PM Skerrit wants Dominicans to appreciate nation building efforts

Skerrit said it is the nation's responsibility to assist the less fortunate
Skerrit said it is the nation’s responsibility to assist the less fortunate

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, wants Dominicans to be more appreciative of the efforts made by the Labour Party Administration in the quest to build the nation.

At the recently launched Loubiere Reunion 2014, Skerrit stated that while several criticize social programmes introduced by Government to assist the plight of the less fortunate, it is the nation’s responsibility to take care of those who are unable to do so themselves.

Skerrit noted that even in challenging times Government has been able to maintain and extend social programmes and for this the nation should be grateful.

“People must appreciate what this Government has done for Dominica because when we looked back ten years ago, our country was in a very difficult state,” he said. “We have had to rescue this economy, introduce many social programmes and also ensured that the economy remained afloat amidst all that is going on in the world. We can still pay our bills and we can still provide for our people in a reasonable manner.”

Even in a time when larger economies in the region are forced to reduce the size of their public service, Skerrit is thankful that his Government could add 400 individuals to the work force through the National Employment Programme and soon expects to employ another 300.

“We have not sent home from the public service, one person. As a matter of fact, we had added through the National Employment Programme about 400 young people who the state is paying salaries for every single month. We intend to employ an additional three hundred in the next month or two,” he said.

Skerrit urged Loubiere constituents that as they come together to celebrate as a community they should also recognize the efforts of the Government and celebrate the nation’s successes as well.

“As we celebrate our community, we can also celebrate our country and what we have been able to achieve together in a very, very difficult period. We all must be grateful for this and recognize the efforts of the Government,” the prime minister said.

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  1. Sochi Olympics
    March 19, 2014

    Weakened worrior or weekend worrior, I do not want you any more. As you make your bed, so you lie on it; so continue with your easydoor. You one eating all and only you one can sheet all. Please advise superior sing, who planned the continuous sheeting for the villas roofing, to construct a china toilet beneath your vehicle seat. You are eating all. Please do not forget to cottonize the nostrils of the driver.
    Shame on you man!

  2. DD
    March 19, 2014

    I totally agree I left Dominica in 1991 and went back several years later and was appalled at what happened to agriculture and fisheries ..the things that sustained the outlying villages, the destruction by the goevernment and the isolation of the youths with no aspiration but a long alcohol and drub related problems, It is truly sad what has happened in Dominca. As a physician, i visited the roseau clinic and the hopsital and it brought tears to my eyes, especially when i saw the government palace being built. how can our people be so gullible.

    take a drive to most communities – the roads may look nicer but peel back the layers and you see misery. yes the DLP supporters have bigger houses etc and it is clearly visible that most have sold their souls for a drink or a piece of land….SHAME ON YOU SKERITT

  3. burtdave
    March 19, 2014

    Nation building must be equitable and as such must give each citizen the opportunity to improve themselves. Nation building cannot be focused on a few such as government ministers and those close to them. People who once had savings for later days have to use it up for present days, the number of houses that are repossessed by the banks while government ministers within the three terms in government can own three houses, 100 thousand dollars plus vehicles, heavy equipments to compete with other persons involved in the heavy equipment business, the kick backs especially on projects involving the ministry of comm and works for which we the tax payers still have to pay. Tenders that are lower and meets the qualifying requirements are turned down and the party supporter with the heavy equipments is given the jobs although it is much more expensive
    Let us all be involved in nation building without this unfair advantage of some, simply because they are government ministers or friends. WE WILL BE A MUCH BETTER NATION IF WE ALL DEVELOP TOGETHER- SEPARATE DEVELOPMENT IS APARTHEID

    • Bogoroy
      March 19, 2014

      Burt, the lowest tender is NOT the necessarily the best criterion for contracting. The lowest tender may be reflective of a number of deficiencies and potential problems in the tenderer’s bid, e.g inaccurate analysis of the project, deliberately under-valuing the service and consequnetly throwing the project into jeopardy when the contractor cannot continue to pay his overhead, etc.

      • Pose Pase
        March 19, 2014

        @ Fake Bogoroy: You seem to know so much but please explain to me the following: Gadarkan took forever to complete the first leg of the Canefield of Marigot road; that is from Canefield to the round about. How then can this government find it fit a give him the contract for the round about to Marigot? Is’nt that strange?
        Secondly why is it that the construction of the bridges was given to offshore M? Do you know the board of directors? Do you know the amount of money Mr. Brisbane made the Government save when the “Toe” for the wall was not constructed by the U.W.I center. Do you know who was the company? How is it that these two companies knowing their bad history is still given jobs? let us talk! Stop playing politics! I hope you answer me.

  4. Roy Williams
    March 19, 2014

    It really unfortunate that a Labor supporter has to use the popularity of my pet name to further his political cause. The fake BogoRoy can write as much as he or she wants, regardless, I am loved by football and carnival fans in Dominica and the Lennox Linton led UWP.

