PM urges private sector to partner with gov’t to provide opportunities

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has acknowledged that the government has much more work to do to improve the economy and create jobs.

The prime minister described this as a continuous challenge that should also be taken up by other key sectors.

“The private sector and our citizens must partner with the government to create those opportunities,” PM Skerrit said on privately owned radio station Kairi FM on Tuesday (July 10 2012).

He told Kairi’s Heng programme that it was encouraging to see, despite the global economic situation, that “a number of local people are investing in tourism facilities, investing in agriculture”.

He urged people benefiting from their investments to share their success stories.

According to the prime minister, about 90 per cent of the investments in tourism are financed by the AID Bank – the Agricultural Industrial Development Bank.

He cited this as a clear indication that the government was playing a role in promoting investment in the country.

The prime minister, in his role as finance minister, is scheduled to present the country’s 2012/2013 national budget on July 17.

Some in the business community have appealed for the budget to make provision for further job creation to alleviate the current level of unemployment.

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  1. July 11, 2012

    so what is included in that 90% investment. Building at Picard Portsmouth. student facilities for Ross students. Loans into nightclub into citronier. Please let us know.

  2. ship sinking fast
    July 11, 2012

    Where was the private sector in the Rubbish Bin and Fertilizer bobols? Where was the private sector in the signing of the MOU, dealings with China, what is in that MOU? Who thought of the plight of the farmers, whose farms are being abandoned because of neglect for agriculture? Forget it. That budget won’t address their plight.

    Who thought of the NGO’s, Civil Society organisations? To consult, to share information on serious national issues, to respond to questions from citizens, to allow participation of people in their own development is like Gleau benni’ the devil fraid.

    Where have all those passports gone? how have we benefitted from those passport, diplomatic passport sales? Where all the money gone? How comes with the building of fuel tanks by Petro Caribe in Jimmit, electricity bills or fuel at the pumps have not decreased as people were fooled to believe?

    Voodoo economics with Skerritt and his incompetent DLP Govt. borrowing $27 million to build a State Palace and awarding the Chinese the contract, the jobs, while Dominicans remain unemployed? State college building is Chinese. As if those jobs are not for locals anymore. What a disgrace.

    Personal enrichment comes first for the Few in power, with power. The majority of Dominicans could suck salt for all they care.

    The country broke and in a sorry state because of the greed, selfishness, corruption, bad governance, lawlessness, narcissist behaviours of those in opur midst. They continue to talk glibly of working together, but divide and rule is the motto and modus operandi. The standard of living of many, many Dominicans have declined greatly. Is so we like it?

    Only a people mentally enslaved would allow so few to control the lives of so many.

  3. Too much red tape
    July 10, 2012

    Well this is an interesting discussion some ideas are right on the money. We need to get our agriculture sector back up.

  4. Anonymous
    July 10, 2012

    Pardner you not looking at those major economies and learning noffing???

    You doh see already dat d model of outsourcing doesn’t work???

    Instead of trying to urge private sector where you can help your other Fellows pocket all the profits from the Government Contracts why don’t you do an Audit and revitalize the Public Works Department,,,

  5. Jayson
    July 10, 2012

    Three major issues have to be dealt with for Dominica to start progressing forward:



    3.Those effers Domlec

    • 1979
      July 10, 2012

      LOLOL as I have always said, the geothermal project is a great initiative, however this must be done through proper policy, and financing agreements. if we manage to pull this off we would be in a position to (perhaps not dictate) but at least negotiate with domlec for better energy rates. however the pit fall is that, those with ALOT AT STAKE (DOMLEC) AND EVEN MORE INFLUENCE would perhaps not like to see this materialize, they would love to continue to run this energy monopoly on the backs of my poor people…on the other side, whose who would invest in the development of the project would want nothing short of an arm and a leg in return for their financing, they would also want to dictate agreements as to who gets what percentage of share and control, also…. so we are between a rock and a hard place. In this respect all I can say is PROCEED WITH CAUTION. we need a passport holder to negotiate with our french neighbors of a mutually beneficial arrangement whereby we could MAYBE shed surplus energy to them in return for their assistance in financing…. just my two cents…
      it may not be worth much but …………

    • me
      July 10, 2012

      palae palae palae palae

      • 1979
        July 11, 2012

        what? pelau? where? I so like that! :mrgreen:

    July 10, 2012

    The PM is correct. There is indeed much more work to be done not just to improve but to restructure, resurrect, reinvigorate, rebuild, re-energize our stagnant economy and to make priority No.1 job creation. I like that. The PM has the full support of ROSEAU VALLEY on that one. It is actually very refreshing that the PM has acknowledged the above and considers this as paramount in his efforts in tackling the plethora of socio-economic issues that now confront us. He is also right in calling on the private sector and others to play their part in that process. If this is what he means by saying he is presenting a budget of putting people first – then PM, you have the active support of ROSEAU VALLEY.

