Educator believes too many Dominican students are angry

Blaize thinks anger management must be dealt with in the school system. File photo
Blaize thinks anger management must be dealt with in the school system. File photo

Assistant Chief Education Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Blaize, has raised concerns over anger in students on the island, saying anger management must be something that has to be dealt with within the school system.

Addressing a Health and Family Life Education Workshop for teachers on Tuesday, he said there are many angry students in Dominica.

“Anger management is another area that we really need to deal with within the school system,” he said. “Too many of our student are angry and it may not necessarily be their own fault, maybe because of the circumstances that they are exposed to…”

He made reference to a song by Jamaican singer Buju Banton, which said, “circumstances made me what I am…”

To further compound the problem, Blaize said there is what he described as “a serious breakdown” in the community.

“You go around and people are intolerant of each other, simple little things, people get angry and people start cursing up each other and that gets into the school system in one way or another,” he pointed out.

He noted that educators are “strategically positioned to address some of those issues at least within the school system and in society where we can.”

“If we train our students, appropriately, to be leaders they will then go out into the community and at least one child will influence an adult in one way or another and we need to deal seriously with that anger issue within our youth population,” he said.

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  1. STAR
    October 18, 2016

    children must be angry.. when you seeing your parents jus paying money to send you to school, books expensive.. your mother gwayeing.. sometimes u doe hav recess…sometimes no lights to do your homework.. children must be angry.. and to see you working so hard in school for how much years.. and you not sure to get a lil job to help back your parents.. that is pure frustration..

  2. October 13, 2016

    I was taught that anger is caused by fear and that is often the fear that one’s ”rights” are going to be (or are) violated.

    It frequently begins in the home. Kids don’t get there own way (their rights are being walked over) so there is a buildup of frustration and then a violent outburst. If it is not corrected there will be a repeat performance.

    This carries over into the school, so we have outbursts in the school yard and in the classroom.

    MISDIRECTED ANGER: Anger actually caused by something in the past and building until it is suddenly triggered by a current happening or person that may have no relationship to the original problem.

    FLOATING ANGER: This is what an individual feels who is angry much of the time due to constant disappointment and frustration. People see them as being unhappy or in a bad mood. The reason is not apparent but they are apt to fly off the handle at almost any time. Anybody could be the target of their negativity.

    • October 13, 2016


      Going back to what I said about the cause of anger.

      When I was a kid I was told when I get angry I should slowly count to ten before I responded in any way. It seemed to work most of the time.

      Children needed to be taught the difference between ”rights” and ”privileges” at an early age. Adults also must understand this. We don’t always have something coming to us.

      It is O.K. sometimes if we do not get our own way. The best things in life are often worth waiting for.

      We also experience anger when we think we have been wronged, mistreated, or slighted. In my country there is a lot of road rage. A driver cuts off another driver. Not easy, but we need to practice patience and grow in this virtue. It helps if we think ahead and decide how we will respond if such-and-such a problem ever presents itself.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill.

  3. TSS
    October 13, 2016

    The research does not support the notion that childrens anger emerge out of the community and are taken into schools. The 1996 Gomat report indicateD that our schools were becoming breeding ground for rusky behaviour. We refuted the findings instead of accepting it and doing something about it. The OECS school discpline study further confirmed that the violence was emerging out of schools, not the other way round and thst children in our schools were experiencing violence in unowned and unspervised school spaces: before classes, after school, and during recess. Again, some principals openly opposed the findings. There is no way we can solve what we do not accept whether it puts us in a bad light and we need to respect the finding of systematic scientific research unless we can point to similar studies that find something else, otherwise, we end up solving the wrong problems and targeting the wrong

    • October 14, 2016

      Who has done this “research” :?: Where is it coming from :?:

      If their “research” has uncovered so much why have they not been able to do more with it :?

      We have looked at one cause of anger. That’s not to say there are not other causes or other paths it can take.

      I am aware that anger exists in schools. It can be found in many places. Naturally educators will be most aware of what they have the best opportunity to see from day to day. I have not personally had the opportunity to identify it as a major problem in schools. I expect unhappiness (for whatever reason) is the cause of much anger in students.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill.

  4. eh beh
    October 13, 2016

    and as a teacher myself i believe that if you dont put school social workers in place to help these kids you are wasting your time as someone who should care for those children. having one councillor for each district who comes to the school never to 1ce a year makes no sense. show you care about the teachers and children of dominica. it will be greatly appreciated.

    • October 13, 2016

      I am convinced the value of the social worker is greatly under estimated.

