest success has been division of the people,and the marginalising of UWP parl reps,believing that it would earn your caretakers votes.Thank God it reversed in your face.You are a quality failure. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 the highest, I would give you a One( 1).You are a disgraceful failure.
    You are on your way out.Lazy and incompetent!
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    Lazy Skerrit Must Go Now

    • Naf
      September 18, 2018

      What you don’t want to see happen in your back yard, you going to see it right on your porch. Calling Skerrit lazy…you’re the lazy man. That’s why your party will never win…you fake. When the election call I could be in Rome I will get on that plane to see to it that your party stay out of power. One year after see all the work that happen in the island after a Category %. And you want to call Skerrit lazy? Full of fakeness.

      • %
        September 19, 2018

        He is lazy,and he is a terrible PM as well as a dunce cat.
        Skerrit Must Go
        Skerrit Must Go
        Lazy Skerrit Must Go Now

  14. jamie
    September 18, 2018

    Cleaning up is a slight piece of the pie and now the countrys infrastructure needs a complete overhaul,where are the millions that has been collected.Skerrit stop the dirty practice,release the monies and get the citizens back to work for themselves,you have turned the place to a beggers,this can not continue.

  15. JAH KAL
    September 18, 2018

    Skerrit Shame on u and your goons u call government its one year after maria u guys should be packing up and leave office not Dominica u guys have alot of questions to answer and pay for the crime u all did to the country.

    • ??????????
      September 18, 2018

      What did u do? Just speaking?

      • JAH KAL
        September 18, 2018

        I feed you and your family your ungrateful thats what i did.

  16. Hurricane Skerrit
    September 18, 2018

    My God, where is the significant progress Pm? Well yes because since Maria Skerrit added Joseph Isaac to his team and he also succeeded in getting rid of Ross University and over 300 jobs. Thanks to the American purse, the world bank and other friendly governments most roofs are up. But that’s recovery be and not progress. Have we recovered some? I would say yes. But have we made progress? Absolutely not! How can we make progress when so many people have to depend on the government? How have we made progress since Maria when just last week Skerrit caused the US to punish us?Howes he say we have made progress when so many restaurants and bars around Ross Bld are closed and so many people that once went to work ever morning do not have a job, thanks to hurricane Skerrit that blew Ross University away? Honestly speaking you know who can boast of progress since March? Barbados and advisors of Skerrit’ that are all Bajans. The truth is since Maria we have regressed

    • ??????????
      September 18, 2018

      Where is your gratefulness? Are you here? Well if stop speaking and start working where the Government falls short. Did u see the whole island devastation? I know you say that the PM caused the hurricane too. Have you been reading or listening to the World News? Make yourself available so they will start depending on you instead. Talking and criticizing someone who is doing something is not gonna help the country. Instead of Speaking, go look in your neigborhood and see whom you can help. By the way your comments does not help anyone to feel good. It only spreads gloom and doom. Cheer up my brother , I don’t know for you but I can safely say we have progressed compared to the devastation I saw after Hurricane Maria struck. Min you too, I have seen the devastation in the countryside too. Roads, houses etc but again we still have to do more but you need to do your part not with your mouth but with your hands.

      • RandyX
        September 18, 2018

        Gratefulness??? For what??? You are the biggest red joker I’ve come across in quite some time. It’s as if I would say thank you to the thief that relieved me of my wallet! You red apologists better start thinking. The days of YOUR PM are coming to an end rapidly.

      • viewsexpressed
        September 19, 2018

        Gratefulness….???..My dirt labour shoe – foot. This is where the Un- Gratefulness lies:
        1. Bin Bobol, 2. Fertilizer Bobol, 3. Fraudulent Red Clinic (Voleur), Failed economy, 4. Waste of time 18 minister, 5. Abuse of states funds, 6. Abuse of funds sent to loyalist poor by courier, 7. The abuse of the Welfare Division and its professional Welfare officers, where they are and have been by passed and ignored of their professional roles and created scouts to distributed money to bind loyalist for votes. This Labour government appears fraudulent, empty minded, idiotic in tier behaviour, champions of deceitfulness and has embarrassed of nature island, Domininca.
        These bunch of worthless Labour government and their idiotic blind supports and loyalist must Go. And thi clown is asking , “Where is the Gratefulness?”. Well I operate within the Financial Centre, I talk with top brass blind and scared to what is happening, because they are scared to lose their jobs, but they know Skerrit…

