Preliminary Designs for the East Coast Road Works project presented

Joseph Isaac speaks during the presentation of the preliminary design

Plans are in place for the East Coast Road Works project in order to improve the resilience of the existing roads and to provide an alternative route between Roseau and the airport.

The presentation of the Preliminary Design of that project was made by Project Manager of Tecnica Y Proyectos, S.A (TYPSA), Alfonso Medina at a press conference held in the Ministry of Finance conference room on Wednesday.

The project, which covers 43.3 km of road, focuses on four segments will include slop stabilization works, pavement reconstruction, clearing of culverts, river dredging, erection of retaining walls and gabion baskets which will be installed in some areas just after the Emerald Pool.

The segments are as follows:

-Segment 1: Pont Casse to Bois Diable
-Segment 2: Bois Diable to Castle Bruce
-Segment 3: Castle Bruce to Petite Soufriere
-Segment 4: Castle Bruce to Hatton Garden

Minister for Environment, Climate Resilience, Disaster Management and Urban Renewal, Joseph Isaac said civil works on the project cost a total of $7.7-million in investment.

“The cost of the civil works under the immediate works is $4.7 million, with additional works Post-Hurricane Maria expect to cost in excess of $3 million, that’s $7.7 million in investment,” he said.

According to him, in February of 2018, his Ministry through the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP) and TYPSA signed a contract for the provision of Pre- Engineering and Design Services for the roads.

“The project started many months ago but Tropical Storm Erika had a severe impact on the implementation pace of the project and that is one of my key area of concern, not just for this project but I think we need to step-up the pace on implementation in Dominica because we are not in normal times,” he explained. “We have just a short space of time to see how we can bring Dominica up to speed and break a record compared to after Hurricane David… where it took us about a decade to really come back on stream.”

Isaac continued, “We need to surpass where we expect to set our goals and objectives.”

He said the complete rehabilitation of the east coast roads is a flagship resilience infrastructure project.

“I took the opportunity to visit the project on three occasions without technical people, just touch base, talk to people in the community, ask them if they are aware of who is doing the project and how the project was going on,” he explained. “I also visited the project on Sunday before I did my address in Parliament…”

He pointed out that the policy decision by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit for Dominica to become the first climate resilient country in the world places the project outcome at the foremost of national development.

He mentioned that particular attention must be given to the Kalinago, Castle Bruce, and San Sauveur during the project.

Isaac noted that it is also prudent to consider the environmental and social consideration and the country’s vulnerability to flooding, land slippages, “because these things pose a major threat also, so we really need to focus on it while we are trying to build a stronger better infrastructure.”

“An infrastructure that will be resilient to those potential risks we need to mitigate against,” he said.

Moreover he encouraged the consultants to take local knowledge of the area into consideration for the development of the designs so that we can avert historical vulnerability.

Meanwhile, Medina said he visited the island two and a half months ago and presented the preliminary assessment report which was the first step in the design services contract.

According to him, the geometric design was analyzed, “we identify the technical risk of the existing one and the ones that may arise when we impact with our new infrastructure…”

“We conducted a pavement condition survey, a drainage inventory, bridge inspection…,” Medina noted.

He mentioned the main objectives of the project is to improve the resilience of the existing roads, provide an alternative route between Roseau and the airport and to design speed is not such a priority if it involves an excessive investment.

On March 16, 2018 TYPSA delivered the Inception Report with the purpose of describing the activities carried out during the first fourteen (14) days of the contract services and presenting a general approach for the development of the design.

On May 10, 2018, the Consultant delivered the Preliminary Assessment Report with the purpose of describing the activities performed during the first sixty (60) days of the contract services.

During the project, works will be done on the Pagua Bay Bridge, Richmond River Bridge, Castle Bruce Bridge, Belle Fille Bridge among other areas in the East Coast.

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  1. August 2, 2018

    Zero confidence in anything Isaac got to say

  2. August 2, 2018

    Zero confidence in what every Isaac got to say

  3. %
    August 2, 2018

    Stuppessssssssssssss.Man building or resurfacing a road is a Basic, Basic thing required of any government…Do the doggone road.It won’t get you not one extra vote.The majority are tired of you all cluster of MISLEADERS.
    Where The Wicked Rule The People Mourn!!
    This DLP is a Wicked and Evil Party!!!

  4. Anthony P. Ismael Minister of Free Pampers
    August 2, 2018

    No mention was made of Layou to Pont Casse. Residents of Layou were left out in the cold again.

  5. Nacinimod
    August 2, 2018

    Perhaps I missed it but where is segment #5 from Hatton Garden to the airport?

    An airport road is supposed to be designed to impress and give the visitor a good first impression of what to expect on the island, not that rickydincked bridge and and meg cattle grazing along the first kilometer of roadway as one exits the airport.