    • Emile Zapatos
      March 19, 2014

      You are trying to ingratiate yourself for a candidacy. UWP has no use for you because you like Dennis Joseph are Extra ungrateful people. Lennox and his two sisters stoned you in 1979 when you were an executive of the DLP,and will do it again because you are a liability to them.
      You want everybody to know you had a pet name “Bogoroy”. Well names or pet names do not belong to anyone unless it is copy write

      • Pose Pase
        March 19, 2014

        @ Emile Zapatos- Go educate yourself and stop playing politics. Do you see that this country is in CRISIS? While you are playing politics please answer me the following: How can a man building his villas and do not know the bank who gave him the loan? How can he not know the contractor’s name? How can he build such a building selling black crabs? What can of installment would somebody pay for a house worth 2.5 million? What would a man salary be for building Three houses in 14 years?
        What can you say on the bin and fertilizer bobol?
        What is your take on all our major projects built by Chinesse?
        How would you rate the section of road( north bound) from fond Cole junction to lynhurst? very BUMPY EH? Is that quality work? Is that what our locals should aspire to?
        Finally your government is spending so much playing politics but what is your take on the NO SIDEWALK in Roseau and Blocked and Dirty drains. Is that good management? Stop playing politics!

  5. hope
    March 19, 2014

    Sir I appreciate the hard work of your team. I thank God for you and pray for you all ever so often. I could not do what you are doing for this land and I really do want to say thank you. people will always find fault but I thank God that as a country he has been good to us in many ways.
    Do not look for gratitude from men … there is little to be had. As you and your team continue to work I will continue to pray for you all.
    Be blessed.

    March 19, 2014

    UWP is the GREENER GRASS Dominicans are rooting for but remember the water bill is higher to keep the grass green. Let us take a look back in time the four and a half years the UWP were in Government what had they done for my country. God will always protect and save his people and we were saved from their destructive pattern in 1999 and we are not going back their. Skerrit was sent by God to save Dominica. We are a God fearing people and we shall not be move……. AMEN

  7. Dominican
    March 19, 2014

    Maybe Dominicans should go back to earlier times when we were ruled by the Europeans these are the only people you guys appear to trust.
    Skerritt is a problem,Linton is a problem Edison James Patrick John was a problem. Many past leaders were problems.

    I say get up and work for yourselves buy coconut make tablet, coconut cheese it is a start. Ronald Mc Donald started making burgers and he is now a millionaire, the same kentucky allyou dying for and making yourselves over weight started as an ordinary man he too became a millionaire, read his story no one helped him just his £20 dollars that helped him to multiply and put his family in good stead.
    I am sick to death at your continuos moaning about the gov the great almighty states in his book that he will help those who help themselves. To those who classify themselves as poor the river is free go and roll the stones find crayfish they are in there in abundance , use coconut milk it is healthier for you than meat
    So sorry but you guys are the most ungrateful people, disrespectful and greedy that i have ever come across in the world . Why does those of you who are wealthy or living comfortably not share your wealth with one another I dare you, but you want the ministers to do so.

    just to enlighten you it is common knowledge that worldwide the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer.
    Stop sitting back and feeling sorry for yourselves. Let their be some artist coming to DA ticket buy long time before food.
    You Dominicans expect everything in your laps rise up and fight for yourselves.
    Allyou like babies feed me,clothe me, bathe me pay my bills.Allyou don’t know what poverty is like read and listen to BBC world news then allyou would know what meze is.

  8. committed Dominican
    March 19, 2014

    How can we build a nation when unscrupulous leaders are at the helm?

  9. March 18, 2014

    you are nothing but a movie star but you are using the poor under educated people of dominica this is exploitaion of the underprivelaged this unfair to your poeple you are not a good leader your time has come you must go you have fool the grandbay people you playing patriot and you sell our rights to a foriegn country change is a must

  10. Simply the Truth
    March 18, 2014

    The truth is the critics are ungrateful because they lack godliness. It shows in your writing, never appreciative. What a way to live in bitterness. You project to the world that you are an unhappy lot through your own doing and exaggeration. Be careful. The day will come when you will eat your words. God is not amused about you.

  11. jah jah
    March 18, 2014

    no man should stay in power so long now its time for change

  12. jah jah
    March 18, 2014

    maria give the cleaner back her money change is a must not an option
    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    March 18, 2014

    Don’t fool all you self; he will still win the next election. Why I say so? is fools he leading.

  14. dafriend
    March 18, 2014

    Rcognize the efforts of the government. Boy you make me laugh every time you open your mouth. What is there to recognise? Nothing, absolutely nothing, zero…
    The only thing we can see is that you and your cronies have become filthy rich on the back of the ordinary people.
    Call an election now and we all we show you how much we appreciate you. Your days in office are numbered, Sir!

