DSC to get $1.2-million annually from gov’t

A section of the new state college
A section of the new state college

The Dominica State College (DSC) will get $1.2-million in contributions annually from the government of Dominica, prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit has announced.

This is in addition to $3-million the institution is already getting in government contributions annually.

The prime minister made the announcement at the college on Wednesday evening during a ceremony of the Dominica Employment and Small Business Support Agency Apprenticeship Orientation Exercise.

He said the increase in cash was necessary because of increased enrollment and administrative cost at the college.

“I had a meeting with the management and board of the college,” the prime minister said. “This college was created in 2002 to increase access to higher education for our young people and in large measure, the government of Dominica, the treasury of Dominica, has been underwriting the full expense of running the college but with increased enrollment you will see an increase in administrative cost…”

He noted that every year the college gets about $3-million from the government “and I have given a commitment to the college that we will make an increased contribution or $1.2 million annually to the college, taking the $3-million annually to $4.2-million.”

The prime minister pointed out that the government’s action “is geared towards ensuring our students can not only gain access to the college but have the means of taking advantage of the access.”

“So it is all left to the young people,” Skerrit said. “We have invested in excess of $30-million in this facility …you have all the teachers you need to teach you and the college has 99 percent of the money it needs now to teach you and to make sure you are in school.”

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  1. Anonymous
    February 1, 2014

    VERY misleading headline DNO.

  2. roseau
    January 31, 2014

    A college is not the building but rather the faculty and students. A major problem with the college is management and staff, we know about the management already but the staff are bored for not showing up for classes and thinking that because they have a degree they better than everybody and always have a bad attitude cursing children,

  3. roseau
    January 31, 2014

    No good university accepts transcripts from the state college, not even UWI, you must do A levels for them to accept you because the college is not accredited. It is better to do the A level program and forget about that college, I went to the college and if I didn’t do A levels I don’t know where I would be.

  4. Wondering Eye
    January 30, 2014

    hahaha.. still students out in the universities given Government scholarship tuition fees unpaid and cant go to school. Mr. P.M what are you saying about that? shame!!! Some of you in Ministry of Education that think the Ministry was founded by you all fore fathers, think again. All i can say these people are too malicious. Student waiting for payment of fees…

    • bomboclat
      January 31, 2014

      But I in school. So what you talking about?

  5. student
    January 30, 2014

    Im a student at the college and trust me is not everybody that have the money . College to expensive every year they puting extra. Is not everybody that can afford! And we have to be paying for certain things we not even using. And some people have bad attitude up their when we tell them we cant pay fr it or our funds coming late. i hope the money goes to good use to dsc and pay of some children bills . Because government pay dsc but wait till we reach in d office and they giving us another story ! MY concerns

    • Informant
      January 31, 2014

      Hi student, I know that there are many who cannot afford but the truth is the fees in Dominica are below reasonable. Even just there in Barbados or Trinidad you would pay so much more. Persons who study in the US pay close to and sometimes over EC$100,000.00 for a Bachelors degree and half of that for an Associate’s Degree.

      My issue is with the assistance that is given to many students who can afford while those who really need the help don’t get help.

      • bomboclat
        January 31, 2014

        Is that they doesn’t understand! Yet for the latest phone and clothes they are willing to pay the top price

  6. DSC student
    January 30, 2014

    Money alone will never fix the main problems of DSC. efficient Management lacking bad. Dominicans know about the serious alleged abuse now in the public. How could the DSC operate where trust and such irresponsible behaviour are lacking?

    Students and staff know what is going on. Yet No action is taken. No investigation? Just pump $$$$$$$ and expect those issues will go away? As if the people will stop asking for investigations into the alleged affair?

    As if the people will stop asking that the culprit involved be relieved of the post, while investigations go on? No deal with parents of abused will be entertained. Justice must be done. At least DSC’s slate would be cleaned as a first step towards proper management being put in place.

    Money, without good practices and financial management, without controls in place, without accountability, without futuristic planning, will never solve those present problems at DSC. Innocent Dominican students are being short-changed by an incompetent Govt. How long? Not Long.

  7. Serious
    January 30, 2014

    Please let us thank the PM for his iniative towards assisting the college, but Sir much how I like some of your policies you have to review the one for the College.
    As a parent there is too much inconsistencies going on and government has very little control. The Ministry of Education needs to be playing a greater role in the administration of the college. That Statutory Board is causing havoc and you Sir are getting the blame when I know you mean well.

    First of all,
    Why should students pay a registration fee every semester after they have registered for a programme?

    Why are some local students paying international fees and they are not being told?

    Why does government pay fees for students and those same students are being made to pay by college… voleurrrrrrrrrrrr

    Why does college passing grade change while students are in the process of writing exams?

