Today is Census Day in Dominica

Today Saturday, 14 May 2011 is Census Day in Dominica! While May 14  is the reference day for the population count,  enumeration will continue  until full coverage  of all households is achieved.

The Dominica Census Office has trained 410 Census officers to  conduct  the 2011 Dominica Population and Housing Census. The emphasis of Census training was enumeration procedures, enumeration district boundary  orientation, canvassing , completing the Visitation Record, completing the household, individual, institutional and informal sector questionnaires and Census control forms.

The census questionnaire requires information on Migration, Housing and Crime for the Housing Section while the individual questionnaire requires information on Residence, Demographics, Education, Training, Health, Disability, Fertility  and Employment.

These 410 Census officers have enumerated and continue to enumerate households  throughout Dominica. Census enumeration began on April 16th and Census officers  are canvassing the country and  interviewing all households. The Population and Housing Census is conducted every ten years  and is proclaimed by law. This extensive national exercise will record the changes in the social and economic conditions of the country over the last ten years and  provide national planners with empirical data for effective national planning and development.

Dominica is among several regional and international countries conducting Population Censuses in 2011.

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  1. SANS COBINE!!!!
    May 19, 2011

    well, inspite of all the negativity the census will be completed….why do people involve their personal problems with someone with work????!!!The girl from bagatelle is doing a fine job…so please give her a break!!!maybe u all should sign up to do census and u would probably do a better job!!!Please stop getting personal with census…its supposed to be a serious issue and whoever that wrote those negative statements about the girl from bagatelle……DNO is definitely not the place to do that!!! its not a census issue its definitely PERSONAL… stop fooling ureself because its totally obvious who u are!!!!LOL….LOL!!!

    • yes
      May 21, 2011

      Didn’t u have the opportunity to give ur opinion? Well I got the time to give mine! N who am I? I am concerned citizen as we all should be especially about our personal information! This girl is a bad influence! She is a street walker n has a bad reputation in grandbay! I know her personally and not bcus she is someone’s friend the person incharge cannot recruit her on that only!

      Yes it is personal! My people personal information being given to that girl who. To say the less has a less than than half a brain! She hasn’t reached my home yet mayb becuz of the boundaries n I am very glad she will not be @ my home! Cus I doe want her dere!

      U can say all wat u want about personal it means nothin to me! Census pah ka ba mwe ayn!

      • SANS COBINE!!!!
        May 22, 2011

        LOL!!!LOL!!!A street walker???!!what a definition!! u certainly despise that young lady personally and who u fooling??I know EXACTLY who u are and u are not from grandbay!!!Thank God u have a whole brain…but still,if u did..u would never be putting those comments on DNO….shame shame!!!its TOTALLY OBVIOUS it has nothing to do with census, so, PLEASE take up ure personal issue ELSEWHERE!!!Using DNO…….stuuuuppppesss!!!Get a life and we can continue to argue because dont forget u started it!!If u have a problem call census office cuz all i can see is u trying to embarrass the poor girl who’s not even AWARE u exist!!!U should know better because U HAVE A WHOLE BRAIN…LOL….LOL….LOL…LOL!!!!

  2. yes
    May 15, 2011

    another thing is, am from the grandbay area n I hear about d census n up to now I have not seen the person eh. Dey suppposed to be dressed in yellow shirts so they r noticed everywhere. I work @ clear harbour but my mother told me she hasn’t seen anyone yet.

    So seein may 14th was census day, r they finished? Because our house didn’t get interviewed. I am of the view that they assumed our information?

    Hmmmmm. Talk about incorrect info eh .

  3. Peace
    May 15, 2011

    I’m an enumerator for this years 2011 Census and yes it has a lot of personal questions depending on how some ppl define personal (what tht personal they does hv it all on the streets) but that still does not hide the fact tht Dominicans are a bunch of ignorant ppl and they really need to stop with their snide and disrespectful remarks and get on with the program for Country Development…If you know better stop talking and DO Something; If not go with the flow until then…

    We can choose our friends but we cannot choose our Nationality nor who we’re related to….