      The people who go into this profession are caring individuals who want to serve those in difficulty and help those in need. They are trained to do specialized types of counseling and render assistance in ways most of us are not.

      I know governments and NGO usually lack the funds to hire all the workers they could benefit from. But The role of the social worker and his (her) potential should be reviewed.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill.

  5. October 13, 2016

    Just one sad thing after another. It seems so hopeless. It looks like it is about to burst at the seam. What can be done. Give us a billion dollars to solve the ills of this society. Let us start with the whole child and even the adult. They have to be healthy. The soil is depleted of nutrients. They need to pump vitamins into the drinking water. How about people who care. Send a shipment of multivitamin to each school. People do something to preserve the nation It is inhumane to let them perish. Please show love not hate. I am already doing my share. It is a drop in the bucket but none the less I am attempting.
    Good health and prosperity to all. May you live long and prosper.

  6. Face the Truth
    October 12, 2016

    Has anyone considered it? Pray to God to alleviate their anger. It is because they are not practicing the faith and praying as they should. They do not put their faith, trust and hope in God.
    One worries, everyone who knows worries.
    I have stated this before. Saint Padre Pio of Italy said: “Pray, trust, hope and do not worry.”
    Our Lord told us about not worrying.
    If you worry, simply ask God to help you. He will find a way. We cannot be praying and worrying at the same time.
    St. Paul also told us about praying with two minds. With this doubtful and worrying mind, we will not get what we pray for.
    Teach the students, youths to cease worrying and concentrate on their studies.
    If it is noticed there is something bothering them, ask them about it; what is causing them to worry and counsel them accordingly.

    • October 13, 2016

      Face the Truth:

      ”Is it because they are not practicing the faith and praying as they should” :?:

      You have hit the nail on the head :!:

      This is the cause for most of the problems in society that bedevil people today. Yet if we suggest people need to seek God and HIS answers they sing the newest version of an old song with a familiar beat

      What’s God,
      What’s God,
      Got to do, got to do,
      What’s God got to do with it :?:

      Yet what they have is not working, and they can offer us nothing better.

      Three thousand years ago King David of ancient Israel prayed to God “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and light unto my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

      This is practical Christianity. It is applying the time honored principles of the Holy Scriptures to the problems of daily life and acting accordingly.

      What is needed today is healing from heaven through the gospel of Christ.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill

    October 12, 2016

    The real issue is the type of content portrayed on TV and Internet. Dominica is letting America TV producers tell them what is rated R & G whereas the people rating these shows are only interested in capturing an audience not educating or protecting children.

    the best way to combat this issue is to add two classes/programs to the education curriculum…
    -Emotional Intelligence
    -Self awareness

    young men and women are acting the way they do becasue they lack control of their emotions, cannot understand emotions of others and are not self aware enough to know when they are in the wrong or doing wrong.

    • Ossie
      October 13, 2016

      That’s just silly. Dominican youth has been exposed to American pop culture for decades and has never affected us to that extent. There is more fundamental issue that’s causing this and anger management wont help at all. Government economic and social policies affect every single aspect of society including family structure, family income, family parenting. Independent research clearly shows to be fact.

    • October 13, 2016


      Your first paragraph is absolutely true.

      This moral filth that is pouring in from American T.V. and internet is poisoning the western world. They do not care about anything except the money they can make from advertising. The only answer is just don’t watch it. Sadly people will watch it because their depraved nature craves it.

      This impairs the ability of our youth to think clearly and sort out the good from the bad.

      Those of us who know better must use our resources to combat it by giving the world God’s gospel and His plan for their lives. It is time for the church to be the church standing up and speaking out against those who oppose righteousness.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill.

  8. Iluvteachers
    October 12, 2016

    Well said Dr. Blaize..

  9. October 12, 2016

    Anger, frustration, and axiety are the feedings to the mind, which leaves it grounds producing the fruits of futility.

    The younger the generation, the worst it becomes, because those who are before them, had nothing constructive, nothing of substance to demonstrate to them.

    Just listen to the Radio talk shows, read the news websites, and view most of the other social media, what are they offering to the younger people? Nothing but negativity and darkness–there is no path of light to follow, no hope to look forward to–for there is no GOD IN THEIR DAILY WALK.

    In my days as a child, we enjoyed the natural things–we played, laughed, jump and skip; we looked forward to the days we would go to the river; our music was of our own voices–we were happy.

