Washrooms, housing assistance coming to Castle Bruce Constituency Drigo says

Drigo is MP for the Castle Bruce Constituency

Parliamentary Representative of the Castle Bruce Constituency, Johnson Drigo has announced that government is preparing for the signing of contracts with a number of contractors for the construction of washroom facility in that constituency.

He said about $800,000 will be spent on the project.

“We are preparing for the signing of contracts for washroom facilities,” he said.

Drigo revealed that 20 washrooms will be constructed in Petite Soufriere and ten in San Sauveur.

“We have started San Sauveur with five under construction as we speak, 20 in Good Hope…, 10 for Mopo, Tranto, Dipa and an additional 20 in Castle Bruce at the second phase,” he sated.

Drigo said this will cost $850,000.

He said further that each of the contractors will be given four facilities to construct at $11,000 per facility.

“This will generate a lot of economic activity in the constituency,” Drigo stated. “So just in the area of housing we are currently investing just over $1- million in the housing sector for families in addition to the $4-million that was invested for the two housing settlement.”

Drigo said that over $8-million has been spent towards housing in the constituency.

“I have said before and I will continue to say that our farmers’ especially in rural communities, they have worked very hard to keep this economy going. There was no structure to provide them with a retirement, it is the responsibility of the state to assist these families to the best we can, and I am satisfied that over the last seven years since I became Parl Rep, over $8-million has gone just into housing alone into the Castle Bruce Constituency,” he noted. “And this is significant in assisting our retirement families, single income parents and on parents with large families, to cushion the pain that they sometimes go through. And I am happy that the constituency is appreciating this effort where housing is concerned.”

He said the programme will continue and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit will make these funds available.

Drigo also that he have already made an additional request for housing repair for the Castle Bruce constituency.

“Persons in the Castle Bruce Constituency who made a request for the repair to their houses, rest assured despite of the fact that you may not have gotten your request, as we speak well over $5-million is being invested and yours is definitely on the way,” he stated.

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  1. March 23, 2017

    I thought this guy was the minister of agriculture and his business was to look after the needs of farmers; but all i hear him talking about is TOILET; best the Punjab PhD appoint him as Minister of POOPOO instead he seems to be more proficient there.

  2. Anthony Ismael
    March 23, 2017

    Garcon if you were smart, you would encourage a developer to help develop Castle Bruce with a mix-use building and wash rooms would be part of that development. Your thinking is so backward.

  3. Shobbor
    March 23, 2017

    Hey Johno,

    Have you seen the famous Reunion Center in your own village lately????

    I was told by your campaign manager that every time that you drive this area, you look the other side. Is that true????

    • indira Ghandi
      March 23, 2017

      Jono,you not tired of talking sot?
      Which 8 million?
      How did you arrive at that figure?
      you think is preschoolers you talking to man?
      Go head and build toilets.
      soon there will be more toilets in the constituency than people.

  4. Anthony Ismael
    March 23, 2017

    I know quite a few people from Castle Bruce and they are proud Dominicans. Even at DGS they couldn’t wait for summer so that, they could go back in the field and help their parents to plant and harvest bananas and export to England. They would brag about learning to drive their parents 3 ton Bedford Truck with pride.
    Proceeds from banana exports bought uniforms, shoes and books for the next school year. Today, Drigo is a disgrace to that effort and the pride that these people once had. Nothing sustainable to spur growth and development in the community. The last time I visited Castle Bruce, nothing had changed since I left. Drigo represents failure and more failure from the Labor Cabal.

  5. Hope
    March 22, 2017

    Thank God for Mr. Linton and the UWP Opposition for opening their big mouth. The hidden money start coming out. Where was this CBI money all the time? Spend it before they hold you up.
    You cannot fool the people all the time. b

    • dee
      March 23, 2017

      Well well well
      Nothing for Soufriere and Scott’s Head ?
      Is it because they don’t know the meaning of CBI?
      How do we get another by election up there ?
      I want to see if it would be the same again , So and Sos coming up , giving allu rum , sitting learning to play dominoes with allu , WHERE ARE THEY NOW , have you all seen them since ,No is when i come dong all of allu just watching me as if is for allu i working in Atlanta, bat choo sor tan .

  6. Din-din
    March 22, 2017

    Drigo you did not say how much for Loreen is getting for Diaspora votes or that is covered already in CBI funds

    • indira Ghandi
      March 23, 2017

      His best friend loreen. Hahaha

  7. Triffy L
    March 22, 2017

    Dear Johno,
    As a person from that constituency (Deeper), I detest with a passion going this area.
    The three communities of Good Hope, San Sauveur and Petite Soufriere are forgotten communities.