    I applaud the statistics division for taking the Census 2011 to the next level; Change Is GooD!

  4. hmmmm
    May 15, 2011
  5. Is so it is
    May 15, 2011

    I have not seen any Census taker..

  6. yes
    May 14, 2011

    this census is a set of nonsense……for more reasons than one. i have nothin against conducting a census for the benefit of the country in whichever way.

    however there is alot of ill planning that went into it and i can see by the looks and classification of the enumerators that they were picked for personal reasons. there are very low and desirable characters coming to ppl houses to ask them questions on ppl personal life. for example a character from bagatelle asking ppl from grandbay about their personal lives when this person has knowledge of these ppl, i am not saying that u send her penville but not in such close proximity to her village. i myself doe want that girl in my house, she is rude and disrespectful and unappraochable and i have to call the office myself to tell dem about it.

    i heard she is a friend of a friend of the person who runs the census and there was no interviews done to choose the enumerators. so a criminal couldve applied and got into ppl houses due to personal affliations with someone….come on chief statistician you should know better.

    i know that census has to be done on a budget but the cost to do a questionnaire is ridiculous! i mean ppl not begging for work eh and dats wat they get per questionnaire? mah gway sah man

    • constance
      May 17, 2011

      i know d lil fing from bagatelle wii…..dey send her grandbay and is grandbay ppl dat know her so….comin and cut vary on ppl when is ppl man she looking trouble..highland for her to go …..

      just d other day i see her in roseau by hara tellin a young girl all kinds of fings and de girl wasnt even checking her. dats the characters dey want to send in ppl house. but how she doin census dere and she always sit down opposite security and out door world nah…wat time she comin grandbay dere cus i doe see her yet eh…

      but she will come for me to salay her….dem bagatelle girls finking dey more dan ppl and like tolook ppl trouble and den dey walkin behind ppl for a dollar..come for u to come mamsel for me to go for my haighland crew for u…

      • DRASTIC
        May 21, 2011

        kidnapers on bagatelle girl back papa.

  7. Get a clue....
    May 14, 2011

    I am all go for the census in light of aiding development in the country. However the personal questions that are asked are pretty invasive and even more so the names of every one in your household is required along with the names of those with whom you share certain resources like a toilet or bathroom. Why would the census require the names of such? PLus persons are familiar with te individuals doing the census. The main thing is are they using the information collected in anyway besides making grahs, tables and pie charts?

    • B3
      May 14, 2011

      You don’t need to say anything thing but the number of people in the house. All the questions are a govt. que, taken from the U.S. census which is an invasion of privacy.
      Protect your privacy.

  8. Anonymous
    May 14, 2011

    :) :-D :wink: :( 8-O :lol: :-| 8) :-P :?: lol

  9. Staistican extraordinaire
    May 14, 2011

    Any ideas on how and who is considered a Carigo or a Carigo?

  10. statistician extraordinaire
    May 14, 2011

    Tomorrow is haitian support for Sweet Micky day is this saying something to the normal D/can pop? Just now we will have Chinese day.Within the next 5 yrs there will be less dumbs-in-cans than Chinese & haitians combined.We will become a minority.

    • dominicajoy
      May 14, 2011

      :( stupesssssssss what’s your point?

  11. Anonymous
    May 14, 2011

    census my a*s!!! i am right in town and have seen no one
    and i hear they asking all kinds of personal questions we

  12. awa
    May 14, 2011

    i hope we don’t find out we have less than 60,000 people left in dominica… the population seems to decline with every census.

    • statistician extraordinaire
      May 14, 2011

      So is Da’s as a State. But soon our stats will show an increase as Chinese and haitans and other caricom and carigo nationals arrive.

  13. Yeah
    May 13, 2011

    But I have not seen them

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