  15. angel
    March 18, 2014

    i think dominican s can see some infrastructure changes notably the main roads. my problem is this attitude, this arrogance, this disrespect towards dominicans asking for accountability, clarity, about the allégations of corruption made by the opposition; villas, banking accounts etc… how many dominicans benefit from the big infrastructure put down in dominica? what is (the unemployement like ,the numbers of boats, numbers of business created, population, houses built , sement sales; etc like in dominica before skerrit vs during skerrit

  16. Itassi too
    March 18, 2014

    Mr. Prime Minister, do you know someone I wish to refer to as “BIG STEVE?” You know where he is from? Can you please ask him if his life is better off today than it was 10 yrs ago?
    Mr. Skerrit FYI, when I knew Big Steve, he had acres of banana fields and would sell fig by truck loads. In addition to selling bananas, he had trucks transporting bananas, fertilizer, building material for villagers and he also had other persons working for him. Skerro, I don’t know when last you saw him but if you really want to know how well your programs working, you need to ask big steve.

    • Simply the Truth
      March 18, 2014

      When people are busy working, tilling their land, successful and having a good time, they have no time for God. Our Lord said, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.”
      There is a tendency to blame the government for everything as if the gov’t. contributed to their failure.
      Did big Steve continue to practice his faith and look to God for success and progress?
      Holy Scripture: All things work for good to those who love God.
      The weather may also have had a contributing factor in his failure. I hope he is attending church. If not, inform hiim to do so. God never forsakes anyone. He will always be in control.

    • Bogoroy
      March 19, 2014

      “Can you please ask him if his life is better off today than it was 10 yrs ago?”

      This question is an old question. It is so old that even the UWP leadership hardly asks it anymore as a political tactic because they realize that most Dominicans will claim that their quality of life has significantly increased in the last decade.

      Some are more broke now because the options now available to them force them to go above their means, e.g look at the mobile phone industry today in Dominica and compare it to what it was back then, think of salary sizes back then as compared to now, think of the fact that back then we did not have certain services at the PMH, think of the fact that back then many families spent more to send their kids to school, think of the quality of roads back then and now, think of the fact that back then many communities were without potable water, think also that back then many persons did not own their own house or piece of land, many also did not have a job then, etc, etc.

      Even if you try to heap dirt on Skerrit and his legacy, you must surely quietly concede that he has significantly improved life for most Dominicans. Yes, we need lots more, but any objective assessment must surely celebrate the Supremo and his team.

      Now, doh touffay, i juss sayin it as it is.

      • Bogoroy
        March 19, 2014

        Big Steve may no longer be doing all what you note above (maybe for reasons that have nothing to do with Skerrit), but there are many who did not do any of the above 10 years agon but who are doing so now. Would Big Steve dispute this? No, he would not.

        Would Big Steve also disupte that even 2 years before the UWP left office IMF reports had already begin to describe a DROP the number of banana farmers AND a corresponding drop in banana output? BTW, the UWP i son record in parliament publicly acknowledging that decline under its reign. Since then, however, Big Steve has been given new opportunities for in farming, mainly away from the banana industry. And, what does BIg Steve do with these opportunities? He leases his land to foreigners, he calls Q95 all day to complain, he sits by the roadside and watch foreigners take advantage of these opportunities? I hope he did none of these.

  17. Hmmmmmm
    March 18, 2014

    Mr Prime minister i would like you to do one thing for me as a citizen of Dominica, so that i can really appreciate and participate in nation building efforts. I am a small business owner , I have applied to the Small Business Unit for help for so long and every time i call is just lies ,lies i getting from your people. I am trying to create employment for myself and possibly many more Dominicans and the small business unit seem to not care , your government reported that there is money in the unit to assist , yet it seem like the money is not going to the people who need it. How long do i have to suffer? . Please look into that see how many applications are there and how many people have received assistance. So please , what is there for me to appreciate ? roads , schools , hospitals etc are basic things that every government is responsible for . I want to be self sufficient.

    • Simply the Truth
      March 18, 2014

      You would do well to write personally to your PM. Do you expect your comment to assist you?

      • Hmmmmmm
        March 19, 2014

        (Simply the Truth) I have written to him and send a complete package to him ,when i followed up, they could not find it and referred me to the Small Business unit. I believe the pm or his people does read news on DNO.