    One must concur with the PM that once government acknowledges its responsibility and genuinely put in place the environment that is conducive to doing meaningful and productive business in Dominica, the private sector and all citizens must partner with the government to create those opportunities. Dominica is ours to build. This building process is not only for the PM and the Labour Party- albeit at the end of the day they will claim all the praise. But we cannot leave it all up to the government alone. In fact, it is our collective ingenuity, resourcefulness, talents, initiatives, skills and productivity both in the private and public sectors that ought to be our engines of economic growth.

    I must admit, however, that is unclear precisely what investment that the PM may be referring to when he cites increased local investment in tourism facilities and agriculture. It would seem that had this been true, most likely we would not be experiencing such difficult economic conditions and there would be no need for the proposed increase in the VAT.

    Furthermore, it is not quite clear how the 90% of the investments in tourism allegedly financed by the AID Bank is evidence that the government is playing such an active or proactive role in promoting investment in the country. The Aid Bank has been playing that role for many years. It was established for that very reason and we are glad that as a development bank it continues to make a very positive contribution to the development of Dominica. In that regard, the fact, that the AID bank continues to boast of huge profits as the sole development bank in Dominica does not suggest that the bank is exactly playing its role in facilitating investments without the accompanying lowering of its interest rates and making less profits on the backs on Dominicans.

    • 1979
      July 10, 2012

      Your last phrase there HIT IT ON THE HEAD… where is the evidence that suggests Govt is helping to create a conducive environment for entrepreneurship through this 90%, how does that translate or trickle down to the benefit of the small entrepreneur? where are the incentives and concessions?? where are the lower interest rates?? perhaps the instructions to the bank to facilitate small business ventures were lost in translation??


    • 3***
      July 10, 2012

      you have not convinced me that the pm is right in all those words you typed

        July 11, 2012

        I suspect that you have read the lines rather than in between the lines as 1979 obviously did.

  7. Evolved
    July 10, 2012

    Skerrrit obviously has never owned business or worked in the private sector – he speaks from things he obviously hears on television and just assumes that they must be applicable to Dominica as well.

    Who in their right mind would invest in tourism right now? Well over half the loans that the AID bank has made are drastically in default.

    Dominicans deserve what they get.

    VAT increase to 17% coming on July 17th.

    The next level!!!!!!!

    • *****
      July 10, 2012

      and he still telling private sector people to go and paint their hotel…

  8. Asterix
    July 10, 2012

    Wasn’t it this same PM who said a hotelier couldn’t afford to buy paint to paint her hotel? Wasn’t it this same PM who told some other private sector people to go and clean up by the bay if they have no work to do? Wasn’t it a minister in his cabinet who advised Dominicans to boycot a certain private sector interest? Didn’t he support that same cabinet colleague on than boycot? Wasn’t he the one who at one time was at war publicly with a resort owner on the east coast about monies that resort owner owed the government? INTERESTING TIMES

    • I and I
      July 10, 2012

      So what now?Ofcourse he was the one.So what’s your point?If the color is black,he should say it blue?!At the time his words were fitting.INTERESTING TIMES!

      • D
        July 11, 2012

        Were his words fitting or insultive? It’s not like he said these things to prove a point; he was simply getting back at these individuals when they cahllenged what he was doing.

  9. Anonymous
    July 10, 2012

    Amount investing MR. PM what about the amount closed the latter sure out numbers it all

  10. Just Asking
    July 10, 2012

    “The private sector and our citizens must partner with the government to create those opportunities,”

    What if the PM had said, “Government will partner with the Private Sector to create opportunities”? There is a subtle difference, you know.

    Let me explain: The Private Sector is the growth engine of every economy. Governments create only civil service jobs, which are not directly engaged in the production process. It is the responsibility – in fact the obligation – of Governments to create the conditions that will support Private Sector productive activities.

    Governments set the overall economic development plans, but it is the Private Sector that invests to turn these plans into reality. That’s what Governments are for.

    It is therefore, important for Governments to understand that ONLY the Private Sector, the growth engine, can create productive jobs and Governments must take the lead from the Private Sector, not the other way around.

    The above quote should be reversed to acknowledge this reality.