    To begin with, the main road is nothing more than a farm access road. It’s always filled with holes, broken drains and the overgrown bush on the roadside is atrocious. One has to struggle to make ends meet down there Johno, you know that.
    My mother told me that a pound of chicken is $6.00. In a family of six, they must buy two pounds daily for lunch because they cannot afford other meat nor fish. Her husband cleans the roadside but must wait three or more months before he gets paid. Her only working daughter who teaches in the area gets only $1,200.00 per month. By the middle of the month, they are dead broke. The men sit on the roadside or in rumshops all day Johno!

    The people in the comminity are in need of work. The majority of the men sit

  8. Guy it would be much more interesting if you talked about that million pounds of fish you exported to America, France, Canada, England, Antigua, St. Martin; and some other place I forgot!

    You are one of Dominica’s notorious lairs!

    You and Skerrit seems to be competing to out do the other, to see which of you can lie the most. So far you are equal: You said you shipped a million pounds of fish out of Dominica, however, you have not told us if the shipment went via air or sea.

    Drigo, let me rub this in your disgusting face; you could not have shipped one pound of fish out of Dominica by any other means other than in a cold storage ship, or aircraft. You are a confounded liar okay!

    Contradict me; prove me the liar, by stating on which aircraft, or which ship equip with cold storage facilities you shipped your million pounds of fish out of Dominica, and the names of the fishermen who caught your million pounds of fish!

    You liar!

  9. televangelists are false prophets
    March 22, 2017

    Why so many wash rooms?? Elections must be coming up

  10. viewsexpressed
    March 22, 2017

    …And Drigo, what is all that for…to vote for you and vote for this inept Skerrit and vote for this corrupt Labour government? Are you corrupt band of worthless people serious. It is a damn shame the state and poverty that Castle Bruce is in now. For a vote, Drigo, Skerrit will have you and others politically prostitute your own people with nonsense handout. That is what you brig Castle Bruce to now?

    • indira Ghandi
      March 23, 2017

      Is so we like it in castle bruce.
      we have people overseas that sending all what we need.
      we like to beg.
      leave our parl rep alone.

  11. washmoney
    March 22, 2017

    All of a sudden “everything coming.” Where was Santa all those years? eh?

  12. Green Donkey
    March 22, 2017

    Lord have mercy! Mr Drigo, come on man, wassshh rooms making news?
    It’s Alllllllll part of the clean up campaign CBI money suddenly surfacing left, right, and center… Money suddenly flowing like tower in Dominica… This whole labour party government is reckless and advantageous. Would they put on news the houses n goodies they possess? No! But they keep insulting poor people.. Johno knows better cause he knows the struggle. Struggle is real in his constituency n other constituencies in Dominica. Help the poor but don’t make them feel less than human. What is the Catholic Church saying about such moves by the government? The Bible says, ‘Your right hand must not know, what your left hand is doing.’ imagine giving you a contractor 11’000 dollars, that’s one man work….
    11’000 dollars contract for poor contractors?
    Johno, why aren’t you giving small business money like rain in Cb. They did it in Paix bouche n pointe Michel, ring the bell for poor people.

  13. Green Donkey
    March 22, 2017

    Lord have mercy! Mr Drigo, come on man, wassshh rooms making news?
    It’s Alllllllll part of the clean up campaign CBI money suddenly surfacing left, right, and center… Money suddenly flowing like tower in Dominica… This government is working.

  14. nonamegal
    March 22, 2017

    Teach them to fish so we don’t have inter-generational poverty, please Mister Minister. All this handing out fish is not going to help people prosper. Poor people, open your eyes and demand jobs!

  15. zandoli
    March 22, 2017

    I am nit against helping poor people who would not otherwise be able to help themselves. I can see both benefit to the people who are being helped and from a health standpoint, it is much better that people dispose of fecal waste properly as opposed to spreading that stuff all over the place. I get that.

    What I don’t get is the lack of opportunity for business and employment that people should get so that they can build their own toilet and bathroom facilities. I would like to see some of the money government is spending go toward activities that promote small business and employment. That is much more sustainable than all these toilets they are building all over the place.

    This whole exercise seem to be more political than economic.

    • amindom
      March 22, 2017

      This sounds wonderful but how about the primary school’s horrible washroom conditions? The whole school needs repair.

      • King
        March 22, 2017

        No seats in the washroom at the airport what’s that all about???

    March 22, 2017

    GO Mr Drigo you are sure doing your job?

  17. %
    March 22, 2017

    Is General election looming? IS IT IN 2017?.The amount of money i am hearing people are getting when the CORRUPT Gang visits those villages!!HOPE THEY ACCELERATE full ELECTORAL REFORM!!Sharing of CBI money seem to be going out of style.

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