    Our children, youth, and young adults of today have nothing but vanity, which cannot enlighten their mind With no hope then no desire for the future. Anger, frustration is born and continue to grow worse.

    • “The younger the generation, the worst it becomes, because those who are before them, had nothing constructive, nothing of substance to demonstrate to them.”(Elizabeth Xavier ).

      You are always grabbing for some bit of garbage out off the smelling down heap of decaying feces to write so that people can know you are yet alive!

      How can you write such a stupid comment? In that case you are from another generation before the now young generation: what have you contributed, educationally, industrially, or economically that you have left as an example for the youths of the day to patronized?

      What example have you shown to the Dominica youths of the day?

      None, nothing nanyo! Blame people like you and Skerrit for the evils of the day!

      All you do is write crap on DNO, Face Book, and in the forum where last night you wrote your foolish arguments about the UWP in reference to Peter’s comments; you could not even realize Peter was only being sarcastic!

  10. %
    October 12, 2016

    If society cannot deal with them,if they are attacking the police,I wonder what the schools can do…When sex is over,it seem as if everything else is for the teachers…Poor teachers!

  11. josh shaw
    October 12, 2016

    well as it ” may not ” be their fault it is the teacher’s fault. man get out stop making excuses for these little rascals! labour USE is useless bring back JSP!

  12. Helping
    October 12, 2016

    Its all over thé kids are angry mine is juste thé same

  13. 1979 is now #stop the fliping hypocrisy!!
    October 12, 2016

    U ever feed fowls?? when the ground littered with feed each bird has almost an equal opportunity to peck at scrape at ground especially when they are fed regularly…the little chicks even come among the bigger birds to get a few grains….. but if the time between feeding is prolonged and less and less feed is scattered on the ground, then u find that the birds will peck at each other and even at the chicks too!! this is how I see Dominican society…. and those chicks growing up in that coop are ruthless in the pecking game, by the time they start to grow tail feathers they are ready to challenge the cock of the hen house… LMAO PURE D/A

  14. Dominican from the bone
    October 12, 2016

    Yes, a teacher can train a student appropriately to be leaders; but this training should start at home by the Parents/Adults (I don’t blame the kids). Parents portray hatred and anger towards others while our children are listening and watching. Therefore they feel like it’s okay to do what they’re doing.
    A parent/s should be their child/ren first teacher in how they portray themselves in society.

  15. free
    October 12, 2016

    Those children are Hungry,,,parents cannot even give some of them a good breakfast. Pressure. If school children are not fed properly they will not function properly. You all have to look at the matter seriously.

  16. Boiling Point
    October 12, 2016

    The anger demonstrated by the students is merely a reflection of the malaise and frustrations of the Dominican society.

    • Face the Truth
      October 12, 2016

      Dominican society? So you blame Dominican society for their anger? This is blaming others for their shortcomings. If everyone blamed society for their frailties, what would be occurring in society and become of it?
      They must look within themselves and ask, what exactly makes them angry and do their utmost to rectify it. It is wrong to put their demeanor on society.
      Adults have their problems and burdens. Are they always angry

  17. troof
    October 12, 2016

    Waw. Trying to put the cart before the horse. Although i truly commend your observations Dr. Blaize, it cannot and should not be the youth students teaching society how to interract. It cannot be the school training students to be leaders to influence society. I get what you mean in that one person changed can affect 10 and so on. But that is not the responsibility of children. society itself is sick and needs to be well again. Parents, adults grown folks,young adults need to lead the way and show children how to interract and keep their anger on a minimum and positive spiritual vibrations at a max. Children are the future, but it is the elders who should lead the way. Parents and guardians and elders need to set the example. If they themselves have communication and anger problems, then how do you expect the children at home to act at school ?

  18. Here we go again another doctor reaching a conclusion prior to analyzing the cause of the anger! Jeffrey there must be a cause; people do not get angry simply because they are frustrated over simple matters.

    I do not know if you are a doctor of psychology; nevertheless, based on you argument; I know you are far off base on the topic. Simply because someone may be an outspoken critic, or protester against something, a condition such as their economic state, or perhaps social injustice as we have in Dominica, does not mean that person, or persons require anger management.

    What we have in Dominica might simply be that the people are expressing bitterness of the lower classes toward the backward established system, and toward the mediocrity, and hypocrisy of the establishment which includes the government, the judicial, and religious system. I cannot reference a meddle, or upper class; a sophisticated class because everybody in the country is in the same boat.