    This is a national disgrace and embarrassment to the Nth. degree. Our leaders should take a short trip to Kigali, Rwanda (yes Rwanda) to see the pride that goes into maintaining roads and keeping the city clean.

  6. whizzkidd
    August 2, 2018

    haha what is issac minister of public works or minister of resilience ? hahaha

  7. LucclU
    August 2, 2018

    “An infrastructure that will be resilient to those potential risks we need to mitigate against,” he said.’ The government should employ a speech writer. I really hope and pray that these things come to fruition because they’re sorely needed in Dominica. I also hope locals are employed as well, we need to stimulate the economy.

  8. Neville
    August 2, 2018

    Remember when they showed us all these fancy pictures in reference to the Roseau rehabilitation…
    Talking big and showing is fancy pictures that’s all Skerrit and Co. is capable of. It’s the Pie in the Sky Regime of Dominica!

  9. Dominican
    August 2, 2018

    I think it prudent to refrain from commenting till these works have been completed and seen to be working. I remember only too well the saga of the link road between Petit Soufriere an Rosalie, still stuck in the bush.

  10. My Daily Bread
    August 2, 2018

    Pre Maria Dominica was a failed state built on lies and more lies. Not even one of the destroyed bridges on the west coast road that was destroyed by Erika they could fix. Since Maria however and as we get closer to the election, we hearing of contract will be signed next year for the international airport, though we don’t have a sight. We hearing of apartment buildings in the east, Grandbay and, I hearing of paix bouche. We hearing of ship cruise village for Cainefield, though we know the airport must be kept as emergency and airport and ship cruise can’t coexist; we hearing of East coast road and even projects in the sky. Seems to me that Maria brought some riches man and maybe Skerrit them must be feeling good about the Maria returns man? But despite all these projects they saying nothing about a plan to create employment, nothing about the return of Ross, nothing about bringing back the banana and coconut industry and nothing about making our daily bread. Just more lies

  11. RastarMarn
    August 1, 2018

    DNO report like how people suppose to report nuh,,,

    Press conference suppose to have questions from the media!!!

    Allyou ask questions???

    Question: How is it this Financial Offers can find millions of dollars to give to these foreign entities but they cannot find Moneys to revitalize Dominica’s Construction Company called the Public Works Department,,,

    These contractors are not interested in doing quality work you guys should look at the other projects did by foreigners,,, All this Contractors are concerned about it their bottom dollar and how much profits they are going to ripoff from the poor folks at Dominica,,,

    Next time allyou thinking about finding Millions look at allyou Public works department and revitalize that section to give them young fellers something to do,,,

    RastarMarn sure there are engineering students at tech-coll that would be honored to express their skills and innovative minds into projects around Dominica,,,

    Allyou doh ready yet…

    ADMIN: There was no question and answer session at this press conference.

    • Me
      August 2, 2018

      Public works can not pay kick-backs. Simple!

    • Think for YOURSELF
      August 2, 2018

      Dominicans dam well know that Skerrit and his rogues DO NOT ALLOW QUESTIONS at their press conferences.

      Just shut up and listen…… what we say go……

  12. Jodi
    August 1, 2018

    Their faces tell a story that only God knows :cry:

    • Dora
      August 2, 2018

      Hi Jodi

      You and I think so much alike.. This was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw their faces.. If only we could read their minds esp. the last one in the back row – right. Whatever they’re thinking ain’t good. :) He’s probably saying in his mind “Watch him, that Judas” lol


      The one in the middle… “I have nothing to do with that”
      Carette on the left.. “hmmmm….if I don’t take a …. now I will become a monster like hulk”


  13. LaPlaine Observer
    August 1, 2018

    This is pure gibberish and election propaganda. With our torrential and terrain challenges, you think $7.7 million can transform these roads into climate resilient roads? Now that we’re nearing election and talks about Airport and roads are dominating the airwaves. These patterns of lies and deception has been going on for 18 years. Just look at the condition of the road from Pond Case to Laplaine.

  14. Hmmmmmm
    August 1, 2018

    I reading some of them quotes from isaac…..zor…what exactly is he trying to say…

  15. Ibo France
    August 1, 2018

    Roads, houses , airports are all very important. Once a government can get its hands on money in the form of loans or grants, they are easy to do. What is more important, is for a government to boost economic activity, to create good paying SUSTAINABLE jobs for the people to fend for themselves and rise above the poverty line. The PM is trying his utmost best to lift Isaac’s profile. What has he done on his own to merit re-election? Nothing!