    Why are some qualified malcasa teachers kept on staff even when they don’t come to class.
    Sir there is a high level of absenteeism by college teachers and it seems no one is checking…

    Sir some of the college fees are outrageous. Somebody is making a killing at government expense….
    Parents are suffering…children are dropping out at an alarming rate. This is reality…

    Courses are not probably organized so sometimes children resgister for one course and are bumped off because of varying reasons. Children should have a years notice on what courses they will be able to take.

    Honestly, when all expenses are considered, a $15000 Associate degree is not worth its salt.
    Please revisit the college policy and allow the Ministry of Education more autonomy in the operations of the college.
    My tax dollar is being used to subsidize the college.
    Skerro I love you but the College making me vex.

    • Too Hard Too Long
      January 31, 2014

      Why does a student have to pay the $100 transcript fee every single time they want a transcript?

      People, if you want to apply to four universities, do you realize that you have to pay $400 to get the four transcripts?????????????????


  8. Bogoroy
    January 30, 2014

    PM Skerrit: “So it is all left to the young people … we have invested in excess of $30-million in this facility …you have all the teachers you need to teach you and the college has 99 percent of the money it needs now to teach you and to make sure you are in school.”

    Yea right, Skerro, they will still expect you, Skerrit, to stick the education in their heads and then take them (physically) and push them in a “job”.
    Yes, fees at the DSC are ridiculously high. However, Most of those people attending classses there are too lazy to make the most of the opportunities. They want qualifications and big salary just by sitting on their a_ _ es and ponging beff or smoking or looking at woman behind.

    Waste of my tax money!

  9. roseau
    January 30, 2014


  10. Gee.
    January 30, 2014

    Once again the government shows that it has the best interest of our youth, not just one set but the BLUE haters children too, at heart by putting more into their education..That to me and should be to you all, is progress. I want to say well done to the government of Dominica for having the education of its young people at heart. Great job!

  11. Anonymous
    January 30, 2014

    Great Investment in the Education of Our Children!

  12. you
    January 30, 2014

    So collage getting 3-million dollars and i still have to pay all that money every month? Why?

    • Bomboclat
      January 30, 2014

      You too damn stupid!! What about electrical bills, water. Behave yourself! If it was a new blackberry that out you would not ask why you have to pay all that money. The two most expensive things are health care and education. Is learn you learning.

  13. humble
    January 30, 2014

    Well done skero!!! well done!!
    am a student of tht college ere and i telling uu!! the fees duzz make me want too pull out my hair!! my mom can hardly afford to pay my fees :-? smh.. i hope those greedy people in that college use the money for “GOOD” instead of giving it to who they want.. -_- NOT EVERY BODY THAT IS DOCTOR & LAWYER IN DOMINICA!!! WE POOR!! THOSE COLLEGE FEES TO HIGH.. WHY WE PAYING FOR THINGS WE DONT EVEN USE!! I HAVE TO BE PAYING FOR LIBRARY I DONT USE THAT COLLEGE LIBRARY!! I HAVE TO BE PAYING FOR HEALTH INSURANCE.. PAPA IF I SICK IN THT COLLEGE LEAVE ME ON D GROUND!! I HAVE TO BE PAYING FOR NONSENSE LIKE FAN, ELECTRICITY. GET A GENERATOR NOR AA.. WEN MY BRODAY USE TO GO COLLEGE $365 DOLLERZ HE USE TO PAY!! NOW I HAVE TO BE PAYING ALL BAGAI $987 FOR ONE SEMESTER!! NOO MAN.. AWA THATS NOT FAIR.

    • HMMM
      January 30, 2014

      You all must be grateful for those low tuition fees at the DSC. Overseas (even other Caribbean countries ) got much higher tuition than D/ca..

      Is allu self that going and take loan to go and studdy abroad but is allu that talking.

      Stop playing politics in everything. smh

      • awwa
        January 30, 2014

        overseas is not dominica na everybody sayin 1 n 2 compare compare compare overseas you sleeping on campus we and the road state is better watch dsc road they open the campus and pple have to loss out its a good investment in our education but still the surroundings is not the best n its true

    • The Blackheart Man
      January 30, 2014

      Nobody said fees were going to decrease…college student and can’t even understand a basic article smh

    • joe
      January 30, 2014

      Humble try studying elsewhere and come back and tell us the cost of education!!!! SMFH

      You ppl definitely need to get out in the world to realize how good things really are, just sitting here in Dca making all you FOOLISH and UNGRATEFUL!!!!! What is $987 per semester? $329. Monthly for an ASSOCIATE DEGREE, where in the world you getting that you ungrateful, narrow minded so and so!!!!

      And DNO the caption should be $4.2M annually not $1.2M because when you add the increase to the existing 3m they will now get 4.2m..