  18. Expired cabinet pill
    March 18, 2014

    While Skerrit wants us to appreciate what the DLP has done for Dominica in the past ten years, especially because of the economy that has rocked the entire world, yet he has FAILED to tell us what he and members of his team have been engaged in that have made them sooooo rich during the same time that the world’s economy has crumbled.
    Mr. Skerrit, stop playing your usual games and please tell us what you have been doing to bring you so much personal gain while the rest of us including those that were financially stable prior to you becoming PM have been reduced to poverty. Mr. Skerrit, I am looking at some people that are now depending on your RED CLINIC to feed their children and it hurts my heart because some of these people were not badly off before you became the PM. As a matter of fact I know some of them I use to carry pick-up load of bananas for and my money was always on time. Yet today, as we speak they have absolutely nothing. Is that what you really want me to appreciate? I wish I could tell you what is on my heart but DNO will not allow me

  19. Expired cabinet pill
    March 18, 2014

    Isn’t it strange that Skerrit wants people to appreciate what he has done? What has he done that other national PM’s did not do? Can anyone who is a sincere Dominican even sincere laborite convince me that Dominica is better off today than 10 years ago in 2004? Is Dominica better off today than under the reign of the UWP from 1995-2000? Is Dominica better today than in the days of the DLF from 1980-1995? Is it better today than in the short stay of the Patrick John DLP? As an honest Dominican I can safely say that is the worse I have seen Dominica and yet Skerrit wants us to appreciate him.

    • Simply the Truth
      March 18, 2014

      You are asking some silly questions which make me laugh. Have you been blind and continue to be blind today? How old were you in those days that today you are an adult you have forgotten what D/ca and its situation was like in those days?

      March 19, 2014

      Expired Cabinet Pill stay expired that’s where you belong. Have you seen the ROADS, the HOUSES, the Cars that we Dominicans drive. Where the hell you think some of us get that kind of comfort… by working hard. While some of you just sit on your a… and don’t help to develop our country lazy set of COMPLAINING FOOLS.

    • DD
      March 19, 2014

      I totally agree I left Dominica in 1991 and went back several years later and was appalled at what happened to agriculture and fisheries ..the things that sustained the outlying villages, the destruction by the goevernment and the isolation of the youths with no aspiration but a long alcohol and drub related problems, It is truly sad what has happened in Dominca. As a physician, i visited the roseau clinic and the hopsital and it brought tears to my eyes, especially when i saw the government palace being built. how can our people be so gullible.

      take a drive to most communities – the roads may look nicer but peel back the layers and you see misery. yes the DLP supporters have bigger houses etc and it is clearly visible that most have sold their souls for a drink or a piece of land….SHAME ON YOU SKERITT

  20. Bucket
    March 18, 2014

    Imagine Barrack Obama or any first world country leader telling that to his people.

    The mediocrity Dominicans accept knows no bounds.

    No matter how much you think you have done, is doing, is likely to do – the facts are evident and to measure national development by your own person sentiments as a leader of a country is STUPID and proves, clarifies echoes a lack of understanding and appreciation for the responsibility that you hold!

    There isn’t a day that goes by when my confidence in this PM isn’t diminished.

    • Simply the Truth
      March 18, 2014

      The reason for this is you have made up your mind about this lack of confidence. It may be that you have no confidence in yourself.

      • Ohmy
        March 19, 2014

        STOP supporting COPRUPTION. You are a disgrace to our Catholic faith.
        Why dont you return to live here,since you believe things are sooo much better under your God Skerrit?
        You sit and enjoy your life in Canada while you want to tell our people here what they must say?Go get a life you hear.They in the kitchen so they feel the HEAT.

  21. Truth be Told
    March 18, 2014

    The sad thing is that Mr Prime Minister, no matter how much you and your administration achieve or do for Dominica, you will always be remembered as the most corrupt and inept government that we ever had. No government in the history of Dominica was granted the amount of resources that you have borrowed in Dominica’s name and squandered. Yes you are working building walls, roads and bridges, but never has so much loans, grants and resources been used up to achieve so little!

    • %
      March 18, 2014

      @Truth be Told I have said already his most damning legacy will be the impoverishment of the Dominican people, and the creating in the population a begging mentality or a mendicancy syndrome. But one thing you must remember this is NOT a Labour Party. I CALL THEM A GANG. AS FOR CORRUPTION? This is a topic by itself.

      • Simply the Truth
        March 18, 2014

        You expect him to hand out a few thousand dollars to everyone frequently so as to satisfy you and them?

      • Anonymous
        March 19, 2014

        But you would be lying and people will know that you are lying.

  22. March 18, 2014

    i want a toilet wee

  23. Crushed Laborite
    March 18, 2014

    But what are the efforts made by the DISGUISED Labour Party Administration in the quest to build the nation Skerrit talking about nou? How do you build a nation on social programs? A nation is built by government putting programs in place that will encourage people to invest. When young, healthy, educated people have to depend on handout from their government for survival, you know sooner rather than later the country will collapse as seen by the recent protest in Venezuela, a very rich country. Furthermore Mr. Skerrit if after ten years people’s lives have not improved one bit but instead they have gotton worse, and may very well have to remain on your program for life, unless we vote you out, is sign that your policies are destroying the nation. Not only that but every year more people that were contributing to nation building have been made redundant by you just because you know if you can keep them poor and dependent on you, they are likely to keep you in power. But the truth is, persons want a future and they know very well that if they are to continue the way you have placed them in, they will destroy their very future and that’s why they will take all you have to offer them but when election comes, you will be voted out in style.