    • Joseph John
      August 2, 2018

      So now we have a new economic theory : Infrastructure does not create jobs. I am no Keys or Arthur Lewis but I see CONSTRUCTION post-Maria as the MAIN sector, the MAIN DRIVER of Dominica’s economy. Government’s policy recognize this in its post-Maria reconstruction policy which is highlighted in the Budget. The private sector should bite into this policy and provide the support , the by-product and the expertise for sustainability. For example there is going to be a need for all kinds of furniture, and building materials. How much of this stuff can we produce locally…for jobs…jobs for ALL Dominicans.
      I see Construction, bundled /clustered with Tourism and Agriculture as the main elements for our development. Naturally we must also be guided by a policy for climate resilience and environment protection.
      To succeed we need to change from our negative attitudes. We need to be more positive and supportive. We also need serious investment in high tech activities

      • Ibo France
        August 2, 2018

        You have made some valid points. What the government needs to do is to revitalize the economy. Small business is the main engine of economic growth. Incentivize the small business sector which should spur local entrepreneurship. Strip away the many layers that one has to go through before starting a business. Make loans available to prospective small business people at an extremely low interest rate. Then sweeten the pot by adding a few concessions here and there. Only with a vibrant and sustainable set of small business entrepreneurs we will turn the economy around. The large foreign business entities usually pay starvation wages and expatriate most of their profits.

  16. Dominican Bwoi
    August 1, 2018

    Resilience this, resilience that, I’m getting sick of that word now. Also, it says the project will cost $7.7 million in investment. Investments return a profit. Someone explain to me how the road will create an income please. The Dominican government loves to use words that they don’t even know the meaning of

  17. RandyX
    August 1, 2018

    Elections on its way. Skerrit is showing the citizens a lot of pictures. Pie in the sky again from the rogue administration

  18. Luke Cage
    August 1, 2018

    Judas can give back the 30 pieces of silver, end world hunger, war and disease…

    But, Judas will still be judas.

      August 1, 2018

      Luke Cage, is good you ALL ( UWPites not good that made Judas leave the party. Why your hate and jealousy? Tell the members of your party to fix themslves and be more responsible. We can’t afford to let the country to be governed by a bunch of JOKERS like the UWP.

      • Luke Cage
        August 2, 2018

        Kid.. you have to be freaking kidding me.. or you ARE just a kid. So let me get this stright, you are saying is A) you in essence by the analogy would blame Jesus for having Judas as a deciple? B) the same shade you throwing on UWP for the skunk in the car, labour party now HAS that SAME skunk.. and C) for Christs sake.. grow the **** up.. i posted nothing about UWP or labour.. i was making an objective comment based on principle..
        but i do not expect any less from people like you who support the government. any same objective person would surmise that they are being less than fair in their transparency of government. But hey.. for people like you.. dominica in a perfect world right? And we doing WELL we resilient.. lol.. thats why we will never go anywhere in this country.. because of people like you and your small minded nature of analyzing things objectively ..

      • Ibo France
        August 2, 2018

        KID, you have referred to the main Opposition as JOKERS and you are entitled to your opinion no matter how uncouth or utterly ridiculous it may be. I perceive the present occupiers of government as BULLDOZERS. They have bulldozed the economy, bulldozed the treasury, bulldozed agriculture, bulldozed light manufacturing, bulldozed health centers, police stations, roads, bridges, and even the indigenous parrots. They might bulldoze you soon. For the only thing left standing to be bulldozed, is the people..

        August 2, 2018

        Yes Ibo, They are bulldozing the mess UWP left behind when THEY(UWP) was in power.
        The mess at social security, with Banana Association, Domlec, the loan THEY took from Trinidad at that unbelievable 14 % interest rate and the list can go on and on, Yes the Government is bulldozing those mess to see if the country can be clean.. And you, Luke Cage, take Jesus out of your equation. You said I am supporting the Government; fair enough; who are you supporting then? Is either the government or the opposition. You are anti government so you must be a supporter of the opposition. Hope you go somewhere with your BIG mind that only UWP AND YOU that analyzes ALL THINGS objectively.

    • Dominican to bone
      August 1, 2018

      Just like u Judas when mamo was in power all mouth had on lock right now all moo moo talking the doctor just allu match .

  19. neg bwa
    August 1, 2018

    look at the faces.. they tell a sad story.. Rolle must be saying boy Dominica politics is a an all time low.. the one in the center appears to be objecting to the PM newly found love and the last man must be saying he needs to disambiguate Issac’s new hype.. SMH

  20. jamie
    August 1, 2018

    Election comming fool the fools,Dominica is curse,will never prosper again,you guys are the worst.

    • Dominican to bone
      August 1, 2018

      Who let this ?out mamo did nothing for Dominica and know one would dear say nothing right now things happening all ungreatful animals have something to talk about do something Dominica is all of us .

  21. true islander
    August 1, 2018

    I am really looking forward to having this raod. I mo we have a lot of work to do in dominica. Thanks to the govt and mr Isaac.

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