    Certainly there…

    • Continue:

      Certainly there are clones of the government who lives high on the hog, free money is given to those who tow the party line, and subject themselves to the level of a puppet manipulated even while they are asleep. When the youth of the country realizes they go to school, and on graduation there is nothing to do; nothing to accomplish they become angry.

      When one talks about anger management for adults, or anybody for that matter, it means you have rendered the unfortunate to be suffering from some form of psychological, or mental illness; plane and simply. Before you fly off your pedestal, and ramble about anger management, your priority should be to find the cause of their anger, find the source of the anger and eliminate it period! Only then you will find a change in those you suggest should get anger management.

      These angry children, and adults are not mentally ill, they are not crazy, they are simply frustrated with the corrupt system, and the poverty in which…

  19. Bumbble Lee
    October 12, 2016

    The effects of slavery lingers on. Where is our original language? It was taken away from us – So now, when de secondhand language becomes a task to master (even in de basic sense), then frustration becomes inevitable. When you are denied an education, when you hear of failing schools (mostly in poor and minority neighborhoods), it’s a sign that the “secondhand language” is now being taken back by those who have enslaved us. Eh heh…Anger, frustration, desperation, and yes, a Revolution is coming soon.

    • You have your rights to your opinion; but I would like to ask in regards to our original language which one are you talking about?

      Be reminded, even when our forefathers were captured and sold into slavery, and brought to the Caribbean, and the Americas, all the slaves did not speak the same language. Even today on the continent of Africa the entire continent do not speak the same language Every tribe in Africa had their own language, even to this present day.

      If you go to Africa, you will find in a (let’s say a fifty miles radius) you will find different groups of people who speak in different dialects. And certainly; Patios (broken French) is not the language of the slaves who were taken to Dominica. When we got there we met the Caribs, and the Arawak people who spoke different languages.

      It boils down to one thing the slave owners wherever the colonized they coerce people into learning their language, and so you find English, French, Dutch, Spanish Portuguese and a host…

    • Face the Truth
      October 12, 2016

      What has that got to do with slavery? Note how long and how many generations ago slavery was abolished.
      The students are spoken about. They are still young. Now is the time to concentrate on their studies. This is what they should concern themselves about. They must consider they have a life and they must make the most of it.
      In this present age, who in Dominica is denied an education? If they attend school, conduct themselves appropriately as students and are diligent in their studies who will be denied an education? How many?
      I think you allow your imagination to run away with your brains and mind. This causes over-exaggeration of the situation.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        October 13, 2016

        Facts, whereas no one in the country is denied the opportunity to get an education; there are other issues, which needs to be taken into account. Indeed the opportunity exists, nevertheless, there are people struggling to keep their children in School.

        In this age facts, there are still those who goes to school with and empty belly, a huger student cannot study effectively, hence frustration sets in, and they become angry. Some students have turn to alcohol simple to numb their pain of hunger, and frustration.

        These people vision extends beyond graduation, they realize there is no future for them in a backward place like Dominica where the probability of finding a job after graduation does not exist. Even if some may wish to create a business for themselves, the opportunity to earn money from employment in order to start their own does not exist, one way or the other these children are climbing a gum tree backwards!

  20. LawieBawie
    October 12, 2016

    When the bible said that in the last days there shall be wars and rumors of wars, it did not only mean wars between nations….there has been a serious increase in wars between small groups and individual persons through Dominica and the rest of the world.

  21. Jaded
    October 12, 2016

    It is important to determine the source of the students anger. Are they really angry or are they bored? Or are they frustrated because they may have a learning disability? First, properly diagnose the problem before dealing with it. If they are having a “socialization” problem then school psychologists have to deal with that (if that resource is available).

  22. Emile Dominique
    October 12, 2016

    Do not blame the kids. Blame the adults. Hillary Clinton said recently that our kids are watching and listening to us. They read face book, DNO, the Radio, TV where adults are promoting anger and hatred. The environment is a cesspool of bullying, name calling and accusations. The children are reaping what the adults are sowing. The fights is the beginning of the results of adult actions. Yes the beginning because it will only get worst

    • Aye
      October 12, 2016

      Ya boy. True talk!

  23. Mother
    October 12, 2016

    To me it is much more sense of frustration that manifests itself in anger. The USE philosophy was introduced with the ambitious goal to give everyone a secondary education. This was a social- as well as a political goal. However, variables, especially human ones were not adequate;y recognized, leave alone catered for. As the old saying goes, the proof is in the eating a parallel private system was set up for those who could afford to have their children educated outside the state system. Even our local college has little appeal for ambitious parents and students alike and if at all possible an overseas education is preferred. Even the govt. itself plays a part in this by gladly accepting overseas scholarships and do not hinder their own offspring of taking advantage of this, on the contrary. We should live with reality and not wishful thinking, for the sake of our children.