  24. ????????????
    March 18, 2014

    Skerrit you do not lead a Labour Party. This is a gang. Real Labourites know that, and many have left. You have failed the dreams, hopes and aspirations of the poor barefooted man.

  25. Bucket
    March 18, 2014

    Imagine Barrack Obama or any first world country leader telling that to his people.

    The mediocrity Dominicans accept knows no bounds.

    No matter how much you think you have done, is doing, is likely to do – the facts are evident and to measure national development by your own person sentiments as a leader of a country is STUPID and proves, clarifies echoes a lack of understanding and appreciation for the responsibility that you hold!

    There isn’t a day that goes by when my confidence in this PM isn’t diminished.

  26. %
    March 18, 2014

    Mr Skerrit i can well understand that you are now losing your head, because you know that the people’s minds are made up, and they are tired of you and WILL vote you out soon. However i have heard noone saying or even trying to say that Social Programmes designed for the poor should stop, or be reduced.
    What i am hearing is that you and the Wicked Labour Party are making the unfortunates among us believe that it is an indiuvidual helping them. THIS IS WRONG AND WICKED, AND IT SHOULD STIOP. The Wicked and Evil Labour Party must also stop parading the unfortunates among us on TV and forcing thenm to say “Thanks God for Skerrit”. It is the States/tax payers money helping them, not Skerrits money.
    I have also heard that GREEDY ONES from the Wicked Labour Party are grabbing what the needy should get. I fully support the comment. What is even more wicked and disgiusting about it, is that when they grab from the poor they are saying it with smiling faces to their friends.
    MOST VOTING DOMINICANS ARE READY AND PREPARED TO KICK YOU OUT SKERRIT,AND your regime will be no more. Wicked men and women will give this blessed land of ours a break,and honest and good men will take over.

  27. Channel 1
    March 18, 2014

    All you, why is Roosevelt crying……..”All you appreciate what I do for all you”….

    Wha happen? Didn’t the UWP do many things for Dominica in its reign from 1995-2000, the very same things the DLP in opposition said to ignore and instead focus on the mirage of corruption(which 14 years later is yet to be proven).

    Now we have bold-faced corruption going on in government, Roosevelt is now coming crying “All you appreciate what I do for all you nuh”…….[maybe so that we could stop focusing on the stench of corruption going on in the government I wonder?].

    Keep on crying Roosevelt. You had better get used to crying because………………..

  28. dichlorodiphenyltric
    March 18, 2014

    De only building going on in Dominica is Skerro Building, he is doing very very well in Dominica, while the masses suffer. :-P

  29. IFF I WUZ
    March 18, 2014

    Parry, I would ask Skeritt what is Dominica’s national debt.Could it be that while Public Servants, the large Cabinet and the many Advisors are not sent home, the national debt and ALBA’s debt could be sky rocketing.

  30. Lougaoo Mem
    March 18, 2014

    What a big joke eh? One who can’t be trusted no further than he can be seen.

  31. hey hey
    March 18, 2014

    appreciate what? and you want us to go to hell

  32. Bogoroy
    March 18, 2014

    PM Skerrit: ““We have had to rescue this economy, introduce many social programmes and also ensured that the economy remained afloat amidst all that is going on in the world. We can still pay our bills and we can still provide for our people in a reasonable manner.”

    And this, sir, is the heart of it all. The DLP has trimphed in leadership while many others flounder. Of course, we have stumbled and teher is still much to do. However, for your stable, prudent, and visionary leadership, Dominica will be forever grateful. Do not be swayed by the opposition. Their role is to seek re-election and so, desperately they will. Stay focused and continue your sterling performance.

    Five more years, comrade!!

  33. March 18, 2014

    This man is a joker.10,000 toilets no jobs for the youth .Closes down the rain forest tram the red clinic full up every week.Talking
    about nation building,well the gap between rich and poor is getting bigger.Mr is a big joker.

  34. Look it in Dominica
    March 18, 2014

    not me with you eh skerrit not me with you… going to all village events to try boost yourself….ah likkle Miss West in St Joseph you come….ah likkle villiage council business in colihaut you there, ah likkle village reunion you there….. ppl didnt even use to see you now you everywhere….what is your plan nuh…..hear you handing out money everywhere you go and still after you gone checks making ding dang……you really think this is ethical Mister PM… programmes aka secretly giving people money to secure they vote for you….thats your strategy, paying people to secure your vote….my hair dresser get 15,000 from you the other day….she just deposit it in her account….when she hear ppl say they not voting for you and you doing to lose election she getting cold sweat cause your ppl you keep giving money just like that realizing if you gone they will lose their secret unethical bread and butter…..hear this nah, you though tired keep secret Minster PM….cause I hear that St Lucia public workers got their salary last month thankfully to you while public workers here cannot get a decent raise……tsk tsk boy look it in Dominica

  35. grell
    March 18, 2014

    keep on foooling the idiots.