      July 11, 2012

      Very good analysis. You are right but in essence the intent seems to be the same

  11. CIA on the watch
    July 10, 2012

    Is this the same Prime Minister who without consultation with the private sector decided to invest $8million in a failed airline industry that is not expanding or creating any new jobs? Is this the same prime Minister who allow a chosen few in his party who dont create any jobs? How then does he expect the private sector to patner with government with all these questionable deals? In order for the private sector to have confidence in government, the government must first demonstrate competence and then there will be true patnership. Hon. Prime Minister who may wish to consider the later

    • kakabeth
      July 12, 2012

      ASK BUBBLES… :lol: :lol: :lol:

    July 10, 2012

    This is the readers digest version from the PM on Kairi today…vis-a-vis the discussion on Public Sector vs Private Sector.

    While recognizing the differing objectives of the private and the public sectors, and in particular stressing that the responsibility and accountability for sustainable and inclusive development ultimately lie with government, this joint statement recognizes the critical importance of the for-profit private sector1 as a key engine of economic growth, job creation, innovation and sustainable development.

    However, the private sector is now widely acknowledged as a key partner in development, including through establishing new enterprises, creating jobs, providing goods and services, generating income and profits, and contributing to public revenues, which are critical to increasing countries’ self-reliance and sustainable growth. This statement fully recognizes the diverse forms of engagement that the private sector brings to support development, together with governments, donors and civil society. These include core business activities, public private partnerships, social responsibility activities, and cross-sector or multi-stakeholder partnerships for development.

    His comments recognizes the important role played by his government and other public development sectors in enabling and leveraging these private sector activities. It stresses the common objective across all partners to build on the various forms of private sector engagement, including investment, capacity building, inclusive business models, knowledge sharing and innovation and contributions to policy dialogue. It also recognizes the importance of developing more conducive environments for entrepreneurship and private enterprise, domestic market growth, participation in international trade, capital investment and realization of the full potential of human capital in countries.

    Recognizing the private sector as an equal, complementary partner in discussing and identifying solutions and actions to promote development effectiveness, the Goverment of Dominica jointly agree to the five shared principles presented below, and together will consider possibilities for coordinated actions over coming years that would positively impact on development. In promoting such coordination,collaboration and effective country-grounded joint strategies and programming, we seek to turn the diversity of development co-operation actors into an asset for the countries themselves, and not to add to the current complexity and fragmentation of the development landscape.


    1.Inclusive dialogue for building a policy environment conducive to sustainable development
    2.Collective action
    5.Accountability for results

    • 1979
      July 10, 2012

      Great contribution Wikileaks….. VERYYYYYYY REFRESHING.. I must admit, your submission actually helped give a bit more perspective to the article..

      It is very much welcomed and appreciated…

      I applaud the Administration for ACTUALLY taking a look at development internally, as DOMINICANS developing Dominica….

      I BELIEVE that if we SERIOUSLY put your principles into action we CAN BUILD OUR OWN BRIDGES…

      this is what WE THE PEOPLE thirst for, a chance to have a hand in OUR OWN development…

      BRAVO!!! wikileaks TAKE A BOW…

      • 1979
        July 10, 2012

        Let me be first to give you a thumbs up!!!!!

      July 11, 2012

      Hello Prof.. How are you doing? You are slowly becoming a convert and a strong advocate for truth, honesty, clarity and reasonableness. Welcome! In the process of your advocacy for truth, however, please focus just a little longer on the last two principles that you have highlighted i.e., “Transparency and .Accountability for results”. I have no doubt you truly meant what you wrote so perhaps you could share that thought with your PM. I join 1979 in giving thumbs up to you

        July 11, 2012

        I will never be a uwp convert, never ever. I am not for anger, hatred, vindictiveness. Sorry to be this blunt but that the way I see it and thats the way I am calling it.

        This joint statement above is for the working patnership between the public and private sector. SHould they address it on a micro level rather than a macro-economic level thats up to the policy makers.

        I think this joint statement should be paired with some macro-economics goal in mind as this would gives us the economic impetus that we need for growth.

      • 1979
        July 11, 2012

        we don’t want to win you over to any other party Wikileaks, that’s where you have always gotten it wrong….we just want a fair, OPEN and honest government… we cannot take the cloak and dagger friday night shroud of mystery which is draped over this administration…please don’t allow YOUR OWN obvious………… anger and hatred of hatred blind you and allow you to label those who genuinely advocate for the kind of Dominica that is worth leaving for OUR children…. we want development YES, but we don’t want to bend over and take it up the … to have it….we do not want to subjugate OUR (yes yours and mine) children for it… ANYTHING WORTH HAVING IS WORTH HAVING HONESTLY AND BY WORKING HARD FOR IT TOGETHER AS ONE NATION….

