Goodwill Secondary School to celebrate 20th anniversary

The Goodwill Secondary School Celebrates its 20th anniversary this year with a church services at the St. Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church.   The Goodwill Secondary School opened its door on Monday, September 5, 1988 to 96 students and was then called the Goodwill Technical Vocational – better known as the Goodwill Tech-Voc.

On Thursday March, 21st, 1991 the Goodwill Technical Vocational was Commission onto a Secondary School and Re-name Goodwill Secondary School.

The Pioneers of the Goodwill Secondary School (Goodwill Tech-Voc) have decided to dedicate this year as Reunion Year.

The Pioneers

School‘s Motto:    “Work today to Build Tomorrow”

Vision Statement: “ To add value to our students with the help of devoted teachers, so that by the end of their secondary career, each can become God-fearing, independent, synergized, flexible, functional and marketable adults in every strata of our every changing society.

Mission Statement:  “Our mission remains to produce a holistic student via execution of core-curricula technical/vocational, co-curricular models of instruction.”

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  1. The ASIAN student
    October 24, 2012

    I am proud of the ONLY ONE ASIAN STUDENT studied in Goodwill Secondary School for 4 years, and also proud of Class 501 and Year 2000.
    :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

    • Anonymous
      November 27, 2013

      :) proud of my school to for 3 years i have been going to that school

  2. class of 2010
    March 26, 2011

    The students of 2010 of the Goodwill Secondary School wish to thank the following teachers ,who have contributed to the success of our five years of success.
    Principal Ms. Murdock
    Vice Principals Mr. James, Ms.Darwton
    Heads of Department
    English- Ms. Graham
    Mathematics- Ms. Emanuel
    Humanities- Ms. Defoe
    Science- Ms.Winston
    Sports- Mr.Prosper
    Business- Mr. Scotland
    Pastoral Care- Ms. Graham
    Technical- Mr. Laronde
    Visual and Performing Arts- Mr. Paul
    Food and Nutrition- Ms Charter

    Subject Teachers
    Ms. Charles
    Ms. Alfred
    Ms. Mathew
    Ms. Robin
    Ms. Adams
    Mr. Adams
    Ms. Durand
    Ms. Seraphine
    Ms. V. Samuel
    Mr. Willams
    Mr. Shillingford
    Mr. Jno Lewis
    Mr. L Jno. Lewis
    Mr. O Brian
    Ms. Mark
    Ms. Oscar
    Ms. Walsh
    Ms. Riley
    Ms. Leblanc
    Ms. Abraham
    Mr. Simon
    Mr. Giraudel
    Mr. Meaza
    Mr. Gregoire
    Mr. Xavier
    Ms. Valerie
    Mr. George
    Ms. Hamilton
    Ms. Harrigan
    Ms. Martin
    Ms. Joseph
    Ms. Panthier
    Ms. Sorhaindo
    Ms. Robinson

    Year Level Supervisors

    Form 1- Ms. Martin
    Form 2- Ms. Harrigan, Ms.Leblanc
    Form 3- Mr. Adams, Ms.Graham
    Form 4- Mr. Shillingford
    Form 5- Ms. Panthier

    Secretary- Ms. Myler, Ms.Henderson
    Office Assistant- Ms. Morris
    Security Officer- Mr. Emmanuel
    Groundsman- Mr. Pascal
    School Counselor- Ms. Rolle Carette

  3. Past Student - Class of 1996
    March 25, 2011

    To all those who did not attend the service on Friday march 24, 2011, I must say it was great. What made it greater was that we the past students went to the front of the school and led the School Song. What memories and what a great song. Thanks Dian Charles for composing such a beautiful song.

  4. bummer
    March 24, 2011

    stop bringing down other institutions just cuz of this nonsense talk yo!
    all ya’ll gotta do is congratulate the darn school!
    dgs one ov de greatest institutions on de island …! IS DGS I SEH!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sir paul
    March 23, 2011

    God Bless the Students, Teachers and Principal of the Goodwill Secondary School .
    We are the best in the city of Roseau ,Thank god.