  36. Gee.
    March 18, 2014

    Bee, while I don’t agree with the things you don’t appreciate, I do believe that your comments is one of the most civilized and just among those comments so far.. This article is a genuine call to all Dominicans to appreciate the fact of the many works that this government is doing and to just be a bit that too much to ask?! This Government is working and is indeed a working government and no matter how much it does for the country there will always be those who would be ungrateful just for the sake of it, with no apparent reason but there own agenda.. So let us be thankful and very grateful and appreciative for the many positive works that this government continues to do.

    • Bogoroy
      March 18, 2014

      This forum is not one for reason, Gee. In here, we play like the dogs: We bark, we bite, and we hump. No room for niceties here. This is politics, blue-style. I, myself, i go head to head, pound for pound (when i am in the mood). 8) :mrgreen:

  37. S/Bert
    March 18, 2014

    What do we Dominicans expect.

    If you want someone to represent you in court, you are not going to employ a teacher or a nurse right? You would employ a trained legal mind, a lawyer,

    So when you have someone who is responsible for the national purse and is not trained in Business or Finance, the only thing that is going to happen is the country is going to be made bankrupt.

    Hence the lack of jobs, investment, investors, tourism and the rest.

    The only thing I will be grateful for is when this PM is given the boot at the next election.

    This is a life long DLP voter but enough is enough.

    • Bogoroy
      March 18, 2014

      “Life long DLP voter” my toe!

      Sorry, S/Bert, you have a long waiting period ahead of you before you see the back of our PM! While you wait, be sure to stock up on pain killers and anti-diarrhoea meds. You will need them.

      • JoJo
        March 18, 2014

        Well fake Bogoroy, we don’t see the back of Skerrit, we look him straight in the face that makes him nervous and gives him a tick because we looking straight trough him.

    • Dominican Offspring
      March 19, 2014

      Yes, you are right. Make sure you add classes in psychology to the mix because there’s been one heck of a mind game played on the country.

  38. Views Expressed
    March 18, 2014

    Skerro, you should know by now and the responses there are to this outburst of yours that YOU, SKERRO are NOT a champion FOR DEVELOPMENT neither are you a champion for TRUTH
    You know nothing of Loubiere, Ambrose is now threatened and you were begged by the agricultural guy who lives and works in the forestry to come show your face in their planned reunion business. It was Planned just for you to be there. Loubiere people, please DO NOT BE FOOLED it is a face and staged being prepared for Skerro.
    We are sick and tired of your corruption, bobol and abuse of state resources

    Please take note that:


  39. yes I
    March 18, 2014

    i believe in teh labour party of roosie and pierro.
    i do not believe in the labour party of skerrit.
    Skeerit with has hijacked the NAME of the LABOUR party.
    I voted for Roosie, but i will NEVER VOTE FOR YOU

  40. Shameless
    March 18, 2014

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: !

    If you were doing nation building instead of national destruction just maybe we would. However, you have destroyed the very fabric society through lies, deceit, cronyism, nepotism, bobol, injustices, maypole among other despicable acts. Now you begging for recognition? Eh eh, time to go! Adios you to you and the cabal and don’t let the door hit you in a**! Good riddance!!! For when Change Come’s you will get exposed and recognized for who are truly are…

    Assertive, NOT Agressive

  41. shaka Zulu
    March 18, 2014

    Yes it is our responsibility as a nation to help the less fortunate that is why the government had already created a functioning welfare department. However you mr PM has politicized walfare for the illusion that you care. You have disgracefully made some people believe you are there saviour in return you can make yourself wealthy with no consequences. That my friend is not nation building. On the observations of the opposition you start a program for young people bypassing an already established youth welfare divison. The money your are using in this program if i recall was not layed out in last budget presentation.