      My Dominican people are definitely getting from bad to worse am so ashame really, i won’t invite my colleagues from other islands to ever checkout that website, the comments are too embarrassing… My Grenadian friends wish they could get the opportunity to do their associate degree as cheap as that and my people complaining.. way papa i vex we!!!

    • Student
      January 30, 2014

      As a fellow college student, I must admit that some of the fees are unnecessary and exorbitant but your comment really sounded ignorant.

  14. Diaspora
    January 30, 2014

    I am very concerned about what I am hearing about the DSC. It’s not just about belching giving money. There is more to it than that.
    I do not want to wash dirty linen in public, but we need to review the management of the college and the welfare of the students.

    • student
      January 30, 2014


    • Dominican
      January 30, 2014

      Current Registrar Mrs. Denise Edwards is a very good candidate. She is brilliant and educated, supports the Government and has experience running the school.

  15. Thinker
    January 30, 2014

    WHy spend 30 Million on associate Degree education,
    when that money could fund Bachelors,Masters, PhD Degree Scholarships & Soft loans for our people to get REAL JOBS- so that

    You cant get a jobs with an associated degree, but IT Jobs, Medicine, Engineering, Accounting, MBAS will always be in demand.
    Oh sorry, you can make 1000 US ate clear harbor, My bad

    Who the HELL makes these stupid policies??????

    Skeritt really have a plan to keep Dominicans stupid. SMH

    • Anonymous
      January 30, 2014

      Follow the College news releases and you would have know that in 2015 BSc degrees will be offered. That means that students doing the three year associate degree presently will have to spend an additional year to complete the 120 credits for their first degree.

    • January 30, 2014

      One cannot even go to our own University of the West Indies with the associate degree done at the Dominica state college. UWI does not accept it.

  16. grateful
    January 30, 2014

    As a student of the Dominica State College. I must say that the fees are just to high. we can hardly afford to pay our fees. I mean $700 a semester?? sigh. tht is ting I have to shave, put in in an envelope and fedex it to college!! -_- -_- but thank you daddy skerrit. I hope some of those greedy college people will use that money for “GOOD”.

    • Rhum Bucco
      January 30, 2014

      Stop Complaining. During my day in Da there was no AA. Now that I am in america I have to make use of a college education. One semister is costing me about US$1900.00 because I have to pay the same fees as you including property fee for the scool building. Imagine Dominicans do not pay property fee for their own homes. Thank God for Skerrit

    • Anonymous
      January 30, 2014

      How many classes do you take per semester? You want to pay less than EC$100.00 per class in a 90 day semester?

      What kind of salary you want a qualified teacher to receive at the end of a month?

      Man some people have life to dan sweet.

    • kikii
      January 30, 2014

      wat about 1800 a semester? i well wish i had that to pay. and not my mother nor father working i dont even know how i going to pay that?

  17. amazed
    January 30, 2014

    I want to know the loop hole that the money falling into and y staff members complain of their money been withdrawn from their salary to pay institutions that they owe and these institutions sometimes eh get it until the month end or mid month, and therefore because of that a late fee has to be added…. need to be informed

  18. amazed
    January 30, 2014

    i am very amazed at this, cause after all those millions that college getting a year plus this, are they gonna still say that the college is under financial straint? need answers

  19. Morihei Ueshiba
    January 30, 2014

    I want a job a job a job. My mother send me a barrel so i went to clear it, the custom officer give me the bill i tell him i cannot pay that. I cannot pay that, where i getting money from i cannot get a job a job, how can i pay Vat on that. :-P

    • Catty
      January 30, 2014

      The person who sent the barrel also had to pay taxes and did not complain. SO HOOSH

    • Bogoroy
      January 30, 2014


  20. lol
    January 30, 2014

    I am a student of the state college, and yes it is new and looks nice but it was poorly built. Half the desk are broken, fans not working, lights falling off the ceiling, paint peeling off the walls, ceiling tiles missing, washrooms are a hot mess no locks always leaking, and the cleaners do not clean that place at all, sorry to say but its the truth.

    • As I See It
      January 30, 2014

      So what are you gonna do about it???

    • Kokay There
      January 30, 2014

      You damn lie. I going there and what you are saying is not true!

    • Tell it like it is
      January 30, 2014

      LOL the older school was the better ?

    • voice of the people
      January 30, 2014

      if dsc children could take care off things it wudnt be so……. children sitting on children on one desk so wat u talking about.?? take care of it and it wudnt break,say thanks allu getting alil help na it have pple dah have to drop out cuz dey not getting help to finish der studies

  21. change is a must
    January 30, 2014

    Wayyyyy papaaaaaa hahahhahahahahhhabb lol scratcb mmy back for me lol

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