  17. Yes Fada!
    September 18, 2018

    This is not in critic to the PM’s interview … this is in critic to DNO’s lackadaisical reporting. Which I see every day, mind you, but choosing to comment now. Does your caption for the photos at the head of this news item, “Photo shows that Dominica has been bouncing back since Hurricane Maria”, even relate? Can Admin tell me WHAT in these before and after photos depict Dominica’s bouncing back? Clearing of the debris on Bayfront? Cause in all fairness, that’s what they show. Maybe I’m blind… or daft … please tell me. As a medium which prides itself in the name Dominica News Online, y’all really need to be more efficient at your job. I’m waiting to be labelled as petty.

    • Agirl
      September 18, 2018

      Agreed Yes Fada!

  18. Roger
    September 18, 2018

    Compared to the picture above I agree with the statement ‘significant progress made one year after Maria’; but overall, in Dominica, if you asked me, my answer is “HELL NO”!!. I was in Dominica 2 months after the storm and again in the summer and not much has changed except telephone land lines and electricity are in place. And mind you, that is in some areas. Still no street lights and no work. People used to get up in the morning with a purpose, somewhere to go, something to do or look forward to; now that is a thing of the past. Now all the men are on the road side during the day, sewo-ing evenings and weekends and the few young women who can find work are working. This is the reality people. This is the NEW WORLD ORDER. WELCOME TO THE NEW DOMINICA

    • ????????
      September 18, 2018

      roger there is work for men on the roadside! There is a lot of work for the other women too. Most of them prefer to seewo on evenings and weekends because they are the ones who have no purpose. Not the Government to be blamed. And I am satisfied with the progress made. HHV Whitchurch have reopenned after the effects of Human Hurricane Maria. A lot of buildings have been covered. There is a need for more contractors and workers (The roadside seating, marijuana smoking, lazy young men). In some areas , one cannot even see all the tarps any more. So what has been your contribution since Hurricane Maria? Perhaps you can adopt someone who needs to rebuild a house and see if you can convince some of the roadside men, seewoers and do something tangible Roger. Then talk!

      • viewsexpressed
        September 19, 2018

        ???????????? Don’t be an open idiotic contributor. Go open your mind and think and read before your respond… …..we state again that this corrupt Labour Government is to be Blamed. You leave your house dirty, you bring guests in and you wanna blame your guests for the dirtiness you have left. This is what Skerrit is and his corru0t government s doing . They blame everyone else of this big time failure. Skerrit, you just go, that is what Mr ?????????????????????? must go tell his worthless and useless PM. He must Go, he has failed us and we need the audit for the Bin Bobol and Fertilizer Bobol etc etc.. There is more, from where I sit, My colleagues know and will on day be revealed. That is what we civil servants are desperately waiting for.
        Skerrit must Go and he may go ask ??????????????????????

  19. DC
    September 18, 2018

    PM, you have done a remarkable job. I remember going to Roseau three months after the Hurricane and I was amazed at the progress. I paused for a moment and then said to myself, my support for the PM is strengthened. PM, you have been faced with the most difficult challenges during your reign and has stood up to every challenge. It gives me joy to know that we have such a leader, and I vow to support you through thick and thin. You have earned it. May the Almighty continue to give you the strength as you continue on the journey which will get bumpy at times. Fellow Dominicans, hold strong! One Love!

    • jamie
      September 18, 2018

      Skerrit is not God thank the almighty for all what he has done,yet Skerrit does not get it,Maria was a wake up call for all the corruption and unfairness to most of the citizens,praise the almight first not Skerrit.Dominica needs help and Skerrit is not the savior.

      • Me
        September 18, 2018

        This is a spelling misstake. Jamie meant to say savory

      • Hinata
        September 19, 2018

        she never said Skerrit was God

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