    A couple months ago you sounded difiant and disrespectfull telling the people u serve is not their damn business where u go and wha agreements you made on their behalf. Even when you show you travel schedules it is full of errors and inconsistencies takeing us for fool. Chinese benifit more finacially from road and stadium construction and now businesses. Only major construction to occur in your constituency in years is your home.
    I must say your speech sound like you trying to plead your case. To late shall be your cry. 14 years was enough

  42. Anonymous
    March 18, 2014

    I’ve got news for you Mr PM.To say the public does not appreciate or understand your governments efforts to help those needy among us,is to not understand or even hear the complaints we are making,because you are so arrogant.
    The complaint has to do with the lack of transparency in the process.Why isn’t the program me to assist the less fortunate not being handled by the Ministry of Community Development?Why must it be a secretive programme done by the Red Clinic, out of your office?Before you came into office all other governments were on record as helping the needy,now your administration has made it a patronage buying programmer full of nepotism. Shame on you sir.All over the world,especially in developed countries agencies are set up to help the less fortunate and these agencies are open to public scrutiny,why don’t you?
    Also to have government as the main creator of jobs is short sighted and short term.Instead it would be more sustainable to use the equivalent value the government is paying in salaries as tax deductions or credits to the private sector to create jobs.Or why can’t we have a mix of part tax credits to the private sector and part for government to employ some young people.
    Because your efforts at helping the less fortunate is so fraught with nepotism and patronage and so short sighted no wonder the track record of your administration is so much based keeping vulnerable Dominicans in a state of dependency.That is bad for the future of the country and its time for change.

  43. Perfect Idiot
    March 18, 2014

    “People must appreciate what this Government has done for Dominica because when we looked back ten years ago, our country was in a very difficult state,” he said. “We have had to rescue this economy, introduce many social programmes and also ensured that the economy remained afloat amidst all that is going on in the world. We can still pay our bills and we can still provide for our people in a reasonable manner.”
    Once again Mr. Skerrit has given us some very good nuggets here so let us look back ten years ago so we could see if we should appreciate “Nation building” or Personal building.

    1.Ten years ago: Dominica Labour Party had been in power for 5 yrs where we lost two very great leaders in the late Rosie Douglas and Pierre Charles. The later Skerrit vowed not to contest the 2005 election with
    2.Ten years ago acting PM Osborne Riviere was sabotaged/overthrown by Skerrit after two days in office.
    3. Ten years ago Skerrit was the minister of sports and youth affairs.
    4.Ten years ago, Skerrit was the owner of NOTHING apart from a car given to him by Rosie. He hardly had a bank statement let alone house.
    5.Ten years ago Skerrit had a salary of $5,000.00, but somehow was able to build a mansion in Vieille-case,.
    6. Ten years ago, most Dominicans earned a salary through agriculture and contributed significantly to the economy of Dominica. Ten years later most have abandoned their farms and are patients of the Red Clinic.
    7. Ten years ago Dominica did not even have a crime rate so to speak. Ten years later the crime rate has so escalated that the government and police commissioner had to introduce TV around the streets of Roseau during our 2014 carnival.
    8. Ten years ago the word knew Dominica as a peaceful country. Ten years later, thanks to the DLP that went about selling passports to just about anyone to the point where Dominica was ridiculed by the world for selling passports to fake Olympians.
    9. Ten years ago Skerrit was an average citizen. Today he is probably the richest Prime Minister in the Caribbean.
    10. Ten years ago Dominica and Dominicans were a proud people. Today Dominica is described by Gary and Angelica di Silvestri, as a country that needs assistance and will accept anything for survival.
    11. Ten years ago, Skerrit, his advisors and top brass of the DLP had nothing. But today as we look around they have ALL become Millionaires.
    So as we can all see, Ten years to date, Skerrit and those around him have done significantly well while Dominica and most of us have been reduced to begging our next meal

  44. FORKIT
    March 18, 2014

    you want people to appreciate nation building efforts and you on radio chastising and taking out maypwie like a lagoon fame maypwie

    • Bogoroy
      March 18, 2014

      When did you last hear this PM “on radio chastising and taking out maypwie like a lagoon fame maypwie.”

      Contarst his record of “chastising and taking out maypwie like a lagoon fame maypwie” with those of his opponents and haters. This PM deserves a medal for the monument of strength, steadfastness, and grit that he has grown to be.

      You guys hate Skerrit so much that you ahve unwittingly helped him to become more resilient, to look more impressive in the eyes of many. Keep on doing what you guys do best: Criticize and tell lies. You are only helping Skerrit!

    • Simply the Truth
      March 18, 2014

      You are doing the same on this Website. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  45. anonymous2
    March 18, 2014

    I haven’t seen any building of the nation. Last I heard, China was in control.

    • Anonymous
      March 19, 2014

      Last time I heard you were wrong….or maybe just lying?

  46. Educator
    March 18, 2014

    I thinks apprenticeship programs are an excellent way to train people (especially the youth) for long-term gainful employment. I also think the government as a crucial part to play in getting these programs off the ground.

    What I disagree with is the manner in which the prime monister is promoting his employment strategy. They should be focused on seeding the programs, but they should in no way be designed as a long term drag on the treasury.

    Get them trained, get them started in industry and then let the companies pay their way forward.

    They way he is presenting the program, he makes it look like he is actively increasing the size of the public payroll. That is not the job of government. Their primary focus is to provide services in the most efficient manner; not bloat the government payroll.