    • master-blaster frum timbok2
      March 24, 2011

      itss u teachin but u comin n talk about gss hahaha :-? traitor on board

    • Sir paul
      March 26, 2011

      thats my school

      • November 27, 2013

        how allu find them teachers in goodwill secondary school they telling them people children in the school they looking like monkeys and even cursing them children we they know how they eating and drinking nah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i doe think so if i had a child going there well sorry he or she coming outb of that school we

  6. GSS school leaver-1999
    March 23, 2011

    By the way our school song was the best ever. So motivational. Thank you Diane-also a past student, for penning such a masterpiece. Even after twelve years of leaving the institution, I still remember it.

  7. GSS school leaver-1999
    March 23, 2011

    It is quite amazing of the level to which some people will stoop. Only spreading negativity. To mouth of the south. I attended GSS and just to let you know, it was as a matter of choice not chance, being that I obtained a good grade in common entrance. I registered for two schools, DGS and GSS and was chosen by both. GSS being my final choice. The school is one of the best on the island promoting both academics and sports. Their are great teachers who inspire and motivate you to be the best that you can be both in academics and sports.

    Some people always blame the school and the teachers and not the children and the parenting that they receive. The children who enter the schools are first “socialized” at home as this is the first agent that they see. So whatever they are taught they carry it along with them. The “outside” socialing agents only try to mould and fix whatever you have started. So lets appreciate and applaud the teachers and all their efforts that they put into making our children what they ought to be. “Good citizens”

    Hats of to all the teachers and principals past and present of GSS; namely Ms. Darwton, Ms. Panthier-Xavier, Ms. Oscar, Mrs. Lafond-Charles, Mrs. Wallace. You did well, continue the good work. With teachers like you, I know there is a chance for all who enter the institution.

  8. Proud 2003 graduate
    March 23, 2011

    Mouth from the South……….I dont blame you because I has the same impression of GSS before I started. I am from Gutter Village and did choose DGS over DSS, but that was only because of the impression that I had in my punnie little brain from my peers. But guess what, my same peers who were able to attend the better schools, I got better results than them in CXC. So, it’s not where you go, but how you apply yourself. The teachers of GSS are as educated and devoted as those from the other schools. Though, it seems like we dont get alot of attention from the Government when it comes to our infrastructure, but that did not prevent me from learning back then and became one of the top employees of my work place right now, so it’s ok. You make the best of what you have until you get better.


  9. class of 1988-1993
    March 23, 2011

    the Goodwill Secondary School made me who i am today. and i am proud to say it have made me in a strong Independent woman i am today. most of the student who came from the goodwill secondary school are the people who have TOP POSITION in most of Dominica HEALTH SECTOR, ENGINEERING SECTOR, SPORT SECTOR , TECHNICAL SECTOR . the nursing staff of PMH most come for GSS. THE BEST SCHOOL UNIFORM IN DOMINCA– BLACK SKIRT WHITE TOP, BLACK AND GOLD TIE. REMEBER THE DAYS OD DRILLS WE RULES THE GROUNDS

  10. class of 2001
    March 23, 2011

    so because all ur dafo outside all chs dgs and sma think all u better that us . the thing is we never had nothing to hide . with all wat is happen now not gss that in it .

  11. Past Student
    March 23, 2011

    Congrats to all the men and women who have passed through GSS. It was indeed a pleasure and memorable one for me. Thanks to teachers like Mrs. Lafond, Miss panthier, Miss Darwton and all the rest whom I did not mention. U all helped me to be who I am today. GSS made me love sports.

    March 23, 2011


    March 23, 2011


  14. proud student of Gss
    March 23, 2011

    I agree with you Lover of GSS . Big up to the teachers has helped us be who we are today . Miss D , Miss Oscar, Mr. chance, Mr. Allan , Miss Defoe, and the others ,

  15. class of 94
    March 23, 2011

    The church service will be on friday march 25 at 8:30 am all past student and teacher are invited to come.