        I really and truly love the place that we have come to BROTHER, because at the end of the day, none of us asked nor did we have a choice to be Dominican. I am no king on this rock…I acknowledge other people and their right to bear PRIDE in themselves and country, why would I want to deny another BORN DOMINICAN of that by selling our Dominica short?? Imagine a China can point on the foo dogs and say, look what we have built SON…. what have we come together and BUILT?? a Party???? Come on man brother…. see me as a brother..

  13. nature Girl
    July 10, 2012

    This is not easy! It is almost impossible to make a decent living in Dominica! The wages are significantly lower than other Caribbean islands! Many people who have moved to Dominica thinking that they can make a living here have had to leave making no money and losing the money they came with! It is therefore the Dominicans who can benefit themselves if the Honourable Prime Minister backs agriculture and other ideas that can work. Many Dominicans own their own land here and can with assistance make money in the future if they are willing to get to work!! Also fact there are outsiders who wish to start projects here and have seen the Government concerning their ideas but who have to wait and wait and wait for any action to be taken by the Government. To me it is a catch 22. The people working in the Government offices need to pull their fingers out and get working, why on earth does it take so long to get things done here and the key people making any decisions in a timely manner! Is it still crabs in the barrel! Dominicans needs to step up to the plate.

  14. Anonymous
    July 10, 2012

    We the expats are coming home to retire , building houses and creating jobs, we need a one time tax free break upon arrival with our house hold items.

    • dreadlocks
      July 10, 2012

      @anonymous i second d motion

    • 1979
      July 10, 2012

      YOU CAN GET THAT, tax free is for everyone except those at home…

    • *****
      July 10, 2012

      give me a break… i stay here and pay my taxes and break my @$$ for de country and not getting one goodie as a reward.. boy allu that should have a higher tax option.. allu develope foreign countries and now all you want all tax break. sha!

      what job you some people to build a house. all of us do that, what is you point

      • 1979
        July 10, 2012

        I have to agree with this point…

      • 1979
        July 10, 2012

        boy my brother…..YOU GET IT!!.. We who are here being defecated upon get no tax free up. we that have to bear the hurricane of life in Dominica, when the cost of living pachteying us on a side like is fig tree, where is our support? to prap us up while we trying to make fruit?? yet those who have given the fruitfulness of their youth and expertise to another mans country feel that they should come home and live like they have made such a contribution to Dominica…..whom were recieving all your taxes ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL your working life?? DOMINICA??????????????????? my friend one may speak about hatred but even between siblings, children born from the same womb bear rivalry…. so how am I to feel??? what is for those who STAY… to teach and construct, feed and labor for Dominica??????????????

  15. 1979
    July 10, 2012

    “According to the prime minister, about 90 per cent of the investments in tourism are financed by the AID Bank – the Agricultural Industrial Development Bank. He cited this as a clear indication that the government was playing a role in promoting investment in the country”.

    YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!I wonder if they making returns on those investments boy…sigh!! It’s clear that the only investments that are worthy of subsidization, duty free and the rest of the perks are FOREIGN ones…

    it was encouraging to see, despite the global economic situation, that “a number of local people are investing in tourism facilities, investing in agriculture”. He urged people benefiting from their investments to SHARE THEIR SUCCESS STORIES.

    SURE!!, if I discover a small lucrative investment right now I will invite the hoarders to come and carbon copy, create a glut and diminish the value of my investment. yah man sound the horn and invite everybody on the little band wagon while you continue to be inept.


    If you want someone to make you look good. LOOK IN THE MIRROR, a good name is something worth giving yourself.

    • 1979
      July 10, 2012

      DNO is the online news and advertising business good???????? Is it a worthwhile venture??? please share your success story!!

      • 1979
        July 10, 2012

        LOL don’t hurt your thumbs people…. I have never been one to seek APPROVAL…that’s where me and my PM strong!

    • G
      July 10, 2012

      you always say it as it is

    • Nika
      July 10, 2012

      I agree agriculture should be revived. Start thinking of ways to get exporting dominica crops(mangoes etc.) I was just walking through the grocery store a couple days ago and saw a 960ml container of coconut water for $6, I had to double back to make sure I was seeing straight. Coconut water is all the rage now. I would have bought that carton of water if it said Dominica on it.

      • Nika
        July 10, 2012

        **meant “start exporting”

    • July 10, 2012


  16. huh?
    July 10, 2012

    i cant wait for that budget

  17. wing
    July 10, 2012

    jobs what jobs when we can get from d red clinic…

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