  24. woodants
    October 12, 2016

    those things happen when your island is listed as the Poorest and Slowest economy on the Region………Poor Governance……..leading to poverty lack of employment and hopelessness in the society…..

    but the sad things folks like you don’t care about the island’s ills you’ll afraid of speaking the truth!!

  25. ti nom
    October 12, 2016

    i know what de problem is dr… is blows dat they need. its like we living in a reverse universe, never thought i would see the day that young boys attacking a police, a female police at that. maybe in foreign but never petit dominik.

  26. Hmm
    October 12, 2016

    I guess it’s their environment at their homes

    • Emile Dominique
      October 12, 2016

      It is not their homes. Children are more influence by outside actions then actions at home. It is the nasty environment that is taking a toll. Lies and misinformation is the order of the day.

  27. ArAb
    October 12, 2016

    This is a joke to me because kids have been angry for a long time. We do things in Dominica without a long term plan. We went into universal high school education which was a great idea but the plan post 1997 was how to fade out JSP and get kids into high school. There was no plan on how to deal with their educational needs, interactions or socializations. Kids were treated like tuna where all they needed was a space to have a seat. It started off on the wrong side of the street and our education system has been playing catchup while kids are in school frustrated, getting angry and influencing other kids. We need to find ways to jump ahead of the problem and have a long term solution.

    There are sciences which help look ahead such as analytics.


    • Anthony P. Isamel
      October 12, 2016

      Analytics? Are you for real? These people can’t finish a 50 room guest house in the swam in Portsmouth. Do you really expect this government to use science and knowledge based approaches to solve problems? I certainly don’t.

      • Emile Dominique
        October 12, 2016

        We can blame the government from now till pigs fly, but this is a national problem which every citizen must face. Adults must stop their bad behavior because children are watching and listening and imitating.

    • Emile Dominique
      October 12, 2016

      We are not doing our job, or setting Good examples. Immorality is rampant and God is kicked to the curb. Is there religion in schools, is there proper mentoring. What do we see in our society….Deadbeat fathers, single mothers and baby mamas. Kids are sexually disrespected and abused. We have three prominent leaders of society who were arrested for sexual abuse. If adults cannot behave and have no self control how can kids get good influence .

      • Face the Truth
        October 12, 2016

        Some people make too many excuses of why this and why that. Who did this and who did that.
        The problem is, if it does not occur in the home and in the school and does not affect them, they should not concern themselves about it and carry on with their lives and their schooling.
        Why should anyone baste their life and future on what others do on the outside? People must stop looking on the outside and look on the inside.
        If someone is a model and something done is good to adopt they should emulate it. The rest as also the negatives, they should leave alone. If they keep looking at the latter, it could disillusion them and destroy them.

  28. So True
    October 12, 2016

    You are so right about this. I return home for vacation last year and it’s like everyone gets upset for the simplest things. The people use so much bad so often. There is a state of bitterness and anger among our people. It is really not good.

  29. ex police officer
    October 12, 2016

    The Must be angry because after all these years in school them not certain to get a job not private nor public. chupss tan

    • Face the Truth
      October 12, 2016

      This is called useless worry. Why worry about the future which will never come? Have you heard of the saying, “Today is the tomorrow I was worrying about yesterday?” Tomorrow never comes. It is wise to make plans. However, they must do what they have to do for the moment, make the most of it, embrace opportunities and leave the future alone, ile., to stop worrying about it. It will sort itself out in time.

  30. Master Eye
    October 12, 2016

    Start with therapy and anger mgmt for the educators. They will know how to deal with it by going through their own healing process.

    • indira Ghandi
      October 12, 2016

      I do not know if Blaize knows what he is talking about.
      what about the teachers?
      They are angry too,sir.

  31. Anthony P. Isamel
    October 12, 2016

    This response from Dr. Blaize is equivalent to boiling a pot of tripe soup with tripe only. It’s overly simplistic with no real solutions that can address the myriad of issues that today’s students are forced to deal with. It’s much more than anger. I do not know if each high school on the island is equipped with trained school counselors in 2016. Do we have adequate mentoring programs and people who give up their time freely to help mold our youth of today into the leaders of tomorrow? How many of our students are dealing with trauma from sexual assault that goes unreported and unpunished? The list here is endless.

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