  16. Papa Dom
    March 23, 2011

    One small note of correction. The school at goodwill was always intended to be more than a primary school. From the begining when the scholl was built by the canadians, it was supposed to be a “Junior Secondary” school.

  17. proud student of Gss
    March 23, 2011

    Big up to GSS . All the best

  18. master-blaster frum timbok2
    March 23, 2011

    dgs mi seh!!! 119 and goin strong! haterz die

  19. ben
    March 23, 2011

    what time is the church service

  20. mouth of the south
    March 23, 2011

    stupes,,,,,,, 20 years :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: well u all set a ‘good’ record in such little time eh ‘congrats’ no wonder u all not on par with D.G.S n C.H.S well to be honest G.S.S stay like a school the gov’t of present and past have abandoned,,, i don’t think they get the look other schools do get,,,, i remember when we use to choose schools after common entrance,,,, c.h.s and d.g.s getting top choices then maybe s.m.a and all the bad grades going to g.s.s,,,, if u from gutter or tarish pit don’t think of filing for d.g.s or c.h.s,,,,, they will leave u for g.s.s any way,,, i once visited this school and the level of disruption and the state of the classes would let any tourist think they in the Gaza Strip,,, i say papamet the ministry of education don’t care about g.s.s,,,,, i see young men involved in gang activity on the school premises in ordinary clothes,,,, no one to take em off,,,, go to d.g.s they have security guard for these purposes,,,, and c.h.s gates always closed to protect their always horny students,,,, n e way congrats on your anniversary do enjoy it,,,, but see that i bet not one prominent member of gov’t going to attend lol

    • laparole
      March 23, 2011

      Clearly you dont know the professionals technical people in this country to say the education is not on par with other schools.
      it is true that we are more technical than other schools.. it is also true that GSS and CHS gets the “cream of the crop” at Common entrance.
      but having been at GSS the very same scholarship students from GSS and SMA i can Confirm that at the college our Engineering and mathematic skills are on par and in many cases batter.
      i obtained my engineering Degree at 23 coming from GSS and i will say they prepared me “au top”. Mr.Morris. Mr laronde and the rest…Go Check Domlec engineering Team.. and fren.. check the top brass and i will bet you find a GSS?tech col student there

      • gss class of 2006
        March 23, 2011

        that is so true. we may not be the best but i am proud to say that i went to gss. with teachers like miss panthier, miss oscar, mr. mathew, and so many other wonderful teachers.

        • lover of gss
          March 23, 2011

          trust me mouth of the south didnt have s^%t to say so he just rampled out a few sentences….when i attended the G.S.S we were at the top of academics…not to mention sport….netball…basketball..volleyball. running…no other school could test..and like a few above said..if u check well a lot of us are at the top in our employments….mouth of the south i guessed u missed the point of the article in d 1st place…it wasnt to was to congratulate that a school which started as a tech voc has reached 20 yrs as a secondary school..with some of the best teachers having passed through there..Miss dawton, Panthier, Mc namara..ect

    • class of 2001
      March 23, 2011

      we mite not had have the cream of the crop and be on par with the rest of the so call better school . but we where all ways better than all of them when it came to sports . the back to back champions in basket ball and football and we all gave them a run for the money in track and field . RESPECT G.S.S boy !!!!!!!!!!! not to forgetting the best jams shows and the first and orginal school band.

    • proud graduate of G.S.S 2007
      March 23, 2011

      Congrats G.S.S i am proud to be a pass student of this institution. I went there by choice not by chance. When i was asked to fill in what school i wanted to attend i wrote Goodwill Secondary on every line cause thats my choice and i got extremely good grades at common entrance.
      so to mouth of the south when could you have come to G.S.S and see disruption and even think there was a Gaza strip. have you ever seen the things that go on at D.G.S and the kinds of weapons that are found there.

      any ways not wasting my time on negative people like this, thanks to the teachers who motivated and helped make us what we are. teachers like Ms. Graham, Darlton, panthier, riley, defoe and others. Also teachers like Mr. Delsol, James, Bently Royer, laronde and Badouille

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