  47. JoJo
    March 18, 2014

    Nobody says we must not help our less fortunate Roosevelt, nobody! it’s just the way you go about things I don’ like, like a one-man show , like an African potentate, a Big Daddy who decides who get what and must never be questionned but we should shut up and be grateful to you if we know what is good for us.
    Everybody inferior to you brother. Well if you want it that way don’t educate our children because they will challenge you.

  48. DA4real
    March 18, 2014

    Yes they should, instead they turn a blind eye. They criticize everything but say they are interested in Country and are patriotic. How can you be patriotic when you are dismissive of your Country’s development? STOP it, STOP it, STOP it. How can you call you Country a Colony of beggars and want the beggars to vote for you? You claim to want to help Dominica but is not doing anything independently but just waiting for when you get in power. When employers are employing, they want to see your experience and as we know in most cases people don’t get the job without experience. So show me you experience in nation building not destroying and I will vote for you.

    • Views Expressed
      March 18, 2014

      what are talking about…..? Please tell us, what is it you are really saying or trying to say.

      We know bobol when we se it and we know positive development when we see it and feel it, but we are being abused by this government, please wake smell the bobol, smell the coffee, smell the corruption…..smell the abuse of poor people.

  49. Morihei Ueshiba
    March 18, 2014

    Skerro, what have you really done for Dominica? What have you done to stop inflation from damaging savers?
    What development skerro? Dominica is behind St.Lucia, St.Vincent, Grenada and St.Kitts.
    Skerro u are a big dissapointment. You are insulting Dominicans individual freedom & liberty with your VAT and other taxes making us live like serfs, where you bluntly claim that we are not the rightful owner of the results of our own efforts. You skerro have a superior right to the results of our own efforts. Modern slavery in Dominica. As political history shows so succinctly, the Classical Economists in their own day stood firmly upon the ground of individual freedom and liberty, based on the right of property.
    There is, in the vast fields of human knowledge, knowledge which is truly timeless. An example is
    Euclid’s geometry (it works as well now as it did then). Another is Aristotle’s seven works on logic,
    known as The Organon, meaning “the instrument” (of rational thought). Today there is Locke, Smith, Ricardo and especially the great Austrians, led by Ludwig von Mises. All this knowledge EXISTS. The centre pivot of both political freedom and liberty as well as economic freedom and liberty is contained in a statement from John Locke:
    “Men have a natural right to their lives, liberty and estate.” For as long as you do NOT have the right of property in the results of your own efforts, for just that long, in political terms, you are a SERF, you skerro have made Dominicans serfs in their own land. A Serf is simply a slave who has been sent out in the world to earn his own living,
    without having been released by his owner from the necessity of still being, as well as producing, his
    owner’s economic livelihood.
    Skerro, where freedom does NOT “reign”, the destruction of human potential is most perverse.

    • LawieBawie
      March 19, 2014

      Really??? Are you trying to dazzle us with your brillance and knowledge of trailblazers??? You need to do better than that to convince me that this government has not done many good things for Dominica. I live on Anguilla and have lived in Barbados, Jamaica and England during my short lifetime. My job also takes me to a few other countries both inside and outside this region on a regular basis. When I compare Dominica to many of the other islands in the Caribbean, what I see is steady progress for us while many of our counterparts are stuck in limbo with some of them even retrogressing. Some islands in the Caribbean are blessed with a much kinder topography than we have or other resources such as white sand, natural gas, oil etc.which we don’t have and therefore they will excel. However Dominica has done well with what little she has.

  50. Bee
    March 18, 2014

    Skerro don’t get me wrong I do appreciate the nation building that’s going on. The problem is that there are lots of things going on that I don’t appreciate.

    I don’t appreciate your attitude that you above the law or that you do not have to answer to us when questions are posed.

    I don’t appreciate that you wont allow the election commission or the IPO to run independent of your influence

    I don’t appreciate that you bypass your palreps when community development funds are going around so that you continue to get all the praise and that the good constituents will continue to say that is skerrit the voting and not the lazy parl reps.

    I don’t appreciate that the labour force is mainly Chinese

    I don’t appreciate that you participate and encourage ………… to continue to bash and degrade citizens for not supporting u

    There are so many things that I don’t appreciate i could go on and on but never fear i do appreciate the little that you do

    • Bogoroy
      March 18, 2014

      Lol, Bee, you truly reside in a foreign land call Beedom. I am sure that not even you take your post seriously.

      Thanks for the chuckle! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      • FORKIT
        March 18, 2014

        I know bogoroy, and you are not him, you are just a coward keyboard expert using other people name.
        create your own

  51. Maria
    March 18, 2014

    I agree, after all it could always be worse. Unfortunately, a lot of our people are ungrateful, so no matter what anyone does they will criticize. Focus on the positive my people. Remember the saying “The grass is not always greener on the other side”.

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